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Monday Night Wars Edition

WWF Writers Russo/Ferarra Jump to WCW!

Nitro Report

Hall and Nash Return to WCW

Disco Inferno wins the Cruiserweight Strap

He takes out new Champion Psychosis

Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit
in 1/2 Hour Owen Tribute Barn Burner

RAW Report

An Interview with Afa
of the Wild Samoans: Part 2

presented by Solie's Classics Reprints series

Volume 5, Issue 512 - October 4, 1999
Editor's Note: I am going on vacation next week and will be out of reach of the Internet from Sunday night until the following Sunday. Therefore there will be no Monday or Saturday editions of the newsletter and I will also have to postpone the Solie's Wrestling Radio broadcast until I return home. I don't expect to be home in time to do an Interactive report on the WWF PPV but will review a tape of the program and get a report up as soon as I can. I will also be taping this Sunday's Heroes of Wrestling PPV for review at a later time.

As this edition goes to bed we are learning that the WWF's chief writing team of Vince Russo and Ed Ferarra rather abruptly jumped ship to WCW around 9:45 last evening. What affect this is likely to have in the immediate fortunes of both companies is hard to say. Russo is largely credited with coming up with the new, more edgy storylines that have seemingly propelled the WWF into the ratings lead for the last year. Whether or not he can duplicate that success in WCW may have to do with how much freedon he is likely to be given by the more family oriented Turner organization. In any case it will be interesting to see how this latest wrinkle plays out over the weeks to come. We can assume that the WWF's direction has been mapped out in advance so we might not see much difference there for a while. WCW, on the other hand, has the reputation of being much more fluid and so it is possible we might see changes there more quickly. Time will tell, as always...

And finally, Solie's sends out our best wishes to Bob "Gorilla Monsoon" Marella, who was hospitalized due to a heart attack with kidney and other complications. Mr. Marella asked to be taken off kidney dialysis last Wednesday and it is feared that he is very near to death. Solie's wishes to express our admiration for Gorilla Monsoon andour hopes that he can be victorious in what could be his last battle. He, his family and friends are in our prayers.

An Interview with Afa of the Wild Saomans

Conducted by Bob Ryder for Prodigy Part 2

RYDER: This was all before it really went national though, wasn't it?

AFA: Yes it was.

RYDER: When it went national and when they started with the PPV's, what changed in the promotion? The Garden stopped selling out.

AFA: The way I look at it, and this is my own personal opinion. The way I look at it is we made more money in those days. Some of us had guarantees. Some made percentage of the house. Today the promoters aren't concerned with the big crowds. They don't care if it's packed anymore. The reason is they focused so much on TV and merchandise. Most of the guys that used to rely on the house shows just can't make what they used to.

RYDER: What was it like seeing Hulk Hogan become a Superstar in the WWF?

AFA: Well, we were the ones that brought him here. Hulk Hogan is a friend of ours. When I was telling you about all that traveling we did in the south, well...we met him down there. When we came up here we brought a picture of him and showed it to Vince McMahon, Sr. He was a big blonde guy, just starting in the business and still playing in his band. He was a good friend of ours. We used to hang out on the beach. In fact, he and my brother spent alot of time living on the beach. We were all poor then, we didn't have anything. We were just trying to make it working in the small towns in the south. Finally we got out break in New York and we showed the picture of Hulk to Vince, Sr and to Captain Lou who was managing us. Vince McMahon, Sr pulled me on the side and asked how long the kid had been wrestling. I told him not long and he's kind of green, but he looks good and had long blond hair. This was right after the Graham Brothers, so I knew Vince, Sr liked that look. In those days we would just come up to do the TV taping and then go back south, and we'd come up in January to do our swing through the promotion. When we came back up, we brought Hulk Hogan with us. We all packed up and loaded our cars and the three of us came up together and that's how he got into this company.

RYDER: That was his first run when he came in as a heel managed by Blassie?

AFA: That's right. From there he ended up going over to Minneapolis and worked for them, and then ended up in that Rocky movie. Then he came back and his career took off.

RYDER: What was it like to watch Hulk Hogan, someone you knew from living on the beach together, become one of the biggest superstars in the history of the business?

