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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

The Final Monday Night Wars Edition

Nitro Report

Windham Brothers are the new Tag Champs

Strength in numbers pays off for the Rednecks...

RAW Report

HHH Captures the WWF Title

Jeff Jarrett Hands the European Title to Mark Henry

Volume 4, Issue 498 - August 23, 1999
Editor's Note: This will be the final Monday Night Wars Edition as such. I will continue to publish the Tuesday Morning Report but it will no longer be a blow-by-blow account of the Monday night shows. Instead I will be providing an overview of the week's goings on with key matches described from the Monday night, Thursday night and weekend shows plus commentary and analysis of storyline and angle developments.

The Friday Morning Edition will change to a Saturday edition which will include ECW news plus the usual compliment of articles, house show reports and the like. The PPV reports will continue unchanged. It may take a few weeks to sort out this new format so I hope you will all be patient with me as I strive to improve Solie's Wrestling Newsletter for everyone.

One correction from last night's report: It was the Road Dogg and not Al Snow who used the Bossman's night stick on him last night in the pool room.

By the way, there will be no Sunday Night Heat report since the program was switched to it's new format last night and became another weekend recap show with a few interviews thrown in for the PPV. In the future I will mention Heat when and if anything interesting takes place on the show.

Nitro Report

Sid continues on his destructive path and Hulk Hogan promises Sting a title shot on Nitro this week in the video recap at the top of the program.

Nitro is live from Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Hotel and we get the Nitro Grrrrls resplendent in orange spandex. Tony reminds us that KISS will make a special appearance as well this evening and will introduce a new wrestler, whom we know to be Brian Adams as "Demon". There is also talk about a new president being named for WCW.

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Chase Tatum - Master P seems to have vanished from the scene but he leaves behind the No Limit Soldiers. Mikey goes right on the offensive and dominates for about 30 seconds until Tatum gets in a clothesline and takes him out of his boots. Moments later he pulls off a crusierweight move by drop-kicking Mikey in the knee. Whipwreck fights back but Tatum is a freight train. Oh comes Sid... He powerbombs Whipwreck then intimidates the referee into counting him out. He does the same to Tatum. He now claims 68-0 (despite the fact that he has only had one match in the last two weeks that we know of...and he lost that one...) Backstage, Kimberly and Kidman meet and he apologizes to her if he offended her last week. She was not offended and promises to talk to DDP about it. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg arrives backstage to see Kidman being accosted by the Triad. Security is there to keep them apart.

The Triad comes to the ring. Kanyon starts with his call and response number - usual response... Page then insults the crowd, Kidman and Goldberg in that order. He challenges Goldberg to a match tonight. The Triad's vocal schtick is a pale imitation of DX, I'm afraid...Konnan does it much better. Cut to commercial.

Sting makes an entrance as we return. He will be in the main event against Hogan for the World Title later. He opens his rant with that fact and warns Hogan that he has come loaded for bear tonight. Suddenly Lex Luger's music plays and here coms Flexy Lexy himself. He enters the ring and shakes Sting's hand then they embrace. The crowd starts a "Luger" chant. Lex says he's almost ready to return to action and wants to wish his best friend luck in his match tonight...but he expresses some suspicion about Hogan's motives. Sting doesn't share his opinion. There is as annoying buzz of voices just under the sound track - like a radio signal that doesn't belong there. Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay corners Eric Bischoff in the street outside the arena and asks him if the internet rumors of his impending return to power are true. He denies it.

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Any semblence of reasonable storylines - Miller talks about beating Buff Bagwell at Road Wild and then calls Bagwell out for a rematch. I don't care who the opponent is...MIller just needs to go away... Buff enters the ring and wins the first engagement - Miller is knocked to the floor. Miller comes back inside and gets a swift kick into Buff's chest to turn the tables. Tony calls this a treat and a "PPV quality match" - somehow he hasn't figured out that the previous Bagwell/Miller match wasn't PPV quality... Buff is knocked to the outside where he faces a kicking from Sonny Oono, but Luger shows up again and gets between them. Bagwell re-enters the ring and takes advantage of Miller's distraction to hit him with a blockbuster and take the pin. Cut to commercial.

