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Sunday Night Heat

Nitro Report

Hulk Hogan Wins the WCW Title

RAW Report

Volume 4, Issue 477 - July 12, 1999
Editor's not: Barbara Long pointed out to me that I mis-identified who it was that donned the referee's stripes and counted Dean Malenko out last night. It was "the Li'l Naitch" Charles Robinson - not Ric Flair.

Sunday Night Heat

The saga of the Scarey Brothers is reviewed. Heat is on tape from Indianappolis.

The Big Show comes down to start the program with an interview with Jim Ross. Wight talks about how he is becoming a target for all the guys who want to make a name for themselves and especially for Kane and the Undertaker. He vows to take them down one one - he gets UT tomorrow night and Kane at the next PPV. He changes his mind about Kane and says, "the heck with Fully Loaded..." He plans to go after Kane tonight.

Terry Taylor interviews the Brood who have apparently reunited after their slight disagreements of recent weeks. Edge and Gangrel flash their idiot grins at each other. I smell a rat... Cut to commercial.

The Brood vs. Viscera/Mideon/Bossman - Mideon faces first Edge and then Christian leaving Christian isolated and in trouble. Edge gets involved to save his butt then hits his rather anemic looking spear on Viscera as he tries to even the odds. Edge tags in officially and starts to make some inroads when Gangrel suddenly runs in and drops him on his face! Bossman takes the pin on Edge (what was that I said about a rat..?) In the back, Al Snow is running some kind of number on a few of the mini wrestlers. Cut to commercial.

Al Snow vs. The four minis - Snow comes to the ring to rant about nobody wanting to wrestle him because they all think he's crazy. So he signed his own Hardcore match with four little people. He gets them into the ring and then hauls a bunch of miniature ladders and toy furniture. He grabs a cookie sheet and starts swinging at them. The mini's scatter and leave the ring. El Torito comes back in with a fire extinguisher amd uses the other three as a screen to sucker Snow into range then lets him have it. All four try to splash and pin him but he kicks them all off in turn. They scatter again and Snow leaves the ring in pursuit. Snow is trapped among the "stature imapaired" for a moment then they grab onto him with salad tongs. He escapes that attack then chases them all up the aisle and we cut to commercial.

The Rock comes to the ring and accuses HHH of being a brown nose (using his usual cliche ridden delivery). He then turns his attention to Mr. Posterior. He says (in so many words) that despite Gunn's win at KOR - he still sucks - he accuses Gunn of trying to raise his own visibility by picking a fight with Maivia (damn - I though that's what they were doing with HHH...) Backstage, TT is with Gunn and Chyna - he gets Billy's rather tepid comments on what Maivia just said then asks Chyna why she apray-painted her own car. She says, "It wasn't my car..."

TT is with Droz and Prince Albert. Droz seems to be reprising the Saturn angle of a few months back - wearing womens' clothes and liking it.

TPrince Albert/Droz vs. The Hardey Boyz (w/Michael Hayes) - Tag Team Title match - the Hardey's superior teamwork prove to be too much for their challengers...and then Val Venis and the Godfather come down and attack Droz. The Hardeys and the two interlopers get into it before it's all over. Cut to commercial.

Test vs. Billy Gunn (w/Chyna) - before the match can start, Shane and the Posse show up and distract Test so that Billy can get the drop on him. They stay close by as Billy attempts to capitalize on his advantage. Test makes a comeback but then the Posse swarms into the ring. But here comes the Rock who chases Billy away - then Ken Shamrock runs in to finish off the Posse. Cut to commercial.

Bob Holly comes down for some reason. Oh - I see, he has appointed himself time keeper for the next match.

Bradshaw vs. Kane - No Holds Barred - Bradshaw gets in Holly's face just before the lights go out. Bradshaw runs up the ramp to confront his opponent but is on the receiving end instead and dragged back to the ring. The fight goes back outside shortly thereafter where Kane continues to dominate despite Bradshaw having his moments. The fight around to the railing near Holly. Kane is pushed over and then Bradshaw boots Holly off of his chair. They return to the ring after Bradshaw gets a chair shot on Kane. As the action continues. Holly recovers and grabs a chair of his own. He waits until Bradshaw notices him then waffles him with the chair. Kane takes the pin then lays a chokeslam on Holly (who has come in to rant at the unconscious Bradshaw). Paul Wight runs in and lays Kane out with a big wrench then drops a couple of big elbows on him as the program ends.