AFA: I think it was it was something you just can't forget. Seeing a guy like him make it big, we were glad we could help him. We were doing ok, and were happy to see him make it. We brought others in too. Let me give you some examples. We brought Hulk Hogan in, we brought Paul Orndorff in, we brought Junkyard Dog in, we brought the Freebirds in. These were all people we had met and made friends with while we traveled in the south. In fact I helped train Junkyard Dog.

RYDER: How did the company change when Vince, Sr stepped aside and Vince, Jr took over?

AFA: Well Vince, Sr was a good man. Vince, Jr...I call him Junior, he's different from his father. This kid is very agressive, a very good businessman. His father was more like me, laid back and easy going. He looked after every wrestler there was. He loved my brother and I and respected us and we worked hard for him. In those days we would make deals with a handshake and that was the deal. He was good to us and took care of us and now his son takes care of our kids.

RYDER: Tell me about the rest of the family. Is Yokozuna Sika's son?

AFA: No, Yokozuna is my older brother's son. Samu is my son. Fatu is my sisters son. Yoko is my older brother...there is 7 brother, I have 2 older brothers.

RYDER: How many others?

AFA: Well, the Tonga Kid is my nephew too, he is Fatu's brother. Jimmy Snuka is my cousin. Peter Maivia was my uncle. His daughter married Rocky Johnson.

RYDER: The tradition continues.

AFA: Yes it does.

RYDER: You tried managing. How did you like that?

AFA: I tried it. It was a different experience. My brother retired and that kind of took my heart away from wrestling so I tried out managing with the help of Captain Lou Albano. He showed me the ropes. Vince wanted me to work like a trainer for the kids.

To be continued...

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Nitro Report

A gray pearlescent Cadillac pulls up and disgorges Goldberg. He pulls his bag out of the trunk and heads inside. Sid is lurking nearby. He sneaks over to the car and notes the parking space number (#22) then says, "'s right there...see you later BIll..." I wonder how they are going to work it out so that Sid's car gets trashed again... Cut to the opening montage.

We begin with a plethora of video clips from last week.

Nitro is live from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO. This is the arena in which Owen Hart lost his life five months ago. There will be a match tonight between Chris Benoit and Brett Hart in honor of Owen's memory. The announcers state that the match will be non-title, with no personal issues involved. Cut to commercial.

Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - the competitors are in the ring as we return. They slap hands before the match begins. Tony emphasizes that Rey is the only member of his group present tonight. The match is generally catch-as-catch-can - purely scientific for the early going. Malenko naturally does his best to employ his unusual size advantage in this one. But it remains a stalemate through much of the contest. Malenko finally settles into a straight submission strategy and that seems to give him an edge. Misterio is thoroughly grounded. We hear that Rey has lost his Cruiserweight Title to Psychosis since we saw him last. Rey finally levers Malenko out to the floor in order to turn the tables. He follows up with an inside-to-out splash. Back in the ring, Malenko regains his composure and now we are in see-saw mode again. Then Rey manages to knock Benoit out of the ring. Suddenly Shane Douglas runs in and knocks the referee out then wraps a chain around his fist preparing to bash Misterio. Saturn runs in and grabs the chain away - he pretends to be ready to hit Shane with it - but then turns and wallops Misterio!! He and Shane enjoy their little swerve then leave the ring. Meanwhile, Malenko, who has seen none of this, returns to the ring and puts the Texas Cloverleaf on the unconscious Rey. Afterward, Malenko watches the replay on the big screen and is appalled. He helps Rey up and raises his hand then assures his opponent that he didn't have anything to do with the attack. Shane and Saturn call Malenko to join them but he is throughly disgusted with them. Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay narrates a video tribute to the Harts, Brett and Owen. Ther are a lot of "We Miss You Owen" signs in the audience tonight.

Disco Inferno vs. Psychosis - Cruserweight Title match - Psychosis comes in with a huge grin on his face as he exhibits the Cruiserweight Title belt. Tony mentions the entry of Vince Russo and Ed Ferarra into the WCW fold. The fight goes almost immediately to the floor where Psychosis throws a suicide dive which hurts him as much as his opponent. Back inside he maintains his advantage for a bit then Disco's more methodical style starts to work well for him. But Psychosis is really up for this match and he manages to keep coming back. He then takes too long getting into position for his Guillotine leg drop and blows it. Disco puts him away in seconds and wins the Title. Cut to commercial.

