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Nitro Report

Page and Bigalow are the New Tag Champs

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Jeff Jarrett takes the IC Title

Acolytes win the Tag Titles

Volume 4, Issue 468 - May 31, 1999

Sunday Night Heat

The program opens with the Owen Hart tribute video and the address of Owen's favorite charity for memorial donations (which I published in the last edition of the newsletter). Cut to stills from the Over the Edge main event. Shane McMahon costs Steve Austin the WWF title with a fast count.

It sounds like most of tonight's program will be used during four King of the Ring qualifying matches. Heat taped last Tuesday night.

Test/Torrie vs. Jacqueline/Meat (w/Terri Runnels/Ryan Shamrock) - Mixed Tag Team match - Meat attacks Test who rather stupidly turns his back at the outset, but he turns the tables and almost gets a pin. Jacquie makes the save then tags in. Torrie wins the first exchange with a drop kick and Meat has to save her from a pin. The man are back in and Meat takes control but then leaps right into a powerslam and has to be rescued again. The men fall out to the floor and continue to brawl while the women are wrestling in the ring until Torrie gets a roll-up and a pin. Torrie is punked in the ring while Meat keeps Test busy outside. Eventually Test gets free and rescues her.

We return to a KOR tribute video.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Ken Shamrock - KOR Qualifying match #1 - Shamrock is the defending KOR Champ so this match is very important to him. He starts with a mat wrestling attack but Jarrett preferes to punch it out. Sjamrock goes after a leg submission earlier then decides to turn it loose and soften Jarrett up some more. He continues to dominate the action as he works on the left leg of his opponent. Jarret finally turns it around and has an offensive flurry but Shamrock counters and we are in see-saw mode until Jarrett goes for a figure four. Shamrock reverses it to an ankle lock and Jarrett taps out. Afterward, Jarrett hits Shamrock with his guitar then splits. Shamrock recovers and runs after the loser as we go to the break.

Steve Austin arrives backstage as we return.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Hardcore Holly - KOR Qualifying match #2 - the fight starts on the ramp as Snow attacks Holly on his way to the ring. They takes it into the ring, where they have to be in order to advance in the tournament. Snow takes control of things right off the bat but then goes for a Snowplow - which Holly reverses into a standing verticle power-suplex (almost a Jack Hammer) and gets the pin. In the back X-Pac leaves the dressing room as we cut to commercial.

X-Pac vs. The Big Bossman - KOR Qualifying match #3 - this match-up looks a little lop-sided - I mean Bossman hasn't gotten a puch in years... Waltman proves to quick to take to the air and gets hung-up in the corner. He recovers but the Bossman is using his weight advantage to dominate as he works on the neck of his opponent. Bossman's big mistake is to choose not to cover when he probably could have gotten the pin. Still he continues to dominate until Waltman counters a pin attempt and gets a backslide and the pin. Bossman's after match attack is cut short by the arrival of the Road Dogg but then the Ministry arrives to do the punk job. Kane shows up and sends them scattering. Faarooq gets the chokeslam.

Billy Gunn vs. Viscera - KOR Qualifying match #4 - here's another seeming mis-match that's bound to go to the under dog (otherwise, what good is Billy's heel push..?) Viscera dominates the opening moments via his size advantage but then misses a flying headbutt. From there it is all down himm for the big guy. Mr. A$$ hits the Famouser to take the pin.

Austin comes down for his show-ending rant. He whines about getting screwed last weekend while saying, "I'm not gonna come out here and cry about it..." He charges that the Undertaker is too much of a chicken(bleep) to give him a rematch. UT appears on the big screen and promises Austin that he will present the former WWF Champ's mind, body and soul as "a gift" to a "higher power". (oooh...scary...) Austin counters by saying that he only "soul" UT can have is he sole of his boot up his (bleep).

We fade out on a picture of Owen Hart.

Throughout the program tonight they alluded a number of times to Owen's favorite children's charity and also mentioned on several occasions that Owen's widow had "ask them" to express her gratitude for the outpouring of support coming in from the fans since his death. Considering some of the statements being made by members of the Hart family, including Owen's wife, over the last week - I find that last bit not a little suspect and possibly disengenuous. The WWF should quit while they are still looking good...this is beginning to smell a lot like "damage control."

