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Austin Regains the WWF Title!

Volume 4, Issue 478 - June 28, 1999
Editor's Note: I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those who sent Anniversary greetings to my wife and I. We celebrated 25 years together (27 if you count the time we spent together before getting hitched) on Tuesday. That's why this edition is late.

As I put this edition to bed tonight I have received confirmation that ECW has just inked a 3 year deal to start appearing on the Nashville Network (TNN) beginning in August. It will be airing on Fridays just before TNN's popular RollerJam program and will begin on Augest 27. The first few shows are scheduled to be special "History of ECW" programs to bring the national audience up to speed. I have posted the official ECW press release concerning this on the Mailroom page.

Solie's wishes to congratulate ECW promoter Paul Heyman and his staff and wrestlers on this exciting development.

Sunday Night Heat

Heat is live from the Greensboro Colliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, the site of the 1999 King of the Ring. The Mcmahons approach the ring carrying a ladder between them. The entryway is decorated with dozens of aluminum ladders. Theyu set their "Corporate Ladder" up in the ring flanked by members of the Corporate Ministry. Vince claims that there are no problems within the Ministry, including HHH and the Undertaker. he rants against the Bossman, saying he disappointed the McMahons so they are going to adminiater a little "tough love" - they have put him into a handicap match against Mideon and Viscera (who have a habit of losing handicap matches, by the way...) He then unleashes his venom on Steve Austin, claiming that they are going to make his life a hell starting tomorrow night. Shawn Michaels appears on the platform to make an announcement. He decides to arrange a match for Vince on Heat...against Ken Shamrock! Vince swallows his gorge as Shamrock appears at Michaels' side. Vince tries to refuse the match but Michaels reminds him that he himself gave Shawn the power to book matches as he sees fit. He threatens to DQ the McMahon's from the handicap match later and hand control over to Austin. McMahon proposes Mideon or Viscera but Shawn reminds Vince that he has already booked them in a match. Vince then counters with one of the Acolytes but Michaels will only accept Shane as a substitute. Vince agrees much to Shane's dismay. In the back the Rock is seen entering the building while talking on his cell phone. Cut to commercial.

In the back, Vince is trying to figure out a way to finess this latest developement.

The Hardey Boyz (w/Michael Hayes) vs. The Brood (Christian/Edge w Gangrel) - Edge (and his goofy grin) faces Jeff Hardey to start. He dominates him and gets a pancake slam before tagging in his brother. Together they run a double team number on thier opponent . About this time th Acolytes run in and break the match up. Bradshaw takes the mic and rants at Billy Gunn for stealing his Title belt. He wants a match tomorrow night with Gunn.

In the back, Shane is having a cow... Cut to commercial.

The Big Bossman vs. Viscera/Mideon - Bossman looks neither repentent or intimidated as he comes to the ring. Mideon is wearing the belt he found in Shane's locker last week - the European Title belt (I have heard that Mideon is now defending this title in house shows...strange). Bossman dominates Viscera for a moment until the big guy sticks a fnger in his eye. Mideon tags in and is likewise dominated. There is a KOR countdown clock in the corner of the screen showing about 32 minutes until the big event. Viscera tags in and gets slammed by Bossman. Mideon has to save his cookies. They doubleteam him and then Viscera splashes him. Viscera goes for the night stivk - but D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry hit the ring and drive them off. The Bossman seems glad for the help and celebrates with his saviours and the crowd. Cut to commercial.

Road Dog is interviewed by Jerry Lawler. The King wants to know how he feels to wrestle "a girl". The Dogg responds that Chyna is no girls - "...she's a b*tch!" He apologizes for his language before going on with his rant. He offers Chyna three minutes free before he starts "kickin' it doggie style." Chyna and HHH show up and come right to the ring. Lawler is caught beween th two sides. She reaches across and slaps the Dogg then the two of them fall on him until X-Pac runs out and drives them away. Ken Shamrock is pacing in the back. Cut to commercial.

