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WWF Unforgiven PPV Peport

HHH is the Champ Again

D-Lo Brown is the new European Champ!

The View from Down Under

by Stuart Capel

Volume 5, Issue 509 - September 27, 1999

The View from Down Under

by Stuart Capel WCW's Problems

Conclusion: How I Would Turn WCW Around

That done out of the ring, there is much to be done in the ring. In the forms of booking, who to turn face and heel, how to turn people face and heel. How to run matches. How to generate good heel heat.


Why is the First Family generating some good heat?? Because they play up to the crowd properly. Same with Regal and Taylor. While hi-tech wrestling has become the benchmark in the 1990's, the fans are still the same when it comes to cheering and booing. When a wrestler acknowledges the crowd in a positive manner (ie Finally, The Rock HAS COME BACK TO (insert tonight's town in here), the crowd cheers. When someone carries out a flag that is not the American one (Regal/Taylor), hails from another part of the world that the average American hates (Berlyn), or just slags off at the fans ("Hey listen up all you North Carolina losers" {Knobbs}), they generate good heat. In todays wrestling we see the good guy occasionally resorting to foreign objects to assist them in matches so if someone does use them, how is the crowd automatically going to know if wrestler X has turned heel or is still a face? The old fashioned methods of generating heat should be kept in vogue.


I have no doubt that wrestling loses a lot of it's credibility when you see someone running in and spoiling a match. I firmly believe that it loses even more when you see someone stomping on a beaten, fallen opponent. When two, three, four guys beat up on one man, it makes me feel almost embarrassed that I actually watch this stuff.

Case in point. A few weeks ago, I sat my father down to watch the first Benoit-Malenko match to determine who was going to get the title shot. My objective was to show him technical wrestling with no crap involved. Unfortunately I got my timing wrong and we had to watch to Saturn-Hugh Morrus match first. And you know what??

My dad, my old, wrestling is awful and I won't watch it, dad absolutely loved the Saturn-Morrus match. Top, high flying match with several technical mat moves that ended in a submission hold. He loved it!!!! He absolutely marvelled at the fact that 300 pound Morrus tould do what he does off the top rope. If you think he loves that match he was right into the Benoit-Malenko match. I emphasis the word was because he was in it until Sid came out. (quick mental note - WHOEVER BOOKED SID TO COME OUT AND RUIN THIS MATCH MUST BE FINED AND THEN SACKED). He believes, and quite rightly so, that this is where wrestling loses it's credibility. I'm not saying stop all run-ins and sneak attacks, just limit them down to a minimum. It is more effective when used on a spasmodic scale. A gimmick loses it's edge when it happens too frequently (see Sid).


Ok, so this is an absolute no brainer, but he is no good as a face and is already becoming boring. Perhaps in a Revolution v Luger/DDP tag match, he could turn on his colleagues and join Luger, Sting and DDP under Ric Flair's guidance in a new version of the FOUR HORSEMEN. This makes for an exciting heel group that could be in existance for a long period of time.


History has shown that long world title reigns prove better for the company, either in enforcing a heel, or promoting the good guy and saviour of all mankind. I support keeping the World Title as something that should change only enough to keep it interesting, but the US and Cruiserweight Titles are ones that should change hands on a more frequent scale. There is an abundance of talent in WCW Cruiserweight ranks at the present time, I can't see Lenny beating everyone time after time. Change the title now and again. US Title wise, should be used, as it is, as a stepping stone to world title status. Can we just have a few matches where the challenger has earned the right of a title shot. How did Jerry Flynn earn the right to a shot at Benoit's title a couple of weeks ago?? Have a mini-tournament to decide the challenger but let's make it decent.


Ok, in Benoit we currently have a fighting champion, and this belt should be used in such a manner. Every Monday night, the TV belt should be put on the line. Occasionally someone is going to put together a string of successful title defences. Similarly, sometimes we are going to see a string of title changes. This is a great belt as anyone can challenge anyone, and is the perfect belt to be used to see if wrestler X is up to a push or is not ready for one. I believe this is a very important tool in the WCW arsenal.


I believe a strong tag team division provides a good base for a strong wrestling organisation. WCW can provide that with Harlem Heat, Steiners, possibly the Outsiders, First Family, West Texas Rednecks, First Family, Triad and several other teams that can be competitive in a tough tag environment.


