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Nitro Report

RAW Report

Volume 4, Issue 488 - July 26, 1999
Editor's Note: I received this email today from one our readers in Canada:

If you have space will you consider commenting on this:

For the second week in a row (it may even be the third) TSN in Canada (The Sports Network) is not having the live showing of RAW during its regularly scheduled Monday (9:00 pm) time slot. Canadian fans were smiling from coast to coast when we TSN announced several months ago RAW was going to be available to us live. In the past all we could do was watch our American cousins tell us all about the program and we would often have to watch it days later. I am disapaointed to report this is not the first time TSN has pre-empted its coverage. Tonight there is a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game. I certainly don't have a difficulty with Blue Jays baseball because they are home town favourites but if you make a committment to a program I am many others expect TSN to maintain that program schedule.

For anyone who is interested in making their views know here is TSN's email address:

I will of course check your site in the morning to see what I missed. As you can imagine missing the show after a Pay Per View is even more unsettling.

Thank you for considering my request.

Dan G.

I don't know what else to add except that I agree with the the sentiments expressed above and would urge Solie's readers to let there voices be heard at the email adress above.

Sunday Night Heat

Heat is live from the Marine Midlands Arena in Buffalo, New York - site of the Fully Loaded PPV.

Joey Abbs (w/the Posse) vs. Val Venis - neither of these guys has any part in the PPV later.The match is pretty evenly faught in the early going with Abbs using his superior size to good advantage but Val showing us more wrestling savvy. Abbs catches Val in a DDT then gets a scoop slam to turn the tide but Venis catches him coming in for the kill and takes control. He gets a side Russian leg sweep then pauses to pose for a moment. The Posse interferes as he goes back to the attack but then Test runs down and ejects them from the ring area - distracting Abbs and making him an easy victim for Val.

We come back from commercial to a video recap of the problems among the former DX members. JR interviews X-Pac and Road Dogg concerning their match with Billy and Chyna later on the PPV then Lawler does the same with Billy and Chyna. In the back, Steve Austin paces while Terri Runnels primps and tells Meat to pput on his trunks for a match. There seems to be a hint here that they have just done the down and dirty, he didn't perform to well and is worn out. Cut to commercial.

Meat (w/PMS) vs. the Godfather (w/Garden Tools) - Meat looks decidely listless as he approaches the ring. Terri is skipping. GF brings his own squad of ladies and even he comments on his opponent's condition. That doesn't stop him from attacking Meat and stomping him in the corner. Meat recovers and tries to fight back but can't get a full slam, then can't hold his opponent down when he does go for a pin. Moments later Meat just stands there as GF hits him with his corner splash and dthen drops him for the pin. Terri grabs a pitcher of ice water and dumps it into Meat's tights (owwww!) Cut to commercial.

JR is with HHH in a pre-recorded interview sans Chyna. The first question asked is, "Why no Chyna?" HHH says, "...because this is about me." He takes JR back to the infamous Madison Square Garden incident in which HHH participated with Shawn Michaels in a celebration with fellow "Clique" members Scott Hall and Kevin Nash on the occasion of their last appearance in the WWF. He claims that he has been punished over that incident every since and thus has been screwed out of Title shots he should have received. He's probably correct but I have to note that there have been other, more legitimate reasons as him not being a main event performer... Cut to commercial.

This appears to be a repeat of the previous GTV episode with the stars of "Mystery Men" - ah yes it is - they are settng up an angle with JeffJarrett and Debra.

Christian vs. Viscera - oh yeah - this is a fair fight. Come to think of it, the former Mabel is such a big goof that maybe it is. Well, I was right the first time - this is a squash match - but then Gangrel comes down and spits in Viscera's eye so that Chritian can win.

The next segment is completely filled with Fully Loaded promos.

We come back to an Austin interview set-up but it is interrupted when UT and Co. attack the Champion and draw blood from his forehead.

That's it...

Nitro Report

The video recap for the opening is, of course, Sting winning control of WCW from Ric Flair, followed by the Macho/Arliss/Rodman silliness and then Hogan and Nash enter the picture.

Nitro is live from the Mid-South Colosseum in Memphis, Tennessee with Scott Hudson (again) hosting next to Bobby Heenan. They cut to video of Curt Hennig challenging Goldberg for tonight's show on Thunder Thursday night then some hype, then a Goldberg video set to MegaDeath (thank God they didn't use the live recording for this...)

