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Sunday Night Heat

Nitro Report

RAW Report

Volume 4, Issue 463 - May 17, 1999

Sunday Night Heat

The usual video review of current events starts the program. Cut to the Corporate Ministry arriving as Kevin Kelly asks the inevitable question, "Who will suffer at the hands of the Corporate Ministry tonight...?" Kelly and Jim Cornette are doing the announcing this evening.

X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown (w/Ivory) - D-Lo attacks while his opponent is being checked by the referee. D-Lo dominates the early going until he tries to put the bronco buster on X-Pac. Waltman slips aside and takes the offensive. Ivory runs in and distracts him giving the advantage back to her man but he has already been disqualified because of Ivory's interference. The CM heads toward the arena as we cut to commercial.

Shane and the thugs make their entrance as we return. Shane berates Shawn Michaels for "sticking his nose in my business..." He warns Vince to stay out of his way or suffer the consequences. He books a match between HHH and Stone Cold for tomorrow night on RAW then he turns his attention to the Rock. He forbids Maivia from wearing his cast during the match on Over the Edge with HHH - then he books an Undertaker/Maivia Casket Match for tomorrow night. UT adds his two cents - threatening bodily harm to Austin and Maivia in his own incoherent rambling way. HHH then takes the microphone to run his mouth and once again prove that his brain isn't quite as prominent as his nose. In the back the UNION starts toward the arena as we cut to commercial.

Jim Cornette refers to the Brood as "the three brightest stars in this industry..." oh, really?

Droz/Prince Albert vs. Gangrel/Christian (w/Edge) - just as the match gets started with Droz and Gangrel, Ryan Sharock appears and distracts Droz. Edge sneaks in and Pear Harbors Droz giving his compatriots the win. Ryan splits to the platform where she meets PMS and Meat - she seems to have joined their little menege-et-troi. Meanwhile Doc Hendrix appears and heads to the ring. The Brood signal for the lights and attack him but there are two others involved in the dark. When the lights come up, the Brood has been given a blood bath! Hendrix is seen departing with his helpers - the Hardey Boys.

Hendrix and his cronies are about to be interviewed when the Brood attacks. Hendrix was about to reveal his new/old name - Michael Hayes. I love it! GO PS!!!

Road Dogg vs. Hadcore Holly - Hardcore Match - the Doggs intro schtick is getting more and more confusing for the poor brainless who are trying to chant along with him. Al Snow shows up ringside immediately and distracts Holly so that the Dogg can win. Snow is carrying his deer head which wears the Hardcore belt. He comes into the ring to talk to the referee and takes a chair shot as Holly recovers. Holly batters the deerhead to saw dust against the ringpost then splits. Snow discovers his friend in pieces and is seemingly heart broken. In the back, Pal P...uh sorry...Val Venis tells someone to wait while he heads out to the arena. Cut to commercial.

Jerry Lawler makes an entrance as we return then we go to a video review of the Venis/Nicole Bass/Debra/Jeff Jarrett and whoever else they can throw in - situation. Lawler is here to interview Val. Lawler is using his favorite "pet word" as usual. Val rants at Debra and Jarrett - he wants them both at the PPV - meaning that he wants a mixed tag team match with Debra/Jarrett vs. himself and...Nicole Bass! She promises to make "chow" out of Debra's "puppies". Cute...

Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown/Ivory) vs. Kane - D-Lo provides distraction so that Henry can get the jump on his opponent. He bulls Kane into the corner then splashes him Kane takes a couple of shots then explodes out of the corner and flattens his opponent. D-Lo is on the apron when X-Pac runs in to pull him off but gets run into the stairs. D-Lo enters the ring and causes the DQ then the two of them try to double team Kane. They are just starting to have some success when Waltman hits the ring and it all breaks down.

The UNION vs. Too Much/DOA - 8 man tag team match - this match hardly gets started when Paul Wigfht chokeslams and pins one of the bikers . The bad guys show up and start to advance toward the ring but Shamrock ducks under the ring and produces the infamous 2 x4's. CM halt in their tracks and we're outta here. My how time flies...

