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An Interview with Afa of the Wild Samoans

presented by Solie's Classics Reprints series

Volume 5, Issue 510 - September 28, 1999
Editor's Note: In this issue, Solie's presents another of our Classic Reprints series. This time it is an interview conducted on line by Bob Ryder on Prodigy back in 1997 with the older of the two original Wild Samoans, Afa. This is the first installment of the conversation which will be presented in three parts. Arthur Anoa'i (Afa) and his younger brother Leati (Sika) were the WWF Tag Team Champions on several occasions and are also blood relations of Jimmy Snuka, Yokozuna, Samu and Fatu (aka the Tonga Kid - most recently seen in the WWF as the Sultan). They currently run a very successful wrestling school and are generally acknowledged as being responsible for bringing Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) to the attention of Vince McMahon, Sr. Enjoy.

An Interview with Afa of the Wild Saomans

Conducted by Bob Ryder for Prodigy

Part 1

RYDER: I guess the best place to start is with your initial entry into wrestling. How and where did that happen?

AFA: This goes back to the late 60's or early 70's out in Phoenix, AZ. I was trained by a German wrestler called Kurt Von Steiger. There used to be two brothers Kurt and Karl Von Steiger, but Kurt is the one that trained me. So, that's how I got started. From there, my brother Sika came in a couple of years later and we started teaming.

RYDER: So the first time you teamed was also in Arizona?

AFA: Yes, we started there. I started first, then my brother came in and we started teaming in Arizona. From there we moved to Calgary and wrestled for Stu Hart. Stu Hart helped us out alot. We thought we knew alot about the business until we got to Calgary. He helped us alot.

RYDER: How long were in the Calgary area?

AFA: I would say about a year and a half.

RYDER: Where did you go next?

AFA: We went from there to Vancouver, BC and worked with Gene Kiniski. Then we started working our way down, and we went to Texas and worked with the Von Eric's. Then to Louisiana to work with Watts for a few months. From there we went to Atlanta and worked for Ann Gunkle.

RYDER: In those days there was alot of moving between regions.

AFA: Oh yeah. In those days you could work. You could move around between the promoters and you always had work.

RYDER: That kept you fresh all the time because you could move after a few months.

AFA: That's right. We would stay in a territory for 4 or 5 months and move somewhere else.

RYDER: I guess it was about that time that you got your big break and moved to New York. That would have been late 70's?

AFA: That's right. We did alot in one year. We moved around during the 70's and you are absolutely right, we got our big break in New York. What happened was Andre The Giant and Fabulous Moolah had seen us. In those days Andre would work all over the country working for different promoters. So, when he met us in Louisiana he went back and told Vince McMahon that he had met these two kids that would be perfect for his territory. Andre was the one and Fabulous Moolah that put in the good word.

RYDER: And that was to Vince McMahon, Sr?

AFA: That's right. That's how we came in.

RYDER: At that time it was still the WWWF?

AFA: That's right.

RYDER: That would have probably been 78 or 79?

AFA: That's right. It was the tail end of the 70's.

RYDER: When you first got into the WWWF they were big, but still just a regional promotion. What was it like watching the company grow and expand into what it became in the 80's?

AFA: Well, in those days wrestling was very popular. My brother and I come from a rough way of wrestling. We don't have much amateur experience, but people liked out style. We would go in and kick butts or get our butts kicked. The people liked that. To me, 10 or 15 years ago was better and more interesting that wrestling is today. Today is more entertainment than wrestling.

RYDER: When Vince, Jr came in and took the company national in the early 80's, you and your brother were very much involved in the promotion. What was that like?

AFA: We had come in right after Bruno left. It was us, Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco, Rocky Johnson...

RYDER: You were their "new generation".

AFA: Yeah, I guess so. At that time, I guess we were. We stayed with it until the mid 80's.

RYDER: In those days the Garden was still selling out every show?

AFA: It sure was. My brother would wrestle Bob Backlund and sell it out upstairs in the Garden and downstairs in the TV screen area. Then the next month, I'd come back and wrestle him and sell it out again. Everytime we'd go there we would sell out. Everywhere we went we would sell out. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, everywhere. Here in Allentown every three weeks we would do TV tapings and sell out everytime.

