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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Owen Hart

1965 - 1999

Father, Husband, Champion

Rest in Peace

Monday Night Wars Edition

RAW Report

Sunday Night Heat

RAW is a Two-Hour Tribute to Owen

Nitro Report

The Way I See It...

Opinion by Earl Oliver

Volume 4, Issue 466 - May 24, 1999
Editor's Note: For those who haven't heard, Owen Hart lost his life during the Over the Edge PPV last night in a freak accident. He was set to make an entrance on a wire from the ceiling of the arena when his rigging failed and he plunged to his death in the ring. Accounts vary as to how far he fell, but all agreed that he struck his head on a turnbuckle on his way down. Jerry Lawler rushed to his side and immobilized his head. An EMT unit worked to revive him for about ten minutes before he was taken away.

Solie's wishes to extend our profound condolences to the Hart family, the wrestling community, and all of Hart's fans world wide.

Tonight's RAW program will be a tribute to Owen featuring comments and memories from his peers between the matches.

Ervin Griffin's special tribute to Owen Hart will be published in the Friday Morning edition of the newsletter.

Sunday Night Heat

Shane comes outwith his thugs and makes a speech regarding the "awesome responsibility" he bears in being the special referee for the main event at Over the Edge. He jokes about a "shoulder injury" which might prevent him from making a three count. He then assigns Steve Austin to a match against Mideon with himself as the referee as a "warm-up" for himself.

In the back, Vince arrives with his entourage as we cut to commercial.

Brian Christopher (w/Scott Taylor) vs. Meat (w/PMS) - Terri decides to join the broadcast team for this match. Taylor distracts Meat so that Christopher can get the drop on his opponent. It doesn't help at all as Meatcomes roaring back. But then he rushes into the corner and tastes leather. Christopher gets a one-count. The girls provide distraction for both members of Too Much so that Meat can get the Meatgrinder and the pin. Too Much are lkeft laying and are just getting up when the Hardey Boyz and Michael Hayes hit the ring...and them. Cut to commercial.

Vince McMahon makes his entrance as we return. The announcers keep saying that people have gone "over the edge..." Vince challenges Shane to come out and listen to what he has to say. Shane obliges in his referee's shirt. Vince reminds Shane that he doesn't hold a controlling interest in the company and declares that there won't be a Mideon/Austin match. Shane disagrees, saying that Austin has a contract - but he will allow Austin to skip the match if Vince will take his place! Vince agrees much to the delight of the crowd and the disapproval of the stooges who accompanied him to the ring.

The Rock comes to the ring after some PPV hype. He does his cliche-ridden best in his rant against HHH, claiming at one point that he (Maivia) made HHH famous during earlier matches. HHH appears on the on the TitanTron with Chyna and says, in effect, "Yeah, whatever..."

Michael Hayes and the Hardey's are menacing in their backstage interview as we return.

Goldust/the Blue Meanie vs. The Hardey Boyz (w/Michael Hayes) - The Hardey's start out by destroying the Meanie with a concerted double-team attack. Goldust comes in against Matt Hardey and turns the tables. The fight goes to the outside then immediatley back into the ring. The Hardey's double-teams are becoming effective against Goldust but he is managing to hold his own. Jeff Hardey gets a two-count over the Golden one then applies a reverse chinlock. Goldust escapes with a jaw breaker but Hardey roars right back and retakes the advantage. The match goes into see-saw mode and then they collide mid-ring. Both sides tag out and Meanie is cleaning house for a bit but then is overwhelmed. Meanie comes right back and cleans house some more. He gets a moonsault on Matt but Jeff saves his cookies. On the outside Goldust nails Hayes but then gets splashed. Back in the ring Matt downs the meanie and gets the pin. The lights go out and the Brood attacks. Hayes and his boyz are blooded.

The UNION is being interviewed as the Miinistry uses a forklift to trap them in the room so they can't help Vince out later.

The UNION is still trying to break out as we return.

Mideon (w/Thugs) vs. Vince McMahon (w/the Stooges) - Shane as the special referee - Vince is quite outnumbered as the match gets underway - I can't imagine this can turn out well for Mr. McMahon. From the get-go, Shane shows his bias by pulling Vince off of Mideon. The whole thing breaks down in a matter of seconds as the Ministry starts to get involved. The match goes out to the floor where Shane first punches his father then allows Mideon to hit his leg with a chair, twice. It is all over in about two minutes. We see Austin arriving as we fade to black.

