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Monday Night Wars Edition

Sunday Night Heat

Nitro Report

Sable Appears in the Audience at Nitro!

RAW Report

Ivory is the new Womens'Champ

Volume 4, Issue 473 - June 14, 1999

Sunday Night Heat

Unfortunately I was caught up in the WCW PPV and missed recording the first four minutes of the program.

The Brood have already arrived at the ring for a match as I join the program.

The Brood vs. The Hardy Boyz/Michael Hayes - Six Man Elimination match - Jeff Hary eliminates Gangrel almost immediately. Edge comes in and cleans house with a series of spears to all three of the opposite team. He goes out to the floor where he attempts to elevate Matt Hardey but is caught and DDT'd. He is rolled into the ring and pinned. Afterwards he lies unconscious on the floor outside the ring. Christian faces the three of them alone and quickly eliminates Hayes with a Scorpion death drop. Now it is the Hardys vs. Christian and the latter is in trouble as Jeff hits him with a high layout somersault splash. But Christian comes right back with a reverse DDT and eliminates Jeff. Now it is Matt vs. Christian...and here comes Too Much dressd like street thugs and carrying the worlds biggest boombox between them. They put the box down then attack Matt Hardy then toss him back in. Christian hits the same move as before on the second Hardy Boy and takes the win for his team. In the back, D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry are throwing out threats directed at the Tag Champs - D-Lo doesn't care much for Henry's attire (black t-shirt with red pants). Cut to commercial.

The Acolytes vs. D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry - here is a case of two young lions going against their former mentor (Faarooq). The challengers run to the ring and the fight breaks out inside the ring and out. It sorts out to D-Lo on the inside, who endures an immediate double-team from the Champs. D-Lo recovers and tags in his partner. Henry runs Bradshaw down but the big Texan comes roaring back with punches and a boot to the face. Henry is no slouch and does a little roaring himself to reassert himself with a big splash. Henry is getting ready to launch D-Lo off the top when Mideon and Viscera hit the ring and turn the tide. Brown and Henry are overwhelmed and squashed.

Jerry Lawler wants to know how Test's date with Stephanie last night. He says nothing happened and that he and Stephanie are just friends. Jeff Jarrett walks by with Debra and tells Test to kep his eyes in his head. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett & Debra come to the ring for an interview with Jim Ross who wants to know how much McMahon paid him to interfere in the match with Ken Shamrock and Vince last night. He turns that aside so JR tries to ask Debra about her pending match with Ivory - but Jarrett interposes himself in that one as well. Test comes out and challenges Jarrett to a match tonight, which Jarrett agrees to. In the back, Bob Holly is telling Paul Wight that he intends to call the shots in their Tag Team match later this evening. He gets up and leaves the Big Show chuckling. Cut to commercial.

Too Much (who seem to think they are Public Enemy or something) have renamed themselves "Too Cool".

X-Pac/Kane vs. Bob Holly/The Big Show - this is one of the matches that Steve Austin put together featuring the KOR qualifiers. I just realized that Holly's look is probably meant to be reminiscent of Chris Candido (Zip). Holly instructs Wight to stand aside while he starts the match. The Big Show is thoroughly enjoying his partner's hubris. Holly gets the drop on X-Pac during the first exchange but then Waltman comes back with a big spin kick. Another funny thing here - these two used to be Tag Team Champs together. Holly feignts toward a tag but then shortarms the giant - that earns him a chokeslam from his own partner, who then splits. X-Pac gets the pin. In the back, Billy Gunn is with his former DX buddies HHH and Chyna. He vows to be the King of the Ring - but Chyna has other plans. Cut to commercial.

Val Venis vs. Droz (w/Prince Albert) - Droz starts out strong but then commits himself to a corner splash and misses. He is on the defensive for a moment then roars back. He gets Val down and goes for his own version of the Money shot...and misses. Val comes back with his own Moneyshot and gets the pin. Prince Albert attacks Val then holds him while Droz pierces Val's nose and installs a nose ring. Gross!!! Cut to commercial.