To be continued...

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Nitro Report

Hulk Hogan pulls up in a limo as the show opens. Hogan gets out and signs an autograph or two. Then Sting sneaks around the back of the car and attacks his injured leg. Cut to to opening montage then to a video review of the rather tepid (this far) Goldberg/Sid feud. This is followed by scenes from the end of the Benoit/Sting match and subsequent attack on Hulk Hogan.

Nitro is live from Atlanta, GA. Tonight's main event is the 6 World's Champions' Tag Team battle. Tony and the Brain talk about the Hair vs. Mask match between Kidman and Psychosis (though Heenan has to be reminded that it's Kidman not Eddie Guerrero). In the back, Mike Tenay tries to talk to Hogan who refuses the interview and medical assistance. In his dressing room, Sting is saying that he didn't get the job done...

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Chris Benoit - World TV Title match - the Cat comes to the ring to rant his usual tripe. He starts demanding a world title shot. I heard that a bunch of wrestlers were let go - why couldn't this guy be one of them..? Miller gets his World Title shot alright...against Chris Benoit. Benoit comes out and stands calmly while Miller runs him down, then he starts taking the Cat apart. Miller bails then is chased back into the ring by Benoit. Miller wants to shake hands - Benoit gives him a fist to the head. Miller comes back with a shot to the eyes then starts in with his martial arts attack then sinks to his usual level of choking, etc. Benoit tries to come back but Miller keeps slipping in those karate shots. His covers are shoddy and he has no success so he throws Benoit to the wolf outside (Oono). Back inside, Miller has Benoit in a choke then grabs a reverse chinlock. Benoit fights to escape but Miller rakes his eyes again. Then he misses a round kick and Benoit chops him down. Oono jumps Benoit from the back and Miller tries to hit him with the Title belt but gets his manager by mistake. Benoit hits a German suplex and then the Cripplier Crossface for the submission victory. Great opening match. Cut to commercial.

We come back to a Sid video (yawn...)

Vampiro (all by his lonesome) vs. Buff Bagwell - two of the wrestlers reportedly let go this weekend were the ICP. Too bad - they were starting to grow on me. This is Bagwell's hometown (he graduated as the star athlete at Spraybury High School in Atlanta) so the crowd is solidly behind him. He declares himself Buff - but they are the stuff. Vamp slips in a kick to the gut to start the match then continues in that vein. He always reminds me of Bret Hart in his attack and with good reason of course - he trained in the Hart Dungeon. Buff takes it for several exchanges but finally comes back with a big clothesline. Overwhelmed, Vamp bails, but Buff follows him out and tosses him back in. Bagwell dominates until they leave the ring a second time then Vamp takes control. Back inside, Vamp grabs a reverse chinlock. Bagwell goes all the way to the mat then fights back to his feet. Vamp gets a powerslam to stop his momentum then hits a clothesline from the top and gets a two count. Then he misses a legdrop. Bagwell comes back with an atomic drop but Vamp hits a missle drop kick to turn things around. They struggle to the top where Vamp goes for a superplex but Buff thwarts it and drops him on his face then hits the Blockbuster and gets the pin.

Tony and Heenen are doing their usual comedy routine (the one where the Brain tells Tony to say what ever he wants because he would never try to stop someone from talking and he hates people who just talk and talk and talk, etc...) when a mysterious voice interrupts them, "Tony..." it says. There is a picture of a window with clouds in the background then we cut to commercial.

We come back to a funeral parlor and the shade of Lex Luger telling us that he is no longer with us. A veiled figure in widow's weeds is seen tossing a bouquet into a grave as the ghost stands nearby. The "widow appears on the ramp, removes her black outer clothes - it's Miss Liz is a sultry looking lace dress. Luger appears in the ring - reborn as "the Total Package" (gosh - I though he was always the Total Package...) Maybe now he is the Total Package...or the Total Package... Does anyone really care..? I doubt it. Cut to commercial.

A trainer is working on Hogan's injured limb when Sting runs in and hits his leg with his bat!

The Filthy Animals come to the ring to face te Revolution...actually it's...