Nitro Report

The program begins with the new opening montage before the WCW logo flys in then cuts to Bret Hart making his speech last week then to Goldberg's re-appearance then to Nash challenging Sid then highlights from the main event match on last week's Nitro. NO mention of Savage's win last night yet.

Nitro is live from the Jacksonville Colosseum in Jacksonville, Florida. Tony mentions Savage's victory first thing and then throws it to Mean Gene who invites the new Champ to the ring. Savage comes out without his entourage to universal boos and thanks the crowd for "honoring" him tonight. Okerlund asks him about the missing troups and Savage says, "I am the man and this is something I had to do myself." He then throws out a challenge to "anybody but Kevin Nash" to a Title match tonight. He offers Mean Gene a hand to shake and Okerlund reluctantly takes it. Then "Voodoo Chile" blairs out and Hollywood Hogan shows up. Savage turns and leaves the ring telling the announcers to "get'em out of here..." Hogan says, "Didn't he say 'anybody?'" Savage back pedals and tries to put Hogan in the same catagory with Nash. Hogan's not biting and insists on the match. Savage then reverses himself again and agrees to the match. Great, another Hogan Title reign (he says with heavy sarcasm...) Is it 1989 yet? We cut to a Savage tribute video then to commercial.

We reprise the Main Event from last night as we return (in stills, of course). The Nitro Grrrrls dance in black mylar then we cut to the hennig music video. Now I see I was mistaken - it's Kendall on bass and Barry on the drums - neither of them is really playing. Duncum still looks like he knows what he's doing on the electric guitar.

Vampiro vs. Konnan - I hope they're going to give Vamp a chance to work tonight. Last week his match with Ric Steiner had to be cut short because somebody's interview took up too much time. I heard that neither Vampiro nor Steiner was happy about that. Vampiro attacks Konnan from behind before the bell rings - Heenan tells us that they are long time rivals in Mexico. Vampiro's style is very reminiscent of Bret Hart except that the former is much more acrobatic. He dominates Konnan for several moments then misses a clothesline. Konnan comes back with one of his own and it is a beaut. Turns Vampiro inside out. Now it is all Konnan. The fight goes to the flooe where Vampiro turns the tables then connects with a thrown chair. The referee ends the match but Vamp doesn't care. To demonstrate the emnity he feels about his opponent he drags Konnan back inside and trashes him then leaves. Vamp was DQ'd we are told. Cut to commercial.

We see stills of the David Flair/Dean Malenko match last night then are informed that Malenko gets a match with Ric Flair tonight. That sounds better then the main event. Cut to commercial.

Ernest Miller (Sonny Oono) vs. my lunch - somebody pleeeeease shut this guy up!! "I hate rednecks and I hate Jacksonville, I can whup anybody"...yatta, yatta. He starts trash talking Buff Bagwell. He says he can whup Buff and his mama then makes disparaging remarks about Judy's weight. That brings Buff to the ring - although he doesn't look too put out. He certainly looks ripped in his satin muscle shirt. Miller tries to say something but Buff cuts him off with his own statement. He then turns his back and gets blindsided. Miller is all over him with kicks and punches before Bagwell can react. Bagwell takes it for a moment then comes back with a whip reverse and a clothesline - he then turns to Sonny Oono and scoops him up. Miller dons the loaded shoe and cleans Buff's clock with a back kick. Sonny counts the 1-2-3. Bagwell is left laying and we turn to stills of his match last night then to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls as we return. I just realized we haven't seen the stupid DJ tonight except in the opening montage. Maybe they are getting smart...nahhhh.

A reprise of the Savage/Hogan confrontation from earlier.

