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A Gorgeous Era in Wrestling

By Cecilia Rasmussen for the LA Times

Volume 5, Issue 515 - October 18, 1999
Editor's Note: I returned from my vacation last night late. I have seen no wrestling on TV since last Sunday night.

This evening we continue our series of Solie's Classic Reprints with a great article which appeared in the Los Angeles Times back in 1997, taking as it's subject the wrestler who invented the modern era of sports entertainment, the one and only, original, Gorgeous George.

But first there is something we need to clear up...

Wrestling Classic's Message from Gordon Solie


Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Mark Nulty from Wrestling posted this message from Gordon Solie. It addresses the rumors surrounding Mr. Solie's health which appeared on

Posted by Mark Nulty on October 14, 1999 at 16:51:44:
A message from Gordon Solie.....

A Gorgeous Era in Wrestling

(Los Angeles Times, December 14, 1997)

By Cecilia Rasmussen, L.A. Then And Now

To his friends, this 250-pound package of golden-haired, pre-steroid muscle was always G.G.

Promoters billed him variously as the "Toast of the Coast," the "Sensation of the Nation" and the "Human Orchid."

But to the legion of fans who made him one of live television's first superstars in the late 1940s, he was Gorgeous George, the man who not only kept them glued to their newly purchased TV consoles, but also filled the seats each week in such historic Los Angeles venues as Hollywood Legion Stadium, the Olympic Auditorium and the Ocean Park and Long Beach arenas.

While others debated whether professional wrestling was a sport or a spectacle, Gorgeous George never had any doubts. With his manicured, brightly polished nails and trademark mane of bleached and styled hair, he single-handedly paved the way for coming generations of gender-bending entertainers, as he shocked the sensibilities of a macho era by entering the ring in outrageous, orchid-colored costumes.

Often, he tossed members of the audience "Georgie pins," gold-colored bobby pins just like the ones he used to hold his own curls in place. When he gave friends and special admirers 14-karat versions of his signature trinket "Georgie pins," he made them take an oath: "I solemnly swear and promise to never confuse this gold Georgie pin with a common, ordinary bobby pin, so help me Gorgeous George."

He also was fond of dispensing savvy pearls of wrestling wisdom, such as: "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat."

It was a sentiment tailor-made for an athletic entertainment that always had been a happy hunting ground for rogues, con men and fast-buck artists who liked to play both sides of the line between license and grand larceny. A decade before Gorgeous George's arrival on the scene, credulous fans encouraged by splashy stories and pictures displayed in local papers -- whose journalists were often on the promoters' payrolls -- bet wildly and illicitly on matches that, more often than not, were fixed by the mob.

Scandal followed and professional wrestling nearly faded from the national scene. Then along came celebrity-hungry television -- and Gorgeous George.

Nebraska-born George Raymond Wagner, the son of a house painter, began wrestling at age 13 and was twice amateur champion of Texas before turning pro. Early in his career, he learned to attract attention by wearing spats, a Homburg hat and carrying a cane. When dapper didn't quite do it, the ambitious young rising star decided to try bold and flashy.

He hired Hollywood's famed hairstylists, Frank and Joseph, who curled and bleached his hair. Soon, he also began wearing lacy, frilly gowns and sequined, lavender robes that highlighted his blond locks coiffured in beautiful waves.

The crowd's response frequently was unruly -- fights sometimes broke out in the grandstands -- but attendance grew, and Gorgeous George was what they paid to see. As a red carpet rolled out and his theme song, "Pomp and Circumstances," played, his personal valet used a sterling silver spray gun to fill the ring with "Chanel No. 10," lest the scent of exertion from the previous match offend his boss' olfactory senses.

There was, of course, no such thing as a perfume called Chanel No. 10. But that didn't really bother fans who didn't care that the match that followed was fixed.

To be continued...

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Nitro Report

The opening shows Sid getting out of his black limo wearing a business suit and with a slew of entourage similarly attired.

Nitro is live from Philadelphia, PA.