Nitro Report

Raven is making his way toward the arena and acknowledging a crowd of fans when he is attacked by Bam Bam Bigalow and Diamond Dallas Page. They stuff him into a dumpster then slam the lid on his head. Cut to the opening montage and then some scenes from last week's shows involving Flair, Piper, Disco Inferno, Luger and Sting, Konnan and Curt Hennig, Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Tank Abbot and Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell and hanging over it all - the reign of terror of the Macho Man Randy Savage.

The Nitro Grrrrls dance for us on the double platform. Nitro is live from Houston Astro Dome. The feature match tonight is Sting vs. Rick Steiner in a steel cage for the World TV Title.

The DJ is surrounded by Surge cans - they should "can" the DJ...

Eddie Guerrero comes down to join the broadcast team. This is his return from a devestating automobile accident five months ago. They show pictures of his totaled Porsche and he talks about his injuries and his continuing recovery.

Hak (w/Chastity) vs. Kidman - this is a real mixed-style match if ever there was one. Kidman starts with a mat wrestling attack which frustrates Hak no end. He turns it into a brawl at the first opportunity. As the match gets going, Tank Abbot comes strolling down with an entourage. He grabs a mic and says he wants to referee the Sting/Steiner match then splits. Meanwhile in the ring, Hak is losing his composure over Kidman's aerial assault. Chastity climbs onto the apron and positions a chair so that Hak can lever his opponent into it. He then leaves the ring and starts pulling a ladder and two tables out from under the ring. He dumps his plunder into the ring then sets the ladder up in a corner, sets up a table then whips Kidman into the ladder - sets up a second table and positions Kidman on it. He goes for the splash on the table but Kidman removes himself and Hak crashes through it. Kidman is on the outside when Hugh Morrus and Jimmy Hart run in and attack him. Meanwhile Brian Knobbs runs in and attacks Hak with a trash can then whips him into the remaining table and destroys it. Cut to the back where Ric Flair and JJ Dillon are meeting - they agree that Randy Savage's elbow drop is banned. Cut to commercial.

Eddie leaves the table after thanking WCW and Eric Bischoff for keeping him on the payroll during his recovery.

DDP and Bam Bam come down to the ring to make a statement. Page claims that he tried to apologize to Hogan last week and what did he get for it? A cheap shot in the backstage area. They talk about "taking out the trash" earlier tonight then Page says that he wants to have the Tag Team Title match against Saturn and Raven tonight instead of waiting for the next PPV. There are a couple of very prominent Hollywood Hogan signs within camera range as he speaks. Cut to commercial.

Saturn and Kanyon are coming in when they meet Mike Tenay who tells them about what happened to Raven. Apparently Raven has been taken off to the hospital. Saturn accepts the challenge for the Title match - I guess Kanyon will be his partner. The DJ is back and demands that we "make some noise..." (I'll make some noise..."get off the show you fool..!!) Curt Hennig comes out to the table and offers to go and sing a country song for the DJ. He calls out Bobby Duncum, Jr. who brings him a cowboy hat to wear, then together they head over to the DJ's position. They intimidate him away from his DJ coffin then together they sing a little duet. Pretty pathetic effort if you ask me. Konnan's music plays and here come Konnan and Rey Misterio, Jr. They talk some trash then a melee erupts which is quickly quelled by security forces. I smell a tag match for later. Cut to commercial.

Evan Koragus vs. Van Hammer - Koragus (who needs to look up his name in the dictionary) is overmatched in this one. He employs his superior speed to reasonable affect but Hammer is just way too large for him to handle. He gets a head scissors take over but then goes to the well once more and blows it. Hammer drops him onto the top rope. It is all Hammer for most of the match with Koragus gamely staying in it but having little success. Hammer just whips him from piller to post. He gets a standing vertical super-plex! But then he pulls the kid up. Koragus takes to the air and finally makes some headway. Too late...Hammer gets a cobra-clutch slam and takes the pin.