In the back a street fight between Val Venis and Prince Alberts starts prematurely then makes it's way out to the ringside area. PA has the size advantage abd seems to hanle himself pretty well. The match is a pretty even affair in the see-saw mode. Val finally has it in hand and is going for the Money Shot when Droz runs in and shoves him off the top. They start to punk him but the Godfather runs in and evens the odds. They eject the two pierced ones and we go to comercial.

Ken Shamrock vs. Shane McMahon - Shane makes his reluctant entrance and hesitates about climbing the stairs, then again climbing into the ring. Shamrock offers him a free shot at his chin. Shane takes his shot then tries to flrr but Shamrock cuts him off and drags him back to the ring. Shamrock gets a Frankensteiner then slaps on the ankle lock submission as Steve Blackman calmly walks into the ring and attacks him with his kendo stick. Shamrock is really in trouble by the tim Blackman breaks off and splits. Shane plants a kick to his opponent's ribs as we cut to commercial.

In the ring, Shamrock is bleeding heavily from the mouth (apparently from internal injuries and Blackman is again calmy slipping out of the building.

The Rock comes to the ring to rant about his WWF Title match tonight as the Brahma Bull symbol appears suspended from the rafters in front of the Titantron. The scene (and the program) ends with the Undertaker appearing on the Titantron and the Bull symbol bursting into flames.

Nitro Report

A limo pulls up outside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois and disgorges Ric Flair, his baby boy and the owner of the arena. Flair points to the statue of Michael Jordon in front of the arena and "Uncle Bruce" tells David (who is sporting bleach-blond hair) that a statue even bigger will be erected to to the younger Flair after he wins the WCW World Title tonight!.

After the announcers hype the card (and tell us that WCW will debut Curt Hennig's "I Hate Rap" video tonight) then we get right into the action.

Fit Finley/Steven Regal (w/Dave Taylor) vs. Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn - a match with excellent potential to start the program. Regal is among the top five scientific grapplers in the world and the rest of these guys are no slouches either. The match starts out with Benoit against Finley and barely gets underway before the first commercial break.

Saturn has replaced Benoit as we return and seems to be on the receiving end. Finley turns him inside out with a big clothesline then tags in Regal who continues the assaul in a more genteel manner until Saturn gets a waistlock and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Regal manages to tag out and Finley in all over Saturn before he can recover. Saturn takes it some more then grabs a sleeper and turns the tables - but Regal has Taylor distract the referee so that he can hit Saturn with his flag pole. Saturn still manages to make the tag and Benoit goes into his wolverine impression as he cleans house. He gets the swan dive head butt on Regal which brings Finley in which brings Saturn in and all hell breaks loose. In the melee, Saturn gets the DVD on Finley and gets the pin. Cut to the DJ then to the back where Flair and Piper are in conference discussing the youngins' title shot. Van Hammer walks in and demands a title shot - he gets Steiner - which one is not actually specified. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair and company (Arn, Aysha, Charles Robinson) come to the ring as we return. He starts out by inviting Piper to join then for a statement. Piper starts his rant by naming some of Chicagos favorite and not-so-favorite sons then trashes Howard Stern who has apparently made some noises about getting into the ring with Piper. He goes on to allude to the Geezers vs. Youngsters feud only we know the youngster he is talking about is the very undeserving David Flair. He sets up a lumberjack match for the World Title but falis to mention who the chalklenger will be. He leaves that to the elder Flair, who does reveal that the challenger is David, that the referee will be Robinson and then goes on to invite Randy Savage and Sid Vicious to the ring. Macho and his thugs (thugtresses?) arrive with pomp and ceremony and the ring is really filling up (looks like the beginning or RAW or something :-) He wants Savage and his people to be lumberjacks - in return he says he'll restore the top rope elbow drop to legality (despite Robinson's impassioned protestations). Savage and Sid agree to be at ringside for the fight. In the back Lenny Lane is painting his nails blue! He is concerned - "what will WCW do if they find out about us?" he asks Lodi. Well, I don't know Lenny - maybe they are watching TV and we'll know soon... Cut to commercial.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Lodi (w/Lenny Lane) - the referee gets knocked down early giving Lane a chance to come in and help his friend. It does them no good as Eddie cleans the mat with both of them. He is ready to Frog Splash Lodi when Lane sips back in and tries to shield his helpless significant other. So Eddie splashes both of them and takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

