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Sunday Night Heat

Nitro Report

RAW Report

Volume 4, Issue 475 - June 21, 1999

Sunday Night Heat

The usual recap of recent events opens the program. Events are being set up for the KOR PPV.

Sunday Night Heat is live from Nashville, Tennessee.

HHH and Chyna come to the ring for an interview with Jim Ross. Ross starts out by pointing out that Chyna has tread where many men have not - the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble and the King of the Ring to name two. He asks her if she is intimidated - she says "no", and contends that she is the intimidating one... JR wants to know if HHH will be helping her at KOR. He replies that she needs no help. When asked why he gave up his spot to Chyna for the KOR tourney he says, "Been there, done that..." and states that he is focused on winning the World Title. He then challenges the Undertaker to a title match. I don't know Vince, I know you've only got three viable main event wrestlers at the moment (with Foley on the shelf that leaves UT, Austin and the Rock) - but I think your pushing the wrong guy here. This clown couldn't even hold up as the leader of DX. You should be focusing on Paul Wight... Cut to commercial.

Billy (Mr. Posterior) Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock vs. The Big Show vs. Kane - this is one of two Four Corners elimination matches put together by Steve Austin for tonight's show. The winner of this one will have to wrestle the winner of the second one later tonight. The most interesting thing in this match is the potential for a pre-KOR matchup between Kane and Wight, of course. Kane and Shamrock start the contest. Billy is tagged in before anything gets going and out runs Kane for about 4 seconds then gets clobbered. Wight is tagged in and here we go... Wight attacks then Kane comes back with a clothesline which knocks Wight over the top to the floor, where he lands on his feet. They struggle with each other on the outside and are counted out. Just about this time, Bob Holly appears with a chair and hits Kane then is atacked by Wight. Kane shakes it off and chairs Wight then chases Holly away - Wight is laid out. We cut to commercial before Shamrock and Gun can continue the match.

Billy has taken control as we return. He drags Shamrock to the floor and drop-kicks him onto the stairs. Back in the ring, Gunn gets a standing vertical suplex. He whips Shamrock to the opposite corner then takes way too long making a rush. He catches a boot to the face. Shamrock makes his comeback and gets a belly-to-belly. Billy bails and is followed out by Shamrock. The referee comes out to get them back in the ring and gets clobbered by Shamrock. Kenny is DQ'd and goes back in to put the ankle lock on Billy who looks like he might have to wrestle injured later in the program.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer come down for an interview. No doubt UT is here to answer HHH's challenge. JR wants to know if UT "smells what the Rock is cooking..." The Undertaker takes exception to JR's tone then turns his rant on UT. He suggests that Maivia is a pretentious lightweight. His ability to stare into the camera for almost a minute without blinking is marvelous. JR then asks UT how he feels about the apparent disintegration of the Corporate Ministry and gets choked up against the ropes as UT sends a message of mayhem directed towards HHH. Cut to commercial.

D-Lo and Mark Henry discuss ther gripe against Viscera and Mideon which will culminate in a "Gorilla Press Slam" match tomorrow night between Henry and Viscera.

Road Dog vs. Chyna (w/HHH) vs. X-Pac vs. Bob Holly - X-Pac (apparently the sole remaining member of DX) starts with Holly and ends up taking a powerslam then a scoop slam. Holly climbs the corner and launches an elbow drop which misses. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but Chyna hits him from behind to break that up. He falls to the floor where HHH puts the Pedegree on him then rolls him back inside to be pinned by Holly. The Road Dogg is whaling on Holly as we cut to commercial.

Chyna has done a number on the Dogg while we were away. She and Holly are jointly working on him as we return. The Dog comes roaring back and kickin' butt - but HHH is smuggling a chair to Chyna. He runs around to the other side of the ring and distracts the referee while she lays both of her male opponents out. Holly rolls over and covers the Dogg with one hand and gets the pin. Then Chyna easily pins Holly. She will face Billy next.