In the back, Droz and Prince Albert are bragging on themselves when Val Venis attacks them. He is overwhelmed and officials have to intervene.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs Test - is this a title match? I assume it's not... Jarrett keeps him out of the ring at first. Oh - I see it is a title contest. Test dominates the early going due to his sheer size advantage. Jarrett comes back with a drop-kick and a Russian leg sweep. Hey! That's Harvey Wippleman as the referee (Downtown Bruno to you ECW fans). The referee is knocked down then Ken Shamrock runs in and delivers a big belly-to-belly suplex. He revives the referee and the count is made. Test is the new IC Champ. Or maybe not...Jesse White is telling Wippleman what happened, but he is holding to his decision. Now Debra is in Wippleman's face and seems to be making suggestions to him. He reverses his decision and Jarrett retains the title. Cut to commercial.

Road Dogg/Ken Shamrock vs Billy Gunn/Chyna - this is the second KOR based tag team match - Shamrock starts with Billy but is almost immediately lured out of the ring by Jeff Jarrett. He splits chasing Jarrett. Back in the ring, Chyna hits a low blow on Jesse James then Billy goes for the famouser but the Dogg counters it. HHH runs in and the Dogg is punked by his former DX comrades. X-Pac runs in and now all of DX (except for Shawn Michaels) is in the ring. X-Pac gets beaten down until Kane appears and rides to the rescue.

Nitro Report

We start with the Nitro Grrrrls in the ring. Nitro is live from Washington, D.C. at the MCI Center. The announcers talk about last night's event and the arrival of Sid Vicious on the scene. Cut to the Macho Man and his lady friends spilling out of a white limo then to commercial.

Sheees...the DJ jerk is back...Eric puleaze get a clue and lose this clown...

More images from the Great American Bash - Master P's appearance and the Rappers vs. The Country Boyz match is reviewed.

Brian Adams/Vincent vs. Curt Hennig/Barry Windham (w/Bobby Duncum, Jr.) - the B-Team vs. the C-Team. Interestingly, Windham's and Duncum's fathers (Blackjack Mulligan and BD, Sr.) were career long enemies... Hennig faces Adams to start and gets mowed down early on. He comes back with a side headlock and hangs on for dear life. Adams throws him off and then beals him across the ring. Hennig bails but Adams chases him right back into the ring. Windham is tagged in and fares not much better. Then Vincent comes in and throws away the advantage immediately. But Windham climbs the corner and gets caught there for a slam. Adams mauls Windham for a moment then tags Vincent back in and blows it again. Vincent is dragged to the floor and manhandled by the two big Texans before being rolled back into Hennig's clutches. Vincent is isolated for several minutes as the opposition tags in and out around him. He starts to make a break for it but Hennig delivers a low blow and stops him in his tracks. He manages to block and reverse a suplex and almost escapes but Windham cuts him off and buries him again. Finally he blocks a punch then hits a shortarm clothesline then gets the tag. Adams dominates the action for several moments then is waylaid by a big clothesline from Hennig. Things get a little confused for the referee as Vincent starts choking Hennig on the apron then Windham uses Duncum's cowbell to brain Vincent and take the pin. That was a surprisingly good match. Cut to commercial.

Master P and the No-Limit Soldiers held a press conference in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with WCW. MP says he's always been a big "rasslin'" fan and expects to have a lot of fun over the next year. Rey, Jr. and Eric B. say a few words (yawn...) Cut to commercial (please...)

The Macho Man and Company make their entrance as we return. GG is radiant in a silver sequined gown with side splits almost to the ceiling. Savage claims he was robbed last night and alludes to the new member of his entourage by saying that he is going to be positively "Vicious". Sid fails to make an appearance. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls dance on the platform as we return.

More PPV stills - the Sting vs. Steiner match goes to the dogs...

Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Kidman - this match has been coming for a couple of weeks now as Morrus has been inserting himself into Cruiserweight matches of late. The big guy throws his weight around to good affect and grounds his high flying opponent from the get-go. Kidman finally wiggles away from an elevation onto Morrus' shoulder then shoves him into the corner buckle. He gets a few offensive moves then the match goes to the floor and Kidman is posted. Back in the ring, Jimmy Hart tosses in a chair but as Morrus goes for it he is surprised and head-scissored to the mat. Kidman sets up the chair but then turns his attention to Hart and gets blindsided. Morrus goes for a powerbomb but Kidman escapes again and slams his face to the mat. He gets the Shooting Star press and the pin. Good match, if a bit short. Cut to commercial.

The DJ does his thing...