Currently the attitude towards a WCW pay-per-view is luke-warm. It is necessary create an atmosphere where the pay-per-view is a keenly awaited event rather than something that is going to happen regardless of public response. Perhaps WCW should look at cutting back the number of pay-per-views that are currently held and make those that remain a keenly awaited event. We don't' need to have a pay-per-view just because it has a catchy name.

Also, the purpose of house shows must be re-evaluated. What are these used for? Generation of capital? Keeps small pockets of fans happy?? I believe that the purpose and need for house shows is limited. It seems to me they create an unnecessary risk of injury to a wrestler (see Fit Finlay) and don't provide time for wrestlers to recover between Mondays to provide top class matches. Eventually some part of your body is going to give way after constant three time a week punishment. I don't care if you're as immortal as Hulkamania, eventually it has to take it's toll. For the wrestlers longevity's sake, limit the number of house shows to a minimum.

That's just for starters. You will notice that I have not yet gone in depth into feuds and storylines. That will come at a later time. But WCW needs to identify it's shortcomings and work on becoming the leader in Sports Entertainment.

Stuart Cape lives in Black Rock, Victoria, Australia and is a regular contributer to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter.

October 10 8pm (et) from Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis, MS

Main event: Yokozuna vs King Kong Bundy
Tully Blanchard vs Stan Lane
Jake Roberts vs Jim Neidhart
2 Cold Scorpio vs Julio Sanchez
Jimmy SNuka vs Bob Orton Jr.
4 way tag: Bushwhakers vs Somoan Swat Team vs Marty Jannetty & Tommy Rogers vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

Plus One Man Gang, Lou Albano, Greg Valentine, George Steele, Sensational Sherri, and Gordon Solie amongst others.

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WWF Unforgiven

The promo at the opening casts tonight's main event in near biblical proportions. With a blast of pyro, WWF Unforgiven is on the air fron the Charlotte Coloseum in Charlotte, NC. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are our hosts. JR tells us that the WWF referees are still on strike and that there was almost an altercation as the "scab" referees crossed the picket line.

Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman - Val shows up with Blackman's "bag-o-tricks" and delivers his usual double-entendre self-introduction. Blackman brings his dishrag personality to the ring and the fight is on. Val takes the early advantage and pounds his opponent in the corner. He misses a knee drop and Blackman drop-kicks him to the outside. Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) is the referee. Back in the ring, Blackman is in control for a moment and then Val knocks him back out to the floor then follows him out only to be run into the stairs then rammed backward into the apron. Back in the ring again, Blackman is again in charge. Val turns it back around and the match goes into see-saw mode as Val is on the ascendancy. A Russian leg sweep puts Blackman down for a two-count. Blackman comes back with a spine-buster but Val gets a bulldog then a DDT. He goes up for a Money Shot and hits it for the pin. Val pulls a kendo stick out of the bag but Blackman surprises him with a side kick then uses the stick himself - breaking it over Venis's head. EMT's show up to help Val but Blackman won't let them. A security guy tackles Blackman, he splits and the EMT's haul Val away.

Michael Cole interviews the Big Show and wants to know where the Undertaker is. TBS points out that UT is no longer on the roster and once more, he plans to walk out as the Champion tonight. After the promo for the match, Lillian Garcia talks to Mark Henry who makes a lewd suggestion and gets his face slapped.

D-Lo Brown vs. Mark Henry - European Title match - the Champion enters first, against the usual practice, with a trio of lovelies. He announces that there isn't going to be a match tonight. He sends the girls away then explains that "something in his head just popped" after getting slapped back stage. He says he thinks he has a "brainurism or something". D-Lo shows up and isn't buying it. The match gets underway. D-Lo gets the first near fall out of a sidewalk slam during the early going then gets a second two-count moments later. Henry uses his bulk to cut D-Lo off but then throws himself onto the top rope, straddling it. D-Lo comes back strong with a big dive from the inside out then rolls Henry back inside. Henry again uses his superior power to turn the tables but he seems to be moving slow. He gets a scoop slam then grabs a reverse chinlock. D-Lo sinks toward the mat then starts to fight back to his feet. Henry releases the hold and knocks his former friend to the floor. Back inside, D-Lo tries to make his move but Henry steamrolls over him. Henry gets a big leg drop but can't get the pin. He goes back into the chinlock then releases again and gets a strange looking slam. D-Lo comes back with a flying head scissors and turns the tables then hits a big forearm followed by a heal kick to the face. He gets another two-count. Next he gets a powerbomb then hits the frog splash and takes the pin. D-Lo Brown is the new European Champ!