Val Venis vows revenge against Droz and Prince Albert for piercing his nose last week. He has a revenge match with Prince Albert tomorrow night.

Chyna (w/HHH) vs. Billy Gunn - a discussion ensues in the ring before the match can get started. The referee is showing HHH the door while Mr. A$$ decides to moon his opponent. Chyna explodes all over him while HHH stays close to kibbitz. This has go to be embarrasing for Billy - his pants are still riding low. He comes back with a DDT then goes to rebound off th ropes but HHH pulls the strand down and Billy tumbles to the floor. HHH gets the Pedegree on him and rolls him back in for the pin. The Undertaker comes down and attacks HHH - a brawl ensues until the rest of the CM thugs run down to try and separate them.

Nitro Report

Everybody seems to do video recaps to start the show these days. After the opening credits a black Hummer pulls up and disgorges Macho and Company, followed by a black limo with Kevin Nash. Nash debarks and gives chase as the Hummer speeds away. The question still seems to be, "Who be drivin' that thing??" Nitro is live from New Orleans, LA at the Louisianna SuperDome.

Master P is brought to the ring with his retinue of hip hop singers. They rap out a tune appropos of nothing as far as I can tell. They skip out into the audience area then back up to the platform, rapping all the way. If this is the new WCW "direction" I almost think I prefer the one from the WWF. I wish they'd both just get back to wrestling. Cut to commercial.

More video recap as we return - Master P has his first run-in with Curt Hennig. I'm glad to see they are giving Hennig some airtime - I just wish they'd give him a decent storyline.

Lodi compliments Lenny Lane on his attire then steps up to give him a neck massage while they talk about Lane's match tonight against Meng. You know, this almost looks like maybe WCW has decided to pick up the WWF's discarded "Too Much gay angle" and run with it. Cut to commercial.

We come back to the DJ (sigh...) - I wonder if they plan to do any wrestling tonight.

Psychosis vs. Kidman - I guess they heard me complaining. DJ Ran cut his appearance short and we plunged right into the first match. And what an opening contest! Both of these guys can really work a match. Psychosis has a little size advantage and starts right out kicking his opponent to the head in order to upset Kidman's game plan. Kidman shows his superior mobility and uses a pair of drop kicks to knock his opponent to the floor then splashes him out there. Back inside, Kidman re-enters with a slingshot leg drop. They climb the corner and struggle for position. Psychosis wins and pancakes his man to the mat. He gets a two count then stops to pose (idiot!) Kidman comes back with a whip and a lariet then is reversed on a second whip. He stops Psychosis' rush with a boot to the face but is then overwhelmed and tossed to the floor. Pyschosis follows him out and cements his advantage. Back inside, the luchadore looses a bit of ground but then knocks Kidman to the floor and then drop-kickd him off the apron as the latter tries to come back to the ring. Now Psychosis gets the suicide dive before they both return to the ring. Kidman regains the advantage but things go into see-saw mode. Psychosis gets a big Frankensteiner off the top then follows up with a reverse spin kick as Kidman gets to his feet. Kidman roars right back and for a moment they are both down. Kidman recovers and climbs up for his Shooting Star but Pychosis isn't cooperating so he settles for a stomp. At this point Team Madness appears and starts laying into both Cruiserweights. Sting runs in but not before Psychosis gets a big Sid powerbomb. Macho and Co. calmly stroll away as Sting watches from the ring then turns to help up the combatants. Kevin Nash comes down now and Sting welcomes him to the ring. Nash wants to know why there were no blows thrown then questions him about coming out of a black Hummer last week during his encounter with Rick Steiner. Sting grabs a mic and assures Nash that he wasn't driving the Hummer that hit him. Nash says, "you better not be the guy..." in so many words. I'm glad they let that match go for a while before they spoiled it. Cut to commercial.

