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Jeff Jarrett Wins the IC/European Titles

Al Snow wins back the Hardcore Title

UT/Big Show take the Tag Titles

Mankind is the Champion Again!!!

WWF House Show Report

Winnipeg, Manitoba - August 21, 1999
By Baez

Volume 4, Issue 497 - August 22, 1999
Editor's Note: Next week WWF SmackDown debuts on Thursday night so the last issue was the final regular Friday Morning Edition. Next week it will switch to Saturday Morning and this will also signal a change in the Monday Night Wars Edition which will change to a weekly review of both major promotions plus ECW as the TNN programming begins next week as well. I will be getting away from the blow-by-blow accounts of Sunday, Monday and Thursday programs to concentrate more on giving an overview of story developments with accounts of key matches each week. I expect it will take a few weeks to iron out the bugs so please by patient with me. In the end, I hope to be able to offer an improved version of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter. The PPV Editions will continue unchanged, including today's SummerSlam Report.

The house show report below was sent to me by a reader, It describes the show at which Chris Jericho made his wrestling debut in the WWF.

Chris Jericho's WWF WRESTLING premiere and I was there!

Winnipeg, Manitoba - August 21, 1999

By Baez

Woke up to see a story and pic of Chris Jericho choking his father Ted Irvine in front of his Winnipeg home. Nothing new in the article. Mother-in-law phoned to find out what my wife was doing while I went to that "stupid wrestling". I just reminded her that she was mad because TNN cancelled Crook & Chase and picked up ECW (nah-nah-nah).

The Fink started things off at 3:05 with some announcements including that the Miami Airport had been closed down for 3 hours today due to what they had suspected to be terrorist activity on the tarmac. The crowd was pretty pissed. They still held up some hope that The Rock would make it. My buddy and I sort of looked at each other and hoped that Jericho would be pressed into service instead.

Gangrel v. Chazz (Without Marianna). Gangrel worked a half-decent match and was cheered by the fans, who really did not like Chazz and taunted him. About a 5 minute match with Gangrel hitting the inverted DDT for the pin. * star

Jeff Jarrett (without Debra) v Val Venis. The crowd popped pretty good when JJ’s music came on, but as soon as they saw there was no Debra they booed unmercifully. It was hilarious. JJ did a spiel on the mic about how nobody sees the puppies but him. Venis did his usual introduction this time inviting the ladies to play Monopoly..he would take their community chest and in return give them free parking on his railroad. Every 14-year-old popped bigtime for that. Val had two local lovelies on his arm. Not a bad match lasted about 10 minutes and Venis finished him off with an improv move, sort of like a Juvi Driver. **stars

Next Chris Jericho made his hometown appearance. The pop was pretty good but not over the top as I expected. I guess the mostly young crowd didn’t have much exposure to him from his WCW days. He Welcomed us to "Winnipeg is Jericho", and talked about how he was our new hero. Nobody disagreed. He invited us to follow him to the legislative grounds, tear down the statue of the Golden Boy, and put up the statue of Y2J. Big Bossman came out and started to trash talk Jericho, reminding us all of why he has absolutely no heat. Bossman was scheduled for the main event against The Rock, so we got pretty jazzed figuring that Jericho would take Rock’s place in that match. Jericho stayed in the ring after Bossman left and invited us all down to Wise Guys that night to buy him a drink. It’s hard enough to get into that bar on a Saturday night without him putting in that plug.

Ken Shamrock v Steve Blackman. Blackman was pathetic in this "must win by knockout or submission" match. His inability to sell moves was startling. However, he did manage to knock the ref over, and then hammer Shamy with the ringbell to get the win. *1/2stars

Test v Mideon. Mideon got decent go-away heat. We wondered if this match was to give people more time to buy T-shirts. Test put on his patented "pumphandle bodyslam, until I have the guy up and then completely forget the pumphandle, pause, and deliver a bodyslam" finisher. We gave the match a standing ovation for being over after about 4 agonizing minutes. 0stars.

Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match - Hardy Boyz v Christian/Edge v Acolytes The Hardy Boyz, and Christian gave the best performances of the evening. Christian showed me more than I have ever seen from him. The Acolytes were pretty much out of this match with the two smaller teams in the majority of it. Lots of good spills and thrills. Christian dived off the top rope and wrecked himself on the top of the guardrail in the bump of the night. Edge speared Matt to eliminate the Boyz. The match slowed down when the Acolytes were left to face Christian/Edge. Gangrel did a run in downing Christian, which allowed him to be pinned by one of the big A’s. ***stars

A 15 minute intermission during which the cameramen kept up their earlier work scanning the crowd for whatever ladies were showing the most cleavage. This got huge pops from the crowd. A local nightclub owner’s girl was a favorite of the fans. They showed a rather obese lady, who was promptly booed by the crowd. Just more good old fashioned WWF family fun. We were also told that Jericho would indeed substitute in the main event for the Rock. I’d say 75% of the crowd was pissed off.

Torrie v Ivory (Women’s Title). Both women looked very nice, and showed a little bit of ring skill. But most fans were more interested in the amount of Ivory’s shorts that were disappearing up her posterior. This match ended after about 5 minutes when Torrie slid down Ivory’s back on her backdrop attempt. Ivory reversed Torrie’s pin attempt and rolled her into her own pinning combination. *1/2

BA Billy Gunn v Xpac. BA got the biggest pop of the night so far. I don’t really like either guy but at least Xpac played to the crowd a bit. This was a decent match with 5 minutes of BA trying to avoid XPac, and then some good back and forth action. BA went for his Famouser, but Xpac ducked, scooped up BA and dropped him on his head to get the pin. About 10 minutes.**stars BA then mooned the crowd.

Kane v The Big Show. WOW!! Kane got a huge pop. And actually Kane showed me some stuff in this match. Kane took a nasty spill into the ringsteps. TBS brought a chair into the ring, but Kane kicked it, sending it into TBS’s head (well actually it missed completely but TBS sold it anyway). Kane gave TBS the chokeslam (which drew the biggest pop all night), and got the pin. About 8 minute match.**stars

Main Event:

Chris Jericho v The Big Boss Man – Nightsick on a pole match- whoever climbed the pole and got the nightstick could use it. BBM had the advantage early using his size. Jericho was making a comeback when (completely away from the action) THE NIGHTSICK FELL OFF THE POLE ALL ON ITS OWN.

The crowd was laughing, and no one seemed to know what to do. They fought up the ramp to buy time, but the officials just left the nightstick sitting there on the floor outside the ring. Eventually BBM brought a chair in, but Jericho kicked it into the BBM instead. Jericho missed a lionsault. BBM went and got the nightstick. Jericho ducked a couple of attacks before getting the nightstick and hammering BBM. Jericho got the pin. BBM was terrible. *1/2 stars.

Well the WWF has a great talent in Jericho to work with, but it is obvious that he is yet to be a “mainstream” star like The Rock & SCSA. Even in his hometown his pop was less than Kane, Gunn, and Xpac. Saw Carlo Demarco, Jack Lanza, and Tony Garea working the card. At first they only had two refs, Tim White and some guy none of us had ever seen before. Hebner appeared for the 2nd half of the card.

The entire card was only 2hours and 10 minutes long, and that’s including a 15-minute intermission. On the bright side, I was thrilled to see Jericho wrestle, and we did get to see 22 different wrestlers. Not bad show, but far from good.

This was a card rescheduled after Owen’s death. There was no mention of Owen, or the reason for the reschedule. It was a sellout of over 10,000 people. There were so many reschedules that I am not sure who all no-showed. The Rock for sure, and Road Dogg who was supposed to wrestle BA. Also, The Godfather, because Godfather & Venis were supposed to make the triple threat match a 4 way tag match.

Baez is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and has been a wrestling fan for over 20 years, starting with the A.W.A. and Stampede. He is a traditionalist in that he prefer "mat" wrestling over gimmicks and hardcore. Says Baez, "I am also a big fan of Solie's the only site that I go for event reports".

WWF SummerSlam

The program begins with an extended video review going all the way back to last year's WrestleMania.