Flair is in conference again with his son and other hangers-on. Piper proposes that they add some more muscle to the ringsiders - Bam Bam Bigalow, Kanyon and Diamond Dallas Page for three. The deck is being stacked big time. Flair has adopted a new slogan - to wit: "I want to be like Dave, I want to be like Dave." Sorry - it has no ring to it... Cut to commercial.

Hak (w/Chastity) comes to the ring. Hak takes the mic and wants to know if the crowd wants to see him get extreme. They answer in the affirmitive. He calls Ric Flair out but Flair declines to appear. Bam Bam Bigalow appears instead and heads for the ring. Hak makes the mistalke of turning his back for a moment as Bigalow enters and gets mowed down then crushed in the corner. The stick goes flying but lands in the corner of the ring. Hak tahes a few more shots then explodes out of the corner. Bigalow falls out of the ring followed by Hak who is caught as he comes off the apron. Bigalow runs his back into the post thebn tucks the kendo stick away under the ring before rolling Hak back inside. Now it is all Bigalow who goes for his top rope head butt but misses. Hak climbs and goes for a somersault splash...and misses. He comes right back and gets a flying bulldog but Kanyon and DDP run in to distract the referee and deliver the Diamond Cutter respectively. Bam Bam takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring for his weekly rant as we return. Tony is surprised to note that nobody has asked the "Who be drivin' the Hummer?" question yet tonight. Patience Tony, the night is young. Nash says that he knows that a lot of people want him to lose his title tonight and laments the fact that his only true friend (Scott Hall) is sitting home in Orlando. He wants to make a stipulation of his own - he wants to put the title up against 72 hours with Torrie! This is getting too much like RAW... Cut to commercial.

More DJ crap...I'll "make some noise" if he'll shut up.

nWo B-Team (minus Norton) vs. The Country Boyz - 8 man tag team match - Tony introduces the latter as if they are a law firm: Hennig, Windham, Windham and Duncum. This is no cruiserweight tag match that's for sure. Windham (B) vs. Adams starts the contest. A pretty even match up with Windham holding about a decade more experience. I must say that Windham looks to have slimmed down a bit from the whale he portrayed in the WWF last year. Stevie Ray comes in simultaneously with Hennig and the B-Team leader dominates his opponent until Hennig pops him in the eye. Kendall comes in and has less success. Vincent is tagged in and is his more aggressive self of late. This is a very hard hitting match so far. Horace and Barry face off - this is really moving fast for so many big guys. Kendall tags in after his brother has turned the tables and now Horace is being isolated until Duncum comes in a spoils it. Vincent is back in and is showing us something as he takes on both Windhams. Suddenly everybody is fighting inside and out of the ring. In the ring th Windhams double team on Vincent and take the pin after a bulldos by Kendall. Cut to commercial.

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Disco Inferno - dance contest - the referee (Nick Patrick) tells the combatants (?) that the winer will be determined by fan reaction - so naturally Miller starts out by trying to intimidate and insult the entire audience. He does his ersatz James Brown thing. Disco then goes into his dance which provokes Miller to attack him from behind - so much for the dance thing. Now it's a fight. Miller dominates the early going by getting the first shot in but Disco comes roaring back and his superior wrestling ability scores him some points until Miller sticks a foot in his face. Now Disco is down and Miller is pounding on him - picking his shots. Miller is easily distracted by the unfriendly crowd but manages to keep Disco helpless with carefully places shots to the throat mixed with cheap shots to the eyes and such. He stands Disco up and levels him with a round kick to the chest. He gets a two-count. A faint "Goldberg" chants starts up. Miller is distracted and is surprised with a Chartbuster. Disco goes for the pin but Oono runs in and tries to kick him...but gets Miller instead. Disco is distracted ad almost rolled up and pinned. The match continues and Miller regains the upper hand - but then Jerry Flynn runs in and knocks Miller out with a kick. The bell is rung and somehow, Tony is saying that Disco won. Flynn tells Oono to have Miller sign a contract to meet Flynn next week, "...when he wakes up." Cut to commercial.

