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Brian Hildebrand Succombs to Cancer

Eric Bishoff Out as Head of WCW!

WCW Thunder

WWF SmackDown

The British Bulldog Wins the Hardcore Title
Then gives it to Al Snow!

UT & TBS Tag Champs Again

ECW Wrestling on TNN

Volume 5, Issue 503 - September 11, 1999
Editor's Note: By now you have probably heard that WCW referee Brian Hildebrand (better known as Mark Curtis) has died from complications due to his two year battle with cancer. Brian was a very popular figure throughout the wrestling world with good friends in both major promotions. He was especially close to Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, Mick Foley and others. Hildebrand had worked in several promotions, including that of the Funk brothers down in Texas, Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling and was a true fan of the sport. He will be sorely missed. Solie's wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to Brian's wife, family and friends on this tragic loss.

The other big story as we go to press is that Eric Bischoff has lost his position as the head of WCW. Details as they become available.

WCW Thunder

The program opens with a memorial to Mark Curtis listing his years of birth and death.

Buff Bagwell vs. The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) - Bagwell starts out strong in this match but the Barbarian has a vast advantage in size and experience so he dominates much of the action. In fact it is Jimmy Hart who supplies the winning edge when he tries to pass one of his shoes to the big guy. Buff gets it instead and brains his opponent for a quick win.

The longtime friendship of Lex Luger and Sting is explored in a video then we cut to commercial.

Van Hammer vs. Blitzkreig - here's a David vs. Goliath match up if ever there was one. Size, experience and politics would seem to favor Hammer in this one. Blitzkreig has his speed and agility going for him but not much more, I'm afraid. Hammer dominates the early going with little real offense from the smaller man. The big guy does seem to be a little overconfident, which could lead to problems, but, as the match progresses he continues to be in charge. At one point he pulls his opponent into a high vertical position then drops him onto the top rope before going back and finishing the suplex. Blitzkreig has flashes of offense throughout the match, and some of the moves, (such as springboarding off the top rope into a drop-kick to the face) are pretty devastating but Hammer keeps regaining the advantage. In the end, Blitzkreig springboards himself right into Hammer's arms then receives the Cobra Clutch slam treatment. Hammer takes the pin and we cut to commercial.

Chris Adams/Steve Regal/Dave Taylor vs. Saturn/Chris Benoit/Shane Douglas - I have heard that Regal and Adams don't really like each other. It seems kind of sad when a tag team is put together based simply on what part of the world you come from. These are all excellent mat wrestlers so this could be a pretty good contest if some idiot(s) doesn't come down and spoil it. Benoit faces Regal to start and they give us a great scientific match-up then Taylor is tagged in. They lock up briefly then Taylor gets a drop-kick that knocks Benoit to the floor. He returns and tags in Saturn, who then faces Adams. But only for a moment. Saturn tags in Douglas and they have a pretty good flurry before Douglas is bulled into the enemy corner and trapped there. He is subsequently brained with the flagpole and Benoit has to come over and rescue him. Still Douglas is isolated as the Brits take turns working him over. Adams gets a superkick on him and this time Saturn comes to the rescue. Adams comes off the top a moment later and is caught and Atomic dropped. Douglas tags out and the all six explode into the ring. Four of them fall out leaving Benoit to tie up Adams with the Crippler Crossface and take the submission victory. Cut to commercial.

Lodi (w/Lenny) vs. Kaz Hayashi - Lodi carries a sign that reads "West Hollywood Blondes" on one side and "Are we ambiguous enough?" on the other. This is a return match from last week when Hayashi got an upset win over Lenny. Right away, Hayashi decides he is wrestling both guys and proceeds to attack Lenny on the floor then stands aside to let Lodi suicide dive his brother. Throughout the contest, Lenny keeps getting involved and keeps getting knocked around for his trouble. Lodi is actually showing us something during this match, holding his own despite Lenny's misguided interference. He shows some good explosiveness by repeatedly clotheslining his opponent from a prone position on the mat. Eventually Lenny's shenanigans cost his brother the match as he jumps onto the apron then hits the wrong guy in the face. Hayashi will have a Cruiserweight Title shot on Sunday at Fall Brawl. Cut to commercial.