Sid is on the phone arranging for some mischief to be done on Goldberg's car. We cut to the arena in time to see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall making their way to some ringside seats! Heenan goes over to interview them - Hall says that they will be back in WCW when it "gets to be fun again..." Nash says, "We're getting the band back together..." Cut to commercial.

Brian Adams vs. Sid Vicious - this match gives us an idea of how big Sid really is. He dwarfs his humongous opponent. But Adams is by far the better wrestler and he quickly seizes the advantage - which brings Rick Steiner to the ring. But Admas fights them both off - then makes the mistake of concentrating on Steiner. Referee Charles Robinson just watches as Steiner openly assists Sid in a powerbomb that takes Adams out. In the front row the Outsiders boo with the rest of the crowd as Robinson holds up a "120-0" sigh up.

Jerry Flynn (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Goldberg - Sid taunts Goldberg as he walks toward the arena floor with his phalanx of security men. Bill just smiles and ignores him. He bulls Flynn into the corner on the first lock up. Flynn spins him around and plants a boot in his face but Goldberg isn't even fazed. Other members of the First Family gather at ringside as Goldberg makes mincemeat out of their partner in the ring. They manage to distract him so that Flynn can kick him out into their clutches. He is doubleteamed and run into the atairs then roughed up some more before they throe him back inside. Flynn starts laying in his martial arts kicks in the corner. But Goldberg just absorbs the blows - then reaches through and grabs the miscreat's throat. Flynn tries to tie him up but Goldberg just lifts him up and slams him on his back. Then he spears him. Then he Jack Hammer's him. He grabs a mic and rants about his feud with Sid, accusing him of playing little mind games. He still intends to beat him at Halloween Havoc. He issues an invitation to Sid to have the guts to face him before the PPV.

Berlyn lounges against a wall in the back when Brad Armstrong walks by. Berlyn shouts something at him in German, Brad turns back and tells him to speak English if he has something to say. Berlyn clams up.

Mean Gene interviews Harlem Heat on the ramp. Stevie throws out a challenge to Knobbs and Hugh Morrus to face them in a match - for the titles I assume. Booker then turns the challenge onto the Outsiders - Stevie then seconds that emotion. Knoobs and Morrus pick that moment to attack the Champs, who are in street clothes. Stevie turns the tables almost immediately on Morrus while Booker fights Knobbs down to the ringside area where hs reverses a whip and puts Knobbs into the stairs. Now Knobbs and Booker are in the ring fighting while Stevie and Morrus continue on the floor. Booker falls out of the ring and gets a chairshot. Meanwhile Stevie is inside the ring with Morrus and he gets it as well. They punk the champs while Hart grabs the Title belts and then a bunch of officials arrive to restore order. Hart declares his team as the new champs but, of course that doesn't fly. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Grrrl search goes on. Kimberly and Spice are with Mean Gene. Thy introduce the latest semi-finalists Lovena and Nicole. Lovena is a rather muscular looking acro-dancers. Nicole is the cuter of the two (of course that's just me talking).

In the back, Goldberg gets into his car and drives away.

Mike Tenay is with Chris Benoit and they talk about his close friend Owen Hart. Benoit feels that he owes everything to the Harts and wants to give the best match he can to honor Owen's memory. Cut to commercial.

Brad Armstrong vs. Curt Hennig (w/Kendall Windham/Curly Bill) - this is Hennig's first match in a while since his injury a month or so back. Armstrong pulls some good wrestling moves out of the hat right off the bat and Hennig bails. On the way back in he snaps BA's neck off the top rope and turns the tables. He only manages to hold onto things for a few moments then Brad turns it back around. Then Berlyn and his big goof show up and mess things up for him. The bodyguard whacks him right into the clutches of Hennig's fisherman's suplex. After the pin, Berlyn enters the ring and applies a modified Camel Clutch. Interestlingly, the Armstrongs are in the midst of a push on the Saturday program. Brad and Steve defeated the Fist Family three against two the day before yesterday. In the back, Kidman comes out of the shower followed by Torrie. Then Doug Dellenger approaches Sid to tell him that he has to move his car. Sid gives his keys to a flunky and orders him to do it. No doubt the guy will repark Sid's car in the now empty space #22... Cut to commercial.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman - Juvey attacks Kidman from behind but Kidman fights him off then returns the attack. They then start to wrestle and things quickly settle into a see saw contest. These two have given us some great match lately and this one is no different. They tumble out to the floor where Kidman assumes command. Back inside, Juvey is back pedaling. Kidman hoists him up, but Juvey holds onto his head and succeeds in bulldogging him. He then pauses to pose for the crowd like and idiot and we cut to commercial. Over on RAW, JR is telling HHH that Austin thinks he's an "A$$hole"...