Ric Flair (w/Arn/Chyna) vs. Dean Malenko (w/Saturn/Chris Benoit) - Flair orders Saturn and Benoit away from the ring before the match begins. Charles Robinson is the referee. Malenko lays into Flair immediately and sets him to back pedaling. Flair is whipped piller to post then does an aborted Flair flip and and falls to the floor. Malenko follows him out and runs right into an ambush from Anderson. Malenko comes back but Flair goes for the eyes and stops his momentum. They return to the ring and Arn joins them to help Flair stomp on his opponent. Robinson just ignores the illegal move. It is all Flair now and he pounds away in the corner with nary a warning from Robinson. He even ignores a low blow. Malenko fight out of a corner for a moment but Flair again overwhelms him then gets a verticle suplex. Malenko fights back and puts Flair in the corner but the latter responds with a reverse atomic drop. Malenko comes right back and gets two pinning combinations in a row while Robinson pretends to be warning Arn off the apron. Malenko gets a missle drop-kick and Robinson hesitates long enough with the count to allow Flair to kick out. Finally, Robinson gets squashed in the corner and goes down. A second referee comes in as Flair gets the figure four. Malenko turns it over. The referee is asking Flair is he gives up when Aysha runs in and attacks him. Now Robinson is back and DQ's Malenko. Malenko gets in Robinson's face and then gets blinsided by Arn. Stings run's down to save Malenko's cookies. He then rants at Flair about wrestling him 10 years ago and how Flair is still here. He challenges Flair to a match for control of WCW! Flair says, "Wrestle David and then you can have the match if you beat him." Sting accepts and David is in the back wetting his pants... Cut to commercial.

We comes back to scenes from the Junk Yard match last night.

Steve Regal (w/Dave Taylor/Fit Finley) vs. Kidman - heres a great matc...on paper. Classic heavyweight mat wrestler vs. a great cruiserweight star. Regal dwarfs his opponent but Kidman is everywhere at once. Tony offends my ears by using the non-word "smartily". Kidman settles into a headlock and holds on for dear life. But Regal sends him flying over the top to the floor then distracts the referee while his cronies whup the tar out of the former Cruiserweight Champ. Kidman is back in the ring and trapped in an arm bar as we cut to commercial.

Kidman is being stretched in a bow and arrow as we return. Regal releases the ring then drives two knees into his opponent's face before hitting him with a forearm uppercut. Regal distracts the referee again so Taylor can get in siome shots then he grabs a reverse headlock, grinding his forearm into the kid's cheek with a vengence. Kidman fights back gamely but Regal stops him in his tracks. They trade roll-throughs but no-one can get the pin. Kidman ghits three drop-kicks in a row to turn the tables. Then the referee gets clocked. All three are on the attack instantly and Bischoff is on his feet. Finley gets a chair but accidently hits Regal. Kidman goes up for the Shooting Star but undershoots, gets hung up in the ropes and lands on his head (Ouch! That looked like it hurt). Bischoff runs in to check on him. Regal moves in but Kidman turns a suplex attempt into a cradle. Regal is pinned and Bischoff makes the count. The Brits protest but Bischoff waves them off then rejoins the braodcast team. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls...

Kenny Kaos vs. Sid Vicious- we haven't seen Kenny in a little while on Nitro. Too bad he has to face this stiff. Sid pounds his opponent into the corner with heart punches to start. The he drags him out and kicks him in the gut a couple of times. The crowd starts chanting for Goldberg. Forget it folks - he's not really back. Siid slaps on a cobra clutch then turns it into a slam (hey, isn't that Van Hammer's move?) Sid grabs a rear chinlock and is clearly just toying with his victim. Kaos fights free but then gets chokeslammed. Sid follows with a big powerbomb and takes an easy pin. He demands a mic and makes one of his patented dumb rants directed at Sting for some reason. He challenges Sting to a match in the unspecified future and concludes with his signature sign off. I never realized before how much his rants resemble those of the Undertaker. Same kind os mystical nonsense delivered with maximum intensity but usually saying next to nothing. Cut to commercial.

Sting vs. David Flair (w/Aysha/Tori/Arn/Ric) - Robinson is the referee again. David attacks with milktoast chops which Sting just shrugs off then splashes him in the corner and slaps on the Scorpion. Robinson pretends not to notice so Sting clocks him. Arn and Flair attack and Sting ejects them, Stinger splashes everyone in sight, incldung Aysha whom Flair has pulled in fronto of himself in the corner. Flair and Company run for the hills and we cut to commercial.

Fit Finley is presented with his Hardcore Championship Title trophy. He uses the occasion to insult the crowd until the First Family show up and punk him out. The ring fills up with the competitors from the match last night as Jimmy hart runs off with the trophy. Tony tells us that Kiss is going to appear on Nitro later this month - great more has-been rockers... Cut to commercial.

The Jersey Triad makes an entrance as we return. Kanyon does his "whose better" schtick and gets the usual response. Page rants as well. Then Page's opponent appears.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Booker T - Page tries to intimidate Booker but the latter isn't even paying attention. Page sends his companions away for this match...but they'll be back. They finally lock up and swap sideheadlocks to head scissors and escapes then Booker puncuates it with a drop-kick. Page bails. He then suckers Booker to the floor then rolls back in and cuts him off as he returns. Booker recovers quickly and Page is again on the receiving end until Booker goes for a sidekick and is side stepped. He straddles the top rope giving Page his opening. On the floor again, Page hits an ax handle from the apron. Back inside he runs Booker into the corner and then hits a belly-to-back suplex as we cut to commercial.

