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The View from Down Under

by Stuart Capel

Volume 5, Issue 502 - September 6, 1999
Editor's Note: The WWF surprised me last night and showed a couple of matches on Sunday Night Heat (pre-recorded at the SmackDown taping). One was the debut of Papi Chulo. He had an impressive match against Joey Abbs, despite the fact that he lost. They followed this later in the program with a match between Meat and Chaz (too bad he isn't called Cheese...) The catch here was that Meat came out with Chaz's former girlfriend Marianna who caused the DQ on Meat by interefering in the match, then Terri Runnels ran down and started a cat fight. Something tells me Chaz might be wishing he had stuck with Beaver Cleavage...

There was a third match which saw the wrestling debuts of the Dudley Boyz and Stevie Richards in a tag team contest also featuring the Blue Meanie (sort of an ECW-Deja Vu match really...) The Dudley's won in impressive fashion pointing to an immediate push into the title ranks. Does anyone else find it passing strange that we saw Bubba Ray doing his Bobcat Goldswaith impression on SmackDown Thursday night then had him on the ECW program Friday delivering an extended rant with nary a stutter..?

We open this edition of the newsletter with the conclusion of Stuart Capel's article on the problem with WCW.

The View from Down Under

by Stuart Capel WCW's Problems

Part 2

For the past couple of months I have gathered your e-mails regarding what is wrong with the current situation in WCW. All e-mails have registered complaints about certain aspects of the shows, the people, the wrestlers, and WCW in general. I have tried to compact the list as much as possible (it hasn't been an easy task, in fact, it's an impossible one) but it includes the major, and frequently mentioned problems that you have with WCW.

STORYLINES - There were many of you that gave me storylines of who should feud with who and what should happen, but others gave me the more usable material of what you would like to see more/less of in general. The main ones of these were:

The last one is a main gripe of yours. Last weeks we saw Disorderly Conduct against Regal/Taylor. Seeing as neither of these guys is getting a push it was so obvious that Sid was going to make it 75-0 or whatever he wants to make it. Sid or Savage against Evan Karagis. Major heavyweights against Cruiserweight. Now who in their right mind is going to believe this as a match? This is the sort of material that turns viewers off, not on!

Microphone work - WCW either have Okerlund conducting an interview or the wrestler speaks to the near ring camera after a match. While the latter format is different to that used in WWF, I believe that it is a big task for wrestlers to deliver a good match and then have to do their spiel to the camera. Not the greatest timing!

You wanted the luchadores out of WCW because they create no angles and/or crowd reaction. However, one of you, Ron McGlede, stood up for the Mexican wrestlers and made a very good point. "Look at those Mexican's who have been given the mic and have been able to say a few words: Konnan, Rey Misterio, Eddie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera, they've all been given the opportunity to say stuff and in time have been able to create angles and get either cheers or boos. Ever heard Prince Iaukea or La Parka or Silver King on the mic? NO! Do they get crowd reaction? NO!" While Ron's right, it may be better for WCW to axe the luchadores, but if they want to get them over, they should know what to do.


Now if I mentioned everything you said about the wrestlers themselves I would be here until Christmas. I've mentioned a few of the top wrestlers and your thoughts on them.

Sid Vicious - Has very little wrestling talent and is wooden on the mic. One of you mentioned that if the rumor of Sid becoming Champion soon means that Arn Anderson must have no influence of who is to be pushed.

Hulk Hogan - Interesting to see some guys change from Hogan haters to Hogan lovers, even though you swear that you never liked the guy. You think he's old, but like the move back to Hulkamania.

Macho Man - I personally love the guy but most of you, and I reluctantly agree, believe that he has become too dangerous to others since his knee problems. He's put Chas. Robinson out and shelved Evan Karagis too. His time must soon be up.

Lex Luger - I did not receive one e-mail from anyone saying that you liked the guy. He's a limited talent who has been blessed with promoters believing he's a big meal ticket.

Kevin Nash - Not many of you believed that he's taken his role seriously since he became a booker for WCW, as that provided him with an element of job security. You really think he needs Scott Hall back.

Scott Hall - Amazing how many of you think that everything hinges on this guy. If he get back with Nash etc. etc. I'm a Hall mark (isn't that a brand of greeting card?) but I doubt he's the missing link.

Shane Douglas - Simple ? he needs to become a heel, and quickly.