We see the opening moments of the program once more as we return then go back to commercial.

More DJ crap.

Buff Bagwell/Dean Malenko vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Kanyon (w/Bam Bam Bigalow) - Non-Title match - Flair and Arn have joined the broadcasters, Arn is wearing referee's stripes and says that he will referee the main event tonight instead of Charles Robinson. Page starts against Malenko and is no match for the smaller man as a wrestler. He tags out quickly. Kanyon comes in a faces Bagwell. Kanyon takes him down with a tackle then apes Buff's little strut move only to turn around and gets flattened. Malenko is tagged in but a blind tag gets him into trouble. Now Bigalow has taken Kanyon's place. This is so stupid!! He stays in long enough to throw his weight around a bit then tags Kanyon and leaves the apron. Malenko is on the receiving end as Kanyon and Page tag in and out. Bagwell is getting anxious and distracting the referee - which does Malenko no good at all. The latter is being punished on the apron as we cut to commercial.

Malenko is still being isolated as we return. He manages a head scissors on Page just after we come back and gets the tag to Bagwell. Buff cleans house then four of the five are in (Bigalow is on the apron). Malenko takes Page over the top to the floor and Bagwell is going for the Blockbuster but Bigalow knocks him off the top. Tony can;t seem to make up his mind whether or not this is a title match (it's not). Bigalow has replaced Page in the ring and he and Kanyon now have Bagwell on the defensive. Try as they might they can't take him out. Page grabs a front face lock on the mat. Bagwell is struggling to get free but Bigalow is distracting the referee on the other side so that Kanyon can help Page drag Bagwell back to their corner. Now Kanyon has the fron face lock. Malenko finally gets in and cleans house. During a double team the referee is downed. Buff gets a Blockbuster on Kanyon but Page knocks him out of the ring. Meanwhile Bigalow runs Malenko over while he's putting the Texas Cloverleaf on Kanyon then helps Page get a doubleteam Diamond Cutter. Kanyon is rolled on top and the revived referee makes the count. Cut to commercial.

"I Hate Rap" video. eh...

Scott Putski vs. Sid Vicious (w/Team Savage) - yeah right...silly squash match. usual Savage/Sid rant afterwards... Cut to commercial.

David Flair (w/everybody in the world outside the ring) vs. Kevin Nash - World Title match - Dvid wears a silver and black "Nature Boy" robe and is accompanied by Torrie. Then the "lumberjacks" file out. Nash approaches the ring rather cautiously (no, really???) David abandons the ring as soon as the bell rings and the thugs swarm into the ring. Savage wraps a chain around his fist and starts laying them in. The Flairs and Torrie are just looking on as Arn pretends to have something in his eye. David comes in and puts on a figure four but Nash powers out of it and Flair is on the receiving end. David is planted by a sidewalk slam but, of course, Arn won;t count. In fact he attacks Nash and the troups sorm in a second time. David enters with a shock stick but Nash grabs it away and uses it to hold off the thugs then grabs Gorgeous George and starts walking away from the ring. Torrie joins him as he walks out and she is smiling. They go to Savage's limo and GG is thrown in. The Hummer is parked nearby and we see what looks like Sting 's face in the side view mirror. Nash see it as well but the thugs are approaching so he piles into the limo with Torie and they speed away. Fade to black.

RAW Report

The program opens with stills of the PPV main event. That was a hell of a bump that Shane took!