Mean Gene stands in the ring and invites El Presidente Flair to come on down. AA tags along with his hands in his pockets lookinga bit bewildered. Flair admires himself on the big screen before starting his rant. He cracks misogynsist jokes while Arn stands by stonefaced. He invites Roddy Piper to come out and accept the position as his VP "of the world" no less... He even has a pipe corp on hand to serenade Piper to the ring. Piper jokes with the crowd and makes a rather political sounding speech. Then he accepts the position. In the midst of all this Dan Malenko strides purposely to the ring. He runs down the oldsters vs. the youngsters angle once again saying it's "our time" and urging Flair and Piper to "step down and pass the torch." Flair says "eat me" in so many words so Malenko answers that they (the young guys) will take what they want. He turns to AA and asks for his opinion. Anderson stands pat with his hand. Piper tells Malenko to hit the bricks then attacks him. Buff Bagwell runs out to join the frey but he and Malenko are outnumbered. In the back, Benoit observes all this on a monitor and calls Saturn to head with him to the ring - but DDP. Bam Bam and Kanyon cut off their progress in the hallway. Back out in the ring, Buff is up again but is on his way down again as we cut to commercial. This Old guys vs. Young guys angle is a natural for WCW and has great potential if they handle it right.

Eric Bischoff joins the broadcast team as we return then go to a video review of the Miller/Norton feud.

Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. Scott "Flash" Norton - again - but that's okay, I've been enjoying these little dust-ups. Miller is actually starting to get interesting. Miller comes to the ring and starts yelling for Norton to come out. The nWo music plays but Norton fails to appear at first. Miller turns his back to rant some more and Norton runs down and suprises him. They go to the floor where Miller is literally beaten from piller to post. The Cat tries to stop him with a drink in the face but it doesn't even slow Norton down. Finally they get into the ring and Miller goes for the eyes then mules kicks Norton's knees. That slows him for a split second but then the big guy is right back on him. Miller uses a low blow to gain some space then gets his (loaded) dancing shoe. Before he can use it, Norton knocks down the referee then gets a hold of him and sets up a powerbomb. Oono runs in and whacks him with the crowbar. Norton goes down but he's not out yet. Miller gets a two count. Norton jumps to his feet and runs into a side kick from the loaded shoe. Miller gets the pin. Another fun match. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls - dancing in the ring this time.

Disco Inferno vs. Van Hammer - Hammer has been getting a minor push lately and has responded by pushing himself up a notch. Tony announces an 8-man match for later - Flair/DDP/Kanyon/Piper vs. Malenko/Saturn/Bagwell/Benoit. Cool... Hammer stays true to his recent style and dominates the opening moments. Disco has never done well against bigger guys so Hammer has a chance for an upset here. The fight goes to the floor and Disco turns the tables when he reverses a whip to the apron. Back in the ring, Disco cements his advantage by attacking Hammer's already injured back. Hammer stops his advance with a whipping powerbomb, drops a couple of elbows then puts a boot in his face. Disco is down and Hammer drops a big leg on his back then chokes him against the ropes. Hammer is back in charge but you can tell he's hurting from the earlier assault. He slaps on a sleeper but Disco uses a jawbreaker to escape. Disco tries to mount an offense but Hammer is still overpowering him. He gets a partial swinging neckbreaker then gets all of a Russian leg sweep. Disco throws an elbow off the second rope then goes for the Last Dance but Hammer throws him off and decks the referee in the process. Disco gets another swinging neckbreaker but the referee is still shaking it loose. Disco gets in the referee's face and misses Hammer coming to his feet behind him. Hammer gets a belly-to-back suplex then holds the tights to take the pin. Afterward, Disco lays his finishing hold on the ref then we cut to commercial.

Fit Finley vs. Brian Knobbs (w/Jimmy Hart) - here's two veteran bruisers going nose-to-nose. Knobbs leaves the ring to jaw with the ringside fans and gets blindsided by Finley. He is run into the steps but comes right back and elevates Finley onto the rail then runs him into the steps for good measure. Eric is saying that it was a woman driving the Hummer that hit Nash in the limo. In the ring, the bulls are running into each other with Knobbs getting the best of it. He stops for a "pit stop" then continues his assault. The fight goes to the floor again and then back into the ring where Finley finely starts to gain some ground. He goes for the first pin attempt in the match and gets a two-count. Hart comes in wih a chair again but is stopped and forced to hit Knobbs. Suddenly Hak runs in and whacks Knobbs with his stick. Finley looks surprised as he takes the pin. Cut to commercial. Over on RAW, Steve Austin is getting ready to have a beer drinking contest with his senior management team.