Nitro Report

A white stretch limo pulls up and disgorges El Presidente & Company - including Diamond Dallas Page! Cut to inside the arena (the Five Seasons Center in Ceder Rapids, Iowa) where the pyro flares. Cut to the backstage area where a door sign proclaims Roddy Piper as president - but the "Little Nature Boy" Charles Robinson replaces it with Flair's name plate.

Mean Gene is in the ring and calls Flair down for an interview. Flair is accompanied by Asia, AA and Robinson. Flair defers to Arn for the first statement. Arn says that the Horsemen will face the World Tag Champs (Raven/Saturn) and will "bring the titles home tonight." Flair calls into question Bischoff's actions at the PPV. Gene mentions Roddy Piper but Flair addresses himself to Ted Turner - threatening to "get Fonda" if he doesn't "move Piper out". He then sets up a mixed tag team match pitting himself and Robinson against Savage and Gorgeous George. He also orders Kevin Nash to defend his title against DDP tonight - then calls Page to the ring. Page says he doesn't get along with Flair but he applauds Flair's decision, contending that he "got screwed". He rants some more and then says he is calling out some of his "boys' The crowd chants "Goldberg!" but he say, "I don't think so!" He calls Bam Bam Bigalow out! He plans to have Bigalow watch his back during the main event. Cut to commercial.

Jeeez! The DJ is back... He throws it back to Tony and Bobby. We get an interview with Eric Bischoff. He admits that WCW has slipped from #1 - maybe because he has been complacent. He vows to bring WCW back to the #1 position. The announcers run down the Steiner Brothers situation - Rick will defend his TV belt tonight. Next up is a video review of the Bret Hart/Goldberg feud leading to Hart's "quitting" the company then re-appearing with chair in hand. Cut to footage from the Tonight Show - Big Sexy challenges Hart to a match on the Tonight Show for $250,000. Cut to commercial.

It looks like we might be headed for another "wrestling-lean" first hour tonight. I wonder how the folks in Ceder Rapids feel about that..?

More of the Bischoff interview. He says he did what "he felt was right." His contention is that Piper and Nash deserved to win their respective matches. He puts the decision off on the referee, Nick Patrick. He says he's had a chance to look at his business decisions and realizes that he's made mistakes and wants to set it right. He keeps talking about "doing everything in his power" - but according to the current storyline, he doesn't have any power... His statements make no sense at all as far as I can figure out. Cut to a black limo pulling up out back. Roddy Piper gets out with Eric Bischoff. They enter the building together.

Mike Tenay has joined the broadcast team now. He says he has been trying to reach Bret Hart all week and finally talked to him tonight. Hart is reported to have said that he will be on the Tonight Show tomorrow night to respond to Kevin Nash. Cut to a clip of Charles Robinson doing his Ric Flair impression, in action in the ring against GG.

Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Evan Karagis - Karagis is a well muscled young man who doesn't know how to spell... He gets the drop on Misterio in the early going but Misterio comes right back and we go into see-saw mode. Rey seems to have turned the tables moments later as he gets the bronco buster. Karagis tries to climb the corner but Rey upsets his balance then drops him to the mat with a Frankensteiner and pins him. Cut to a commercial for WWF Over the Edge.

Ric Flair greets Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker and offers him an office job (with a blonde secretary) in return for taking a dive for David Flair tonight. He turns and calls David and Torrie out of the office and tells his son that he'll be wrestling Parker tonight. He makes a pass at Torrie after David is led away by the Horsemen to warm up.

Mean Gene calls Booker T out for an interview. Booker seems in high spirits despite his loss of the TV Title at Slamboree. He calls Rick Steiner out for a rematch. He refers to himself as the "true people's champion" - and the crowd agrees. He vows to leave Ceder Rapids as the 7 time TV champ. Cut to commercial.

