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Sting wins his first World Title: July 7, 1990

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Sting Unmasked

Video Review by Earl Oliver

Volume 4, Issue 461 - May 10, 1999
Editor's Note: Nitro is pre-empted this week as will be Thunder.

Sting Unmasked!

Video Review by Earl Oliver

This is the second of a series of four (so far) "video biographies" of WCW wrestlers, Randy Savage, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page and Goldberg. I have to say right off the bat that $14.95 seems a bit pricey for a one hour video but for a true fan of these wrestling superstars, it is well worth the price.

Sting reveals his real name (and face) right at the beginning of the video, "I am Steve Bordon, I was born in Omaha, Nebraska and I wrestle under the name 'Sting'" - this is followed by a sincere statement of Sting's qualities by WCW Executive Producer Eric Bischoff.

Sting goes on to describe the origins of his "Stinger Splash" - "I decided to just jump on this guy in the turnbuckle from across the ring. I almost overshot him, went out onto the floor - but I remember the crowd just went (wild) - they really seemed to have dug that so I thought I'd stick to it and keep doing it."

Sting's real rise to fame began with his challenge to Ric Flair for the NWA World Title at the 1990 Great American Bash. Several minutes of this watershed match (in which Sting returned to action after six months off over a knee injury) are shown. Sting pinned Flair with a simple roll-up out of a Figure Four Leglock attempt and won the World Title for the first time. In a present day interview segment he says that was the biggest "pop" he had ever received.

The next action segment is from Starrcade 1991 in which he beat Lex Luger in the BattleBowl Battle Royal match. He goes on to describe Luger as his "best friend and business partner." He then dwells on his early days, wrestling in barns and having a janitor's closet for a dressing room. Another match with Luger, later in '91 garnered Sting his second World Title reign only to lose it to Vader at Starrcade '92.

By October of that year he was deep into a running feud with Jake Roberts. We see excerpts from their "Coal Miner's Glove" match at Halloween Havoc. In this segment he talks about his partnership with Jim (Ultimate Warrior) Hellwig. It was during these "Bladerunners" times that he began painting his face.

In '93 and '94 Sting feuded with Vader (winning the World Title back in March '93) and Rick Rude (again winning a World Title at Spring Stampede) We see him apply the Scorpion Deathlock to Rude while trying to revive the fallen referee. Rude's manager, Harley Race, came in with a chair and accidently hit his own man to give Sting that victory.

In 1995 Sting spent a lot of time wrestling in tag teams with Randy Savage and Ric Flair among others. Scene's from a Sting/Savage vs. Avalanche/Big Bubba match are shown. He describes Savage as, "fun to work with..." Next he is shown with Flair as his partner against Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman. In this one, Flair turned on him and the Horsemen punked him en masse. Another sequence, from the Great American Bash shows him putting down Meng for the US Title. He lost that Title to Kensuki Sasaki but then regained it shortly thereafter. We see scenes from the latter contest.

In 1996, the nWo was born following a six-man tag team match between Sting/Luger/Savage vs. The Outsiders + the Mysterious Third Man - which turned out to be Hulk Hogan at the Bash at the Beach. This revived Hogan's career and sent Sting into his own mysterious period as the "Crow-like" figure who lurked in the rafters for the next several months. Sequences shown include the appearance of the "Sting clone" during the WarGames match at Fall Brawl and the real Sting's appearance that night. The next night he declared himself a free agent. After one more appearance, he clammed up for the next 18 months. "Sometimes silence is better..." he explains rather cryptically.

For a while his loyalty was in question - then he declared himself by his actions in attacking the nWo at the Uncensored PPV. From there his rivalry with (now) Hollywood Hogan grew and culminated in his again winning the World Heavyweight Title at Starrcade 1997 in Washington, D.C. Highlights of that match are shown - this was the incident in which Bret Hart interfered to restart the match after a supposed Hogan victory, allowing Sting to win with a Stinger Splash followed by the Scorpion Deathlock. His friends fill up the ring to celebrate the downfall (at least temporarily) of the nWo. He describes the moment as, "...a rush - a feeling that cannot be described unless you live it." Ten days later the title was held up because of the controversial nature of Sting's victory. Sting spoke for the first time in a year-and-a-half, telling JJ Dillon, "You got no guts..." then turning to Hogan and telling him, "You're a dead man."