Mean Gene is in the ring and invites the World Heavyweight Champ to come down for a rant. For once he shows up with the Title and it's not spray painted... Okerlund questions him about the Tag Team main event between him, Nash and their "mystery" partners. "Whose your partner?" he asks - Hogan's answer - "I ain't got no partner, brother..." and some other trash. This brings Nash out with Sid Vicious and Rick Steiner. Nash enters the ring while Steiner and Sid circle around. Hogan protests that "this is between you and me..." Nash says, "...what are you guys doing down here?" looking at his companions. Hogan says he doesn't need a partner to take on Nash and challenges him to come and get it. Nash demures, turns his back, then attacks in concert with Steiner and Sid. Sting runs in with his baseball bat to clear the ring. Nash retreats but tells Hogan "you better get a partner." Hogan looks at Sting who turns and leaves without a word. Cut to commercial.

The Brain is suggesting that Hogan's partner could be anyone as we return, " could be Elvis." he quips.

Juventud Guerrera/Psychosis vs. Bobby Duncum, Jr./Kendall Windham (w/The West Texas Cowboys) - Hudson is telling us that Chris Benoit will challenge David Flair for the US Title later tonight. Oh boy! Juventud walks right into a big boot to the face to start the match. Juvey comes back with a sidestep when Duncum rushes him in the corner then hits a missle drop-kick. That's enough for Duncum, he tags in Windham who has about as much luck against Juvey. Psychosis is tagged in and is immediately in trouble as the bigger man just mows him down. He is isolated for the rest of the match while as Duncum and Windham tag in and out several times. Windham hits a belly-to-back superplex and almost gets the pin but Juvey saves his partner. Psychosis eventually gets a tag in to Juvey but the referee's distracted and doesn't allow it. From there it is just moments before Psychosis is doubletam bulldogged and pinned by Windham. Cut to commercial.

Medusa and Miss Madness are in conference backstage discussing how Gorgeous George caused their downfall. Medusa says that she and MM have a match scheduled for Road Wild and she (Medusa) intends to kick MM's butt - then go after GG.

Vampiro (w/ICP) vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - I hear that Konnan got a legit concussion from that top rope bulldog laid on him last week by ICP. He's pretty angry about it, they say. Vampiro outweighs his opponent by a long shot and uses that advantage in the early going. Rey turns the tables with drop-kick to the knee and follows with a missle drop-kick that knocks Vamp to the floor. Vamp returns to the ring and gets a big chokeslam on Rey then pauses to jaw at the camera. He turns back and lays in a big knife edge kick then he misses a spin kick and falls out of the ring again. Rey catches him with a guillotine leg drop coming back in and has a flurry of offence before the bigger man cuts him off. Rey is just making another comeback when ICP run in and start stomping him. Eddi Guerrero runs in to a huge pop and saves the day. ICP talk sme trash after the match and split.

Vincent (w/Horace) vs. Stevie Ray - (yawn) the only thing that could make this interesting would be a run-in by Booker T. If Vincent wants to have a chance - he needs to go against Stevie Wonder, not Stevie Ray. Up on the ramp, Booker T holds off Brian Adams with a chair while Stevie finishes the job on Vincent. Oh well... In the back, Mean Gene is trying to get another word with Hogan but has no luck. Sting brushes by him and go into Hogan's dressingroom and we go to sell something.

Sting comes to the ring and introduces himself as the President of WCW. He says he has a big decision to make - then he leaves it up the the crowd to decide whether he should be Hollywood's partner tonight. Hogan comes out to his Hendrix theme and tells Sting that he (Hogan) can be trusted - uh oh...that usually means trouble. Sting agrees but tells Hogan the same thing he told Flair many years ago - "I'll be your partner but if you screw me, I'll get yuh." Jason Herve joins the broadcast team (Herve currently produces the WCW video series). He runs down "Arliss's" appearance on Nitro last week.

Prince Iukea vs. Lash Laroo - well no...actually, that match barely gets started when Randy Savage and Gorgeous George show up. GG wears a lime green metalflake gown tonight with mega-cleavage. Savage dumps the Prince out of the ring and then drops the big elbow on the Ragin' Cajun. He grabs a mic and stands on the announce table to declare again his candidacy for the Presidency then smashes Laroo into the table before returning to the ring to rant some more. Medusa and Mona show up on the ramp to accuse GG of the conspiracy to put the M's out. Savage argues with them as they come to the ring. GG tries to retreat as Medusa then stalks her right into Dennis Rodman's arms. The Worm drags her away and Savage has to wade through security guys to give chase. Cut to commercial.