Mean Gene is in the ring as we return and introduces Roddy Piper. Piper rants about the internal problems of the Horsemen then invite Deam Malenko to the ring. Okerlund decides to get out of the line of fire and hands the mic over to Piper then splits. Malenko seems reluctant to speak out at first but then concedes that there is some discension in the Horsemen ranks. Ric Flair's music plays and El Presidente makes his way to the ring with Arn and a scowl on his face. Piper hands the mic to Malenko who gives Flair a dressing down. He suggests that Flair should consider "passing the torch" to the younger athletes. Flair replies with that he doubts that Malenko can "carry the torch". Arn takes a mic and tries to suggest that things can be patched up. Malenko isn't satisfied and says so - then leaves. Piper mouths off and gets assaulted by Flair. The problem for Flair is that Piper out-punches him. Flair is driven from the ring. He drags Piper to the floor and again is driven off. Two of the Nitro Grrrrls perform a duet dance then we go back to the ring.

Konnan/Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Curt Hennig/Bobby Duncum, Jr. (Rap Guys vs. the Sh*tkickers?) - Eric Bischoff joins the broadcast tem for this one. It's wierd to have Bischoff out as a face announcer again. Hennig takes the mic and starts to sing "The Eyes of Texas" but they are blindsided then ejected from the ring. Things settle out and Hennig faces Rey in the ring. Hennig grounds the little guy then tags Duncum in. The two American's succeed in isolating the little guy. He finally gets away and Konnan comes in and cleans house. He gets the Tequilla Sunrise on Hennig but Duncum uses his cowbell to break that up and gets his team DQ'd. The Rap Guys are punked after the bell rings. Cut to commercial.

Randy Savage makes his entrance as return. Savage states that Kevin Nash is on his way to face him here tonight. He is still ranting when Medusa runs out looking a bit perturbed. She tells him that Nash is in the building. Savage calls the big man out then leaves the ring. In the back Kanyon is out cold and the two New Jersey boys are standing over him. Cut to commercial.

Eric Watts vs. David Flair (w/Ric Flair/Arn/Tori) - apparently Watts hasn't been bought off - he makes mincemeat out of the younger Flair. This is a funny match-up because we all remember how Watts was pushed undeservedly when his father was in charge at WCW a few years ago. Bischoff even comments on that situation. Watts problem is a common one - he gets cocky and starts pulling his opponent up instead of pinning him. He mocks Flair, Sr. to his face at one point. Flair distracts the referee so that Arn can sneak in and drop Watts with a spinebuster. David gets the pin, of course.

In the back Buff Bagwell is with Flair demanding a match with Savage tonight. Falir tells him that he can't have the match because he "isn't in Savage's league". Flair offers him Bobby Eaton instead. Bagwell finally takes the match but promises that Eaton will get hurt. He leaves after spurning Flair's handshake. Cut to commercial.

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) vs. intelligent storylines - usual schtick from "the Cat" - he challenges Scott Norton again - and gets him. The match goes as usual as well. Miller must be sorry he asked for this - but he never seems to learn...then Oono hands him a crowbar while the referee is distracted by Norton. The big guy is brained and pinned. In the back, the B-Team, who have been watching this on the monitor and getting a big laugh, are struck dumb (not a real stretch). They decide to get out of harms way before Norton recovers. Cut to commercial.

Randy Savage makes his entrance alone then the girls join him at the foot of the ramp. We haven't heard from Nash yet. Savage grabs a mic and goes into his rant - again challenging Nash. The guy who comes out is not Nash - but a smaller look-alike in a dress carrying a bogus title belt. He is wearing womens' shoes with his dress. His sash reads "Big Sexy." The "match" is a farce. Medusa takes over after Savage delivers a kick to the stomach. Miss Madness then sets him on the corner buckle and Frankensteiners him to the mat. GG delivers the elbow off the second rope. Savage scoop-slams him then delivers the real big elbow. He accepts the bogus title belt and displays it for the crowd while the girls strip off the imposter's gown. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls cavort in the ring as we return then we cut to footage of the Bagwell/Savage match from last week.

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton vs. Buff Bagwell - Bischoff has some pithy comments about Jesse Ventura as this match gets underway. Eaton starts aggressive but then is stopped by a monky flip and an armdrag. Eaton regroups and goes back on the attack but is run down by Bagwell again. He levers Bagwell to the floor but then is surprised when Bagwell comes roaring back. Back in the ring there is a little see-saw action but Bagwell has the inside track. His Blockbuster takes the win. Cut to commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page/Bam Bam Bigalow vs. Saturn/? - Tag Team Title match - Saturn comes to the ring carrying both Tag Title belts - Kanyon has been taken to the hospital as well. Saturn throws out the challenge for the Title match as a handicap contest. Page first verifies that Saturn is putting up the Titles on his own then calls him stupid. Bigalow takes the first shift and uses his size advantage to try and overwhelm his opponent. Saturn comes back with a flying attack and turns the tables. Page comes in and suffers as well. Both are ejected from the ring as we cut to commercial.