The powers that be have ordered Flair to face Sting for control of the WCW next week on Nitro according to Bischoff. Page is still in control as we return but he is unable to put Booker away. Booker finally escapes from an abdominal stretch only to be hit with a low blow before he can get it together. Bischoff tells us that Kevin Nash hasn't arrived yet but is expected at any time. In the ring, Booker is making his move again and gets an extended flurry on the former "two-time" World Champ. Bischoff tells us that Thunder is on Wednesday this week (he is just a fountain of information tonight). Page finally comes back with a powerbomb and gets a two-count. He signals for the Diamond Cutter and goes for it but Booker shoves him off and downs the referee in the process. He gets a spin kick as Kanyon runs in and Flatlines him. Somehow booker recovers and is still on the offensive. Kanyon emptys a plastic bag full of powder into his hand then tries to use it but Booker knocks it back at him. Now Mab Mab runs in and Booker is punked and then taped to the top rope. In the back the nWo B-Team is watching on the monitor. Steveie has seen enough and runs in to save his brother with a chair. He releases Booker as the bad guys flee. Cut to commercial.

Savage makes his entrance with his entourage as we return. That's enough, lets go sell something before the challenger's entrance.

Hogan enters to the Wolfpac music. As the match gets underway, Savage goes right for the eyes and dominates the early going. Hogan finally comes back with two right hands that floors the Champ - savage bails and the two tough girls run in on the attack. Hogan knocks there noggins together. They fall out to the floor and get into a cat fight! Security leads them away as Savage protests to no avail. The Champ returns to the ring where Hogan is waiting for him with more punches and kicks. This match is in slow motion compared to some of their clashes in the past. Savage tries to come back but Hogan seems to have his number. Savage bails again and starts to walk away. Hogan follows him out and drags him back. Savage gets a chair and tries to use it but Hogan blocks the blow then grabs the chair away and uses it twice. He drags Savage to the announce table and punishes him in front of Bischoff as the latter screams in the Champ's face. Significantly - the broadcast table does not collapse. GG tries to interfere and gets decked then they are back on the announce table where Savage regains the initiative with a chair shot of his own then rolls the challenger back into the ring and starts whipping Hogan with his own weight belt. Hogan is down and out at this point but savage continues to strap him about the back and head. Hogan digs down for a flurry but Savage kicks him in the groin to stop his attack and starts whipping him again. Now he is signalling for the big elbow. Hogan is on rubber legs as Savage drags him to his feet and administers another groin shot. He goes for the elbow...and Hogan rolls away! Savage is hyrting as Hogan regains his feet and hulks up. He punches Savage then gets the boot to his face. He is setting up for the legdrop when Sid steps in and attacks him. It looks bad for the hulkster until Sting runs in and drives Sid away. Meanwhile, Savage has wrapped a chain around his fist and decks Hogan with it. He is going for the elbow again when Kevvin Nash enters the ring and creams him. Hogan crawls over and covers him. The referee staggers back into the ring and makes the three count. Hogan is the New Champ. Afterward, Nash tells Hogan that this is the second time he's handed him the belt and challenges him for the Title. They make the match for some undisclosed date. Bischoff tells us that we will find out the when on Wednesday night.

RAW Report

RAW is live from the Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. Steve Austin makes his entrance at the top of the show. He says he has the contract he promised to have his lawyers draw up for the First Blood match at Fully Loaded. He calls Vince out to sign the contract. Vince appears on an motor driven wheelchair and rolls down th ramp to the ring. Mcmahon was involved in an auto/motorcycle accident recently and apparently has decided to write it into the angle. He allows that he has been injured but nothing would keep him away from this signing. He examines the contract and then demands that Austin signs it first. Austin refuses to sign until Vince returns his custom title belt with the Skull on it. He threatens Mcmahon with bodily injury unless he produces the belt. Now the lights go out and Kane's music starts up. Austin starts to wheel Vince up the ramp but the Undertaker appears behind them and waffles Austin with the belt he wants back. Vince says, "Bust him open!" and UT obliges, running him into th railing and then into the steps. Vince then hands UT a fountain pen which UT fills with Austin's blood! McMahon signs the contract in Austins blood. Nice touch if a little bizarre. Cut to commercial.

