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Hogan's Jobbing Record

by Deranged Clint

The View from Down Under

by Stuart Capel

Volume 4, Issue 493 - August 13, 1999
Editor's Note: I had planned to run the second installment of Tom Mayne's article series on PPV's in the UK this morning, but event conspired to prevent it. Tom's article will appear in the Special Saturday Edition with my Road Wild Report.

Many younger fans complain that Hulk Hogan never did his bit to advance other players, but that isn't quite the case as noted below by Solie's contributor Deranged Clint.

Hogan's Jobbing Record

by Deranged Clint

Hulk Hogan before Hulkamania did do jobs, but it was rare to see Hogan lay down a 1-2-3 count. Here is a brief history of Hulk Hogan's jobbing record:

Hulkamania (1984-1996)

Hollywood Era (HEEL) (1996-1999) Hollywood Hogan (Face) (1999)

Deranged Clint is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributor to the Mailroom page as well as the old Readers' Forum.

The View from Down Under

by Stuart Capel If you've been in Solies mailroom this week you'd have seen the debate over the differences between the two main organisations. In my opinion, one major difference has been overlooked by those who have voiced their opinions on the subject. To me it is the biggest issue of them all.

To put it in simple terms, WWF is a family run business while WCW is a business run by people for the profits of Ted Turner.

People like Eric Bischoff work for TNT, Ted Turner's network, they are paid employees who, like many of us, work for a higher power (sorry, had to do that!). The profits, if any, are to people who are not involved directly in the WCW organisation.

At Titan, well the Federation formally known as Titan, the McMahon's head a business started by Vince's father. The bottom line of the balance sheet is very relevant to them. As a family business, they wish it to continue while making higher profits.

Would Bischoff sell Turner's wife for a quid if it would help the business? Of course not, he has no authority. Would Vince sell Linda if it would get Viscera over, thus creating more profit? I believe it's a chance!

Bischoff has to run down a certain, respectable track as head of WCW, although he's certainly veered from his path! Vince can (and will) do whatever he wants to get the cash. If Vince could triple his profits by making his wrestlers sell spoons rather than wrestle would he do it? Without a doubt! That's why the WWF has degenerated to the point it's currently at. He's giving the public what they want ie. beer drinking, porn stars, ho's, crummy wrestlers (HHH) etc.

Bischoff can't degenerate his company. Too many old reputations, too much decency, too pretty. Thus ratings are well down. Not all wrestling fans like WCW like this. I kinda dig it! So I'll be waatching it. Other's don't, so they won't!

One thing I would like to see is Vince McMahon make Raw a live Monday Night show from now on.

When profits were down, McMahon used the excuse that Titan Sports could not afford to run a live show every Monday night.

Times have since changed!! Profits are at record levels. I'm sure that a live Monday Night show is now a reality rather than a dream. The paying public would love it and I'm sure the ratings would soon increase.

I urge Vince McMahon to make this vision a reality.

Final Thought: Did anyone notice on the Nitro where Hogan went through the table that his chain was made of paper clips? Is this for real or is he really going to retire, thus they have already sold his gold chain?

Stuart Cape lives in Black Rock, Victoria, Australia and is a regular contributer to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter.

Thunder Report

Wrsetlers and others on motorcycles are shown at the top of the program as a montage celebrating the Sturgis rally is played. Thunder comes to us on tape this evening. Mike and Larry are the hosts.

Rick Steiner vs. Spyder - TV Title match - Steiner delivers a rant directed at Goldberg before his opponent appears. I believe this is Spyder's debut in prime time - he has wrestled on the Saturday show a couple of times. The match is no contest to speak of. Steiner is such a brutal competitor that it is obvious the newcomer is in way over his head. "Selling" or not, you can't tell me that it doesn't hurt when Steiner drops you on the back of your head in a German suplex. Steiner takes his opponent out to the floor and pounds on him for a while then drags him back inside and finishes him off with a wristlock combination submission hold. Some pundits have been commenting that Rick Steiner seems out of place next to his current companions, Sid and Kevin Nash, but I can't agree. No doubt Steiner has plenty to teach the two of them and I have little doubt that he will give Goldberg a real run for his money on Saturday...before being speared and Jackhammered. Cut to commercial.

We get a replays of numerous happenings from the last few weeks spread over the next three segments.

Sid Vicious vs. Disorderly Conduct - Handicap match - Sid jumps to the floor and puts the boots to his opponents before the bell sounds. I hardly care to watch this silliness, let alone call the action. It's thankfully over in a matter of minutes. In his tale-end rant he even tells his partner Nash to watch his step. Ooooh scarey... Cut to commercial.

Three more segments of nothing but video review.

Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas vs. Barry Windham/Bobby Duncum, Jr. (w/Hennig/K. Windham) - as usual with the Rednecks, the opposition is outnumbered in this one but it doesn't seem to make much difference in the early going. Douglas uses a drop-kick to the knee to cut Duncum down to size just before we cut to commercial.

Malenko has Duncum under control as we return but the Cowboys are interefering from the outside (as we knew they would...) Windham is tagged in and turns the tables. Malenko is knocked to the floor and roughed up before being rolled back inside. Still, he manages to get a sunset flip and a two-count on his opponent. He can't follow up and is isolated again for a while, then Douglas gets the tag and cleans house. Now it starts to break down as Kendall and Hennig hop onto the apron - but in the confusion, Douglas gets his finisher on Duncum and pins him. Afterward the Revolutionaries are tanked - Saturn runs in to help but he is taken down as well. Cut to a promo for Alex Wright's new character, Berlynn and then to commercial.

Back to recaps again (yawn....)

The following recap is interesting. It features the Tonight Shw appearance of Savage and Rodman. Savage confronts Rodman and then spears him over the couch. They roll on the floor as security tries to separate them.

Evan Karrageous vs. Randy Savage - poor Evan - Savage is on a tear. He doesn't even bother with ring attire for this contest. He talks about the "baddest dude on the planet" and the "driver of the hummer" but fails to identify the miscreant. I have heard a rumor that it might be Dan Severn who is reportedly in negotiations with WCW. Savage lets the kid have his say about Mona, who Karrageous says he has gotten to know lately, then offers his hand in respect for the kid's moxie. Of course then he kicks him in the gut and proceeds to destroy him. Mona comes out to cheer her protector on and he gets a little offense that causes the Macho Man to bail out then try to use Mona as a shield. Karrageous dives right over her head and splashes his opponent. That's about it for Evan as Savage recovers and takes the fight back into the ring. He gets the big elbow but decides to hold off on the pin. He whips Karrageous with his belt then goes up for a second elbow. Mona enters the ring and tries to protect Evan but Savage hits him anyway then grabs her by the hair. At this point the referee jumps on Savage's back and starts punching him in the head. Savage dispatches the official then hits the elbow on Karrageous again. He demands a microphone and counts his opponent out himself while placing a foot on his head. Cut to commercial.

The last segment is a replay of the main event from Nitro. Hulkamania is reborn.

That's all for tonight. I'll be back on Saturday for the PPV. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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