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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Sunday Night Heat

Nitro Report

Hulkamania Reborn!!!

Hogan appears in yellow & red for the first time since 1996
He and Nash will fight a retirement match at Sturgis

Chris Benoit is the new US Champion!

RAW Report

X-Pac & Kane take the Tag Team Titles

Chris Jericho Debuts on RAW

He is the Millenium Man

Chyna to Face Austin at SummerSlam???

WWF at Paramont King's Dominion, Doswell, VA

House Show Report by Deranged Clint

Volume 4, Issue 492 - August 9, 1999

WWF House Show Report

August 5, 1999 at Doswell, Virginia

by Deranged Clint

Yesterday, August 5, 1999 at King's Dominion, I attended my first live wrestling show ever, and it was the most unique show I had ever seen too. The wrestling ring was on a stage and all the fans, except the lucky (or chosen) ones that got to sit ringside. The rest of the fans got to sit about 30 feet away to about 200 feet away. I was around 150 feet away from the ring, and I wished I had brought my binoculars, but I could still see the action perfectly well.

I arrived at the Kingswood Amptheathre around 7:00 pm where all the venders in the world were trying to sell everything to everyone. Programs, Austin Hands, racing T-shirts (Rock or Austin), and the normal T-Shirts as well.

At 7:30, the normal WWF ring announce (Not Finkle, the other guy) comes to the ring and announces his welcome and then we get on to match one.

Match One: Al Snow vs. Steve Blackman - Al Snow got a large pop from the crowd when he came out, and he made a joke about the King's Dominion Volcano (Snow had Head, and she was missing the railroad spike and their was no Taco Bell dog either, oh well). Blackman got a lot of heel heat when he came out. I marked out big time when Blackman came out, and I screamed loud enough hoping they would hear me (I doubt they did, but hey I got carried away). I called Blackman the karate master and had several people just turn and look at me like I was crazy (Thats why I use the Deranged Clint handle, even though its not my real name). Both men wrestled a great match in my opinion, and ended when Blackman placed a flipping suplex on Snow. After Snow lost, he started to argue with Head, and at one point he piledrived her into the mat. Shortly after that, Snow came back in and appoligzed to Head.

Winner: Steve Blackman (Yeah!)

Match Two: Midian vs. Test - The only highlight here was my attempts to start a Diesel Wannabe chant for Test, it failed. Good match, but no real highlights.

Winner: Test (Oh well, I guess Shane and the boys felt that it was under them to attend a theme park)

Match Three: Hardcore Holly vs. Gangrel - Holly got a mixed reaction when he came out: 25% cheered him, 25% booed him, and 50% didn't really seem to care. From my seat, you could here some chants for Bob and other times you heard Bob Holly sucks chant. Gangrel got a mixed reaction too, but more of a 50/50 spilt. I forgot who won this match.

Match Four: D'Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett - All I can say is when Jeff first came out there was a mixed cheer, because people thought they were going to see come puppies. Sorry, Charlie, no puppies. This don't mean anything, I guess since Stone Cold wasn't on the road & neither was Debbie (HEY, HEY). Great match, I kept on calling D'Lo & B'Lo and people behind me kept on correcting me. After D'Lo scored the win with the Lo Down. Some idiot screamed “GO BACK TO WCW YOU LOSER” to Jarrett. (Cough) I don't know who it was. (Cough)

Match Five: Big Bossman vs. Mankind - This was a non-title Hardcore match, but Folly tries to get the title on the line. Bossman does his, I don't feel good stunt. Mankind replies that a kid told him that Bossman was in the bathroom, throwing up after getting off the Scooby-Doo roller coaster. A big chant of Big Baby Man was started by Mankind, while I tried to start a Ray Tralor sucks chant. I got three people behind that chant, and I didn't even know them. Classic moment was when Mankind threw Bossman out of the ring, he picks up the mike and says “I got to go to the bathroom!”

Winner: Mankind with Socko.

Intermission (Announcer tries to sell stuff on us, including Sable pictures. I guess that was part of the deal. Rena is gone from the company, and the WWF still milks her. Time to get those old Hulkamania T-Shirts out, Vince & might be able to sell a few of them next.)