In the back the medic want to sew Austin up. He tells them to hurry up because he has "business" to conduct.

Edge vs. Gangrel - why is it I saw this match coming..? Gangrel attacks on the bell but Edge gets the drop on him. He seems to have his former partner's number throughout the match. The fight goes to the floor where Edge continues to dominate until he goes for a Frankensteiner off the top but gets powerbombed instead. Now Gangrel has the...well...the edge... for a while. He gets a big bulldog and a two count. Moments later he gets a DDT and another two-count. Then he goes to try and climb the corner but is clumsy about it and gets caught there. They struggle for position and Edge gets the Tornado DDT then hits his whimpy spear (Goldberg this guy is not...) They leave the ring brawling and fight up the ramp where Edge is pushed into the open trapdoor which still has fire burning around the edge of it. In the back, a doctor is trying to get Austin to let him put in some stitches but Austin isn't interested.

JR is announcing that Jesse Ventura s going to appear at a press conference Wednesday to announce his participation in WrestleMania! In the back, X-Pac and the Road Dogg are coating Howard Finkel in molassas and feathers for "finking" on X-Pac last week. The remaining members of DX come to the ring to rant at HHH, Billy Gunn and Chyna. They are defiant concerning who owns the rights to DX royalties. Kane shows up and comes to the ring. X-Pac wants to know what's up. He wants Kane to choose between him and his brother. Chyna, Billy and HHH run in and attack. Kane receives a fame-asser and is down when UT shows up. He tells Kane that he is his brother and will never ask him to choose then he splits. Kane follows him and we go to commercial.

Michael Cole is at a dressing room door and promises an interview with HHH and Co. after the next match.

Val Venis/Godfather (with a passel of garden tools) vs. The Hardey Boyz (w/Michael Hayes who isn't nearly as pretty) - Tag Team Title match - I swear one of those blondes is wearing a band-aid for a top... Val and Jeff Hardey start the match and Jeff grabs the advantage from the get-go. Val finally escapes and tags GF in - who cleans house then gets a DVD on Jeff then Val follows with a Moneyshot. GF goes for the pin but Hayes interferes and hits him with a title belt. The Champs are DQ'd and split but then are attacked on the ramp by the Acolytes only to be driven off when the challengers join the frey. In the back, HHH, Chyna and Billy are complaining about getting ripped off. They threaten to do a number on the two of them sometime tonight. In another part of the building, Jeff jarrett and Debra are heading somewhere and Austin is leaving the doctor with a bandage wrapped arpund his head. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. ? - Jarrett makes a speech laying claim to the "puppies" which doesnp;t seem to sit well with his companion. It ends abruptly when Steve Austin runs down and creams him. Austin demands a match with UT right now. The Big Show appears on the ramp and reminds Austin that he has both of the Scarey Brothers to deal with then proposes himself as a partner to even the odds. Austin accepts his help (I guess...) then splits. Jarrett wanders back into the ring and starts his rant up again so Austin uruns back down and Stuns him a second time. In the back the erstwhile members on both sides of DX are wandering around the building more or less aimlessly. Cut to commercial.

DX (1) vs. DX (2) (w/Kane?) - all five DX'rs look a little nervous as Kane's music plays...but the big guy fails to appear. HHH offers to let them off the hook for the rights to DX merchandise. You can guess the response (yes - the juveniles get to scream their "two words") Now the Rock decides to join the opposition to his arch rivals so we have a three-on-three situation. HHH and Maivia start the match until Chyna applies her favorite move and drives the Rock out to the floor. Billy drags him back and assaults him in the ring. Maivia recovers and gets a DDT and two count. HHH comes in without a tag and turns the tables. He gets a sleeper and Maivia sinks to his knees then to the mat. He recovers just in time (fancy that) and fights his way free and gets a Samoan Drop. Both guys are down. Then they struggle up and both tag out. The former NAOP face each other and the Dogg gets the advantage. Chyna has to save BIlly but she is knocked off the apron and can't prevent X-Pac from getting the Bronco Buster on her partner. Maivia is tagged in and finishes BIlly off with the People's elbow. Terry Taylor interviews Droz in drag - he wants to have an evening gown match with someone. Cut to commercial.

Ut and Kane are conferring in a darkened room as we return.