Sid Vicious vs. Bobby Blaze/Adrian Burne - handicap match - meaning the two jobbers are handicapped - the "match isn't even worth describing. He spends more time ranting then wrestling, and this is one of his short rants. Cut to commercial.

Dean Malenko carries the TV Title to the ring as he comes out to rant with his Revolution comrades. He taunts Rick Steiner about not having his belt (Malenko grabbed it after being screwed out of a win last week). "The Man of a Thousand Holds" challengs Steiner to a rematch tonight and warns Sid not to interefere or face the wrath of his Revolutionary friends. Douglas takes the mic and says the group has "an addiction to gold..." This sounds eerily similar to Ric Flair's old Horseman rants except Douglas doesn't have the mic skills to pull it off like Flair did. At least he's stopped referring to himself as "the Franchise" - somebody must have clipped his wings.

Booker T (w/Stevie Ray) vs. Barry Windham (w/Curt Hennig/Kendall Windham) - we get a lot of byplay with Booker demonstrating for the crowd before the match finally gets underway. Kendall climbs to the apron and distracts Booker so that Barry can gets the early advantage, but only for a moment. Booker comes right back and pummels his opponent in the corner then hits Windham with a clothesline which knocks him to the floor. Back inside, Windham offers a test of strength then takes a shortcut to turn the tables but again it is only momentary, Booker knocks him to the floor again where he is tagged by Stevie as well. Back inside the numbers game begins to tell as Hennig and Kendall both interfere. Booker ends up on the floor where Hennig hits a suplex on the concrete. Back inside Windham gets a big DDT but Booker pops right back up so Windham thumbs his eye. He pummels him in the corner then goes for a cover and gets two. He then tosses Booker back out to the floor where Kendall and Hennig doubleteam him again. Back inside it is all Windham until he misses an elbow drop. Booker gets his fabulous feet in play and turns the tables decisively. He goes to the top for a missle drop-kick but Hennig knocks him off then attacks and the match is thrown out. The Texans proceed to punk the Heat and there is nobody around to help them out as we cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner vs. Dean Malenko - World TV Title match - Malenko comes out on his own but we know he has back-up handy. Steiner attacks him as he enters the ring. The match is barely underway when we go to commercial.

The fight has been out on the floor during the break but returns to the ring immediately and Malenko snatches the advantage. He goes for a Texas Cloverleaf but Steiner overpowers him. Now Sid shows up at ringside and almost immediately gets involved causing a DQ. The Revolution comes to the rescue but not all at once so that Sid and Steiner manage to take them out one at a time as they run in. Steiner gets his belt back and leave the Revolution licking their wounds. Steiner will face Saturn for the Title at Fall Brawl. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - this is a return match from SuperBrawl way back in March. Bigalow leaves the ring as Goldberg makes his entrance then tries to entice the monster out to the floor. He is unsuccessful in this ploy so he enters then uses the referee as a shield to get in a cheap shot. But Goldberg comes right back with a big slam. Bigalow bails again and circles the ring. He climbs up and spends some time on the apron jawing at the crowd before re-entering. Moments later, Bam Bam takes to the air but Goldberg catches him in mid air!! He hits a powerslam then applies an armbar submission. Bigalow gets to the ropes to escape. In the next exchange the referee is knocked down and out as Goldberg is on the attack again. Bigalow thumbs the eye to regain the initiative but his ascendancy is shortlived. Goldberg is back in charge when Diamon Dallas Page hits the ring. They try a doubleteam but Goldberg spears Bam Bam and Page bails. The referee recovers enough to count Bigalow out then Page returns to the ring and delivers a chair shot. By the time Goldberg is back on his feet, the two miscreants have hobbled away.

That's it for Thunder folks.

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WWF SmackDown

Smackdown comes to us on tape from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York. We cut immediately to the outside where Chyna and HHH are attacking Kane with a big wrench of some sort. The Undertaker and The Big Show appear and TBS gets lowblowed by Chyna before the two miscreant's flee the scene.

