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Volume 5, Issue 511 - October 2, 1999

Thunder Report

After being delayed by a baseball game Thunder comes to us on tape from the UTC Arena in Chatanooga, TN.

Psychosis/Juventud Guerrera/LaParka vs. Silver King/The Villanos - this is Villano IV's return off of his injury after several months. Silver King opens the match with a superkick to LaParka's chin. Psychosis is maskless tonight and wears a towel over his head to the ring but then takes it off to present his hawkish features. He looks to have a fair amount of indian heritage. He and Juvey are actually exhibiting some pretty good teamwork in this one. The Villanos on the other hand are showing quite a bit of ring rust. Eventually they seem to come around and manage to isolate Psychosis for a while. Juvey has to save him from being pinned at one point. Later Juvey tries to splash the Villanos on the floor but they catch him in midair - but then LaParka adds his weight in a suicide dive and all four go down. Eventually Juvey gets his Juvey Driver on VIV then Psychosis drop his guillotine and takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

Adrian Byrd vs. Norman Smiley - this one is basically a showcase for Smiley who makes his opponent look better than he is, but eventually takes it in an extended squash.

Mean Gene talks to Mona on the ramp. I hope the rumor I heard that she has been let go is just that. This lady is really hot. They talk about her controversial loss to Brandi Alexander when the subject of their conversation runs out and attacks. They fight into the ring and the rematch is on. Fortunately, Mona is in her ring attire already - once Alexander strips off the gloves, shoes and skirt. Alexander dominates the early going in her accustomed aggressive style. Mona finally catches her opponent in a corner rush and kicks her in the chest to turn the tables. Brandi has to thumb the eye to get it back. She is relentless but prone to showboating and this gives Mona her openings - but each time her opponent takes a shortcut to turn it back around. Mona finally gets some momentum going and gets a series of covers with no success. A top rope Frankensteiner tells the tale. Cut to commercial.

Dean Roll vs. Frankie Lancaster - it's jobber night in Chatanooga apparently. This one is a rookie jobber (Roll) - making his national TV debut vs. veteran jobber Lancaster. The latter is a solid wrestler while his opponent is basically a skinny kid. Scott Norton appears as the match continues and steps right into the ring and starts powerbombing everybody in sight! He grabs a mic and says he has decided to use Sid's tactics to get Goldberg's attention. He declares, "I'm next!" ...probably so...

Mean Gene interviews Goldberg in the ring. The monster answers Norton's challenge by accepting it.

Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Dave Taylor/Steve Regal (w/Fit Finley!) - Finley is back! Not ready to wrestle obviously, but I'm glad to see him on his feet. Now this is a good feud - keep these guys away from the Revolution! Regal and Morrus face off to start the match and exchange big forearms. Morrus turns the tables and Regal is treated to a "pitstop". Taylor comes in against Knobbs and does no better - he gets "pitted" as well. Moments later, Knobbs is knocked to the floor and Finley is ready to go at him with a chair when security rushes in and hauls him away. Meanwhile the referee is distracted so Dave Taylor uses his flagpole on Knobbs. Back in the ring the Brits are functioning as a well oiled machine and isolating Knobbs. Eventually Morrus gets the tag and then all four are in the ring at once. Knobbs takes over on Taylor while Regal disposes of Morrus - or thinks he does. He turns to take on Knobbs but is surprised by Morrus who knocks him out of the ring then hits his moonsault on Taylor to take the pin. A good feud between these two groups could go a long way to elevate both of them. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring again and invites the Revolution out to rant. Shane Douglas walks out ahead of the group. Saturn immediately tears into Douglas for his underhanded tactics in Cinncinatti, and Shane comes back with an apology and vows to adhere to their agreed upon code of ethics then goes into his rant and gets the others to pose with him. Right - this is going to last... Cut to commercial.