Droz vs. Al Snow - Evening Gown match - of course Snow would be the one to answer this challenge. He proposes that it be a Hardcore Evening Gown match. Right away it goes out to the floor where Droz takes the advantage with a cookie sheet. He drags a table into the ring then goes out for his opponent. Droz is clearly outclassed in this contest (since he doesn't know how to wrestle at all) Snow makes quick work of him and strips him down to his panty hose and thong. Prince Albert runs out while Snow is celebrating his win and drives a railroad spike through the top of Head's...well...head. In the back Mark Henry is sporting some new ring attire. The doctor is taking his blood pressure and announces it as 190 over 120 (enough to make a horse explode!) He advises Henry not to wrestle but the big guy is disregarding his advice. D'Lo begs him to reconsider. They pass Bog Holly on their way out and we cut to commercial.

Apparently Mark Henry has seen reason and the two partners are leaving the building. Meanwhile the Acolytes think they have a match and are approaching the ring. Faarooq demands some opponents. Hardcore Holly shows up, strolls up to them and slaps Bradshaw then attacks Faarooq. What a maroon! They drag him to the ring and maul him mercilessly then toss him out of the ring and try to beat him with the ring steps but he kicks them back in Faarooq's face. Paul Wight shows up, dispatches the thugs then carries Holly back to the ramp. The dazed Holly is saying, "I had them beat..." (Yeah...right...) On the latest GTV episode, Joey Abbs is begging Stephanie to give him "another chance" She says that she dated him once because her brother asked her to, that she will never do it again and to stay away from her. Cut to commercial.

Test vs. The Greenwich Posse - Gauntlet match - Test must face the three members of the Posse one at a time. Pete Gass strolls down the ramp and gets his head handed to him right off the bat. He is used to destroy the Spanish announcer's table then hauled in and pinned. Rodney runs down and gets the drop on test for about two seconds after Pete delivers a low-blow parting shot. Test dispatches him is a flash then faces Joey Abbs - who is a trained wrestler and real big Test is on the receiving end then turns the tables out of the corner and is about to get his third pinfall when Shane runs down and hits a better spear then Edge's. Test comes back and his beating on Shane when Steve Blackman shows up and attacks. This brings Ken Shamrock out but he is outnumbered. They are trying to break Test's leg when Stephanie runs out abd grabs Shane around the waist. He rears back and elbows her in the head. She goes down like a stone and Shane is instantly appaled at what he's just done. He carries her away and e cut to commercial.

Shamrock and Blackman had a brawl in the back during the break.

Kane and the Undertaker stand together to talk to Michael Cole. UT declares that they are back together but Kane doesn't look so sure of that to me. Cut to commercial.

The Undertaker/Kane vs. Steve Austin/Paul Wight - Kane carries out the wrench (or maybe it's a pipe fitting of some sort) he was hit with last night. Kane turns around and strides up to meet Wight on the ramp as he makes his entrance. UT joins Kane. and they drag him back to the ring. Austin enters nand he and UT get it on out there whhile Kane and the Big Show fight in the ring then out on the floor. Up above, Austin is being kicked off the platform but then fights back on the floor. Kane and Wight continue their brawl at ringside with Wight dominating the action. Austin is down but then delivvers a low blow thenapplies a choke. He drags UT back to the ring and runs him into the apron and the steps. Wight is down on the floor with Kane standing on his throat. In the ring, Austin gets the Thesz press then goes over to uncover one of the turnbuckles. Outside, Wight has recovered and is dropping the steps on Kane. Meanwhile Austin is running UT's leg into the corner post. They brawl in front of ano onto the annoubce table then roll back in. All four are inside now and Kane gets chokeslammed. He splits for a moment but then we realize that he going to retrive his club. He hits Wight with it and shortly after that Austin throws a leg over the second rope and crotches himself. Wight is out cold as the Scarey Brothers work on Austin. He recovers and goes for a Stunner on UT but is shoved off and then chokeslammed. Wight recovers and diverts Kane again while UT and Austin brawl back out to the floor. UT gets a chair but fails to deliver the blow. Now Austin is on Kane in the ring and UT battles Wight. UT is clothes lines out to the floor followd by Wight. Austin surprises Kane with a Stunner and gets the pin but he his opened up again. On the platform, UT pauses and licks Austin's blood off of his fists as the program fades to black.

That't it for tonight. I'll be back on Wednesday with another installment of the Ricky Steamboat interview and the Thunder Report. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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