Jeff Jarrett vs. D-Lo Brown - Intercontinental/European Title match - Jarrett banishes Debra from ringside but then Brown turns around and brings her back out with him. D-Lo starts out strong and dominates the first couple of exchanges. He seems to have Jarrett's number, at least early on. Jarrett comes back and drop-kicks D-Lo out of the ring. The fight goes to the floor where Brown is run into the stairs then pummeled some more. Jarrett climbs onto the apron and throws away his advantage by missing an axe handle blow. The brawl goes on and Jarrett begins to turn the tide.Back inside the match goes into see-saw mode and Jarrett seems to be gaining ground. He is working on D-Lo's leaft arm as Lawler prattles on about "puppies".

The two collide head on and both are down for a moment. They recover at the same time but it is D-Lo who assumes command. He almost gets the pin off of a big leg drop. He slams Jarrett and goes for the "Low Down" - no its a forward roll splash - in any case he misses. Now Jarrett has his guitar but here comes Mark Henry. He grabs the guitar from Jarrett...then turns around and hits D-Lo!!! The referee is being distracted by Debra and misses all this. Jarrett takes the pin and both titles.

Edge and Christian are interviewed regarding their match tonight.

Tag Team Turmoil Match - 6 Way Tag Team Elimation match for #1 contender status - The New Brood vs. Edge/Christian start the festivities. Actually, Gangrel is outide at ringside. The Hardeys take on Edge/Christian in the ring. Right away the Hardeys take control of things and start dishing it out to Christian. He is nearly pinned twice before a minute has passed. The Hardeys are masters of high-flying double teams and they isolate Christian for quite a while - but eventually he gets loose and tags in his "brother" - who cleans house for a short time then Gangrel gets involved form the outside. We get one of those multiple pile ups at ringside, characteristic of Lucha tag matches before Edge gets a pin on Matt Hardey.

Mideon and Viscera come in as the next team in contention. They come on strong to start but their opponents quickly take to their aerial attack and assume the initiative until Edge ruins into a flying kick from the mammoth Viscera. This proves to be a mere distraction however as Edge hits a spear on Mideon and pins him.

Droz and Prince Albert are next into the frey. PA faces Edge to start and dominates him with raw power. Christian concentrates on keeping Droz tied up outside while Edge makes his comeback. Then Christian lends his brother a hand to get the pin. Droz was never in the match.

The Acolytes run in before they can be announced and take immediate advantage of the confusion. They isolate Edge, who has been in throughout most of the match and looks exhausted. Faarooq hits a big slam and then attempts a one handed cover - very stupid as the youngster easily kicks out. Still, Edge is in trouble until he wiggles out of as back-breaker and hits a DDT. Bradshaw and Christian are both tagged in - Faarooq is knocked to the floor while Edge stays in and continues to help his partner. Faarooq makes it back inside to save his partner from a pinfall. Now they doubleteam and manage to pin Edge.

The Hollys are the final team and rush in immediately. They also take advantage ofd the confusion and dominate the action at first, but then they let their egos get in the way. "Crash" tags himself in much to his cousin's chagrin and things start to fall apart for them. Bob Holly tags himself back in and clotheslines Faarooq. But "Crash" tries to take the pin! Bob pulls him off and they start fighting - Faarooq uses their distraction to grab one of them (Crash I think) and pin him.

Al Snow is soothing Pepper backstage.

The Road Dogg makes an entrance although JR tells us he is not scheduled to wrestle. He is unhappy that he is not involved in the Hardcore Title match. He says he will face the winner of tonight's match on RAW tomorrow. The Millenium countdown clock comes on and Chris Jericho appears on the ramp. This is apparently the original angle that Jericho was supposed to be involved in but it was changed to a confrontation with the Rock at the last minute.

Jericho goes into his rant, calling the show boring, referring to it as "SummerSham". He starts trying to tear the Dogg down, but James just stands in the ring grinning. Then Jericho starts insulting Jame's hair and clothing. The Dogg tells him to "shut up" and calls him a b*tch and tells him to...well you know the rest. Jericho makes his pouty face and the Dogg joins the broadcast team.