In the back, Savage is still on the chase with security guys tagguing along.

Mean Gene is in the ring and pretending to make some announcements when Goldberg shows up. He takes the mic and starts a rant on Curt Hennig. This may be the longest speech he's ever made as he says, "I'm here and you're next."

Evan Karagious vs. Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) - I swear this guy spells his name differently every time we see him - and I don't mean "The Cat" grabs the mic and offers to shake the kid's hand - then clotheslines him down. Evan never gets a chance to fight back as Miller is just all over him. Miller tosses his opponent to the floor so Oono can get in some kicks then cuts the kid off as he returns to the ring. Karagious (or whatever) finally gets some offense bu Oono distracts him. Miller goes for the briefcase and pulls out...bunny slippers!!! Buff Bagwell appears onthe ramp with the red shoes in hand. Miller is distracted abd gets rolled up and pinned. Miller extracts some revenge after the fact and we cut to commercial.

Mikey Whipwreak vs. Steve Regal (w/Dave Taylor) - Hudson is telling us that Fit Finley has been severly injured in last week's hardcore run in. He has apparently suffered some severed arteries and nerve endings in his legs. It's great to see Regal back - this guy is one of the few around who can really wrestle, and also brawls with the best of them. He and Finley arguably were the originators of hardcore matches in the majors with their parking lot brawl several years ago. Piper and Goldust carried on the tradition some time later in the WWF. Whipwreak is a game competitor and starts out strong but he is both outweighed and outclassed in this one. After an initial flurry, Regal is all over his opponent until the First Family appears on the platform to taunt him. Whipwreak sneaks up behind and comes close to getting a rool-up pinfall but Regal is back into the match in a flash. He grabs a head vice then shifts to a front face lock then dumps him to the floor for Taylor to work him over with the flag pole. At ringside, Herve is doing his best imitation of the Brain's announce style. Mikey keeps trying those schoolboy trips to no avail. He gets a frankensteiner and gets a two-count. Regal stops toying with his opponent at this point and ties him up with a Regal stretch to take the fall. They cover the youngster with the flag. Goldberg is warming up in the back as we cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring calling this the "shank of the evening" as we return. He welcomes David Flair with the real Torrie to the ring. David does his Nature Boy impression, calling himself "the Man" and saying that Chris Benoit doesn't have a chance. I wonder what he has up his sleeve. In the back Savage finds a disheveled GG and then runs out into the parking lot looking for Rodman. He finds the Worm's trailer and attempts to storm it, but again the security guys are there to divert him. Cut to commercial.

Shane Douglas is interviewed in a pre-recorded talk. He says he wants to stand beside Malenko, Saturn and Benoit and take on the Geezers - namely Ric Flair. I have heard that this is the way it will go because Flair has refused to do a program with Douglas. They will simply snipe at each other while Douglas takes on other opponents.

Curt Hennig (w/Windham, Windham & Duncum) vs. Goldberg - special challenge match - Goldberg's entrance is unchanged except for the music. All four of the opposition forces bail as Goldberg enters the ring. They lock up and Goldberg just throws Hennig off like a rag doll several times. Then he knocks him to the floor where Hennig confers with his troups then catches his opponent with a whiplash maneuver. Back in the ring, Hennig catches the bullrope tossed by Duncum and waffles his opponent. But Goldberg springs right back. Now the troups swarm and Goldberg mows them down one by one. Hennig comes in with a chair but then thinks better of it and bails as the referee calls for the bell. Moments later he re-enters he ring but is ejected bodily over the top to the floor.

The next segent is a video running down the Hogan/Nash saga.

Patty Stone Grinder vs. Medusa - Patty is a big brunette who dresses in black and looks tough. She brandishes a chain as Medusa tries to enter the ring and goes on the attack immediately. She uses the chain to try and choke Medusa out and takes control of the match from the get-go. Medusa comes back with a series of flying burritos and turns the tables. She then does her Rabdy Savage impression by coming off the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Stone Grinder reassumes command for a bit until Medusa surprises her with a bridge suplex and pins her (I'll be damned - I think Stuart is right about that...) Cut to commercial.

