Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 46
September 15, 1996



JJ Dillon Reported to Have Left the WWF

Micasa and Scoops are reporting that WWF Official JJ Dillon,reportedly the #3 person behind Vince and Linda MacMahon, has left the WWF without notice. It is reported also that Eric Bischoff has offered him a job with WCW.

Wrestling fans will remember Dillon as the longtime NWA manager who coined the term "The Four Horsemen" to describe his wrestling stable (Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard and the Andersons, Ole and Arn) back in the mid 1980's (see The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen).

If this report is true, and if he goes to work for WCW, it could spell big trouble for Vince MacMahon and the WWF as Dillon was privy to all sorts of company secrets including future PPV plans, projected storylines, contract details etc. More to come as details become known.

Meanwhile, the WWF continues to insist that Diesal and Razor Ramon are returning to the WWF before the end of the month. The report on Sunday's Action Zone was that the negotiations for both athletes are back on track and that Gorilla Monsoon will deliver an official statement on the matter this Monday night on RAW.

There is a rumor flying about saying that Kevin Nash's agent has been in negotiations at Titan Towers and another that Nash's wife has told someone that he is returning soon. Still another related rumor is that Fall Brawl will be Nash's last WCW appearance. It all remains to be seen.

In WCW, on the Saturday Night program, the NWO destroyed Lugar's Cadillac in retribution for the damage done to their limo on Monday.

Fall Brawl Results

Tony Schiovani, Bobby Heenan and Dusty Rhodes are hosting the program. They mention that the 4th member of the WCW War Games team has still not been named.

Review of the NWO vandalism on Lugar's car last night.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Chavo jumps right in and dominates the early going. Takes DDP outside and beats on him. Grabs a belt and whips him! Throws him back in, splashes and gets a two count. Beats on him some more then they're outside again. DDP turns the tables. Back inside DDP hits an uncharacteristic off the top move then starts to wail on his opponent. Now its all DDP. He has it all on his side but he's too nonchalant...can't get the pin that way. Chavo keeps fighting back. DDP makes an error and the tide swings back the other way. A series of high-risk moves prove successful. Several pinfall attempts are insuccessful. DDP turns the tables then throws Guerrero into the second ring. Now its see-saw. Both men are getting wobbly. DDP goes for a Diamond Cutter but Chavo reverses the momentum and tries a backslide. Page wiggles out of it and hits the Diamond Cutter for the win.

We see Sherri, Parker and the Harlem Heat harassing a computer operator in the back as he relays their chat on Compuserve.

Video Review of the NWO storyline called "The Attack" - we saw this yesterday on the WCW Saturday Night broadcast.

Scott Norton vs. Ice Train - Submission Match - Norton to the ring first followed by Ice Train with Teddy Long. The referree has a microphone so that the wrestlers can be queried about whether they will submit. Both men are bulls but Norton has the experience edge. Norton is the first to get a submission hold - a form of Sgt. Pittman's "Code Red" armbar. Teddy looks like he's going to throw in the towel but the ref says "no" - the wrestler has to submit to lose this match. Norton lets go of the hold after a while and goes back to beating on his opponent. There is some see-saw action then Norton gets a Boston Crab. He holds it for a while then goes back to the arm. Long gets up on the apron which distracts Norton. While Scott is messing with Teddy, Ice Train comes up behind and slaps on a full nelson. Norton submits.

Konnan vs. Juventud Guerrera - a great Mexican Heavyweight Title match - Mike Tenay joins the broadcast team. Guerrera gets so excited during his entrance he stumbles over the ring steps! Konnan enters in his gangsta costume with Jimmy Hart in tow. Konnan wrestles in black jeans and white undershirt. Right after the bell rings Jimmy distracts the ref so Konnan can throw his opponent over the top rope. Juventud vaults back into the second ring then hops from rope to rope in a spectacular flying move. He assumes control briefly but Konnan is to big and experienced to stay down long. The action flys back and forth between the two rings. The younger man is an amazing flyer though he doesn't have the fluid movement of Rey Misterio Jr. A series of power moves puts Konnan on top. Juventud slips out to get a breather while Konnan discusses strategy with Jimmy Hart. Back in the ring Guerrera catches his opponent unawares and pulls off a series of flying moves. The action moves outside where Konnan again gets the advantage, he's using that directed drop-kick to good effect. More see-saw action. Now Juventud seems to be dominating although Konnan is still coming back with power moves. Finally Konnan gets his "Power Drop" (sort of a Razor's Edge off the second rope) to get the win.

