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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 48
September 18, 1996

Sting, We Hardly Knew Ye...

It would seem to be the end of an era at WCW. For the past decade, the one thing you could count on was that Sting would be there. Always in contention for the World Title, always sticking up for the "little Stingers", always the "Franchise" of the WCW organization.

As I mentioned in an earlier issue of this newsletter, I personally found it quite upsetting to contemplate a "Sting as heel" personna and I am glad that the prospect for such is not set in concrete. In fact I have much less problem with the heel turn of Hulk Hogan (who has also been one of my heroes) because I can see it for what I suspect it is, a last gasp attempt to revive a sagging career. In the case of Sting we are dealing with a superb athlete at the height of his powers. In other words...this storyline has to go somewhere.

So the question remains: just exactly what is the "new" Sting character going to be? Will he join the NWO, as some have suggested? I think not. This most recent manifestation of Steve Bordon is entirely based on the questioning of his principles. Although he may indeed have thrown off any loyalty he felt towards the WCW and his friends (especially Lex Luger), it would not make any sense for him to now vindicate the judgements made against him by joining the enemy.

So, what did he mean when he said "'ll be seeing me around from time to time" ? I suspect that Sting will be waiting in the wings to save the day at crucial moments.

Here's a scenerio for you: Randy "Macho Man" Savage is in the middle of his challange of Hulk Hogan at the Halloween Havoc PPV. Out come the Outsiders ready to interfere...but wait...who is that man with the paint on his face coming down to even up the odds...? ITS STING!!!

Kind of a "Lone Ranger" angle, if you will. Not unlike the "daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains", we could expect him to ride off into the sunset, spurning the gratitude of the ingrates he rescues once his job is done.

The problem I see with such a storyline is that it can only be taken so far. After a while, the other wrestlers are going to get fed up with it. Take a guy like Ric Flair, for instance. How many times is he going to allow some punk in face paint to pull his cookies out of the fire?

Of course this is just a theory on my part...I have been wrong before.

Here is a Press Release from TitanSports, Inc. concerning their new TV schedule

Stamford, CT - September 17, 1996 - Lace up your boots and get ready for some real action - the World Wrestling Federation is up on the turnbuckle and ready to fly high! Always on the cutting edge of sports-entertainment, TitanSports, Inc., parent company of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), today announced the move of its weekly WWF Superstars program from a 10-year run in syndication to cable's top-rated USA Network, the introduction of WWF Live Wire, a brand new weekly show for USA Network, and a syndication agreement with the WGN SuperStation for another new show titled WWF Blast Off. The announcement was made by Jim Bell, Vice President of Television and Pay-Per-View Marketing.

Beginning on September 22, WWF Superstars will join USA Network's television line-up in its new Sunday 11:00 a.m. ET time slot. USA Network, America's highest rated basic cable network in primetime, is seen in more than 68 million homes via 12,500 affiliates. Each week WWF Superstars presents an hour of the most riveting, action-packed matches from the WWF's New Generation of Superstar athletes. Hosted by WWF personalities Kevin Kelly and Mr. Perfect, this high-flying hour of compelling sports-entertainment brings fans the biggest matches recorded from live main event performances in arenas across North America. This year marks the tenth anniversary of WWF Superstars television programming, with the show first airing on September 6, 1986, and the 525th original episode airing this week!

The World Wrestling Federation is also proud to announce an entirely new, live interactive show, WWF Live Wire, set to premiere Saturday, September 21 at 10:00 a.m. ET on the USA Network. Featuring all of WWF's top Superstars, including Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, Ahmed Johnson, and Goldust, WWF Live Wire will bring an entirely new experience to WWF's programming with an interactive, feature-driven platform. Hosting all the over-the-top, unstoppable action on WWF Live Wire will be an amazing trio made up by the WWF's extremely popular and sexy manager, Sunny, James E. Cornette, and the current host of WWF Mania, Todd Pettengill. One can only guess what mayhem will take place when WWF Superstars and fans from the live television audience phone-in, fax,or send e-mail via America Online, their comments, opinions, and any late-breaking information. Remote reporting will allow the hosts the opportunity to be right where the action is.

The WWF is also ready to take flight on the WGN SuperStation, as well, as part of a recent syndicated agreement between TitanSports and the WGN. A new one-hour show titled WWF Blast Off will air on the SuperStation Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. ET beginning September 21. WWF Blast Off will be a fact-filled, magazine style program hosted by Todd Pettengill. The action and interview format of the show will highlight outstanding moves from the previous week, preview upcoming matches, and take fans behind the scenes for WWF Superstar interviews and inside information.

"TitanSports continually strives to provide our fans with exciting and innovative television programming," commented Mr. Bell. "The phenomenal success of WWF Monday Night Raw on cable's top-rated USA Network has paved the road for placing the action-packed WWF Superstars and the new, interactive WWF Live Wire programs on the network as well. We are also looking forward to establishing our relationship with WGN SuperStation and are confident that WWF Blast Off will be a welcome addition to their entertainment programming."

Wayne Becker, Vice President, Sports Programming for USA Network, shares in the enthusiasm. "WWF Monday Night Raw has consistently brought in superior ratings," stated Mr. Becker. "We are extremely pleased to offer USA Network viewers more quality programming from the World Wrestling Federation."

TitanSports, Inc. is a privately owned marketing and communications company,with its corporate offices located at its world headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The World Wrestling Federation's goal has always been to provide quality family entertainment both in live arenas and on television around the world. Under the guidance and creative force of Vince McMahon, Titan's Chairman and CEO, the WWF has grown from a northeastern regional business to an international television and marketing enterprise. The business structure in place to create, market and manage this global WWF sports-entertainment property consists of both national and international sales, marketing,promotions, new media, television distribution, properties (domestic and international), publishing, pay-per-view and public relations, making the World Wrestling Federation the leader in sports-entertainment for over 50 years.

End of Press Release

I'm surprised they didn't announce that "Big Daddy Cool Diesal" and "Razor Ramon" will be hosting some of the new shows...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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