We return to find Saturn being battered on the outside. He retreats to the ring and gets the better of Page but then is distracted by Bigalow and blindsided. Bigalow comes in to continue the assault. Now Saturn is on the receiving end for several minutes. But he isn't done yet. Page gets a powerbomb but can't get the pin. He continues to beat on Saturn then tags Bigalow back in. He distracts the referee so that Page can get in some cheap shots from the floor. They take turns working on the Tag Champ. Then Bigalow goes for his diving head butt and misses. Saturn comes roaring back with a series of sidekicks then almost gets Page on a roll-up. He delivers the DVD and still fails. Bigalow gets the same treatment and all three are down - but here comes Kanyon ready to rumble. He gets tagged in and then deckd by a discus punch from Page who takes the pin. Page and Bigalow are the New Tag Champs! So this reverses the field for the PPV.

In the back Savage and company are piling into their limo. They start to drive away but a tank truck blocks their egress. Kevin Nash hops out of the truck and pulls a hose over to the limo and starts pouring some liquid into the sunroof - is that sewage?! I think it is! Savage and the girls are soaked in it!!! Page splits and the Macho Man is freaking out as we cut to commercial.

Sting vs. Rick Steiner - cage match for the TV Title - Tank Abbot is the special referee - interestingly, these two originally made their first big splash in the sport as a tag team under the tutelage of the late Edde Gilbert. Sting and Steiner were a force to be reckoned with in the UWF which evolved from Mid-South Wrestling in the mid 80's then was later absorbed into the Crockett family's NWA promotion. The cage has a ceiling so there is no escape and little hope for outside interference. Abbot makes his entrance and is unlocking the cage as we cut to commercial.

The two combatants make their entrances as we return. In fact, this situation doesn't look good for Steiner who has already antagonized tonight's referee. Sting goes on the offense immediately. He runs Steiner into the cage wall then stomps on his fingers. Steiner comes right back and soon has Sting writhing on the mat. Abbot styands back and watches. He applauds a Sting drop-kick in what looks like anti-Steiner bias. The match goes firmly into see-saw mode as each guy gets in his shots. Steiner goes for a pin but Abbot just stands there as if he doesn't understand the concept of a pinfall. Sting turns the tables definitely for a bit but then splashes on his opponent's upraised knees. Back into see-saw action then Sting gets the chance to hit a Stinger splash - but Abbot pulls Steiner out of the way then attacks Sting on the rebound! As Steiner uses tape off his wrist to bind Sting's wrists to the top rope - Abbot bails!! He and his entourage stand outside the cage and watch as Steiner takes advantage of the helpless Sting. They turn tail and walk away as the program fades to black.

RAW Report

The program starts with a report on the funeral of Owen Hart which took place today in Calgary. WWF wrestlers are shown in attendance to pay their respects.

The opening montage is played as we return. RAW was taped duing the same card as the Heat program reviewed above. A gang of "druids" carry out the Undertaker cross followed by the Corporate Ministry with Shane and UT in the lead. The cross is leaned up against the ropes in the ring which fills up with CM members. Shane reminds us that he handed the WWF Title to his business partner last Sunday night then says he has something else in store for Steve Austin. He hands the mic to UT who taunts Austin and again alludes to the "higher power" to whom the former Champ is slated to be "presented." Vince McMahon appears on the platform. He denies that UT "defeated" Steve Austin and asserts that the Rattlesnake was "screwed." He then states that he plans to "screw" UT and announces a WWF Title match for tonight against Austin. Shane says no deal on the title contest - but says the match can take place. McMahon seems to accept that and says Austin will "kick your a$$ tonight, title or no title" - he then offers UT a match against himself so he (McMahon) can "get me some" of the Undertaker. Shane agrees to that match and says that if McMahon can win he will allow the Title match for Austin. He stipulates that if anyone intereferes in the Vince/UT match - that Austin will lose his Title shot. In fact he says Austin will "never" get another title shot unless McMahon can defeat the Undertaker. This is a little nuts, isn't it? Austin suddenly unmasks - he was one of the druids! He attacks UT but then is overwhelmed by superior numbers until the UNION comes down to rescue him.