At SuperBrawl '98, Sting again faced Hogan to fill the vacant title. After an assist from Randy Savage, Sting wins the title again and triumphantly spray paints Hogan with the letters "WCW". At Uncensored, Sting defended the Title against Scott Hall and ends up having to fight off Dusty Rhodes before taking Hall out.

Spring Stampede of that year saw Sting give up the Championship to Randy Savage in a no-disqualification match which tok place all over the arena floor. Kevin Nash proved the decisive element in that one. Despite that fact, Sting would soon join Nash's Wolfpac stable, winning yet another World Title - the Tag Team Championship with the Giant as his partner. The Giant soon switched sides and we see Sting battle the big guy at the Great American Bash to determine who would carry on as the Tag Champs with a new partner.

The video ends with Sting a member of the Wolfpac and starting to show some of the old Sting enthusiasm, wearing red and black face paint and using his trademark howl again to the delight of the fans.

As before with the Randy Savage video, I was amazed at how much action they managed to pack into this tape, which barely lasts an hour. I would consider it a must for all true fans of the Stinger.

My review of "Randy Savage: The Man Behind the Madness!" can be found in Issue #439 of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter.

Sunday Night Heat

As has become the norm, the program opens with an extended video montage of recent events. Cut to the Corporate Ministry arriving backstage. They file in then the Big Bossman turns back and padlocks the door behind them.

Heat is live from Jacksonville, Florida.

The opening contest is X-Pac/Kane vs. the Acolytes - the Tag Champs enter separately, each to his own entrance theme.The four of them clash immediately as the Acolytes enter the ring. It sorts out to X-Pac vs. Faarooq - but we cut to the parking lot where the UNION is trying to enter the building, 2x4's in hand. They are stimied by the locked door. Back inside, Billy Gunn runs in and intereferes - which draws Kane off as Billy retreats. The Road Dog runs down to take Kane's place. He is soon tagged in and cleans house until Bradshaw decks him with a clothesline. He is covered and pinned. It is not clear whether ot not this was a Title match but I suspect not. The Corporate Ministry arrives to punk the DX members followed by the UNION (Paul Wight pulled the backdoor off its hinges) who succeed in clearing the ring. Kane comes back too late - he shoves Mankind away from tending to X-Pac and takes charge of his fallen partner. Cut to the back where Debra is showing off her legs then to commercial.

BIlly Gunn vs. Val Venis - Val barely gets out, "Hello Ladies..." when he is attacked from behind. It is all Billy Gunn to to start the contest until he stumbles climbing the ropes and gets caught with a fist to the gut in mid-air. Debra comes down to ringside followed by Jeff Jarrett in street clothes. Val is distracted and pinned. Billy is continuing to pound on his beaten opponent when the lights go out and Kane returns. Billy appears ready to stand his ground but throws Val to Kane at the last moment. Val is chokeslammed and Kane splits. Nicole Bass arrives to give CPR to her irstwhile paramour - who wakes up and flees. Backstage, Al Snow is playing poker with his deer head - which smokes a cigar. Cut to commercial.

Al Snow vs. Head - Hardcore Title match - Steroid Bob is the referee - Holly explains to Snow that the "Hardcore Committee" has booked this match to settle the "disputed" title picture. Snow says, "Okay" and proceeds to put the boots to Head (so much for friendship...) then drops an elbow on it then piledrives it. He leaves the ring to grab some weapons He sets a table up in the ring and sets Head up on it - then he launches himself into a moonsault which sends Head flying but fails to break the table. Finally he hits Head with the deer head and uses the stuffed animal to pin Head. He is declared the "new" Hardcore champ by Howard Finkel. After the match he gets into an argument with the deer head - he seems to be trying to convince it that it isn't the new Harcore Champ. Cut to a battered Road Dogg insisting that he is up to taking on HHH later in the program then to commercial.

Road Dogg's match with HHH (w/Chyna) is next. It is anti-climatic as HHH immediately attacks his opponent's injured ribs. The Dogg is tossed to the outside where Chyna adds her two cents (dropping him on the barrier then tossing him back in) Billy returns to the ring and has a brief rally but then Billy Gunn runs in to distract him then Chyna gets involved a second time. The Dogg is Pedegreed and pinned. Billy is allowed to beat on his former partner some more which brings Kane out again. Again Billy splits leaving the further battered Dogg to face Kane, who goes for the chokeslam - but Waltman runs out and convinces him not to do it. In the back, Paul Wight is headed toward the ring to face Mideon as we cut to commercial.