Match Six: Godfather/Val Venis (w/ garden tools) vs. Droz and Prince Albert - Usual Godfather rant, and it was fun to get in on the action.

Winner: Venis and Godfather.

Match Seven: Ivory vs. Tori - Typical women's match. Ivory gets the heel heat, Tori gets the sex symbol cheer. Good match in a way, until Ivory botched up the ended. She was supposed to cheat with her feet on the ropes, but they fell down & but Tori sold it anyway and Ivory quickly tried to get her feet back on the ropes before the three count. After Tori got beat, she waved bye-bye to the fans. A few people in the front section cheered for that. It looked like something Sable would have done in her face days.

Match Eight: Brood vs. Acolytes vs. Hardy Boyz - Hardy Boyz get a mixed reation, Brood gets a lot of cheers, and Acolytes get a mixed (mostly boos though, except for me) reaction. Good match for this double elimition triangle match!

Winners: Acolytes (I think Bradshaw pinned one of the Hardy Boyz and then of course Gangrel costed Edge the match later on.)

Main Event: Kane vs. Paul Wight (The Circus) - The Circus got a big face pop when he came out, and he came out looking like his old Giant Character. I guess he didn't have time to braid his hair. Kane comes out too to a great face pop.

Funny, the same fool that told Jarrett to go back to WCW tried to tell Kane to PULL OUT THE CIRCUS' TEETH (cough, cough) Again, (cough) I didn't know this (cough) person. Hardcore Holly is at ringside with the Circus.

Greatest moment: Kane places a DDT (DDS) on the Big Show (Maybe he heard my Issac Yankem chant)

Winner: Kane by DQ. (Sparky Plugg comes to the rescue & but Kane ends up beating them both up)

After this, the event was over and it was time to sell more items.

Deranged Clint is a long time friend of Solie's and a regular contributer to the old Readers' Forum and the current Mailroom.

Sunday Night Heat

The program is live from the Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

D-Lo Brown vs. Val Venis - Intercontinental Title match - Jeff Jarrett and Debra come down to lend commentary as D-Lo starts out the match very strong. Val finally comes back out of the corner with an atomic drop and gets an extended offensive flurry. Meanwhile Jarrett is hogging the mic so that we are getting almost no commentary on the match. Jarrett finally gets up and intereferes in the match causing a DQ and the two combatants to gang up on him. In the back, Kane and the Road Dog are discussing their upcoming match for the Tag Tam Titles later tonight.

Al Snow (w/Pepper) comes down for an interview and has a run-in with the Big Bossman over their Hardcore Title rematch at SummerSlam. Bossman threatens the dog with bodily harm.

Tori vs. Lexxie Phiphe (sp?)- Tori shows us some real wrestling savy - putting the lie to her supposed origins as simply a fan of Sable who came out of the crowd. She dispatches her considerably smaller opponent in moments. Ivory runs out to attack her afterwards and paints her body with a big marker pen - they have a match at SummerSlam. Cut to commercial.

Road Dogg/Kane vs. The Acolytes - WWF Tag Team Title match - Jesse James does his usual schtick then the Acolytes run out and start pounding on him before Kane shows up. The lights go out as the assault continues then Kane hits the ring and both of the Acolytes. He cleans house while the Road Dogg lies unconscious on the floor. Hardcore Holly decides to show up at this point and takes the Dogg's place on the apron. But then he tags himself in and attacks Kane! When the Acolytes take over - he attacks them! They turn on him, of course, and he is ejected. Now the Dogg is slowly trying to return to the ring but he is in bad shape still and not much help. Kane is being pounded, the Dogg is still down, the Undertaker and the Big Show are watching all this on the monitor in the back...and now the Rock has shown up! Too much for us...lets go to commercial.

In the back, Terri Runnels is spiking a drink for Meat, who's looking exhausted again. He can't believe it when she tells him has a match tonight.