Juventud Guerrera faces Evan Karagious in the opening contest. Here's an excellent matchup - both are all over the ring - striking at each other from every conceivable angle. Juvey seems to have things well in hand when Bret Hart just strolls into the ring and starts making a speech! He says they didn't offer him any time for an interview so he's making his own time. He's all bent out of shape over the rumor that Hulk Hogan is not going to wrestle him after all. Sting decides to interrupt and appears on the platform wearing a black longsleeve T-shirt. He looks like a Mime telling Bret to stop being a cry baby about Hogan - then he offers him a World Title shot! Tonight!

Tony is making way to much out of the new writing us from destroying our illusions...please!!! Sid starts to make some comments to Mike Tenay but is advised to keep his mouth shut by the legal department or something. Goldberg arrives in his white limo.

Sid is meeting with his legal guys talking over the situation vis-a-vis Goldberg. They all agree that, "'s no problem."

Disco Inferno wears an orange outfit with a cowboy hat with his Cruiserweight belt. He gets to face Vampiro and have Lash Leroo doing commentary. Lash's wrestling character is atrocious and distracts me from the ending which somehow gives Disco the win. Leroo runs in and attacks the Disco man afterward. He is said to be making a statement and it is a lot clearer then his broadcast commentary.

Medusa is disgusted that she is being ordered to compete in an evening gown match with Mona. She threatens to quit...right... Cut to...

Nitro Grrrrrl contest finalists! Chiquita and Stacy from Philly, PA.

Buff Bagwell suddenly decides to make an appearance - at least that's the way it seems - he "isn't on the format..." He says that he has heard from the new writing team that he is the "chosen one" who is going to be the new star of the show. He struts some after the interview. Cut to Kimberly doing a sensual power-walk looking for Ric Flair's little boy... Meanwhile Mona says she's happy for the opportunity to face Medusa in the ring regardless of the circumstances.

Sid stills is seeking assurances from his team.

Konnan and Konnan. Jr. come to the ring for a Tag Team Title match against Harlem Heat. Booker T comes to the ring wearing briefs! I don't think I've ever seen his legs before. Even in his old GWF days he wore long tights. Rey, Jr. naturally faces Stevie Ray to start and gets creamed for several moments. Meanwhile Kidman and Eddie G show up with Torrie in a mink coat. They march right to the broadcast team and start engaging the commentators in banter. The match is ignored as we switch to a backstage camera showing the First Family watching the match. Back to the ring - where the Filthy Animals are still running their mouths. Stevie is pounding on Konnan now. In fact he is isolating the Mexican star. Rey Rey tries to help but he is only making things worse. Suddenly the two at ringside attack Booker T while Rey and Konnan doubleteam Stevie and take the pin. They are the new Tag Champs! The Filthy Animals have lived up to their name... Kimberly finds David and propostitons him!

Meng vs. Hugh Morrus is next up. Two big bulls face off! Morrus actually has the size to make a dent in Meng...but that's all he can do. Meng shakes it all off then starts pummeling Morrus in the corner. The Outsiders choose to make their entrance at this point. The wade through the crowd to get to their ringside seats. Meanwhile, Morrus thinks he's got Meng where he wants him but it is the other way around of course. He does a flashy martial arts windup before applying the Goozle. Sid's legal team heads for the ring as Tony screams, "What will happen next???" and we cut to to commercial.

As Sid stands there bursting out of his business suit in the entryway, the Brain insists that, "...all the mind games are done..." Sid stalks to the ring then calls his "professional Legal team" to join him. He seems prepared to demonstrate that Goldberg has broken his contract stipulation not to touch his person before the big match - and he tears up the contract! Goldberg runs in and finds the legal team running interference for the US Champ. Sid uses the distraction to attack Goldberg from the blindside and puts him down pretty effectively. He stuffs the contract into the challenger's mouth then splits, leaving Goldberg to get into an argument with the Outsiders at ringside which security has to break up. Hall and Nash are escorted from the building in a long pointless, camera follow shot.

Bret Harts says he's looking forward to facing Sting. Getting the cart a little before the horse, he is saying that he will give Hogan the title shot at the PPV, when Sting runs in and attacks him.