RAW is live from Charlotte Colosseum in Charlotte, North Carolina (in the heart of Four Horsemen country, I might add...) Here comes the McMahons and thugs to rant about their success at the King of the Ring. Shane carries "the briefcase" with a flourish. Confetti and balloons rain from the ceiling. Vince has the mic and declares this a "...night of celebration." He promises us, no wait, he GUARANTEES us that tonight will be a night we will never...EVER forget (is it me or does that have a familiar ring to it?) He turns the mic over to Shane who proceeds to fire Steve Austin as CEO of the WWF. Vince goes on to say that Austin is in the building tonight and will be wrestling in a prelim match-up and adds that he will then participate in the ring take-down! He turns to the Undertaker and congratulates him on his victory over the Rock then announces that as a "reward for functioning as a unit", UT and HHH will be priveleged to face each other for the WWF Title at the next (Fully Loaded) PPV. Suddenly the Big Bossman's old "Hard Time" music blairs forth and the man himself stalks out to the ring and steps up on the apron and into the ring. He goes nose-to-nose with the McMahons for a moment then he grabs the mic and says, "I love you guys." The all embrace and we have a momentary love fest as BB is welcomed back into the fold. Now it is Austin's turn to try and spoil the party - his entrance theme sounds and Austin appears on the platform. He reveals that he went into the match Sunday armed with a new contract he had written for himself (while he still could...), removing the clause that said he couldn't hit Vince, giving himself a raise, and a WWF Title shot for tonight! And, by the way, if the Corporate thugs interfere - UT will be disqualified and Austin will win the title by forfeit. Shots of Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock in different parts of the building lead into the first commercial.

Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman - no DQ weapons match - Shamrock comes down to the ring as they show video of Blackman whaling on the former with his kendo stick the other night. He grabs a mic and demands that Blackman show his face. As Blackman complies, carrying a bag of goodies, Kenny flies out of the ring and attacks him in the aisle. He is all over his enemy but has to pause to grab his ribs from time-to-time in order to remind us of what we just saw during the video recap. They finally roll into the ring and Shamrock tries to make use of Blackman's weapons but Blackman beats him to the draw with a kick to the gut. He grabs som Num-Chuks from the bag ands uses them then Blackman tears off Kenny's shirt to reveal taped ribs then breaks a baton of some sort on Shamrock's mid-section. He switches to the kendo stick and strikes his opponent's head (actually his shoulder) then splits. Shamrock is bleeding from the mouth again. Cut to commercial.

Video of what we just saw is followed by an interview with the new King of the Ring by Michael Cole, who calls the interviewee "BA Billy Gunn" for some reason. Mr. Posterior insists that he is the new Tag Team Champ because the Acolytes refused his challenge (huh?). He says he tired of carrying people and lists his previous partners in crime. Cole asks about his match with Bradshaw tonight - he is not concerned. HHH and Chyna make their entrance now and HHH questions Billy about whether or not he has been receiving his DX royalty checks. He claims that X-Pac and the Road Dogg have been syphoning off the funds. He proposes that Billy and Chyna should go after them for reimbursement, Gunn agrees. The DX theme music plays and suddenly the Rock is in the ring and all over HHH. Officials swarm to pull them apart.

A video interview taped earlier has the former "Beaver Cleavage" telling us that he wants to be known simply as "Chaz" (Chaz Warrington, a kid from New Jersey) and will be doing his own thing from now on without gimmicks and supported by his girlfriend Marianna (the former "Mom Cleavage"). In the back, Steve Austin is lacing up his boots. Cut to commercial.

We get some "GTV" footage as we return. When are they going to get a color camera? Test and Stephanie McMahon come out of the Charlotte Marriot together and approach a car, Test opens the passenger door for Stephanie who rewards him with a kiss! He walks around to the driver side and then drive off. Hmmmm... More commercials.

Meat (w/PMS) vs Chaz (w/Marianna) - Chaz wears trunks with a big yellow smiley face on them. JR tells us that the powers that be have signed the Rock to face HHH later tonight. The match seems pretty evenly fought until until the girls start getting involved. Marianna dn Teri get into it and the latter gets shoved off the apron. Meat is distracted and racked then slammed and pinned (eventually they will tell us what he calls that move because it looks like a signature finisher to me...)

Terry Taylor interviews Test concerning his relationship with Stephanie but before he can get an answer Shane and the Mean Street posse strike hard and fast. More officials in to break it up.