The Godfather (w/7 Garden Tools) vs. Prince Albert (w/Droz) - Godfather decides to decline the match because, as he says, he's already beat PA. The "Man in White" (Vic Grimes) shows up again and the Godfather is in for a whuppin' until first Val Venis then Chaz show up to lend a hand. In the back, Al Snow is coaching Pepper on Hardcore tactics. Cut to commercial for WWF Smackdown, premiering August 26th on UPN.

I notice that the countdown to the "Millennium" ends tomorrow night. Expect to see Chris Jericho on RAW.

Looks like it was Viagra that Terri put in Meat's drink. Meanwhile, the Blue Meanie starts kidding around with Al Snow in the back and ends up getting his clock cleaned.

Meat (w/Terri Runnels and a woodie) vs. The Big Bossman - Meat has to hobble to the ring because of his "condition". Bossman pauses to complain about Meat', and then uses the distraction to grab the initiative. Meat fights back and the contest is a see-saw affair with the Bossman basically in control. Although he is a fine wrestler, Meat is forced in this one to rely on brawling, which he is also good at...but not as good as the Bossman, who makes short work of him then attacks him with his nightstick. There's the Rock in the back again - on his way to the ring. Cut to commercial.

The Rock comes out to join the announcers.

Billy (Mr. Posterior) Gunn (w/Chyna) vs. The Undertaker (w/The Big Show/Paul Bearer) - Gunn attacks UT as he enters the ring and then runs him to the opposite corner but then runs into an elbow as he rushes in. UT takes over with a series of punches and a boot to the face. He gets a two-count. Gunn comes back with a couple of drop-kicks and gets a two-count of his own. He keeps the pressure up with punches to the face in the corner but UT just grabs him by the throat and downs him. He rushes Gunn in the corner and gets a foot in his own face but he comes right back and stays on the offensive. He pounds on him on the apron then leaves him there. That prompts the Rock to attack the helpless Billy which prompts the Big Show to attack Mavia. In the ring, UT gets the Tombstone and the win, then the Rock is tossed in and a melee erupts with Chyna also getting involved. The program ends at this point.

Nitro Report

Scenes from last Monday night fill the screen to open the program.

Nitro is live from the Boise Center in Boise, Idaho and Tony is back! He and the Brain are our hosts tonight. They talk about the upcoming PPV and then go to the first match.

Norman Smiley/Lash Laroux/Prince Iukea vs. Vampiro/ICP (w/Raven) - 6 man tag team match - this is the first wrestling appearance for the Insane Clown Posse since they left the WWF a while back. Here's hoping they show a little more wrestling ability then they did during their WWF days. Tony tells us that the Vampiro/Raven/ICP assemblage has decided to call itself "the Dead Pool" (as I reported last Friday on the Wrestling Radio program...) Vampiro faces Lash Laroux to open the contest. They trade knife edge chops then the Ragin' Cajan grabs a headlock, knocks Vamp down and tags in Iukea who immediately gives up the advantage. Jack Jacko comes in and seems to have learned a thing or two as he hits a credible suplex on the Prince then holds him up for Vampiro to hit him with a flying lariet. Iukea is isolated as Vamp and the clowns tag in and out pretty effectively. They take him to the floor and work him over. Back inside, Iukea finally manages to side step a leg drop and gets Smiley in. Smiley cleans house then all six are in the ring and chaos reigns. After moments of confusion, one of the clowns hits a big moonsault on Laroux and takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Grrrrls make their first appearance for this evening in orange spandex as we return.

In the back Dean Malenko w/Chris Benoit, Saturn and Shane Douglas are questioning Dusty Rhodes about how things are going to go from now on when David Flair strolls up with Torrie on his arm and starts razzing Rhodes as an "old man." Benoit grabs Flair in a Crippler Crossface until Dusty tells him to let the kid up. Dusty then makes a US Title match for Benoit vs. Flair tonight.

The Public Enemy vs. The West Texas Rednecks - the latter come out to a new theme. Hennig's new "country hit" called "Good Old Boys". It looks like Hennig and Barry Windham will defend Texas' honor this evening but really they are all four there so the contest is one sided after the first few minutes. Duncum's interference puts Hennig in charge and it's all down hill for PE. They get a moment of offense and even manage to smash Windham on their table but Hennig is busy taking the pin inside even as this is taking place. Cut to commercial.

