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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 47
September 16, 1996

Sting Declares Himself a "Free Agent"

NWO Will Have Its Own TV Program

Monsoon Denies Ross' Story About Hall and Nash

Nitro Report

The War Games match is reviewed in still shots. Stings entrance and abandonment and all. NWO kids are distributing leaflets out in the lobby.

Sting/Lugar vs. Mongo/Benoit is announced as the Main Event.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Misterio Jr. for the Cruiserweight Title (Tony reveals that the NWO have demanded their own TV show) - this one is fast and furious, Rey Jr. maintains the advantage for the most part but nobody is really dominating the action before the first commercial.

NWO T-shirt commercial

As we return Misterio is on the receiving end. He's groggy and Guerrera is laying move after move on him. We cut to outside the building to watch a pack of NWO fans celebrating. We cut back just in time to see Rey Jr getting the pin. In the replay we see that Juventud was attempting a power-bomb off the top turnbuckle - somehow Misterio managed to shift the momentum and turned it into one of his patented flying Frankinsteiner moves.

Mongo McMichaels and Chris Benoit interviewed - Mongo says Lugar let the Horsemen down and he's going to pay for it later. I would ask "Where the hell were Benoit and Mongo?", but what do I know? (Having reviewed the tape of the match last night I have to revise my opinion to say that Lugar really took a beating toward the end of the contest. I managed to miss entirely his crawling away from the ring screaming Sting's name. I guess I need to stop trying to type and watch TV at the same time. My apologies.)

Glacier video - this guy can't seem to put a sentance together, he should stick to wrestling, or martial arts - whatever it is he does.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ice Train - the Train overpowers DDP in the early going. Page finally gets a drop-kick off the top to take the advantage. Once he's in control he is relentless. He grounds the younger man for a minute or so, then Ice Train gets a belly-to-belly to turn the tables. We cut away to see the NWO pack is surrounding the WCW souvenier stand. Their signs say "Who wants this crap?". While we are gone the match ends.

Again we have to wait for the replay to see what happened. Ice Train has DDP in a Full Nelson, Teddy gets up on the ring apron (what is his problem?) with towel in hand. Page grabs the towel and throws it into the ring. Nick Patrick gives the win to DDP claiming that Long "threw in the towel". Patricks calls are getting weirder and weirder.

Back from commercial we spy Sean Waltman (the 1-2-3 Kid) at ringside. Larry legend speculates that he's with the NWO (duh!).

Super Calo vs. Konan for the Mexican Title - Konan enters with Jimmy Hart. This could be really good if last night's match is any indication. This time Calo is outweighed. This contest is much like the Luche Libra matches we're used to seeing. A lot of fast moves and countermoves. Both competitors are very aggressive in this match but Konan seems to be controlling the action. Calo goes for a flying headscissors and gets it but then his opponent lands on top of him. Calo gets the worst of that move. In fact Calo seems to be creaming himself on a lot of these high risk moves. He keeps coming however. Finally Konan gets his "Razor's Edge" style finisher for the win. At least we got to see the end of this one as it happened.

Mike Tenay interviews Waltman at ringside. Sean wants to know who won the War Games match. Informed that the NWO won he says "...that's too bad." Cut to commercial.

Hugh Morris vs. Brad Armstrong - Brad is giving up a lot of weight in this one. He loses the first exchange and gets bumped out to the floor. Back in the ring, Armstrong uses his superior agility and speed to win the next exchange - now Morris is out on the floor. Back in again and Morris is again overpowering the smaller man. A few moves later Morris hits a moonsault. But his cover is nonchalant and Brad pulls him back and rolls him up for the pin. Morris knocks his opponent out of the ring again after the pin - too late, Hugh.

The second hour starts - lets go sell something.

Macho Man interviewed - his PPV match with the Giant is reviewed in still shots. Savage says he'll take Hogan out (in rhyme) at the Halloween PPV. They don't mention Liz.

Outside the NWO shows up with the fake Sting in tow.

Scott Norton vs. Randy Savage - the "Fire-man" gets attacked as he approaches the ring. Savage is pissed all right. Too angry it seems - he gets careless and Norton takes the advantage. Now Norton is pouring it on. Tenay claims that Savage is outweighed by "100 pounds" by Norton (50 maybe). Savage catches his opponent in the corner and turns the tables. "Flash" can't match the viciousness of Savage when he's in control. Again Savage gets careless and loses his momentum. Norton is coming on strong but then he makes the mistake of tossing Savage outside. Savage grabs a chair right out from under the rind announcer and starts braining Norton. He takes a swipe at Randy Anderson and gets disqualified. He gives Norton another whack for good measure. Nick Patrick shows up and gets his clock cleaned. Norton takes the win. I don't think Savage cares.