David Flair (w/Torrie) vs Buddy Lee Parker - Robinson wears a referee's shirt and wrestling tights. Parker makes a good show of it - really Davis shouldn;t have a chance against the chief instructor of the Power Plant. Parker suddenly seems to remember his instructions as the Horsemen start to jump up on the apron. But still, he is in charge until he goes for a big knee drop from the top and misses. David slaps on a figure four leglock and Parker submits immediately. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair/Charles Robinson (w/Asia) vs. Randy Savage/Gorgeous George (w/Medusa/Miss Madness) - mixed tag match - in the long shot we can see that the arena is packed to the rafters. GG is on crutches so Medusa is taking her place. Things have taken a decided turn South for the Flair faction. Medusa faces Robinson to start. He is playing his "Little Nature Boy" bit to the hilt. One of the pleasant revelations of the past few weeks is this little referee. Medusa isn't impressed at all - she creams him. Flair tags in and Savage tags in immediately - so Flair tags back out... Medusa and Robinson face off again with similar results. Miss Micelli could beat up a lot of men bigger then the "Little Nature Boy". Savage tags in and faces Flair...finally. He is all over the former champion for a moment then Flair gets in a cheap shot and Savage goes down. He tags Robinson in - big mistake. Savage tosses him across the ring by his hair! Medusa is in and gets a tombstone piledriver on Robinson, who saves himself by getting his foot on the rop. He rakes her eyes and tags Flair in - Medusa proceeds to cream Flair! But only for a moment, then he gets a belly-to-back suplex. He drops an elbow on her then starts working on her leg. He goes for the figure four but she cradles him and gets a two-count. He goes back and is rolled up again. Third time's the charm as he finally gets the hold on her. Savage makes the save then tags in. He fights off both opponents until he gets a finger to his eye. Both Flair and Robinson climb opposite corners - Savage throws them both to the mat - then Medusa drags Flair to the floor while Savage hits the big elbow on Robinson for the pin. That was fun. Cut to commercial.

Back to the DJ...can't they just drop this guy...? He throws it to Okerlund (thank God..) Gene calls Piper to the ring. Piper shows up without Bischoff and carrying a clipboard. Piper contends that he is the president of WCW. He says Flair has gone way over the edge and rattles off ten reasons why Flair isn't fit to be the president. One of his claims that Flair once appeared in a bar in drag. His attempts at a top ten list are pretty pathetic (he keeps insisting that he doesn't make them up - he's just reading them...) I think Piper is the one whose slipping... He finishes the list and then calls Bischoff to the ring. Piper insults Bischoff to his face - Bischoff just says, "I screwed up, I made mistakes, and I want to apologise..." As he is pouring his heart out, Randy Savage's music plays and the Macho Man himself comes to the ring (along with his entourage). Savage wants a title matvh against Nash tonight. Piper tells him he has to wait his turn. He distracts Piper while GG hits him with one of her crutches! He piledrives Piper, Medusa kicks Bischoff in the back of the head and Savage slams him. Kevin Nash runs in. Savage leaves the ring but stays ringside. He thinks Nash ought to "just hand it over" like he did with Hogan a while back. Nash says, "You'll have to take it out of my dead hand..." Savage says, "Fine..." Well, this is confusing - so who has the title match tonight? I guess it's DDP because they hype that match again as we cut to commercial.

Video review of Slamboree as we return - mostly involving Flair and his entourage until they get to the Sting/Goldberg match. Bret Hart reappears. Savage interferes in the main event but Bischoff restarts the match and Nash wins.

Hak (w/Chastity) comes to the ring - I heard over the weekend that Hak is actually an old nickname from this guy's childhood. He insults the fans (tells them they stink) before going on with his rant. He claims to have beat Bigalow and Raven for the Hardcore Title (what..?) and then to have beat Kevin Nash and Goldberg?. I think his brain is scrambled... Fit Finley calls a challenge from backstage then heads for the ring. Finley asks for the mic and Hak obliges him. Finley then brains him with it! He grabs the kendo stick and beats him with that as well. Hak hits a low-blow to turn the tables. He chokes Finley with the stick then pulls a ladder out from underthe ring. Finley beats him to the punch and uses the ladder on Hak. Hak comes roaring back and catches Finley's leg between the ladder uprights with an elbow drop as we cut to commercial.