Little Jeanie vs. Mona - there is something really sexy about Mona in her modified teddy with peek-a-boo cleavage and bare feet. She looks ready for bed. These two are both real scrappers and the match is a knock-down-drag-out affair. But first they get into some chain wrestling and again Mona shows her mat skills to great advantage. Jeanie shows some savy by taunting her opponent from the outside then diving back into the ring as Mona goes out after her. Back in the ring, Little Jeanie has the advantage for the first time in the match but only for a moment. Mona is on the attack again and eventually wraps it up with a modified Indian Deathlock. Brandy Alexander runs in for a piece of the action but gets ejected. Cut to commercial.

Back in the dressing room, Hollywood Hogan's son runs in and shows his dad what looks like the old Yellow & Red outfit. Hogan seems upset and goes to make his entrance to the arena but is attacked backstage by Nash and company. They drag him to the ring and beat on him until Sting and Goldberg show up to save his cookies. Hogan ends up putting up his career at Sturgis then challenges Nash and friends to a 6 man match later tonight. Sting also manages to get Nash to put up his career at Sturgis if the good guys win the match tonight. Well we know who will win tonight...

Chris Benoit vs. David Flair - US Title match - as the nine o'clock hour approaches we get this match, which promises to see Benoit finally get his just due. It might just work... First we get a replay of the incident which brought this all together. David enters after Benoit, with Torrie on his arm and Aysha in his wake. Torrie is showing lots of flesh prompting the Brain to exclaim, "Look at that hat!!" Charles Robinson thinks he's going to referee but Nick Patrick comes out and shoots that notion down. Flair looks a little sick to his stomach as the match begins. Benoit takes a swing at the Champ, who ducks the blow and bails. He tries to leave but Malenko and Saturn waylay him and drag him back to the ring. Now David is on his knees offering the hand of friendship...oh yeah...that will work. Benoit swings at him again and David bails for the second time. This time he doesn't get far because Benoit's friends are still at ringside. Back in the ring Benoit quickly knocks Flair down then picks him up and administers a back breaker. Flair has no offense at all. Benoit picks him up and chops him down. A scoop slam and then he goes to the top. Here comes Kanyon but he is held back by the Revolutionaries. Benoit hits the diving headbutt and gets an easy pin as the Triad hits the ring. They get in a few licks but it is too late to change the outcome. Chris Benoit is the new US Champion! After the melee is over, Benoit offers Page a no-DQ title shot at Sturgis. Great! Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls after a review of what just happened.

Mean Gene enters the ring to a chorus of boos (well, he is replacing the Nitro Grrrrrls...) He calls the Macho Man to the ring. As usual of late, Okerlund introduces Gorgeous George but she fails to appear. Savage enters the ring with a sign he has cadged from a spectator that reads, "Macho man for President, George for Intern". Savage allows as how he will bring GG back after he takes care of the Worm at Sturges. Okerlund wants to know what Savage's surprise announcement is but the Macho Man is evading the question. He talks some trash about killing Rodman and throws in a few dirty words for the censors to bleep out. Cut to commercial.

Chris Adams/Dave Taylor vs. Rey Misterio, Jr./Eddie Guerrero - So it has come to this for Adams. Paired up with another Brit just because he's a Brit. Adams says "USA Sucks" as he comes to the ring but you can tell his heart isn't in it. You can see that Eddie and Rey have definitely cemented their bond these days as they huddle before the match. Rey looks like a flagman in his dayglo orange jumpsuit. Taylor faces Guerrero to start and takes an immediate advantage but Guerrero can't be held down for any length of time and soon turns the tables. Adams is tagged in and then Misterio. Adams uses his superior size to bash Rey at the beginning of their encounter. He gets a two count out of a powerbomb. He then goes for a splash off the top but Rey rolls away then comes back with a slingshot moonsault. But then he runs right into Adam's patented super kick. Guerrero is taunted and distracts the referee so that Rey can be tossed out and attacked by Taylor with his flag. Back in the ring, Taylor is tagged in to continue the assault but runs into a mule kick in the corner. Guerrero gets the tag and cleans house then uses Rey's body as a battering ram to cement the advantage. Rey then Frankensteiners Adams off the top and Guerrero frog splashes him for the win. ICP and Vampiro run in and change the odds but then Kidman runs in to change them back. The Brits and ICP are thwarted and we cut to commercial.