The Undertaker is doing that yucky trick with his eyes as we return. Hardcore Holly comes to the ring to continue his latest lunacy. We get a video recap that shows us the car shot from a different angle. He really wasn't hit after all (that's good, I was sure he was dead and the Holly we've been seeing was his ghost...) Now he tells us that he's ready to take on Kane (this guy just doesn't learn...)

Kane vs. Hardcore Holly - Lawler is impressed when Holly doesn't flinch as the flashpots go off (Lawler himself squeals as usual, of course). Kane is all over his idiot opponent to start the match. Then he goes to the top and Holly manages to upset his balance and crotch him. A drop-kick sends Kane sprawling on the floor. Holly is in the process of bringing the big guy back in when the "Even Bigger Guy" shows up. Holly retreats to a far corner with referee Teddy Long while Paul Wight chokeslams Kane then walks off leaving Holly to take the pin with one foot on Kane's chest (for some reason, Wight's interference wasn't enough to make Teddy end the match). Kane pops up and delivers his own chokeslam on that idiot Holly, four times! Cut to commercial.

The Rock vs. HHH (w/Chyna) - Maivia takes a moment to deliver a cliche ridden rant against the Undertaker then HHH rushes in and the fight is on...and over in about a minute when King Billy runs in with a club and whales on the Rock. Billy rants on in the ring as HHH and Chyna stalk away. Cut to commercial.

Video recap of Gunn's club attack on the Rock (could we call that a "Billy Club"..? Just wondering...)

Mike Cole goes back to check on the Rock's condition but we get an eyefull of Droz and Prince Albert putting the boots to Val Venis and running him into a roll-up door. Officials break it up.

The Godfather vs. Edge - GF brings out four garden tools tonight, including a blonde in a red dress who struts around the ring and makes this show worth the price of admission (OK, we didn't pay anything but you know what I mean...) Edge makes his entrance from out of the stands like he did when he first appeared in the WWF. For the umpteenth time tonight the match is cut short when outside interference rears its ugly head. In this case its the aforementioned Droz and PA who distract the referee and slam GF respectively so that Edge can get his "scintillating" spear (in the words of JR) and take the pin in under 2 minutes. The Godfather is then subjected to a punking until the lady in red comes into the ring. Droz and Albert make like they are going to do something dasterdly to her but Edge comes to her rescue. Edge flashes his moronic grin at the garden tool he rescued and they walk off together. We get a shot of Gangrel up in the cheap seats somewhere apparently not to happy with this turn of events. In the back, Billy Gunn has a conversation with someone off camera as we cut to commercial.

King William I vs. Bradshaw (w/Faarooq) - we are treated to a video recap of just why this match has come about - the stolen tag team title belt and all that. Faarooq gets involved in the match early on when he clobbers Billy with the remaining title belt. Billy kicks out of a pin attempt by Bradshaw and we are off. Billy is on the receiving end (for longer then any of tonight's previous matches have lasted) and even gets caught in mid-air when he tries his own version of a Stinger splash, but eventually comes out of the corner with a tornado DDT to turn the tables. He follows with a back elbow then a standing drop-kick then moons Faarooq, who tries to hit him with the title belt again but hits his partner instead. X-Pac runs in to distract Billy allowing Bradshaw to hit a big lariat and gets the pin. Chyna runs down and attacks X-Pac followed by the Road Dogg who actually hits the "lady" for a change. Billy and Chyna hightail it away as the DX theme plays. Cut to commercial.

We come back just long enough for Mike Cole to tell us that he will be talking to Mr. McMahon - so don't touch that dial.

Ivory and Nicolle Bass come down to the ring and rant on PMS and other "Barbie Doll lipstick losers." They challenge any woman to come down and face the "real womans' champion". A planted female "fan" climbs onto the apron but is promptly waylaid by a security guy. But Ivory says to let her enter the ring. The plant (is that Malia Hosaka?) gets slapped then comes back with a spear on Ivory! Nicole gets involved before more damage can be done and powerbombs the intruder (who exhibits her professionalism by demurely pulling down her skirt after the powerbomb). Ivory pretends to be concerned about the "fan" then gets in a few shots of her own before the security guy pulls her off.