The Big Bossman comes to the ring and goes into a rant regarding his recent adventures with Al Snow and his little dog. He says he's crazier then anyone and wants to face any "dog lovers" in the back. He receives an answer from the British Bulldog!! Davy Boy comes to the ring and the fight is on. It goes to the floor immediately then into the crowd and back to the ringside area. Bossman tries to use a chair but misses and they return to the ring where the Bulldog manages to turn the chair back on his attacker. In moments he has gotten the pin, and the Title. Al snow passes the Bulldog on the ramp and goes to the ring dressed as Leif Cassidy. He stuffs a page from his note pad into the Bossman's mouth then notices that he is dressed as Leif. He returns to the ramp where the Bulldog hands him the Title belt and declares him the Champion! In the back, Kane is dousing HHH's car with gasoline. Cut to commercial.

Kane is still at it as we return. Chyna and HHH run out and both get doused as well. The camera cuts back to the arena where Edge and Christian are making an entrance with Stevie Richards trailing them to the ring dressed like Gangrel.

Edge/Christian (w/Stevie Richards) vs. The Brood...whatever (w/Gangrel) - Edge and Matt start the match. It is apparent that E&C have no idea why Richards is at ringside. Christian tags in then Jeff replaces his brother. The match isn't really moving much considering the competitors involved. Edge is knocked to the floor and Jeff splashs him on th floor. Back inside, Matt is tagged in and starts stomping on Edge. Now things are heating up a little. The Hardeys go for a double flying headbutt and miss completely giving the advantage back to their opponents. Edge and Matt are fighting on the outside thus distracting the referee. Gangrel starts to put a move on Christian but Richards comes up behind him and superkicks him out of the ring. Edge comes back in and pins Jeff Hardey. Then the lights go out. When they come back up, Kane is in the ring! He cleans house then grabs a mic and promises to "burn the flesh" from HHH's body. Well...the guy could use some fire I suppose...

Lillian Garcia tries to to get the Bulldog to comment on his actions after his match earlier but he waves her off and splits. Meanwhile, X-Pac is looking for Kane and we cut to commercial.

Lillian interviews HHH who says he will douse Kane in his own blood. They will face off for the World Title later.

X-Pac comes down to have a word with Kane. He asks the big guy to come to the ring. Kane appears, leaving his gas can behind. X-Pac tells him that since Kane decided to come to his aid last week against his wishes he's breaking up the team.

In the back Chris Jericho and Howard Finkel arrive wearing Lucha masks.

Hardcore Holly (I wish it were the rock group, actually) vs. Chyna - The Hollys do their weigh-in challenge schtick. Chyna shows up but Bob refuses to wrestle her. So she brains him with his own scale! Holly recovers and turns the tables but then starts arguing with his cousin at ringside. Chyna gets a DDT as he turns around then Jeff Jarrett hits the ring and attacks her. Billy Gunn runs in and chases Jarrett off then helps Chyna to her feet only to hit her with a Fame-A$$er. He splits and the Hollys get back into their argument then come to blows. X-Pac leaves the arena while Kane broods in a corner somewhere. Cut to commercial.

Bubba Ray Dudley (w/Devon) vs. Bradshaw (w/Faarooq) - this is a real knock-down-drag-out brawl that goes out to the floor almost immediately. They return to the ring and nobody really seems to have any advantage. Bradshaw finally gains some ground but immediately Devon is in and on the attack. Faarooq joins the frey and the referees swarm.

The Bossman overrides Lillian to rant about Al Snow and the Bulldog.

Test comes to the ring with his sweetie. Stephanie takes the mic and invites her mom and the Stooges to join them in the ring saying she has an announcement to make. Shg says that she and Andrew have decided to get married on RAW on October 11th. The Posse w/Terri Runnels decide to spoil the party. Stephanie is outraged and tells the menfolk to cool it. Then Shane shows up. He tells the Posse to back off and leave the ring and declares the war with Test to be over. He tells Stephanie that he owes her and everyone in the ring an apology. The crowd chants their favorite ephitet and he says he deserves it. He gives her his blessing and warns Test to always do right by his sister then offers his hand in friendship. They shake hands then Stephanie initiates a hugfest all around. Why do I think this isn't over yet..? Cut to commercial.

Lillian is with the Tag Team Champions. The Rock dismisses the interviewer in his inimitable way and then goes into his schtick. Mankind takes over and turns his rant into a chorus of the most famous BeeGee's song but with his own lyric (ha, ha, ha, ha, Buried Alive!)