Nitro Report

The program opens to a black screen with the words, "Owen Hart - 1965-1999". They switch to scenes of the dust-up between Sting and the Steiners last week. Lex Luger comes out to watch his back. The go on to show some of Randy Savage's shenanegans.

After the opening montage we cut to the backstage area where Bam Bam Bigalow reveals his partner to the Tag Team Champs. Diamond Dallas Page appears with a 2x4 and attacks. Raven and Saturn are left laying and we cut to the Nitro Grrrrls in the ring.

Nitro is live from Greenville, North Carolina. Tony adds a personal tribute to Owen and expresses all of WCW's good wishes toward Bret and the rest of the Hart family.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Van Hammer - Hammer has left his hippy image behind for this match against the returning Guerrero. His size advantage is so overwhelming that Chavo really has his work cut out for him tonight. Hammer is using his power and size well and is more aggressive then we remember him. Of course Chavo is no slouch in the aggression department and manages to hold his own between big power shots. In trying to escape a bearhug, he climbs up to Hammer's shoulders but then is powerbombed and pinned rather suddenly. Cut to a Randy Savage tribute video and then to commercial.

Ah jeeeez - the DJ again. Now he's doing wrestling commentary...

Mean Gene is in the ring and calls the Disco Inferno down for an interview. Disco looks pretty serious as he comes to the ring. You don't suppose he'd do something so stupid as to challenge Savage to a match? Okerlund tells him to take off his sunglasses - his face is a mess. He insults Savage's entourage to start his rant. He goes on to excoriate the Macho man for attacking the best young talent in WCW (he mentions Rey, Jr., Konnan, Kidman and others). Ernest Miller comes down with his stooge Oono before Disco can leave the ring. He accuses Disco of "crying like a baby". He says all the guys in WCW are a bunch of punks. A verbal battle ensues in which both competitors are short of ammunition. A physical battle erupts and a referee shows up to officiate. Oono trips Disco to give Miller the advantage. Miller then decks the referee and knocks him from the ring. Two more refs appear and rescue Disco - Miller continues his rant. The usual stuff. In the back, the nWo B-Team calls Scott Norton and tells him that Miller is calling him out again! Norton heads for the ring. Miller decides that discretion is the better part of valor and splits after making an excuse (he forgot to register his hands as weapons?) Cut to commercial.

Flair and Arn are in his office with El Dandy setting up another opponent to take a dive for David. Dandy seems to readily agree to go down - of course there is a question about whether or not he understands English. After Dandy leaves, Buddy Lee parker comes over and reminds Ric of his promises last week. Flair distracts him from that direction by having Arn book Parker for a match with Chris Benoit tonight.

Mean Gene is with Mike Tenay - Kevin Nash has demanded and received a World Title match with Randy Savage for the Great American Bash. Okerlund then calls Ric Flair to the foot of the ramp for an interview. Flair talks about the coming Nash/Savage mask and says that the flying elbow drop will be banned for that match. He turns his attention to Eric Bischoff and Roddy Piper - reassuring them that he is the president of WCW. Gene wants to know about these handpicked opponents for David but Flair doesn't care to elaborate. Cut to commercial.

Here comes El Dandy for his set-up match.

El Dandy vs. David Flair (w/Ric Flair/Arn/Torrie) - Davis wins the first couple of exchanges but then Dandy starts wrestling - but no - David continues to dominate despite his awkward wrestling style. As soon as Dandy does take over, Ric distracts the referee while Arn hits a spinebuster on Dandy! David stumbles into a figure four and its all over. Pathetic...

Mean Gene invite Buff Bagwell out to talk. Bagwell will face Rick Steiner for the TV Title tonight. He suggests that maybe Disco is right about Savage - maybe the older guys are feeling a little threatened. He goes on to rant at Rick Steiner - reminding us that Steiner was responsible for his neck injury last year. Cut to commercial.

A video history of the Eric Bischoff saga traces his actions since taking over WCW in 1993.

