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Monday Night Wars Edition

Nitro Report

Goldberg is NOT the Champion
...but Neither is Sting

Match last night was not sanctioned but Sting is stripped for attacking the referee

Kidman and Konnan New tag Champs

Outsiders Return to Action...Sort Of

RAW Report

DX Reformed!!

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 43

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 5, Issue 518 - October 25, 1999
Editor's Note: After last night's installment they might want to rename Sunday Night Heat as the "WWF Comedy Hour". Funniest moment - when the Blue Meanie came out disguised as Prince Albert. Funniest line - delivered by Chyna as the tag to her rant directed at Y2J, "Not tonight Chris, I have a headache..."

Please notice that Mick Foley's autobiographiy is available via Solie's Storefront (hint, hint...)

Finally, a reader reminded me this week that I hadn't run an installment of the Ric Flair historical article in quite some time. I guess there has just been too much happening lately. At any rate, below is part 43.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 43: Flair VS. WCW

After his bout with Bret Hart at WCW/nWo Souled Out. Flair wasn't seen much anywhere. That's because of an off-camera dispute with Eric Bischoff over (I believe/I could be wrong) contracts and personal reasons. This lead to seven months of non-camera appearances and ten months of in-ring inactivity. In the meantime, rumors flew about Flair jumping ship to the WWF. The story was that he was going to be the "corporate champion" and was going to challenge "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the title. Some have even suggested that is why The Rock was made a heel at that time because Flair chose to stay with WCW.

Anyway, after months of not being on tv, Flair returned in September and reformed the Four Horsemen on a truly unforgettable WCW Monday Nitro (probably one of the few Nitro's that you can say that about these days). Later that year, he wrestled Eric Bischoff twice in grudge matches. One was at Starrcade '98 in which the intervention of Curt Hennig saved Bischoff's hide and gave him a tainted win. The second bout took place the next night on Nitro but this time help from The Horsemen as well as "Macho Man" Randy Savage turned the tide there as Flair won that bout and (because of a prematch stipulation) won control of WCW for 90 days.

During this period, Flair ruled WCW wisely and (for the most part) fairly. He even began to train his son David Flair for a career in the ring. At SuperBrawl 1999, however, Flair was dealt a crushing blow when David turned on him and helped "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan defeat his father and retain the WCW World Title. Now, consumed by the betrayal and his desire to be champ again, Flair put his career on the line at WCW Uncensored in a steel cage match against Hogan. Hogan, likewise, put up the power of WCW for grabs as well as his World strap.

Now, here is where things get interesting, the stipulation in this bout is that it would be a first blood match. Anyone that has watch pro wrestling in the last 12 years or so knows that "First Blood" means the first man to draw blood wins the match. The referee, Charles Robinson, would not stop the match even though Hogan did draw first blood!! Robinson would not, on two occassions, count the pinfall for Hogan, claiming that "pinfalls don't count". Yet, when Flair had Hogan pinned, Robinson quickly counted the fall and WCW had a new world champion. Everyone thought "well, look at how the nWo did WCW all those years, tough luck Hogan" but things were about to get worse.

Next: Become What You Despised

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Nitro Report

Nitro is live from Phoenix, AZ.

Sting is pissed and looking for JJ Dillon as the program opens. He is wearing street clothes and no face paint. He goes right to the ring and demands that Dillon come out immediately. Dillon complies. Sting reminds Dillon that he didn't put the belt up in the match against Goldberg last night. He wants his title back. Dillon agrees that the match was not sanctioned and therefore Goldberg is not the Champion...but neither is Sting. He has been stripped of the title for attacking Charles Robinson after the match. JJ also announces that there will be a tournament to decide who the new Title holder will be. Sting decides to send a message to the Championship Committee and attacks JJ. He roughs him up then puts the Scorpion Deathlock on him! Goldberg runs out and it turns into a donnybrook until officials come out to separate them. They announce the first round competitors - including Medusa! Backstage, Vince Russo tells the Outsiders that they are scheduled to wrestle tonight. Hall says "...we ain't got our gear but we got something that rhymes with gear..."