Luther Biggs (w/Coach Buzz Stern) vs. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton - this is our first look at Stern's protege Biggs. Stern, for those who haven't recognized him without his colored contacts, is the artist formerly known as Glacier. Biggs wears workout attire instead of wrestling tights. He's a showboat and tends to celebrate after every move. It proves to be his undoing against a veteran like Eaton. When Eaton gets in a good move, Biggs tendancy is to get angry and rush in only to get thrown again. He bails to consult with his coach then returns and turns things around until he goes for a legdrop off the second rope and misses. Now the youngster is running out of gas - I mean he's starting to look glassy eyed. Stern jumps on the apron and Eaton runs the student into the teacher head-to-head then pins Biggs. Stern then runs in and attacks Eaton then puts a full nelson on him. He releases the hold and puts it on Biggs, then releases it a second time and leads Biggs away shouting at him as they walk back up the aisle. Cut to commercial.

Brad Armstrong vs. Horace - Horace has the size advantage and probably more of a killer instinct but Armstrong is the wrestler in this contest. Armstrong also has considerable experience advantage as well as superior speed. He tosses Horace to the floor early on and roughs him up then returns him to the ring where he loses the initiative. Back out to the floor they go and Horace gets his revenge for the previous trip out there. Back inside he keeps up the pressure. But he gets overconfident and rushes into trouble in the corner where Brad sidesteps him, hits a Russian legwsweep and gets a rather sudden and surprising pin. Good for Brad. Cut to commercial.

Kendal Windham/Curly Bill (Vincent) (w/Curt Hennig) vs. Kidman/ Rey Misterio, Jr - Misterio faces Windham to start and this is a real David vs. Goliath situation. The match goes about how we would expect. The big guy just moidelizes the little guy then tags in Curly Bill who maintains the pressure. He tosses Rey to the apron where both Hennig and Windham can get at him. Rey comes back in and turns the tables then tags in his partner who tries to clean house but isn't large enough face up to the two bigger guys. In fact this match features none of the usual high flying action we associate with Kidman and Misterio. Kidman is tossed to the floor and ganged up on while Rey loses his cool and inadvertantly distracts the referee. Back in the ring, Kidman contines to be isolated. Kidman finally gets a bulldog by running up the corner then tag in Rey. All four are in but it breaks down too far and Kidman is on the receiving end while Rey battles on the outside. Finally Rey makes it back to the ring, Vincent is placed on the top then Kidman lifts his partner into position for a top rope Frankensteiner. Misterio gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Scott "Flash" Norton - they get into a fist fight at the opening of the match and Goldberg knocks Norton right over the top to thr floor with a punch. Out on the floor, Norton makes a comeback and posts Goldberg twice - but Goldberg just shrugs it off then posts Norton who goes down. On the way back in, Norton regains the upper hand and puts his opponents to his knees with a short arm clotheline. He has a series of offnsive successes as Goldberg keeps trying to shake it off. They spring off opposite ropes and hit shoulder to shoulder in mid-air. Both get up slow but Goldberg ducks a clothesline then hits the spear. Don't tell me about Edge or Shane McMahon - this guy really hits a spear! He gets the Jackhammer and its all over. Goldberg contemplates his victory as the program fades.

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SmackDown Report

SmackDown is a 90 minute edition tonight to make room for the premiere of Shasta McNasty and comes to us on tape from the Richmond Coloseum in Richmond, VA. We get the New Age Oulaws to open the program. They make their way to the ring amidst the pyro and the cheers of the crowd. Interestingly, Jesse James is still telling us that NAO comes to us courtesy of DX.

Road Dogg (w/Billy Gunn) vs. Chris Jericho (w/Mr. Huge) - I wonder if Curtis' mother ever told him his face would freeze that way... The Dogg bails and attacks Jericho in the aisle then tosses him back inside but Jericho splits again and the fight goes on at ringside. Meanwhile the Hollys show up, scale and all, and join the broadcasters. I love the way Lawler was all for "Mr. Posterior" a little over a week ago but now he's against him. In the ring, Jericho gets knocked out and the Dogg sets up a able in the ring. Before he can do anything, however, the Hollys run in and attack him. Billy tries to help his partner but he gets waylaid as well. Jericho and company split.