We get a commercial for WWF.COM then Mike Cole interviews the Acolytes who expect to win tonight. In another part of the building, Chaz is being ostrosized for the allegations of domestic abuse against him. Cut to Debra telling us that she has quit on Jeff Jarrett, who interrupts to warn her off.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Miss Kitty) vs. Chyna - Intercontinental Title match - this is historic in that Chyna has a chance to be the first female to ever win a major Mens' Singles Title. She comes on very aggressively to start the match. In fact, Jarrett definitely has his hands full with the Amazon. He bails and has to be urged back in by the referee. Once back inside, he knocks her to the floor then follows her out but pauses to bad mouth his valet. Back inside he gets a high cross body and goes for a cover but she kicks out with authority. He drop-kicks her in the face. Moments later she ducks a clothesline and delivers one of her own. He comes back with a superplex and gets another two-count. He hits an armbar drop on her. We see Mae Young and Moolah at ringside for this match. He climbs the corner to bad-mouth the crowd but she comes up behind and drops him on his head. He comes back with a sleeper hold. Chyna sinks to the mat but doesn't go out. She fights back to her feet and powers him into a verticle suplex. Both are down and she rolls out. Back inside she gets a big powerslam and gets a two count. Then delivers a powerbomb and gets another two-count. He returns with a powerbomb of her own then goes for a figure four but she is prepared for it and catapults him out through the ropes. Jarrett follows her out and takes a chair shot but then thumbs her eye. She recovers quickly and brains him again then rolls him back in. She goes for a pedegree but Jarrett slips away then runs her into the referee. Miss Kitty hands him the guitar but the two biddies at ringside invade the ring and break that up. They gets double team slam on him but he is right back up and turns the tables then Debra shows up, shoves Miss Kitty aside then hits Jarrett with the guitar as he is about to apply the figure four on Chyna! Chyna gets the pin and takes the title! But then Tom Prichard comes in and reverses the decision because of the use of the Chyna attacks him with a low-blow and a pedegree then splits.

We see an interview from Heat where Steve Austin tells Mike Cole that he will make sure there is a winner in the main event tonight.

The Dudleys vs. The Acolytes - grudge match - this is the Dudleys first PPV appearance since they left ECW. Bubba does his politically incorrect stuttering bit then turns the mic over to Devon to cast the match into biblical terms. The fight erupts as soon as the Acolytes arrive. This brawl is not pretty with both teams using power moves to try and dominate the other but neither really succeeding. Bubba gets the first pinfall attempt against Bradshaw after a Senton Powerbomb. They take their fight to the floor as their partners continue the match in the ring they they exchange places and Bradshaw gets a two count in return on Bubba. Devon is tagged in and loses the initiative to Bradshaw almost inmmediately until he comes back moments later with a DDT on Faarooq. Both sides tag out. Bubba gets DDD on Bradshaw and almost gets the pin. Bradshaw is being isolated but Faarooq interferes from the outside and Bradshaw turns the tables. Stevie Richards runs in suddenly dressed like an Acolyte and back kicks Bubba giving the Acolytes the victory. They show their gratitude by attacking him.

Luna vs. Ivory - Hardcore Womens' Title match - Ivory attacks Luna back stage so the fight starts without them ever seeing the ring. They fight back into the production offices where various pieces of office equipment come into play. They move into the backstage area again and Luna seems to have the upper hand. She climbs on top of a forklift then splashes the Champ and gets a two-count. Ivory uses a broom handle or some kind of pole as a weapon then presses Luna's shoulders up against a wall and gets a one count. Moments later she gets a pinfall on the concrete. Lillian talks to Mae Young and Moolah in the back when Ivory comes by their position. Young and Moolah attack the Womens' Champ and punk her.