In the parking lot, Billy Gunns sprints to his car and speeds away while back in the ring, Mideon is inspecting his "eye in the jar". After a bit of video review of the Wight/UT feud, the big guy himself makes his way to the ring. Mideon, of course, is no match for this monster. Wight makes short work of the MInistry member - then he opens the jar and pops the eyeball - before stuffing it into Mideon's mouth (yuch!!!!) Another chokeslam then Wight has the mic and calls out the Undertaker to save his minion. UT appears on the big screen and says, in effect, "Go ahead, it's no skin off my nose..." He blathers on for a bit, threatening to replace the squashed eye with one of Wight's. The Big Show applies a third chokslam before leaving the ring. Cut to a video monatge concerning Steve Austin's impending reappearance on "Nash Bridges", then to commercial.

The Rock (with a cast on hs left arm) detours past the broken back door as he enters the building as we return.

Droz (w/Prince Albert) vs. Meat (w/PMS) - Meat is newcomer Sean Stasiak (son of wrestling legend Stan "the Man" Stasiak) - young Mr. Stasiak demonstrates his wrestling background (something his opponent can't boast of) by countering Droz's pure athletic prowess with ring savvy. As he appears to be winning the match - Prince Albert decides to menace Terri Runnels - but Jaqueline back-jumps him (literally) while Meat goes on to take the pin. Prince Albert turns his attention to Meat and ejects him from the ring. Backstage we see the Rock heading into the arena as the Corporate Ministry plot their next move. Cut to commercial.

The Rock makes his entrance as we return. I am reliably informed that his "broken arm" is a work. He rants about his coming match with HHH at the next PPV and promises he will appear for that match. HHH appears on the platform with his spooky companions (Chyna, I mean - oh and the rest of the Ministry thugs as well). He rants for a moments, the Rock answers in kind - then the thugs rush the ring. Thuis brings the UNION out to join in and the ring becomes a mass battleground as we fade to black.

RAW Report

A video review shows us what happened at the end of last week's show. Cut to a live scene of Shane McMahon leading the Corporate Ministry into the building then to a similar scene featuring Vince McMahon and the UNION carrying 2x4's. RAW is live from the O-rena in Orlando, Florida.

The lights go out after the announcers (The King and JR) intro the show and Kane appears on his way to the ring. Lawler yelps like a girl as Kane brings the corner flares up along with the lights.

Billy Gunn vs. Kane - Gunn is rushed by a female fan as he appproaches the ring. A security guy hauls her away as Kane attacks his opponent in the aisle. In the ring, it is all Kane in the early going. Billy bails out and tries to leave but Kane drags him back by his hair. He is suplexed back into the ring by the Big Red Machine. Billy slips under the big guy's legs on a rebound and drop-kicks his knee. He gets in a few shots but is ineffectual as Kane roars back with a vengence. Billy hits a chop-block to slow his opponent down then drags him to the apron and punishes the leg some more. Kane is still un affected asnd Billy is back on the receiving end in no time. Kane gets tied up in the ropes as he tries to re-enter the ring and Billy gets a few more shots - but Road Dogg and X-Pac run down and do a number on their former team mate. Billy is fought off through the crowd but that leaves Kane still hung upside down on the apron. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry run down with Ivory and start pounding on Kane and X-Pac. Meanwhile the two enemy stables are still advancing through the backstage area as we cut to commercial.

Tennis star Monica Selles is shown in the ringside area as we return. Vince and the UNION come to the ring. They bring a few riot-attired troups with them. Vince rants at Shane about his loss of family support then challenges Shane and his thugs to come on down. Shane and his minions appear on the platform but make no move toward the ring. Shane rants a bit then they advance. Commissioner Shawn Michaels appears on the TitanTron and proceeds to start making changes in the next PPV card. First he adds Vince as a second referee for the Austin/UT main even (Shane has already assigned himself to that job). He then sets a match for tonight pitting Faarooq vs. Bradshaw with the UNION surrounding the ring as lumberjacks. Cactus Jack vs. Midion/Viscera in a Hardcore Handicap match. Test vs. Bossman in a "Night Stick on a Pole" match. Chyna vs. Ken Shamrock. Pat & Gerry vs. the Posse in a Loser leaves town match. Paul Bearer vs. Paul Wight! Debra vs. Sable in an Evening Gown match for the Womens' title. Shane tries to interrupt as Michaels books UT/HHH/Shane vs. The Rock/Austin/Vince for tonight's main event! HBK overrides Shane's objection then has the three riot cops remove their helmets to reveal Patterson, Brisco and himself!! He then appoints himself as special ref for that match. Cut to commercial.