NWO T-shirt commercial.

Big Bubba vs. Glacier - this will be interesting because Bubba has been whining about this guy for weeks. The Ice Guy makes his entrance bathed in blue light. Plus its snowing in September!! Again they force his opponent to wrestle under that blue light. Is that really fair? Glacier is all over his opponent, but he's throwing a lot more blows then he's connecting with. Bubba finally connects with a punch and downs the Iceman. But then he turns his back to gloat. As he turns back around his opponent is set and finishes him with a series of moves leading up to a spinning Super-Kick that downs Bubba for the win. Cut to commercial.

Eric starts to talk about the NWO's demands but is interrupted by Sting who comes to the ring and wants to say something. He says he flew in from Japan just in time to see the action last Monday on TV. He's very upset over the way his friends and fans doubted his loyalty. He declares himself a "free agent" and says he'll "pop in from time to time". Then he leaves the ring. The announcers are wondering what he means - will he wrestle tonight?

Marcus Baggwell/Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair/Arn Anderson - Baggwell and Jericho enter, the Horsemen music plays but no Flair and Arn. We peek backstage and find them arguing with Miss Liz who is afraid to go down to the ring. She says the NWO guys are around somewhere. They leave her and continue to the ring.

At ringside Waltman holds up a remote control button and pushes it. NWO leaflets start falling from the rafters. Cut to commercial.

The match begins between Jericho and Arn. The action is see-saw but Jericho keeps coming out on top. (Eric gets to finish his explanation of the NWO demands. They have demanded their own TV show - and Eric agreed to get them in the ring last night!) Back in the ring its Bagwell and Flair. The contest is still pretty even. Flair seems to be off his game. He's insane over the NWO litter all around the ring. (Tenay questions Erics judgement, Eric says he had to do it or there would have been no Main Event at the PPV.) In the ring the Horsemen have turned it around using dirty tactics and superior teamwork.

Outside, Waltman comes out of the limo with the rest of the NWO. The Outsiders pull out a boombox and play the tape of Sting they used last week. The fake Sting is there as well. Back inside the Horsemens' opponents are gaining ground. Woman interferes and Eric calls her "Liz" (Nick Patrick, of course, conveniently misses that action). Arn DDT's Bagwell, Flair slaps on the figure-four and Woman helps him with leverage to get the pin. Cut to the NWO celebration in the parking lot. Then to commercial. Next up, the Main Event.

The Horsemen enter as we return - they play Lugar's music. Here comes Lex but no Sting. Looks like he's going it alone. The announcers are informed that Sting is gone. Lets go sell something before the slaughter.

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In the ring Lugar faces Benoit. He might pull this off if he can get Mongo in there. Mongo gets in and is as ineffective as we expect. He gets out in a hurry. Benoit fares better. He pounds Lugar then hands it off. There is a pattern emerging. Benoit gets Lugar down the lets Mongo take it. As soon as Lugar starts coming back McMichaels beats a hasty retreat (Eric is telling us that most of the WCW wrestlers, all the big stars except Savage, will be in Japan next week - he's practically inviting the NWO to take things over). Back in the ring Lugar's making a comeback. He knocks Mongo out of the ring and gets Benoit to submit to the torture rack. The other Horsemen hit the ring. Lugar holds them off for a while but can't sustain it..he's getting creamed as we go outside to see the NWO watching the show on TV in the limo. Waltman wants to be known as "Six" from now on. They keep referring to him as "the big man".

This was one of the strangest and most confusing programs yet on Nitro. Stings actions are incomprehensible - where is that angle headed? As usual lately, the announcers paid more attention to the action last night then the action tonight. With everyone out of town, next week should be very interesting...and probably more confusing (if that's possible).

RAW Report

Jake the Snake approaches the ring as we begin. He chases the Burger King away from ringside. They're still hyping the Razor/Diesal thing. Ross is supposed to have a "bombshell" and Gorilla Monsoon will make a statement on the subject.

Bob Backlund's new wrestler (The Sultan) will be Jake's opponent. He wears a mask that covers the lower portion of his face (he's said to have had his tongue cut out for some offense in his native country). I hear this guy is Fatu - could be - the eyes look right, and his size and complexion.