HHH (w/Chyna/rubber sledgehammer) vs. Kane (all by his lonesome) - World Title match - Mae Young and the Fabulaous Moolah are shown at ringside. Kane enters carrying an acetyline torch! The bad guys (girls?) attack Kane as he enters the ring. He double clotheslines them then ejects Chyna. In a flash he has HHH down and is choking him. The referee backs him off but he goes right back to the throat. HHH fingers his eye and escapes to the outside, then climbs the corner and launches himself right into a choke hold. Chyna chooses that moment to tell Kane she can talk to X-Pac for him, thus distracting him and handing HHH the initiative. The Champ starts to gain some ground and pounds Kane in the corner, but the latter pops right back up. HHH comes back with a whip and a high knee and gets a one count. The fight goes to the floor where Kane is slammed into the stairs twice then rolls back inside. Now Kane revives and the match is see-saw until both guys collide and go down. They recover and Kane is in the ascendency again. He hits his flying lariet off the top but only gets a two count. HHH recovers and goes for th Pedegree but Kane dumps him then chokeslams him. Chyna attacks Kane with the hammer to the back. It is kind of funny how this supposed "16 lb. sledge" bounces off his back like...well...rubber. HHH hits the Pedegree this time and takes the pin. HHH has the hammer and is about to hit Kane again with it when the lights go out then the Undertaker's music plays. HHH and Chyna flee. Kane pops up and confronts his brother and his giant friend. In the back, Ken Shamrock is looking for Chris Jericho and we cut to commercial.

Ken Shamrock comes to the ring looking for the "one-on-one confrontation" that Jericho promised him tonight. Kenny tells Jericho to either come out and "face me like a man" or he'll go looking for him. No response, so Kenny heads up the ramp. Then Jericho's video plays. Behind him in the ring, Jericho has been lowered from the ceiling in a little cage and he has a bat. Kenny can't get at him - Jericho says the cage is there to protect Shamrock... He rants at Kenny for a while, then Kenny snatches the bat. Jericho calls for the cage to be raised but Finkel is too busy in the back fending off an angry Lillian Garcia. Kenny bends the cage bars and gets his hands on Jericho but then a bunch of officials show up to distract him. While Kenny is suplexing Tony Garea, Jericho escapes and we cut to commercial.

In the back, Jericho abruptly fires Howard Finkel for failing him during the last segment.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with his lady friends. He rants about Chyna being a girl and not worthy to challenge for the IC Title then invites Moolah up into the ring. He asks her about how things were in her day - expecting her to agree with him about women not being fit to get into the ring with a man. She doesn't agree (I could have told him that...) , so he whacks her with his guitar! Mae Young runs in and gets the figure four put on her! This storyline gets tackier by the day... Jarrett and his entourage leave but Debra is seemingly outraged at him - of course we know that probably means nothing... Cut to commercial.

The Big Show/Undertaker vs. The Rock/Mankind - World Tag Team Title/Buried Alive match - the grave awaits - Mankind comes down alone and gets attacked immediately - then the Rock makes his entrance. The Undertaker meets him on the ramp and the fight is on on both sides of the ropes. On the inside Foley is in trouble but Maivia is holding his own with UT, He dispatches the big man then enters the ring to help his partner down the giant. He is about to drop the elbow wheh UT drags him back outside. They battle round about the broadcast table. TBS has taken Foley out on the other side of the ring and is hauling him toward the grave. They fight beside the grave then Maivia arrives to break it up. Together they use a handy shovel to low blow the Big Show. They dump him in the hole and Maivia starts shoveling dirt onto him. UT arrives graveside and starts brawling with the Rock. TBS comes up out of the hole and drags Foley up the ramp. The brawl on the platform while UT and Maivia continue to battle near the grave site then into the backstage area. Meanwhile the giant tosses Mankind from the platform right into the hole!! He stalks back down and starts grabs the shovel. But Foley is on his feet again. TBS reaches down and gets a sock in his mouth! They both fall back into the hole then climb back out, Foley still has the claw on Wight who is going out next to the grave. Foley rolls him in and starts shoveling. Meanwhile UT and Maivia are battling backstage until HHH decides to attack the Rock. UT heads back out to the arena but then Kane appears and attacks HHH. Chyna shows up with a chair but hardly fazes the big guy, who turns and chases her away. UT is back out by the grave and hits Foley with the a shovel. he starts to shovel dirt but Mankind climbs right back out and he has to stop and knock him back in there again. Wight jumps in with him and chokes Foley out then climbs out to take over the shoveling while UT goes looking for Maivia. The Rock meets him on the ramp and the fight is on again. Down at the grave site, HHH attacks TBS with his rubber hammer then he takes over the shoveling. He succeeds in burying Mankind thus giving the challengers the win and the Titles. There is an ambulance nearby so HHH goes over and opens it. Out pops Steve Austin and attacks Helmsley! He pounds him down then tosses him into the back of the vehicle and drives away!! He drives to the back and then parks the ambulance, commandeers a semi and rams the ambulance! Now we know who was driving the hummer!!!

