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The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 516 - October 23, 1999

Thunder Report

We are barraged with promos for Halloween Havoc as the program opens then we cut to the opening montage.

Thunder is coming to us on videotape with Scott Hudson and Legendary Larry in charge.

The Maestro vs. Norman Smiley - this could be good - the Maestro showed some good wrestling savvy during his debut a week ago on Nitro. Right off the bat he appears able to outmaneuver Smiley then starts putting the boots to him before grabbing a handfull of cheek. In fact, the artist formerly known as Gorgeous George III dominates the early and middle portions of the match. Smiley gets a little offense then is dragged to the floor. The Maestro regains control as they re-enter the ring but Smiley turns it around with an STF variation and gets the duke.

MVP (Eric Watts) vs. Horace -MVP had a rather inauspicious debut last week against the Maestro even though he did win the match. Here he faces a young, big guy who probably has a little less experience then himself. Horace dominates much of the action in this one especially when they move out to the floor. He tries to use the ropes for leverage for a pin but is caught by the referee. He goes for a series of pinfall attempts but keeps stopping to pose which allows his opponent to repeatedly recover. The match goes into see-saw mode until Horace pulls a super-Samoan drop off the second rope and gets the pin. The announcers suggest that MVP was the relative rookie in this match but I think they have it backwards. Neither of these guys is a rookie by any stretch of the imagination but I am sure that Watts has been around longer.

Curly Bill (Vincent...or whatever his name is) vs. Lash Leroux - this looks like another set-up for Leroux's push...or maybe not. CB dominates the early going pretty easily. The fight goes to the floor and Leroux is really in trouble. Back inside, Vincent hits a swinging neckbreaker then pummels Leroux in the corner. The latter tries for a reversal but Vincent maintains control. He slaps on a reverse chinlock. Leroux almost goes out but then struggles back to his feet. Leroux escapes then is knocked down. CB stands over him and slaps him which fires him up for a last offensive flurry. CB comes back with an armbreaker and things are see-saw until a Cajun drop spells the end of Curly Bill.

Dave Taylor/Steven Regal (w/Fit Finley) vs. Harlem Heat - Booker slaps Regal to start the match. Regal can outwrestle Booker but really doesn't get the chance. Later Booker is knocked to the floor where Finley gets his hands on him. Back inside, Booker tags in his brother who cleans house until the First Family show up and spoil the match.

Sid/Goldberg promos greet us as we return from the break.

Kendall Windham (w/Curly Vince) vs. Brad Armstrong - I wouldn't bet on Armstrong in this one except that he is being pushed in preparation for his match with Berlyn on Sunday. Windham dominates the first few exchanges but then Brad moves in and takes over. His ascendancy is shortlived as Curly interferes and turns the tables for his partner. Windham uses his superior size to keep his opponent on the mat for several minutes until a flying five arm knocks him down. Brad goes for the cover but Curly distracts him while Windham removes his boot. Windham misses with the boot then so does Curly, who accidently bonks his partner. Brad gets the pin out of a Russian legsweep.

Juventud Guerrera/Silver King vs. Blitzkreig/Kaz Hayashi - good chance for a high flying work out in this one. Blitzkreig lays Juvey out with a reverse spin kick to start the match. He then outmaneuvers Silver King as well. But the latter has a big size advantage and employs it to stop the high-flyer in his tracks. Both exchange and we have a blistering several seconds of furious flying action ending with a splash in the corner that puts Hayashi on rubber legs as Silver King returns to action. Hayashi upsets him and gets a camel clutch - allowing Kaz to lay in a boot to the chest. Silver King comes roaring back and puts an airplane spin on Blitz. This is a lucha rules match and gets very confusing at this point. The crowd is really eating this up as we cut to commercial.

Juvey is out on the mat as we return. Blitz tags Kaz in who spits on his prone opponent. He and Blitz show us some good tag team coordination as the match continues. Juvey is barely holding on but manages to come back with a spinning heel kick but fails to get the tag. Blitz and Kaz continue to doubleteam until Juvey manages a double bulldog then tags his partner. Silver King starts to make his move as Kaz and Juvey fall out to the floor. But then Silver King and Blitz fall out to be replaced by Juvey and Kaz in the ring. Juvey gets a suplex and a Juvey driver to win this very exciting match.

La Parka vs. Rick Steiner - this can't possibly be pretty. I suppose they think that we will expect La Parka to have a chance because he managed a win over Buff Bagwell on Monday. But come on... What's up with Bagwell, anyway? Steiner hits a Steinerline to start the match and it's all down hill for LP from there. The fight goes out to the floor and La Parka is just destroyed. Steiner returns him to the ring and does him in.

Sting/Hogan promos and lots of other nonsense fill one entire segment.