The fight is back on in the ring as we return. Kidman gets a cover and a two count. He goes for a whip but Juvey puts on the breaks. Kidman goes to the ropes where Psychosis suddenly appears and tries to grab him but he gets knockes to the floor. Juvey tries to take advantage of the distraction and throws a splash but gets Psychosis by mistake. Kidman then splashes Juvey. Back in the ring, Juvey has turned the tables again. He goes to the top then lauches himself right into a drop-kick from Kidman. He gets another two count. Juvey turns the tables again then climbs up for the 450 splash. He takes to long, but then manages to land on his feet out of the somersault. Kidman still gets a powerbomb then Psychosis interferes again. Rey Misterio comes out to protest and distracts the referee giving Juvey and Pysch the chance to double team Kidman and pin him. Rey is all over the bad guys and we cut to the outide where the flunky parks Sid's space #22. He has barely left the area when the tow truck arrives. Cut to commercial.

8 Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race is the special ring announcer for the Hart/Benoit match.

Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit - Owen Hart Tribute match - Benoit enters first. He wears an Owen Hart T-shirt and embraces Race. I would point out that this match is happening right at the ten o'clock hour for those who would accuse WCW of using this match as a ratings ploy. The two circle each other warily then lock up. Benoit grabs a side headlock. They separate into a top wristlock then Bret turns it into a hammerlock. They separate again and then stymie each other with move and counter-move. So far, except for the stray kick or two this has been a straight scientific match. These two are appying what they learned down in the Hart Dungeon. The execution is stiff and has a lot of snap as these two lions go at it. Now they start to unleach the fists and we see Hart beating Benoit up in the corner. Moments later he drops a fist from the second rope and goes for a cover. No cigar. Benoit rolls through into a modified Boston Crab but he isn't ratcheting down on it properly. Hart makes it to the ropes. Benoit gets a big back bodydrop and a one count. He is slugging Hart as we cut to commercial.

Hart is back in charge as we return and things are getting pretty intense. He goes for a cover but fails. He grabs a reverse chinlock then releases it and applies tht boots to Benoit's back. Benoit rolls to the floor and is followed out by Hart who rams his back into the apron. Hart continues to dominate for a minute or two then Benoit reverses a powerbomb attempt and gets a Tombstone Pilediver. Both are down and the referee counts to three before they both rise again. Now Benoit is mounting a comeback. He stands Hart in the corner, hits him with a headbutt the chops him hard. He rushes the corner and meets an elbow. Bret is on the attack again. He snaps off a belly-to-back and gets a two-count. He holds Benoit up against the ropes and whales on him. Benoit comes back and knocks Bret out to the floor then hits a suicide dive which sends Hart tumbling backward as we cut to conother commercial.