Scott Putski vs Shane Douglas - too bad Shane had to draw this loser for his first WCW opponent. As is usual, Douglas allows Putski to exhibit his power during the erly going (everybody does this with the Putz) but then takes over and finishes the "Polish Powerless." Hudson reminds us that Douglas once held the World Tag Team Titles with Ricky Steamboat. I have to say that Douglas has become a big star through force of personality but he is a singularly uninteresting wrestler. He finishes the job with his "Pittsburg Plunge" - a cradle suplex. Cut to commercial.

Chris Benoit vs. David Flair (w/Torrie/Aysha/Charles Robinson) - US Title match - so, who is going to interefere on behalf of Flair tonight..? Well, the referee is Charles Robinson, for one thing. Daddy is indeed in Japan with his other son Reid. Benoit uses a single leg trip to put the Champ down right off the bat. He then dumps him on huis face and empties his nostrils on his back (eeeeeyewww!) Flair bails and tries to leave but Robinson goes out and gives him a pep talk. David re-entrs the ring and gets copped to the mat. Then he is stood in the corner and chopped to pieces before being suplexed onto his back. Benoit kicks him in the back of the head as he rises then delivers a big back breaker over his knee. David is writhing in agony. Benoit gets a Boston Crab abd David taps out - but Robinson ignores him. Benoit slams him and then climbs up and hits the diving headbutt. He applies the Crippler Crossface and then Diamond Dallas Page runs in and attacks with his tag team title belt. The rest of everyone's friends show up and the trio of Malenko, Benoit and Saturn clear the ring...and then Shane Douglas shows up. Cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner vs. Chase Tatum - World TV Title match - this will be a rout - especially because Chase didn't bring his back-up. The announcers are making a lot out of Kevin Nash's mystery partner - how it could be "anybody" from his past. You know, I think they are trying to suggest that we might see HBK tonight. Of course that can't happen. Certainly they are suggesting that it could be Scott Hall - but that ain't happening either. In the ring, Steiner makes short work of Tatum.

Holly wood Hogan/Sting vs. Kevin Nash/Sid - yeah, why not..? A definite let down - but then when has a mystery man ever been otherwise. I think the last mystery partner who ever really made a splash was Hulk Hogan at the '96 Bash at the Beach. Before that it was probably when Steamboat showed up as Eddie Gilbert's partner against the Horseman those many years ago. Sid faces Hogan to start. His big offense seems to be pointing his finger. Finally he bulls Hogan into the corner tries to strike - but Hogan ducks then stuffs his dew-rag into Sids mouth and pounds on him. Sid comes back with an inverted atomic drop but Hogan is not badly affected. Moments later he is all over both guys. Nash enters he ring and is ejected by Sting. Sting tags in to face the returning Nash. Nash gets the drop on him but then turns away to gloat and ends up on the receiving end. Nash catches his opponent on a floatover and delivers the Snake eyes. Now Sid and Nash are isolating Sting and taunting Hogan. Sting breaks free and slams Sid but then goes for a splash and gets kneed in the gut. Nash comes in and gets a two-count. Sting almost gets lose but Hogan has been knocked to the floor and can;t give him the tag. Hogan fially gets in and cleans house. Then all four are in the ring. Sting goes for his cornr splash on Sid but the latter pulls the referee into harms way. Nick Patrick is down as Rick Steiner shows up with a chair and whacks Sting, then enters the ring and whacks Hogan. Nash takes the pin on the unconscious Hogan. Goldberg runs in and attacks Nash but Steiner hits him three times with the chair as we fade to black.

I'll be back on Thursday night. Until then...

RAW Report

A still picture recap tells us that Steve Austin won his match last night and Vince McMahon is officially gone from the WWF (right...). RAW is live from the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

We cut to the announcers who start to introduce the program but then a camera takes us backstage where the Undertaker is attacking X-Pac. Road Dogg comes to his rescue but is repelled. UT drags X-Pac into the arena and continues beating on him as he works his way down to the ring. Once inside he starts choking Waltman and keeps it up until Kane shows up and interferes. He is followed down by Paul Wight who pulls Kane off and then joins UT is pummeling the Big Red Machine. X-Pac lies motionless in the ring as the two of them pound Kane into the corner next to him. UT and the Big Show then shake hands and leave together. The new Skyscrapers are born...

Backstage a black stretch limo pulls up and Vince Mcmahon gets out. He slowly limps into the arena as we cut to commercial.

During the break, Kane carried X-Pac out of the arena after emitting an emotional scream. We see him watching them put Waltman into an ambulance and driving away.

The Big Shot Holly is the guest ring announcer for the next match. He shoves the penguin down and then announces...