The Total Package (w/Miss Liz) vs. Buff Bagwell - this rebirth of the Narcissis character is just too stupid... Bagwell skips his entrance and waits in the ring for his opponent. Bagwell knocks Luger to the floor early on then follows him out and throws him back inside. Moments later Luger tries to bail again and again Bagwell cuts his egress short. This time, however, Liz gets involved and distracts Bagwell. Luger uses the rail, the stairs etc. to turn the tables. Back inside, Bagwell is having a hard time getting up. As soon as he does, Luger rakes his eyes against the top rope then pounds him into the corner. Buff recovers for a moment then Luger thumbs his eye. He slaps on a rear chinlock. Bagwell escapes then gets a cross body but Luger pops right up and clotheslines him to the mat. He then turns to pose which allows Bagwell to recover. Buff clotheslines him three times then climbs the corner where Liz upsets his balance. Luger gets a powerslam then goes for the rack. Bagwell gives up the ghost.

Not much like Monday but not a bad show.

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SmackDown Report

Scenes from the PPV fill the screen to open the show. SmackDown is on tape tonight from Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mick Foley comes down unmasked to talk about his autobiography which has just come out. He claims it's the greatest thing he's ever done. He chides the Rock for throwing his copy of the book away. He sits down in the ring and says that only Vince McMahon can give him what he wants, which is what the Rock has (huh?) and he's going to sit there until he gets it. Vince comes down and wants to know what's going on. Mick wants a title shot and intends to get it by beating the Rock tonight. Vince says he doesn't think tonight is the time or place for the match. Mick disagrees...and so does the crowd. Foley then implies that the Rock is chicken which brings Maivia to the ring. The Rock taunts Foley with his own words then talks about his private parts (which is what Foley used for his implication) and calls them the "Peoples' Testicles". He accepts the match. Foley splits but the Rock has more for Vince. He wants to know if he is the #1 contender for the Title. Vince says that nobody has challenged Steve Austin...which brings Val Venis to the ring to make that challenge for a match against Austin tonight...which brings Austin to the ring. He doesn't bother to say anything but gazes at Maivia for a moment then hauls off and knocks Venis out of the ring. He accepts the match (of course). Backstage, Lillian Garcia questions HHH asking how he feels about what is going down. He does his Tony Schiavone impression, saying this might be the "greatest SmackDown ever". Al Snow walks up and asks HHH if he is wrestling tonight. Helmsley says, "No" and goes on to insult the former Hardcore champ. Snow suggests the World Champ get medicated...

HHH finds out that he does have a Title match tonight...against Al Snow!

Test vs. The British Bulldog (w/the Greenwich Posse) - grudge match - Test was prepared for the Bulldog not to show up alone so he recruited Edge and Christian to back him up. This turns into a Tag Team match - a bit lop-sided, of course. This "match" is all over the inside and outside of the ring. In the end Rodney gets pinned. Backstage, the Big Show arrives. One assumes he found out that his father wasn't dead after all and will be out for blood, no doubt. Of course, actually, his father is dead - for several years now. Confused? Not me. I'm disgusted...

We come back to a review of the "My daddy's dying" storyline. I can't even describe this tasteless dreck... Needless to say TBS will face the Boss Man tonight. Kevin Kelly interviews Al Snow until HHH attacks from off camera.

HHH vs. Al Snow - the IC Champ is conspicuous in her absence tonight. For his part, Snow attacks from behind during his own introduction and gains a quick advantage until HHH comes back with a neckbreaker then tosses him out to the floor. In the back, both the Rock and Austin are watching...on separate monitors of course. In the ring the challenger gets an insiguri and both are down. Snow recovers first and lays in a series of headbutts as he pins HHH's arms. He definitely has the champ on the run as he goes for pin attempt after pin attempt until HHH pulls out a face buster. He climbs the corner but Snow rises and falls against the ropes to upset his balance. Snow gets a superplex but again both are out of it. His cover fails then he signals for the Snow Plow - but HHH beats him to the punch with a Pedegree.

The Rock vs. Mankind - interestingly, Maivia enters first for this one. I guess that's so he can make his speech without intereference but it seems strange. He promises to serve up some Peoples' pie to Mankind - you know where... Mankind enters, but before the match can gets started, Val Venis shows up and joins the broadcast team. In the ring, Foley goes right after the injured ribs of his opponent. Venis starts to thumb through Foley's book as the match continues. The fight goes out to the floor then over the rail into the crowd. Back to ringside and Mankind gets posted. Now they're up the ramp aways and Rockie is suplexed. They brawl back to the ring and the Rock is left laying on the floor while Mankind goes back inside. Maivia barely makes it back before being counted out. Then he springs to life and pummels his opponent. But Foley roars back and knocks Maivia down then mimes doing the Peoples' Elbow...but lays the boots in instead. Maivia comes back with a DDT to turn the tables for a moment. Mankind comes back with the "old sock in the mouth" routine - but Maivia fights out of it twice. They go back to the floor where Venis clocks Foley with the book then attacks him. The Rock recovers and toses Venis into the ring and goes after him. Now HHH shows up and surprises Maivia with a Pedegree. By the way, the match was thrown out for outside interference so nothing was settled between Maivia and Foley.

