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Triple Threat Match Set for SummerSlam

Austin, Mankind and HHH to meet

Volume 4, Issue 495 - August 16, 1999
Editor's Note: I wanted to make one correction to Saturday's PPV report. I inadvertantly identified Sting as the winner of the Sting/Sid match. Sid, of course, was the actual winner. Solie's apologizes for the error. The newsletter page has been corrected.

Sunday Night Heat

As could be expected, this pre-recorded edition of Heat opens with Chyna coming out and being interviewed by Jim Ross. He starts out by congratulating her - she calls him a male chauvenist pig then goes on to predict the downfall of Steve Austin at SummerSlam. Backstage, Gangrel and the Hardy Boyz were seen walking to the ring.

Edge/Christian vs. Former Members of Kaientai - I didn't catch the name the latter team is using now. They met on the ramp and started brawling and then Gangrel and the Hardey Boyz appeared from underneath the ring and interferred. The match was thrown out. Backstage, the Blue Meanie told Terry Taylor that he has been the plot of many jokes in the WWF, and next, Al Snow will be the joke. Cut to commercial.

As we return, Gangrel and the Hardy Boyz are in the back and announce that they are the new Brood.

Blue Meanie vs. Al Snow (w/Pepper) - Snow hands Pepper to the announcers, runs in, and immediately ducks a lariat from the Meanie. From there it is mostly downhill for the Meanie and Snow takes the fall in a flash with a Sharpshooter. Afterward, Stevie Richards ran in and attacked Snow, then helped the Meanie pulverize him.

The Big Show vs. Kane - this one barely gets started and there is some furious action just before Hardcore Holly runs down and intereferes to cause a DQ on the "bigger" big guy who then turns around and chokeslams Holly for his trouble. Cut to commercial.

Terry Taylor talks to Bob Holly who says he's "tired of carrying the Big Show" and plans to do something on RAW - probably get his a$$ kicked...

Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) vs. Meat (w/ Terri Runnels) - "We Want Puppies" is the dominant chant throughout this match. The contest is pretty even until Meat missed a splash from the top. After Jarrett press slams Meat, he calls Debra up to the ring apron. Terri tries to interfere and she and Debra get into an argument. Meat takes advantage of the distraction and gets a DDT on Jarrett for the win. Jarrett blames Debra for his loss (with some justification for once) - she cowers in the corner until D-Lo Brown runs in to chase Jarrett away. Brown escorts Debra from the ring.

The Acolytes joined the announce team for the main event.

Undertaker vs. X-Pac - this is a completely one sided affair as could have been predicted with the Undertaker getting the Tombstone after X-Pac leaps right into his arms. After the match, the Big Show comes down and chokeslams X-Pac. Kane comes down and clears the ring with a chair. The Acolytes then entered the ring and attacked X-Pac and Kane. They split and the program ended.

Nitro Report

We open with scenes from last Monday, Hollywood Hogan transforms himself back into Hulk Hogan of Hulkamania fame.

The Nitro Grrrrls are in the ring as we return from the opening montage. Nitro is on the air live from the World Arena in Colorado Springs. Tony announces Sid's win streak at 55 and 0 - and he will face Hogan for the World Title tonight. Sid in the main event, again??? They are saying that his win/loss record earned him the title shot - but when is he going to face Goldberg?

Lash Laroux vs. Juventud Guerrera - I notice that Guerrera's little video blurb on the big screen shows him doing a flashy flying number on Chris Jericho...fancy that... For a change, Juventud gets to play the babyface in this contest as is demonstrated at the opening with the two of them playing to the crowd. Laroux dominates the early exchanges until Juvey gets fired up. He pounds Laroux in the corner and then they are back to back in a contest to get a backslide as Sid Vicious walks into the ring and breaks it up. He grabs Laroux as Juvey hightails it. The crowd starts chanting "Hogan" so Sid lays a big powerbomb on the Ragin' Cajun (as if he didn't plan that all along). Sid grabs a mic afterward and toots his own horn in his usual fashion, claiming that he doesn't enjoy coming out and beating people up but it's "...what I have to do." He turns his attention to Hogan saying that he intends to disrupt the program until Hogan gives him what he wants. Cut to commercials (one of which is for SummerSlam).

