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Volume 5, Issue 513 - October 9, 1999
Editor's Note: I am going on vacation next week and will be out of reach of the Internet from Monday morning until the following Sunday. Therefore there will be no Monday or Saturday editions of the newsletter and I will also have to postpone the Solie's Wrestling Radio broadcast until I return home. I don't expect to be home in time to do an Interactive report on the WWF PPV but will try and see the encore broadcast and get a report up as soon as I can. I will be reporting on Sunday's Heroes of Wrestling PPV before I go out of town.

Most of you have heard by now that Daren Drozdov (Droz) suffered a serious neck injury this week during a match with D'Lo Brown which might well be career ending. Solie's wishes to extend our best wishes to Droz and his family and hope for a full recovery for this emerging talent.

Robert "Gorilla Monsoon" Marella died Wednesday morning. Ervin Griffin's and my collaberative tribute to this legendary wrestler and announcer appears below. Solie's wishes to extend our heartfelt condolences to the Marella family. 

Gorilla Monsoon Dead at 62

by Earl Oliver and Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Robert "Gino" Marella is dead.

Bob Marella died of complications of a heart attack, kidney failure and several others this week. Known to most fans nowadays as the voice of the WWF throughout the 1980's and early 90's, Marella had a storied wrestling career in the 60's and 70's.

At his prime, he weighed 450lbs. and was a WWWF US Tag Team Champion on two occasions in 1965, once with Killer Kowalski and later with Bill Watts. Ironically, when Marella debuted as a pro wrestler, it was as a non-speaking "Manchurian" named Gorilla Monsoon, whom manager Wild Red Berry had supposedly discovered while on tour there.

Marella had many battles with Bruno Sammartino and later tagged with him as well. Georgiann Makropoulos of the Chatterbox News reports that one such battle happened on May 11, 1964 at the Old Madison Square Garden when Bruno wrestled Monsoon to a 1 hour and 20 minute curfew DRAW. Says Georgie, "That was one helleva match. Nowadays you'd never see a match that long, fans would probably become bored with it. Back then the fans were at the edge of their seats enjoying every minute of the contest. Another great match took place at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ on October 4, 1963 (a complete sell out) when Bruno lost to Gorilla via a DQ".

One of the most famous 70's era incidents involving the Gorilla was when he was scheduled to wrestle Baron Mikel Scicluna in a TV match. Before the match, Muhammad Ali was introduced as a spectator in the front row. This was part of the buildup to Ali fighting Antonio Inoki in a boxer vs. wrestler matchup in Tokyo. Ali first taunted Monsoon then got into the ring. After sparring with him for a bit, Monsoon picked the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion up, gave him an airplane spin, and dumped him onto the mat. Monsoon, in the post-"match" interview, remarked that Ali had no business being in the wrestling ring because "he doesn't know a wrist lock from a wrist watch."

A fellow wrestling great remembers Marella: "He was a tremendous amateur wrestler and a special guy," said George "The Animal" Steele. "He was a very smart and articulate man with a quick wit. He always wanted to be a wrestler. He was tough, and he loved to gamble." During their wrestling hey day, Steele remembers one night inadvertently switching wrestling gear with the big guy. We both wore red and black trunks," Steele said. "Somehow in the locker room, he had mine, and I had his. I was puting them on, and they came up to my chin. He couldn't even get mine on. It was pretty funny."

By the early 1970's, Marella went into semi-retirement, working occasionally as a babyface. He even spent some time managing Pedro Morales when Pedro was the WWWF Champion. He was instrumental in getting dozens of wrestlers into the business indirectly, by breaking in Larry Sharpe, who would go on to train stars such as Vincent, Bam Bam Bigelow, 911, the Pit Bulls, Rocco Rock, and Godfather in his infamous "Monster Factory" training camp.

Marella was also a power broker in the wrestling business in the Northeast as a part owner of the promotion started by Toots Mondt and and later run by Vince McMahon, Sr. In fact one of the first acts of Vince, Jr. in taking over his father's business was to buy out Vince, Sr.'s partners, Marella, Arnold Skaaland and Phil Zacko.

Younger fans knew Marella as a commentator opposite Bobby "The Brain" Heenan but we choose to remember him along side Jesse "The Body" Ventura from 1985-1990 (when Ventura left WCW). Those two were about as perfect a compliment for a heel/face commentary duo as you could get in those days (the best now is Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler though Ross/Ventura during their WCW stints could vie for that title as well). In 1994, Marella took more of a behind the scenes role in the WWF, playing the part of the WWF President for a time. His last on-screen appearance was at WrestleMania XV as one of the judges for the "Brawl For All" fight between Bart Gunn and ButterBean (a slaughter if ever there was one).