Christian/Edge vs. The New Age Outlaws - Tag Team Title match - somehow I don't quite believe the NAO are back together for good. Billy will really surprise me if he doesn't turn heel again and betray his partner down the road. The Road Dog goes into his classic intro, which the crowd has a little trouble following at first but gets into the swing of it towards the end. Gunn faces Edge to start the match as JR points out that the Outlaws have only been back together for on match while Edge and Christian have been tagging together steadily for months. Both teams exchange and the Dogg (as usual) gives up the advantage his partner had worked so hard to create. No wonder Billy keeps leaving this loser... Billy comes back in and turns it around then the Outlaws display some of their famous teamwork to cement their advantage. The Dogg is back in and gets tossed to the outside then slammed into the stairs. Back in the ring he is being isolated by the challengers. Road Dogg is sent for the ride and comes back to collide with Christian. Edge gets in and cuts the Dogg off from a tag then beats on him in a neutral corner. Billy has to run in and rescue his partner from a pin attempt. The Dogg is still being isolated. Moments later he gets a double DDT on both opponents! He struggles to get to the corner. Christian grabs his leg but he makes the tag and Billy comes in to clean house. All four are in the ring but when the Hardey Boyz run in to interfere. There distraction allows Billy to get the Fama$$er on Edge and take the pin.

We get a review of the Bulldog's heel turn on Smackdwn the other night. Lillian interviews the man himself. He says he just thought the Rock was getting too cocky and refuses to talk about his relationaship with HHH. He says that the Bulldog is going to do his job and so is he...(huh?)

Al Snow (w/rottweilers) vs. The Big Bossman - Hardcore Title match in a cell w/dogs (Kennel from Hell Match) - this is a cage match within a cell with the dogs inside the cell but outside the cage. The winner has to escape the cage and get passed the dogs. The techs have a little trouble getting the whole assemblage together so there is a prolonged stage wait before the wrestlers can make there entrances. Snow looks really manic tonight. The Bossman looks a bit hesitant to get into the cage. His eye still looks like hell. The fight gets underway in the cell (outside the cage) but the dogs haven't been brought in yet. Snow retreats into the cage and locks the Bossman out! Here comes the dogs and the Bossman is still caught in no mans land! One of the dogs pauses to urinate on the cell as he goes in, giving Lawler something to talk about for the rest of the match. Bossman has to jump up on the apron to get away from the dogs while Snow is hitting at him through the cage wall with a handy shovel head. Snow climbs the inside of the cage but he can't get out that way because of the cell. Bossman climbs into the cage then superplexes Snow to the mat. The dogs are getting excited and starting to bark furiously. Then Bossman whacks Snow with a piece of plunder and the dogs fall silent rather suddenly. Snow is bleeding already from the shots he's taken. Bossman climbs to the top of the cage and seems to have pliars or wire cutters and starts cutting his way free. But Snow interrupts him. Bossman uses the pliars on Snows ear!! Snow counters by throwing powder in Bossman's eyes. They fall back into the cage and Snow gets another big shot. Bossman is bleeding. Snow has the shovel head again and whales on his opponent. He ties to feed one of the Bossman's arms to the dogs but they aren't biting (sorry, I couldn't resist...) Bossman comes back with the shovel then handcuffs Snow to the turnbuckle. Now he just has to get past the dogs. Bossman starts climbing but Snow breaks the cuffs and stops Bossman in his tracks. Snow produces Head and waffles the Bossman with her. Now Snow is trying to climb out, as is the Bossman who makes it to the top, but Snow gets outside both cages and wins the match. Bossman is now challenged in finding a way to get past the dogs. He manages to slip away and nobody gets bit.

Mankind tells Mike Cole that he will not hesitate to fight his "best friend" the Rock tonight in the main event.

X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho (w/ Mr. Huge) - Y2J was supposed to face Ken Shamrock tonight but took care of the "World's most dangerous man" in the first blood match on SmackDown. They start things pretty pedestrian, exchanging chops and low flying moves in the early going. X-Pac gets the advantage and goes for a bronco buster but has to pull up short when Jericho spins away. Next he goes for the X-Factor but Jericho avoids that as well and goes for the Liontamer (Walls of Jericho...whatever) but X-Pac has that scouted and thwarts it. They fall out to the floor where Jericho takes control then rolls back inside only to throw a missle drop kick from the inside out. Back in the ring, he maintains his advantage with a chinlock. X-Pac tries to fight free but Jericho burys a knee then grabs the chinlock again. He releases the hold and drops an elbow then hits a springboard moonsault. Moments later he springboards into a drop-kick that sends X-Pac to the floor where Hughes gets in some shots. Back inside, X-Pac gets a couple of feet into Jericho's face but he is still out of it and can't follow up. Both are down then X-Pac recovers and gets a spinning heel kick and a solid two-count. He goes for a bronco buster but get an upraised boot to the crotch. Jericho goes for a pin but fails. He pauses to taunt the crowd. X-Pac hits a low blow then suplexes Jericho off the second turnbuckle. The referee counts to 6 before X-pac rolls over for a cover but fails. Jericho recovers and gets two powerbombs in a row on his opponent - still no cigar. X-Pac recovers then manages to catch Jericho in the corner and tie him to the "tree of woe". He gets the bronco buster with Jericho in the position but Hughes runs in and knocks the referee aside then attacks X-Pac. The two villians are beating on the Waltman when the Road Dogg runs in to save his cookies.