There is a table in the ring as we return. Hak is in control but then he tuns his back for a moment and turns back to find Finley slapping him with the stick. Finley positions his opponent in the corner and runs his body into him. Finley then attempts to wedge a chair into the opposite corner but takes too long. Hak recovers and blindsides him. They brawl some more then Finley gets a low-blow then goes after Hak with the stick again. He throws a whip and they clothesline each other. Now Brian Knobbs runs in and smashes both of them into the tables that are leaning in opposite corners. He throws them both out of the ring then is dragged out himself. The bell rings (I guess they were all counted out?) but the brawl continues up the aisle. Cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner vs. Booker T - TV Title rematch - Steiner wears a beard with a blaze on his chin. Booker T's music plays but he fails to appear. The camera finds him lying facedown behind the entry curtains. Steiner says that Booker isn't coming so he issues a challenge to anyone. No one answers the call so he leaves the ring. As he approaches the ramp, Sting appears!! They start to brawl back to the ring and Steiner is on the receiving end. He is crashed into the broadcast table then is tossed into the ring. Sting goes for the Stinger splash but misses. Steiner goes to work on him, punching, gouging, etc. Sting recovers for a moment but Steiner is a man possessed and overcomes him again. The fight goes to the floor where Sting is posted. Steiner pulls up the mat and tries a suplex but Sting reverses it. They are back on the broasdcast table again then back into the ring. Steiner is still in charge, but Sting reverses to an atomic drop. Steiner is knocked out of the ring then Scott appears. They are surrounding the ring when Lex Luger runs in and covers Sting's back. He seems to be on Sting's side but Luger has never been trustworthy throughout his entire career - why would he start now..? Cut to commercial.

Konnan vs. Curt Hennig - both of these guys are exellent mat wrestlers so this could be a pretty good match. Unfortunately they degenerate into brawl mode early on (sigh...) Konnan has youth and speed on his side and so dominates the early going. Hennig leaves the ring to regroup. He goes back in and is ejected again. he goes over to the announcers to complain that he is wearing new boots. He takes his time returning and is still out walking around as we cut to commercial.

Hennig is dragged back into the ring as we return. He takes a couple of shots then explodes out of the corner and turns the tables. Once in control he is relentless and Konnan appears to be going down. He appears to injure his leg during one attack - he is visibly limping as he drags Konnan to the apron and drops an elbow on his throat. He uses the ropes to put pressure on a spinning tow hold. He lets up when the referee objects but goes right back and puts on an indian deathlock variation. The referee forces a break for some unknown reason - Hennig slaps him and gets chewed out. He goes back to the leg for a moment then releases the hold and starts laying in the chops. He slaps Konnan in the corner and gets mule-kicked to the mat for his trouble. He goes back on the attack but Konnan has got his second wind. He is in control when Randy Savage appears in the aisle with a mic. He jaws at Konnan about his "friend" Kevin Nash and then drags him out of the ring, roughs him up and rolls him back in for Hennig's fisherman's suplex. Hennig gets the pin. Cut to commerial.

Raven/Saturn (w/Kanyon) vs. The Horsemen (w/Arn Anderson) - World Tag Team Title match - Malenko and Saturn face off to start and really mix it up. Saturn wins the first exchange and knocks his opponent to the outside then splashes him from inside-to out. Back inside, the Tag Champs double team Malenko for a moment then Benoit tags in. He starts out in Wolverine mode but soon succombs to Ravens concerted attack. Now the Champs double team Benoit and the Horsemen are on the outside looking in again. The crowd chants "Horsemen Suck!!" as Tony apologizes for their language. Benoit finally turns the tables on Saturn and tags in Malenko...who immediately gives up the advantage. Raven and Saturn are really hitting on all eight as they again subdue and isolate Malenko. Benoit intereferes to allow Malenko to break free then tags in and goes to work on Raven. Raven comes back with his version of Benoit's serial suplexes - he uses snap verticles. Saturn is back in and gets a two count on Benoit as we cut to commercial. This is a hell of a match...

Malenko is making a comeback as we return. Raven is being isolated again. Benoit puts on a snap suplex of his own and gets a two count. Saturn comes in and cotinues the assault with a T-Bone suplex. But Benoit comes roaring back and turns the tables. He knocks Saturn to the floor where Malenko holds him for a baseball slide...which gets Malenko. Back in the ring, Malenko manages to retake the advantage and starts working on Saturn's leg in classic Horsemen style. Benoit takes over and focuses on the same appendage. Saturn is screaming in pain as Malenko and Benoit take turns stomping on his leg. Benoit seems to run out of steam so he tags in Malenko. Malenko keeps up the pressure but Saturn slips in a belly-to-belly and tags Raven in. Raven gets a chair and drops Malenko onto it Benoit makes the save. Raven and Saturn double team Malenko and Benoit makes the save again. All four are in now. Benoit throws his swan dive and tastes canvas. Kanyon is on the apron and distracts the referee. Arn runs in and uses the tire iron. But then Malenko climbs the corner and gets caught there by Saturn who gets the DVD and the pin. Fantastic match! In the back, Bigalow challenges the Tag Champs. Cut to commercial.