More Mean Gene - this time with Windham. Windham, Hennig and Duncum. Hennig claims that "Rap is Crap" is now a Gold Record, then he says it has gone Platinum...whatever. He mentions his new record but is interrupted by Okerlund who re-announces that Chad Brock will be playing his music and then tells Hennig that he and his debut has been "pre-empted". Hennig issues a threat directed at Chad Brock if he dares to show his face tonight. Sounds like a set up to me... Cut to commercial.

Kidman vs. Disco Inferno - here's a match we've seen a few times. These guys had a kind of quasi-feud a while back based on Discos attempt to make himself into a Cruiserweight. It never went anywhere that I can remember. Kidman is all over his opponent from the get-go. Disco gets one offensive move and stops to congratulate himself then he's back on the receiving end until he manages to hip-toss Kidman to the floor. Outside he runs Kidman into the stairs then returns to the ring to pose a little. He goes back to the floor and sends Kidman crashing into the railing then poses some more before dragging his opponent back in by the hair. He goes for a cover but Kidman has his foot on the rope. Disco continues his assault then grabs a reverse chinlock. Kidman escapes but Disco gets a finger to his eye to stop his comeback. Kidman launches himself and gets a flying lariet, but Disco comes right back with a swinging neck breaker then stops to dance. Kidman has fallen to the floor again. Disco follows him out and tosses his opponent over the railing then returns to the ring. Kidman struggles back to ringside and is helped back in by Disco who grabs the reverse chinlock once again. Kidman uses a jawbreaker to escape then gets a sunset flip and a two-count. Disco comes right back with a suplex and gets another two-count but Kidman replys with a short powerbomb and the match goes into see-saw mode. Disco gets a piledriver but is too out of it to follow up and Kidman is spared. Disco goes for it again but Kidman reverses the field and smashes his face to the mat. Kidman goes up for the Shooting Star but Vampiro runs out and upsets his balance then he and ICP attack Kidman. Disco revives and tries to help Kidman out but gets punked as well. Here comes Misterio and Guererro to the rescue. After the Dead Pool are driven off, Disco seems to want to make friends but then backs off. Cut to commercial.

We come back to hype for the Road Wild PPV and a review of what happened earlier with Hogan et al. Cut to commercial.

Buff Bagwell comes to the ring to rant at the Cat then they introduce his opponent.

Buff Bagwell vs. Scott Norton - is Norton still part of the nWo? These guys have been a tag team in the past (remember Vicious & Delicious?) Norton throws his weight around and dominates the opening moments but Bagwell gets in the air and turns the tables. Norton is knocked to the floor but recovers quickly and turns the tables as he re-enters the ring. Bagwell uses a dragon-screw legwhip to regain the initiative but Norton comes right back and is in charge again as the Cat and Sonny Oono appear on the platform. Miller dons the red shoes before advancing to the aisle. In the ring Bagwell is recovering from a big shoulder breaker. Norton goes for a headbutt and tastes canvas. Bagwell starts to come back and almost gets a pin but Miller snatches the referee out of the ring while Oono hits Bagwell with the briefcase. Norton goes after Miller while Bagwell hits a blockbuster on Oono. Bagwell wins by DQ. Cut to commercial.

Chad Brock sings his hit song (#24 on the C/W charts) "Lightning Does the Work". Not bad for an overweight sh*tkicker... At least the sound is much better then when MegaSeth appeared a while back. Hennig is seen watching from near the ring as the song ends. They go nose-to-nose at the foot of the ramp and then comes to blows. The rest of th Rednecks show up but before they can gang up on Brock, his back-up appears - Malenko, Benoit and Saturn. It sounds like they set up a match but no mention is made of when and where.