The recent years had not been to kind to Marella, as he lost his son in 1994 in an automobile accident (former WWF referee Joey Morella) and had a previous bout with a heart attack in 1997. It was said he had never truly gotten over the loss of his son. With family and friends at his bedside, Marella passed away in the early morning hours of October 6, 1999.

WWF.COM posted this memorial: "Robert Marella, known to his fans worldwide as Gorilla Monsoon, passed away this morning. He was a well-respected and beloved member of our family who will be sorely missed. The World Wrestling Federation would like to send its deepest sympathies to his family and friends".

Gorilla Monsoon was a WWF Hall Of Fame Inductee, a great wrestler and a great announcer. He was 62.

Thank you and rest in peace, Gorilla.

Robert Marella
June 6, 1937 to October 6, 1999

Thunder Report

Thunder comes to us on tape tonight.

Blitzkrieg vs. Dean Malenko (w/o Revolution) - Malenko's usual companions are conspicuous by their absence tonight. After a stalemated first exchange, Malenko offers his hand to shake and then uses the maneuver to pull his opponent into his clutches. Moments later he grabs an ankle lock submission but Blitzkrieg slithers to the ropes to escape. Now it is all Blitzkrieg as the high flyer is all over the ring to confound his opponent. But then he caroms off the ropes and into a knee to the mid-section. Malenko is getting rough with him now. He boots the knee of his opponent then grabs another submission hold. Releasing it he then drop-kicks the same knee. Blitzkrieg is no longer flying... Malenko gets a gut-buster then goes for a pin but Blitzkrieg gets a foot on the rope. Moments later he goes flying over the top rope and hits his back on the apron on his way down to the floor. Malenko leaves the ring but his opponent scoots back in then throws a double twisting moonsault. Back inside. the rookie is in charge until he climbs the corner and gets cut off. Malenko climbs up with him and gets a belly-to-belly superplex. He goes for the Cloverleaf but is rolled up and has to kick out. He then gets a short powerbomb and succeeds in putting on the Cloverleaf for the victory. Great first match. Cut to commercial.

Video review of Disco Inferno winning the Cruiserweight strap from bogus champion Psychosis. Mike Tenay takes a moment to remember Gorilla Monsoon and Legendary Larry offers some personal insights.

Disco Inferno vs. Evan Karagous - Cruiserweight Title match - I wonder what ever happened to the angle where Disco was unable to make Cruiserweight weight? He clearly outweighs his opponent here despite the fact that Karagous drop-kicks him out of the ring early on. Back in the ring, Disco grabs an armbar than emplys a hair takedown - but then he lowers his head on a whip and surrenders the advantage. A moment later he sends the challenger sailing over to the floor then follows him out and roughs him up before rolling him back inside. He gets a swinging neck breaker then stops to pose before putting the boots to his opponent in a corner. He gets a vertical suplex then repeats the maneuver. He goes for three but Evan sidesteps him then whips him to the ropes. They clothesline each other and both are down. Karagous recovers and makes his move with a furious offensive assault. He gets a couple of unsuccessful covers. Then he is shot to the corner and goes for a head scissors but Disco elevates him and drops him astraddle the top rope. The Last Dance tells the tale. Another great match. Cut to commercial.

Brad Armstrong vs. Chris Adams - I'm glad that BA got away from that quasi-Stone Cold character he was trying to portray last year. Armstrong, like his fictional namesake Jack, is seemingly meant to be the all-American boy next door type. Truculance doesn't suit him. Adams gets to be the heel these days and does it so much better then Brad ever could. He slaps his opponent in the face to start the match. That riles Brad up and he wastes his opponent with a brilliant series of arm drags. Adams bails to regroup then grabs a wrist lock on his way back in. They exchange wristlocks for a bit then Adams seeks the ropes for his escape. At his first opportunity, Adams rakes the eyes and takes control as the crowd boos and chants "USA!" Brad is thrown to the floor then pounded on before being rolled back inside. Adams climbs the corner and gets a flying lariet and series of two-counts. He follows with a vertical suplex then climbs to the top ands launches a knee drop that meets canvas. Armstrong pounds away in the corner the rushes into a boot. Adams follows with a superkick and goes for the pin but Brad is near the ropes and escapes. Adams goes for a splash and misses again. Brad hits his Russian legsweep and gets the pin. Not bad at all. Cut to commercial.