Dean Malenko (w/the Revoluton) vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. (w/Filthy Animals) - does it strike anyone else tha these two teams should be taking on the old guys instead of each other? First the two competitors send their companions away from the ring. The first minute or so is a furious exchange of move and counter move, then they separate and get down to wrestling. They struggle in the corner and both are knocked to the floor. Then they are back in the ring and going at it a mile a minute again. Each gets covers but neither comes close to a three count. As the match ciontinues a white car pulls up on the split screen and disgorges Sid and Steiner. In the ring the final furious exchange ends in a roll up and a pin for Misterio. They shake hands and Malenko raises his opponent's arm then affectionately cuffs him in the head.

Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Goldberg - we go right to the introductions for the next match. Members of ZZTop and Lynard Skinard are shown ringside as Goldberg prepares to make his entrance. Goldberg pulls out a standing drop-kick during the first exchange then uses a standing side kick to knock Morrus from the ring. He follows him out, roughs him up and tosses him back inside. He hits a big powerslam, one handed no less, then Jimmy Hart distracts the monster. He leaves the ring then Sid shows up and hits him with a chair! Goldbergs drags himself to his feet as Morrus leaves the ring to give him a hand inside. Morrus gets a scoop slam then hits a big elbow off the second rope. Goldberg is still trying to struggle to his feet as Morrus puts the boots to him. The crowd is going nuts with the "Goldberg" chant as Morrus keeps up the pressure. He slaps on a reverse chinlock - always a sign that the bad guy has run out of moves. Goldberg fights to escape but Morrus scoops him again then hits his moonsault. Goldberg kicks out! Morrus gets up and turns around only to be speared then Jackhammered. Goldberg - 'nuf said. That match spanned the change over to RAW, of course. Afterward, Goldberg throws another challenge to Sid to come down and meet him right now. Sid doesn't show, gosh really? In the back we see an ambulance pulling away then we cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is on the platform as we return and has Kimberly and Storm with him to introduce Atlanta's semi-fianlists in the Nitro Grrrrrls contest. Jamie Flowers and a current Atlanta Falcons cheerleader named Celentria Adams. Celentria is really hot - Jamie is all teeth but a real looker as well.

Evan Karagias vs. Berlyn (w/the biggest guy from Germany to ever wear a suit) - Karagias gets a USA chant going before the match - just what Berlyn wants. He relays a demand for total silence through the ring announcer. Fat chance, German boy... Karagias has speed and...well...speed going for him. It's not enough, of course. The announcers are speculating about who left the arena in that ambulance before the last break. Nobody knows if Hogan is still in the building. In the ring, Karagias is holding his own with an extended offensive flurry until he gets too close to the bodyguard who fells him with one punch. Berlyn takes an easy pin then slaps on a rear chinlock/Boston Crab combo until Brad Armstrong runs in to take his drubbing.

In the back, Goldberg is on the prowl looking for Sid. Cut to commercial.

In the back David Flair is on the phone with someone. I think he's trying to locate Torrie.

West Texas Rednecks vs. Harlem Heat - World Tag Team Title match - it isn't immediately clear who will be representing the Rednecks tonight and Tony doesn't deign to enlighten us. Apparently it will be the Windhams - so this is a rematch from FallBrawl. The Heat control the match from the get-go as Booker T faces Kendall and forces him to bail early on. Back inside, Kendall feigns a test of strength then kicks his opponent in the gut before tagging in his brother. Barry comes in and faces Stevie almost immediately. They clash and we cut to commercial.

Kendall is back in with Booker as we return and has taken control of things. Booker escapes for a moment but Barry interferes to keep him from tagging out. He then tags himself in and tosses Booker out for Hennig and "Curly Bill" (Vincent) to beat on. Back inside, Booker gets a blind tag to his brother who cleans house but is forced out by the referee, who missed the tag. The referee then is distracted by Kendall which gives Stevie a chance to whack Barry in the knee, handing his brother the easy pin. In the back now it's Goldberg on the phone with the Yellow Pages open in front of him, instructing someone to come to the "Phillips Arena ASAP..." Cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner vs. Van Hammer - Steiner says that Sid has better things to do then face the glorified jobber - so this is the match that Hammer gets. As usual, Steiner gives no quarter from the get-go. Hammer is immediately on the defensive but manages to lever his opponent out to the floor and get in a few shots before Steiner turns the tables and starts disassembling him. Back in the ring he grabs a rear chinlock then grinds Hammer's face into the mat. He tears at his eyes then lets him up only to put a belly-to-back on him. He gets a two-count. Hammer comes back with a couple of his signature moves but then stops to pose for the crowd. Big mistake. Steiner gets up and kicks him in the groin then gets his top rope bulldog and a fast count from referee Charles Robinson. We get video of Bret Hart being hit in the face with a baseball bat then cut to commercial.