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit - the battle of the Chris's - this should be good. These guys are about evenly matched - I would give Benoit the edge in intensity. He takes the early advantage, Jericho takes a drubbing while he waits for an opening. He gets one and gets in a spin wheel kick but Benoit is right back on him. Now its more even - back and forth. Benoit gets drop-kicked to the floor. Jericho hits a back elbow off the apron but injures himself in the process. Still he comes out on top. Back in the ring Benoit is getting pounded but doesn't seem affected by it. After some see-saw action Jericho gets flipped onto the concrete outside and Benoit takes over. Back in the ring its all Benoit. Jericho keeps coming back - where do these guys get all this energy? Benoit slaps on an abdominal stretch, Jericho reverses it into an arm drag but he's spent. Benoit is still in control. Benoit gets a swan-dive splash but can't follow up fast enough to get the pin. Their back outside and Jericho gets back-rammed in to the ring apron. Back inside Jericho is getting the worst of it. Benoit slaps on a Surfboard but doesn't hold it for long. Jericho is mostly wrestling defensive now. Looking for an opening. He finds one and takes over. Now Benoit is fighting for his life. He reverses things one more time and gets a belly-to-back Superplex off the top to get the win.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Super Calo - Cruiserweight Title match - Calo looks to heavy to be in this match but maybe that's just because Rey is so small looking. The competitors shake hands before the match. He wears a strange mask which incorperates a slouch hat and a pair of fake sunglasses. Rey gets grounded in the early going, once Misterio manages to get airborn he takes over. Calo is holding his own but barely. Then he knocks Jr. out of the ring then clips him with a drop-kick from the top. He then pulls off a "Bad-Day" type move on Misterio, who is still lying on the floor. Back inside Calo keeps the advantage with a series of flying/power combos. Transferring the fight to the second ring he puts a short-arm scissors on the Champ. The lets his opponent up so he can pummel him. Misterio is screaming as Calo tries a series of submission holds. Jr. slips out to slow things down but comes back in and get caught immediately. Eventually Rey gets airborn again to take control. He goes for one of his springboard drop-kicks but gets shot out of the air by Calo who throws a drop-kick of his own. After some back and forth action Jr. pulls off one of his flying Frankensteiner moves to turn the tide definitively. Both competitors are really sucking wind now but they keep going! Finally Misterio pulls a double spring-board move reminiscent of the one Juventud did earlier into a Frankensteiner to get the pin.

Nasty Boys vs Harlem Heat - World Tag Team Title match - as Tony says " for something completely different!" These matches are coming out in rapid fire with no time wasted between them. Knobbs in against Stevie Ray to start. Right away Sherri gets involved, grabbing Brian's leg. After some jawwing on the outside their back in the ring. The Nasties do some "clubberin" to take over. The Heat make the exchange but Booker T fares no better. Nasties go for a "Pitt Stop" but Sherri injects herself again and breaks that up. Now Booker T gets the advantage. This guy is awesome, especially when he is in control. He pounds on Saggs then hands it off the Stevie Ray. Parker and Sherri are starting to have an effect now by distracting everyone in sight. The Heat are working well until Booker T goes for a side kick and propels himself outside. Knobbs gets a pile-driver on Booker T ("A hold...he's using a hold!" yells Bobby). Again Parker gets involved to prevent a finishing move by Saggs. It goes back and forth several times. At one point Knobbs gets pounded outside by Sherri and Parker. Finally Knobbs has Booker T pinned in the ring but the ref is distracted by Parker while Sherri rolls in and breaks the Colonel's cane over Brian's head. The Heat win.

Mike Tenay interviews Macho Man - he plans to "save the WCW" by defeating the Giant in the next match.

