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WCW Nitro


Mankind & The Rock Win the Tag Straps

History of the Jokeapean Title

by Deranged Clint

Volume 5, Issue 500 - August 30, 1999
Editor's Note: With this issue (appropriately enough, Issue #500!) I will be changing the format of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter, although not as much as I had earlier anticipated. My plan until last week was to phase out the blow-by-blow program reports in favor of something more analytical, but after doing the last issue I realized that the bulk of programming is now centered in that period just before the weekend so it means that things really don't need to change so much in the Tuesday Morning Report.

In 1996 when I started it, I originally intended Solie's Tuesday Morning Report to be just that, a Tuesday morning update on the happening during the Monday night shows. I soon found it necessary to add editions for things that happened on other days (like PPV's) and eventually established a regular Friday Morning Edition to cover Thunder and to give me more room to publish the artcles and interviews for which Solie's has been so widely acclaimed.

Now things have changed substantially again, with the addition of WWF SmackDown and the new ECW offering on TNN, the wrestling picture has been spread out to encompass more of the week and so Solie's Newsletter is changing to reflect that. With so much happening on nights other than Monday, I debuted the new Saturday Morning Edition over the weekend and now I offer up The new Tuesday Morning Report. This will consist of Nitro and RAW reports plus articles and interviews which used to only appear in the Friday Morning Edition. I have eliminated the Sunday Night Heat report since that program transitioned to a "magazine" style show a week ago Sunday.

We start this edition with a lighthearted look at the WWF European Title from the perspective of Solie's Mailroom regular, Deranged Clint.

History of the Jokeapean Title

by Deranged Clint

In early 1997, the new European Title was created by the WWF after Titan Sports made a deal with an International Wrestling promotion. A tourny was set up in Feb 1997 and the finals took place in Germany -- The British Bulldog defeated the late Owen Hart.

1. The British Bulldog (Feb 1997 - Sep 1997) -- The true European Champion of the whole bunch pushed as European champion. It seems strange, but Davey Boy just seems to sell that title as European.

2. Shawn Michaels (Sep 1997 - Dec 1997) -- The second, and final true European champion. Shawn defeated Davey Boy in Europe, and even though he was American -- it made sense for Shawn to hold the title, until Davey, Owen or anybody else seeked revenge on Davey's loss.

*** Then on Nov 9, 1997 the European Title lost complete creditbility when Shawn Michaels was "given" the World Title by "defeating" Bret Hart. McMahon seemed to just say "screw the European Title" as Shawn holds both titles for over a month before "laying down" to HHH. A big waste of time, the title should've been scraped.

3. HHH (Dec 1997 - Jan 1998) -- Yes No Talent H was worthless as European champ. It would've fit in if people knew Jean-Pieare Levesque was of French descent and if it had been a legit contest. Neither happened. HBK basically lays down to get a "useless" title off his hands.

4. Owen Hart (Jan 1998 - Mar 1998) -- *** Owen defeats Goldust dressed up as HHH, but Sgt. Slaughter decides to give Owen the title anyway. *** Basically, a cheep trick by Vince McMahon to keep Owen's black heart gimmick up -- since there was no way Vince or Shawn was going to allow Owen to hold the World Title. So what do they do, they give him a worthless title. Worse yet, when he finally jobs it back to HHH -- they don't even do it at Wrestlemania 14 -- they do it two weeks before the PPV on RAW -- and then Owen jobs to HHH at Wm 14 -- makes GREAT SENSE VINCE. Owen's constant jobbing to HHH is how Owen's instant superstar face heat after his brother got screwed -- ended. Enter Owen, the midcard heel again -- member of the Nation -- of course everybody knows the rest of the story. . . . . Owen should have been allowed to hold that World Title from Dec to Feb 1998 --- DAMN IT!