The dumb DJ is at it again as we return...cut to Nitro Grrrrrrls on the platform.

Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kanyon) vs. Goldberg - Page again insults the crowd and Goldberg before the latter makes his entrance. One has to wonder where Bam Bam is - oh, there he is behind Goldberg. He hits the monster with a floor standing ashtray but has no real affect. Goldberg runs to the ring and is attacked by Page and Kanyon. Kanyon is speared, then Bigalow gets it as he runs in. The Triad is scattered as Page bails. Goldberg returns to the ring after scaring them away and challenges the entire Triad to a match next week. Cut to commercial.

Tony tells us we are finally going to get the debut of the "Good Old Boys" video from the West Texas - and then we do... Cut to commercial.

A Nitro Party dissolves into a food fight as we return. Their favorite wrestler is Lodi. And people tell me that wrestling doesn't foster the intellect...

Juventud Guerrera vs. Lenny (w/Lodi) - Cruiserweight Title match - Lodi gets in Juveys face and gets his shades slapped off his face. Remarkably, in this match, Juvey gets to retain his heel heat as he uses a low blow to gain the advantage. Lenny goes out to consult with his "brother" and they both get splashed. But then Lenny comes back and turns the tables. Back in the ring, Lenny puts Juvey down then skips around the ring before going for a pin and failing. He follows up with a double shoulder breaker and a powerslam then goes for the pin again. No cigar, but Lenny retains his advantage. He knocks Juvey out so Lodi can get in some shots before rolling him back inside. On the inside again, Juvey gets an inside cradle out of a standing verticle suplex attempt but Lenny escapes and gets a powerbomb. He throws Juvey piller to post then misses a corner splash. They struggle at the top and Lenny retakes the initiative but once on the mat Juvey recovers and gets the Juvey Driver. He goes up for the 450 - but Sid is in the ring. Lenny has moved away and Juvey dives right into a chokeslam. Sid destroys everyone and pins all three of them. He says it's 70-0 now (funny, I would think that 68 + 3 = 71 - but what do I know..?) More Sid rant (yawn...) He tries and fails to get a "Sid" chant going. Cut to commercial.

The Rednecks are in the house for a live rendition of their new single as new return. Interestingly, there are no studio musicians on the stage this time. Hennig rants against MegaDeth, Chad Brock and KISS - I think he's stalling... Finally they start...lipsincing to the record and pretending to play their instruments - it's especially funny when Hennig pretends to play the pedal steel solo on his Fender Strat. Boooo.... Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls as we return...

The First Family (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. The Revolution - 6 man action - Knobbs. Hugh Morrus and the Barbarian are the FF reps tonight. They face Dean Malenko, Saturn and Shane Douglas. All the FF guys are bigger while all the Revolution guys are better wrestlers. The match is full of furious action and really too fast-paced to call effectively. Some highlights: Malenko tying Morrus up in knots after initially succombing to the big guy's superior size. Douglas trying to hold th Barbarian down and getting thrown across the ring on a kick out. Knobbs and Morrus hitting some pretty fancy teamwork (always a hallmark of Hart's wrestlers). Knobbs coming odff the second rope for a splash but getting booted in the face instead. The First Family takes control for a while then the Revolution starts to come back. They are really just getting warmed up when Rick Steiner shows up and spoils the match. Saturn is about to pin Knobbs when Steiner jumps Saturn and gives Knobbs the win instead. Afterward, Benoit issues a challenge to Seiner to face him for his US Title (Huh? When is Steiner going to defend his title..?) Cut to commercial.