Every Cruiserweight wrestler in WCW comes out now to compete in a battle royal. Twelve men in all battle for a Cruiserweight Title shot. I see Kidman, Psychosis, Evan Koragus, Lash Larue, Villano V, Johnny Swinger, Cyclope, Blitzkreig, Prince Iaukea, Damien, Kaz Hayashi and Juventud Guerrera. Larue and Blitzkreig are the first to go - eliminating each other simultaneously. They continue to fight on the outside. The Prince is next to go. Suddenly Hugh Morrus comes out and joins the frey - eliminating people right and left! What the hell..? Now all are left is Juvey and Kidman. Juvey splits (but leaves between the ropes) as Morrus goes to work on Kidman. Jimmy Hart then holds the legs while Morrus throws his moonsault. He goes for it a second time but Rey, Jr. runs in and knocks him off the top. So who gets the title shot? Cut to commercial.

More video of Randy Savage's reign of terror. Cut to Gene Mean who calls Roddy Piper to the ring for an interview. His plan is to give Savage a reality check tonight. He calls Savage out. The Macho Man obliges by sending out his female contingent. GG tells Piper that Savage is off somewhere accepting an honor. Piper starts his rant which brings Ric Flair to the ring for some reason. Piper and Flair get it on until DDP and Bigalow show up to back him up. Piper is squashed (literally). As payment, Page demands a Tag Team Title match for himself and Bam Bam at the PPV. Flair says, "Done" then goes down to pound on Piper some more on the floor. He makes a match at the PPV between himself and Piper. Cut to commercial.

Arn is in conference with Benoit and Malenko. The two of them are making some of the same arguments we heard from Disco and Bagwell made earlier. Cut to a Sting/Luger tribute video then to the opening ceremonies for the Nitro Grill in Las Vegas, then to commercial.

Piper is having his ribs wrapped and trying to rant at Mean Gene. He accepts the match for the PPV and further says that he will find two partners and take on Flair, Bigalow and Page tonight! Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig shows up to join the broadcast team. He rants about his disdain for rap music then they cut to a video feature about WCW's new relationship with rap label Tommy Boy Records.

Buddy Lee Parker vs Chris Benoit (w/Dean Malenko) - Benoit was talking earlier about stretching this match out so he could get more time on TV. Parker comes on aggressively to start the match. Benoit seems to have underestimated him from the get go. Benoit takes several big shots then goes into a series of German suplexes to turn it around. From this point on it is all Benoit. He ends his offensive flurry with a flying headbutt then slaps on the Crippler Crossface to end it.

The Steiners comes out to rant some. Scott runs through his usual litany then hands the mic to Rick who makes his challenge to anyone - but most especially Bagwell.

Rick Steiner (w/BPP) vs. Buff Bagwell - TV Title match - Scott tries to stay in and take part as Buff hits the ring but the referee ejects him. Rick upsets Buff's charge and then takes over the match for a while. Buff comes back eventually with a swinging neck breaker and a bulldog but then Scott trips him and the Dogface Gremlin re-assumes control. Buff is dumped out into the tender mercies of Scott then Rick comes out and rolls his opponent back inside. He pounds on Bagwell who lies on the apron then stretches him over the bottom rope before re-entering the ring. He starts in on Buff's neck then tosses him to the floor again. Outside, he peels back the mat from the concrete then puts on a piledriver. Buff is draped on the apron and Scott holds his neck while Rick climbs to the top. Suddenly the Sting Monster truck comes roaring in with the Stinger at the wheel! NO - it's Luger in a Sting mask! The Steiners look back toward the ring and there is Sting. They are caught between the truck and the ring as we cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls in the ring as we return.

Hennig is still with the broadcasters as we hear Konnan's music start up. Konnan comes down while Hennig bad mouths him. Konnan drags Hennig from the broadcast table and they end up in the ring. Hennig quickly takes control but only for a moment. Konnan catches him in his foreward roll clothesline then back kicks him to the floor. Outside, Konnan beats him up the aisle then catches him near the entryway as we cut to commercial.

Hugh Morrus is in the ring with Jimmy Hart as we return. Mike Tenay is hunted up to conduct an interview. Morrus and Hart want to to talk to Rey Misterio - actually what Morrus wants is a match. Rey comes down and after an initial attack by Morrus - Rey turns the tables. He dominates for several exchanges then is overwhelmed and squashed in the corner. Morrus gets a big powerbomb in the center of the ring then Hart brings in a chair. They wedge Misterio's head in the chair and Morrus goes up for his moonsault - but Konnan comes out and distracts him until Kidman runs in to the rescue. Morrus gets triple-teamed and is run out of the ring area limping. Cut to commercial.