Ric Flair - Oh you guys love him but are also admitting that it's time Ric hung up the tights. He's still a bit of value, but not much. Some of you suggested a back office job that allows for a bit of air time. He's just been in such a role and it wasn't a great success so I would doubt whether the angle would have much more influence the second time around.

There were so many others mentioned, let me say that there are many little known wrestlers that have fans. The Norman Smiley fan cub must number at least thirty! Too many guys to run through in one edition, but most of you wanted Harlem Heat back together. It seems that WCW may have been able to get something right.

It was always an impossible task to compress all your gripes into three pages, but I tried to mention the main ones. Obviously some of you will think that I've left something important out (and I reckon I probably have!). If this is so, please mention it in the mailroom or e-mail me direct.

I'll be back in a fortnight with my thoughts on "How I would Turn Around WCW."

Stuart Cape lives in Black Rock, Victoria, Australia and is a regular contributer to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter.

Nitro Report

Oh great, another week of the Luger/Hogan/Sting/Savage saga. Give me strength...

Nitro is live from the Miami Arena in Miami, Florida. Tonight is the fourth anniversary of Nitro's debut on Labor Day in 1995. Tony throws us to Mean Gene in the, he says he is's Bret Hart! He starts out by telling us he has a big surprise, that he's been sitting at home for too long and he needs to have a question answered. He wants to fight Hulk Hogan. He stresses that it doesn't have to be a title match, but he wants to know how such a match would come out. He says he can't come back until he is granted that match. In his closing statement before the first commercial, Tony talks about the coming World Title match between Hogan and Sting, and refers to Sting as "Mr. Franchise himself..." Hmmmm...what will Shane Douglas have to say about that..?

Nitro Grrrrls contest promo - I've heard that actually the new Nitro Girl has already been picked...

Lodi (w/Lenny) vs Evan Karagous - we see the clip from Karagous' last match in which Vampiro interfered and then told him, "You owe me..." Just as the match gets started Lenny gets into an altercation with a fan at ringside...or that's what it looked like, who knows? In the ring, Evan is in charge and gaining ground. He is even confident enough to dive on Lenny. In the background we see ICP and Vampiro drawing nigh. As the competitors return to the ring, Vampiro jumps up on the apron, distracting Karagous and giving Lodi his opening to wrap things up with a DDT. Cut to commercial.

Everytime I think we've seen the last of this DJ idiot, he's back. Mean Gene is in the ring and invites Hulk Hogan to come on down. Hogan denies that he knew anything about Savage being in his dressing room and tells Lex Luger to mind his own business. Okerlund brings up the the Hummer story, Hogan points out that his white Hummer has a white hard top - while the one that hit Kevin Nash was one with a black rag top. Well, he has a point... He doesn't mention Bret Hart but does set up a match for himself and Goldberg in a cage against Sid, Steiner and DDP. Cut to commercial.

Barry Horowitz vs. Al Greene - two veteran jobbers - could be a competitive match. Greene has the power on his side of course. But Horowitz is probably the better wrestler, and sneakier. The sound goes out for several seconds during this match. When it comes back, Tony is telling us about a battle royal for the #1 contender status. Then piano music starts playing and Sid shows up to spoil the match. We see a blond guy playing a piano as Sid does his thing. I have it on good authority that the pianist is Gorgeous George III - now known as "the Maestro." Sid does his ridiculous rant, calling himself "better then Hogan, better then Sting and better then Goldberg." His "winning streak" now stands at 77-0 (hey, didn't he just lose by DQ on Thursday to Saturn..?)

Vincent breaks into the West Texas Rednecks conference to offer his services in place of the injured Bobby Duncum.

Mean Gene brings Harlem Heat to the ring. Stevie rants his piece first, incorperating his DDP impression ("nine times..." repeated nine times) into his challenge to the Rednecks for Fall Brawl. Booker has his say and then we cut to Sting and Luger breaking into Hogan's dressing room to find Bret Hart there ahead of them. Sting demands "5 minutes" of Hogan's time and Hogan agrees but then the lights go out and we cut to commercial.

The lights are back on as we return and Sting has been attacked in the dark. Everybody is accusing each other of course.