Steven Regal (w/Dave Taylor) vs. Scotty Riggs - Regal wrestles rings around his opponent who can't seem to come up with anything past a wristlock before changing his tactics. Crap! Here comes Sid again. He dispatches Taylor, chokeslams Regal, rants toward the camera then powerbombs Riggs. Cut to commercial.

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Everything that is decent and good - you know I'm actually looking forward to Sid's appearance in this one... Actually the opponent is Mike Enos, who comes to the ring and has to listen to Miller rant about beating him in four minutes. Enos is not impressed (nor are we...) He overwhelms Miller in the first exchange with his superior power but then he lets the crowd distract him and it is all over for him. Oh, he gets a little offense later on but then lets Oono distract him. As he is gorilla pressing the little manager, Miller sneaks up behind him and kicks his head off. David Penzer announces the time of the match as 3:39 and Miller goes for his dancing shoes as we cut to commercial. Damn! Where is Sid Vicious when we really need him??

We come back to video from during the break when Sid tore up some luchadores who were in a storage room in the back for some unexplaind reason. Cut to commercial.

Lenny Lane (w/Lodi) vs. Rey Misterio, Jr - World Crusierweight Title match - Jeeez! I can't remember the last time Misterio defended his belt - and this is what we get? Give me a break! Come on Sid! Lenny reverses a flying move to a pancake slam at the top of the contest and gets a two-count. Rey comes right back and Lenny ends up on the apron. Lodi gets too close and gets splashed by Rey but then Lenny surprise everyone by hitting a suicide dive of his own that takes both his opponent and his partner down. Oh comes Sid. He throws Rey across the ring then hits a double chokeslam on Lenny and Lodi. Sting runs out to put an end to the carnage followed by Hulk Hogan. Sid bails but stays ringside with a big grin on his face. Okerlund enters the ring and tries to moderate a debate between Sid and Hogan. Sid splits and Hogan goes on to offer Sting a shot at the Title next week on Nitro. Hogan coins a new version of his old mantra, "Train, say my prayers, then kick your a$$!" Cut to commercial.

The Dead Pool vs. Public Enemy - Johnny and Rocko each bring there own tables with racing stripes and set them up ringside in a stack. ICP is representing their ensemble tonight. The clowns attack before the bell but this is an experienced team they are facing so they are ejected in no time and pause to consult with their more experienced partners. Back inside, Shaggy faces Grunge and is no match for him. In every contest we've seen them in so far, ICP have been content to let Vampiro do most of the work. Violent J comes in against Rocko Rock and has a little better time of it but still, he is not capable enough to hold the advantage. Raven finally interferes to turn the tables. Grunge ends up on the outside and in the clutches of Vampiro. Back inside, VJ whips Grunge and they hit a double clothesline on each other. Rock comes in and cleans house then Grunge joins him to run a number on the clowns. VJ is tossed to the floor while Shaggy is loaded on the tables stack, Rocko is then catapulted onto him and breaks both tables. Back in the ring, Grunge smashes Violent J in the corner but then goes for it a second time and catches the referee on the way in. Vampiro downs Grunge with a spin kick then rolls VJ onto him for the pin. Cut to commercial.

Oh God...the DJ is back... Cut to Nitro Grrrrls on the platform. Nice outfits girls...

Mean Gene is in the ring pumping up the crowd. He invites the new Tag Team Champs to the ring. Booker chides Diamond Dallas Page by thanking him for making he and his brother the, "8 time, 8 time, 8 time, 8 time, 8 time 8 time, 8 time World Tag Team Champions!" Cut to stills from the Tag Team Title match at Sturgis then to commercials the last of which is for Berlyn - who Tony mentions is a "brand new athlete from Germany" - right Tony...

The nWo black and white in the persons of Horace, Vincent, Scott Norton and a clean shaven Brian Adams come out to protest Stevie's put down on the B-team during the last segment (did I forget to mention that..?) Adams and Norton have a difference of opinion over which two of them should take on their apostate member and his brother. Adams gets punked as the rest of them fall on him. I guess it will probably be Norton and Horace who take on the Champs.