More Nitro Grrrrls as we return. More PPV hype then...

The Triad makes an entrance to back-up Kanyon in the next match. They have a little rant fest - usual schtick. Kanyon gets his usual response...and he calls the fans stupid... They next go into their "let's insult Harlem Heat's mother" bit.

Kanyon (w/Page/Bigalow) vs. Booker T (w/Stevie Ray) - the referee makes Bam Bam and DDP leave but allows Stevie Ray to stick around. This is really no contest in my opinion. Kanyon is okay, but Booker T is a wonder. He downs Kanyon in moments then knocks him to the floor where Stevie creams him. Back in the ring, Booker is all over his opponent who hasn't yet recovered from his trip to the outside. Booker goes for a drop-kick a little later but Kanyon stops his own momentum by holding the ropes. Booker kicks air and goes down. Kanyon has his first offensive flurry in the match but it doesn't last long as Booker gets his fabulous feet into play. Kanyon has to pull the referee between them to turn the tables as the rest of the Triad attack Stevie on the outside. Booker is punked then flatlined. The referee recovers in time to make the count on Booker T. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is doing his "shank of the evening" schtick as we return. He introduces Dennis Rodman to a decidedly lukewarm reception from the crowd. As usual, the Worm looking simply ridiculous his semi-pimp attire. He also wears two nose rings and a stud under his lower lip. He contends that the reason Savage won't bring GG to the arena is becaus she wantc to be with Rodman. He uses his own obscene language and gets duly beeped as Savage did. Okerlund grabs the mic back...uh comes Savage. he hits the ring and Rodman bails. Savage chases him but is restrained by security and police personnel. Cut to commercial.

Time for the main event...

Kevin Nash/Sid Vicious/Rick Steiner vs. Hollywood Hogan/Sting/Goldberg - actually all we get is the entrance of the bad guys before cutting to another commercial.

Sting enters first as Tony tells us that he has given the presdidency back to the Championship Committee. They will appoint a new leader (read Bischoff...) Goldberg is next to his new MegaDeth theme which plays on for a bit after he arrives then turns to the old Hulk Hogan theme - here he comes in the Yellow and Red!! Hulkamania is reborn! The match starts with Hogan vs. Steiner. They lock up and struggle for a bit then Hogan gets some distance and drops his opponent with a foot to the face. The opposition explodes into the ring and gets creamed by Hogan singlehandedly. The bad guys bail to regroup. The crowd is popping wildly. Nash comes in and faces Goldberg. Nash leaves a knee lift to grab the initiative but moments later is knocked on his can by a shoulder block. Sid comes in and is likewise manhandled. The Millennium Man is not doing too well as Sting comes in a continues the attack. Nash tries to interfere but Sting catches him with his leg over the top and crotches him. Then he goes for a splash on Sid and meets the latter's upraised knees. Nash comes in and wants to go for snake eyes on an exposed corner buckle but the referee has seen the problem and gets between them. The ref gets knocked down but Sting manages to splash Nash in the exposed corner twice! Steiner comes in with a chair but gets spared by Goldberg then Hogan starts handing out chairshots to all his enemies. Nash is saved for last then is put into the Scorpion deathlock. The referee recovers and asks Nash if he wants to submit. Nash is unconscious so the referee ends the match in favor of Hogan and company. So now Nash and Hogan both are fighting for their careers. Sounds like the end for Hogan to me... Stay tuned.

RAW Report

The Rock kicks off the program with one of his classic rants directed at the Big Show. This brings the big guy himself and his sidekick the Undertaker to put a hurtin' on the Peoples' Champ. It is up to X-Pac and Kane to save his cookies. Jim Ross and the King run down the card then we see a limo pull up out back and disgorge Commissioner Shawn Michaels. The big guns are out for this live program from Chicago, Illinois. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac and Kane are interviewed and challenge the Tag Team Champs to a match. X-Pac gets bleeped for his potty mouth at one point.