We get clips of Hollywood Hogan's next TNT movie extraveganza before the appearance of the man himself. Hogan is on crutches with his left leg heavily braced. He struggles into the ring. He starts out by congratulating Kevin Nash on his win of the WCW Title. He turns his guns on DDP - saying Page better watch out when he (Hogan) comes back to the ring. He touts himself as the "master" behind the scenes in wrestling and promises to come back as soon as he is able and change the wrestling business. Cut to commercial.

Kevin Nash makes an entrance as we return. He had to fly back out from LA after his match on the Tonight show was cancelled. He chides Randy Savage over his action during the last couple of weeks then talks about "putting a shine on the belty..." when he is interrupted by Savage's music and a second entrance by the Macho girls. GG is on crutches for this one. Funny, we detected no limp earlier tonight. Nash makes a mysoginist remark and gets attacked. Medusa hits him a low blow and then Savage runs down to whack him with the title belt then paint his face with lipstick again. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair/Bam Bam Bigalow/Diamond Dallas Page (AA/Aysha) vs. Roddy Piper/?/? - Piper comes out and makes an entrance on his own as we cut to commercial.

Benoit and Malenko make an entrance as we return!! What does this mean? Are they here to help Flair's team or to be Piper's? Thay are here to help Piper!! Malenko is still in street clothes - I don't know if I believe this. Anderson is bug eyed at ringside. Malenko is ready to start the match but then tags in Benoit to face Flair. Flair bulls Benoit to the corner and chops him but Benoit spins him around and gives it right back. Page and Bigalow try to interfere but Benoit fights them both off then follows Flair out to the floor. Flair hightails it back into the ring with Benoit in pursuit. back in the ring, Flair tags in Bigalow and Page follows him in to double team Benoit. Benoit is isolated and then lowblowed by Flair. He comes back with a backslide but Page breaks that up. Page is then tagged in to apply the boots. Bigalow tags in and misses his top rope splash. Piper is tagged in and goes after them fists flying. Suddenly Raven and Saturn appear and clear the ring of Flair's partners. They disappear up the aisle and Piper puts a figure four on Flair in the ring. Benoit watches as Flair escapes and rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile, backstage the camera shows us that Hogan has put a chairshot on Page. "Payback is hell, and that's only the beginning..." he says as we fade to black.

RAW Report

Tonight's program is dedicated to former Intercontinental, Owen Hart. My understanding is that the PPV replays have been cancelled along with several house shows over the next week or so.

RAW is live from St. Louis, Missouri. The entire roster is gathered mostly in street clothes to pay tribute at the top of the program with a ten bell salute. Many are seen to be in tears. I will try to report this show the best I can but I can tell already that it is going to be difficult. A video tribute is aired.

Mick Foley starts the personal statements talking about his son Dewey's adulation of his favorite wrestler - Owen.

After the break we come back to Bradshaw who talks about Owen's family and how Hart always saved his money in the hopes of retiring early to be with his kids.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Test - all performers involved are wearing black armbands with OH printed on them. Jarrett makes a statement that "Owen was never a nugget" then attacks Test before he can get fully into the ring. Test turns the tables and right away Debra is on the apron getting ready to distract him. He ignores her and climbs the corner then launches himself onto an upraised boot. Test recovers quickly and gets a sideslam - then Debra takes of her top. Test goes over and pinches her which earns him a slap in the face. he turns around and is blindsided by Jarrett who wins the match with a Sharpshooter.

A very emotional Mark Henry reads a poem of his own composition - weeping and having a very hard time finishing it.

Droz admits that he has only known Owen for a year or so but says that Owen was always the jokester and could always lighten up the mood.

X-Pac/Kane vs. the Brood - Edge and Gangrel are the challengers for the Tag Team Title - Edge and X-pac start the match. Both are fast and very agile. They trade spinning back kicks then Edge grabs a headlock. They criss-cross a couple of times then X-Pac hits a back kick. Gangrel tags in and Kane as well. The Brood double-DDT's him but he pops right up and decimates both of them. He tags in X-Pac who is back in with Edge again. Waltman is knocked to the floor where Gangrel and Christian punish him before rolling him back in. It goes for nought as Kane is tagged in again and cleans house. X-Pac gets the bucking bronco on Edge while Kane chokeslams Gangrel then tosses Waltman on him for the pin.

HHH and Chyna appear - Chyna speaks first from the heart - when it comes time for HHH to contribute he is overcome and has a very hard time getting his statement out. He sniffs between phrases - telling how Owen was always there for everyone - to make you laugh or make you mad - it is a very touching moment.