Kevin Nash vs. Diamond Dallas Page - World Heavyweight Title match - DDP has some Kane-style corner flares for his entrance (except they are green instead of red). Nash makes his entrance and Page must be very proud of his old protege. Page attacks right on the bell but Nash absorbs the shots then levels the challenger with a knee lift. He roughs him up in the corner as a "Goldberg!" chant starts up. Page bails out to regroup. Bigalow meets him in the aisle and advances to ringside as Page returns to the ring. Nash is still in charge and gets a two count right away. Bigalow distracts Nash so that Page can down him with a clothesline as he turns back around. Bigalow then distracts the referee so that Page can use the tape off his wrist as a weapon to strangle Nash. He hops to the top and connects wih a flying lariet as Nash regains his feet. He applies a choke and waits out the referee's count. He then switches to a reverse chinlockas Bam Bam cheers him on. Nash escapes for a moment but a swinging neck breaker brings him down. he escapes again and a Russian leg sweep does the job a second time. Nash finally recovers and has to contend with both Page and Bigalow - then Savage shows up and they triple team the Champ and lay him out. Savage calls his female contingent over and gets a lipstick from one of them. He paints up Nash's face. A big skinny fan runs in and has to be subdued by security. Savage pounds on Nash some more then climbs the corner and delivers the big elbow. Nash is out of it as Savage abandons the ring and goes over to intimidate the announcers. Fade to black...

RAW Report

RAW is pre-recorded this week and comes to us from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

"Whats left of DX..." as Jerry Lawler puts it, comes to the ring to open the show. Well, that's different. I can't remember the last time the Corporation or the Corporate Ministry didn't start the show with a gab fest.

DX/Kane vs. Billy (less then virtuous posterior) Gunn/D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry - Six Man Tag match - Gunn faces the Dogg to start and dominates things from the get go. Road Dogg is nothing if not resilliant (actually, that's all he is...) and goes on to face D-Lo who misses an elbow drop and allows X-Pac to tag in. He bests D-Lo but Billy is tagged back in and turns the tables. D-Lo tags in again and misses a leg drop. Billy comes in but fails to restrain X-Pac who tags the Dogg back in and Billy is on the receiving end. D-Lo comes back in and gets a shot then turns around and is down by X-Pac. Finally the two big guys get in but the little guys run in and break that up. All six end up brawling out on the floor. The Corporate "No Chance..." theme plays and Shane appears with his thugs. I knew the good times couldn't last...

Is it me or is this all getting a litle stale? I guess part of it is that the "Evil Shane" just doesn't jerk my chain like the "Evil Vince" did. Shane rants at his father, threatening him and the UNION with bodily harm. In the back Vince is huddled with his own stooges who are lamenting thr fact that nobody has seen the UNION yet today. Vince says they will just have to do what they have to do...well duh... Cut to commercial.

The Corporate Ministry stalks the backstage area as we return. They are looking for Vince and Co. They find his room and start pounding on the door. Patterson suggests that Vince look in the closet for a weapon. He opens the closet door only to find the Undertaker, HHH and Chyna there. UT attacks, drags Vince into the closet and the lights go out as we cut to another commercial.

Vince is being wheeled out of the building on a stretcher as we return. He is packed into an ambulance then we cut back to the ring.