Hart has Benoit bent over the top rope and is laying in the forearms. We hear that he has turned it up a notch during the break. That's hard to believe because this contest has been really intense from the get go. The match has been going for over 20 minutes now. Benoit is still in it and reverses a roll-up for a two-count but Bret is definitely in charge. He sets Benoit on the top rope then goes up to join him but Benoit headbutts him down. Hart fights back and climbs up again. A superplex crashes them both to the mat. The refersee counts to 7 before they rise again. hart goes for a Sharpshooter but Benoit turns it over into a Crippler Crossface. Hart barely gets to the rope to force the break. Benoit hits his series of three German suplexes then goes up to the furthest corner and hits a big diving headbutt. He gets a two-count. He drags him to his feet and hits a belly-to-back suplex. The crowd starts to chant "Let's go Bret!" Hart reverses a whip and hits a shortarm clothesline then gets a piledriver. He goes for a cover but Benoit is right near the ropes and lays his leg over the bottom strand. Benoit turns the tables and gets two of his three German suplexes then Hart lays in a back elbow to escape then attacks the back again. Again they are each trying to get their signature submission hold. They struggle with it then Bret succeeds. He gets the Sharpshooter and Benoit holds out for a while then taps out. The match was a full half hour. The referee shakes Hart's and then Bret embraces Benoit. He stands in the middle of the ring, looks heavenward and gives his brother the high sign. The two competitors are congratulated by Harley Race and leave the ring area with their arms around each other. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene welcomes Ric Flair to the ring as we return. He then turns and calls Hulk Hogan out to join them. Hogan is still wearing asome bigtime knee bracing. He lets Flair take the first rant. He says he's going to pray, take his vitamins and stay away from the bars - he's joining Hulkamania. Hogan states that he has been schooled by the Nature Boy to put on the figure four leglock and break some bones. In the back Sid paces around near space #22 saying to himself "Yeah...I got him now..." Don't bet on it, moron. Cut to commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buff Bagwell - Page gives his wife a kiss before going to the ring then strolls down and delivers his standard self-intro. Buff arrives and taunts him into action. The fight goes to the floor right away then back inside just as quickly. Buff seems to have Pages number in the early going, but it is only momentary. Page comes back with a low blow and then commences to pound away. He mimics a People's Elbow then slaps on a sleeper. Bagwell starts to sag then escapes. he gets a clothesline and a reverse atomic drop. He goes for a Blockbuster but Page holds onto the ropes and thwarts the maneuver. Page goes for a Diamond Cutter but Buff avoids it so Page turns around, goes for it again and hits it. Buff is not the stuff...tonight. There is a weird promo for some kind of cowboy wrestler. Could that be Barry Windham? We haven't seen him in a while. I re-watch the recording of the scene. No - it's Dustin Rhodes! Cut to commercial.

The Total Package enters with Miss Liz in tow. His new music is really lame. So is his ring entrance and display. Boring....

Lex Luger/Sting vs. Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan - Sting has new music - also pretty lame. It is 10:59 as Flair enters - this will be a short match. Hogan doesn't seem to be limping and the fight begins as soon as he slides under the ropes. He and Sting retire to the ringsdie area for a brawl while Luger starts stomping on Flair in the ring. Sting and HOgan fight over to the broadcast table. Meanwhile Flair is dumping Luger to the floor. They brawl a little then Flair returns and faces Sting. Flair has control until he stands Sting in the corner and chops him - then Sting comes alive and does some pounding of his own. Flair comes back with a low blow but Sting escapes and tags in Luger. Luger turns the tables then Sting comes back in to aid in a double team. Flair is being isolated at this point. Luger and Sting are tagging in and out and cutting off the Nature Boy from his partner. Sting throws a splash and meets Flair's upraised knees. Hogan is tagged in and cleans house. Flair comes back in and all four go out it. DDP runs in and tries to Diamond Cut Flair but is shoved away and collides with Luger, who lays in a low blow from behind then racks Page!! Meanwhile Hogan drops the big leg on Sting and pis him.

In the back, Sid asked the flunky where his car is. He is told space #22. He yells "oh man!" and runs over to find that his car has been cubed!!! He yells "Why Me??" ...because you're an idiot maybe..?

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RAW Report

RAW is live from the Continental Airlines Arena in Meadowlands, NJ.

The New Age Outlaws enter as the program opens.

NAO vs. X-Pac/Kane vs. The Hollys vs. the Acolytes - Four way Elimination match - all four battle for a moment then the referee clears the ring leaving Billy vs. Bob to start the match. The fight goes to the floor where Crash and the Dogg get involved. They are all four counted out leaving the Acolytes facing X-Pac and Kane. Has anybody else noticed that the sub-title of the coming PPV "The Legacy of Kain" mispells the Big Red Machine's name? Bradshaw is taking X-Pac apart until the latter hits an insuguri and knocks the big guy down. He refuses to tag in his partner and pays for it. Kane has to enter the ring to try and rescue him - he succeeds and it's X-Pac on Bradshaw again. Somehow in the confusion a little later - Kane pins Faarooq while Bradshaw pins X-Pac. Unfortunately for the good guys - X-Pac and Bradshaw were the legal men. The British Bulldog is walking into the building. We cut to scenes from the recent PPV in Birmingham. Davey is shown accosting Vince in the dressingroom during the show. He tosss a trashcan over his shoulder and it hits Stephanie. She is hauled away on a stretcher. Later he attacks Chyna in the ring then still later faces X-Pac in a match. Stephanie is said to have suffered a "severe head trauma".