Flair and Piper are watching TV in the back as we return. They talk about putting together a tag match - Sting/Nash vs. Savage/Sid for the next PPV. More video recap - this time it's Buff Bagwell's interference in the Piper/Flair match at the Bash followed by what happened to him on Nitro the next night. The 8-Man Geezers vs. Young Lions match, yatta yatta...

Lenny Lane vs. Meng - Lane wears an eyebrow ring tonight - I don't believe I have noticed that before, but then I don't normally pay much attention to LL. As Bobby says, with this opponent it could be Lois Lane for all the difference it will make. Meng sports a new hair doo and looks to have trimmed down a little lately. LL makes his first big mistake when he tries to headbutt the monster. It is all downhill form there a Lodi comes down to ringside to cheer on his new friend. In the ring, Lenny climbs the corner only to have Meng grab him in a goozle before the youngster can launch himself. Lodi seems put out but carefully avoids entering the ring until Meng departs. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Girls cavort in the ring as we return.

Video replay of the Hummer incident involving Sting last week. It seems pretty thin to me to assume that just because Sting hid out there to attack Steiner that that somehow is evidence for him as the mysterious driver...oh well, I guess they have to try and build the suspense somehow. Cut to commercial.

The Rappers are back and filling the ring as we return. The announcers tell us that Sting vs. Sid Vicious will be the main event tonight. Master P wants us to sing "Happy Birthday" to one of his entourage. He recruits an audience member to lead the singing. Curt Hennig shows up with a package under his arm saying he has a gift for the birthday boy. He apologizes for his past behaviour with about as much sincerity as he can muster (not much). The gift is a black cowboy hat. Hennig gets bashed with the birthday cake then stalks away looking peeved but not too excited. Is that Brad Armstrong in fatigues with the rest of the No Limit Soldiers? It is! Cut to commercial.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Eddie Guerrero - this is Gurrero's first match on TV since the first of the year. A good way to come back against a top Cruiserweight. Guerrera welcomes him back with an embrace and offers a handshake - but gets a slap to the face in return. Juvey slowly goes for a lockup and gets short cutted and demolished right off the bat. Eddie is really on fire for his return. Juvey makes a come back and they struggle for position until Juvey slams his opponent's face on the mat. Guerrero gets up and is slapped in the face then bails out. He complains to the referee on the way back in then uses the distraction to reassert himself. Now Juvey goes to the floor, Eddie follows him out and continues his assault. Back in the ring he applies a sleeper as we cut to commercial.

Juvey has turned the tables as we return but it only lasts a moment and Guerrero starts working on a leg - a solid strategy against a guy who depends so much on his aerial attack. He goes for another sleeper but Juvey reverses it to a belly-to-back. Eddie comes right back with a roll-up and gets a two count. He is still in control until Juvey grabs a mid-air bulldog, follows it with a hair-pull take down then a missle drop-kick. Eddie falls out to the floor and gets dived onto as a follow-up. Back in the ring Juvey drops him again then goes for the Juvey Driver. But Guerrero is way ahead of him, he grabs a backslide then turns it into a modified airplane spin. A Frog Splash gives him an easy pin. Guerrero is back with a vengence. Cut to commercial.

Prince Iaukea vs. Ernest "the man with one red shoe" Miller (w/Sonny Oono) - Miller dons his ruby slippers and does his dance before the match, then takes them off for his usual rant. He tries to give the Prince his five seconds but no soap. Iaukea jumps him and bashes his forehead to start the match then tosses him to the floor. Back inside, Miller absorbs a couple more shots then gets in a back kick which sends the Prince to the floor for some shots from Oono. Miller follows him out and lays in a shot of his own then waits inside for the Prince to recover. Iaukea runs right into a karate kick as he returns. Miller then scoop slams him and drops a chop to his throat. But Iaukea isn't done yet. He gets some kicks of his own and uses a Samoan drop to good affect. But then Oono tosses Miller a loaded shoe and he uses it to put his opponent down for the count. Cut to commercial.