The Big Show makes his entrance as we return. We wait for Paul Bearer to appear - he fainted when this match was announced. He finally shows up but refuses to go to the ring until Michaels prods him in the right direction. Uncle Paul just turns his back and covers his eyes. Wights turns him around and plants a boot in his face followed by an elbow drop. Wight then asks HBK to lift his previously stated stip that UT was not allowed to interefere in this match. Michaels says, "Why not?" so Wight calls the Undertaker out. UT approaches the ring rather reluctantly and stops without entering. Wight drops another elbow. The Corporate thugs swarm in and lay hands on the giant - but they are followed immediately by the UNION who clear the ring. Paul Bearer's carcass is hauled away by his comrades. In the back we see Debra and Sable approaching the arena from different directions as we cut to commercial.

Debra vs. Sable (w/Nicole Bass) - Evening Gown match for the Womens' Title - Debra is stunning in a red gown - Sable wears black with ultimate cleavage and a slit right to her bosem. Nicole wears her usual tank-top and jeans. HBK calls her "one big dude..." Sable does her grind for the boys then flashes her cheeks (and I don't mean the ones on her face...) Val Venis shows up to keep an eye on his girlfriend - which distracts Debra allowing Sable to rip her dress off and win the match. Jeff Jarrett runs down and waffles Val with his guitar. Mike Cole starts to interview the winner but HBK interrupts her rant to say that his Evening Gown rules say that the women who loses her gown is the winner. He awards the Title to Debra! So what is that..? Two matches in 45 minutes - each lasting under a minute? Yep - looks that way to me. Cut to commercial.

The first commercial is for APW Wrestling here in Hayward on the 21st. You know I'll be there.

Test vs. The Big Bossman - Night Stick on a Pole match - yet another variation on the old Coal Miner's Glove match. Bossman is all over the rookie to start but the kid makes a quick comeback and is the first to try and climb the pole. Bossman drags him down by his truncks and gives the crowd a mooning while doing it. At least it wasn't the Bossman's butt exposed (perish the thought...) Moments later the Bossman is knocked to the floor and Test starts up again - but a high-low blow halts his progress. Now the Bossman gets his turn to climb but has to turn back to fend off his opponent before he gets the chance to start. They struggle and collide head to head. Both are down for a moment, then the fight goes to the floor where the Bossman takes the advantage. He posts his opponent then inexplicitely tosses him back into the ring instead of going after the stick. They seem to forget about the stick as they continue to pound on each other. They collide again and Test recovers first. He gets the Night Stick - but Bossman has his own weapon which he extracts from his clothing and uses to get the drop on Test. He uses the night stick to finish the job and gets the pin. In the back, Cactus Jack is looking for weapons to use in his upcoming match. Okay, six minutes out of the first hour. Cut to commercial.

Mike Cole is shut up before he can mention Jeff Jarrett's name. Val Venis wants Jarrett tonight.

Cactus Jack vs. Midion/Viscera - Hardcore Handicap match - Mideon tries to cut Foley off on the ramp with a cookie sheet but Foley downs him with a football and a soccar ball then hits him and Viscera with his own baking pan. They brawl to ringside where the Ministry members overwhelm him and toss him into the ring. They have a trashcan and a chair to hit him with. He is ejected to the floor where Mideon gets a giant chair shot to his head. Back in the ring, Viscera uses his weight to choke Jack. They try to double team him but he gets a double DDT on the two of them then clobbers them both with the trashcan. He puts the can over Mideon's head then bats it with the chair. Viscera gets a few shots but then is tumbled to the floor. Jack drops on him with the chair from the apron and gets the pin.

Mike Cole is with Chyna in the back. She explains her actions of last week by saying that "every 28 days I get a little moody..." Okay... Cut to commercial.

A promo video shows us that Steve Blackman, who was supposedly let go a few weeks ago, is back.