Chris Benoit vs. Brian Knobbs - World Television Title match - as the match gets started Tenay tells us that Bret Hart and Benoit will wrestle as a tag team on Monday night. In the ring, Benoit sends Knobbs out of the ring on their first tie-up. Knobbs comes back in and batters the Champion into the corner. Benoit recovers in the corner but is then powerslammed. He recovers and a back elbow sends Knobbs tumbling out again. Benoit then misses a baseball slide and gets dragged to the floor and run into the steps. Knobbs then elevates the steps and drops them on his opponent. Then he picks the Champ up and runs him into the steps again! Knobbs tries for a rail shot but Beniot reverses the field and Knobbs goes flying. He tumbles into the crowd followed by Benoit who grabs a plastic chair and brains the challenger. They are brawling up the bleacher steps as we cut to commercial.

They are still battling on the steps as we return. Benoit boots the challenger in the face and the latter tumbles down a flight or so. They battle back to the ringside area with Knobbs on the receiving end this time. Benoit strangles his opponent with a TV cable (why not, it is the TV Title...) We hear now that the referee has ruled that this will be a no-DQ match. Back in the ring, Knobbs snatches the initiative with a series of elbow drops but then climbs to the second rope and launches hmself onto an upraised boot. He recovers quickly and stands Benoit in the corner then freight trains him. He goes for the same move again and misses. Benoit gets two German suplexes only to have Jimmy Hart run in and break up the pin attempt. Knobbs knocks the referee down then they attempt a doubleteam with the megaphone - but Benoit ducks and Knobbs gets clobbered. Benoit launches the swan dive headbutt then takes the pin. This show is action packed tonight. Cut to commercial.

Silver King vs. Lash Leroux - this looks like an opportunity for Leroux to further the minor push he's been getting lately. Silver King has a vast experience advantage, of course, but isn't exactly blessed with "winning ways" as they say. The match is pretty pedestrian with plenty of back and forth action but little to write home about. A trip to the floor sees Leroux sailed over the railing into the crowd but Silver King returns to the ring to wait instead of going after him. Back inside, Leroux has not yet recovered but Silver King slips his grip on a back breaker. Leroux grabs him in a fireman's carry and gets a big slam and the pin. Eh... Cut to commercial.

Dale Torburg vs. The Maestro - Torburg paints his face like red baseball - I don't know - I just report these things. The Maestro was formerly known as Gorgeous George III. Torburg, who refers to himself as the "MVP" (Most Violent Player) has the definite size advantage but the Maestro is the real wrestler here and dominates the early going. Torburg finally uses his superior power to start pounding on his opponent but the Maestro is still able to pull off a suplex and turn the tables. He continues to dominate the match until Torburg pulls off a Rock Bottom maneuver and gets the pin. Not a bad debut for either man. Cut to commercial.

Filthy Animals vs. Disorderly Conduct - FA is represented here by Rey Misterio, Jr. and Kidman. This is a silly match, of course. DC is useless as a tag team despite their considerable size advantage. They can't even handle Kidman as a doubleteam. They finally manage to mount about 2 minutes of doubleteam offense against Misterio which Kidman aids by getting anxious and distracting the referee. This is still going on as we cut to commercial.

The Animals are back in play as we return but Tough Tom knocks Rey out of the sky and turns the tables. Misterio gets a roll-up but Mean Mike distracts the referee and delays the count. Moments later Rey is almost pinned but Kidman saves his cookies. TT grabs a reverse chinlock, holds it for a while then releases it to plant some boots. He tags in his partner who climbs to the top way too slow and misses a big elbow. Rey tries to tag but TT catches his foot. Rey kicks him off the gets the tag. Kidman cleans house then all four are in the ring. MM is knocked to the floor and now the FA are doing the doubleteaming and wrap it up. Cut to commercial.

Bret Hart talks from the heart regarding his match with Chris Benoit on Monday night to memorialize his late brother.