ICP (w/Vampiro) vs. Ray Misterio, Jr./Kidman - Kidman dominates Shaggy 2 Dope to start. He knocks him to the floor then follows him out and runs him into the railing. Misterio tags in and also takes charge for a moment then Shaggy gets a clothesline and tags in his partner Violent J. J surrenders he advantage until Kidman tags in then grabs it back. Kidman manages to turn it back around then tags Misterio who gets the rough rider on VJ in the corner. VJ uses his superior size to turn the tables then sets Misterio up for a big leg drop by Shaggy. Kidman is back in and turning it back around when Vampiro decides to intefere. Kidman gets the pin anyway and then the good guys are getting punked when Eddue Guerrero runs in to save their cookies. Eddie wants Vampiro and there is a hint we may see that tonight before the program is over.

Cut to Mean Gene in the ring - he invites Hulk Hogan to the ring. Hogan continues to get big face pops every time he shows up. He confirms his match with Sting tonight. He addresses the Luger allegations by tellin us that he has given his son his word that he won't "stab him in the back..." He repeats his new mantra, "Train, say my prayers and kick Sting's a$$..." Cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner vs. Chris Benoit - US Title match - the brawl erupts as soon as Benoit slides into the ring - Steiner takes the early advantage but Benoit comes back with a German suplex to turn the tables. Moments later he launches himself into a powerslam. Steiner starts gouging at the Champ's face then drops an elbow on him. Next he chokes him against the bottom rope. Benoit makes a short comeback then Steiner racks him on the corner buckle. He roughs him up some more then tosses him to the floor. On the outside he runs Benoit into the railing right next to the broadcast table then shoves him into the stairs for good measure. He clamps on a camel clutch on the floor until the referee threatens to count him out. Steiner rolls in and then righ back out again. He throws Benoit back int the ring but then gets caught by his erstwhile victim, who gets a series of three German suplexes. Benoit goes for the diving headbutt but Steiner pulls th referee on top of himself and the ref takes the shot. Steiner takes the US belt and would use it as a weapon but Saturn runs in...followed by Sid. They beat on the two Revolution guys some more then leave the ring. Benoit recovers and rants about the coming tag team match on Thunder (Benoit/Saturn vs. Sid/Steiner I guess...) Cut to commercial.

The Windham Brothers (w/Duncum/Hennig) vs. Harlem Heat - World Tag Team Title match - two veteran brother teams duke it out. Booker faces Kendall to start and out maneuvers him for the most part. Stevie tags in and retains the advantage. Barry comes in and after an initial flurry, suffers the same fate as his brother for a while then makes a comeback, knocking Stevie to the floor and into the clutches of his henchmen on the floor. Stevie is back in the ring and still on the receiving end but gets a tag to Booker who cleans house. Hennig tries to interfere but gets knocked off the apron by his own man. Now the referee is trying to get the ring cleared of illegal men while Booker has the pin. Hennig sneaks in the other side and brains Booker with the cowbell which gives Kendall the opening to pin Booker and take the titles. Cut to commercial.