Hall and Nash are arguing with the security, trying to get back into the arena and Goldberg is roaming the halls looking for Sid. Meanwhile, Berlyn makes his entrance. He will face Rick Steiner - what? So who is going to play the babyface in this one? Steiner is clearly uneasy about the big bodyguard at ringside and allows the German to get the drop on him - but it is only for a moment - then Steiner starts to maul him. Suddenly Brad Armstrong runs in and makes a nuisance of himself. His distraction gives Berlyn the win after the bodyguard waffles Steiner with a chair. Steiner turns on Armstrong and drags him up the aisle. In the back, Nash is guzzling Nyquil for his cold while he and Hall are trying to sneak into the building. Kimberly arrives at the hotel for her liason with Flair, Jr. Goldberg is beating up clowns to find Sid... Cut to a commercial for the WWF Attitude video game.

Kimberly enters a hotel room and strips off her overcoat to reveal a black body stocking. She is primping when Ric Flair appears and says he's come in place of David! In another part of the building, Lex Luger is kind of tongue tied trying to explain that he's not intimidated by Goldberg (they have a match later), meanwhile he appears to be wetting his pants...

Kidman (w/Torrie) has a field day with David Flair in the next match. The Nature Kid shows that he's been doing a little work on his wrestling but he is no match for Kidman - especially when Torrie suddenly exposes herself in her underwear and distracts him hopelessly. The Filthy Animals then swarm and punk Flair en masse. The Outsiders are still looking for Goldberg. Nash is getting high on Nyquil... Medusa is still freaking out over having to fight an Evening Gown match.

Mona makes her entrance in her usual formal ring attire. Medusa wears a decidedly athletic looking short sport dress. Mona is pissed and goes right on the attack. Her ascendancy is short lived as Medusa plants herself and hits a bigtime suplex on her opponent. She continues to beat up on Mona until she manages to take the referee out then she goes out and gets a chair. After whacking Mona on the back she goes to the floor and starts harrassing the announcers. That gives Mona the chance to drop off the apron and take her down. She rips the dress off of Medusa to win then splits crying. Medusa recovers and makes a statement about not wanting to do this match in the first place, yatta, yatta... Bret and Sting are shown heading for the ring.

Bret Hart vs. Sting - World Title match - Hart goes right on the attack and grabs the early advantage. He forces the World Champ to the floor and stalks him, running him into the railing and the apron then rolling him back inside. He starts concentrating on the legs - setting up the Sharpshooter...until Sting thumbs his eye. He then gets a big splash to cement his advantage, then tosses Hart to the floor. Now it's Hart's turn to taste steel and wood. Back in the ring, Sting goes for another splash and gets knees to the gut instead. Hart is in control once more. He takes a two-count off a suplex. Sting reverses the field rather suddenly with a whip reversal then a Stinger splash. He drags Hart to the corner and pulls his groin into the post, twice. Back in the ring, Hart is on rubberlegs. Sting takes him down then grabs a sleeper. Hart fights to a prone position then struggles to his feet and punches to an escape. Sting absorbs the blows then roars back with a gut shot and another splash. He grabs a rear chinlock. This is a strange offense for the Stinger. Bret fights to his feet again but Sting overwhems him hits an atomic drop. Hart avoids a drop-kick and places himself back in the driver's seat. He beats Sting down and gets a solid two-count. He sets up the Sharpshooter but then chooses to apply the boots instead. He stands Sting up and punches him in the throat. Then he applies the Sharpshooter. Sting gets to the ropes and escapes but Hart is still all over him. He attacks the left knee with ferocity. Sting breaks out but he's limping now. He applies a sleeper but Hart reverses to a belly-to-back. Both are down then Sting recovers and goes for a top-rope splash. He eats knees... Elizabeth appears ringside then mounts the apron to distract the referee. Lex Luger runs in with a baseball bat and rather clumsily attacks Hart. He is repulsed initially but finally gets a shot on Hart's knee. Sting grabs the Scorpion and Hart taps out. Backstage, Ric Flair is having a cow over what happened to Junior. Hall and Nash are still haunting some out of the way place the building.

Hall and Nash are looking for Goldberg among the Luchadores.