We get an extended promo for the main event.

Six Pack Challenge match for the WWF Title - HHH vs. Mankind vs. the Rock vs. Kane vs. the Big Show vs. The British Bulldog - Steve Austin is the Special Enforcer for this match - The Big Show is the first one into the ring followed by the British Bulldog. Davey Boy looks phenominal - seems to have bulked up some since we saw him in WCW. Mankind enters next, then Kane, then HHH then the Rock to bring up the rear. I figure that HHH will win the title back tonight so that Austin will be able to get his revenge. The only other logical winner would be the Bulldog, but I'm afraid that would likely be just to tweak Bret Hart over in the other promotion (alright Earl, retract your claws if you please...) The crowd goes nuts as the Rock enters. Clearly he is the most over man in the promiton bar none. Even Austin seems to be getting a little stale in my opinion. He gets a big pop as he enters but it really didn't match the Rock's crowd reaction - even though JR's excitement level rose for him. He joins the broadcasters saying he's going to watch the match and just make sure that somebody wins - he doesn't care who. This is a "tag anyone" situation with the Title going to the first man to make a pinfall. The Rock and HHH starts out and Maivia gets an early pin attempt. Then he backs up and accidently tags Kane in. Kane manhandles his opponent then forces him to tag in TBS. The two biggest guys face off and the bigger guy grabs the advantage for a moment but not for long. Kane gets a pin attempt but fails. TBS comes back with a backbreaker but he can't get the submission from Kane. Kane comes back with a clothesline but fails to knock the big guy down. Bulldog tags in and goes strong for a moment but then runs up against a brick wall. Mankind is tagged in and faces the Bulldog for a moment then the Rock comes in. Bulldog tries to tag Mankind back in but he is reluctant to go against his partner. He tags Kane instead then Big Show and Mankind are back in for a moment. HHH is tagged in against Mankind and Foley is knocked to the floor. HHH follows him out and they brawl until the Rock joins them then the rest. All six are brawling on the floor but Mankind and HHH are still the legal men (if there is such a thing in this match). The Bulldog pull Mankind into the ring and they go at it while the brawl continues out on the floor. It's getting very confusing now as there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to who is legal. Everybody seems to be pounding on HHH. Kane and the Big Show are in the ring as the entire striking referee entourage shows up to start an argument with the guy officiating in the ring. Mankind replaces Kane and is being squashed by the Big Show. He can't quite get the pin and Mankind tags in the Rock. The Rock manages to get the big guy off his feet but HHH breaks up the pin attempt. The Rock leaves the ring and snatches a beer right out of Austin's hand! In the ring Kane gets a tombstone on Mankind but TBS makes a blind tag and replaces him before he can get the pin. The Bulldog comes in and gets pedegreed buy HHH but Mankind gets the sock in his match. There are bodies lying all over the ring until the Big Show clears the ring then chokeslams Mankind - suddenly the striking referee drag the offical out and punk him!!! Austin leaves the broadcast table and starts fighting with the strikers then takes over the referee duties. HHH and the Rock are going at it now. The Rock gets the Rock Bottom and goes for the People's Elbow but the Bulldog runs in and nails Maivia with a chair. HHH takes advantage of the confusion to pedegree and pin the Rock. He gets in Austin's face during the presentation of the title but gets Stunned. Never mind he's still the Champion.

Overall I found this show to be a disappointment. It seemed to have a lot of potential but except for the main event and the X-Pac/Jericho battle it was pretty poor in my opinion.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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