We come back to see Rena Mero (Sable) in the audience! I have heard a rumor that WCW has offered her a cool million to become Hollywood Hogan's valet.

Kevin Nash saunters to the ring looking somewhat pale. He stops to take a gander at Sable who is sitting right down front and center. Nash rants about Savage's lies earlier tonight (saying he defeated Nash for the title). The camera keeps switching to Ms. Mero. Nash then changes his tune and throws out a challenge to Sid Vicious - he wants to do it tonight! Sid appears on the big screen saying that Nash has made a big mistake and accepts the match for the title in the main event. One more look at Sable then cut to commercial. Nobody mentions her name, of course...but with her recent exposure (Playboy, etc.), they could call her anything they want...

More stills from the Bash and then some more DJ crap...

Ric Flair/Diamond Dallas Page/Roddy Piper/Kanyon (w/Bam Bam Bigalow) vs. Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit/Saturn/Buff Bagwell - the latter erupt into the ring and a donnybrook ensues. The old guys are all ejected except for Piper who is punched out by Bagwell. The match sorts out to Benoit vs. Flair to start. Benoit is all over his man and Flair tags out to DDP - who falls right into a Crippler crossface. Page's team mates spill into the ring to break it up and confusion reigns for a moment. Now Piper and Bagwell face each other and Piper is at a disadvantage as he is forced into the enemies corner. But Flair interferes and Piper is getting some shots as we cut to commercial.

Flair has Benoit on the defensive as we return but Benoit escapes and turns the tables. We are in see-saw mode with Flair controlling things for the most part. Benoit finally gets loose and grabs a figure four on Flair! Page tries to interefere and gets caught by Saturn and given the same treatment. Malenko gets Piper then Bagwell gets Kanyon - four figure fours simultaneously! The referee is enjoying this but he has to break it up. The old guys start to use their guile. Benoit is trapped in the ring as his opponents take turns distracting the referee and double-teaming on him. Benoit is caught in the enemy corner for a moment then starts to get some on Kanyon - but Page interferes and breaks that up. Piper comes in and goes toe-to-toe with Benoit. They roll around on the mat. Page comes in and takes over with an elbow drop then grabs a front face lock. Benoit struggles to get to his corner. He is close to tagging when Piper distracts the referee and causes him to miss the tag. Benoit gets a foot in Page's face as he comes off the second rope and then Bagwell tags in and cleans house. All eight are in and the young guys are in the ascendancy. Everybody falls out to the floor except for Bagwell and Flair. The melee is in high gear outside when Bagwell hit the Blockbuster and pins Flair. Great, high energy, furious paced match! Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls on the platform...

The camera focuses on Sable again as some guys behind her try to get a "Sable" chant started. She looks a bit uncomfortable. Cut to commercial.

Hak (w/Chastity) vs. Ric Steiner - Hardcore match - Bischoff alludes to Chastity's porno movie as Steiner makes his entrance. Steiner attacks his opponent from behind with his dog collar before the bell sounds. They spill out to the floor where Steiner is all over the Hakster. He drags his opponent out to the backstage area and cartwheels him into some security railing. Then he just starts shoving him into anything he can find. He runs Hak into an open tailgate of a Ford Explorer then drags him to the roof and continues his assault. Hak finally gets away and starts tearing up a Harley Davidson to use the parts for weapons. There is a Hummer nearby and they use that for a bouncing board. Hak stumbles into the motorcycle and knocks it over. Steiner gets a piece of the Harley tailpipe and uses it to choke his opponent. He throws the spare tire from the Explorer at a passing grip. They fight into the back of the Hummer and Hak is thrown through the rag top. Suddenly Sting emerges from the Hummer! He runs Steiner into the side of a trailer and knocks a huge hole in it!! He has a baseball bat and drags Steiner out to the entryway before striking him with it then stalks to the ring with a mic. He recites a line from one of the Batman movies (the one with Jim Cary as the Riddler... "riddle me this, riddle me that. whose afraid of the big black bat..?)) Then he goes back up to where Steiner is still recovering and levels him again with the bat. He hoists Steiner on his shoulder and starts out of the arena with him as we cut to commercial. Whew!! Great stuff! Back on RAW, Austin is dumping cow manure in Vince McMahon's office.