12 Man Battle Royal to win a World Title shot - Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus/Barbarian/Jerry Flynn/Cris Benoit/Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas/Saturn/the Windhams/Curt Hennig/Vincent are the participants. This will pare semi-finalists who will then compete for the Title shot. By the way, the last four eliminated will face each other in singles matches for some reason. Is that complicated enough..? Of course this is really three teams with Vincent being the odd man out unless the Rednecks really decide to accept him into their ranks. Knobbs is the first one eliminated which puts the First Family at a disadvantage. Vincent is next out. Barbarian is straddling the top rope when Saturn drop-kicks him to the floor. Hennig is on the floor, although I didn't see him eliminated. He is still involved in the action, taking cheap shots at his enemies still in the ring. Kendall Windham is pushed out and takes Douglas with him. Barry Windham is next and that is the end of the Rednecks. Flynn takes a punch from Saturn and flies over the top, Morrus manhandles Saturn to the floor by taking advantage of his momentum then Malenko and Benoit put Morrus out with a double clothesline. It will be Malenko vs. Benoit for the title shot. Cut to commercial.

Johnny Swinger vs. Prince Iaukea - maybe they should change the name of this program to "Jobber Central"... or maybe this means another appearance by Sid. The match isn't bad, very high energy stuff...but who cares. The crowd starts chanting - at first I thought they were saying "We Want Sid!" but I guess it was "We Want Sting..." Now the boring chant starts up - then they start standing as Vampiro and ICP show up again. Swinger is up on the top when Shaggy 2 Dope knocks him off then Vampiro spikes him. The referee studiously avoids seeing any of this. Iuakea recovers in time to make the cover. The three thugs enter the ring and confront Swinger with their usual admonition. Boooorrrring... Cut to commercials, one of which is for SmackDown.

A video from earlier today shows Buff Bagwell meeting fans at a vendor's booth. Security is there to keep Bagwell from being boorish. Berlyn shows up and chews him out in German. We go to a Fall Brawl promo for Bagwell vs. Berlyn at the PPV then to a Berlyn promo.

Steve Regal (w/Dave Taylor) vs. Buff Bagwell - I notice that Stuart Capel is correct (see the Mailroom), Bagwell's top hat still has the nWo insignia on it, although it is pretty well worn away at this point. The two competitors trade hammerlocks to start then Bagwell knocks his opponent out to the floor. Regal consults with Taylor then reasserts himself as he goes back into the ring. Bagwell starts his comeback and that's when Dave Taylor decides to get involved. He jumps onto the apron and gets ready to brain Bagwell with his flag...but hits Regal by mistake. Bagwell gets the Blockbuster and the win. Bagwell ges into a pro-USA rant after the match to warm up for his PPV match. Cut to commercial.

Juventud Guerrera/Psychosis/Blitzkreig vs. Kidman/Eddie Guerrero/Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - Juvie comes out dressed in Kidman's tradtional outfit of cut-offs and white undershirt. He wets down his hair before heading to the ring. The announcers are too busy talking about other wrestlers to notice this bit of byplay. Juvey starts with Eddie and gets him trapped in his corner and isolated. Psychosis comes in and continues the assault. Tony finally notices Juvey's unusual attire. Now Juvey is tagging but not coming in. Finally he comes in to run a double team on Eddie but the latter gets his tag out. For a moment we have chaos then it settles back out again. Finally Kidman faces Guerrera and decides to rip his shirt off to end the resemblence. The bad guys gang up on Kidman and now he is being isolated for several minutes. He is in against Juvey again when he finally turns the tables. Chavo and Psychosis face each other as Vampiro and his friends make their third appearance. Tony is calling Blitzkreig Psychosis and adding to the confusion in this lucha rules 6 man. In the end Eddie G. Frog Splashes Psychosis to take the pin. Vampiro and ICP back away and we cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls in the ring in orange spandex...

Kendall Windham vs. Shane Douglas - this is a result of the battle royal earlier - Windham uses his superior size to dominate the early going but then Douglas comes back with a front suplex and his roll-over neck snapper. Windham makes a comeback and the match goes to the floor where Douglas is run into the railing then posted. Back inside Windham continues to dominate until Douglas comes back with a vertical suplex. Now Hennig shows up and interferes but is followed closely by Harlem Heat who take him out while Douglas polishes off Windham. Cut to commercial.

Tony says they are having a contest to give away $1,000,000 but no details are forthcoming until next week.