Dave Hebner is next to tell us how special Owen was. How he would be the first one to grab a handful of photos and go out to sign autographs and once tied his shoe laces together when he went down to make a count.

The Hardey Boyz (w/Michael Hayes) vs. Taka Michinoku/Sho Funaki - the Japanese team is very well oiled and dominate the early going but then Matt snatches taka off the top and pancakes him. The Hardey's double team Taka then toss him to the floor and splash him.Back inside they continue the double team attack. Jeff Hardey throws a corkscrew moonsault and misses to hand the advantage to Taka. Funaki is tagged in and forces Jeff to the floor but makes thes mistake of coming out as well to get worked over by Hayes. From there it is downhill as Funaki is taken back in and pinned.

Bruce Pritchard, now a WWF official, pays his tribute to Owen before we cut to commercial.

Dustin Runnels tells a story about how Owen once spiked a pot of Harley Race's chili with a bottle of hot sauce.

Bob Holly vs. Ken Shamrock - Shamrock is the first one I have noticed not wearing the OH band on his arm. Shamrock's suplex attack is a little too much for Holly. JR poses the theory that Holly may be the better all around wrestler here but I can't really credit that much. Shamrock gets the ankle lock and takes the win by submission.

Ron Simmons (Faarroq) professes his love for Owen. His statement is straight forward and not especially emotional but you sense that he is speaking from the heart.

Test shares a story about landing in Chicago in a snowstorm for a "double-shot" (two shows in one day). The first show was cancelled because of the weather. Owen called him and pretended to be the guy in charge of the arena wanting to know if Test wanted to cancel the second show. Test, of course tried to tell him that he didn't have the final word but Owen got off the phone after telling him, "Well, I'll tell them Test said to cancel the show..."

Billy Gunn vs. Mankind - Billy uses his "Suck It!" litany to pay tribute to Owen. He then attacks Foley coming in but has the tables turned on him right away. He is knocked to the floor and beaten on then rolled back in wwhere he comes back with a drop-kick to the left knee of his opponent. He attacks the knee viciously then goes out for a chair while Mankind dons Mr. Socko. Billy climbs to the apron ready to swing the chair but Foley sticks the sock down his throat to win the match.

Mankind dedicates the match to Owen afterward.

Jeff Jarrett has his say. It is very hard to watch because he sobs all through it. He talks about how lonely it is going to be on the road without his partner and friend. He says that Owen was a real person in the fantasy world of wrestling.

Edge tells how Owen was the leader of the WWF's Canadian Mafia - he was a role model for all of the rookies. Edge reveals that he was one of the opponent's in Owen's last match before the accident and considers that he was priveleged to have partipated in that match.

Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown (w/Ivory) vs. The Acolytes - Faarooq has his crack at Henry and manages to take him off his feet with a flying shoulder block. But a second flight ends in a slam from mid air. D-Lo is tagged in then Bradshaw. D-Lo is overcome and tossed to the outside for some of Faarooq's ministrations then rolled back in. He faces Faarooq moments later and the Acolytes superior tag teamwork is starting to tell the tale. But then Henry is tagged in and cleans house for a moment before he is also overwhelmed. D-Lo is back in and on the receiving end but then Bradshaw misses a kick and gets his partner in the face. D-Lo gets the roll-up and the pin.

Pat Patterson recalls how he has been in the business for 40 years and that Owen was unique and one of the best he had ever worked with.

Bob Holly remebers that Owen could always make him laugh no matter what mood he was in. He credits Owen with originally putting him over with the fans in a match in Mobile, Alabama.

Road Dogg vs. The Godfather - Jesse James uses his opening monologue to make his tribute to the King of Hearts. GF plays his part to the hilt as usual. Tonight he has four blondes in black sheath dresses as his garden tools. He makes "the offer" to Road Dogg ("especially today" - he says) Road Dogg says, "lets go burn one and tell Owen stories..." and with that they leave together.

Paul Bearer steps out of character to state that Owen won't grow old like the rest of us - and what a shame that is.

