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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

WCW Slamboree Report

Raven/Saturn Win the Tag Straps

with help from Kanyon

Rick Steiner wins the TV Title

with an assist from Scott!

Savage is Re-Instated!

Gorgeous George defeats Charles Robinson in a wild match

Rick Steiner helps his brother defeat Bagwell!!

later they punk Sting and Goldberg!!

Bret Hart Reappears!

he attacks Goldberg with a chair before the Steiner Brothers run in

Kevin Nash wins the World Title!!

Bischoff restarts the match after Savage interferes and causes a DQ

Volume 4, Issue 460 - May 9, 1999

More Pillman Memorial Card News

The man widely regarded as the greatest performer in the history of professional wrestling has been officially confirmed as one of the V.I.P. hosts for Pillman '99 (the second annual HWA Brian Pillman Memorial Event). 14-time Heavyweight Champion of the World "Nature Boy" Ric Flair will join Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, former WCW valet Woman, WCW referee Mark Curtis, and current stars from both WCW and the WWF at the Cincinnati Gardens on May 19th.

A triple main event consisting of two WWF matches and a big tag team match from WCW will headline the card. Mankind will battle D-lo Brown, Road Dogg takes on WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow, & Konnan teams with WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio, Jr. to face Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit.

A "legends" match pitting Terry Taylor against Dr. Tom Prichard, with former WCW valet Missy Hyatt in his corner, is also scheduled.

Six Cruiserweights from the HWA (Matt Stryker, Chip Fairway, Shark Boy, Chad Collyer, Terik the Great, & Jeremy Jett) will also compete in a tournament to crown the Pillman '99 Cruiserweight Champion.

OVW's Rob Conway also battles HWA's Bull Pain.

Doors open for "Photos with the Stars" from 4pm to 6pm when ticketholders will have a chance to have their picture taken with any wrestler for $10. A celebrity auction featuring autographed items from all of the event's participants will take place throughout the evening. All proceeds benefit the Pillman Memorial Fund.

Tickets are on sale now at all Ticket master outlets for $50, $30, & $25. For further details, call the HWA Hotline at (513) 71-YO-HWA [(513) 719-6492] or check out the website at

WCW Slamboree Report

Slamboree is on the air live from the TWA Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. Our hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan.

They throw it to Mean Gene for his opening comments and to hype the WCW Hotline.

First up - a Three Way battle for the World Tag Team Titles - Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Raven/Saturn vs. Rey Misterio, Jr./Kidman - the announcers are busy trying to manufacture some differences between the current Champs. This match is unusual in that it involves three combatents at once rather then a simple three team match. The first spectacular moves sees Saturn belly-to-belly suplex Kidman over the top rope to the floor! This is very hard to call because of the three-in, three-out circumstances. We see two guys working on one and then as the one goes down the two start to fight each other. Kidman seems prone to miss his moves in the early going. Once dropping a leg on Benoit when he is aiming for Saturn then missing a splash all together. Of course it's almost impossible to get a pin because the third man in the ring has incentive to make the save regardless of who is in danger of being pinned. For a while the Tag Champs are both dumped to the outside and thus are in danger of losing their titles without participating. Basically the Horsemen seem to be in charge throughout much of the match. Kidman comes in and starts to clean house but Saturn stops him in his tracks and dumps him out again. Shortly after that all six wind up on the floor. Benoit and Saturn return as the brawl continues outside the ring. Benoit gets a series of rolling German suplexes on Saturn but Kidman makes the save. The Horsemen continue to dominate.

Now Kidman is consistently making saves. The challengers are succeeding in keeping this match on the mat thus taking the advantage away from the current Champs. Raven catches Benoit in a series of three verticle snap suplexes then tags Saturn in. Kidman and Saturn team up on Benoit. Rey is tagged in and gets his Frankensteiner on Saturn. He has not seen much action in this match so far. Finally the Tag Champs get a chance to fly and they nearly clear the ring. The referee has lost control as four and five are in at once. Even AA gets in and does a spine-buster on Saturn. A mysterious stranger at ringside in a Sting mask eventually brains Kidman and gives the win the Raven and Saturn (Raven pins Kidman). It's Kanyon! Raven and Saturn are the new Tag Champs.