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Tonight's program rather picks up where the last one left off with Raven's surprise (to everyone not on the internet) appearance winning the Tag Team Titles with former (or maybe, still) arch enemy, Tommy Dreamer.

Rhino vs. Super Crazy - actually Rhino makes his entrance then we go to a brief local card announcement before coming back for SC's entrance and then we cut to more commercials, for toys and PPV's, then on to regular ads.

Crazy doesn;t get much chance to live up to his name in the early going, he gets caught in mid-air during his first attempt at a flying move (a moonsault) but moments later hits a springboard missle drop-kick. On the voice-over, Joel Gertner is spouting nonsense Spanish to compliment the "insane luchadore" who goes for a big splash and tastes canvas. Rhino is all power with nothing between the ears, but in the contest that seems to be enough. He grounds his opponent pretty effectively except for the stray tornado DDT here and there until he hits a hurracanranna and rolls the big guy up for the pin. Rhino turns on his mentor, Steve Corrino, intimidates him - then offers the hand of friendship to Super Crazy, but then clobbers him. Cut to commercial.

We get a flashback clip of Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome as we return. A warm up for ECW's next PPV program. Awesome flies around like a cruiserweight despite his 6' 8" 300lbs. stature. For his part, Tanaka seems to be able to absorb everything his larger opponent dishes out. Cut to commercial.

More Awesome/Tanaka - the two are out on the floor now and having a swordfight type battle using chairs which Awesome wins then returns top the ring, springs to the top rope and suicide dives his opponent in the front row of seats. Back in the ring, Awesome gets a big chair shot but still fails to get the pin. He downs Tanaka again and goes out to position a table then returns to the ring via the top corner with another big chair shot. He tries twice to powerbomb Tanaka onto the table from inside the ring but Tanaka keeps slipping away then manages to deliver the move himself. Awesome returns to the ring ut Tanaka has the upper hand. He delivers Roaring Forearm and is surprised when Awesome kicks out. Then he hits a tornado DDT onto a pair of chairs and gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso) - World TV Title match - the first exchange goes by much to fast to call. A furious flurry of kicks, punches, switches reverses and lightning flying moves, most of hich fail to connect. Clearly these two are very evenly matched - and such a contest favors the champion. They fly into the stands and are brawling in the crowd as we cut to commercial.

They are back in the ringside area as we return but Van Dam shoots JL over the railing then rolls back in to stop the referee's count then grabs a chair and tries for a Van Damanator - but Lynns sidesteps it. RVD comes back with a somersault plancha and downs his opponent this time. He rolls Lynn into the ring on the apron, positions a chair on his face and then springboards over and drops a leg. Back inside he posisiton a chair (thrown to him by Alfonso) and tries to get a frankensteiner but JL blocks it then powerbombs the Champ onto his own chair. I see - Van Dam's gimmick is how many different ways he can get that chair between his blows and the opponent, only LJ has him scouted pretty thoroughly and manages to turn a certain number of those moves to his own advantage. Is it just me or what? As high energy as this match is, I have to say that it strikes me as terribly repetitive and not a little boring. The Impact Players run in finally and punk both competitors so we don't get the satisfaction of a winner. The program ends on a montage of the Impact Players beating up on various enemies.

They tell us we will get yet another Rob Van Dam/Jerry Lynn match next week.

Gosh...I can't wait...

For me the highlight tonight was the Awesome/Tanaka clip. I'll be back with the FallBrawl Report tomorrow night. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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