Vampiro vs. Eddie Guerrero - oh boy! Vampiro may be the hottest wrestler in WCW currently, Guerrero is certainly the most aggressive pound-for-pound. Eddie slides in and Vampiro takes it to him immediately to secure the early advantage. But Eddie comes roaring back with a flurry that ends in a drop-kick to the chest of the kneeling Vampiro. Now it is all Eddie for a moment then Vamp gts a monkey flip. Thy crash to the floor and Eddie is right on his opponent. Back inside they trade moves with little affecet then Vamp gets a spin kick to the chest and goes for a pin. No cigar. They struggle up to the top and Guerrero gets a superplex then goes for a frog splash. here comes ICP - Eddie turns and splashes them instead but hurts his knee in the process. back in the ring, Vamp is right on the injured limb and now ICP surrounds the ring. As Vamp backs up toward the rope Shaggy is on the apron and Eddie collides head-to-head with the clown. Vamp gets the pin on the rebound. Before the Dead Pool can consumate their beating, Kidman and Rey, Jr. run in to rescue their friend. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls in the ring as we return... Cut to commercial.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sting - World Title match - Michael Buffer is on hand for the big intros. Stng comes in to massive acclaim but Hogan blows the roof off the place. He seems jovial as he faces his opponent. They start the match by clinching up and rolling around on the ropes. Almost immediately the tempers flare and they have a short shoving match. Hogan grabs a headlock which Stings turns to a hammerlock then Hogan reverses it. They separate and Hogan grabs a full arm drag and twist. Sting reverses it to an armbar. Hogan throws him off and they collide with no affect. In a surprise wrestling move, Hogan gets a roll-up and a two count. They go for a test of strength and here Hogan is superior. He goes for a scoop slam but Sting collapses and cradles him. Hogan regains his feet and whips Sting across then steamrolls him in the corner. Hogan gets a belly-to-back suplex but Sting pops right back up and turns the tables. Now Sting is relentless and showing a little heelishness as he rakes the back of his opponent. Hogan recovers and explodes onto his opponent. Sting is knocked to the floor and followed out. On the outside Sting turns it around and smashes Hogan onto the broadcast table. Hogan retaliates with the same move then the referee orders them back to the ring. Inside again, Hogan gets a slam and an elbow drop then goes for the pin. Nope. Sting comes right back and gets a slam then a splash and a two count. He grabs a rear chinlock on the Champ. Hogan fights back to his feet but Sting forces him back down. Hogan is almost prone on the mat then he is all the way down. The ref tests his arm. On the third one Hogan recovers and hulks up. He knocks Sting down then hits the boot to the face. he goes for the big legdrop but Sting moves and then hits a Stinger Splsh on Hogan's back in the corner. he goes for it again but Hogan gets his feet up. Suddenly Sid and Steiner are in the ring and the match is thrown out. Goldberg and Luger run in and the bad guys split. Hogan shakes hand with Sting and Goldberg but doesn;t offer it to Luger. He does call on Luger and Goldberg to watch their backs as he gives Sting another opportunity - probably next week but it's not spelled out. That was certainly one of the best matches we've gotten from Hogan in a long time. Cut to commercial.

KISS performs "Virgin Soul" right straight up at the eleven o'clock hour. The sound is pretty good but the camera work unfortunately sucks. The introduction of Demon is pretty spectacular though. Brian Adams impressive size really adds something to the KISS style costume as he bursts from a huge red statue of some oriental god or something.

RAW Report

The opening moments are devoted to still images from last night's PPV card.

RAW is live from Iowa State University. Jim Ross brings Mankind to the ring for an it's HHH and Chyna who show up. Helmsley says there will be no celebration at his expense and claims that last night was to be his night and that he has been screwed. He refers to Jesse Ventura as a "bogus" referee who refused to count out his opponent when he had Austin pinned. He's pissed, in other words... He says the only thing good that happened is that he crippled the Rattlesnake. He tries to intimidate JR then grabs an armbar on the announcer. He threatens to break his arm unless Mick Foley comes to the ring. Well, he was headed that way anyway... He stops Foley on the ramp and demands a title shot. Foley agrees...then HHH pretends to break the arm anyway then starts to leave. JR does a good acting job but they use a pretty fake sounding audio effect which comes out of the PA system despite the fact that there is no mic anywhere hear his arm - and it's late besides. Foley takes back the offer, but Shane McMahon appears and holds Foley to his committment - noting that Shawn Michaels isn't in the arena tonight. Cut to commercial.

JR is loaded into an ambulance and driven away as we return. Michael Cole joins Lawler at the table - they keep harping on the sound of the break...