Mike Tenay talks to Norman Smiley backstage. He faces Bam Bam Bigalow in the first round of the World Title tournament.

Norman Smiley vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - World Title tournament 1st round match - Bigalow brings a box of plunder to the match - poor Norman... In fact he is already protesting as he makes his way to the ring. Bigalow makes the challenge for a Hardcore match then starts throwing garbage into the ring. Smiley tries to hide behind the referee! He has no defense as Bigalow starts pounding on him with trashcans and broomhandles. Then Bam Bam dumps a trashcan over his head. Norman collpses and lands on Bigalow - then pins him!

Tenay interviews the Outsiders. Nash claims he is retired and can't work, Hall claims that Mike Graham (one of the bookers and a legendary wrestler in his own right) is not one of his bosses. Both are in a very jovial mood.

We review the mugging of Ric Flair by the Filthy Animals and subsequent events at the PPV last night. The last time we saw Flair he was being driven away in an ambulance by his assailants.

The Filty Animals come down to the ring with Torrie for a rant or two. They show home video of what they did with Flair. They dragged him out to a field somewhere, dropped him and kicked dirt on him. Flair is not moving as they leave to "go party". They also throw out a challenge at Harlem Heat. Suddenly Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn run in with weapons and just destroy the FA. Torrie backs away from the ring and right into the arms of Aysha, who is with Shane Douglas. Torrie is kidnapped.

Tenay talks to Curt Hennig, who has been told by the "powers that be" (Russo and Ferrara, of course) that if he gets pinned in his match tonight he is gone. Naturally, he disagrees.

The Outsiders hoist a few and discuss their situation.

Curt Hennig vs. Lance Leroux - this guy always makes me think of my old friend Lance LaGualt - I was in a band with him years ago - now he is a respected actor in Hollywood. Disco Inferno joins the broadcast team for this match. Hennig takes his young opponent to the floor and roughs him up pretty good while Disco comments that he found a new respect for the Ragin' Cajun. The match is back in the ring and Leroux is making a comeback. Hennig decides to end the match by clobbering the referee. He goes out and gets a chair then smashes Leroux with it. Disco comes in to help the youngster and also gets chaired. Backstage, the Filthy Animals are tearing up the joint looking for the Revolution and Torrie. She is heard to scream somewhere off in the distance.

We meet the latest Nitro Grrrl finalists but the event is interrupted by Jeff Jarrett who declares himself to be the "chosen one" to be the next World Champion. He taunts Buff Bagwell and also Lex Luger.

They show stills of the Goldberg/Vicious saga from last night then a post match interview with Mike Tenay and Sid. The "Millenium Man" vows that the war is not over with Goldberg and laughs maniacally as he says, "I will be back..."

Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero - World Title tournament 1st round match - Saturn uses too much smoke for his entrance and causes the Brain to have a coughing fit. The Filthy Animals come down en masse but Saturn warns them away by threatening Torrie. Eddie grabs the early advantage and draws a big "Eddie Sucks!" chant from the crowd. He jumps to the floor and removes the bandages from his ribs. Saturn comes right back and drops Eddie on his ribs astride the top rope a couple of times. Out on the floor he drops Guerrero on the railing. As Saturn returns to the ring, David Flair appears ringside and whacks Guerrero in the ribs with his dad's crowbar. Back inside, Saturn puts on the rings of Saturn to win the match.

Backstage Nash is threatening to "shut the show down" by stripping naked...

The Revolution has Torrie in a store room in the back. Chris Benoit suddenly breaks in on them and locks everyone except Malenko in a property locker, then proceeds to destroy Malenko as his friends stand by powerless to stop it.

