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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Special Sunday Edition

Gordon Solie to Undergo Throat Surgery

WCW Halloween Havoc Report


Goldberg Wins the US Title
Then goes on to win the World Title as well!!

Harlem Heat Do It Again!!

Win the Tag Titles for the 9th Time in an Unscheduled 6-Man Steet Fight

Rick Steiner Wins the TV Title

Dean Malenko turns on his friend and gives Steiner the victory

WCW 10/22 House Show Report

by Cabronte

Volume 5, Issue 517 - October 24, 1999
Editor's Note: Several readers pointed out to me that I incorrectly identified MVP as Eric Watts in my Thunder Report yesterday. MVP is, of course, Dale Torberg - which I knew (in fact I correctly identified him the first time he appeared). Solie's regrets the error (although you must admit that MVP looks a lot like Watts).

Regular Solies reader Cabronte was kind enough to file the WCW House Show report which appears later in this edition. Thanks Cabronte!

But first, Gordon Solie was interviewed by Nick Pugliese of the Tampa Tribune this morning concerning his impending surgery to try and alleviate the threat of his recently diagnosed throat cancer. I have reprinted that article below.

Wrestling's raspy voice turning silent

Column by NICK PUGLIESE of The Tampa Tribune

Gordon Solie speaks just above a whisper now, though that familiar raspy one wrestling fans know so well is still recognizable. Soon, he will not be able to speak at all. Solie soon will be silenced by surgery. He will trade his voice for his life, so he may live on.

Consider his choices:

An old horse player, Solie took the last, to happen in the next few weeks.

"In the first place, I don't have much of a voice left anyway, and in the second place we got computers, we got e-mail and I got pretty good handwriting, so the choice was easy," Solie whispered Friday between bites of a flattened Cuban sandwich and garbanzo soup sips at the Palma Ceia Golf Club men's grill. Tampa food at an old Tampa sports site as we two old friends sat uncommonly close together, so I could hear him the first time and avoid repetition.

NO MORE SMOKING. None. And after 56 years, "it's driving me up a wall," said one of the last three-martini, half-a- pack lunch men. Later, when I escorted him to his red Sterling, I noticed the ashtray was filled with ashes and at least two empty cigarette packages were in the side-door pocket, because, "I still like the smell, but I keep that around to remind me what I am not supposed - what I won't do ever again."

Solie is down to 135 pounds, his old Minneapolis teenage weight and by golly, looks good, except when he struggles to walk on an artificial hip. He needs to beef up for the surgery.

All this "really bad stuff started about four years ago," me not feeling so well, then his wife Eileen, known as Smokey, died in July 1997, and he stopped talking for a while. I knew why. He and Smokey were a fit, so much in love, he so admiring of her artful and cultured ways, and how she took care of herself and he did not. But it was Smokey in whom cancer was first found, moving to her brain, in its fateful, fatal way.

Toward the end, "she came home and one early morning with me lying beside her, she woke at 4 o'clock and in the last words she would ever speak, she told me she was having a little trouble breathing. I made her comfortable as I could, then lay back down, we holding hands. I woke up just before 5, and she was gone. I have been so lonely without her, and I wake every morning now at 4 and stay awake for an hour. Always will, I guess. ...

"So, with good cook Smoke gone and me left in the house with Aimee, our French poodle, I have eaten poorly - like soup and a peanut butter sandwich. Then other long habits began to have an effect."

SOLIE DEVELOPED lung and liver problems and finally went to have himself checked. Yes, the smoking and hard living were taking a toll, so why not have a throat biopsy, too.

That was when the throat cancer was discovered, and the choices laid out for him by his doctor, and, of course "in time we will think about an artificial voice box. But one thing at a time," whispered Solie, the one-time voice of "Championship Wrestling from Florida," then for wrestling at Atlanta, as well as the unmatched voice of sprint car racing at old Plant (Pepin/Rood) Stadium during the Florida State Fair races, and at old Golden Gate Speedway. He could make the dullest of races and wrestling matches exciting, and he was the originator and master of the deadpan interviews of two wrestlers at a time from the old Sportatorium. There would be Cowboy Luttrall, then Eddie Graham, with Solie in the middle, the wrestlers menacing each other while he stayed straight and calm.

An old friend and pupil of his from those times, Gil Cabot, then of WALT, now a TV-movie director/producer in Los Angeles, called me and told me of Solie's impending surgery. While Solie said he did not want sympathy or gifts of any kind, "the way the world is today, I could just see somebody somewhere jumping on this and putting out a call for contributions for his own benefit - on the Web, so, yes, you tell it like it is."