Stevie Ray (w/Vincent/Horace) vs Konnan - Konna is massively outnumbered here with the nWo thugs at ringside. He comes close to getting a pin early on but Vincent pops up on the apron and stops the count. Moments later Konnan is dumped to the floor where the bad guys beat on him while Stevie distracts the referee. Back in the ring, Stevie is firmly in control. He grabs a reverse chinlock. Konnan breaks free only to run into a back elbow on the rebound. Stevie is acting over-confident and pays for it as Konnan comes roaring back. Vince pops up again and gets knocked to the floor but then Horace trips Konnan. Rey Misterio reappears at ringside to even the odds a little which sets Konnan up to get the pin. Short and sweet.

In the back, DDP stops Bam Bam Bigalow and they discuss something but we don't know what.

Brian Knobbs vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - Hardcore/falls count anywhere match - Bam Bam comes out and tosses paraphanalia from a cart into the ring before entering. Knobbs is waiting for him and uses a trashcan on Bigamow as he enters. He grabs a cookie sheet and whales away on him - then goes back to using the trashcan. Bam Bam comes back with a scoop slam attempt which fails but still disables his opponent for a moment. He goes up and gets his diving head butt. Knobbs comes right back with a trashcan and a chair shot. He then gets a running start and drops a trashcan with his full weight (ouch!!) Now the fight heads out to the floor where Knobbs gets run into the steps then posted. He weathers the storm and comes right back and attacks with a trashcan - but Bigalow gets a tray between them and parries the shot then gets one of his own. He gets a trashcan lid from his cart and brains Knobbs again. Knobbs uses the same trashcan lid then a salad bowl then runs Bigalow into the cart. He lauches himself but Bam Bam moves aside and Knobbs collapses the cart. Knobbs comes back but Bam Bam gets a chair and hits him once more. They brawl up the aisle with another trashcan in play. Bam Bam runs Knobbs into the Internet position. They continue on their way looking for weapons as they go. They destroy a concession stand then Knobbs finds a ladder to use. He positions Bigalow on a table then lauches himself off a nearby ledge and overshoots! He is too out of it to avoid Bigalow's suplex through the table. Bam Bam gets the pin and retains his moniker as the "King of Hardcore".

Rick Steiner vs. Booker T - World TV Title match - WCW has tried hard to manufacture heat for this match. I'm not sure that it has worked. This should be a pretty even match - Steiner is the better wrestler, though Booker is no slouch. Booker has youth, agility and a slight size advantage. Rick succeeds in out-wrestling his opponent to open things up. But then he gets kicked to the floor. He takes his time returning to the ring then the match goes into see-saw mode. Booker slaps on a reverse chinlock. Steiner tries to break free but Booker stops him with a back kick. Steiner comes right back and dumps the champ to the floor then follows him out and continues his assault in a very aggressive fashion. Back in the ring it is still all Steiner. He gets a two-count out of a German suplex. He sits on Booker's back and pounds on him with his fists until the referee warns him off. He releases Booker but stays on him, pounding him in the corner now. He ducks his head on a whip and gives Booker the chance to come back. But Booker is too out of it to follow up and ends up on the receiving end again. A reverse chinlock has him neutralized for a while but evenntually Booker escapes and gets an ax kick followed by a sidewalk slam. He gets a missle drop-kick, but before he can get the pin he has to fight off Scott Steiner who suddenly appears ringside and jumps on the apron. Scott and Rick are hit head to head but Scott struggles up and trips Booker. Rick gets the pin and wins the title!

Backstage, Rick is hunting for Scott. He meets Buff Bagwell and tells him that BPP has been messing in his match.