Jerry Flynn (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Barry Windham (w/Vincent) - that latter is certainly an odd pairing. Flynn dominates the early going using his martial arts attack to put the big Texan off his game. Windham catches him in the corner and then beales him out to turn the tables. But Flynn isn't done yet. The match goes into see-saw mode as Hart gets involved but then Vincent attacks him and ends that gambit. Flynn falls out to the floor and gets brained with Windham's title belt courtesy of the newest Redneck. Back inside, Windham gets an easy pin. Cut to commercial.

More Berlyn hype. Cut to Mean Gene on the ramp to interview the man himself. Berlyn's huge bodyguard insists on patting Okerlund down before Berlyn appears. They have some bilingual byplay and the crowd is eating it up again. He insults America and Americans, and reiterates his challenge to Buff Bagwell (which, he tells us, is what he was doing when he confronted the latter in the concourse earlier today.) Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls - in silver this time...

Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Saturn - more battle royal fall out - Tony makes mention of Brian Hildebrand and his fight against cancer (Hildebrand is better known as WCW referee, Mark Curtis). In the ring, Saturn is outwrestling his larger opponent who decides to bail and regroup. Back inside, he calls for a test of strength, but Saturn isn't buying in. So they go back to brawling and Morrus uses his superior size to take the advantage until Saturn throws him off and into the corner hard. They climb to the top where Hart provides the leverage which allows Morrus to get the upper hand. Back to the mat and Morrus gets a big slam then climbs up again and hits a big elbow drop but fails to get the pin. He retains the initiative with Hart's help. Saturn starts knocking him in the head from flat on his back but is clotheslined as he rises to his feet. Morrus grabs a reverse chinlock. Saturn escapes and goes for a suplex but is overbalanced and almost pinned. The two end up going toe-to-toe on their knees (knees-to-knees??) Morrus gets a slam then goes back up for a splash but misses. He rushes the corner and misses then is suplexed back out to the center. Saturn gets a two-count. He is going for a DVD when Hart distracts him, handing the advantage back to Morrus. Morrus clinbs one more time and goes for the moonsault but misses. Saturn slaps on the Rings of Saturn and Morrus submits. That was a great match. Cut to commercial.

Dean Malenko vs. Chrs Benoit - match for a World Title Shot - I guess this is one way to get these two back in against each other. They shake before the match, of course. I remember that these guys faced each other repeatedly during their repective first weeks in the promotion. The match is conducted on a purely scientific basis in the early going. Then Benoit hauls off and punches his opponent during a Greco-Roman lock-up. He has the advantage for several moments then they are in see-saw mode until Sid shows up to spoil it. Damn! He powerbombs Malenko but then is knocked to the floor by Benoit. Sid retreats telling Benoit it was all a ploy to give the US Champ somehing to think about. Malenko is recovering and Benoit is helping him as we cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls - on the platform... Tony tells us the last match was thrown out. So much for the Revolution's World Title shot. Cut to commercial.

Hulk Hogan/Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Sid/Rick Steiner - Tag Team Handicap match in a cage - Hogan enters the cage on his own against all three of his opponents but they don't attack until the bell sounds as Goldberg makes his entrance with the pyro. Then Goldberg is set-upon by Bam Bam Bigalow and Kanyon while Hogan is getting his clock cleaned in the cage. Goldberg is finally pushed inside by his assailents and immediately starts cleaning Hogan recovers and now the bad guys are on the run for a moment then they make their comeback. Hogan and Goldberg are on the receiving end as Sting and Luger show up. Luger tries to convince him to hang back but Sting decides to lend a hand. He helps Hogan polish off Page to get the win. Luger enters the cage again bent on stirring up trouble but Sting rejects his advice so Luger attacks him. Stings looks stunned for a moment then goes on the attack as the program fades to black...

RAW Report

RAW is live from the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticutt.

We go right to...

The Rock/Mankind vs. X-Pac/Kane - Tag Team Title match - Mick Foley adds his best wishes to those of Tony Schiavoni for Brian Hildebrand before the match gets started. Kane makes his entrance and then HHH shows up! He says he is there to take X-Pac's place - except that he doesn't say it on mic. Chyna arrives as the match gets started with HHH's rubber sledge hammer (What? You thought it was a real sledge? Give me a break). In the ring, Kane is facing both of the Tag Champs in turn and not doing so well. He seems disinclined to tag in his "partner". He reasserts himself then ignores HHH's demands to be tagged in. HHH tries to tag himself in but Kane clotheslines him to the floor. So HHH runs back in and uses he hammer on Kane's back. The Rock gets the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow to take the pin. The Champs leave the scene with Kane still lying in the ring. After the replay we come back to HHH standing over Kane with his hammer in hand. He prods him with his foot then bends down over him. Kane grabs him by the throat but HHH pulls away and hits him twice more with the hammer then the Big Show and the Undertaker show up to watch so he splits. In the back, Jeff Jarrett and Miss Kitty are headed to the ring.