LIllian talks to Vince McMahon backstage. Vince makes a match pitting HHH vs. The Bulldog for the World Title with the Rock as the special referee. Chyna isn't allowed at ringside. Oh...and HHH is fined $25,000 for laying hands on the referee on RAW.

Mankind comes to the ring donning his "Rock n' Sock" connection jacket. He starts talking about the ridiculous "This is Your Life" skit they inflicted on us Monday night then calls Val Venis out to explain why he took the "Rocko" sock puppet and put it in his drawers. There is some double entendre byplay, with Venis professing to not know what Foley is talking about until he is shown the GTV footage from RAW. Val then says it was just a joke - Mick wants the sock right now. So Val heads to the back to get the sock for him. In the back, HHH and Chyna are looking for Vince and they are pissed.

We see that HHH found Vince during the break. He is truculent as usual. Lillian talks to the Rock who doesn't seem too happy about his role (although apparently he knows it). He pledges to be unbiased as a referee.

Edge/Christian vs. The New Brood (w/Gangrel) - Terri Runnels Invitational Tournament match - Terri shows up after the wrestlers make their entrances and joins the broadcasters. The referee tosses Gangrel from the ring area under his new authority. Terri tries to explain what this tournament is all about - she has a little trouble keeping from laughing after Lawler makes a rather lame funny. Anyway, the winner here gets $100,000 and her services as manager. A best three out of five series. In the ring, nobody seems to be able to gain an advantage until Edge comes in and starts cleaning house but his opponents have superior teamwork so he is overwhemed until Christian runs in to help him. They take the pin and are up one in the tournament. In the back, the Bulldog tells us how grateful he is to Vince for his Title shot tonight, then in another part of the back, Foley tells the Rock about Val and the sock. Maivia doesn't know who he is talking about at first - but then remembers who Val is. They make some more double entendre funnies and we cut to commercial.

Steve Austin is ahown having a conversation with Shane McMahon during the break.

D-Lo Brown vs. The Big Show - European Title match - Droz and Prince Albert join the broadcast team. D-Lo starts out with fist-a-flyin' but the Show just tosses him away then starts whaling on him. He takes a little too long rushing into the corner and misses. D-Lo mounts the corner and takes the big guy down then gets the Frog Splash but is kicked off with authority. D-Lo is tossed to the floor then PA climbs the corner and jumps right into the giant's arms. He gets chokeslammed and rolls out. Meanwhile Droz picks Brown up and tosses him into the ring then puts the boots to him. Mark Henry runs down to chase Droz away - but D-Lo isn't interested in being his friend. Henry tries to call him back but D-Lo just walks away. Henry goes ahead with his speech saying that he is addicted to sex! He insists its no joke and says he's lost his best friend, D-Lo. Tears are running down his cheeks! He starts describing his addiction, how he thinks about sex all the time. He says he's going to seek professional help then splits. Cut to commercial.

Stephanie and Test are looking at bridal magazines - or she is anyway...

X-Pac/Kane vs. The Dudleys vs. The Acolytes - Triple Threat tag team match - Bubba wears a Rock n' Sock connection jacket to the ring. In the back Stevie Richards points that fact out to Foley who says he will have to do something about it. In the ring Kane and Bradshaw are going at it and Kane is in control. He puts his opponent into his corner and tags in X-Pac. Bradshaw gets to Faarooq and they make the exchange. Faarooq comes close to getting a pin within moments. Faarooq then shoves the referee and gets his team DQ'd! So now it's two-on-two. Kane is doing all the work for his team, fighting off both opponents while X-Pac recovers from his beating earlier. Kane gets the pin then the Acolytes run back in. They knock Kane to the floor and then gang up on X-Pac until Kane chases them away.

Mankind paces in the back and we cut to commercial.