And also, Solie said, "please say that if I had my 56 years to do over, I would do the same thing. Hey, a .38 caliber slug could have killed me in seconds. I am not on a stump, not on a campaign, except to live as long as I can enjoy the world today, the memories, lunch with old friends, and my family," which includes five kids, seven grandkids and four great- grandkids, meeting old friends "and my home in South Pasco with my little dog Aimee, who suffers from Addison's Disease. "Oh," whispered Solie, "A fine thing happened recently when the World Wrestling Federation honored me with a swing through Florida cities and revived in my mind the days of the Briscos, Haystacks Calhoun, Johnny Valentine, Buddy Colt, Hiro Matsuda, Don Curtis and Dusty Rhodes, of Pete Fose, Pancho Alvarez and Buzz Barton in the sprint cars. But that was yesterday. Then, wistfully, "I guess the old ego can't help but showing itself when I think that I am losing the very thing that made me get where I got."

Finally, Solie said, a little louder, "I have had my 15 minutes in the sun. I got no complaints. I'll handle what else comes up. Tell them all that, my friends and fans I have left."

Copyright 1999 - The Tampa Tribune

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WCW 10/22 House Show, the New Coliseum Arena, Oakland, Ca.

by Cabronte

Kidman vs. chavo Guerrero Jr.: Kidman is accompanied by Rey Misterio Jr. big pop for the filthy animals. Rey-Rey and Chavito are at each other frequently. Kidman wins.

Meng vs. Hugh Morrus: They played the wrong music during the introductions. Meng came out to Hugh Morrus' music. Good pop for Meng who's sporting a new, puffy (and kind of goofy looking--my daughter's words) hair. Morrus spends a lot of the early match escaping to the outside and down the isle. Meng hits him with some nasty chops that echo throughout the arena and leave visible welts on Hugh's chest. Meng wins with the Tongan Death Grip. The least exciting match of the evening.

Disco Inferno vs. Konnan (non-title match): Disco receives big heat. Takes the mike and says something about his friends on the New York Jets (Jets are in town to face the Raiders on sunday--quite a few of the silver & black are in attendance). Konnan gets a decent pop. Grabs his crotch and says a few obscene things (thinks he's in WWF?). Good match back and forth. Many "Disco Sucks" chants come up. Lash Leroux makes a ringside appearance. Hits Disco with the belt behind ref's back. Konnan roll-up for the win. Leroux hits the ring says a couple of things about Sundays PPV over Disco's prostrate body.

Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero(w/ Rey-Rey): Both wrestlers receive big pop until Saturn takes the mic and calls Oakland fans 'welfare junkies' and taunts the animals for Rey Jr.'s prescience. Misterio leaves carrying a chair--hmm, wonder if that will come into play later. Surprisingly slow match. Lots of stalls. Two of my favorite workers finally heat it up after 10 minutes or so. Saturn nails Eddie with "the" chain for the victory. Rey returns and coldcocks Perry with the chair. Big pop again for the animals. Lots of celebrating back down the isle. there's a camera crew getting lots of crowd shots. It takes the Animals forever to get back to the dressing room. Penzer finally wakes up Saturn who goes after the poor ring announcer with the chair.

Berlyn (w/ his bodyguard) vs. Buff Bagwell: Not only does the crowd work up lots of heat for Berlyn but the knuckleheads start throwing stuff. Buff gets big pop. Works the "USA, USA" angle on the mic. Wright takes the mic, hollers a bunch of stuff in German, which brings another rain of boos and ice cubes. Buff grabs the mike again and mimics Berlyn's German. Good match. I don't really care for either of these guys but they work a good match. Too many objects thrown though. An egg hits Berlyn's coat and cane on the timekeeper's table. The stooge interferes and the match is dq'd. Berlyn and stooge double team Buff and head out under a hail of projectiles. Penzer takes the mic and tells the crowd that there's a lot of kids at ringside and they can get hurt. Surprisingly some jerks boo him. Most of the crowd cheers the statement of people caught throwing things will be ejected and possibly prosecuted. (Note: if you throw things at wrestling matches, you're a loser at best. If you see someone throwing stuff and don't report them to security, you're an even bigger loser.)