Blue Blazer/Jeff Jarrett (wDebra) vs. Val Venis/The Godfather (w/Garden Tools) - Owen Hart plays the Blazer tonight. I wonder when the Godfather is going to be forced to defend his Intercontinental Title again? Not tonight, obviously... His girls are better looking then usual tonight...not a skank in sight. JR answers my question by mentioning that Godfather will face the Blazer at the PPV this weekend for the IC Title. Val and Owen start the contest and are pretty evenly matched. Lawler is going on about puppies again. Jarret tags in and gets the best of Venis for a while but Val comes back abd tags in the Godfather who spalshes Jarrett in the corner then goes for a Samoan drop - but the Blazer breaks that up then gets the tag to continue his attack. Uh comes Nicole Bass. She chases Jarrett and Debra away from the ring, where the Godfather gets a powerslam variation and th pin. The Rock paces in the back and we cut to commercial. Wow! Two matches in 35 minutes...somebody at Titan is reading my reports..:-)

The New PMS (including Ryan Shamrock) come to the ring with Meat.

Meat (w/PMS) vs Test - these two take the prizes for the lamest names in wrestling - they could be a tag team - Testmeat or Meatest - just a thought. Both are WWF rookies (although Meat actually has a wrestling background). Test is just big and athletic - and easily distracted by the ladies at ringside. It proves to be his undoing as Meat dominates the match from the get-go. Meat's weakness is his tendency to showboat, but it isn't enough to give Test the edge (there's another really lame name...) One thing Meat can do is fly (flying meat? sound faintly obscene...) Test gets a gut wrench suplex for his first real offensive move and promptly collapses. Both guys are down for a moment, then they get up and exchange punches. Test is on the comeback trail now and gets his big foot to the face of his opponent. He is about to end it when Jacqueline drop-kicks him from behind causing the DQ. Meat attacks Test as the referee argues with Jacquie. Here comes Tori (not to be confused with Torrie). She appears to be about to join PMS but then turns on them and drops Ryan and Jacquie. PMS limps away as we cut to the back where Shane is plotting strategy with his minions. Cut to commercial.

Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins waves to the camera as Steve Austin makes his entrance. Austin rants at HHH, allowing that he has ability but not giving him much chance of winning. He warns Chyna not to get involved. He then states that he doesn't care who the referee is for Over the Edge. He turns his attention toward his opponent for the PPV and promises to beat he Undertaker's a$$, "...and that's the bottom line..." yatta, yatta. Shane and UT appear on the platform to a sustained "A$$hole!" chant. Shane warns Austin not to lay a hand on his own (Shane's) person under threat of DQ and loss of the title. He offers Austin a hospital bed next to his (Shane's) father then sends in the goons. Shane stays on the platform and is caught from behind by Ken Shamrock! The thugs turn back to help which leaves Paul Bearer within Austin's reach. Uncle Paul is dragged into the ring and stunned. Confusion reigns and we cut to commercial.

A replay of what just happened greets our return.

The Rock vs. The Undertaker - Casket Match - this is the real main event of this program (Austin vs. HHH is mid-card stuff in my mind). Maivia's surgery scars are pretty obvious as he approaches the ring. He still wears his phoney cast. He takes the fight right to UT - good strategy - but then ducks his head and gets DDT'd. Ut pounds on him in the corner. Meanwhile in the back there is a gang fight erupting between the UNION and the Ministry. Back in the ring, Maivia gets a swinging neck breaker then has to kick UT back down to deliver the People's Corporate Elbow. HHH, Shane and Chyna show up ringside as Maivia uses his cast as a weapon. They fight to the floor where Maivia attacks HHH. He turns back toward his opponent and gets a low-blow...then HHH hits his arm with a sledge hammer! The cast is falling apart as UT smashes it against the casket lid. The Rock is rooled into the ring where HHH stomps him into the open casket. Then they lock the box then after a moment, they knock it off it's stand and HHH starts pounding the casket with his sledge hammer. He is crushing the lid as we cut to commercial.

In the back, Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Garea are trying to get the casket open. Meanwhile, in the ring Michael Hayes and the Hardey boys wait to face the Brood in six man action. Oh boy! The Freebirds were the kings of the six man match back in the early-to-mid eighties! The Brood enters without their normal pomp and the fight is underway. The Brood dominates the early going, mostly due to Gangrel's contibutions. Then Christian shows more thn his usual flair. Hayes specializes in cheapshots from the apron and helps turn the tables then assists one of the Hardey's to doubleteam their opponents. Hayes has clearly worked the Hardey's into a more aggressiv frame of mind and it starts to pay dividends as the match progresses. They are isolating Christian (Edge has yet to get involved). He finally comes in a spears an incoming Hardey Boy. Hayes tags in but is subdued by Edge as every body except Hayes goes flyig to the floor. The match dissolves inot a brawl on the floor and everyone is counted out. In the back, a bleeding Rock (who says you can't get blood from a stone..?) is hauled away toward the ambulance (that's two down...) Cut to commercial.