Backstage, Snow has decided to leave the little dog behind asd he heads (no pin intended) to the ring.

Al Snow vs. The Big Bossman - Hardcore Title match - Snow hangs out on the platform after his entrance and dive bombs the Bossman before he can get to the ring. The Road Dogg decides to leave the broadcast table and call the action first hand. The fight goes immediately to the backstage area. Bossman spots the cage with Pepper in it and tosses it out of camera range before continuing his attack on Snow. He grabs a crutch from a passerby on his way and uses it on Snow. He then misses a couple of shots and gives Snow a chance to recover and turn the tables. They hit a button in their struggle which opens a garage door so they head outside and fight right across the street! They battle on the sidewalk and right into an outdoor dining area of a local restaurant then go into the eatery! Snow flirts with a young lady at the bar between shots on his opponent.

They fight into the restroom. Snow ends up with a urine cake in his mouth! They fight back out to the bar area where first Snow then Bossman takes the advantage. Snow gets cracked with a beer bottle but it doesn't seem to affect him much. They fight into the billards room where Snow uses Bossman's nightstick and a couple of billiard balls to take the Bossman out and pin him.

He runs back across the street to see about Pepper and ends up in a brawl with Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie.

Jesse Ventura and Mankind have a political discussion backstage.

We examine the Lion's Den for the Blackman/Shamrock match later.

Ivory vs. Tori - Womens' Title match - Tori runs in with fire in her eyes. Tori seems to have some size on her opponent and dominates much of the early going. But Ivory is a real spitfire and, it appears, a more experienced grappler. She grabs the initiative back with a giant swing - but then Tori throws a spear that puts her back in control. She follows with a cross body block off the second rope and a sunset flip. Then she goes for a second SF and gets squashed and pinned. Ivory then tries to take Tori's top off but Luna Vachon runs in and chases her away.

The Rock is backstage with Mike Cole and grabs the mic to interviews himself. Meanwhile, Billy Gunn is in another part of the building with a surprise guest under a sheet.

Steve Blackman vs. Ken Shamrock - Lion's Den Weapons match - JR talks about Shamrock's "invincibility" in this domain - he seems to forget that Shamrock lost his last Lion's Den match - against Vince McMahon. Blackman pulls some numchucks out of his pocket as they go at it. He gets his opponent in the knee then in the face before the lock up. Shamrock gets the weapons but doesn't get a chance to use then before Blackman sweeps his opponent's legs. Shamrock fights his way free then tosses the numchucks out of the cage. He runs Blackman into the cage wall and pounds on him then runs him into the wall again. He climbs up to grab a new weapon - a cane - but Blackman blocks the blow and goes on the attack. He is holding his wrist between moves and appears to be hurt. He knocks Shamrock down and grabs a pair of batons to continue the assault. JR starts to refer to Blackman as a "blackheart" but amends it to "dark heart" for obvious reasons. Meanwhile Shamrock uses the cage wall for leverage to turn the tables back in his direction.

He only controls things for a moment then it goes into see-saw mode. Each is getting then missing shots until Blackman knocks his opponent down then gets a kendo stick. He measure his opponent then give him a shot to the head. Shamrock goes down and Blackman could get out and win the match but declines to do it. It is a mistake as Shamrock recovers and gets the kendo stick. Now Blackman is on the receiving end, He knocks Blackman out then climbs to the walkway above the cage to win the match.

Cut to a commercial for SmackDown, coming Thursday to UPN.

Kevin Kelly shows us some footage from Heat - Shane McMahon launches a pre-emptive strike on Test.