Charles Robinson (w/Ric Flair/Asia the Nurse) vs. Gorgeous George (w/Randy Savage/Medusa/Miss madness) - mixed singles match - GG is not falling out of her top for a change. Flair makes a statement to begin the festivities, then intruduces his protege who promises to take GG on a Space Mountain ride (Space Hill maybe...) Heenan says that if he was in this match he'd be disqulified for holding. I'll second that motion. Robinson is doing his Nature Boy impression to the hilt. He's really quite good. His first assault is turned aside with a simple side step then GG grabs an arm ringer. They reverse it on each other then she grabs a wristlock and Robinson squeals like a stuck pig. She converts it to a hammer lock which he reverses then she reverses it back. She grabs a full nelson which he breaks but she mares him over then runs him headlong into Flair who has popped up on the apron. Savage enters the ring to warn Flair off. Flairs retreats then hands Robinson a chair which Miss Madness grabs away. Robinson scoop slams her on the concrete! He re-enters the ring where the referee admonishes him. He shoves the ref and gets shoved back onto his can. GG comes back in and receives a double ax handle blow then is choked on the bottom rope. He breaks on the five count then flings her to the mat and chokes her some more. She recovers remarkably quickly, chops him in the corner then sends him into a Flair flip! She catches him on the top at the opposite corner and slams him then clotheslines him to the mat. She uses his hair to fling him around the ring. Asia gets involved trying too injure GG's knee but Medusa breaks that up. GG is limping as Robinson tries to apply the figure four. She avoids it but he succeeds in doubling up her leg and smashing it on his knee. He grabs the figure four but she reverses it! The ref is busy keeping Flair out of the ring so Savage comes in and slams Robinson. GG gets the big elbow and the pin!! What a great match!! This lady really gave it her all.

Buff Bagwell vs. Scott Steiner - US Title match - I imagine Rick will get involved in this one somehow. Buff attacks before Steiner gets a chance to make his usual speech. He beats on him until the latter gets in a low blow. Then it is all Steiner as he delivers power shot after power shot then dumps his opponent to the floor. Outside he jaws at the fans while maintaining his control over Bagwell then rolls him back inside. He ties him up - upside down in the corner and works on his neck. Buff escapes and snaps Scott's neck off the top rope but it doesn't seem to affect him at all. He goes back on the attack. Scott rides his opponent amateur style as he continues to pound on him. He goes for a pin but it is cavalier and fails. He goes out to the floor for a chair then returns and takes a swing but misses - Bagwell clotheslines the chair into his face and has control for the first time in the match. The referee gets in the way (actually, Scott pulls him into harm's way) and is downed. Buff is ready to use the the chair when Rick Steiner enters the ring. He encourages Buff to climb to the top then knocks him off!! Scott gets the Steiner recliner then is joined by Rick who attacks Buff some more before raising his brother's hand. That was quite a surprise...

With Nitro and Thunder being pre-empted this coming week it will probably cause a lot of anticipation for the following week's shows. Not a bad strategy, actually.

Roddy Piper vs. Rick Flair (w/AA/Asia)- battle for control of WCW - Flair has had one set-back tonight. I don't see him losing this one - but I have already been surprised this evening so maybe I should just wait and see what happens. Flair brings in Robinson to replace the assigned referee (whom he fires on the spot!) Piper slaps Flair to the mat to start the contest then chops him into the corner. Flair bails out and Piper intimidates the referee. Flair returns and gets spit on then former amateur boxer Piper punches his lights out. Flair tries to come back but gets a finger to the eye. This is all Piper so far. Then Flair lays in a low blow (which Robinson conveniently ignores and admonishes Piper for choking!) Piper is knocked to the floor where AA tatoos his forehead. Back in the ring it is Flair in control at last. He bulls Piper into the corner and punches him repeatedly. AA "distracts" the referee so Flair can lay in another low blow. Flair stands him in the corner and chops away but Piper chops right back until Flair gets the eyes again. Flair rebounds into a backdrop but Piper appears to have hurt his plastic hip. They trade punches in the corner then chops - Piper wins that battle and Flair is whipped into a flip and to the floor. Piper follows him out and continues his attack. Flair rolls back in to escape his tormenter. Back in the ring then crash head to head and both are down. Rather then apply a count, Robinson tries to revive Flair. Flair gets the figure four but Piper turns it over. Flair breaks away as Piper rolls out to the floor. AA tries to attack but gets decked. Piper goes for a sunset flip as he returns but fails. He gets the backslide but the referee is conferring with Arn. Piper then applies the figure four. Flair is giving up but Robinson won't declare it. Anderson comes in and hits Piper who gets up and puts a sleeper on him. Flair attacks from behind but Piper turns around and grabs a sleeper on him! Asia starts to interfere but Piper kisses her then puts the sleeper on her!!! Flair is hunched in the corner taking something out of his tights. He turns and waffles Piper then gets the pin.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring and reverses the decision, saying he had screwed many things up but he wasn't going to do it this time. He then stands with Piper, who tells Flair he is fired (and Arn can drive him home). Piper and Bischoff shake hands. This makes no sense of course - because Bischoff supposedly lost the company to Flair.