During the break Foley demanded the jacket back but Bubba refuses. There seems to be a match in the works.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with Miss Kitty and a shopping cart full of household items. He sets up an ironing board in the ring and places a pot on it. He tells Chyna he will beat her with any household implement. He spots Cindy Margolas in the audience and another actress from Shasta McNasty. Jarrett invites them to the ring and they actually start up that way. Debra appears on the platform and brings Moolah and Mae Young with her - then all the other women he has victimized show up and they all head for the ring. Moolah and Young distract Jarrett so that Chyna can run in and clobber him - then all of the women get into it using his implements on him and chasing him up the aisle. Moolah and Young then attack the King at ringside. In the back, Foley is admitting to the Rock that he "misplaced" his jacket. Maivia actually seems to care... Cut to commercial.

Terry Taylor interviews the WWF security head who says he has no quarrel with Steve Blackman - who appears and attacks him.

In the ring, Mankind is calling Bubba Ray out to face him over the jacket. Both Dudleys run out of course and attack him. Then Val Venis shows up with "Mr. Rocko" In the ring, Foley has overcome his attackers and is stripping the jacket off of Bubba with the help of Stevie "Dude Love" Richards. Val enters the ring but wants to make a speech before he returns the sock. He lauds Foley as being so important to the business then offers the sock back. He tells Foley to close his eyes then grabs him by the testicles! The Dudleys run back in, punk Richards, then tear up the jacket. Val then leaves with the sock. This is not Foley's night... Cut to commercial.

The Rock makes his entrance as we return.

HHH vs. The British Bulldog - WWF Title match - Rocky Maivia is the special referee - the Rock does his schtick on the second rope using the Bulldog as his foil. Davey Boy enters looking magnificent but wearing blue jeans. He gets in Maivia's face and gets knocked out of the ring for his trouble! HHH then enters and runs right down to attack the Bulldog who is still incapacitated at ringside. HHH posts him then rolls him inside. HHH downs the Bulldog with a high knee then goes for the pin, but the Rock isn't paying attention. The fight goes to the floor with the Bulldog in charge. Maivia leaves the ring and dons a set of headphones still ignoring the match which has moved up the aisle. Back in the ring again, the Bulldog is still in charge but then HHH turns it around and gets the Pedegree. He goes for the pin and Maivia gives him a round of applause! HHH is irate and gets in Maivia's face - he gets Rock Bottomed. Bulldog then crawls over and covers him - but the Rock is back out with the broadcast team! He finally re-enters the ring, counts to 2 then says, "It doesn't matter if the Rick counts to three!!" Now the Bulldog is upset so the Rock punks him too! Then he walks off with the Title belt!! Bulldog goes after him then HHH recovers and wants his title. The timekeeper gets punched out when he explains what happened.

HHH is shown searching for Maivia in the back. He is yelling Maivia's name when the Rock attacks him from behind. HHH goes down the the Bulldog attacks the Rock and they fight out the door. HHH wakes up and finds his belt. He wanders into the hall and knocks on his dressing room door calling for Chyna. The door opens end it's Steve Austin! He tears into HHH and leaves him laying in the hall as the program fades...

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They tell us that Tommy Dreamer and his tag team partner Raven got into a backstage brawl and Dreamer has to wrestle tonight despite his previous spinal injuries. They also tell us that Mike Awesome will defend his title tonight. Cut to the opening montage.

Rhino (w/Steve Corino) vs. Mike Awesome - ECW World Title match - Rhino is a superb specimin...but Awesome is...well...awesome. He knocks Rhino to the floor then dives right over the top and splashes him on the floor. He goes over and clears the timekeeper's table and sets it into position for use later. Rhino re-enters the ring is good time only to meet a big flying lariet from the top by the Champ. Rhino makes his comeback and gores his opponent in the corner then drops a big headbutt off the top. Awesome comes back with a German released suplex. Rhino is on rubberlegs as Awesome elevates him, loses his grip, then elevates him again and powerbombs him through the table on the floor. He rolls Rhino back in and the "rookie monster" is competely out of it. Awesome positions him in the center then throws the most devestating Frog Splash I have ever seen - and gets the pin. That may have been the best thing I've seen yet on the TNN program. Awesome has real star potential. Tammy Lynn Sitch (Sunny) appears in a video clip as we cut to commercial.