Booker T vs. Kanyon - Kanyon wears his Tag Team Title belt to the ring (as part of the Triad - he is apparently entitled to it). Booker riles him up with a slap to the face before the match starts. Kanyon feels a lot of frustration as the match wears on, Booker is outclassing him at every turn. Booker grabs an arm bar and grounds his opponent. Kanyon stoops to an attack on the eyes to grab the initiative but as soon as Booker gets moving again, Kanyon is out of luck. He is crawling around on the floor outside the ring as we cut to commercial.

Kanyon is still outside as we return. He has been trying to change the momentum apparently. He tries to turn the tables as he re-enters but Booker is ahead of him again. Kanyon perserveres, pulls off a swinging neck breaker and finally takes control for a bit. He grabs a strange looking reverse Boston Crab of sorts. This is not good for leverage though and Booker easily reverses it. Kanyon kicks Booker to the floor then follows him out and runs him into the railing. He tries it again but is reversed into the railing himself. Kanyon is rolled back in and gets right to his fet to catch Booker coming in. He downs the former TV champ then grabs a surfboard. Booker powers out of it but takes a kick to the gut. Kanyon hooks him up on the mat but only gets a one count. He gets a vertical suplex then a two-count. Kanyon bulls his opponent into the corner and chokes him with his boot, mares him out and drops an elbow. Still no cigar. Booker reverses the field on a pick-up and gets a two-count himself but he is still out of it. Kanyon comes back with a reverse chinlock. Booker powers out but Kanyon comes back with a DDT and gets another two-count. Back to the reverse chinlock. Booker fights to his feet and is forced to the mat by a hair pull, twice. Booker comes back with a Harlem Side kick in the corner then a spin wheel. Booker is about to take the pin when Kanyon's New Jersey buddies hit the ring and punk Booker. The referee is Diamond Cut to shut him up then Booker gets the same treatment but on the Title belt. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene invites the Flair team to the ring in "the shank of the evening..." (what the hell does that mean..?) The Nature Boy is wearing wrestling gear...hmmmm... Piper says he's here to stir up some trouble and addresses Buff Bagwell first, whom he finds "irritating". He calls Buff a liar for saying he beat Ric Flair (gosh, I would swear I saw that...) Flair grins a big grin before he launches into his rant. He calls Bagwell a punk whose looking for a free ride. He claims that Buff's girlfriend called him last night then paid him a visit in his room. That brings Bagwell out to attack Flair, which gets Buff punked Piper and Flair. I notice Aysha clears the ring real quick when the action starts. Flair tells Bagwell he'll be facing Piper and Flair - right now. The bell sounds and we are underway. It's a handicap match and Buff is dominating it! Arn tries to interfere but the referee manages to keep things legal. Flair is ejected from the ring and consults with AA before returning. Buff jumps right on him and starts to apply a figure four - but Piper intereferes then tags in. Now Bagwell is overpowering Piper just like he did Flair. He grabs a reverse chinlock to take a breather. Flair delivers an illegal kick to reverse the field. Piper gets a sleeper in the center of the ring. Buff almost goes out but then recovers and uses a back kick to escape. Flair tags in, chops him down then climbs the corner. As usual he is caught there and slammed to the mat. Bagwell has a good flurry but then misses a drop-kick. Flair goes for the figure four but Bagwell cradles him for a pin attempt. Bagwell is in charge again until Flair hits a low blow then tags Piper. Piper chokes him on the bottom rope, working on his infamous injured neck. Dean Malenko runs in and is held back by the referee, who agrees to make it a tag match. Bagwell fights his way out of the corner and gets a clothesline then collapses. Eventually he gets a tag to Malenko and the latter cleans house. He even knocks Arn off the apron. He fights both opponents then turns and gets Arn in the Texas Cloverleaf. Meanwhile, Bagwell gets Flair in the blockbuster but Piper is loading up his fist with a set of brass knucks. He clobbers Bagwell then rolls Flair over onto him for the pin. That was fun. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrrls in the ring as we return then we go back to selling stuff.