Booker T vs. Sid (US Title): This was advertised as Sid vs. Goldberg. When the crowd found out at the beginning of the evening that the card had changed there was major heat. Booker T gets a great pop. WCW should notice this. This man should be getting a top level push. Sid gets both heat and pops--the crowd responds to every move he makes. The "Goldberg" chant starts immediately. Booker T gets the mic and says that since Rick Steiner isn't around to help Sid out, Booker is going to be able to win the title straight up "can you dig it". Good match. I don't usually care for Sid's matches but he worked hard tonight. The match even split into the crowd with Sid receiving most of the blows--he actually sells some serious security rail shots. Booker T has the advantage until a missed sidekick hits the ref and who should suddenly appear but the Dog Faced Gremlin. He and Sid double team Booker T and power bomb him right in front of the ref who counts the three anyway. Big crowd heat so loud you can't hear Sid's post match rant.

Sting/Luger vs. Flair/Hart (steel cage match): Nitro Girls come out and sign autographs while the cage is being set up. Let me say here that the ring for this evening looks about the size of the one used for the Georgia Championship Wrestling studio show. It's small. The cage is only about eight feet high. during set up some dim wit escapes his ringside seat and tries to get in the ring. Amazingly tries to fight off six or seven burly security guys and gets a pro-looking choke hold for his efforts. Then a fight breaks out over by where Nitro Girl Chae is taking pictures with fans (when WCW was here for Thunder, there were a number of fights, but more families here tonight. This is the only incident). Finally the cage is readied. What do you know here come Hall and Nash, beers in tow. The hit the ring and announce they'll be guest ring announcers. Sting's old music comes up. Huge pop for Sting (consensus is the Sting heel thing is not over). Luger (w/ Liz) gets heat. Luger and Hall buddy-buddy in the ring while Sting glares at them. Nature Boy's music. Huge pop with some boos. Hart gets almost as big a pop as Sting. The four go right at it. First advantage Flair/Hart. Then Sting/Luger. back to Flair/Hart. figure four/sharp shooter. Flair/Hart win in about 10 minutes. Hart works the front rows while Flair glares down the isle. Sting and Luger fall over each other. Luger doesn't want to leave the ring. Says something about two out of three falls. Sting starts to leave. He and Luger have words. Sting picks up a chair and goes after Luger. Luger runs. Crowd erupts. How much longer do you think Sting will be a heel?

Very enjoyable show. Better than any Nitro. Great pacing. Everyone worked hard. Disappointing that the main event was so short but that and the knuckleheads throwing things were the disappointments. Great crowd. Loud and into it. About 7000. We had great seats. Dead center, ten rows up. By the way, when the matches for the ppv were announced, Hogan got booed heavily, Sting cheered.

After the show leaflets were handed out announcing an upcoming All Pro Wrestling show at San Francisco State University on 10/29 featuring an appearance by the Bushwackers!

A regular Solie's visitor, Cabronte lives in Walnut Creek, CA. and is 40 years old. He has been a wrestling fan for thirty plus years.

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Halloween Havoc Report

Halloween Havoc is on the air live from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. We hear that Rey Misterio has been injured and the Filthy Animals stripped so the Tag Team Title match has been turned into a 6-Man Street Fight featuring two members of the Filthy Animals vs. the First Family vs. Harlem Heat. First up...

Disco Inferno vs. Lash Leroux - Cruiserweight Title match - I can't see the Ragin' Cajan taking the title tonight. More likely he will come very close thus lengthening the feud another PPV or so. We get some very fast give and take to start then Disco pokes his finger in an eye and hits a DDT. Lash thwarts an attempted back-drop and comes back with drop-kick to turn the tables. The fight goes to the floor and Disco is run into the stairs but then manages to post his opponent. Back inside, Leroux gets a belly-to-belly suplex then follows with a flying forearm off the top. Disco uses another cheap shot to regain the initiative. He goes for the Last Dance moments later but Lash blocks it and gets an over-the-knee back breaker. Disco comes back with his very effective swinging neck breaker followed by a credible Russian legsweep. He gets another flurry and ends it on a piledriver but fails to get the pin. Several more exchanges show Disco gaining ground then he gets the Last Dance and wins it. Leroux attacks after the bell and puts a short powerbomb on the Champ.

We cut to video of Malenko and Benoit arriving at the arena. They are confronted by Saturn who demands to know why they (he and Shane) haven't heard from them (Malenko and Benoit) in a week. Malenko tells Saturn to take the Revolution and shove it where the sun don't shine. Benoit agrees.