La Parka is facing Buff Bagwell (the new star of the show...) over an incident that happened last week. Bagwell shows up strangely subdued. No strut, no little dance. He is clearly pre-occupied by something. La Parka goes right after him but is repulsed then Buff gets serious, sort of... He outwrestled La Parka, who gets angrier and angrier, but he is listless and pre-occupied still. Finally he goes to the center of the ring and does a parody of his usual pose - inviting La Parka to drop kick him from behind and pin him! He gets up after the pin and makes a rambling speech about doing the "right thing for "Russo". Suddenly Jeff Jarrett runs in and whacks him with a guitar. That's heard me... Jarrett comments that less then 24 hours ago he was losng his IC Title on a WWF PPV. That was certainly a surprise... It is easy to see the strategy here, calling attention to the new writing team by getting them personally (if peripherally) involved.

Security has cornered the Outsiders who are wearing Lucha masks. Nash gets sick to his stomach.

The Guerreros (Chavo and Eddie) are in the ring while Saturn hangs out on the apron for some reason. I guess this is a three way dance. Shane Douglas with his torn bicep in a sling, joins the broadcast team. In the ring, Chavo and Saturn start out ganging up on Eddie but that breaks down quickly. As usual with these kinds of matches, no one can get a pin because the third guy is always there to break it up. Eddie takes Chavo out of the match for a bit by suplexing him right over the top rope to the floor. He and Saturn go at it while Chavo lolls on the apron. The fight goes to the floor and Chavo is back in it. He is shortly incapacitated again as the two larger men return to the ring. He returns to the ring again and then gets leveled along with Saturn by his Uncle. Now the Filthy Abnimals show up and go after Douglas. He grabs a chair but has it taken away from him. Konnan uses the chair to hit Saturn a glancing blow as he exits the ring on the fly. Moments later, Eddie pins him, but then Chavo takes advantage of the confusion to immediately pin Eddie and win the match.

Flashback of what happened earlier between Sid and Goldberg then a shot of the latter warming up followed by a shot of Luger doing the same.

Horace vs. Norman Smiley - Hardcore match - yes, the new Nitro now includes Hardcore matches...Smiley seems not cut out for this kind of brutality. He cowers as his opponent comes after him with a trash can then proves to be screamer when he's hurt. He seems completely at sea but then suddenly reverses Horace into the stairs. He decides to try a big wiggle but Horace attacks again and Norman is screaming again...but he refuses to be pinned. Horace pulls a table out from under the ring and takes it into the ring where he props it up in a corner. He chases Smiley onto the table then tries to tackle him there. Smiley sidesteps and Horace eats mahogoney. Smiley takes the pin.

Flair Senior comes to the ring looking a bit distracted. He rants on the Filthy Animals and starts shedding his clothes. He eventually seems to light on Guerrero but then swithches his attack to Kidman. He gets the entire swarm all over his butt. David runs in and gets punked as well. They then mug the Nature Boy! The strip him of his jewelry and wallet. He had removed his shoes earlier so they pull off his socks! In the back, Lex Luger goes looking for Miss Liz and finds her laid out with a broken guitar next to her. What next??

Goldberg vs. Lex Luger - Goldberg enters first, making his traditional "long walk" to the ring flanked by security personnel. Luger enters conspicuously alone. Goldberg meets him in the aisle and starts right in on him. He drags Luger back to the ring area and starts running him into things. The referee admonishes them to take it into the ring but Goldberg just waves him off. Back in the ring Luger finally gets some offense but then turns to pose and is on the receiving end again. He tries for a short arm clothesline but it knocks him down! Goldberg manhandles his man then goes for the spear but Luger side steps him and sends him careening into the corner post. Luger now has the upper hand for the first time in the match and hastens to take advantage of the situation. He whales away for several exchanges then Goldberg shakes it off and goes back on the attack. He hits a British Bulldog style powerslam and turns the tables, but Luger knocks him out of the ring. The Outsiders appear on the platform. Meanwhile Sting runs in and hits Goldberg with it. Goldberg goes down and Bret Hart runs in. He gets the bat and pounds on Sting with it. Luger attacks Hart and tries to rack him but Goldberg spears him and breaks that up. The bad guys limp away and Hart and Goldberg embrace in the ring.