X-Pac talks about Owen's sense of humor. He calls it a "fricken nightmare" that Owen is gone.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. HHH (w/Chyna) - Snow has "Owen" printed backward on his forehead. This is not a hardcore match, by the way. He easily outmaneuvers his less experienced opponent in the early going but then collides with a high knee and loses the advantage. HHH chokes him in the corner then drapes him over the bottom rope so Chyna can get a shot in. Snow baseball slides out of a corner whip then comes right back with a suplex and a series of headbutts. He misses a moonsault then succombs to a Pedegree. HHH mouthes the words, "Owen I love you" to the camera.

Jesse James is all broken up as he makes his tribute to Owen. He thinks it's too soon to try and do this but manages to squeeze it out.

Gerry Brisco tells of his great respect for Owen and how he related to Owen as another younger brother of a superstar. (Brisco's older brother Jack was an NWA Champ and a legend in his own time).

Paul Wight vs. Goldust (w/the Blue Meanie) - Wight was one of those with tears in his eyes earlier tonight during the video tribute. Goldy decides to sic Meanie on the Big Show. Meanie lays in the forearms with no affect except to distract Wight so that Dustin can administer a low blow. It is fruitless (no, that wasn't meant as a pun). Wight turns around and hits a flying lariet then chokeslams his opponent for the win.

Debra, of course, worked closely with Owen over the last several months. She remembers his humor during autograph sessions and such and reminds us not to take our friends for granted. She says she keeps expecting to see him and is makes her so sad. She is very shaken up, as would be expected.

Shane McMahon also recalls Owen's practical jokes. He tells a story about he and Bret went up to Owens room to "wake up the Blazer" - and how Owen got them back for the prank.

Val Venis vs. The Rock - Val alters his signature opening to pay tribute to Owen. Maivia enters and climbs the corner and delivers his own tribute - he promises to kick Val's "rooddie poo candy ass" and dedicates it to Owen. Val goes right after the arm but is Rock Bottomed and then People's Elbowed right into a pinning combination before he has a chance to react.

The announcers now add there feelings to the mix. Lawler, who was the first one at Owen's side after the accident, says that what Owen taught him was to never leave home without telling your family how you feel about them.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes to the ring - his will be the final tribute tonight. He toasts Owen with a Steveweiser then the scene fades on Owens picture.

That was the most emotionally affecting wrestling program, or possibly any kind of TV show I have ever watched.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

To say that what happened last night at Over the Edge was a tragedy is to understate the obvious. Not only was it a tragedy for the Hart family, his parents, siblings, wife and children - but it was a tragedy for the wrestling business and millions of fans throughout the world.

Needless to say I received a lot of comments on the subject and several of them (including my wife's) expressed the sentiment that the WWF should have stopped the show after the accident. I can understand this attitude and I can respect it...

...but I can't agree with it.

Owen was in show business. He was an athlete, a wrestler, a warrior...but first and foremost, he was a showman. Owen knew that, and his family knew it as well.

There is a maxim in show business. In fact, it is the first rule of show business.


As a former actor and a professional musician, I can tell you that every person in show business lives by that rule. I would liken it to the situation in which a circus acrobat plunges to his or her death from the high wire or off the trapeze.

I read an account of this happen once at a performance of the Clyde Beatty Circus in Chicago around 1965. A high wire performer, who made it a point to work "without a net", had cause to regret that decision when he over balanced on his bicycle and fell over 70 feet to the sawdust below. The crowd did not know until they saw the paper the next day that he had died due to his injuries. At the time of the accident, an emergency team came to his aid as the band struck up a loud, up-tempo march and he was whisked away as fast as his condition would permit. The audience's attention was drawn toward another ring and the show continued.

The people who worked with Owen (and make no mistake about, they were all his friends) live by the above stated rule, and so did Owen.

Jeff Jarrett and Debra McMichael were interviewed shortly after the incident and Jarrett found it impossible to not comment, offering a prayer for his fallen partner's recovery (at that point it was not yet known that he was dying). Debra sobbed visibly as they left the scene after Jarrett had sucked it up and went on with his threats against his opponents in the next match. The Road Dogg also stepped out of character to offer his best to Owen but then he went on with the show.

As did everyone else. During his usual "grab the headset and do commentary" bit, Rocky Maivia ended his tirade with, "Owen, the Rock loves you."

In a CNN interview afterward, a visibly shaken Vince McMahon expressed condolences to the Hart family and implied that an investigation was underway. There have had many instances in which I have expressed my disapproval of McMahon's business practices and values. In this case I can neither second guess him nor disapprove of his decision to continue the show.

It took great courage to do so, and I think he did the right thing...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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