The Fabulous Moolah vs. Mae Young - WWF Womens' Title match - I love and venerate Moolah and young as much as the next person but this is ridiculous. Young waits in the ring and attacks the Champ as soon as she clears the ropes. She catapults Moolah out of the corner than gestures with crotch chops. They fight to the floor and onto the broadcast table. Young returns to the ring then pulls Moolah over the top and into the ring. There is some byplay with the referee and then Ivory runs in and starts attacking the old broads. Then Tori runs in, followed by Jacqueline, then Luna. A raft of referees run in to restore order.

Mark Henry attends his 5th sex therapy session with the Godfather as his confessor. GF tells Henry he doesn't need therapy...just garden tools...

The Hardey Boyz (w/Terri) vs. The Holly Boyz - Tag Team Title match - has anyone else noticed that the new champs are like the Bodydonnas reborn? Jeff faces Crash to start and gets the best of him. All four then get involved and still the Champs are in trouble. The fight goes to the floor then back inside and finally the Hollys get the upper hand...for about 15 seconds. This match is definitely all Hardeys until Bob catches Jeff with a drop kick in midair. Bob gets the pin. The Hollys are attacked on the ramp by the New Age Outlaws who then go to the ring for some speechafyin'. Backstage, the Big show is tearing up his dressing room.

The Big Boss Man (w/the phony cop) vs. The Big Show - grudge match - this match barely gets underway before it is over. Boss Man brings his policeman friend out and together they taunt the big guy until he shows up and starts wiping the mat with both of them. Nuff' said...

The Godfather (w/6 garden tools) vs. Viscera (w/Mideon) - well, the Godfather certainly comes up winners in the companions department. Mark Henry follows Viscera to the ring to join his therapist. So this becomes a tag team match?? What is with that? This is a short match with a predictable result. The two "sex-meisters" are all over there hapless opponents and wrap it up in short order. He see that the Rock, Mankind and HHH are still lurking about backstage.

Val Venis vs. Steve Austin - this match is to determine which of them will participate inthe three way dance for the WWF Title at the next PPV - Val doesn't get to make his usual double entendre speech as Austin follows him to the ring almost immediately. Austin has both legs braced tonight. As they pummel each other a "Rockie" chant starts up for a moment. Austin gains the advantage soon after the opening of the contest. Venis then uses the referee for distraction to turn the tables. He pounds Austin into the corner. Austin comes right back but then is whipped piller to post and knocked down. They adjourn to the floor where Venis retains his advantage. Austin is flung over the railing then knocked back to ringside where he rolls back into the ring. Venis grabs a camel clutch variation, then relases the hold in order to whip his opponent into a back elbow. Austin comes back but a rake of the eyes cuts him short. Moments later he is on the attack again but Venis turns the tables and we are in see-saw land. Venis starts to gain some ground but can't put his opponent away. Austin knocks Val to the floor then runs him into the broadcast table. Back in the ring, Venis goes for a figure four but Austin throws him off. They struggle for position and Austin delivers the Stunner to get the pin. HHH runs in and Pedegrees Austin, then the Rock runs in and puts the Rock Bottom on HHH. (Ho hum).

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Joey Styles appears on camera and then immediately throws it to Joel Gertner in the ring to introduce the first match. ECW on TNN is coming from New Orleans, Louisianna tonight (on tape of, course).

Mike Awesome vs. New Jack - ECW World Title match - Gertner intorduces the Champion then hastily splits before the challenger can arrive without an introduction. Jack drags a trash can full of plunder and tosses it into the ring. Awesome grabs what looks like a curtain rod and takes a swing but misses. Jack comes back with the trash can lid and the fight is on. New Jack's music continues to play throughout the match as the combatants spill out to the floor where New Jack tries to splash the Champ with the trash can lid but misses. Awesome rolls him back in, hits a clothesline off the top then uses a canoe paddle on him. Jack comes roaring back and...this is really amazing...he grabs a staple gun and drives two staples into Awesome's forehead!!! Somehow Awesome withstands this assault and makes a comeback, eventually tossing his opponent over the top rope and through a table at ringside. The rest is academic as Mike Awesome retains his Championship.