Mean Gene is back in the ring to interview Kidman. Okerlund first refers to his charge as a"Chick Magnet" - Kidman goes on to talk about the "clique" of himself, Misterio and Eddie Guerrero - the Filthy Animals. He then is asked who his favorite Nitro Grrrrl is, and picks Kimberly (no disrespect meant toward DDP). Page comes down to make an issue out of it and attacks Kidman. They bring out a referee and we have a match. Page is all over Kidman before he can respond and dominates the opening moments of the contest. He is relentless so that Kidman spends most of the match face down on the mat. Page has a chance to pin him after a vicious powerbomb, but pulls him up - probably a mistake. Kidman keeps fighting back but Page is always just one step ahead. His problem is that he keeps pulling the youngster up. In the end, Page is setting up for a Diamond Cutter when Kidman over balances him and gets a roll up and surprise pin. Afterward, Page attacks and gets the Diamond Cutter first on the referee then on Kidman before tying the latter up in the ropes and lashing him with his belt. Here comes Kimberly to protest. She tells him that Kidman is his friend, gets him to stop choking Kidman with his belt then leads him away. Cut to commercial.

Disco Inferno comes out to the ramp and starts to rant referring to himself as a superstar and an icon. He claims that Kidman has been trying to get him to join their clique. As he rants on, challenging anyone. Chris Benoit walks out behind him and takes the mic out of his hand - and challenges him to go to the ring.

Disco Inferno vs. Chris Benoit - I don't think this is a Title match - Disco is knocked down and almost pinned right off the bat. Tony lists Benoit's nick names as he empties his nostrils on his hapless opponent - the Crippler, the Wolverine, Man Full of Snot. Shortly after this, Disco sees an opening and manages to take the advantage for a little while. He lays in some of his best moves and then grabs a reverse chinlock when he can't think of anything else. Benoit fights to his feet and throws his opponent off, but Disco comes back with a boot to the gut then tosses Benoit to the floor. He follows him out and roughs him up a little - running him into the stairs and then into the railing. Back in the ring he falls prey to a sunset flip but comes roaring right back. Benoit chops his way out of the corner then gets a German suplex before collapsing next to his quary. Disco gets away one more time and goes for his Last Dance but Benoit blocks it and then hits a series of Snap Suplexes followed by the swan dive headbutt and the pin. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Barry Windham (w/Kendall Windham/Bobby Duncum) - this is the one time would I would venture to guess that the Rednecks won't outnumber their opponent(s). I notice Hennig isn't out here to be embarrassed... Kendall and Duncum both attack Goldberg before the bell rings but he dispatches them both then faces Barry in an approximately 20 second match. Spear, know the drill. So does this count as three wins..? Cut to commercial.

Big promo for the KISS appearance next week in Las Vegas. The Brain's favorite KISS song is "White Chrismas..."

Harlem Heat vs. The B-Team - a handicap match apparently...three on two - interestingly, Booker wears black and white while Stevie wears the old red HH tights. Vincent faces Stevie to start - yeah right...this is a match up... Vincent uses the referee as a screen to get in a cheap shot and take control for a moment, but a moment only. He is press slammed and tags Norton in. Now this is more like it. He bulls Stevie into the corner and chops him silly - but then Stevie explodes out of the corner then is joined by his brother in a double team. But Norton holds his own and prevails over Booker then tags Horace in. On their second exchange Booker recovers and almost gets a pin after an axe kick. Horace regains his feet but not the advantage and then Stevie is tagged in and hits a big side slam then a boot to the face as his opponent rises to his feet. Norton gets in a cheap shot fron the outside to turn the tables then Vincent is tagged in. He hits Stevie a couple of times then tags in Norton. Norton continues the assault with a vengence but Stevie is starting to recover. He forces Norton toward his corner but the referee is distracted and resulting tag is disallowed. Norton is still all over Stevie when Brian Adams runs in and cleans house of the B-Team. Adams is schedules to transition into a KISS character in the near future, of course. Back in the ring, Horace is pinned. Adams walks to the back with the camera following. He walks out and gets into a limo with KISS license plates. What did I tell you..? Cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner vs. Brian Knobbs (w/Jimmy Hart) - how come this guy didn't have to defend his title at Road Wild? Here's an old rivalry for you. The Nasties and the Steiner feuded over the World Tag Titles in both major organizations. Steiner is all over his opponent from the get go and uses his own leather coat to choke him. Knobbs comes back on a tear and forces Steiner out to the floor. He is forced onto the railing for his trouble then smashed into the steps. Steiner removes his dog collar and uses it to choke Knobbs then throws him back into the ring. Knobbs is double tough and recovers quickly. A short distraction hands him the advantage but just for a moment. The match goes into see-saw mode with Knobbs seeming to gain ground until he tries to fly off the top rope and gets caught. Steiner misses a corner rush but then Hart tries to get involved and accidently hits his own man with the dog collar. The rest is predictable. Steiner leaves his opponent laying in the ring and splits. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro the ring this time. Cut to more scenes from Road Wild - the Savage/Rodman match is the subject of this montage. I will say that Rodman impressed me with his performance. He certainly seemed to have no objection to taking a bump or two. Savage stuffing him into the portable john then tipping it over was classic stuff. More commercials.