In the back, Austin is telling the UNION to stay out of his fight as we return.

Paul Wight vs. Billy Gunn - the Big Show elevates Mr. Posterior to start the match. Billy has to leave the ring to regroup. He comes back in with a few punches then gets headbutted to the mat. He turns the tables with a finger to the eye then drop-kicks the knee of the big guy. Billy goes after the leg and is repeatedly shoved away. He attacks the eyes again then rushes into a big boot in the corner. He rolls out to avoid the choke slam. The Road Dogg comes up behind him as Billy is counted out. He rolls Billy back into Wight's waiting arms. Chokeslam city! In the back, Beaver Cleavage seeks comfort from his "mom". Cut to commercial.

Vince prepares for his match as the stooges try to talk him out of it.

Christian vs. Beaver Cleavage (w/Mom) - this is the former Headbanger Thrasher (or is it Mosh? - no, I think it's Thrasher) - Whoever he is he has a size advantage over his opponent in this one. Despite that, Christian seems to handle him pretty easily. Is that Babydoll..? Looks kind of like her but I guess not. Too young. Cleavage is turning the tables as the match progresses but then Christian starts a comeback. Here comes the hardey Boyz and Michael Hayes. Their distraction is enough to cost Christian the match. He pays them back with a suidcide diwv onto the three of them then is set upon. The rest of the Brood saves his cookies. In the back the Undertaker is telling Shane that nothing will stand in the way of "the vow I've made." Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. The Godfather (w/his garden tools) - GF only brings out three girls tonight. One of them (the phoney blonde) looks a bit long in the tooth. The Champ goes on the attack to start but Jarrett out-maneuvers him. Godfather ends up sprawled on the floor then is posted. Back inside, Jarrett climbs to the top and gets a cross-body takedown and a two count. He tries again and is caught and slammed. Debra appears to have oiled her cleavage this evening. Godfather revs up the "Hoetrain" and squashes Jarrett in the corner but then allows himself to be distracted by the fetching Mrs. McMichaels. One of the Garder tools tries to provide a competing distraction on the opposite side but it backfires when Debra slips her title belt to Jarret who clocks the Godfather with it and takes the pin...and the title. Cut to commercial.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs The Undertaker - Austin is seen to be watching on the monitor backstage. When you think about this, Shane has set it up so that one of his own guys cound interfere to deny Austin his title shot... Vince enters and is immediately on the receiving end. McMahon goes for an eye rake but fails to have any affect. He takes a couple of shots then delivers a low-blow to turn the tables. He punches UT in the corner but is spun around and loses the initiative. UT shoves the referee aa couple of times and gets DQ'd. Vince wins the match! The stooges run in and are creamed along with Vince. UT leaves through the crowd chasing after the fleeing referee. Austin gets his title shot tonight. Backstage he is not grateful.

Mankind makes an entrance as we cut to some footage from the PPV. He issues a challenge to HHH for a no DQ match later tonight with pinfalls counting anywhere - a Hardcore rules match in other words. He claims to have heard that Chyna has been checking him out. He tells her that he is a married man and she can not touch his manhood. He ends his rant with "...if you can tell-ll-ll...where the sock is hiding..."

Mankind is brawling with the Bossman at ringside as the Road Dogg attempts to make his entrance. His match is with the Bossman. He runs right into a sidewalk slam on his first attempted assault. He then ducks a clothesline and gets in some shots - including a flying forearm that puts Bossman on the mat. He is met with a spinebuster as he tries to continue the attack. Bossman then thwarts a sunset fip attempt using his nightstick and gets DQ'd. The referee grabs the stick away - so Bossman produces a chain and goes back to work. What the hell - he's already been disqualified. In the back, Shane is tearing up the catering table in his rage at teh outcome of the UT/Vince match. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac vs. Kane vs. The Acolytes - Tag Team Title match - Waltman takes the first shift against Faarooq and suffers for it at first, but then comes back with his flying feet. Bradshaw tags in, then Kane comes in to face him. Kane is all over his opponent but lowers his head and loses the initiative. Kane is clotheslined to the floor but lands on his feet then turns the tables coming back in. X-Pac tags in and hands the advantage to the opposition. Here comes Shane to provide some distraction. In the ring, Waltman is being manhandled but comes back with a wheel kick and tags in the Big Red Machine. Kane gets caught in a powerslam but doesn't seem to be affected by it. On the outside Shane has a chair. He catches X-Pac coming in to deliver a bronco buster on Bradshaw. Kane chases Shane while Faarooq pins X-Pac. The Acolytes win the Tag Team Titles. Cut to commercial.