The Road Dogg vs. Al Snow - Hardcore Title match - they have a pretty female ring announcer tonight, something that neither promotion has done for quite a while. The Dogg does his own announcing of course, then Snow runs in without an announcement and the fight is on. Right to the floor it f=goes and Snow starts pulling things out from under the ring. A table and cookie sheet appear along with a ladder and a broomstick. Snow breaks the broomstick over James' back then sets up the table. He is first knocked onto it himself but then turns back and breaks it by sending Snow through it. Chris Jericho runs down and attacks the Dogg who fights him back up the ramp. Meanwhile the Big Bossman shows up and pounds on Snow then steals Pepper in his cage. The Dogg and Jericho continue their brawl backstage while th Bossman runs to a car and taks off with the dog. Snow runs out but is too late to catch them. Cut to commercial.

Backstage Snow is questioning stage hands about the whereabouts of his dog.

X-Pac/Kane comes down and join the broadcast team - apparently without invitation, for the next match.

The Undertaker/The Big Show (w/Paul Bearer) vs. The Acolytes - Tag Team Title match - the Acolytes go right to work doubleteaming the Big Show who comes back with a double clothesline. They are down but not out and go right back too it until UT distracts Faarooq and he is knocked to the floor. He ends up on the broadcast table and starts getting into it with the former champs. The match is thrown out and we have a big time brawl at ringside. UT levels his brother with a chair and X-Pac is choke slammed before the bad guys split. In the back Test is telling Stephanie he has a surprise for her. Cut to commercial.

The Blonde Bytch Project - a video take off on the Blair Witch Project starring the Blue Meanie...

Test comes to the ring to rant - the new announcer is hot looking but not much of an announcer, good voice but no individuality - Test makes a few opening remarks, hinting that he is going to ask Stephanie to marry him. Stephanie coems down followed quickly by Shane who is objecting before he even knows what is going to happen. Stephanie gets between them and declares her love for "Andrew". She implores her brother to think about her happiness. Shane backs off and Test pops the question! Stephanie asks for some time to think about it but tells him again and again that she loves him. Cut to commercial.

Chris Jericho is fending off Howard Finkel's attempts to be the new "Ralphus".

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra/Mark Henry) come down to gloat over their new association. Jarrett hands over the European Title to Henry then reveals that Debra was the author of the entire plan. Then introduces a personal assistant for Debra - Miss Kitty. Yet another blonde bombshell. He then announces a Meat/Mark Henry match...but backstage, D-Lo Brown is taking Meat out with a trash can. Brown runs in and the match is on.

Mark Henry vs. D-Lo Brown - European Title match - this is a short match as Brown seems to have everything in hand until Jarrett interferes and causes the DQ. In the back, BIlly Gunn is looking for a pen to sign the open contract that Jeff Jarrett has posted on his dressingroom door. He tells Chyna to watch it and make sure nobody else signs it while he finds a pen. He leaves. She signs it. Cut to commercial.

Billy is back and looking for Chyna as we return. Cut to the arena where the Rock makes his entrance. He makes his usual cliche ridden rant - but he always manages to find something new to say. In this case most of it is bleeped.

The Rock vs. Gangrel (w/New Brood) - Maivia meets them on the ramp and down the hardeys before dragging Gangrel back to the ring. I think this is the first time I've seen Gangrel wrestle without blood all over his shirtfront. Gangrel tries to leave the ring but the Rock catches him then gets pearl harbored by the Hardey's. back in the ring, Gangrel has the advantage for a moment but Maivia comes right back and turns the tables. Gangrel is sent to the floor but catches Maivia coming back in. The New Brood are getting heacily involved when Edge and Christian show up to even the odds. The match continues and Maivia retakes the initiative. Gangrel hangs in there for quite a while but eventually Maivia hits the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow to take the pin. The Rick rants some about HHH calling him a cry baby. He is again bleeped. He gets a "Rocky" chant going as he vows to "take matters into his own hands' concerning the WWF Title. Meanwhile Howard Finkel is psyching himself up to be a "Warrior". Cut to commercial.