5. HHH (March 1998 - July 1998): Since HHH never lost to Owen, and Owen's reign was storyline fodder, you could say HHH's victory ended the speculation on who was European Champ. The title basically became the WWF TV TITLE at this point. That point was made clear with Owen's reign, but when Owen continued to JOB to HHH -- I wrote off Owen ever holding the title. Remember, this is my mind-set back in 1998. Shortly after Owen's fued with HHH ended -- DX turned face. I guess you can thank Owen and Ken Shamrock for DX becoming faces -- because nobody hated the NATION more than the FANS. Since Owen attacks Shamrock, joins Nation, then DX = cheered guys. Owen was useless in the Nation -- but I guess Vince needed to stick him somewhere. . . .

6. D-Lo Brown (July 1998 - Sep 1998) -- Wins title basically to get it off of HHH's hands, and to give HHH that IC push he was promised. This IC PUSH gave the ROCK his first major face midcard-superstar push too, so I guess Rocky can thank HHH for a great fued. I mean the Rock could have gotten there with anybody with his new "Nation Attitude". I remember when the Rock wore the black tights with the blue stash, and couldn't do an interview to save his life (I think it was the face position that Vince put Rocky in that made Rocky orginally suck. Remember the SHOULDER BREAKER and the SAMOAN HAIR-DO? What a difference using a cocky persona makes. What was cool with D-LO as European Champion was he went along with the gag. He knew the title was worthless -- that is why he started to hail from different parts of Europe.

7. X-Pac (Sep 1998 - Oct 1998) -- When X-Pac won this title, the first thing I said was why? There was a Light-Heavyweight title at the time -- Sean Waltman is tiny -- so therefore X-Pac should go for that title (Which ended up getting scrapped onto a Goldberg Gimmick) Instead X-Pac is European Champ...

8. D-LO Brown (Oct 1998 -- Oct 1998) -- This reign was pointless too. D-Lo seems to win the title, only to lose it the next week. I believe what happened was HHH injured his knee and had to drop the IC title. I thought this would set up X-Pac as IC champ -- but Shamrock got that instead. Within a week, X-Pac wins back the European Title. I guess because HHH and the Outlaws had been title holders at the time, they gave the European title back to Sean -- so they could have D-X as a title holding stable.

9. X-Pac (Oct 1998 -- Feb 1999) -- Well, the title seems to hold some TV Title creditbility again until. . . .

10. Shane McMahon (Feb 1999 -- April 1999) I think Shane has really done great in the last month as a wrestler -- but when Shane first started -- he was nothing. He wins the title on a fluke, and retains at WM 15 by a fluke. This victory over X-Pac on RAw and then at WM 15 made me think Shane was thinking about becoming a wrestler full time. Then all of a sudden -- he retired the belt. I thought -- thank God -- that title needed retirement a long tiem ago.

11. Midian (July 1999 -- July 1999) -- This was ridicious! Shane retires the championship -- until one day Midian, asks Shane could he borrow his belt because his pants kept falling down. Shane just say -- SURE, WHAT THE HELL. I was saying the same thing.

12. D-Lo Brown (July 1999 -- Aug 1999) -- I thought D-LO was going to when the European Title to get back on that JOKE -- EUROPEAN KICK. This time it was a joke more than the last. This title was retired by Shane McMahon and Midian basically became the Champ by wearing it to keep his pants up? OKAY! When D-LO won the IC title -- I thought they were merge together and D-Lo would be IC champ until Sep's IYH. WRONG!

13. Jeff Jarett (Aug 1999 -- Aug 1999) Won only because IC title was tied to European title.

14. Mark Henry (Aug 1999 --- CURRENT CHAMP) -- Okay. At least HBK laid down for HHH. Jarrett just gives it to Henry and the WWF says -- OKAY by me. What a joke belt! The title should've stayed in Shane's bag. UGH!

Deranged Clint is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular correspondent to the Solie's Mailroom.

WCW Nitro

We are going right into a match as the program begins from the Nassau Coloseum in Uniondale, Long Island, NY.

Disorderly Conduct vs. Steven Regal/Dave Taylor - as Tony runs down the card the match gets underway. DC tries, God love 'em, but there is no contest of consequence happening in this match. Besides, Sid shows up and clears the ring, leaving DC in his wake as the Brits flee from harms way. Charles Robinson obligingly holds up Sid's sign declaring this as his 75th consecutive win. The big cretin spouts his usual nonsense then says that the fans are pushing him to powerbomb DC once more. If they start the program with this stupidity what else can we expect tonight..?