Mike Cole questions McMahon about the Austin/UT match - he says that Austin is completely dispirited (my words) and says he isn't worried about it. In the locker room, Jeff Jarrett yanks Debra away from the makeup lady and they head for the ring.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. X-Pac - Intercontinental Title match - Jarrett dominates the early going between pauses to upbraid Debra about the cleavage she's showing (Jeff...that's her schtick man...) The two trade sleeper holds to little affect on either of them then X-Pac uses a low-blow to escape then starts excercising his flying feet. There is some see-saw action then X-Pac is back in charge with his triple kick and the bronco buster follow-up. Uh we go again. King Billy runs out and tries to waffle Waltman with Jarrett's guitar - but X-Pac ducks the shot and uses a spin kick to send Billy sprawling leaving the guitar laying in the ring. At this point somebody throws a drink which splashes the camera lens so we miss X-Pac braining Jarrett with the guitar. Gunn comes back in and lays a Fame-asser on Waltman, Jarrett crawls over and gets the pin. Afterward, Billy starts in on X-Pac but the Road Dogg runs in to make the save followed by Chyna and a melee ensues. More referees in the ring to break it up. During the replay we get to see the guitar shot from another angle. Cut to commercial.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Steve Austin - WWF Title match - UT is in the ring first when Austin charges in. Austin ducks a blow and lays in some right hands. They trade blows into the corner where Austin runs in some shoulder shots to UT's mid-section. UT spins him around and strikes. He pauses to intimidate the referee then goes back to work. There is a whip and Austin comes back with a Thesz press. Austin puts the boots to the Champ who regains his feet and thwarts a stunner attempt. UT leaves the ring with Austin right behind him delivering a double sledge off the apron. UT comes back with a chop to the throat to turn the tables. Austin blocks an attempt to smash his head into the steps then starts punching again then sends UT crashing on the step. Back into the ring and UT turns the tide. Paul Bearer gets in a shot with his shoe. UT clotheslines Austin out of the ring. Austin is crawling around on the floor when UT catches up with him. This time he gets the stair shot on Austin, then kicks him then runs him into the railing. They fight up the ramp where Austin cuts off a piledriver attempt to take a shot at Paul Bearer. He turns back arouns and gets clotheslined. UT drags Austin back to the ring, hits him hard on the back of the neck and gets a two-count. Austin is stomped in the corner. He is whipped to the opposite corner and bounces out. UT with another two-count (Austin's foot is over the bottom rope). He chokes the challenger then intimidates the ref again. Austin takes advantage of his distraction and scoops him up but is overbalanced and falls under him instead. Another two-count. UT applies a reverse chinlock. Austin eventually fights to his feet and punches his way free but is clotheslined down again. UT grabs an arm wringer and does rope walk bit. He succeeds in downing Austin but not at getting the pin. Back to the chinlock. Austin fights to his feet again and escapes with a jawbreaker. Both guys are down as the referee applies the count. Austin is up first and drags UT to the corner but before he can do any damage UT kicks him off and over the railing. UT leaves the ring and drags the challenger back to the ringside area and into the ring. Another cigar. Again with the reverse chinlock? Austin fights to escape, they both bounce off the ropes and clothesline each other. Both are up almost immediately and Austin is back in control. UT goes for a scoop but Austin slides back and gets the stunner. He goes for the pin but Paul Bearer pulls the referee out of the ring (isn't that Corporate interference..?) Austin gets a hotshot on the Undertaker as he tries to return but UT comes back with a clothesline. They bounce off the ropes again, Austin hits the gutshot and gets the stunner again. This one is a keeper and the Undertaker is pinned. Steve Austin is the New WWF Champ! He starts to chug a beer or two but UT isn't done with him. Austin is assaulted by UT swinging the title belt and three striped shirts swarm in to break it up. The melee is still in full swing as we fade to black.

I'll be back Thursday night. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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