Test vs. Shane McMahon - Love Her or Leave Her Greenwich Street fight - Shane is announced as weighing 240 lbs. Before the match can start the battered Posse make their entrance wearing Hawaiin shirts and casts and such and sit down on a couch ringside. Test attacks Shane in the aisle then drags him into the ring and starts pounding on him. The fight goes back out to the floor where Test continues to dominate. They battle over the railing and then back to ringside where Test gets a powerslam on the concrete. Gotta hand it to Shane, he doesn't mind taking a bump. The Posse try to get involved but Test press slams Shane and tosses him at them, turning over the couch. Shortly thereafter, the Posse is up and attacking their nemisis. They hand Shane weapons to hit Test with, including a framed photo of the Posse themselves. Back in the ring, Shane gets a two count as Stephanie is shown watching from the back. Shane misses a twisting splash and appears to hurt his leg. He goes for a leapfrog but gets caught in a powerbomb. Test gets a two count because Rodney jumps up on the apron and takes the rferee out of position. In the next exchasnge the referee gets knocked down. Test clotheslines Shane to the floor then follows him out and starts using Shane's own weapons on him.

The Posse decides to attack at that moment. They set Test up on the Spanish announcers' table then Shane throws a big elbow off the top turnbuckle and destroys the breakaway table. We get three instant replays on that move. Then a fourth in slow motion. The Posse toss both competitors back into the ring - both are out of it. Shane manages a cover but only gets a two count. They are back up and one of the posse tries to hit Test with a road sign but hits Shane instead. Joey Abbs has to rescue his man from the pin. He hits Test hard and the latter goes down with Shane's arm on him - but kicks out again. Now the Stooges show up and drive off the Posse!! Back in the ring, Test is ready to polish off Shane. He hits a big elbow off the top and takes the pin. Stephanie runs down and embraces her boyfriend - now she needs to turn heel to make this really memorable - but I guess not...yet.

The happy couple leaves together.

The Big Show/Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. X-Pac/Kane - World Tag Team Title match - Kane appears in a new outfit tonight while the Big Show and Undertaker have some new music. The fight erupts as soon as the challengers enter the ring. X-Pac is knocked to the floor then the challengers gang up on Kane, who fights his was free and sends the giant to the floor. X-Pac apopears out of nowhere - having climbed the corner from the outside out of camera range and splashes UT. He now must face the phenom and is soon reeling from the attack - but he gets Kane a tag and the complexion changes. UT is knocked to the floor and X-Pac splashes him again but is then downed by the return blow. UT grabs him in a chokeslam set-up but Kane grabs his little buddy away and pulls him back into the ring. UT is in again against his brother and would have a pin except that Wight drags him out to the floor. Kane re-enters the ring followed by the bigger guy who takes control of things.

He tries to isolate the Big Red Machine but that is easier said then done so he tags in his partner. UT assumes control and intimidates the referee when he gets too close to the action. The Brothers end up in a slug fest in the center of the ring then then rebound off opposite ropes and clotheline each other. Both struggle to their feet and X-Pac is tagged in. He uses his aerial attack to put UT off balance until TBS grabs him from the outside and stops his progress. X-Pac is thrown to the floor where Wight tosses him around like a rag doll. He and Kane get into a brawl and UT works over X-Pac on the floor. Back in the ring it's TBS vs. XP and the little guy is getting his clock cleaned. He recovers for a moment then lauches himself into a massive bearhug. He bites Wight's nose to escape. He is almost pinned but Kane breaks that up. Wight goes for a chokeslam but Kane re-enters the ring and smacks him on the jaw. Moments later the Undertaker comes in and gets low-blowed by X-Pac who then tags in Kane. They split the fight - UT/XP on the floor the other two in the ring. Then they change places and XP gets the bronco buster on his huge opponent. Wight can't seem to get the job done so UT tags himself in and gets the Tombstone on X-Pac to win the match.

In the back, Ventura tells Austin the pinfall has to take place in the ring. Duh...

Billy Gunn makes his entrance with his mystery guest still under a sheet. This person is awfully short. He grabs the mic to make an announcement. He pulls the sheet off to reveal a rather rotund middle aged woman, whom he says will be kissed on the a$$ if he wins the match.