Stevie Ray vs. Sid Vicious - US Title match - if Steiner will stay away from the ring this might be a good matchup. Stevie meets Sid as he climbs into the ring and then the fight goes right to the floor where Sid recovers with a low blow from behind then tears at Stevie's face. The referee, of course is Charles "the blind" Robinson. Stevie recovers and grabs a choke - so now the referee is right there to protest. Stevie ignores him and gets a big scoop slam on the cloor. Damn - here comes Steiner. He is trapped on the apron then booted to the floor where Steiner goes on the attack. Robinson turns his back to talk to Sid while Steiner does his dirty work. Stevie is rolled back into Sid's clutches but then kicks out of the pin attempt. Sid is astonished for some reason. He pounds on Stevie some more then Stevie blocks a punch and strikes back until Steiner trips him from the floor.Sid fails at another cover then grabs a rear chinlock. Stevie sinks to the mat and Robinson starts testing his arm. Stevie fights back to his feet and gets a boot to the face then tosses Sid to the floor. Steiner distracts Stevie as Sid returns to the ring and goes for a powerbomb but Stevie back drops him instead. Robinson then stoops to tie his shoe as Sid and Steiner blatantly douybleteam the challenger and put him away. Sid says his record is 128-0 now. What a moroon....

The first hour of Thunder tonight was excellent and the second was better then usual. I am especially pleased to see Brad Armstrong getting a chance to shine.

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SmackDown Report

The program opens with a moving tribute to Gorilla Monsoon.

SmackDown was pre-recorded in Long Island, New York at the Nassua Coliseum.

Kane/X-Pac vs. Mideon/Viscera - I have heard recently that the latter are next in line to hold the Tag Team Titles. Why is God's name? X-Pac starts against Mideaon and dominates him. Then Viscera is tagged in and Waltman refuses to tag in his partner. A mistake as he is crushed quickly by the big guy. Kane forces the tag the next time X-Pac gets within range then hits a standing drop-kick on Mideon followed bu a chokeslam and a cover. X-Pac is unhappy with his partner but arguments are forgotten as the Acolytes run in to attack the former Tag Champs. They leave the good guys laying and split.

Kevin Kelly interviews the Rock who denies that he is having any real trouble with the British Bulldog. He wants to talk about Val Venis using his Mr. Rocko to stuff his pants. Apparently they will have a match tonight. The crowd chants his name on cue and the interview ends on his tag line. We see a door with a sign on it reading "Warning" Poisonous Snakes" then Mick Foley greets the Rock, who ignores him and walks by. Cut to commercial.

Mankind talks to Lillian Garcia and says he is challenging the British Bulldog tonight.

The Road Dogg (w/Billy Gunn) vs. Bob Holly (w/Crash) - The Dogg manages to dominate the opening moments then Holly puts on the brakes and avoids a drop-kick to turn the tables. Bob distracts the referee so that Crash can do some dirty dealing. The Hollys are skillfull at using Billy to distract the official so that they can cheat. The Dogg throws Holly off at one point and is a bit disoriented as he looks for a tag that isn't there. He is knocked to the floor into the clutches of Crash while Billy is distracting the referee again. Holly goes for a splash off the top and meets an upraised boot. Again the Dogg looks for a tag but soon recovers and turns the tables. He goes for a pump handle slam but Crash starts to interfere so Billy drags him out and starts whaling on him. This distracts the referee and the Dogg - who gets pinned. The NAO beat up on the Hollys afterward but the damage was done.

A peek at Mark Henry's first sexual therapy session. He's more interested in the beautiful therapist then getting better. He reveals that his first sexual encounter was wth his sister! And his last encounter with her was the day before yesterday! Well this is certainly tasteless. Are we really sure that Vince Russo has moved on? Cut to commercial before I throw up...

Jeff Jarrett wears waders and stands ankle deep in a mud ring to tell us,and Miss Kitty, that she will be mud wrestling another un-named female tonight. The winner will be the one who pulls the top off the other first. This is going downhill faster and faster. In the back, Mankind attacks the British Bulldog in the midst of his interview with Terry Taylor.

Sure enough, there is a roomfull of snakes in cages in that room.