Sting vs. Goldberg - the announcers are still puzzling over the previous outcome as Sting and Goldberg make their entrances. The two bulls go nose to nose before locking up. Goldberg lifts a knee on the ropes for the first blow then muscles out of an arm drag attempt. He throws Sting to the floor. Sting circles thr ring to regroup. Sting ducks a foot to the face then gets a drop-kick. He clotheslines Goldberg to the floor but the latter lands on his feet. Goldberg's left knee is heavily braced. He gets an arm breaker but Sting escapes pretty quickly. Sting gets a boot to the gut then bulldogs his opponent. He follows with a drop kick to the injured knee. His strategy is clear. He gets a Scorpion Deathlock but Goldberg muscles out of it. Sting headlocks his opponent over to the mat and puts all his weight on the big guy. Goldberg gets up but Sting gets a snap suplex. Goldberg pops right up however then gets a swinging neck breaker. He is wobbly on that bad wheel. He tries a spear but connects with the corner pad instead. Sting gets two Stinger splashes but is caught in mid-air on a third attempt. Suddenly Bret Hart appears...what? He has a chair and uses it on Goldberg - first on his head then on his knee. Rick and Scott Steiner run in and attack Sting and Goldberg!! Hart splits as the Steiner Brothers go to work on the two franchise players. I see a big tag team match in the works.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Kevin Nash - World Heavyweight Title match - Michael Buffer does the announce honors. Buffer fails to mention that Nash is a former World Champ although he does mention his previous Tag Title reign (Bret Clark anyone..?) Page goes for a Diamond Cutter almost immediately but Nash shrugs it off and then knocks him to the floor. Back inside, they get into a slugfest until Nash gets his big knee lift. Page turns his back on Nash and gets knocked to the floor again. Nash follows him out drops him onto the railing. Back inside, Page tries to leave again but Nash drags him back in and beats him in the corner. Page is out on his feet as Nash lays in the knees and elbows. Nash goes for the snake eyes but Page wiggles away and then attacks Nash with his fists. Nash shrugs him off again. Page comes back with a low blow then chokes Nash against the bottom rope. As the ref is checking on Nash - Page uses wire clippers to release the corner pad. He then returns to Nash and hits him with a microphone. Nash comes back by running Page into the naked turnbuckle. Both are down and the count is on. Nash rolls over and gets a two count. They trade punches for a bit then Page clothesline Nash to the floor. The crowd boos him roundly. He gets a baseball slide as Nash rises to his feet by the apron. Page follows him out and applies a Diamond Cutter on the floor. He tries to get the referee to make a count but Nick Patrick says, "...take it back in the ring". Page goes for a cover in the ring but fails. He drops an elbow onto Nash's lower abdomen - barely legal that blow. He does it a second time with a flying elbow. He goes to work on the left leg, dragging it to the corner and ramming it against the post. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to use the exposed corner again. He tries to get a Bret Hart style figure four but Nash kicks him off. Back in the ring, Page is still in charge. He tells Nash to get up but keeps kicking at his knee. Nash rises to his feet and they exchange punches again. Nash gets a knee lift then clotheslines him in the corner. He then gets the snake eyes on the exposed buckle!! Page is out of it as Nash applies the big jack knife. But then Randy Savage enters the ring and attacks Nash. The match is thrown out. Here comes Eric Bischoff with Doug Dellinger. Dellinger escorts Savage away and Bischoff orders the match restarted! Page gets a Russian leg sweep and a two count. He and Nash both miss clothesline attempts then Page connects and gets another two count. He grabs a sleeper on Nash but Nash reverses it. Page uses a jaw breaker to escape and gets another two count. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. Back in the ring he swings at Nash who ducks. The chair bounces off the rope and hits Page in the face. Nash gets a two count. He tries to use the chair but it is knocked into his face. Page gets a two count. The chair comes into play again and Page goes down. Nash sets up the jack knife and gets it. He gets the pin and wins the Title.

That was one hell of a PPV.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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