Konnans' Sr. and Jr. (w/3 No Limit Soldiers) vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Bam Bam Bigalow (w/Kanyon) - World Tag Team Title match - one of the saddest things I've seen is the submerging of the great Rey Misterio, Jr. into this silly rap gimmick. Konnan may need that stuff to get over but Rey is being wasted as Konnan's lap dog here in my opinion. Chase, Brad Armstrong and one other of the Soldiers accompany the challengers. Misterio points Armstrong out before the Champs make their entrance. Misterio faces DDP to start. Page shrugs off Rey's first attack then gets a backbreaker. Bigalow and Kanyon are roaming at will out on the floor - in fact it appears that Kanyon is then partner for Page, not Bigalow as was announced. Konnan tags in and is cleaning house until Page hits a jawbreaker on him. Misterio comes in and faces Kanyon. He makes the mistake of suicide diving Bigalow on the floor. Oh - it works fine but the distracted Rey is run into the steps by Page. Page is suplexing Misterio back inside as we cut to commercial.

Rey is being pummeled by Bigalow as we return - I guess the Triad feels it can change partners in the middle of the match. This is ridiculous... Page comes back in and toys with the luchadore. It is a mistake as Rey gets a flying head scissors then gets a tag. Konnan faces Kanyon and runs him over. Rey comes in to rough ride on Kanyon while Konnan beats on Page in his own corner. Now Bigalow and Kanyon are the ones in the match and Page is on the floor. The announcers are explaining that they have this privilege because Flair is the president - oh...that's the answer... This makes the Tag Champs almost invulnerable, basically every match is three on two. Konnan is held in a front chancilry and is forcing Page to his corner but then the ref is distracted so Kanyon is able to break it up. Now order really starts to break down as the Country Boyz run in followed by Saturn and Beniot then the rest of the No Limit Soldiers and Master P. It turns into a NLS rout and we get a few fighting words from Master P before we cut to commecial.

Sid Vicious vs. Sting - Michael Buffer makes the introductions - I remember Sting making mince meat out of Sid a few years ago (as told in part 19 ot the Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen). Before the match can get started, Team Savage joins Sid at ringside. Not good. Immediately, Savage gets involved by grabbing Sting from the outside. This gives Sid his opening to start pounding on him. Sting comes back then Sid raises a boot and completely misses - but Sting obligingly goes down anyway. Medusa gets in a shot from ringside before Sid goes back to work on his opponent. Sting is outnumbered 5 to 1 - as is any opponent of Team Savage. The referee is helpless to do anything about it. But Sting lures Sid into a sucker rush to the corner and starts whaling on him. Savage invades the ring and Sting is on the receiving end again as the bell sounds. Lex Luger runs in with a chair to rescue him. Savage grabs a chair on the outside and we have a standoff as the clock winds down toward the end of the program. Savage rants at the two of them then hands to the mic to Sid so he can stumble over his lines. Sting shoots out an oddly "WWFesk" rejoinder and the program ends.

RAW Report

More recap of recent events to open the show.

