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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 5
May 28, 1996

NITRO goes to Two Hours

An "interesting" debut for the "new" Nitro. Tony and the Legend opened up the first hour. Feature match announced for the second hour - Sting vs. Scott Steiner.

As feared the first hour was pretty much like the Saturday afternoon program. Flair/Arn vs. Males, the Mauler (?) vs. Steve Dull (Doll, sorry)...suddenly there's Scott Hall walking through the crowd! He comes to ringside and grabs a microphone. Starts asking, "...where's the Huckster? Where's the Nacho Man? Where's scheme Gene?..." in the voice of his Razor Ramon character. This reminds me of when Ed Leslie first introduced Brutus Beefcake by parading him around about ringside during matches - only Brutas was a stranger - we all know who Razor Ramon is. Finally he is hustled off and we go on with the PitBull vs. DDP.

This is better, funny moment when DDP headbutts Pitman and then falls out of the ring! Finally DDP wins with a bulldog (modified Diamond Cutter).

Next a video on the Madness of the Macho Man - where is this angle headed?

The second hour begins at 5:52 (PST) with the usual broadcast team (minus McMuffin - who is shown in training). Bishoff comments on the Hall interruption and promises to give him time at the end of the show. Seems to be disavowing prior knowledge of the incident. This will bear closer scrutiny.

Next up - Shark vs. Giant. I notice this isn't billed as the main event even though it is for the title. Shark seems ineffective. Gets slammed by the Giant. Shark has to rake the eyes to briefly get the upperhand. The Hart distracts him and the Giant chokeslams him. Then the "new" Big Bubba (the biker guy) runs in and shaves half of the Shark's head - cut to commercial. I wonder if the Shark is still performing without a contract?

We come back to Maxx(?) vs. Lugar for the TV title. Maxx?? You mean DDP's old henchman right? How does he rate a title shot? Bishoff mentions that Ray Mysterio Jr. will challange for the Cruiserweight Title at an upcoming PPV. Fends off Hall again and again offers him time at the end, frets aloud about the possibility of a lawsuit - is this a shoot?? Is Scott Hall the new "loose cannon"? Or could this be a put-up job by McMahon? Could Hall be an undercover provacateur?

Back to jobbers - Hard Work Bobby vs. Brad Armstrong. A cruiserweight title contender match. Hardwork wins the upset after a full body tackle from the top rope.

Lord Steven Regal vs. Alex Wright. A good match - both are excellent mat technicians. Regal wins after a hard fought contest with a Regal Roll.
Regal challanges Sting during his interview. Feels he isn't getting enough title consideration. He also mentions Hall - this thing seems to have everybody shook up.

There's that "Blood Runs Cold" thing again - this time with some oriental symbols and that name again - Glacier...brrr!

Time for the main event. Sting Vs. Scott Steiner. Great power match! Its hard to tell which is the more powerfull of the two. Sting doesn't have Steiner's physique but his strength is legendary. Steiner is clearly the superior wrestler. Lugar and Rick show up, Lugar gets involved, then he's in the ring getting pummled by both Steiners. The locker room empties - too bad, it was a good match while it lasted.

Now "Razor" gets his chance to talk on camera - and he's challanging the entire WCW (nothing new there) - clearly the "we" he referred to was meant to imply the WWF! He seems to be implying that his actions have the WWF's stamp of approval. Bishoff orders him off the set - what is going on here?? Could it be a work? And whose work - WCW or WWF? Will Vinnie mention it on RAW? Stayed tuned.


Right off the bat we get Goldust vs. The Warrior in a King of the Ring qualifier.
Vinnie apologizes again for the snafu last night - promises more info later in the program. Meanwhile we have a see-saw match up in the ring. Mostly its the Warrior though. Goldust only seems to be able to turn the tide by cheapshotting. He tries to leave the arena but gets carried back to the ring by Ahmed Johnson. So far he hasn't had time to do any of his "machinations". The Warrior doesn't seem to be trying very hard to put Dustin away. His few pin attempts are pretty cavelier. Goldust starts to retreat again. Warrior goes after him - both are counted out - both fail to advance in the tournament.

Some IYH results are aired, Vinnie announces that the missed matches will be presented live at the In Your House replay tomorrow. Ted DiBiasi vows to quit wrestling if Austin loses to Vega (which he did in the dark last night, apparently).

Now Sunny shows up as the Smoking Gunns manager!! And they are going against the Bodydonnas! This is too weird. This has got to be a set-up (although its not a title contest). As we go to commercial Sunny is being accosted by Zip (or is it Skip?).

Downtown Bruno (Whippleman) is at ringside taking notes again.

As we return - here comes PIG with a chip on his shoulder. The Hillbilly gets between PIG and Sunny. Henry shows up. They lead him away. Meanwhile Sunny seems to be working on the Gunns behalf...and they win the match. Vinnie suggests there may have been collusion between Sunny and Billy Gunn at the PPV.

A reprise of the IYH results - Championship rematch between HBK and the Bulldog is scheduled for King of the Ring PPV.

Next up - Vader vs. Ahmed Johnson (another King of the Ring qualifier) - Vader to the ring first, Ahmed comes out after the commercial. Owen Hart is there to do some color. This has the making of a good match. Both men are amazing powerhouses. At one point Cornette takes a whack at Johnson with the racket - big mistake, Johnson chases him away from the ring area. Cut to commercial...

Ahmed appears to be dominating the match as we come back. Gets Vader in several power moves. Puts a spine buster on the monster and attempts a pin. Owen comes off the top rope and hits Johnson in the back of the head with the cast he's sporting on his arm. Johnson is out cold - Vader wins the match and advances in the tournament. Ahmed gets carted out on a stretcher.

On the way to the back Goldust hijacks the gurney and gives Ahmed "mouth to mouth"...Johnson wakes up and goes wild. Roughs up Bob Holly and Mark Mero, rams down Goldust's locker room door (goes through a guard to do it), strikes a cameraman...that's all folks.

Well, except for the Scott Hall business on Nitro (and that seemed like it was unplanned - but who knows?), I have to give RAW the award this evening plenty of action and surprises.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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