Mike Cole interviews Jacqueline who will face Jeff Jarrett in a mixed IC Title match - a warm up for his contest against Chyna in the next PPV.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Miss Kitty) vs. Jacqueline - Jacquie jumps right on Jarrett's back before the bell but Jarrett throws her off then puts the boots to her. He stops to rant some more then gets caught in the corner but explodes out with a clothesline then grabs a figure four to end the match. After the replay, Miss Kitty distracts the referee so that Jarrett can brain his opponent with a guitar.

Terry Taylor interviews Val Venis who vows revenge against Steve Blackman for attacking him last week. Cut to commercial.

Edge/Christian vs. The Acolytes - #1 Contender match - these two teams are still trying to figure out who will challenge the Tag Champs. As usual, the Acolytes seem to dominate most of the contest. Edge is worn out then tags in his brother. Faarooq is knocked out of the ring so that Bradshaw can be doubleteamed. Edge takes on Faarooq on the outside and has the referee distracted when Bradshaw should have had the pin. Moments later Christian rolls Bradshaw up and gets the pin. Mike Cole is interviewing the winners when the Acolytes approach their position. They are waylaid by the Dudleys who lay them out with trashcans. On GTV, the Big Show and Val Venis are side by side at the urinals when Val decides to make a crack concerning the size of the giant's "tool". He gets slammed into the stall wall for his trouble. Cut to commercial.

Mike Cole interviws Meat who talks about his father (Stan "the Man" Stasiak) then is attacked by the Posse. Val Venis comes to the ring (without his towel) and challenges the Big Show to a match. In the back, the Undertaker instructs TBS to accept the challenge so he does. Val attacks the big guy as he enters the ring. He is shoved off repeatedly but keeps comeng (no pun intended) back on the attack until the Big Show finally slams him to the mat. He yells, "Nobody call me out!" and goes to work until Val comes back with a drop-kick to the knee of his opponent. That buys him a little time but eventually he is caught in the chokeslam and pinned. TBS stalks away then Steve Blackman runs in and hits Val with a kendo stick. Terry Taylor talks to the Dudleys who keep referring to themselves in biblical terms. They are attacked by the Acolytes before they can finish their sermon. Cut to commercial.

Howard Finkal comes out to confront Lillian Hernandez - finally somebody who won't fight back... She leaves and the Fink starts to announce the next match - which features Ken Shamrock! Kenny runs down and chases Finkal around the ring then catches him and is berating him when Y2J arrives. Well...actually he appears on the TitanTron to deliver his rant and challenge Shamrock to a match...on SmackDown. Shamrock takes off at a run to hunt him down.

HHH and Chyna make an entrance. Are they actually going to let him say something? Yes! He delivers his "I am the game..." schtick then recounts his nefarious deeds over the last few months. The crowd basically sits on their hands until he mentions the Rock - then they start a "Rocky" chant. He warns Linda McMahon to stay out of his business...then Billy Gunn shows up to rescue the segment. Billy has actually improved on the mic in recent months, more then we can say for the World Champ. Billy insults HHH in his inimitable style. HHH's response is to challenge Billy to a World Title match. In the back the Stooges are getting ready for a six-man match whose other participants are not revealed. Cut to commercial.

The Mean Street Posse (w/Terry Runnels) vs. The Stooges/Test - Runnels joins the broadcast team. The Stooges make their entrance to Hulk Hogan's old theme and are attacked before their partner can arrive. Test enters and changes the odds. He cleans house as Meat runs down to help out on the outside. Test hits a big elbow drop off the top and gets the pin on Rodney. In the back the Hollys are approaching the ring. Crash appears to be carrying a scale. Cut to commercial.