October 10 8pm (et) from Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis, MS

Main event: Yokozuna vs King Kong Bundy
Tully Blanchard vs Stan Lane
Jake Roberts vs Jim Neidhart
2 Cold Scorpio vs Julio Sanchez
Jimmy SNuka vs Bob Orton Jr.
4 way tag: Bushwhakers vs Somoan Swat Team vs Marty Jannetty & Tommy Rogers vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

Plus One Man Gang, Lou Albano, Greg Valentine, George Steele, Sensational Sherri, and Gordon Solie amongst others.

Mean Gene is in the ring as we return. He welcomes Bret Hart to the ring. Bret talks about his injuries at the hands of Lex Luger (after Okerlund mistakenly identifies Sting as the wielder of the bat) and runs down Luger and Sting. He confirms that Hogan has been sent to the hospital but assures us that the Hulkster will be back - then Ric Flair shows up. So Hart starts talking up the Nature Boy. Flair takes over and reiterates that he and Hart will kick Sting/Luger/Page's asses two on three if necessary. He is really getting wound up, dropping elbows on phantom opponents, ripping at his clothes, etc.

David has finally gotten Torrie on the phone. She is shown to be sitting with Kidman and his partners, lying to David, telling him she's still at the airport. Cut to commercial.

Konnan vs. Saturn - this could be good if we don't get run ins. It will be interesting to see who goes over. Konnan is somewhat out of favor these days, of course. He dominates the beginning of the match but not for long. Saturn misses the first T-Bone attempt but hits the second. He applies the boots then grabs an arm bar submission hold. He releases the hold after a bit then grabs a cross-arm breaker. Konnan makes it to the ropes for the break. They go for the whip and Konnan gets a modified bulldog and both are down. He recovers and goes for a cover as we cut to commercial.

The two are struggling at the top as we return then Saturn gets a kind of super Samoan drop. He grabs a short arm submission hold then releases it and slams Konnan. He climbs to the top and drops a big elbow then gets a two-count. They go into a series of traded pin attempts and the crowd is getting a little restless now. Konna gets his somersault clothesline and seems to be on a roll. Suddenly Chavo Guerrero and his troups run in and starts beating on Konnan. The rest of the Animals run in to help Konnan - which causes Saturn to jump Eddie Guerrero. Then the Revolution makes the scene and Shane Douglas drags Saturn out of the ring. Saturn is upset at the interference so Douglas stalks away. Outside, Sid is checking on his car then returns to the arena. Immediately a car carrier drives up and appears to be preparing to haul the car away. Cut to commercial.

We return to a Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ric Flair video with Sting and Luger involved as well. In the back we find it is Goldberg who is having Sid's car hauled away. He instructs he driver, "You know what to do..." and mentions something about 11:00 then grins as the car carrier splits. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is on the ramp and invites DDP out for an interview. Page isn't interested in Okerlunds questions. He states that the fans love him because he's married to Kimberly and they hate him for the same reason. And they will never forget him...yatta, yatta, yatta. Gene speculates that Hogan will be back in time for the main event. We'll see... Cut to commercial.