We are shown a tape of a cab pulling up and disgorging Lodi and Lenny who are at first refused entrance until they display the Cruiserweight belt. Cut to commercial.

After some video review we finally get the opening montage. Cut to the ring and the Nitro Grrrrrrls.

Mean Gene then takes over the ring and invites Lex Luger down for an interview. He comes out and says that Hogan betrayed everyone three years ago and can't be trusted. He claims that he has "irrefutable evidence" to prove that Hogan in a scam artist and will produce it later tonight. His accusations against Hulk Hogan are, of course, laughable when you think back to Luger's own checkered career. How many times has he turned his back on his friends...Sting included? We cut to the back to witness the arrival of Berlyn in a black Mercedes. He travels with a retinue including an female interpreter. Cut to commercial.

Lance Leroux vs. Scotty Riggs - Riggs deserves to be powerbombed by Sid, but I like Leroux so I will pray that this match isn't interrupted. Riggs dominates the first two exchanges then the Ragin' Cajun starts to come back - but is stopped short. It looks like they may give Riggs a victory here - or maybe Sid will prevent it. Yup, the audience is standing up...but's Vampiro and ICP. They distract Riggs long enough to give Leroux a chance to regain the initiative. Riggs gets his mind back on the match and takes the win as Vamp enters the ring and and watches. He tells Riggs, "You owe me..." but Riggs doesn't appear to know what he is talking about. Cut to commercial.

The Revolution makes their entrance as we return. Is anybody else getting a little tired of this crap? Shane Douglas has the affrontery to refer to himself as "the Franchise" - and the audience doesn't take that too well. He does it twice in his opening rant. Why do I keep wanting to call him "Dean"? Saturn takes the opportunity to challenge Rick Steiner for his TV Title at the next PPV.

More Nitro Grrrrls on the platform dancing to their regular theme.

Kaz Hayashi vs. Lodi (w/Lenny) - Hayashi has decided to try and look like a grown up by growing a beard and mustache. Lenny has decorated the Cruiserweight belt with tassles and a big purple bow. For the first exchange Lenny is still in the ring and gets clotheslined to the floor courtesy of his "brother" by mistake. Hayashi goes on the offensive and almost gets a pin within moments. The next he is flying over the rope and suicide dives on Lenny. Lodi follows him out and takes both of them down with a plancha of his own. Back in the ring, Lodi is in control until he takes his opponent to the top and loses the advantage. Lenny has to interfere to give Lodi the chance to come back. Moments later the referee gets decked and then Lodi and Kaz hit head-to-head in the corner. Lenny takes his place in the ring and gets rolled up and pinned. The two of them lay a doubleteam suplex on Hayashi after the match and we cut to commercial.

More Mean Gene - w/Hulk Hogan this time. Of course he is out to answer the charges of Flexy Lexy. But since Luger hasn't presented his "proof" yet, what can he say really? The crowd encourages him with a "Hogan" chant as he vows again not to turn against Sting. We get a kind of half-a$$ed challenge to Luger for a match later - but I couldn't tell if they actually plan such a contest. He does confirm that Sting's rematch will take place at the next PPV. Cut to commercial.

We are back and Tony tries to hawk the latest WCW SuperStar videos but there is some strange piano music playing in the background to distract him.