D-Lo and Mark henry are caught on a bathroom security camera. Henry is stinking up the joint...

Val Venis (w/Nicole Bass) vs. Ken Shamrock - Val has changed his tune considerably since that big kiss at the PPV. Now he's checking Bass out with lust in his eyes (I wonder what Howard Stern would think of that?) Shamrock misses a punch and takes some shots but then whips Venis hard into the corner and retakes control. Val comes back with a spinebuster but Shamrock retains the upper hand for a moment more. Val gets a swinging neckbreaker then Jarrett and Debra show up. Shamrock is distracted and Venis gets a roll-up and a pin. Shamrock follows up with a big suplex then goes after Jarrett. In the ring, Val wants to know why Nicole wasn't watching his back properly. She apologizes and he forgives her. They go off to have a little fun. In the back UT is promising someone that he won't fail him. Cut to commercial.

Mankind vs. HHH - the next step is what seems a desparate attempt to put HHH over as a monster heel. As usual, his companion proves to be more interesting then he is. McMahon should drop this loser and give her the push. Mankind dominates the early going and gets the first pinfall attempt. He takes the action out to the floor where he continues to hold the advantage. At his first oppotunity, Helmsley fishes a sledge hammer from beneath the ring and swings it at Foley - but misses. Back in the ring Foley has a chair but HHH succeeds in dropping his opponent on it. Moments leter HHH is tossed out to the floor. Mankind follows and runs him into the railing. But then he attacks with the chair and has it kicked into his face. HHH goes for athe Pedegree but is backdropped onto the chair then levered into the post. Chyna distracts Foley at this point abd hands the advantage back to HHH. Back in the ring, Foley gets the Mandible Claw but Chyna uses the hammer to deliver a low blow. Foley declines to hit her back but then shoves Mr. Socko down her throat. HHH recovers and uses the sledge hammer on Foley's knee then takes the pin. Foley has to be assisted from the ring but before he can be removed, HHH and Chyna come back and attack again. HHH attacks the injured leg until the Rock runs in to the rescue. Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker - WWF Title match - during the break we see that Mankind was loaded into an ambulance and hauled away - Austin runs in and goes right to work on UT before entering the ring. He attacks the long legs of his adversary. In the ring finally, the bell sounds and Austin is all over the Champ. He knocks UT to the floor and is dragged out where he continues to dominate. He grabs a chair but is kicked in the gut and drops it. They continue to brawl and Austin appears to reinjure his braced knee during a backdrop. He comes right back however and rolls UT back inside. He stops to check his knee-brace before rolling back into the ring. UT turns the tables as Austin re-enters but Austin applys the break on a whip and downs the Champ again. UT reverses a whip and gets a boot to the face. No cigar. UT goes back outside annd drops an elbow on his opponent. Austin comes back and attempt to drop on UT who is still on the floor - but he is thwarted by a punch to the gut. UT gets several more shots on the knee and Austin can barely stand. UT delivers a kidney shot then rolls the challenger back inside. Austin turns the tables but then misses and straddles the ropes. UT signals a tombstone but falls prey to a stunner instead. Paul Bearer drags the referee off his feet before he can administer a count. The MInistry invades the ring and subdues Austin then ties him up in the top rope. The druids start their chant and the "higher power" appears. He is a medium sized character in a dark hooded robe. He advances to the ring and climbs the steps. He slowly enters the ring then bends over and reveals his identity to Austin who is still securely held. Austin says "son of a bitch..." and seems shocked and angered (but then when isn't he..?) Fade to black.

I'll be back on Thursday with the Thunder Report and a new chapter in Ervin Griffin's Ric Flair biography. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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