RAW is live from Jerry Lawler's home town of Memphis, Tennessee. HHH and Chyna come to the ring - no doubt to rant against the Undertaker. Sure enough he calls UT out. Before they can come to blows the rest of the Ministry arrives to keep them apart and Vince McMahon wants to talk them out of it. He reasons that they are just playing right into Austin and the Rock's hands as the crowd chants "A$$hole!" at him. He goes on to tell Austin, Maivia and others that they aren't slated to get what they want. He turns his attention specifically to Austin and reminds him of the stipulations they (he and Shane) have placed on their handicap match at KOR (ladder match with the CEO position, and the McMahon's shares of company stock up for grabs). He concludes that Austin doesn't have a chance but Austin appears on the platform with a black ladder (his Corporate Ladder, if you weeel...) and tells them to stick it. He accepts the match with a new stip of his own - no Corporate Ministry member may interfere at the cost of a DQ. Vince counters by rejecting Austin's stip and further making the match no hold barred. Now Commissioner Michaels appears. He brings the Stooges out to serve him coffee! He orders a match to decide what the stipulations will be - Austin vs. a Corporate Ministry member of their choice. The winner of this match will get their choice of stips. McMahon wants to put the Undertaker in but Michaels vetoes that because he says UT is booked. Shane throws HHH out - but Michaels says "no" to that one too...because he has booked an HHH vs. UT World Title match for tonight. The McMahons pick the Bossman and then Michaels drops the final bomb - he will referee the match himself. Then he surprises the McMahons by further ordering a tag match pitting the Stooges vs. the McMahons. The McMahons sic the Ministry on the Stooges who split. Viscera is still in the ring with the McMahons when Ken Shamrock runs in and levels him with a chair. The McMahons split. In the back Jeff Jarrett is arguing with Michaels saying he isn't prepared to fight tonight. Cut to commercial.

Vince is giving the Ministry a pep talk as we return.

Test vs. Ken Shamrock - two UNION members against each other - another example of the McMahon's "creative" booking. Jeff Jarrett and Debra appear being prodded out by the Stooges. Patterson announces that it will now be an IC title match.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Test vs. Ken Shamrock - Three Way Dance for the Intercontinental Title - Test attacks Jarrett on the floor then tosses him in. The two UNION members start to team up on Jarrett but that breaks down as each realizes what is at stake in the match. Still the two of them concentrate threir efforts on Jarrett for a little while. Jarrett and Test fall out to the floor followed by the referee while Shamrock is out of it in the ring. Steve Blackman comes down and attacks Shamrock with a kendo stick for no apparent reason. Jarrett runs back in and pins Shamrock to keep his title.

During the break, Blackman calmly walked out of the arena before Shamrock had a chance to recover and go after him.

The Rock vs. Edge - Maivia comes on as aggressive as usual and dominates the opening moments. Edge comes back with a spinning heel kick to turn the tables. But it is only for a moment as the Rock roars back. He pounds his opponent into the corner then runs him into the opposite buckle. Edge appears to be losing the match continues. He gets another short flurry, including a good missle drop-kick then launches himself off the top and right into a Rock Bottom. The People's Elbow tells the tale. The Undertaker runs in after the match and attacks Maivia. He gets a Tombstone and then splits. Cut to commercial.

Mark Henry vs. Viscera - Gorilla Press Slam match - Viscera's name, for those who don't know, roughly translates as "Guts". He goes for the pickup right off the bat but can't manage it with Henry still fighting him off. Henry succeeds in taking Viscera off his feet on the second tackle then goes for a scoop but can't lift him up over his head. He is generally dominating this contest but then he makes the mistake of climbing to the second turnbuckle. Viscera catches him there and uses the fact of his elevation to press and slam him (sort of). He is declared the winner but decides to add some punishment and climbs the corner. D-Lo runs in catches him there to break it up. In the back, Beaver Cleavage is in the middle of an interview when he suddenly says, "I can't do this..." and walks away. He seems to have become disenchanted with his characterization - I don't blame him... Cut to commercial.

The announcers are acting as if what we saw just before the break was a shoot - I doubt it... more commercials. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Big Bossman - Shawn Michaels is the special referee - the winner will determine which stipulation is enforced during the KOR Handicap Ladder match - Austin poses for the crowd then goes right on the offensive. Bossman bails and heads up the ramp where he meets the McMahons headed toward the ring with the "Corporate Ladder". Austin attacks his opponent and the McMahons scatter. The match goes back into the ring and the McMahons finish their trip to the ring, ladder in hand. Vince sets the ladder up and climbs up a few steps while Shane joins the broadcast team. The fight swirls around the TV table and Austin upsets the ladder and sends Vince sprawling on the table. Back in the ring, Bossman puts a modified camel clutch on his opponent. He punches him and then switches to a trapezius claw. Austin fights his way free but is out on his face. McMahon is ranting at the announcers now as Bossman misses his trademark bottom rope straddle move. Austin follows with a Thesz press and almost gets a pinfall. Bossman returns with a boot to the face. He goes for his nightstick - but Austin has recovered and gets the stunner to take the pin. Cut to commercial.