Bradshaw vs. Faarooq - Lumberjack match with the UNION surrounding the ring - Faarooq makes a speech at the beginning stating that there will be no match - but implies that he could beat Bradshaw if he wanted too. Bradshaw disputes that notion - so there will be a match after all. After the initial scuffle, Faarooq tosses Bradshaw out to be beat on by the lumberjacks then does it again. Bradshaw replies in kind. Back in the ring, each then gets a powerbomb on the other. Next they both tumble out of the ring and are again rolled back in bu the UNION. Mideon and Viscera run in to separate them and get clobbered. The Bossman runs in and tries to make peace. The UNION enters the ring and everybody splits leaving Viscera to take the shots. Another ridiculous match. I guess the WWF knows it has no competition tonight... Good thing because so far the wrestling has sucked. Cut to commercial.

The Mean Street Posse vs. Pat & Gerry II - Losers leave town match - Brisco and Patterson enter to Hulk Hogan's old theme song (Real American) - the Posse attack them before they can get into the ring . Patterson is knocked out for a moment while Brisco fends off the punks in the ring. They manage to get the drop on him with a low blow then throw some really lame kicks. Pete Gas has his belt off when Patterson rushes back in with his riot helmet and brains both of them. Again the two veterans make short work of the Posse - and now the punks are gone (Thank God!) Patterson tears his shirt off and poses in all of his paunchy splendor as the Hogan theme blairs forth. Now that match was fun!

In the back, Mike Cole talks to Shamrock who expresses misgivings about fighting a girl. Cut to commercial.

Val Venis vs Jeff Jarrett - Val fails to appear but Jarrett comes down with the new Ladies' Champ. He grabs the mic and apes Venis' opening line. Val runs down and gets knocked off the apron to start. The fight goes right to the floor where Jarrett discovers that he should have stayed in the ring. Val is all over him. Jarrett blocks a pile driver attempt and gets a back drop then rolls his opponent back into the ring. He re-enters to find himself n the receiving end of a reverse atomic drop. Moments later Val gets a fisherman's suplex but only a two count. Jarrett finally comes back with a swinging neck breaker and pauses to strut before dragging Val to the apron and planting an elbow on his sternum. He re-enters the ring and whips Val hard into the corner. He gets his trademark armbar takedown and a two count of his own. Now they are in see-saw mode and trading two counts. Each misses a move then they clothesline each other and both are down. Both rise to their feet and Venis starts to gain ground. He seems to have things well in hand when Debra distracts him but only for a moment. So she takes off her top. This brings Val down off the top corner where hs is about to deliver the money shot. He bends her over for a smooch then turns around and gets clobbered by Jarrett using the Womens' Title belt. Val is pinned. Finally a decent match. Cut to commercial.

Beaver Cleavag skit - this is Mosh of the Headbangers folks.

Chyna (w/HHH) vs. Ken Shamrock - this should be interesting (unless it follows the pattern of some other matches tonight). Shamrock wears jeans to the ring and is less then his usual intense self coming down. He clearly doesn't want to fight Chyna until she slaps him a couple of times - the he turns and starts a fight with HHH. After putting HHH down he puts a belly-to-belly suplex on Chyna and leaves the ring. I knew it couldn't last... Cut to commercial. Is it just me or does that Austin/D-Lo 1-800-Collect commercial have slightly homosexual overtones..? ("you're so insensitive...")

HBK makes his entrance as we return. He will referee the main event.

Stev Austin/Vince McMahon/the Rock vs. The Undertaker/ShaneMcMahon /HHH (w/Chyna) - Vince enters first after the bad guys are in the ring. As the Rock appears, Shane attack his dad on the ramp then drags him to the ring where UT piledrives him. The Rock battles HHH on the ramp then heads for the ring. Meanwhile Vince is being wrapped up in a TV cable. Maivia makes it to the ring and gives Shane a shot with his cast. Here comes Austin who locks up with UT while the Rock continues to battle HHH. Both of the McMahons are out cold as the battle rages around them. Maivia is temporarily disabled leaving Austin to fight two opponents. But Maivia recovers and is back in it as Shane hauls his father back into the ring. Vince is still out of it and takes a couple of elbow drops. Eventually Austin re-enters the ring and Stuns Shane to get the pin. He guzzles Steve-weisers as we fade to black.

God help us if the WWF ever runs WCW off the air...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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