The Rock was driven away during the break.

The thugs are stalking someone else now.

Al Snow (w/Head) comes to the ring as we cut away to see highlights of his ups and downs over the last few months. He is here to eulogize his deer head (Pierre). He has the shattered Pierre in a cardboard box to which he adds some "personal effects" (a tape of Sammy Davis, Jr., cigars and other paraphanalia). He says that Pierre passed the Hardcore Title on to him while in the hospital. Steroid Bob shows up carrying one of the deer's antlers. Snow hits him with Head (over the head) then delivers a brainbuster and some kicks before granting Holly a Hardcore Title match at the PPV. In the back the MInistry identifies their new target as Austin. They are lying in wait for him to appear. Cut to commercial.

Michael Cole is trying to get a word with Austin when the Ministry spots the UNION and a battle ensues. Cut to commercial.

Paul Wight leads the UNION to the ring.

The UNION vs. The Ministry (Bossman/The Acolytes/Mideon) - the fight erupts on the floor as the Bossman slides in and tags Wight with his nightstick. Wight takes it for a moment then comes right back. Without his stick, Bossman is no match for this monster until he delivers a low-blow. The rest of the participants have vanished to the backstage area. Wight boots Bossman in the face then gets the chokeslam and the pin. The Big Show heads back to help his friends. Shane, Chyna and HHH are headed to the ring.

Beaver Cleavage skit. What dreck...lame double entendre jokes. Cut to commercial.

During the break, both factions of the last match headed out in their cars.

Steve Austin vs. HHH (w/Chyna/Shane McMahon) - after that casket match earlier this is a definite letdown. JR calls this the "greatest match of HHH career" and I agree. Unfortunaely it isn't the greatest match of Austin's career... HHH attacks Austin on the ramp as he makes his entrance - it proves to be a mistake. The next period is all down hill for the hapless former leader of DX. In my opinion, Helmsley did his own career no favors by switching sides - but then he probably didn't have a choice. Finally in the ring. Austin starts taking Hunter's legs apart. HHH comes back with a face-buster and buys himself some time. He gets an offensive flurry until Austin slips in a Thesz press. HHH levers Austin to the floor. Austin wrenches his knee as he passes through the ropes. HHH is right on it and knocks Austin over the barrier then tries to use a chair but it is snatched away by the referee. They battle some more at ringside then Austin is tossed onto the announce table. HHH is finally in control as they tuble around on and about the announce position. Back in the ring, Austin goes for a sleeper but HHH counters with a suplex. The referee is distracted by Chyna while Shane chokes the Rattlesnake. HHH gets a two count out of this exchange. He switches to a reverse chinlock. Austin escapes and they collide after a whip. Both are down. They rise to a verticle base and Austin retakes control. Back to the floor they go and now it is all Austin. More action on the announce table then back to the inside goes Austin, who suplexes HHH into the ring. The Undertaker's cross is being lowered from the ceiling and now here comes the Undertaker himself. He climbs on the apron and gets nailed but the distraction allows HHH to blindside Austin and toss him out. UT takes over the pummeling. The cross is lying in the ring now. They drag Austin back into the ring as the rest of the Ministry shows up, closely followed by the UNION. In the ensuing confusion, UT is handcuffed to his own cross and Austin signals for it to be raised back up. The Undertaker is hoisted on his own pitard... But it doesn't bother him. He laughs evilly as Austin looks back in wonder. Fade to black...

I'll be back on Thursday with the Thunder Report, a house show rport from Des Moines, Iowa and a brand new columnist - Solie's Australian correspondent Stuart Capel with "The View from Down Under". Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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This page is a personal tribute and is in no way connected to any of the wrestling promotions mentioned on it. It is dedicated to the Dean of Wrestling announcers, Gordon Solie.

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