Hugh Morrus/Brian Knobbs (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Harlem Heat vs. Konnan/Kidman - Three-Way, Six Man Street Fight - Kidman videotapes the audience on his way to the ring. The First Family bring some weapons along. The action is impossible to call. No tags, no rules, no legal or illegal men. Early on Knobbs and Morrus manage to get in each others' way. Morrus gets canned by his partner by mistake and is almost pinned by Booker but Kidman makes the save. A little later Booker chases Jimmy hart up the aisle then gets canned by Knobbs as well but roars right back and starts knocking up the graveyard scenery with Knobbs. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Morrus drops Kidman out of a press slam onto a chair. The camera is switching back and forth between the ring and the backstage area. Morrus sets Konnan up on a table in the ring and crashes through it. In the back Booker actually gets a pin on Knobbs but before they can communicate that fact to the ring area there is another pinfall there. In the end it shakes out that the pinfall in the backstage area happened first. Harlem Heat are the 10 time Tag Team Champs! In the ring, Konnan is seriously injured and unable to get to his feet. He has to be helped from the ring. Looks like a separated shoulder or possibly a dislocation.

Ric and David Flair arrive and stalk into the building - Flair is carrying a crowbar. Switch back to the ring where Diamond Dallas Page and his wife arrive unannounced to make a statement. Kimberly accuses Flair of spanking her "14 times". She then says that, normally, when Page spanks her it's just a warm up. Page takes the mic and runs down the situation as he sees it. He makes double entendre references to "spanking it" then proposes a strap match for tonight.

Backstage Goldberg is looking for Sid. Mike Tenay interviews Eddie Guerrero and informs him that he will be on his own in his match against Saturn later. The Animals have been barred from ringside. Apparently Ric Flair's luggage has been rifled by the Animals because Guerrero is wearing his Rolex! Eddie leaves the watch with the Brain as he goes to the ring.

Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero - Guerrero goes for a drop-kick and misses right out of the chute. Saturn takes control early on but Guerrero comes roaring back in a flash and knocks him to the floor. Saturn turns the tables and drops Eddie onto the stairs. Back in the ring, he thwarts flying head scissors and gets a short poweromb. He grabs a wrist lock and hyper-extends the left arm of his opponent then changes to an armbar then releases it and knocks him down. He grabs a cross-arm breaker and starts to work it. But Eddie escapes and hits a drop-kick in the chest of his seated opponent. His ascendancy is shortlived though. Saturn turns the tables again and starts working on the left leg. Guerrero uses an eye gouge to escape, follows up with a suplex then uses a top wrist lock to hold Saturn down. He switches to a short arm scissors. We're getting a real wrestling lesson from both guys in this one. Eddie lets him go. downs him then goes for a Frog Splash but misses, but then comes back with a standing drop kick a moment later. Eddie climbs the top rope but is upset by Saturn then superplexed. Eddie kicks out of the cover. They struggle to the top again and Eddie gets the superplex. Uh comes the Nature Boy with his crowbar. He stalks right into the ring and whacks Eddie in the ribs. Kidman runs in and gets brained. Torrie tries to help Kidman and ends up getting smacked...on the lips. And she liked it!! Flair starts to leave but then remembers his Rolex and goes back to get it from Heenan.

In the back the cameras show us Goldberg astride Sid's chest and pummeling him, opening him up. Officials pull him off and Sid stands up bleeding and saying, "Is that all you got?"

Buff Bagwell comes down and grabs a mic. He alludes to Russo and Ferrara as the "two new sherrifs" and says he has a problem with them. He then challenges Jeff Jarrett to comes out and fight. Jarrett runs in, guitar in and hand and the brawl is on. The fight goes out to the the floor for a moment then back inside. It is a see-saw battle all the way. Lex Luger runs in and grabs the guitar. He tries to hit Jarrett but get Buff instead. Jarrett runs away and Luger splits as well. In the back, Sid is having stitches put in his forehead. In a stairwell somewhere, Eddie Guerrero is clutching his ribs and phoning for reinforcements.

Brad Armstrong vs. Berlyn (w/the Germany's biggest bodyguard) - Armstrong wears his USA sweatshirt to the ring. This is a pretty straight scientific match for the first several exchanges. Then Berlyn starts putting the boots to his opponent. He is in control but his covers are consistently cavalier and unsuccessful. Brad is completely on the defensive for several minutes until he blocks a neckbreaker then quickly takes the pin. The bodyguard enters the ring and clobbers him immediately. Berlyn grabs his opponent's neck and wrenches back on it for a bit then raises his arms as if he won the match.