Savage vs. The Giant - The Macho is really worked up for this one but he hasn't had much success against the big guy lately. They've been advertising this as the Giant w/Jimmy Hart but of course that isn't happening... Nick Patrick is the referree. At first Savage won't let his opponent into the ring. He makes the mistake of going out after him and pays for it. Inside the ring for the first time it's all Giant. This is shaping up as an extended squash match. During a bearhug, Savage uses an eye rake to turn the tide but can't hold onto it. He has to break up a second bearhug then attacks the legs. Amazingly he attempts a slam and gets it!!! He drops his elbow and is going for a second one on the Giant when Hogan shows up and lures him into a trap near the entryway. Patrick is busy admonishing the Giant and doesn't seem to notice any of it. The Outsiders pummel him then carry him back to the ring so the Giant can pin him.

The War Games Match - we watch the cage lower realizing we still don't know who the eight competitors will be.

Tenay with Flair/Arn/Lugar in the locker-room. Mike asks who the fourth man will be. Flair rants, Arn rants...then Sting shows up saying "It wasn't me on Monday night!!" Lugar says he doesn't believe it, says he recognised Sting "...eye to eye". I smell a rat...and his name is Lex Lugar!! Sting says he'll see them out there...

So is it going to be three on three or what?

Michael Buffer introduces the three known NWO participants Hall, Nash and Hogan. The fourth man will not be revealed until his turn comes to join the frey. Lugar, Flair and Arn are introduced. Buffer doesn't know if there will be a fourth WCW team member.

Scott Hall and Arn Anderson to start - come to think of it this is the first one on one confrontation we've seen involving the NWO (I don't count the Hog Wild match because that didn't remain one on one for long). Hall seems to know little beyond kicking and punching, Arn out-wrestles him and dominates the action. We don't know who the next participant will be with less then one minute to go.

We learn that that NWO will be next at thirty seconds. Here comes Nash.

Hall is somewhat out of it so Arn gets the drop initially but it doesn't last. Arn gets double teamed.

Lugar is next in., and he's a house afire. Good thing because Arn is out of it for a full minute. Just as Hall and Nash recover from Lugar's onslaught, Arn gets back into it.

Hogan is in to change the advantage again. But Lugar and Arn get the drop on him at first. Then hall and Nash get involved and turn the tide. They double team Lugar while Hogan takes Arn to the other ring. Then they're all in the other ring.

Flair comes in - he hits Hogan with a foreign object then crotches both Hall and Nash. Its mayham in the ring when Sting shows up. He begins pounding on the WCW guys - but is that Sting? Their not giving us any close-ups of him. Those Stinger splashes look clumsy...

No!! The real Sting shows up!!! He singlehandedly destroys the NWO and then walks!!! He says " that good enough for you? Does that convince you?" and he leaves!!! The fake Sting puts a Scorpion Deathlock on Lugar and Patrick says he gave up. NWO wins it. Lugar is rolled out of the ring as the cage is lifted.

After the match there is a melee on the outside. The Outsiders manage to keep their edge in this - where are Benoit and Mongo?? The fans are calling for Sting. Savage shows up and takes Hogan back to the ring. The Giant re-appears and nips that in the bud. Now the Outsiders take Savage apart. Miss Liz shows up and begs them to lay off her ex-husband. She tries to protect him so they spray-paint her back!!!

Hogan grabs a mic and calls them "...two pieces of trash". he goes on to say that she took a vow to stay together until death do they part, and now the NWO has arranged that (What?...their going to kill them?) and spits on them. He and his henchmen pose in the ring. Then they pull Liz off and spray-paint Savage.

Hogan and the Giant rant for the camera then go back and put a spiked choke-slam on the Macho Man. They throw Randy Anderson, who has been trying to protect Miss Liz, out of the ring.

Now we turn to the announcers who talk until Hogan and Giant chase them away from the booth. The NWO does the wrap-up. Savage is helped from the ring by Elizabeth and the WCW trainer.

In all of this I have to express some disappointment in Sting. He seemed to think that proving his point (that he was innocent in the attack last Monday) was more important then defending the honor of WCW. And think about it...if it wasn't him last week then Lugar was lying...this isn't over yet by a long shot...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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