La Parka/Blitzkreig vs. Rey Misterio, Jr./Eddie Guerrero - I'm sorry, but as much as I like Rey and Eddie as a team I am really missing Guerrero's truculant attitude. La Parka does his little strut number then gets slapped to the mat by Misterio. He is knocked to the floor then Eddie and Blitzkeig take his place in the ring. Blitzkreig runs rings around Eddie then Rey faces La Parka and is crushed by the larger man. As the match goes on, Vampiro and ICP appear on the platform. In the ring, Eddie and Rey have gone into their super teamwork mode and wrap the match up in no time. They invite Vamp and his thugs to the ring but the latter seems inclined to watch from afar. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring to welcome Berlyn (Alex Wright) for his inaugeral rant. He speaks through an interpreter although Tony assures us that he does speak English (of course he does you dolt! He's Alex Wright...) The lighting goes weird as he starts to speak. The entire scene is a bit "posterized", as we say in the printing business. I assume this is to help hide his identity (though I dare say that anyone whose seen the promos already knows who he is). He tells Okerlund that he has chosen Buff Bagwell as his first victim. Cut to commercial.

Lex Luger interrupts Mean Gene on the ramp to say that he was attacked backstage by Hulk Hogan. That's all we get before yet another commercial.

Kenny Kaos/Prince Iaukea vs. The Windhams (w/Curt Hennig) - did I ever mentioned that I once babysat Barry Windham? He was about 7 years old at the time - I was in my early twenties - he came to the Olympic Auditorium with his dad who was wrestling my uncle that night. That must have been around 1969. In this match, Iaukea starts out with the younger Windham and doesn't have a prayer. He is pinned in a moment, Barry never gets into the match. He grabs the mic and rants against Harlem Heat saying the Texans can beat them anytime they want. This brings Booker and Stevie to the ring and a melee erupts. The Heat are punked and hogtied by dint of superior numbers. Cut to commercial.

More Mean Gene in the ring - he says Luger has his proof ready to present. The Package brings a along and invites Sting to come out and witness the unveiling. Sting arrives looking curious. Luger tells a story about Hogan being the mysterious driver of the Hummer. What the picture shows is Hogan next to a Hummer - but so what? Last week we saw Eric Bischoff get out of a Hummer - again, so what? In the midst of the discussion Diamond Dallas Page runs out and socks Hogan in the back of the head (huh?) The craziest thing is that Sting seems to buy Luger's argument and starts demanding answers from Hogan! Why can't they see how stupid this all is..? Cut to commercial...please!

More Nitro Grrrrls - or more accurately Nitro Grrrl in the ring. A.C. Jazz struts her stuff in a solo dance.

Van Hammer vs. Buff Bagwell - we've been hearing that Buff is about four months away from the end of his contract and isn't getting along with WCW management. The dissatisfaction is said to be mutual. Bagwell pauses to pose and receive his due from the crowd before locking up. Immediately Berlyn's entourage appears on the ramp to scout Bagwell. In the ring, Hammer is in control by using his superior size and power, but not for long as Buff outmaneuvers him and seizes the initiative. But Hammer rakes the eyes, slams him off the second rope then drops a leg to get a two count. They go to the floor where Buff's back is run into the apron. Back inside, Hammer applies a camel clutch variation. He drops on Bagwells back and then starts toying with him - arranging hsi arms into flex poses until Bagwell hits a short mule kick. After a few more quick moves he climbs to the second rope and hits the Blockbuster for the win. They run the footage of the infamous Hummer incident then cut to commercial.

Mike Enos vs. Evan Karaius - it's too bad that "Mean" Mike Enos had to give up his moniker to that clown in Disorderly Conduct. Enos is knocked to the floor almost immediately but then Evan throws a suicide dive and is caught in mid air. Enos calmly carries him back into the ring and dumps him on his head. The audience starts chanting "We Want Sid!" I notice the referee is Charles Robinson - that could signal something. Enos doesn't care, he continues to take the youngster apart. He goes for a cover but then pulls his opponent up so he can put a piledriver on. Here come Vampiro and ICP again. ICP distracts the referee while Vamp hits Enos with a spin kick giving Evan the easy win. Again he tells Evan, "You owe me..." Music what?? "God of Thunder" blairs forth and the Demon makes his entrance. He tells Vampiro, "Not here, not now...not this time." Then we cut to commercial.

Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas vs. The First Family (w/Jimmy Hart) - Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobbs face the "Deans" in this one. Douglas is effectively isolated from the get go. Malenko runs in to deal with the doubleteam. Douglas falls out and brawls with Morrus while Malenko (who is not legal) battles Knobbs in the ring. Douglas is disabled and that leaves Malenko to face both opponents for a bit. Then Malenko is dragged to the floor and Douglas is rolled back in. Morrus goes for his moonsault but misses. All four end up on the floor and the bell sounds as they brawl up the aisle and onto the ramp. Silly match... Cut to commercial.

This seems to be Mean Gene's night in the ring - he welcomes Hulk Hogan back. Hogan thanks the crowd for sticking with him. He then claims that next week he will prove Luger wrong. He then turns his attention to DDP - he wants to challenge Page but he needs to talk to Bill Goldberg about that. Goldberg comes to the ring and hears Hogan out, then makes a counter proposal - the two of them against the Triad. Page appears with his henchmen on the platform and accepts the match. So that changes the main event.

Disco Inferno vs. Rick Steiner - TV Title match - Disco wears a faux fur vest, leapord skin pants and psychedelic cowboy hat to the ring and makes his most recent standard rant. Judging from Steiner's recent matches I expect this one to be squash. Sure enough, Disco barely get a chance to finish his insults before Steiner starts ripping him apart. Disco gets no offense whatsoever. Steiner then tosses the referee out and starts pounding on Disco until Saturn runs out and breaks it up. Steiner takes a standing side-kick then retreats. Cut to commercial.

Jerry Flynn (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Chris Benoit - US Title match - oh yeah, of course Flynn has earned this title shot - why he's beat...uh... oh yeah, Ernest Miller about 10 years ago... "Lighting Foot" gets his opponent in the face right on the bell then gets a little flurry of offense before Benoit turns the tables. They go to the floor where Hart tries to get involved and manages to distract Benoit long enough to put the ball back in Flynn's court. Inside the ring, Flynn keeps the pressure on as Benoit relaxes and makes him look good for a while. Benoit manages to roll Flynn up at one point but it is a momentary breather before Flynn downs him again. Benoit finally breaks loose and hits a series of three German suplexes before hitting the swan dive headbutt. The First Family runs in immediately followed by the rest of the Revolution. FF stands in the aisle and they yell at each other. Benoit suddenly decides to to challenge Sid Vicious appropose of nothing. Cut to commercial.

Hulk Hogan/Golberg vs. The Jersey Triad - leave it to Hogan to horn in on Goldberg's main event match. Michael Buffer is there to do the honors. What you want to bet, Sid will probably interrupt this one... Page pauses before the oppositions entrance to do his standard rant. A small group chants his, "Two time, two time, Two time..." delivery. Goldberg and Hogan make separate entrances to their repective themes. Hogan faces Bam Bam to start and gets downed but then Bigalow goes to the top for a splash and misses. Hogan clears the ring as the Triad masses. Bigalow is back in but Hogan decides to offer Goldberg instead. Kanyon is tagged in against his against his will and is destroyed in two moves. The next moment Goldberg is ganged up on as Hogan tries to come in but only succeeds in distracting the referee (Robinson again, by the way). The Triad continues to double and triple team the big guy, not allowing him to draw a breath and recover until he hits a double clothesline and tags Hogan back in to face Page. Hogan knocks everybody out then Goldberg runs a spear on Kanyon. It looks like the Triad is routed until Kanyon hits Goldberg with a chair and sets him up for a Diamond Cutter and a pin. In the back, Sting forces his way into Hogan's dressing room and finds Randy Savage in there with Gorgeous George. Interesting, I had heard that Savage had gone AWOL since the last PPV. Internet swerve anyone..?


RAW is live from the Fleet Ceter in Boston, MA. The Rock comes out for his nightly rant to start the program. There's Lillian Hernandez doing the ring announcing. I guess because everyone on the net said she wouldn't be doing that anymore they decided to put her on again. Maivia wears white ducks and cashmere t-shirt. He laments his failure to win the World Title on SmackDown last Thursday and places the blame squarely on that roody poo candy a$$ jabrone, Shawn Michaels. Good call... He gives HHH 5 seconds to appear or else he plans to go looking for the Champ. HHH fails to appear so Maivia heads for the back. In a hallway Maivia is attacked suddenly by HHH, Shane and Chyna but Mankind shows up and saves his cookies. Now we get the "No Chance in Hell" theme and Shane appears headed to the ring with the Posse. They are all three still sporting casts or braces from their recent encounters with Test. Shane makes matches for Mankind and Maivia against the Posse and the Undertaker respectively in order to earn Title shots against HHH. He orders Mankind to the ring for his match immediately.