Saturn vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - here's a match with great potential - a good big man against a great smaller man. Bigalow uses the referee to distract his opponent then goes on the attack and establishes his advantage early. Then he rushes Saturn at the rope and gets levered over to the floor. Saturn follows up with an Asahi moonsault but Bigalow roars right back once they return to the ring. Saturn goes for a sunse flip but can't tip Bigalow over. Bigalow tries to squash him but misses. Moments later he pulls Saturn off the top rope and lays him out on the mat. He methodically chokes Saturn against the bottom ropes then whips him around and downs him wih a boot to the chest. He grabs a reverse chinlock. He releases the hold and drops a head butt on the back of Saturn's shoulder. Saturn trues to come back but Bigalow hits a standing drop-kick. Saturn comes back with a suplex attempt but is overbalanced and squashed. He keeps at it and pounds Bigalow in the corner but is shoved into the referee who goes down. Now Kanton runs out and intereferes while the referee is out. Bigalow goes for his finisher but Shane Douglas runs in and breaks that up. Saturn gets the pin and his friends join him in the ring for the celebration with the fans. Cut to commercial.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Vicious - World Title match - something tells me that Sid's winning streak is over - but then I've been wrong before. I'm waiting to see how they will contrive to bring Kevin Nash back from the dead... I just realized we haven't seen Savage tonight except in the flashback from Saturday. Sid attacks the Champion as he enters the ring - probably a good idea - then proceeds to do his worst. A few bik kicks and a scoop slam followed by a boot to the face - then Hogan pops up as Sid turns to acknowledge the crowd. Hogan punches him out of the ring then pumps up the crowd while Sid contmplates his naval on the outside. He re-enters the ring and they lock up - Sid rakes the face then bulls Hogan into the corner. He whips him across then boots him in the mid-section on the rebound. Hogan doesn't pop up this time, but he resists having his head run into the corner then turns the tables. Sid bails but then drags Hogan out with him. They brawl around ringside and Hogan gets in a chair shot then a double thrust to the throat. He tosses Sid into the crowd. But Sid pops right up and puts a finger in Hogan's eye. Now Sid gets the chair and lays one in. He drags Hogan over and runs him onto the broadcast table. Back in the ring, he goes for the pin but fails. He slaps on a nerve hold on the trapezius. Hogan struggles to his feet but is forced down again and sinks to the mat. Sid is screaming, "ring the bell!!" Hogan makes it through the third arm lift then starts to recover. He escapes but is clotheslined to the mat as he bounces off the ropes. Sid gets a two count. Hogan is taking a little longer coming back but he's not done yet. Sid gets a chokeslam but then stops to taunt the Champ and fails to get the pin. Hogan starts "Hulking up" - he whips Sid and gets the boot to the face and the leg drop - then Rick Steiner invades the ring. Garbage starts flying into the ring as Sting runs in to even the odds. He chases Sid away while Hogan pins Steiner - huh?? Hogan poses for the crowd as Sting stands aside. That's all folks...