The Hollys vs. The New Brood (w/Gangrel) - I guess the Hollys have brought the scale along to prove that they are super heavyweights. No...they are going to use it to weigh the Hardeys. The Hardeys comply and fail to make the required weight. Gangrel is even too light for them. The Hardeys decide to attack anyway. It becomes obvious that the Hollys are by far the inferior team as the match proceeds. They are tenacious however, and stay in the match. Crash is isolated for quite a while but resists being pinned. He finally escapes and tags in his cousin Bob who gets about one offensive move then is on the receiving end. He comes back with a suplex as Crash joins the frey and then Bob pins Matt. A melee starts up then the lights go out. When they come up Crash has had a blood bath. Bob thinks its funny and they end up in a fight. Mike Cole interviews the Undertaker and the Big Show. UT says that he and TBS have decided to challenge the Tag Champs for a Buried Alive Tag Title match on SmackDown. A familiar looking stranger in a colorful costume is shown walking away from the camera in another part of the building. Lawler is about to reveal who it is but we cut to commercial.

The stranger turns out to be Al Snow in his old Avatar get-up (I thought he looked familiar). He is carrying the mask which he dons after arriving in the ring. He says he's here to protect the WWF from monsters and such. Then he pulls off the mask and says, "What am I doing..?" He notices the outfit he is wearing and starts ranting in a crazy manner then ends up barking. He goes to the broadcast table and writes something on a note pad, then runs away with the pad.

Mike Cole is with the Tag Team Champs. Rocky winds up and lets fly in his usual style. They accept the challenge from UT and TBS. Cut to commecial.

More GTV - Marianna is on the phone begging someone to talk to "him".

D'Lo Brown vs. Steve Blackman - Mark Henry joins the bradcast team for this one dragging a couple of beauties along for the ride. In the ring, Blackman goes on the offensive immediately, but D'Lo turns the tables, Then he stops to glare at Henry, which allows Blackman to retake the advantage. Now it is all Blackman as Henry continues to babble at ringside. As soon as Brown makes his move, Blackman goes for his bag and grabs some numchucks. But Val Venis runs in and hits him with his own kendo stick. Brown gets the pin then Henry enters the ring and attacks him with his Title belt. Terry Taylor inteviews Ivory who will face Tori in a Hardcore Womes' Title match. Tori attacks from out of nowhere and is pulled off by officials as we cut to commercial.

Tori vs. Ivory - Hardcore Match for the Womens' Title - the match is in progress in the ladies room as we return. They interrupt Jacquline in the shower! They seems to have a tendency to throw things at each other rather then use them as weapons. Most of the time they miss. Ivory finally gets her hands on a mirror which she breaks over Tori's head then pins her. She grabs an unplugged iron and chokes the challenger with the cord then presses the apparently hot iron into her back. There is a fake sizzling sound that is about as convincing as the "arm breaking" sound of a couple weeks ago. In another part of the backstage area, Earl Hebner confronts Chyna and tells her that she is barred from ringside for the World Title match. She tells him to stick it. Cut to commercial.

HHH (w/Chyna) vs. Billy Gunn - World Title match - JR makes the ridiculaous suggestion that someone in Vegas actually puts out odds on WWF matches. Right... Hebner sends Chyna away before the challenger appears. Chyna encounters Billy on her way up the ramp. HHH runs up to take advantage of the distraction but is unsuccessful as Billy gets the drop on him. They fight back into the ring and the bell rings. Billy dominates the first exchange then the Champ makes a comeback. Billy retakes the advantage for a moment then HHH hits a high knee. They are out on the floor again where Billy first punches then is run into the ring post. Billy is run into the announce table then rolled back into the ring. Helmsley starts working on the left arm of the challenger. I notice HHH is wearing a leg brace similar to the one Austin wears. As the pace speeds up, Billy assumes control of the match. Then Shane McMahon appears on the ramp. Hebner and other officials try to run him off. Meanwhile in the ring, HHH is trying to use his title belt as a weapon but Gunn grabs it away and uses it himself. Unfortunately for him the referee can't get back in time to put on the count. The referee gets knocked down then both competeitors are downed. Billy manages to roll over and cover the Champ but no cigar. HHH recovers and climbs to the top - but launches himself onto an upraised boot. Still he comes back and gets the Pedegre for the win. Shane and Chyna appear and help HHH to his feet. Kane appears and limps to the ring. He attacks HHH then grabs Shane by the throat, shoves him down then chokeslams Chyna. HHH attacks but he is also chokslammed. Shane is trapped in the corner and he is chokeslammed as the program fades.

I'll be back on Saturday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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