Mankind vs. The Greenwich Posse - handicap match - Shane McMahon decides to be the referee at the last moment - Shane leaves two of his thugs to gang up on Foley while he pretends to try and move the third out of the ring. Foley hits a double clothesline then mops the ring with all three of them. Abbs gets a chairshot in and then takes over the assault. Pete Gas reaches under the ring and throws a couple of trash cans into the ring while Shane ignores him. They are used on Foley who goes down and then Shane reprimands the culprits. A "Do Not Enter" sign is brought in but Abbs hits his own partner by mistake. Meanwhile Shane has been downed and is holding his ankle. Shane pretends he can't get up to make the count so Foley shoves the sock down his throat. HHH shows up and gets creamed by Foley before he can attack. HHH pulls Shane out of the ring and Mankind is declared the winner by DQ. But Shane comes back and reverses the decision because Foley put his hands on the referee. In the back, Michael Cole interviews the Undertaker who says Maivia's goose is cooked. Cut to commercial.

The Undertaker (w/The Big Show/Paul Bearer) vs. The Rock - No Holds Barred/Falls Count Anywhere match - this is Maivia's chance to get a World Title shot for later tonight. UT orders Paul Wight to take the match instead - another test I suppose. UT joins the broadcast team as the Rock makes his entrance. He succeeds in clotheslining the big guy to the floor then follows him out. TBS recovers and positions Maivia for a Russian leg sweep on the ramp but Maivia thwarts the move. He assumes control and drags Maivia back inside the ring where he continues his assault. Back on the floor, the Big Show gets posted then Maivia goes to the broadcast table and confronts UT. Rocky gets a shot in on UT but then the giant grabs him and chokeslams him through the table. He is counted out - so much for World Title matches tonight. HHH runs in to get a cheap shot on Maivia by UT grabs him by the throat and forces him away. Then Mankind runs down and he is also waylaid by the evil duo. In the back, Mike Cole talks to Al Snow about his missing dog. Behind them what sounds like a couple doing it can be heard. Cut to commercial.

The Big Bossman comes down to the ring as we return. He doesn't have the dog with him. He wants Snow to come out so they can talk. Snow appears on the platform then heads for the ring. Bossman aplogizes for his actions last Thursday saying he was touched by Snow's grief. He offers to give the dog back at his hotel next Thursday night. He promises "No tricks, no games..." yeah right... They shake hands although Snow looks dubious. Backstage, the Rock is kicking the furniture. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac vs. Taka Michinoku (w/Funaki) - for a change Waltman outweighs his opponent. He pounds Taka in the corner but then Funaki attacks him while the referee is checking on Taka. The Undertaker is watching as the two Japanese takes turns hitting cheapshots on Taka's opponent until the latter misses a moonsault. X-Pac comes back with a powerbomb, pancakes his opponent then hits the bronco buster. He then misses a rush to the corner - Taka goes for his Michinoku Driver but Waltman blocks the move and gets the X-Factor for the pin. He treats Funaki to the same move. In the back a bunch of jobbers are arguing with the referee's over the fact that they arent involved in the next match. Cut to commercial.

Acolytes vs. Edge/Christian vs. The Hardeys vs. The Hollys - Four Way elimination tag team match for #1 contendership - this one is all over the ring and the ringsiide area from the get-go - and then the jobber teams (Mideon/Viscera-Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards-Droz/Prince Albert) join in and it becomes a weird tag team battle royal of sorts with no winner as the referees decide to call it off. Here comes the Rock as we cut to commercial.