Edge/Christian vs. The New Brood - Terri Invitational Tournament match - Terri skirts the fire ring to make a speech on the platform. She wants to stir things up a little so she declares this one a Texas Tornado rules match. All four in at the same time, anything goes. E&C take the early advantage and almost incapacitate Matt with a double headbutt to the chest. Christian, who appears to be bulking up these days, takes Matt to the outside while Edge battles Jeff in the ring. Jeff manages to turn the tables and Christian is knocked out on the floor giving the Brood a chance to doubleteam Edge in the ring. Christian recovers in time to rescue his brother and now he faces the doubleteam. Edge gets back into it and Jeff is knocked to the floor while Matt is doubleteamed. But Jeff recovers in time to senton splash their opponents and get a pin on Christian. The score is now 2 to 1. In the back, Val Venis unrolls Mr. Rocko from his fly. How cut. I look forward to the commercial.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and brings Ivory down to the mud ring. Why doesn't this woman ever learn about Jarrett? He introduces Miss Kitty. She arrives wearing a gold robe then doffs it to reveal a blue bikini. She is hot alright. Jarrett turns and shoves Ivory into the ring...of course... Kitty drags Ivory's dress off. Now they're both in halter and panties. Ivory quickly pulls Kitty's top off. The WWF has now sunken about as low as it can go. Moolah and Mae Young show up and gets dunked in the mud. Here comes Chyna sneaking up behind Jarrett as he stands on the stairs overlooking the ring. She plants a boot in his backside and tumbles him in. Cut to video of how the Bulldog injured Stephanie. As Bret stated in his Calgary Sun column this week, apparently the Bulldog returned to the WWF to honor his late brother-in-law by beating up women... One has to wonder now just how serious his injuries really were a few months ago when he was accusing WCW of ruining his career.

Shane reveals that Stephanie has shown signs of improvement lately but is suffering some memory loss as a result of the head injury she sustained last week.

The British Bulldog vs. Mankind - Davey Boy attacks Mankind as he enters the ring. Foley takes it for a moment then fights back and turns the tables. They brawl out to the floor where the Bulldog gets a vertcal suplex then slams Mankind into the broadcast table. He then runs him into the stairs and goes for a chair. He clobbers Foley then stops to jaw with the crowd. Back in the ring, the Bulldog goes for a cover but fails to get the pin. He slaps on a reverse chinlock. Foley escapes and gets a DDT - both go down. Mankind recovers and draws Mr. Rocko from his usual hiding place - then turns and runs into the referee. Foley is knocked outside where Davey lifts the stairs and hits Foley with them. Mick recovers and they brawl out into the crowd. The camera loses sight of them as we go to some replays then to commercial.

We get another look at the snakes then join the Rattlesnake and Jim Ross in the woods with gus. Austin takes potshots at pumpkins with pictures of HHH tacked on them. Back at the arena, HHH enters the snake room and starts to open one of the cages.

The Big Show vs. The Big Bossman - two big guys crash head on - Mike Cole mentions Droz's injury during the taping that we are now watching but says it happened "earlier this week". The Bossman is tossed to the corner but then gets his boots to his opponents face before the giant mows him down. He is knocked to the floor. Big Show straddles the top rope to go out after him and gets caught there and pummeled. Bossman hits him hard repeatedly but fails to knock him down. He does manage to slam the big guy but can't hold him down. Moments later the Bossman lays hands on his night stick and gets himself DQ'd. He continues to beat on him then tries to handcuff him but can't get the cuffs around his wrists. Big Show recovers and chokeslams his opponent.

HHH addresses us among the snakes. He is handling a rattlesnake as he rants in a quiet voice. He sticks it into a burlap bag as he talks about Austin in a calm voice. This may be the most effective rant yet in his career. He takes a real sledge hammer (for a change) and crushes the snake inside the bag. Actually the bag went out of camera range as he put it on the floor so no doubt he switched bags.

HHH appears on the platform with a bloddy bag in his hands and rants some more. Cut to an HHH tribute video (of a sort...) which outlines his recent battles with various WWF stars.

Val Venis rants at the Rock and gets attacked by Mankind for his trouble - then the Bulldog runs in to attack Foley. Referees break it up. Cut to commercial.

The Rock vs. Val Venis - No DQ match - The Rock starts with fisticuffs, as usual and dominates his opponent from the get go. Moments later he tosses him over the top to the floor then follows him out. Val gets a couple of right hand shots but the Rock then tosses him over the railing, roughs him up then tosses him back to the ringside area. Back in the ring, he goes for a cover but fails. He slaps on a reverse chinlock. Valk escapes with elbow shots but Maivia comes roaring back and knocks him down then picks him up and smashes Val's head into the corner buckle. Val leaves the ring and tries to leave but Maivia clotheslines him on the ramp then drags him up to the platform for some more punishment. Venis coms back with a clothesline of his own, but Maivia countrs with a belly-to-back suplex on the ramp. He drags Val back to the ring and runs him into various objects until Venis blocks a shot and posts the Great One. Now Val gets some offense but then is reversed and slammed into the stairs. The Rock pauses to do his mid-match commentary bit then goes back to work on Venis.He puts the headset on Val then clobbers him. Val is rolled back into the ring but turns the tables and almost gets a pin. He executes a big vertical suplex then clamps on a reverese chinlock of his own. Maivia sinks to the mat. He resists letting his arm fall the third time then fights back to his feet and escapes. He hits a fisherman's suplex and gets a two-count. He follows with a float-over DDT and gets another two-count. Val comes back with a cover of his own then climbs out of the ring and grabs a chair. He throws it inside then climbs back in but here comes Foley with a chair of his own. He enters the ring - then hits the Rock! He then goes after Val with the claw but Val escapes then Maivia hits the Rock Bottom on him. Maivia finishes off Val and we fade as an argument ensues between Foley and the Rock.