We see the Bossman getting punked by the Ministry in the back for his failure during the break.

Val Venis vs. Prince Albert (w/Droz) - Venis is hot and doesn't even bother to do his little schtick. He jumps the two of them as they approach the ring and handcuffs Droz to the corner. He delivers a money shot on PA then handcuffs him as well to the bottom rope. He takes PA's tool box, pins his legs and brands him on the butt with a "VV" tatoo! Cut to commercial.

X-Pac/Road Dogg/Kane vs. Billy Gunn/The Acolytes - 6 Man Tag Team match - X-Pac challenges the Tag Champs to put their titles on the line - Billy accepts for them causing the Dogg to joke that the Acolytes are talking "through their A$$". This match is over in about a minute as the Acolytes brawl on the outside against the Dogg and Kane, in the ring Billy uses one of the tag straps to bean X-Pac and pin him. Then he walks off with the belt. Cut to commercial.

On GTV, Al Snow picks his nose (and eats it!!!) while holding a one-sided conversation with Head.

The Big Show comes to the ring followed by Bob Holly who stands on the platform and taunts the big guy. He must be an idiot... Too many shots to the head I think. He challenges Wight to a Hardcore match. They meet in the ringside area and brawl up towards the back of the arena. Or, more accurately, Wight knocks Holly around and forces him out to the parking lot where he runs him into a concrete retaining wall. Holly drops over the edge to a lower level behind a small red car. Wight then proceeds to shove the car off the edge!! He drops down to the lower level and pins Holly with one big boot. Cut to commercial. The McMahons vs. The Stooges - Vince comes down and intimidates JR before entering the ring. The Stooges come down to Hulk Hogan's old music and run right in on the attack. They are dominating the action until Vince gets a low-blow on Patterson. Before the McMahons can recover, Ken Shamrock runs in and chases Vince off. Patterson and Brisco start to punk Shane but they are distracted by the Mean Street Posse. The Stooges are beating up on Rodney and Pete when a new member (and a real bruiser) shows up. They gang up on the Stooges and attempt to break their legs with a chair. Cut toc commercial.

HHH (w/Chyna) vs. The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) - World Title match - UT attacks after lulling his opponent into a false sense of security. HHH takes it for a little bit then strikes back with a low blow which barely affects the Champ. He changes his attack and focuses on the knees of his larger opponent. He is successful with this tack and steps up the intensity of his assault. He then distracts the referee so that Chyna can get in a few shots. HHH is knocked to the floor where Paul Bearer gets his own cheap shot. The Undertaker limps as he follows him opponent out. Back in the ring, UT starts to make his come back. He whips HHH toward the corner and sends him careening over the top to the floor. Helmsley comes right back and manages to slap on a figure four leg lock on those injured knees. UT reaches past it to grasp HHH by the throat. He gets the chokeslam with one hand then Chyna comes in with a chair. UT blocks the blow and she splits. HHH flees the ring as well and then the Rock comes running in and drops UT with a Rock Bottom. He delivers elbow drop after elbow drop as a giant Brahma Bull head descends from the ceiling. Here comes the Ministry but...the Bossman appears and fights them off with his night stick. They abandon Paul Bearer who is handcuffed to the giant bulls head crucifixion-style as the Rock rants about this Sunday and we fade to black.

That's it for tonight. I'll be back on Thursday Night with the Friday Morning Edition. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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