Rocky Maivia makes an entrance for the third time tonight. He rants against the Big Show and UT. He wants both of them in a handicap match before the night is out. This brings Mankind out to make a counter proposal. He wants to make it into a Tag Team Title match with himself as Maivia's partner. The Rock accepts the offer but tells Mankind to leave his catch phrases alone... Meat and Terri Runnels pass Maivia on the ramp as he leaves and Terri flirts with him so he strings her along for a moment then tells her to get lost. She continues to the ring as GTV appears on the TitanTron showing Meat necking with Chaz's girlfriend Marianna! Chaz and Marianna run down and a combination melee/cat fight gets started. In the back, Miss Kitty is shewing a makeup girl away so she can attend to Debra herself.

Jeff Jarrett/Mark Henry (w/Debra/Miss Kitty) vs. D'Lo Brown/Billy Gunn - Lawler is not kidding when he calls the latter team a "weird combination". Before the match can get started Chyna shows up to watch from the broadcast position (which is now a folding table). Brown and Jarrett go at it while Chyna rants about her upcoming IC Title match at the Unforgiven PPV. Henry is tagged in and almost gets a pin but Gunn breaks it up. D'LO keeps fighting back but Henry overwhelms him with his superior size. I have to admit that Henry has come a long way since his early days in the WWF both as a wrestler and a personality. As things start to break down in the ring, Chyna suddenly grabs Jarrett's stringless guitar and accidently whacks Billy with it. He is pinned by Jarrett. Backstage Test asks the Stooges to join him for an interviews. He offers to make them the best men for his wedding. Patterson gets a tear in his eye as we cut to commercial.

Ken Shamrock vs. Gangrel (w/the Hardeys) - Gangrel attacks on the bell, but then turns aside and allows Shamrock to put a leg whip on him. Shamrock takes control but then the Hardeys interefere and get themselves banned from ringside. Back in the ring Gangrel takes advantage of Shamrock's distraction and gets an offensive flurry until he is rolled into a submission hold and has to back pedal. Now we go into see-saw mode with Shamrock on the acendency. Shamrock hits a series of vicious knee lifts which seem to seal Gangrel's fate. It is definitely all Shamrock now as he hits a reverse elbow then a high knee. Gangrel counters with a powerbomb but then Shamrock hyper-extends the knee of his opponent and makes him submit. Howard "Call me Warrior" Finkel comes down the ramp and instructs Shamrock to watch the TitanTron. The Y2J countdown ensues but there is no sign of Jericho until he appears on the screen. He says he doesn't have time to deal with Shamrock tonight but wants a match on Thursday. In the back Mankind and the Rock are plotting strategy for their match later. Cut to commercial.

Ivory comes to the ring in street clothes for a rant and is promptly attacked by Luna and Jacquline. She is stripped to her underwear as we cut to commercial.

Mankind/The Rock vs. The Big Show/Undertaker - World Tag Team Title match - The challengers go to town on the Big Show immediately as the Undertaker hangs back once again. They take turns on him but Wight comes back with a sidewalk slam on Foley then bends him over the second rope before putting the boots to him. Mankind is caught in the wrong corner then Wight distracts the referee while UT takes Foley to the floor and pummels him. Back inside the giant continues the assault with a big powerslam. Maivia prevents the pin after that one. Wight slaps on a bearhug. Foley starts to slump after a bit. Then he bites the big guy's shoulder to escape for a moment until Wight knocks him to the floor where UT awaits. UT pummels Foley some more while the Rock distracts the referee by trying to interfere. The Champs trade places and Foley is hit with the stairs. Paul Bearer arrives and takes UT away, leaving Wight to face his opponents alone. In the ring, Mankind gets a low-blow then tags in the Rock. They try a double team but Wight knocks them both down. Maivia is chokeslammed while Foley goes for a chair, but it is kicked into his face. Maivia recovers and kicks out as Wight goes for the pin. Mankind gets the mandible claw then Maivia gets a chair shot. Together he and Foley hit a double people's elbow and Maivia takes the pin. The Rocks and Mankind are the new World Tag Team Champs!

I'll be back on Saturday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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