The Rock vs. Billy Gunn - Kiss My A$$ Match - actually I'd rather kiss hers then Gunn's rash covered butt... Billy goes right on the attack and bulls Maivia into the corner. The Rock comes back with fists-of-fire and knocks Billy onto the apron and then to the floor. The fight heads up the aisle and into the crowd near the platform.They brawl for quite a while out there, apparently the referee wants to give them plenty of leeway. They fight back towards the ring and the Rock gets run into the stairs. Billy is firmly in control as the move around the outside of the ring toward the announcers. The Rock regains control and uses a mouthfull of JR's water to spit in Billy's face but then Gunn comes back with a shot using the ring bell. They return to the ring with Billy in the ascendancy.

He continues to pound on the Rock and gives him a shot as he lays on the apron. Maivia is in trouble but comes roaring back with a flurry of offense which is punctuated when Gunn comes back with a bulldog. The camera keeps dwelling on the large posterior of the woman who came down with Gunn. The two collide in the ring and both are down as the referee counts to seven. Maivia gets a roll-over cover but not the pin. Both finally get up and Maivia is in charge with a slam and a Samoan drop but can't get the pin. Billy comes back with the Fama$$er. The big lady rolls in and hitches her skirt up revealing a pair of holey pantyhose. Gunn tries to run Maivia into her but Maivia reverses the field and Billy gets in there instead. Now the Rock is in charge and makes short work of his opponent.

We get another extended video recap for the main event. Interestingly, they keep bleeping out the language that was used freely on RAW...

Mankind vs. HHH (w/Chyna) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Title - Jesse Ventura is the guest referee - Ventura warns Chyna to stay out of the match as she enters the ring. Austin shows up last and the match gets under way immediately. The fight goes right to the floor and Foley and Austin team up to beat on HHH. Back in the ring they trade shots on him repeatedly. Foley tries to shake Austin's hand and gets attacked. So much for cooperation... The fight goes to the floor again where Austin cleans house with both challengers. Chyna is tempted to interfere but seems reluctant so far. They fight around to the announce table where Austin chokes HHH with a TV cable. On the other side of the ring Ventura is warning Chyna off away from Foley. Back to the other side where HHH gets a chairshot on Austin's knee. HHH and Mankind end up battling inside the ring while Austin lies injured on the floor. In the ring. Mankind gets the mandible claw but Chyna intereferes. Ventura sees what happened and tells her to leave the area. Meanwhile, Austin recovers and attacks HHH in the aisle. Mankind is down at ringside because of an earlier low-blow from Chyna. The fight is between the Champion and HHH and is going on up the aisle. Back in the ring, HHH runs Austin's injured knee into the ringpost. Austin regains his feet but can barely stand as HHH chopblocks him to the mat again then starts stomping his leg. Mankind shoves HHH aside and lays in some kicks of his own.

They start to team up on the Champ but that doesn't last long. Meanwhile, Austin is in trouble. The fight goes out to the floor again and HHH battles the Champ out into the crowd. Mankind joins the party and goes for a piledriver on Austin but gets backdropped instead. HHH takes over and runs Austin into the steps. All three return to the ring where Austin secures the advantage and battles both challengers in turn. HHH goes for a pedegree but Austin blocks it and then catapults him into Foley. HHH falls outside and gets a chair while Austin hits a stunner on Foley. HHH hits both guys with his chair but Ventura declines to administer the count! He says HHH can't win that way and employs some salty language while he's at it. He and HHH almost come to blows but Shane runs in and starts arguing with Ventura. Austin recovers and stuns McMahon then Ventura tosses him over the top to the floor. HHH is back on his feet and attacks Austin - they collide and both go down. Mankind enters the ring and dons Mr. Socko. He grabs Austin in the claw and then catches HHH coming in as well! Austin lifts a knee and knocks him away. He is again fighting off both opponents. He gets the stunner on HHH and goes for the cover but Mankind breaks it up. Austin throws Foley headfirst onto the corner post. HHH gets a pedegree on Austin but can't follow up in time. Foley gets a double arm DDT on him and pins him!! Mankind is the Champion Again!!!

Mankind splits with Ventura, while back in the ring HHH attacks Austin's leg with his chair. Chyna holds off the officials that try to rescue him.

I expect this latest turn of events will last until HHH gets a rematch with Foley and beats him. Austin is out of the picture temporarily because he had to have been re-injured during that last punk job.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday Night Wars Edition. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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