Chris Candido (w/Tammy Lynn Sytch) vs. Nova - the first couple of exchanges are very quick with no clear advantage to either wrestler. They pause to shake hands which Candido uses to deliver a cheap shot kick to the chest. A few more furious exchanges, then, just when Styles is telling us about Doring and Road Kill's vow to take Nova out - the devils themselves appear with MIss Congeniality and attack Nova. Candido is knocked from the ring but soon comes back in to help his former opponent. They are doing fine until Dawn Marie leads Lance Storm in to change the odds. Candido is pinned in the corner while Sytch's thonged behind is exposed and paddled then Dawn turned and knocks Miss C out as well! Dawn then calls Francine to come on down...and she does, with Tommy Dreamer in tow. Dreamer is punked while Francine and Dawn roll around on the mat. Just as Dreamer is making a comeback. Justin Credible runs in and hits him with a Singapore Cane. Now Raven appears in the ring, acknowledges the crowd and then starts to leave. But Credible shoves him from behind and apparently that is enough to bring him into the fight against the Impact Players. Raven turns the tide and we go to commercial.

Dreamer is in the ring with a mic as we return. He calls Raven back to finish their feud, "...right here, right now!" Raven re-enters the arena but not the ring. He wanders aimlessly for a moment then climbs inside. They circle each other then Raven bails and we go to yet another commercial. TNN seems bound and determined to make it as hard as possible for ECW to be a success on TV...

I'm sorry to say I missed the beginning of the next match by stepping out of the room for a moment during the break. Rhino is being subdued by a phalanx of security and Tommy Dreamer from an attack he made an someone at ringside. The scene switches and he is in the ring with Kaz making short work of him. Steve Corino and Jack Victory enter the ring and Corino immediately challenges Sabu to come out and face the "Rookie Monster". Sabu obliges and is getting his tail kicked as we go to still another commercial.

Rhino is still reating on his opponent as we return.He tosses him to the floor where Corino and Victory get physically involved before rolling him back inside. Sabu just can;t seem to get anything going for himself. He is again thrown out and mugged. But then Rhino tries an inside-to-out splash and creams his handlers by mistake. Sabu re-enters the ring with a chair and then throws another suicide dive. Then uses another chair thrown to him by his manager Bill Alfonso and whacks Rhino again. Alfonso sets up a table but then Rhino turns the tables and puts Sabu on it. Before Rhino can get in position on the turnbuckle, Sabu is on him and Frankensteiners him to the mat. Steve Corino saves his cookies which causes Sabu to turn on him and eject him from the ring. The distraction is effective as Rhino blindsides his opponent. He runs Sabu into the corner then charges with a chair, but Sabu boots the chair into Rhino's face. Rhino goes down but pops right up and comes roaring back. Jack Victory tries to hold Sabu against the ropes as Rhino charges but Sabu ducks and Rhino takes Victory out. Now Sabu slaps on a camel clutch but Corino breaks that up. Alfonso gets involved again and takes Corino out of it. Moments later Rhino is positioned on the table at ringside when Sabu springboards off a chair and crashes down on him. Sabu rolls back into the ring and is clutching an injured elbow as Rhino is rolled back in just ahead of the ten count. Sabu goes for a pin but is shoved off. Alfonso slides a table into the ring and Sabu sets it up against the corner but Rhino blindsides him again. They struggle to the top rope where Sabu gets the best of the big guy yet again. He then springboards off a chair again and crashes his opponent through yet another table. They struggle for posession of the chair then Sabu uses it to smash Rhino's fingers. He drops Rhino again and goes to the top. But Corino has positioned himself covering his protege. Sabu accepts another chair from Alfonso and uses it to take Corino out once and for all then delivers the coup de gras on Rhino and pins him. Cut to a music video featuring ECW clips and the song "I'm Doing the Best I Can (now go away...)

The Way I See It...

A couple of weeks ago the WWF went far beyond any of it's previous lapses of good judgement by incorporating a Mud Wrestling match and an angle involving incest into the same two hour program. I figured it couldn't get any worse then that...

But, of course, I failed to take into account the incredible depths to which the World Wrestling Federation is willing to sink.

In the last two weeks we have been assaulted with the tasteless spectacle of Paul Wight's "My daddy's dying" storyline. The whole concept of this angle is horrendous enough, but when coupled with the real facts about Mr. Wight, senior, it goes beyond the bounds, in my opinion. You see, Paul Wight's father did indeed suffer from a terminal form of cancer...and died from it several yeas ago.

That Wight himself would consent to participate in such a storyline is completely beyond comprehension. That Vince McMahon would propose that Wight act in such a tawdry drama is...well...perhaps not surprising.

Meanwhile the latest chapter in the ongoing negligence lawsuit brought by the widow of Owen Hart took yet another degrading turn as the WWF claimed that they had made settlement offers to Hart which her lawyers apparently haven't heard about. I have to agree with my internet colleage Dave Scherer's comments on this one. To paraphrase Dave, "Settle it, or take it to court, but don't add insult to the death of Owen Hart by trying the case in the papers."

Right on, Dave...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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