The Bulldog Comes to the ring to an "A$$hole" chant. He rants at Vince with no second thoughts about Stephanie's injuries. He rants off on women in general, saying they don't belong in wrestling. He then says he's going to apologise - but doesn't. He is single minded about wanting to go after the World Title, which he won't get a chance to do at the next PPV. Chyna appears on the platform and taunts him. She challenges him to a match and refers to him as "Deputy Dawg". Mankind encounters Stevie Richards in the hall and says, "I'm going to have to talk to him and he's not going to like it..." One assumes he means the Rock. Cut to commercial.

Mick finds Maivia in his dressing room. He holds a one sided conversation with the Rock who is on the phone and talking to someone else.

We switch live to Michael Hayes who is with Test at the medical facility where Stephanie is being treated. Andrew says that his fiance doesn't even recognise him. Back in the arena, the old biddies are assaulting Ivory in her dressing room. Cut to commercial.

More of the Mankind and Stevie show.

Terri Runnels comes down to join the broadcasters for the next round of the Terri Runnels Invitational Tag Team Tournament.

Edge/Christian vs. The New Brood - Gangrel doesn't join his boys tonight. Probably jealous because they are trying to get Terri as their manager. The Hardeys are prone to cheat and start in shortly after the match begins as Terri prattles on about all four of these guys wanting her. In the ring, the Hardeys are in control for the most part though it is generally a see-saw contest. I expect they'll win in order to even things up for this five match series. Surprisingly, Edge hits a mid-air spear on Matt Hardey and gets the pin. Okay - I was wrong. So sue me... HHH is headed to the ring. Cut to commercial.

Kane and X-Pac are in the back. Waltman wants a Four Corners Elimination match at the PPV against the Acolytes.

HH (don't call me "Gameboy") H comes to the ring. He launches into a rant against Steve Austin. He is being a little better tonight with his bitten-off consenents. He then turns and invites JR to join him. JR demures, but HHH apologizes for breaking his arm and promises not to harm him then goes out and gets a chair for Ross to sit in then invites him again. JR accepts the invitation, like an idiot, and enters the ring. He takes a seat and then they play an interview featuring JR and Steve Austin. Austin admits that he is not currently cleared to wrestle but he plans to compete at the next PPV whether he's ready or not. HHH asks JR what Austin's opinion of himself is. JR demures again. HHH assures him that he will not be hurt again. JR then responds as I alluded to during the Nitro report above. HHH then asks JR for his own opinion. JR tells him he's a "sorry low-down SOB". HHH then attacks the commentator. He lies, you know... Referees come out and break it up. They save him from a chairshot. HHH bails and we cut to commercial.

Terri Taylor is with Ivory/Jeff Jarrett and Miss Kitty. They accept the challenge from the biddies of a mixed tag match. Cut to commercial.

Mick Foley is with the stars of G vs. E somwhere in the back. Michael Cole has replaced JR.

Jeff Jarrett/Ivory (w/Miss Kitty) vs. The Biddies (Mae Young/Moolah) - between them, Moolah and Young have more then 100 years of experience in the ring! The Biddies sound is messaed up so we can;t hear their music. In fact there is a buzz in the sound system as the match starts. Jarrett shoves Miss Kitty at the Biddies then leaves the ring to join the broadcast team, leaving his valet to face the wrath of the Biddies. Ivory tags in and she takes a couple of shots then overcomes Moolah. But then she faces Young for a moment and is ditracted so that Moolah gets some more shots. Ivory retreats and tags Miss Kitty back in. The latter is easily defeated. Jarrett figures that his valet has let him down. He browbeats her then slaps the figure four on her. Mae Young and Moolah rescue her. In the back, Mick is being made up - then he covers the makeup with his mask and heads for the ring with the two actors in tow.