Big Sal Graziano vs. Spike Dudley - Dudley has a pattern of winning over much larger opponents in short order time and time again. We cut to a series of clips of him putting the "Acid Drop" on legions of giant opponents (Mabel, One Man Gang, Bam Bam Bigalow, etc.) then come back just in time to see him put it on Big Sal - but Little Guido runs in and breaks that up and then we cut to commercial. If the match is still ongoing when we return it will be the longest match I've seen from little Spike.

Dudley comes close to pinning Little Guido with a roll-up as we return. This has turned into some kind of handicap match at this point. The fight goes to the floor where Guido is out of his element but then Sal rushes the little one and tosses him back into the ring where Guido gets a top rope legdrop. Spike will not be pinned however. Guido slams him then Sal runs in but misses a splash. Spike then runs right up Sal to bulldog Guido then hits the Acid Drop on Sal and takes the pin. Cut to commercial. More Tammy Lynn - a bathing beauty pose this time - isn't that WWF footage? Cut to commercial.

The announcers let us know that Tammy Lynn will make her return to ECW and her debut on TNN next Friday on the program.

We get a video extolling the virtues of Rob Van Dam as he beats up on what seems like every wrestler that ever worked in another promotion. Is it me or do these people really get into overkill with this tactic? We then go to clips from Anarchy Rulez featuring...

Road Kill/Danny Doring (w/Miss Congeniality) vs CW Anderson/Wild Bill Whiles - RK is Amish, by the way, for those who don't recognise his style of dress and grooming. He pretty much handles the opposition on his own with a little assistance from his partner. Anderson is hinted to be some relation to the Andersons of Minnesotta (which I doubt). When Doring gets in trouble he tags in his partner who quickly turns every situation around until he gets superkicked in the face - then Doring saves his cookies. Road Kill hits his Amish splash to win the match. Tommy Dreamer and Francine enter. Cut to commercial.

Yoshi Tajiri vs. Tommy Dreamer (w/Francine) - Tajiri and Steve Corino are consulting when Dreamer runs into attack them as we return. They go back into the ring and Dreamer is all over his opponent until he tries to climb the corner and gets caught there. He is tied to the tree of woe but then sits up and suckers Tajiri right into the ring post. He carries Tajiri to the opposite corner and hangs him upside down. Francine holds a chair in front of Tajiri's face while Dreamer hits a baseball slide. Tajiri recovers surprisingly quickly and they struggle on the apron until Tajiri back kicks Dreaner in the face and sends him to the floor then goes out after him. Back inside, Dreamer turns the tables and slaps on a Tarantula until Corino wallops him to break it up. Dreamer grabs Corino which gives Tajiri a chance to hit him with his own baseball slide. Now the fight goes to the floor and into the stands. They tumble into the penalty box and just keep fighting. Tajiri is bleeding from the forehead now. Dreamer chairshots him then drags him back to ringside. He borrows a ringside's beer and blows a mouthfull into Tajiri's face. Back in the ring he stands Tajiri in the corner and beats on him. But then he rushes into the opposite corner and gets kicked in the face. Dreamer collapses in the ring and Tajiri puts the boots to him and spits on him. He drags Dreamer to his feet and misses a spin kick - Dreamer gets a gourd buster and goes for the pin but Corino drags the ref out then attacks Dreamer. Francine comes in - outmaneuvers Corino then lays a Pedegree on him. He splits and Raven runs in, DDT's Dreamer and gives Tajiri the pin.

That was probably the most interesting show of this series thus far.

At least that's the way I see it...

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