Its a short match. Jake goes for the DDT almost immediately but the Sultan slips out. There is some see-saw action, then Jake goes for it again. The Sultan slips out again. Lawler tosses an airline miniture bottle at the Snake which distracts him long enough to give his opponent the chance to get the drop on him. A Camel Clutch spells the end for Jake.

Brian Pillman and Owen Hart are together in the back - they start to talk about the "reconcilliation" but are interrupted by Steve Austin who says he'll be at IYH to hear Brett's statement firsthand.

The Gunns vs. Alex Porteau and Bob Holly is introduced -Gorilla Monsoon is shown in an inset getting ready for his statement - cut to Brett Hart, who starts to say something about Pillman but is cut off as we go to commercial.

The match begins - here comes Camp Cornette to watch. They bring their own chairs. In the ring the Gunns start strong. They are dominating and showing a lot of arrogance while they're at it. Bart has the chance to pin Porteau but pulls him up. Moments later Porteau almost pins Billy. Holly comes in fist and fire. He gets a Frankensteiner on Billy and almost wins the match. He goes for an off-the-top move but gets knocked off the turnbuckle by Bart (the announcers say it was Sunny who shook the ropes at the other end - but it was Bart who caused him to fall). The Gunns get the Sidewinder on Holly but get distracted by Owen whose up on the apron. Holly rolls Billy up for the upset win. Cut to commercial.

Monsoon gets his say when we return: He says the Nash and Hall are not returning to the WWF because they are under contract to another organization. He accuses Ross of trying to mislead the fans.

The Burger King interviews Cornette w/Vader who has been coaching Cornette for his match with Jose Lothario. He's going to have a public workout against a jobber (Tony Williams). Of course the jobber keeps reversing Cornette's holds. Finally Vader blindsides the young man and ties him up in the ropes so Mrs. Cornette's little boy can berate him as we cut to commercial.

Owen Hart vs, Mark Mero - IC Title Tournament match - Pat Patterson, who will referree the finals, is at ringside to help call the action. Off camera Ross and Monsoon are arguing about Ross' "bombshell".

The match gets underway. Mero has come a long way as a wrestler in the last couple of years. He holds his own against Owen who is superb as usual. After some back and forth Owen takes the advantage. Mero is wrestling defensive now. He keeps trying to come back but Owen has his number as we go to commercial.

Right after we come back Mero turns the tables. He drop-kicks Owen out to the floor then drops a "Bad Day" on him. back in the ring the Wildman almost gets a pin. Owen turns the tide by taking off his cast and hitting Mero upside the head. He fails in a pin attempt - as he's arguing the call with the referree, Nero grabs the cast and smashes him with it right in front of the official who pretends not to notice. Mero advances.

Cut to pictures of South Africa. Brett Hart comes on camera and calls his brother and Pillman liars. Says he doesn't plan to be in Philly on Sunday. He hasn't decided what to do about his wrestling career.

Sid vs. Farooq - Farooq throws a tackle at Sid without effect. Sid returns the favor - same result. Farooq has an offensive flurry which puts Sid down but while he is congratulating himself Sid pops right up. The next exchange has Sid in command but Farooq comes right back. He grounds his opponent with a reverse chinlock. Ross is still insisting that Razor and Diesal will appear next week.

In the ring, Sid is back up. They exchange power-moves then a double clothesline puts both men down. Farooq goes back to his reverse chinlock. He pulls Sid to his hands and knees then tries to drop on his back but misses. Both are down again. Farooq recovers first and goes back to the reverse chinlock. Cut to commercial.

Sid is still down as we return. Farooq tries to put a powerbomb on his opponent but Sid just flips right over his back. Sid chokeslams Farooq. While Sunny distracts the referree, Farooq goes out, comes back in with a chair and smashes Sid with it. He tries but fails to get a pin. Now Sid has the chair and uses it while the referree looks on. This guy doesn't pretend not to notice. Farooq advances. It will be the Wildman vs. Farooq in the finals.

The Undertaker stands before a projected cross and says that the PPV match next week will be Goldust's Final Curtain (isn't that what they're calling the match?) and the debut of the "new" Undertaker.

Mankind and Paul Bearer give us a real weird ending piece.

Every match on this card ended in a screwjob. I hope they do better next week. The PPV could be fun but I probably won't want to spend the money on it. "Scramblevision" it is.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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