More DJ stuff...just when things are getting good...

La Parka/Psychsis vs. Konnans Sr. and Jr. - Master P comes out with his entourage to accompany the Rappers to the ring. P grabs La Parka's chair while Konnan is doing his schtick. Bischoff calls this "Hip Hop meets Kick Butt - if you weeeel..." Rey faces Psychosis and is all over him. This is a far cry from the match they had on Saturday in which Psychosis was dominant through much of the match. Rey and Konnan pretty much have their way with their opponents who are not really on the same page together (beside they are badly outnumbered). La Parka finally manages to tie Konnan up and turns the tables. They get a couple of good double team moves to cement their advantage. Then they miss a double rush to the corner and are back on the outs. Konnan and Rey hit a double suicide dive but then their opponents come roaring back and turn the corner once more. Back in the ring, Rey and Konnan get their act bck in gear and end up getting a double pin on both opponents. As the match ends we are surprised to hear Hennig's music playing. Hennig and Duncum have commandeered the DJ's booth. Master P and his mihions drive them off and a Master P track blairs forth as the rappers take control and we cut to commercial.

Sid Vicious (w/Team Madness) vs. Kevin Nash - World Title match - there isn't much time left on the program (about 3 minutes to th top of the hour) - Nash enters first. There goes Buffer talking about his "fractured ribs and bad knee..." again. Randy Savage's music plays and Team Savage makes their entrance. No sign of Sid yet. He demands that Nash hand over the World Title immediately. Nash says "come and get it..." then drops the belt at Savages feet then nails him. GG comes in to distract Nash so that Savage can deliver a low blow. Miss Madness goes up for a missle drop kick but hits Savage. Here comes Sid, running a mile a minute for the ring. Nash manages to hold them off for about a second and then he is at their mercy. Wait! here comes Sting!! He runs in and attacks with his bat. Sid and Savage are ejected and Nash and Sting stand tall as the program fades to black.

RAW Report

Scenes from recent events start this pre-recorded show. The Corporate Ministry saga plays out once more in flashbacks. The location is not revealed nbut the program was taped last Tuesday night. Stone Cold Steve Austin is caught going into the building for his first day on the job as CEO at Titan Towers. He stops to tell the receptionist how to do her job and leaves her answering the phone, "Who the hell is this? What the hell do you want?"

The Corporate Ministry comes to the ring for their weekly rant. McMahon Sr. calls the crowd "rude" - he should know I guess. He laments the fact that Austin is in charge of the company and whines about the failure of his grand plan. The crowd tells him what he is as he rants on. He talks about there being a suspicion among the fans that the Ministry is about to disinigrate but vows that will not happen. He mentions the challenge from Austin for a handicap match at KOR and wonders aloud what the stipulations should be. He suggests a "Dog Pound" match - whatever that is - and then says we will see one tonight - between the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn - he decribes an old fashioned Dog Collar match. Shane's suggestion in a "David and Goliath" match - we'll see X-Pac and the Big Show in that one. He has another idea - a handicap match pitting the Acolytes vs. Kane. Vince suggests a "Blind Date" match. Test blindfolded against the Bossman (who won't be blinfolded). Then he comes up with a "Straight Jacket" match - Ken Shamrock in the restraint vs. Jeff Jarrett unchained. The Stooges appear on the platform. Pat Patterson addresses Vince reminding him that Stephanie is his godchild and wanting to know why Vince would want to put her through such an ordeal (I suppose he means the Test/Bossman match). Vince suggests that Patterson should watch his mouth to which Patterson replies that he and Shane can got to hell! Brisco adds that they can get their own coffee on the way there! Vince responds by assigning them to a tag team match against Mideon and Viscera. Cut to commercial.

Austin finds his (McMahon's) office and his (McMahon's) assistants. They offer him coffee and food - he says "give me a cold beer..."

Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg - Dog Pound match - the Dogg seems right at home with this format. Billy shows up with a neck brace on - he plans to weasel out of the match... Don't bet on it A$$ boy! The referee tears off the brace and Billy attacks immediately without donning the collar. He uses the chain to pound Jesse's head and goes for a pin but fails. The Dogg comes back and takes the advantage with a fist full of chain of his own. Chyna shows up and inteferes, using the chain to deliver a low blow so that Billy can get his finisher. She assault the Dogg while Billy looks on then Billy moons his former partner before splitting. Ken Shamrock arrives out back to find Sgt. Slaughter waiting for him with a couple of security officers to act as his bodyguards. Shamrock tells him to shove it and walks away. Cut to commercial.

The Rock is headed for the ring as we cut to a video review from last weeks show. Maivia has the cast off his (never) broken arm at last. He rants against the Undertaker for his interference in the cast match last week - he challenges UT to a World Title match at KOR then leads the crowd into a "Rocky!" chant. He invites teh Undertaker to do a rather impossible trick involving his head and his candya**. UT appears on the platform and accepts the match. Vince and Shane come out to talk UT out of it. He disputes Maivia's right to a title match - he wants the Rock to beat UT tonight to qualify. Maivia accepts. Then Shane comes back with a stip - which Maivia won;t hear about until five minutes before the match. Jeff Jarrett and Debra walk hand in hand toward the arena as an unidentified man runs by in the opposite direction. "Did he just make a pass at you..?" asks Jarrett as we cut to commercial.

Debra McMichael (w/Jeff Jarrett) vs. Ivory - the ladies champ comes ready to fight in high heel boots (right...) Ivory wears wrestling boots and looks like she l=means business. This is a rout from the get-go but Debra does better then expected. Nicole Bass shows up apparently to scout the match and watches from ringside. Debra turns the tables with the help of a long scarf and Jarrett distracting the referee, which brings Nicole in. She chokes Debra then lets go of her so that Ivory can gets a schoolboy trip and the pin. Ivory is the new Womens' Champ.

Austin attends his first board meeting. He starts by firing the Director of Marketing then promotes a mailroom clerk to his personal beer assistant. He starts to question the MIS manager but decides to have a beer drinking contest to determine who goes and who stays. Funny stuff. Cut to commercial.

During the break Patterson and Brisco had a conference - Pat wants to leave but Gerry says he has a plan and talks him into staying.

Test vs. The Big Bossman - blindfold match - the "blindfold" is a single thickness of black cotton - Test can see right through it for sure. He pretends to be unable to see and swings wildly until he connects with a right hand. He then spears the Bossman who goes after his night stick and gets DQ'd. Bossman attacks the referee but before he can turn back to Test, Stephanie runs in and shields him with her body. Bossman retreats while Stephanie helps her up.

Steve Austin finds the Human Resources department and sends young Sarah (the HR specialist) off to get some beer. He gives the HR director a copy of the 3:16 Magazine calling it a "manual". He gets the guy to say "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your a$$". (I wonder if Catbert the Evil HR director works there?)

The Big Show vs. X-Pac - David and Goliath match - Paul Wight decides to forfeit the match rather then take part in this sham but X-Pac wants to go on with it so they lock up and Waltman is shoved out of the ring. Kane shows up and insists on taking his partner's place. X-Pac objects so Kane knocks him on his can. Before Kane can engage the giant, Waltman hits him from behind with a spin kick then kicks the Big Show right over the top rope! Wight decides to leave. In the back, Shamrock is defiant as he is being buckled into a straight jacket. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Ken Shamrock - Straight Jacket match - the cops escort Shamrock to the ring. He gets into the "zone' without batting his head. Jarret spends the first moments avoiding Shamrocks kicks then gets him down but Shamrock locks up his leg. Each time Jarrett attacks he gets tied up by Shamrock. Finally he starts kicking and takes the advantage. He is in charge for about two minutes then Shamrock uses a combination of kicks and body butts to take Jarrett down then slap a head scissors on him and make him submit. The referee goes to unlock the jacket but Vince runs down and takes off with the key. In the back, Pat and Gerry are looking more confident. Cut to commercial.

On GTV, Billy Gunn is getting his posterior shaved by a stage hand. She claims to have seen a zit which throws him into a tizzy.

The Stooges vs. Mideon/Viscera - they former enter to Hulk Hogan's old music. They take chairs into the ring with them and wait for their opponents. The Mean Street Posse blindside them and the four of them do a number on the Stooges who are squashed in no time.