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RAW Report

We get a flashback of HHH approaching Austin with a fake scar on his face and pleading that the Title isn't worth "all this" to him. He hands Austin the belt but then attacks him. Later he goes on to pin Austin to retain his champioship.

RAW is live from Ohio State University. The Rock comes out for a rant to start the program. His target is HHH, who he gets at Survivors Series in a World Title match. He says that he didn't mean to hit Austin with a sledge hammer last night. Uh oh, here comes Austin. Maivia stands his ground as the Rattlesnake stalks to the ring. He protests that he, Austin, should be the one going to the main event at SS. He challenges the Rock to a fight right now. Maivia calmly removes his silk shirt. Austin is not wearing his leg brace so you know nothing is going to happen yet. Vince McMahon provides the excuse to break it off - he comes down and calls on HHH to put in his two cents. HHH appears on the platform and rants at the crowd, ignoring his nemisi in the ring. He turns to Vince and tells him it doesn't matter who he throws at him (HHH) - the crowd drowns him out for a moment with an "A$$hole" chant. McMahon waits him out then restates his original question - who do you want to face, Maivia or Austin? HHH starts to reply but the Rock says, " doesn't matter, yatta, yatta..." Vince then sets up a triple threat match for the PPV.

X-Pac and Kane come to the ring to face the Dudley Boyz. Bubba does his tasteless stuttering bit then uses the theme to put Kane down. Kane is distracted when Devon attacks him but he just shrugs it off. The Dudleys are incapacitated for long enough for X-Pac to get the bronco buster on Devon before Bubba takes him out. The match goes into see-saw mode as the Headbangers show up (what? I guess I missed something...) The Dudleys are well coordinated and are running away with the match when Headbangers get involved and turn it around. Kane chokeslams Bubba and gets the pin. The Headbangers mock the Dudleys - a melee ensues. Faarooq the card shark fleeces Mr. Hughes as Bradshaw chuckles and Howard Finkel looks on. The Hollys demand a Tag Team Title shot against the Rock n' Sock connection and get it.

Big Boss Man comes to the ring and taunts the Big Show over his worry concerning his ailing father (would that be Andre..?) Mike Cole interviews new Womens' Champ Moolah who gets into a scrab with Mae Young after the latter challenges her for her belt. In another part of the building, the Big Show accepts the Boss Man's challenge saying this is just what he needs to forget his problems for a while.

Mark Henry explains his problems to a new, more mature, sex therapist. She invites him into a nice non-sexual hug then jumps his bones!

The Godfather brings four garden tools to the ring. A couple of them are eally spilling right out of their halter tops. Viscera is the opponent, with Mideon at his side. Godfather goes right on the attack and takes the initiative until Viscera catches him in a Samoan drop. Viscera is showing some uncharacteristic quickness tonight but GF still winds up for the H-train. he turns and knocks Mideon off the apron which gives Viscera the chance to blindside him and takes the pin. Faarooq continues to clean Curtis Hughes' clock at the gaming table while Mankind is looking for the Rock.

He finds him and presents a copy of his new book and then adds Mr. Rocko as a bookmark. Maivia tells him to keep his dirty old sock. Mick thinks he's joking.

Chyna appears with Miss Kitty in black hair and mock Chyna outfit. Chyna is the new IC Champ. Apparently she ran him out of the promotion... She challenges any man to take her on. Y2K decides to make an appearance at this moment. He calls Chyna an embarrassment to the wrestling business. He names legendary former IC Champs and inexplicitly includes "the Mountie". He says he would never hit a woman but claims Chyna isn't one. He makes his way to the apron then turns his back on the Champ. She clocks him with the belt and knocks him onto the broadcast table then splits before he can recover and re-occupy the ring.

The British Bulldog faces Test who has a "bone to pick" with the woman beater. He brings a trash can to the ring but doesn't get a chance to use it. The Bulldog drags him the rest of the way into the ring and proceeds to take him apart until he misses a corner rush. Test takes over with a series of powershots but Bulldog stops him and goes for the running powerslam. But Test slithers away and turns the tables again. He goes for his trash can but the Mean Street Posse run in and attack him. Bulldog uses the trashcan for several shots. In the back, Hughes loses again - his money his watch and some of his clothes. Al Snow finds Foley's book in the trash.