Psychosis vs. Kidman - Mask vs. Hair match - of course we know that Pyschosis lost his mask a few weeks ago in Mexico (to Rey Misterio, Sr. as a matter of fact) so that points to a likely outcome to this match. On the other hand, we also know that Kidman is probably in the doghouse for trying to skip the promotion a few weeks ago - so it isn't quite so clear cut. Still, it's hard to credit the idea that they will put Psychosis over on Kidman. It all makes this contest that much more interesting. Psychosis brings his barber's shears to the ring with him. I wish they would let Kidman use his own music - that old Konnan rap chestnut is getting real old. Psychosis attacks rather suddenly and tosses Kidman to the outside then runs him into the railing. Back inside he puts the boots to his opponent but Kidman comes back with a drop-kick but then goes airborn and over shoots to the floor. Pyschosis suicide dives on him. On the platform a barber awaits with his chair. At his first opportunity, Kidman starts unlacing the mask - very unsportsman like behaviour. Juventude and Chavo run out to protest (and well they should). They distract Kidman and allow Psychosis to escape the exposure. Now it is all Pscychosis for a bit, but he is grandstanding - not a good idea against an opponent of this calibar. He sets Kidman on the top rope straddle wise - then knocks him off with a reverse heel kick. Kidman comes back but then throws a drop-kick and misses. Psche's pals at ringside are cheering him on. He is having trouble keeping his loosened mask on as the match continues. Why do I begin to think that maybe he will be unmasked and Kidman will be shaved? Kidman gets a powerslam and starts to go up for the Shooting Star but Juvey gets involved - he distracts the referee and Chavo sneaks in a Tornado DDT. Kidman kicks out. The referee is distracted again and Juvey sneaks in a Juvey Driver. Kidman kicks out. Then he nails Pyschosis, and both of his friends. Hits the Shooting Star and takes the pin. Juvey and Chavo attack. Kidman gets one last bulldog on Pyschosis and pulls off the mask. Chavo immediately covers his head with a towel and we only get a glimpse of a rather handsome latino. He loses the towel but his hair covers his face as he splits. The Filthy Animals hit the ring and drive off the bad guys. Cut to commercial.

Bret Hart/Ric Flair/Hogan? vs. Sting/Total Package/Diamond Dallas Page - knows...World Champions tag tam match - the five known competitors leave there respective locker rooms and head for the ring as we cut to one final commercial.

Michael Buffer makes the introductins as we return. Still no sign of Hogan. He introduces it as a "5 World Champions" match. Is it me or is Liz looking really worn out tonight. Hart is introduced as being 6'2" for those who argued with me about his height last week. So is Flair, so I suspect it's a lie... Actually, though, standing side by side, Flair does appear to be the taller of the two. Flair faces Sting to start and almost immediately Sting goes for a Stinger splash and misses. Moments later Flair delivers a low blow (as he pantomimed earlier tonight). Luger comes in and overcomes Flair but he then tags Bret in and Hart takes commend with a big atomic drop then a head butt. He follows with a Russian legsweep. He goes for a Sharpshooter but Page runs in and breaks it up. Page is tagged in and puts the boots to the Hitman then tags in Sting. Sting stands Hart up then knocks him down with a clothesline. He goes for a tag but Luger refuses it so Sting continues for a bit then tags him in. He almost loses the initiative but then attacks the eyes to turn things back around. Sting returns and hits a spectacular standing drop-kick, distracts the referee while his partners double team Hart then fends off Flair as he tries to lend a hand to his partner. Hart and Sting hit head to head and both go down but Hart recovers first and tags in Flair who cleans house. He takes Sting to the floor and roughs him up then returns to the ring andf hits a suplex. He goes for the figure four but Page breaks it up. He is ejected and a brawl ensues on the outside. In the ring, Flair gets the figure four while Liz hands Luger the bat to attack Hart on the outside. Luger re-enters the ring and hits Flair with the bat theb David Flair hits the ring but gets Diamond Cut. In the back the ambulance is back and empty! The carnage continuees in the ring as Hogan hobbles down the aisle, his leg in a heavy duty brace. He rolls in and attacks Sting then gets his hands on the bat and clears the ring.

In the back, Sid comes out and finds his car flattened. He yells for Goldberg and we fade out. This show definitely had a better flow to it then we've seen in quite a while.