Christian vs. Gangrel - I guess these guys are just going to fight among themselves for a while. Isn't that the way they started in the WWF..? Gangrel rushes his opponent at the beginning but Christian out maneuvers him. The fight goes to the floor whre Christian misses a flying move and gives away the advantage. Back inside, Gangrel is on the attack again but the match is a see-saw affair. The Hardey Boys appear and Christian leaves the ring to attack them. he goes back inside and flies off the top but gets a face full of stage blood and is pinned. The Hardey Boyz attack Christian until Edge runs in to even the odds. Michael Hayes runs down to pull his boys off but then they turn on him! Edge and Christian split while the Hardeys and Gangrel beat up on Hayes. Huh..? Backstage, the Acolytes accept the challenge of X-Pac and Kane. Jesse Ventura is shown arriving as we cut to commercial.

Lawler introduces Ventura as we return. He arrives in his grey politician's suit. Ventura delivers a great rant in the best tradition of the "Body". He reminds us that he held gold in the WWF (he was a former Tag Team Champ) and was the guest referee at the first SummerSlam. He takes some potshots at Hulk Hogan and runs down his own impressive military credentials. He asserts that he will be "the power" at SummerSlam and promises to deliver law and order during the main event. He is interrupted by HHH and Chyna who have a few things of their own to say. Ventura cuts him off and reminds him who the boss is. HHH comes back with his own rant basically calling Ventura a has-been and gets in his face. Ventura doesn't back off at all mentioning that he was standing next to the President of the United States earlier today. HHH comes back with a threat of bodily harm right now and right here...and then HBK shows up. He grabs Helmsley's mic and reads him the riot act and reminds him who it was brought HHH into the WWF. HHH shoves him away and Ventura has to get between them. He whispers something in Michael's ear and the Commissioner turns around and puts together a triple threat match pitting HHH, Steve Austin and the Undertaker. Cut to commercial.

D-Lo Brown is seen running in a park with Mark Henry when he is attacked by Jeff Jarrett and run onto his car hood then a trashcan.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Val Venis - this match is a result of the fallout from last night when Jarrett attacked Venis during his IC title match. He attacks Venis before the latter can get his schtick started. Venis recovers after a bit and takes over. We're being told that something has happened back in a stairwell but not who is involved. In the ring, Val is in charge and Debra is trying to distract him but he is not buying it. He gets a roll-up and pins the former IC Champ. After the match Jarrett blames Debra fror his loss and starts berating her only to find himself attacked again by Val. He retreats and Val escorts Debra away. In the back, Austin is out cold as officials gather round. Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin is being loaded into an ambulance as we return. Micke Cole says he thinks that Austin was attacked with a cinder block. Shawn Michaels questions HHH who denies complicity. Michaels returns to the ring and accuses HHH of the crime then orders HHH front and center. HHH comes to the platform and pleads innocence. HBK changes the match tonight to a triple-threat, no-DQ, #1 contenders' match for the WWF Title match at SummerSlam...and he makes himself the special referee. He names Chyna as the third participant!!! HHH tries to argue with that, calling her "just a girl..." - which raises her ire. She accepts the match and HHH is livid. Cut to commercial.

HHH and Chyna are arguing backstag as we return.

X-Pac/Kane vs. the Acolytes - Tag Team Title match - Kane is in at the beginning and handles Faarooq easily then tags in X-Pac who is downed almost immediately. Bradshaw comes in and continues the assault. Waltman is isolated for a while and then put into a bearhug by Bradshaw. He is slammed down but comes back with an insuguri and gets the tag. kane cleans house and goes for a chokeslam on Faarooq but is waylaid by Bradshaw. he comes back with a double clothesline. X-Pac is back in as Bradshaw and Kane fall out to the floor. X-Pac gets the X-Factor and pins Faarooq. X-Pac and Kane win the Tag Titles. After the match, the Road Dogg joins the celebration and X-Pac invites Kane to recite the DX tag line without his artificial voice box - he does to the delight of the crowd. The Undertaker and the Big Show show up and punk the three of them. Cut to commercial.

Billy Gunn is on GTV with a masseuse who works on his posterior.