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We open with a look at the bimbos of ECW. Dawn Marie, Francine, Miss Congeniality, Missy Hyatt, etc...leading to Tammy Lynn Sytch's return to the fold. Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are promising an "expose" on women in the wrestling industry.

Super Crazy vs. Little Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri - from Anarchy Rulez - apparently they intend to give away the entire PPV over the next few weeks. Tajiri dominates Guido while Super Crazy sneaks up behind him but then Tajiri also dominates Super Crazy. Then Tajiri and Guido gang up on Crazy until Tajiri decides to doublecross Guido. Crazy and Guido go out to the floor where Guido is thrown into the bleachers. SC heads back to the ring and is on the receiving end of a baseball slide. Tajiri seems to have everyone's number as we cut to commercial.

As we return Crazy has managed to splash both of his opponents. Big Sal is shown taking a tumble onto a table duing the break, then we're back to live action (or taped action, I suppose) where SC is still dominating the current situation. Now Guido and SC are ganging up on Tajiri. He is dispatched temporarily while Guido and Crazy slug it out. Eventually, SC moonsaults Guido and eliminates him leaving Tajiri and SC to battle it out one on one. They seem hesitant to lock up and spend some time staring each other down and jawing with the crowd before getting down to business. SC dominates until Tajiri hits a surprise handspring back elbow, but his ascendancy is short lived as SC head scissors his opponent then grabs a dragon sleeper then turns it into an inverted Tornado DDT. He throws a first turnbuckle moonsault then goes for a second turnbuckle version and lands on the upraised knees of Tajiri. Tajiri then goes on to score a brainbuster and take the pin. Cut to commercial.

Tammy Lynn tells of the pressures of being the hottest sex symbol in professional wrestling. The drugs and such. She talks about Louis Spicoli and mists up as she explains how he died. More to come they tell us. Cut to commercial.

Lance Storm (w/Dawn Marie) vs. Jerry Lynn - more Anarchy Rulez action. Lynn is heavily taped from previous injuries. Both guys counter each other's moves for several exchanges then Lynn takes control for the moment with a headlock. Storm escapes and the action gets furious again until Storm is kicked over the top to the floor. Lynn follows him out and continues his assault but then gives up the advantage as they re-enter the ring. They go into see-saw mode, again fast paced move and counter-move until Storm delivers a low-blow from behind to give himself then advantage. He drops a leg and gets a two-count then grabs a reverse chinlock. Lynn escapes and we are back in see-saw land again. Storm is knocked to the floor again and Lynn hits a moonsault. We break to rewatch what we just saw then return the two are back into it again. Lynn takes an interesting cheapshot when he elevates his opponent then drops him astraddle onto his own foreleg for a low-blow. Storm recovers but he is getting frustrated. Dawn hands him a chair which he wedges into the corner but he doesn't get a chance to use it for a while and Lynn recovers then knocks the chair loose. Lynn hits a DDT on the chair but Storm roars back and runs Lynn into the post, ribs first. He is almost helpless at this point and Storm moves in for the kill. But somehow, Lynn conmes back with a stunnner and buys some more time. He is holding his injured ribs now, however. Storm concentrates on the injury and eventually rolls Lynn up for the pin. Cut to commercial.

More Tammy Lynn interview footage. She claims that her success was somewhat tied to who she played up to personally, who she hung out with, who he friends were, who she slept with, etc. She talks about her problems with alcohol and sobs as she recalls the death of her niece Stacy. I'm not sure I understand what the point of this interview is except for Tammy to say that she has surived it all and is back.

I'll be back tomorrow night with the Heroes of Legend PPV report and the conclusion of the Afa interview. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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