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RAW Report

The program opens with stills from last night then cuts to Vince McMahon assuring his referees that they have been listened too and will be backed up from now on. Cut to the opening montage then to the arena in Greensboro, NC where HHH makes his way to the ring for his first rant as the new Champ. He lights right into the crowd for disrepecting him. He's biting off his consenents again in lieu of a speaking style. ("HHH is indeed-a the game-a..."etc.). He says the guys he faced last night weren't even in his "league-a". The crowd fails to warm to him - he gets his biggest pop when he mentions the Rock - and even that is tepid at best. He takes off on Steve Austin - the audience sits on its hands. Here comes the British Bulldog - HHH looks a little non-plussed - like he doesn't expect this. The Bulldog says he and HHH had a deal that whichever of them became the Champion would give the other a shot at the title tonight. He wants his shot. HHH explained that he lied and the Bullldog will get nothing. The Bulldog refers to HHH as "Gameboy" as he lays down the challenge, "...either face me now, or face me later tonight." In so many words. HHH tells him to screw himself so Davey Boy attacks with the mic. Chyna gets involved and then the new improved referees appear and break it up. Vince appears on the platform. He congratulates HHH but expresses disappointment that HHH refuses to defend the title tonight. He then books a Rock vs. HHH World Title match (reminding us that the Bulldog screwed Maivia last week on RAW). We cut to some video of the two old broads attacking Ivory then goes to Jeff Jarrett consulting with Tom Prichard then Mick Foley talking to someone under a black cloth. Cut to commercial.

Stephanie and Test are at the tux shop looking for wedding attire. She wants elegent black but Test is reluctant. But then he tries on a mourning coat and changes his mind. Funny thing is that it's really funeral wear (that's why it is called a "mourning coat")...

Jeff Jarret comes to the ring with Miss Kitty and Tom Prichard as stills of his PPV match are shown. He challenges Chyna and Debra to a tag team match against himself and Prichard. There is something weird happening with the sound tonight. On a couple of occassions we have heard lines repeated like an echo after they are delivered.

The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho (w/Mr. Huge) - Jericho pauses on the platform to gloat over his injury of Ken Shamrock. I hear that Kenny is making his anticipated re-entry into th UFC rings with the WWF's blessings. He goes to the ring and right on the attack but he is grabbed and elevated then dropped on his face. Meanwhile, Prince Albert joins the broadcast and starts running down the big guy. In the ring, Jericho has Wight off his feet and is working his knee over. He goes for a short-arm scissors but the Show just tosses him away. Hughes distracts the referee while Jericho hits a low blow kick but Wight is unfazed and goes for a chokeslam. At that moment Prince Albert throws a missle drop-kick on the big fellow. Jericho rolls out and is chased away by the Road Dogg. In the back Foley has his mask off and is conversing with the covered figure again. Stevie Richards appears wearing Dude Love gear and asks if he can use the character. Foley breaks character and tells him to knock himself out. Cut to commercial.

Chyna accepts Jarretts challenge as we return. She warns Debra to stay away however.

Steve Austin makes an entrance as the crowd shows us how they react to a real main eventer. He's pissed off that he's not getting his first turn at HHH (of course he can't wrestle because of his injuries - but that's just a technicality). Vince comes out to explain that he didn't agree to any particular time for Austin's title shot. Then goes on to promise that Austin will face the current Champion at the next PPV. Austin warns Vince that it better happen that way or else...yatta, yatta.

GTV break - the Posse decide to toss Terri Runnels aside much to Rodney's chagrin (apparently he didn't get his turn..). Cut to commercial.

HHH and the Rock are pacing their respective dressing rooms.

Steve Blackman vs. D-Lo Brown - European Title match - right, Steve Dishrag is going to be the European Champ - don't hold your breath karate boy... He holds his own for about two minutes at the beginning as Droz joins the broadcast team just to get some TV time. The fight goes to the outside where Blackman grabs his kendo stick and gets himself DQ'd then attacks the WWF security head. Meanwhile Droz attacks D-Lo then throws up on him! Mark Henry comes down looking like he wants to make up with his former friend but Brown stalks away. Cut to commercial.