RAW Report

Scenes from last week are shown at the top of this pre-recorded program from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. HHH appears on the platform after the recap and stalks to the ring looking pissed. He invites Chyna out to talk. He seems concilliatory but I wouldn;t trust him any further then I could throw him. He reminds her of the good times they've had in the past when she has had moments of triumph - he has always been there to celebrate with her. But here comes the rub - he wants her to give him back his #1 contender slot. He wants a match to determine it. She hesitates then refuses. That sets him off - he starts telling her how he made her and he can break her. He calls her loyalty into question and calls her an ungratefull b*tch. She changes her mind and accepts the match. In the back, Austin arrives. Cut to commercial.

Road Dogg vs. Al Snow - Snow hands his dog to the announcers for the second time tonight (last night's show was taped in the same arena). The King claims it's peeing on him. Snow starts right in on the Dogg and has things well in hand in moments but then goes for a moonsault and misses. The Dogg recovers but then slugs the referee by mistake. Snow is recovering when the Big Bossman runs in and clocks him with his night stick. He hits the Dogg as well but the latter has the good fortune to fall on Snow and get the pin. Cut to commercial.

The Undertaker/The Big Show (w/Paul Bearer) come down to make a statement. UT reminds us that whoever is the Tag Team Champs on Sunday will face him and Paul Wight. He tells some rambling tale about riding motorcycles out to the middle of Death Valley where the BIg Show is left to die but survives. He is interrupted (after he finishes his speech) by Chris Jericho who comes out and repeats his performance from last week saying that the big guys are putting the crowd to sleep and that he felt compelled to come out and "save the segment". This time the Undertaker plays the Rock's part, issuing a threat which causes Jericho to put on his pouty face. In the back we see HHH and Chyna approaching the ring from different directions. Cut to commercial.

Jericho is talking to Howard Finkel as we return - the Fink is buying Jericho's line.

HHH vs. Chyna - I love the way wrestlers just make their own matches these days (he says, dripping with sarcasm). He says, "...lets have a match." she says, "Okay" and apparently that is enough to rearrange the whole program. He wants to talk before the match starts but she goes right on the attack. She is in control for a little while then he catches her with a back elbow out of the corner. She wiggles out of a vertical suplex and gets a DDT in return. She chops HHH in the corner as the crowd obligingly "Whooos". HHH comes back and punches her out then stomps her as she falls to the mat. She fights to her feet and gets whipped into the ropes. HHH catches her with a high knee on the rebound. Moments later she elevates him over the top to the floor. Here comes Mankind! He nails HHH with the stairs and Chyna gets the pin. Foley chases HHH away from the ring with a chair then returns to the ring. He grabs a mic and alledges that there has always been a "sexual tension" between them - her in her revealing little outfits and he in his (huh??) He wants a shot at the #1 contender's position. She answers with a low blow and refuses. She starts to leave but runs into Shawn Michaels on the ramp. Michaels decides to make the match that Foley wanted for later tonight. Cut to commercial.

Steve Blackman vs. Test - no doubt Blackman is supposed to be in the employ of Shane McMahon (come to think of it he really is...) The match is pretty even since neither one of these guys can wrestle his way out of a paper bag. Shane shows up and distracts Test so that Blackman can attack him from behind. Shane enters the ring and Test manages to get his hands on him anyway. Blackman attacks again and then Ken Shamrock runs out and attacks Blackman then Shane but is knocked cold by Blackman then the two of them turn their attention back to Test. Both of the good guys are left laying in the ring as Shane and his mercenary split. Steve Austin talks to Mike Cole in the back, vowing vengence on whoever hit him with a cinder block last week. He doesn't care who his opponent is next Sunday. Cut to commercial.

The Rock arrives in the building as we return.

Kane & X-Pac vs. The Acolytes - Tag Team Title re-match - the fight erupts as soon as the challengers hit the ring and Kane ends up brawling with Bradshaw on the floor then they enter the ring to continue. X-Pac is down on the floor as the Acolytes combine to take on Kane. UT and company have appeared on the platform to watch the carnage. Faarooq and X-Pac are in now and the little guy holds the cards. He tags in Kane who comes in against Bradshaw and bests him. Faarooq has to save his partner. X-Pac tags in and continues the assault. Bradshaw recovers but Kane prevents his powerbomb. Moments later Faarooq is back in and now X-Pac is on the receiving wnd again. He is isolated as the other team tags in and out. He finally gets the tag to Kane after several minutes - the big guy creams his opposition then X-Pac is back in and puts the bronco buster on Faarooq. Bradshaw throws X-Pac down but Kane grabs him and chokeslams him for the pin. The challengers put a hurtin' on after the match then split. In the back Bob Holly tells someone off camera to come out "when I tell you to come out." Cut to commercial.