Austin is with the HR guy and heads for the accounting department - he wants to see "the books" - the accountant runs down some of the things that have cost the company money (the Zamboni incident, the limosine incident, the beer truck, etc.) Austin finds Vinces salary listed and says, "take some of those zeros and put them on Mick Foley's to help him with his medical bills..." then he scratches Shanes salary and applies it to the "beer budget".

Kane vs. The Acolytes - Tag Team Title Handicap match - the tag champs attack in the aisle but they are shrugged off. In the ring Kane starts to choke Faarooq but Bradshaw cuts him off. Kane gets a side slam and then drops an elbow on the younster. Then he climbs the corner and drops him with a lariat. Bradshaw comes back and the two of them drag Kane out to the floor and to the braodcast table. Kane turns the tables again but he is outnumbered and can;t watch both of them at once. They pund him onto the table then run him into the steps. ack in the ring they get a double suplex on him but no cigar. Kane is whipped to the corner and flies out with a clothesline on Bradshaw. Faarooq tags in and trades blows with his partner in the corner. Kane gets the chokeslam but is pulled off of the pin by Faarooq. He has Faarooq in the same hold but Faarooq gets a low blow then Bradshaw hits him with a chair and gets the pin. X-Pac runs in and grabs the chair, holding them off until Kane can pop back up. The Acolytes split and we cut to commercial as we see Shamrock tearing his way out of th straight jacket.

Austin addresses Vince from behind his (Vince's) desk. There are beer cans stacked in front of him. He has a guy bring in wheel barrows full of manure and dump the around the desk then he pours beer on the mess. The McMahon's are having a fit watching this. They stomp out of the room and e cut to commercial.

Vince and Shane enter as we return. Vince rants at Austin for his actions in and around the corporate offices. He offers to put his and Shane's stock in the company along with Austin's "CEO Title" and hang them over the ring for a ladder match at KOR. They also intend to reveal the stip for the Rock/UT match but are rudely interrupted by Shamrock, who suplexes Shane and sends Vince running for his life. Cut to commercial.

During the break we see that the McMahon have fled the arena in a limo.

The Rock vs. The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) - we still don't know what the stipulation for this match is. HHH appears on the platform and declares that he is the stip. the match is a triple-threat match. Of course, this is another handicap match in reality (if such can be claimed for any wrestling contest...) The two of them beat on him outside the ring then roll him in and go back to work on him. This goes on for quite some time. It doesn't look good for Maivia. The Rock occassionally gets the drop on HHH but UT is always there to swing the pendulum back the other way. They fight up the ramp where the Rock almost succeeds in knocking UT to the floor. He is roughed up in the entrywayHHH goes for a piledriver but Maivia counters with a leg trip and a low blow then fights UT back down to the ringside area where he is again downed. HHH join them and really lays into the "great one" as Chyna looks on. Back into the ring they go and the Rock is out on his feet. UT goes up for his rope walk but gets knocked off balance by HHH. HHH goes for the Pedegree but Maivia counters with a catapult, then turns around and is caught in a chokeslam. HHH is on the apron when UT is shoved into him. The referee is decked. Maivia gets the Rock Bottom on the big guy then hits HHH again as he backs up for the People Elbow. He goes for a pin but Chyna drags the second referee out of the ring and decks him. UT is up again and goes for a whip but Maivia reverses it and Chyna accidently trips UT. UT is clotheslined to the floor and attacks Chyna, which brings HHH to the rescue but Maivia grabs him and drags him back into the ring for a second Rock Bottom and the pin. The Rock gets his Title shot. He splits while HHH and UT start a fistfight. CM members come out to separate them but they keep attacking each other as the program fades to black.

Well that was all very entertaining but was just barely a wrestling show except for the two handicap matches.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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This is the official web site of my friend Jeremy Hartley and the home of the "Up Close and Personal" RealAudio show. Jeremy has assembled all of his UCP interviews here and also features my "Time Machine" series which used to run on the TBR Wrestling Hotline. Jeremy has interviews with such wrestling personalities and Lou Thesz, Les Thatcher, Bob Blackburn, Buddy Landel and people associated with the Internet Wrestling Community such as Al Isaacs, Bob Ryder, Scot Teal, J. Michael Kenyon and even yours truely!

Bret Hart's Weekly Column in the Calgary Sun

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This page is a personal tribute and is in no way connected to any of the wrestling promotions mentioned on it. It is dedicated to the Dean of Wrestling announcers, Gordon Solie.

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