Mankind and his companion pass Steve Austin in the hall and Mick invites the Rattlesnake to "the party." Austin politely declines. Foley continues on to the ring carrying a bunch of balloons and gifts. He says he wants to make it up to the Rock for putting Socko in his mouth last night. He asks Maivia to come out. The Rock comes to the ring to his music and goes into his rant as usual perched on the outside of the second turnbuckle. He says he's not in a very good mood and doesn't need any apology but Foley plunges on to Present: Rocky Maivia, This is Your Life! Balloons descend from the ceiling and Foley goes into his spiel. First up, he presents Maivia's old 6th Grade Home Ec teacher. The old biddie minces to the ring only to be insulted as only the Rock can do it. Foley is not discouraged and brings out the Rock's former High School football coach and an old flame - both of whom suffer the same indignity. Now the covered figure stands at ringside and Foley is apologising for the people he's brought in so far - so he presents the presents - a "Rock 'n' Sock Conection" jacket which the Rock stands holding - a "Mr. Rocko" sock puppet - and finally the person under curtain #4. It's the silly clown he brought to Vince's hospital bedside. The Rock is disgusted, of course but doesn't show it...immediately. Now Foley is getting upset at the Rock, calling him a "very ungrateful little man." The clown leads the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to the Rock. Maivia thanks the fans then reminds Foley that his birthday is in May. Suddenly HHH runs in with his rubber sledge hammer and takes a swing but misses. The Rock bails and we go to commercial. Was that as pointless as I thought it was..?

The New Age Outlaws come to the ring for a rant. The Dogg invites any tag team to come down and prove themselves. The Hollys prepare to answer the challenge. Cut to commercial.

Kane and X-Pac show up as we return. Apparently Bob and Crash weren't quick enough. Waltman and James start the match but here comes the Hollys with their scale. They join the broadcasters complaining that they were supposed to have the Title shot tonight. In the ring, Kane is making mincemeat out of Billy. NAO start a doubleteam so X-Pac comes in as well. The Hollys decide to crash the party and get chokeslammed and bronco busted. The match ends in a DQ. X-Pac gets a handshake from the Dogg and a low five from Billy. We cut to the back where Moolah and Mae Young are dressed to the nines and promising to kick some Ivory booty. Cut to commercial.

Ivory makes an entrance as we return. She will face the two older ladies in a handicap evening gown match. Ivory attacks Moolah with the belt then gets taken down by Young. Ivory recovers and beales Young by her feather boa. Young comes back with a slam then the oldsters doubleteam her. But Ivory recovers and strips Young to her bra and panties then tosses her out of the ring. Moolah goes on the attack and succeeds in stripping Ivory to her bra and thong thus winning the match for her team. Cut to more GTV - Val Venis finds "Mr. Rocko" in the back and stuffs his underwear with it - then to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett/Tom Prichard (w/Miss Kitty) vs. Chyna/Debra - Jarrett enters and taunts Chyna who appears before he can finish his rant.She wants a stip that if she can win tonight she'll get a rematch for the IC Title at the next PPV. He seems to agree and we cut to commercial.

Debra enters in street clothes (sort of) as we return. She peals her top and mesmerizes Tom Prichard, who gets into an altercation with Jarrett and is knocked to the floor. Jarrett outs the figure four on Chyna but Debra grabs him by the hair and pulls him off. Miss Kitty comes in and gets into a cat fight with Debra. Meanwhile Prichard sneaks in with the guitar and whacks Chyna - who falls on Jarrett and pins him! Chyna gets her re-match. Cut to commercial.

The Rock vs. HHH - World Title match - Steve Austin joins the broadcast team for this one. The fight erupts as soon as HHH hits the ring and goes to the floor almost immediately. They brawl into the crowd then back toward the ring. In the ringside area, HHH gets a suplex on the floor then hauls Maivia over and runs him onto the broadcast table. They disappear into the crowd again. We pick them up fighting in the penalty box. Back to the ringside area again and this time the Rock runs HHH into the table. Back in the ring HHH gets a face crusher but Maivia goes for the Rock Bottom but fails. HHH goes for the Pedegre and likewise fails. Maivia gets a Samoan drop and a two-count and they fall back out to the floor. Maivia is run onto the table again. Then HHH grabs a chair and follows Maivia back inside. The referee tries to intercede and gets decked then Maivia gets the chairshot laid on him. HHH jaws at Austin which brings him into the ring where he gets a Stunner then Maivia gets the Rock Bottom. But the referee is out on his feet and can't respond. Three bodies just lie there as Austin returns to the table. Maivia recovers and covers the Champ but the referee is still out of it and slow counts to two before the British Bulldog runs in and stomps on both competitors. We fade away.

I'll be back on Saturday morning. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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