The Acolytes vs. Edge/Christian - World Tag Team Title match - Christian starts the match against Faarooq and overcomes his size advantage with flying moves then tags in Edge who fares less well. JR announces that Ken Shamrock has been hit by a car out behind the arena somewhere. My bet is this is an angle related to that "Ring of Iron" match from the PPV last night - but we shall see. The match goes on as JR then tells us that there is an ambulance coming and they will try to get a camera out there...yep, it's an angle. In the middel of the match, Gangrel runs down and drags Christian away leaving Edhe to be defeated two on one. Holly then announces himself as the winner and then runs in to attack the Tag Champs. He is punked then Kane shows up and chokeslams everyone in sight. He asks for a mic! He vows in his weird electronic voice that he is going to hurt UT and the Big Show for hurting "Sean".

We go to the back where Shamrock is refusing medical aid then cut to footage of what happened right after Waltman's ambulance left. Shamrock is walking by as the ambulance passes him, then a red car backs into Shamrock, knocking him for a loop. The camera swings back and forth between the car and Shamrock and reveals the driver as Steve Blackman. Blackman puts his sunglasses back on then calmly walks away. Cut to commercial.

McMahon enters the arena and goes to the ring as JR tells us that McMahon has "relinquished his WWF duties" - I could swear that the original stip was that Vince wouldn't be seen on WWF TV again. Vince announces that he came here to honor the contract because he has never lied to us. Oh gee - here it comes... He says that last night was his first failure. He decribes the final moments of the match last night then says that he is here to say his formal farewell to the fans. The "A$$hole" chant starts up but is rather desultory. Vince toots his own horn then thanks the crowd. He seems to be waiting for something...yes, there it is - Steve Austin's glass breaks and the music starts. Austin comes down and greets the fans in his usual fashion then turns to Vince who continues his rant. He suggests that "way down inside" he and Austin are just alike but adds that he considers himself the better man. To prove it he offers his hand to Austin. Austin stares at it then grabs the mic away. He asks the crowd if they want his to break his arm and "shove it up..." They shout "Oh Hell, yeah..!!" Austin lays into him...verbally then orders Jim Ross into the ring. He asks JR to sing a song for Vince - "Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah oh Hell Yeah...goodbye." Vince turns disgustedly on his heel and leaves as the "A$$hole!" chant swells up. He turns back on the platform and flips the bird. Back in the ring, Austin and Ross share a Steveweiser. Austin leaves the ring and marches away in triumph, still guzzling beer. Cut to commercial.

The Fink approaches a dejected Vince Mcmahon as he starts to get into his limo and thanks him for everything - Vince screws up his face and tells Finkel "Get away from me!"

Val Venis comes to the ring in street clothes and challenges Droz and Prince Albert to come out and face him and the Godfather.

Val Venis/Godfather (w/assorted Garden Tools) vs. Droz/Prince Albert - the match erupts as soon as the second team arrives and its a street fight. It happens both in and out of the ring simutaneously. PA and GF brawl into the crowd where an over entusiastic fan clocks GF then gets hauled away. Back in the ring, Val and GF proceed to wrap things up with a doubleteam ending in a Money Shot.

Michael Cole interviews, or tries to, the Rock. Maivia covers Cole in his promotional T-shirts then takes the mic and goes into a rant. He runs down HHH, Billy Gunn and Chyna - especially Chyna, using some of his most colorful language yet. What a character - you gotta love the Rock. Cut to commercial.

Ben Stiller is in the audience and is introduced and then we cut to a promo for "Mystery Men".

HHH and Chyna come to the ring and HHH rants off on Steve Austin. We are shown that the Rattlesnake is watching all this on a monitor backstage. HHH claims that he has been studying Austin and is convinced that he can beat him. He discounts any role for Jesse Ventura or his lady friend, Chyna. He hands the mic to Chyna who throws out a challenge to Rocky Maivia to come out and says whatever he wants to say to her, to her face. That brings Maivia out to the ramp where he is blindsided by Billy Gunn with his club. In the ring he is beaten down then held while Chyna delivers a low blow. Mr. Posterior stands over Maivia and says, "Rock, now you know your role - b*tch!" They start to leave, but the Rock regains his feet, and the mic, and challenges Chyna and Billy to a handicap match! In the back, the Undertaker, Paul Bearer and The Big Show are walking toward the arena together. Cut to commercial.