In the back, Snow finds Mankind and gently tells Foley he found the book in the trash. Mick is shocked when he finally accepts what the Rock has done.

Val Venis is in the ring waiting for his match with Al Snow and ranting against both Foley and Snow. The fight is on as soon as Snow hits the ring. They tumble to the floor and the brawl continues. Back in the ring it turns into a wrestling match for a little while with lots of move and counter move. It dissolves into a slobberknocker soon enough. Snow emerges on top then goes for a moonsault...and misses. The match is firmly in see-saw mode at this point. Val climbs and gets caught then thwarts a superplex attempt. He gets the Money Shot and takes the pin.

Mankind confronts the Rock in his dressing room. He accuses Maivia of being self-centered and egositical...well duh... Maivia tries to over ride him but Foley shouts him into silence. He says tonight will be their last match as a team.

The Big Show has trouble backstage - a policeman talks to him and he breaks down in tears. The Boss Man waits in the ring, then the referee awards him the match by forfeit. You know, come to think of it, isn't the elder Mr. Wight already deceased? Didn't I hear or read that somewhere?

We get a replay of Paul Wight being aprised of his father's demise. He has left the building. This is certainly tasteless...

The New Age Outlaws take the stage for their usual self-intro, rather stale actually. They are to face the Acolytes, who bring Howard Finkel with them. Apparently he was one of the "possessions" won in the card game. In the ring, Billy gets flung into the rope which breaks. The whole ring is looking pretty rickity as the match continues. Billy is isolated and pummelled. After a bit, the top rope comes apart on one side. Billy is still in trouble. Faarooq uses the detached corner buckle to brain Billy. Road Dogg saves him from being pinned. Bradshaw then uses the buckle on Billy as well. He is busted open now. Billy finally manages to get the tag and the Dogg cleans house. Finkel throws achair into the ring and Billy uses it on Bradshaw giving Road Dogg the pin. Howard gets intimidated and tossed from the ring after the match. They give him a wedgie as they march him up the ramp.

In the back, the Acolytes are harrassing their property.

Mike Cole invites the New Brood to the ring. They renounce their identity as the new Brood - "we're the Hardeys" says Matt. Edge and Christian come to the ring in peace and congratulate their former opponents. He suggests a standing ovation and gets one (partially). They all make nice until Terri Runnels shows up with Gangrel who adds his congratulations to the four of them then reveals that he spent the night with Terri. The two teams gang up on Gangrel and Terri smiles. Cut to GTV - Boss Man congratulates someone off camera of an acadamy award performance. It's the cop that told the Big Show his dad had died.

The Rock makes his entrance as we return. He makes no speeches and is followed by Mick Foley who shows up maskless. He stops short of the ring and sits down on the ring steps. They are facing the Hollys, as promised. They are introduced as "alledgedly 800 lbs." Crash goes after Maivia's ribs immediately. Foley just sits on the steps as his partner is doubleteamed. The NAO watches from the back as the match continues. The Rock is starting to make a comeback now but he is outnumbered and has no partner to tag. Foley starts watching the match over his shoulder but still makes no move to get involved. Bob H goes out and taunts Foley. Back in the ring, the Rock has turned the tables. But again it is only temporary. Crash applies a stump puller and plants his foot right in the injured ribs. He switches to an armbar then a sleeper. Maivia is going down. Foley is still watching as Maivia fights back to his feet and then gets a Samoan drop. Now Foley stands up as Maivia almost gets a three count. Fists are flying as the Rock cleans house but when he goes for a pin he is thwarted. Then he gets a Rock Bottom on Bob. HHH runs in and puts a Pedegree on Maiva. Bob takes the pin and the Hollys are the New Tag Champs. HHH runs into Austin at the top of the ramp and gets chased back to the ring where Maivia goes for the People's Elbow but Austin heads him off and delivers a stunner. The two face off and we fade to black...

I'll be back on Saturday. Untill then...

Earl Oliver
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