Mick Foley brings his actor friends to the ring and rants against Val Venis. He then sends his companions to their ringside seats and brings the Rock out. Maivia castigates Foley for his "This is Your Life" segment last week and for losing the sock and the jacket. He starts to tell Mick that he really doesn't care about the "Rock n' Sock Connection" but Foley cuts him off. He wants to rededicate his career to their tag team because he wants to go down in history as the Rock's partner. He gets the crowd to chant "Rock and Sock!" and suggests that he and Maivia are "married". The Rock is incredulous but Foley assures him its only a figure of speech but Maivia deliberately misunderstands his meaning. Foley compares their partnership to the Three Musketeers. The Rock starts to tells him where he can stick that...then Chris Jericho interrupts him. He adds another 2 minutes of pointless drivel to the ongoing conversation (seven minutes and counting). The People's Eyebrow rises almost off the Rock's forehead as Jericho suggests that maybe Maivia is a little "Come-see Come sa". He invites Jericho to "know your role and shut your mouth..." Then alludes to Jericho unmasking Juventud Guerrera a last year. Maivia can out talk this jabronie any day of the week. Jericho's verbal offering is decidedly not impressive tonight in comparison. Maivia challenges Jericho to a match later tonight. Cut to commercial.

Mankind and Stevie are having a conversation when the Dudleys run in and attack them with trash cans.

The British Bulldog vs. Chyna - Chyna drags her opponnent out to the floor and rams him into the stairs to start the match then rolls him inside and delivers a low blow. She comes close to pinning him immediately. He reverses the field but eshe spins him right around and knocks him down. Jeff Jarrett runs out and hits her with a coffee urn full of hot coffee ending the match. Bulldog leans over her and tells her there's no place for women in tha WWF. He picks her up into the running powerslam posisiton then tells HHH he has ten seconds to come out and give him a title shot. He counts to three then slams her and bails. In the back the Dudleys tell Terry Taylor they found the Rock's jacket in the trash can. Cut to commercial.

Manind/"Dude Love" vs. The Dudleys - Richards is Dude Love tonight, of course. Jim Ross rejoins the broadcast team. The match just gets underway when Val Venis' music starts up. Val has the sock hanging out of his fly and lures Foley out of the ring. The Dudleys follow then Richards and the brawl continues on the platform. Val has joined the broadcasters. The match goes back to the ring then Mankind is tossed onto th table and interrupts Venis' rant. Back in the ring, Foley is ready to put the claw on Bubba but Val jumps on the apron so he puts the sock there instead. That allows the Dudleys to blindside him. Venis retreives Mr. Rocko and splits. In the back, Vince arrives in a black limo. Cut to commercial.

Vince enters the ring and demands an apology from the Bulldog to Stephanie. Davey Boy appears on the platform and refuses, again, saying it was Vince's fault that she was hurt. Vince then challenges Davey Boy to a match. Bulldog says he's taking the rest of the night off and splits.

The Rock vs. Chris Jericho (w/Mr. Hughes) - five minutes of the remaining ten of the program are wasted on the Rock's entrance and then a commercial before Jericho appears. Hughes attacks first so that Jericho can get the drop on Maivia. It doesn't help really. But then Jericho comes back with a bulldog and a springboard moonsault to turn things around. Maivia gets another short flurry then Jericho takes control of the match for a while until Maivia gets a belly-to-back suplex and both are down. They get up and engage in some fisticuffs then Hughes trips Maivias and he stumbles into Jericho's crab variation. Maivia inches over and reaches the ropes which brings Hughes onto the apron to distract the referee. The fight goes out to the floor where Jericho is back on the receiving end but he gets it back in a moment. Then the lights go out... When they come back on - sort of - Jericho has hit Maivia with the ring bell and almost gets the pin - but fails. Maivia is back in it moments later and almost gets the pin but Hughes drags the referee out to the floor and drops him on his face. Hughes jumps on the apron and collides with Maivia then slides a chair in for Jericho to use - but Maivia Rock Bottoms Jericho on it. He fends off Hughes again then drops the elbow on Jericho and gets the pin. The BUlldog runs in and attacks the Rock until the referees run in to separate them. They fight free and are separated again. Here comes Vince who runs down and gut kicks the Bulldog then tosses him back inside. Maivia is getting some more licks in as we fade to black.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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