Mike Tenay talks to Ric Flair, who still has his crowbar (a big blue one). He dares the Filthy Animals to try and even the score. He makes his own allusions to "spanking it" only slightly less filthy then DDP's references.

Chris Benoit vs. Rick Steiner - TV Title match - this is a re-match from when Benoit won the title, of course. Steiner plays coy entering the ring, suckers Benoit into going for a baseball slide then cuts him off coming back into the ring. He is relentless as he tears into the Wolverine but Benoit absorbs it and comes right back at the first opportunity. He gets a superplex on Steiner after a moment to turn the tables. He goes for the Crippler Crossface but Steiner allows himself to fall out of the ring in order to escape the move. Benoit follows him out and gets caught. He is run into the railing and the stairs. There is s fire extinguisher standing next to the ringpost just waiting to be used as a weapon at some point tonight. Back inside, Benoit comes back with a drop kick and sends Steiner back to the floor. This time he waits his opponent out. Steiner cautiously re-enters then uses the referee as a shield to blindside his opponent. He goes to work on Benoit's left knee. Then he picks him up and hangs him on the tree of woe. Benoit falls to the mat and is covered but kicks out.Steiner is getting cocky now, grinning and acting lacksadaisical. He hits a pair of German suplexes then goes for the pin but fails. Steiner goes to set up a standing suplex but Benoit turns it into a DDT. Now he is on his way back. Moments later he gets a series of three German suplexes. Then he back elbows the referee by mistake. Steiner hits a Steienerline then brings a chair in but Benoit gets the drop on him and runs the chair into his face. He goes up for his swan dive but Steiner throws the chair at him. Here comes Dean Malenko. He slides into the ring and grabs the chair, looks at Steiner, then turns and whacks Benoit!!! Steiner takes the pin and the title.

Bret Hart is hurt but unbowed. He vows to take Lex Luger out tonight despite his injuries.

The Total Package (w/Elizabeth) vs. Bret Hart - Luger makes his schlocky entrance and has trouble with his breakaway pants. Hart shows a slight limp as he comes to the ring but attacks as soon as the bell rings. They tumble out to the floor where Hart uses the broadcast table as a weapon then runs Luger into the railing. back in the ring, Hart puts a major hurtin' on Luger who has yet to mount any offense. Hart dumps Luger outside again then continues his assault on the floor. Then he appears to allow Liz to distract him but it is a ruse. Luger tries to sneak up behind him but he is ready for the package. Back inside he gets a snap suplex then Luger thumbs his eye. Now it is Luger in control for a moment but Bret turns the tables again. He is still limping some but it doesn't seem to slow him down. He goes for a Sharpshooter but Luger attacks the eys again. They struggle for position and tumble to the floor.It looks like Hart hit the leg wrong because he has a severe limp now. He rolls Luger back inside then drags himself in as well. He is obviously in pain and much slower now. Luger recovers and starts attacking the bad wheel. He grabs a half crab putting pressure on the injured leg. Bret taps out.

Goldberg tells Tenay he plans to separate Sid's head from the rest of his body.

Medusa comes out in a brief bikini to hawk the new WCW Cologne. Interestingly the announcers are claiming that the cologne smells bad. Medusa isn't happy about shilling in a bikini. She calls it "bullsh*t" and then empties the bottle onto Heenan!

Sting/Hogan promo video.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sting - World Title match - Hogan is introduced but fails to appear immediately. The announcers don't seem to know what's going on. They speculate about whether this has something to do with Hogan's "surprise for the guys in back". Sting makes his entrance to new theme music (not very good actually). Sting looks like he's all business. Hogan's music plays once again and he is announced...again. A fails to show...again... Finally he appears wearing street clothes and engages Sting in conversation then lays down on the mat. Sting covers him and he is counted out... What the hell? They go right to the Goldberg/Sid promo. Coming back, the fans are booing as Sid's music starts up.