Kevin Kelly interviews Tori concerning Ivory and her seeming need to tear Tori's clothes off. She proposes an evening gown match for SmackDown on Thursday. The Fink runs out to the Ultimate Warrior's old music then challenges the Road Dogg to come out and learn what "Y2J s all about..." Huh? The Dogg answers the challenge. He finds the prospect amusing but Finkel shoves him away. The Dogg responds in kind and then the Millenium clock starts up. Jericho appears in the ring as the lights got out and attacks Jesse James. He delivers a couple of powerbombs then splits with Finkel. In the back, Snow is talking to himself and Billy is still looking for Chyna. he finds HHH who is no help at all. Cut to commercial.

Kelly interviews Hardcore Holly who suggests an invitational "Battle of the Super Heavyweights".

Bob Holly vs. Crash Holly - Crash attacks as Hardcore enters the ring and they fight out to the floor and into the crowd. The brawl out to the sound desk then past it into the backstage area. The fight down a long hall running each other into doors and walls then into a storage area. IU notice that Crash's tight say Hardcore Holly on them as they fight right out of the building. Cut to Kevin Kelly who presents stills of the main event aftermatch from last night. He says that Austin is severly injured. He interviews Mankind who is livid over HHH's behaviour. Cut to commercial.

Al Snow is dejected backstage.

UT and the Big Show come out to join the broadcast team for the next match. There is an unstrung guitar lying on the table.

Kane/X-Pac vs. Mideon/Viscera - the new announcer refers to the next match as being "one round" then amends it to "one fall" - X-Pac takes on Mideon to start and has his number. Kane comes in and continues the assault. Uh comes the Acolytes to observe at ringside. In the ring, Kane is unloading on Mideon. Then he allows himself to be dragged into the wrong corner. But he fights his way out only to get squashed by Viscera - but he pops right back up. X-Pac comes in and gets the bronco buster on both his opponents. Kane is drawn out to the floor to battle the Acolytes while X-Pac is caught and squashed. In the back Billy is still searching...

Jericho is accepting Finkel on his team as we return.

Billy Gunn comes to the ring to rant. He calls Chyna to the ring for a "heart to heart". Chyna appears on the ramp then strides to the ring. He is running the chauvenist pig card on her when Jeff Jarrett runs in and hits Chyna with a guitar. Miss Kitty shows up with a second guitar which Billy grabs and uses to cream Jarrett. The girls help Jarrett back up as Chyna lays unconscious in the ring and Billy splits. In the back the Rock is walking somewhere. Cut to commercial.

The Rock makes an entrance and joins the announce team. Then Shane shows up to assume referee duties for the main event.

Mankind vs. HHH - World Title match - I guess HHH is on his own here since Chyna was just laid out. HHH goes on the attack immediately (just like everyone else tonight). Foley comes right back and gets a slingshot bulldog but Shane turns away to rant at Maivia at ringside. Foley dons Mr. Socko but turns and puts it in Shane's mouth. HHH tries to attack but he gets the same treatment. Chyna runs in and also gets a mouthfull! HHH tries again and gets DDT'd but Shane is slow to get back in the ring and misses the count. Earl hebner comes in to take his place. HHH falls out to the floor and is followed by Foley. HHH turns the tables and runs Foley into the stairs. Moments later, Foley tries to use a chair but has it kicked into his face. Chyna gets involved and then the competitors return to the ring with HHH in charge. He grabs Socko away and throws it to the crowd. Helmsley is upset at Shane for not counting fast enough and that gives Foley a chance to recover. HHH uses a high knee to turn it back around. He pounds Foley in the corner. Mankind comes back and they trade punches. We get some see-saw action now as both guys giving it their all. Chyna distracts Hebner while, on the floor, HHH lays out Foley with a chair then turns and brains Maivia who is still sitting at the table. HHH re-enters the ring as Shane rolls Foley back in then cold-cocks Hebner. Inside, HHH gets the Pedegree and takes the pin. HHH is the new World Champion.

I'll be back with the new Saturday Morning report including reports on SmackDown and the ECW offering on TNN. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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