We get a snippet of the British Bulldogs coming interview with Jim Ross then cut to the ring where Bob Holly is making his entrance. He grabs a mic and claims that he has been backed into a corner so he's gotten himself "another super heavyweight" - his cousin Crash Holly. The guy comes out wearing a duplicate of Holly's outfit - it looks like the Bodydonnas all over again. They get into an argument immediately and then come to blows. They brawl right into the crowd and disappear. Michael Cole is with Mankind in the back - he says he doesn't want to hit a girl - but... Cut to commercial.

Mankind vs. Chyna - #1 contender's match - they talk trash in the ring before the match. In the back, HHH is being restrained by a bevy of officials. Chyna goes right on the offensive until Mankind beals her to the mat. She responds with a low blow, gets a boot to his groin then DDT's him. The struggle continues in the back. In the ring, Chyna scoop slams Foley - but here comes HHH. He distracts Chyna while Mankind dons Mr. Socko. She turns around and gets the sock down her throat and pinned. HHH runs in and attacks Mankind then Chyna joins in as officials try to restrain them. Michaels comes in declares Foley the winner and #1 contender. HHH and Chyna aren't happy on the ramp. Shane McMahon appears behind them and makes an announcement. He sets up another #1 contender's match between HHH and Mankind with himself as the special referee. Shawn agrees to the match but makes a stip that it will be no hold barred, falls count anywhere, and, by the way - he names himself as a second referee. Outside, the Hollys (weren't they once a rock group..?) are fighting on top of a semi truck. Cut to commercial.

Mr. Posterior comes out to make a statement. Mr. "Rashman" says he's had an allergic reaction and decribes it as a "tragedy". The Rock appears on the ramp and interrupts Gunn's rant with one of his own. He taunts Gunn with his own bleeped version of Gunn's theme song. Maivia introduces the masseuse from last week and reveals that she rubbed poison ivy on Mr. Posterior's...uh...posterior. Billy feigns nonchalance in the ring while Maivia goes on to suggest how Billy can cure his condition. The Rock starts advancing toward the ring as he continues to rant, hands his glasses to a photographer at ringside and enters the ring and the fight is on. He knocks Gunn out of the ring then joins him on the floor where Gunn turns the tables. He grabs Blackman's kendo stick, which is still at ringside, and uses it on the Rock then forces Maivia's face against his butt. Cut to commercial.

The Rock rants some more to Mike Cole backstage.

Steve Austin comes down to join the announce team for the main event.

Mankind vs. HHH - #1 contender's match with Shawn Michaels and Shane McMahon as the special referees - actually the referee's come out then we cut to commercial.

The wrestlers make their entrances as we return and the match is on fast and furious. Foley gets knocked to the outside and drags HHH out so he can choke him against the railing. HHH comes back with a clotheline then pounds on his opponent. The move up the ramp where Foley regains control until they get to the top and Cyyna interferes. This is no DQ so she is free to interfere at will. Mankind lays in a low blow to regain the advantage then goes for a suplex but HHH rolls him up and gets a one count. They brawl back to the ring area, HHH retakes the initiative and drags his opponent back inside. He starts working on Foley's injured knee. He slaps on a figure four leglock. Foley manages to get to the ropes and escapes but Chyna is there to get in some shots. HHH knocks him back to the floor and follows him out again. They brawl over the railing then back to the ringside area. Mankind gets posted then rolled back into the ring. HHH grabs a chair and tries to use it but Michaels grabs it away and Mankind gets a DDT. Both are down and the referees are arguing. Foley recovers and puts on the sock. He buries it in HHH's throat and they both go down. The two referee's both count and each says that his favorite won the match!!

The final decision is for a Triple Threat World Title match between Austin, Mankind and HHH. Austin attacks Shane after the announcement then splits while HHH, Chyna and Mankind start downing officials right and left.

So in the end, HHH won't have to carry a PPV main event after all...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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