Sid Vicious vs. Goldberg - US Title match - Sid enters first then we go back to the hallway and watch Goldberg make his traditional long walk to the ring. As he heads down the aisle, Hall and Nash run in from behind and attack him. Goldberg weathers he storm then faces his attackers only to be attacked from behind again by Sid. He absorbs that as well then starts punching Sid back toward the ring. He pauses to run him into the railing and the stairs then starts punching the stitched forehead of his opponent. Sid starts to bleed again. Back to the ring and Sid catches Goldberg and turns the tables. He slaps on a camel clutch, eyes popping, blood streaming down his face. Goldberg powers out and dumps his opponent - he gets a two count. He goes back to pummeling Sid, who is on his knees in the center of the ring. Sid fights back but Goldberg has him cornered. Sid's face is covered with blood. It's all over Goldberg's chest and stomach but Sid is getting to his feet. Goldberg keeps hitting him and Sid keeps popping back up. After a beating in the corner, Sid drops to his knees. Finally the referee stops the match and awards the title to Goldberg. Steiner shows up to help his friend but Sid shoves him away - he wants to keep fighting. The referee is adamant, but Goldberg appears to not be happy with the outcome. And no wonder - this is the first time he has not won a match decisively. Steiner tris to lead Sid away but he wants to return to the ring. Finally he is convinced to leave.

We get a Page/Flair promo then Sting comes to the ring and says he didn't come to Las Vegas for a night off. He wants to wrestle somebody for the World Title tonight. He plans to come back at the end of the evening to fight somebody, anybody...

Rick Flair vs. Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) - Strap Match - Kimberly looks like a "hell of an artichoke", as the Brain puts it, in a revealing green outfit. Flair allows himself to be attached to the strap then swings it at Page. He relents and allows his opponent to enter the ring. This is not a four corners match, by the way. Pinfall or submission is the rule in this one, but the strap can be used as a weapon. It is clear from the get-go that Flair has the experience and thus the advantage in this kind of match. Page has possibly made a big mistake. They fight out to the floor and up the aislke where Page manages to turn the tables for the first time. They cross the barrier and fight right into the crowd and then up the bleacher stairs. Flair recovers and gets in some shots then Page shoots back. The fight is firmly in see-saw mode throughout the battle. Flair wraps the strap around Page's head and then bites his forehead! They brawl back to ringside where Flair steals a kiss from Kimberly but the distraction proves his undoing. Page roars back and gets an extended offensive flurry. Flair is bleeding from the forehead but coming back with chops even as Page continues to pound on him. Page drags him over and slams his shead into the broadcast table then climbs onto the table and whips Flair with the strap. Back into the ring they go. Page is clearly unused to working with the strap. He keeps almost getting himself tied up in it. Flair delivers a low blow to turn the tables decisively. Kimberly cringes as Flair ties her husband up in the corner with the strap. It's all Flair now as he uses the strap to enhance his classic attack style. Then he attacks the legs - setting up the figure four which he then slaps on. Page collapses and is almost counted out. He struggles and finally reaches the ropes. Flair holds it for a moment more then releases the hold. He pounds Page in the forehead until page delivers a low blow of his own. Now DDP tries to strangle Flair with the strap then suddenly delivers the Diamond Cutter. The referee counts two then stops and awards Page the win. Page is outraged and Diamond Cuts the referee. David Flair runs in with the crowbar but is waylaid by Kimberly. She knees him in the groin then takes the crowbar and gives it to Page. He whacks Flair with it then uses it to hit him in the crotch!!! He goes on to hit David with two Diamond Cutters then ENT arrive to tend to Flair. Kimberly is smirking as they run past her. The show is stopped while the emergency crew races Flair's neck then loads him onto a stretcher and hauls him away. David is able to leave under his own power.

As they reach the ambulance, the Filthy Animals emerge and attack Flair, taking him off the stretcher and dumping him into the vehicle then driving away!!

Sting vs. Goldberg! - Goldberg answers the challenge. As the US Champ he is the traditional #1 contender. This is not a title match however. Sting leaves the ring after Goldberg arrives because there is no referee present. Charles Robinson runs out and signals for the bell. Goldberg goes right on the attack and overwhelms his opponent. He tosses him to the floor and the fight over to the broadcast table. Actually they aren't fighting - Goldberg is all aggression but Sting outmaneuvers him and turns the tables. Goldberg is rolled back into the ring where Sting hits a big splash from the top and then spears him!! Goldberg gets right up and hits a reverse kick. But Sting is still in it. He bulls Goldberg into the corner and hits two Stinger Splashes! Goleberg comes right back with a much bigger spear and a jack hammer to get the pin. Bobby keeps saying "What a Pay-per-view!" What?? Goleberg is being declared as the new World Champion! The announcers are confused and so are we...but now they are agreeing that Goldberg is the new Champ. Sting returns to te ring and complains that it wasn't a title match. Robinson disagrees and gets a Scorpion Death Drop for his trouble.

That's it. I'll be back tomorrow night. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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