Kane vs. The Undertaker/The Big Show (w/Paul Bearer) - handicap match - Wight tries to take Kane out in the aisle then UT joins him and they beat him into the ring. Wight stays in the ring as UT takes the apron position to start. Right away, Kane hits an Insuguri on the giant and almost takes him down. UT comes in and struggles with his brother then knocks him to the floor. Wight tries to attack with a chair but Kane grabs it away and whacks both of his opponents. Back in the ring, UT hits him with the chair again but Kane sits right up - so UT whacks him again. They start to punk the red guy but the Road Dogg runs down to help out. He is successfull for about a half second then is overpowered. kane is again on the receiving end of a punking. Backstage, Debra is being photographed against a white background when Jeff Jarret shows up and drags her away. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) comes to the ring - do you realize that this guy has been the IC Champ 5 times...that may be a record. I'll check later and get back to you. Jarrett invites Ben Stiller into the ring. Stiller shakes Jarrett's hand and kisses Debra's. Jarrett asks him why he came tonight - Stiller compliments Jarrett on his win last night then talks about his new movie a little. Jarret then asks who is Stiller's favorite WWF superstar. Stiller says there are can guess his answer. That infuriates Jarrett who knocks Stiller down and puts a figure four on him until D-Lo Brown runs in to the rescue. In the back, Steve Austin is pacing like a cat. Cut to commercial.

After looking at a video of what just happened we see HHH enter Steve Austin's dressing room.

Ivory comes to the ring and rants off on Nicole Bass (who has been released by the WWF) then the Ladies Champ again challenges any woman from the audience to face her for the title. A girl in spandex and red hair answers the call and gets clocked with the belt. Then Torrie (not to be confused with Tori) runs in and attacks Ivory until the officials arrive to break it up. I can't imagine where this is going since we have all heard that the WWF has decided to let the Womens' Division die on the vine. We see HHH leaving Austin's dressing room as we cut to commercial.

In the back Al Snow is first talking to himself, then to a chihuahua that wanders by.

HHH (w/Chyna) vs Ken Shamrock - JR tells us that Austin's dressing room was ransacked. Kenny is not 100% of course. I imagine he will really get hurt tonight so that he can go AWOL back to the UFC Octogon in the near future. Shamrock fails to appear for his introduction. HHH taunts him, and then his music plays again and he appears wearing a rib bandage and another on his left arm. HHH goes right after the injured areas, of course. He takes the "Worlds Most Dangerous Idiot" to the floor and roughs him up then throws him back in the ring. Shamrock competes valiantly as usual but he is too hurt to prevail (Also, we know that HHH can't lose because he is headlining the next PPV). Shamrock starts bleeding from the mouth as HHH continues to pound on him. The referee finally ends the match and awards it to HHH because Shamrock is unable to compete. Helmsley continues to work Kenny over after the bell. In the back Michael Cole is hanging around hoping to interview the Undertaker and the Big Show. This guy just never learns... Cut to commercial.

Cole tries to interview the New Scarey Brothers. UT grabs the mic and rants then they split. Further in the back, Test has ambushed Pete Gass and is beating on him with whatever he can find. He splits before the rest of the Posse shows up with Shane. Cut to commercial.

Billy Gunn/Chyna vs. The Rock - handicap match - HHH joins the broadcast team for the match - doesn't look good for the Rock... Billy and Chyna wear matching see-through tights as they did last night. Maivia enters the ring and the match gets right to it. Maivia knocks Billy to the ouside where Chyna tries to clothesline him but gets Billy instead. Back in the ring, the Rock is creaming his opponent until Chyna interferes from the apron and sends him into Billy's piledriver. Chyna comes in and starts whaling away, ending her flurry with a DDT then tags in Billy. They tag in and out and Chyna is standing toe-to-toe with the Rock again and again and giving as good as she gets. At ringside, HHH is trying to intimidate JR. Meanwhile, Maivia gets a DDT on Billy and a two count. Chyna knocks Maivia to the floor where HHH decides to attack him. Seemingly unaffected, Maivia re-enters the ring and goes right back to work on Billy. Chyna interferes again and turns the tables then takes the tag and again goes toe-to-toe with her opponent. At ringside, JR is getting frur=trated with HHH and tells him to leave. Helmsley's answer is to attack the announcer. This brings Austin running down and a brawl erupts on and around the announce table. In the ring, Maivia gets the Rock Bottom on Billy as Chyna starts to come in and we cut away.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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