Joey Abbs (w/Shane McMahon)/Steve Blackman vs. Test/Ken Shamrock - Shamrock and Abbs go to the floor right away while Test faces Blackman in the ring. The sides switch and now the two martial artists are on the floor while Test takes on Abbs in the ring. On the outside, Blackman grabs his kendo stick but Shamrock turns the tables on him while, in the ring, Test is getting the best of Abbs. He gets a powerslam and the pin. Blackman and Shamrock have dissappeared and Shane is fleeing but looks back to watch Test cripple his sole remaining gang member with a chair. In the back, Billy Gunn discovers his posterior is infected with poison ivy and the Rock is headed for the ring. Cut to commercial.

Test talks to Mike Cole. He is ready to take on Shane now. Blackman is with Terry Taylor and challenges Shamrock to a Lion's Den Weapons match.

The Great One comes to the ring for the second time tonight. He rants at the Bog Show again and challenges him to a match tonight. Just as he finishes his challenge, the Millenium Clock finishes it's countdown and Chris Jericho appears on the Platform. He yells "Welcome to RAW is Jericho" then gives the crowd one of his idiot grins. He toots his own horn as the Rock looks on in disgust. He says he's here to rescue the WWF from boredom. He sites a supposed ratings downward spiral (well...they were down last week...) and reduced PPV buy rates. He blames Maivia directly for this trend. He gets a small part of the crowd to chant "Go Jericho GO!" and refers to himself as the "Y2J" problem. The Rock tells him to "know your role and shut your mouth..." He then proceeds to out talk Jericho as only the Rock can. For a moment, Jericho really does look like Lenny Lane... In the back, Steroid Bob is looking for the Big Show. Cut to commercial.

Holly is still looking for Paul Wight while Chyna prepares for her match.

The Big Bossman vs. The Road Dogg - Hardcore non-title match - Jesse James gets the best of the Champ right away with a cookie sheet then throws a table into the ring. He hits Bossman again with the sheet then sets the table up. He goes out for a chair but Bossman takes it from him and uses it, then slams him through the table. Al Snow shows up with a little dog carrier and waffles the Bossman. The Dogg gets the pin. Cut to Paul Wight and the Rock heading toward the ring from different directions then to commercial.

The Rock vs. The Big Show - the Rock makes his entrance as we return and then attacks Wight as soon as he enters he ring. He gets a Russian leg sweep and a two count on the big guy. Wight comes back with a flying lariet and turns the tables. Maivia recovers and the trade punches but the Rock is at a disadvantage weight-wise then gets a big size 23 in the face. Wight grabs a bearhug but Maivia fights free only to get powerslammed. Now Holly shows up and tries to talk to Wight. He gets headbutted to the floor but has distracted the big guy. Maivia low blows him from behind and looks to be ready to win the match when Chris Jericho runs in to distract him and then Billy Gunn attacks and leaves him lying in the ring. Cut to commercial.

Jesse Ventura comes back to be the guest commentator for the main event.

HHH vs. the Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Chyna - no-DQ, triple threat match to determine the #1 contender to the WWF Title at SummerSlam - Shawn Michaels is the special referee - UT shoves Chyna down and starts in on HHH to start the match. Chyna decides to sit the opening moments out but eventually gets knocked over the top to the floor. HHH is on the receiving end again as the match goes to the floor. The fight is all between the guys, Chyna having disappeared on the floor somewhere. When we see her she is holding her arm and not moving to get up. Back in the ring, HHH launches himself off the top and right into a chokeslam - except that Chyna comes in finally and delivers a low blow on UT. She offers HHH her hand then flattens him! UT blindsides her with a rather anemic chokeslam then turns to face HHH. The battle away then HHH pauses to try and take a pin on Chyna. Back to the fight as Chyna is down on the apron. Steve Austin is shown entering the building with a chair. UT knocks both his opponent's out of the ring. Here comes Austin down the ramp. He clobbers HHH and then pulls Chyna on top of him. Chyna gets the pin!!! Chyna faces Austin at SummerSlam???

I'll be back on Thursday with the Thunder Report and Part 2 of Tom Maynes article on PPV's in the UK. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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