The Outsiders come to the ring to announce their plans for tonight. Hall says they don't miss any parties, especially "in big Kev's hometown of Phoenix..." Nash takes the mic and delivers a classic Big Sexy "in the house" rant. He declares that nobody tells the Outsiders what to do...then he is interrupted by Goldberg up in the stands. He warns them that they are both "next" (is that physically possible..?)

The announcers are about to go to a break when the Macho Man and Gorgeous George show up in red sequined outfits! They go to the ring and Savage delivers a rant of his own. He puts the "guys in the back" on notice that getting rid of him won't be as easy as ridding themselves of Hogan and Flair. Then he declares that he is ready to "pass the torch" - but doesn't mention who will receive it. FA are still looking for their girl but are a little too late to find the Revolution in the store room. Medusa is headed for the ring for her World Title tournament match. We don't yet know who her opponent will be but we assume it will be a man.

The Revolution are holed up in another room. Malenko is real upset while his companions counsel patience. He isn't listening...

Medusa vs. Meng - World Title tournament match 1st round - Meng?? Medusa faces Meng?? She goes right after the monster but can't make a dent. She then charms him with her...well...charms, then pokes him in the eyes! She comes off the top but is caught in mid-air and placed on the top turnbuckle. She slaps his face and drop kicks him. She hits him and kicks him. He stands there and takes it. He has not made an offensive move against her. She goes for an insiguri and is just knocked off her feet. She jumps on his back and is shrugged off. Finally, Meng grabs her in the Tongan death grip and gets the three count. After the match, Evan Karageous runs out and helps her to her feet then escorts her to the back.

Here comes Dean Malenko with a mic and an excess of 'tude. He challenges Benoit to a "last man standing" match tonight. Cut to the Outsiders in the back trying to convince each other that they aren't concerned about Goldberg's threat.

Hennig and Brad Armstrong confer backstage. Both have been given ultimatums by the "powers that be". Brad says that he has been advised to call his little brother in the WWF and "learn how to get a personality..." Hennig hints that there is going to be trouble for the new writing team. Brad agrees. I heard a rumor that they (Russo and Ferrara) will acquire a team of bodyguards tonight...

The Total Package vs. Rick Steiner - if Russo and Ferrera really want to do something good for WCW - they could kill this entire "Luger reborn" angle. Jeff Jarrett comes down and joins the broadcast team, asserting that he didn't whack Liz and again saying that he is the "chosen one". He then goes to "talk" to Liz, but is interrupted in his quest by Luger. He turns to swing the guitar and whacks Steiner instead. Luger is seeing to Liz as Steiner lies unconscious on the floor. The referee is counting to 8 as Luger rolls back inside and wins by countout.

Tenay talks to Konnan and Kidman backstage. They threaten the Revolution and say that their own Tournament match won't drive a wedge between them. Buff Bagwell arrives saying to himself, "Here comes trouble..."

Benoit is preparing for his battle with Malenko.

Kidman vs. Konnan - World Title tournament match 1st round - two members of FA going after the gold against each other. They shake hands before the match and start out with a strictly scientific contest which soon dissolves into a brawl. During and early exchange Kidman accidently spears the referee. Harlem Heat immediately run out and punk both of them. Eddie and Rey Rey appear but, of course, they are both injured and largely ineffective. In the ring, Kidman recovers and gets the pin on Konnan, who is hot after the award - but Eddie convinces them that they have bigger fish to fry. Konnan comes around then points at Booker and Stevie, demanding a Tag Team Title match. Buff is headed for the arena.

More Outsiders in the back trying to figure out who they will face tonight (besides Goldberg).

Buff Bagwell comes down to rant some. He says he came to "break all the rules". He also says he won't job for anybody ever again, "especially the two idiots in the back writing this crap!" The Harris twins appear (DOA/Skull & 8 Ball to you and me) wearing black suits and announce that they represent the "two idiots..." These are the bodyguards I spoke of earlier. They punk Buff. We see Malenko headed to the ring for his match.

Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit - Last Man Standing match - the fight starts as soon as Malenko hits the ring. It is a straight brawl. Both guys wear jeans. Benoit wears cowboy boots. The fight goes straight to the floor where Malenko takes the advantage then rolls Benoit back inside. But Benoit turns the tables immediately and crotches Malenko in the corner. Back inside he goes to work in earnest. He pounds Malenko in the corner until the latter starts to beg off, then pounds him some more. He gets a belly-to-back superplex and the ten count is on for both guys. Both recover and Benoit gets a German suplex but Malenko grabs the ropes to prevent a series. He then suplexes Benoit to the floor the baseball slides into him as he tries to rise. Malenko stands on his opponent's throat on the floor then rams him into the stairs. He then drop-kicks the displaced stairs against his opponent's back. Benoit is reeling as Malenko rolls him back inside. The crowd is booing Malenko and he lets it distract him so that Benoit is able to make a comeback suplex. Moments later they clothesline each other and the count is on again and this time Benoit barely gets to his feet before the ten and is declared the winner. The Filthy Animals run in and Benoit sidesteps them so they can punk Malenko. The Revolution appears on the ramp with Torrie and warn them off. Malenko escapes by backing slowly away. In the ring, the Animals are freaking out then give chase despite the waning.

The Revolution stuff Torrie into a car and drive away with her. Eddie and Rey Rey go after them leaving Konnan and Kidman to face Harlem Heat for the Titles.

Brian Knobbs (w/Hugh Morrus/Jimmy Hart) vs. Sting - World Title tournament match 1st round - Sting appears in his face paint and wrestling gear this time and carrying a baseball bat...with which he immediately clobbers Knobbs and wins the match. Hall and Nash agree that Hall will start their match later.

Tenay talks to Bret Hart. Hart is said to have a hairline fracture of the ankle and Tenay counsels him to stay out of the ring. Right...

Harlem Heat vs. Konan/Kidman - World Tag Team Title match - I don't see the Animals winning this one without their back up... For one thing, I don't think these two have ever teamed together on a regular basis. Stevie starts with Konnan and creams him right off the bat. He then throws away the initiative for a moment but rgains it and tags his brother in. Konnan is knocked to the floor and brutalized. He is rolled back in and Stevie takes over again. Kidman has to save his partner from a pinfall. The Heat doubleteams Konnan who is out on his feet. Stevie hits a high knee then wrenches Konnan's injured shoulder. But then Booker comes in, goes for an axe kick and hangs himself up on the top rope. Kidman gets the tag and then gets put down. Booker gets a suplex and holds Kidman down with a bridge. But both pairs of shoulders are down as the referee starts the count. Kidman gets one off the mat and wins the match, and the Titles for his team.

Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) vs. David Flair - World Title tournament match 1st round - Page kisses Flair on the lips before the bell. Flair pulls a crowbar out of his clothes and immediately attacks DDP with it. He strikes Page several times then leaves the ring. The match was thrown out and Page is hauled away on a stretcher, screaming in pain. Kimberly, who came to the ring very cocky, is rather subdued as she accompanies her husband to the back.

I'm not exactly happy about all of these "un-matches" but this program is certainly keeping me interested and I have to admit there has been plenty of great action.

Page is stuffed into an ambulance with Kimberly and is driven away as we return from the break.

The Outsiders vs. - Hall and nash are still in street clothes because they didn't bring their gear tonight. The Harris Brothers appear on the platform then turn and wait for someone else to appear. Three beautiful women appear and head for the ring. The third one has ballons in her t-shirt to represent breasts - or maybe they are real... These ladies are apparently the opponents. Hall starts the match against the blonde in the black bikini top. He isn't sure how to grab her. She grabs him and applies a side headlock which forces her face into her bosem. He looks dazed as she drops him to the mat. She then "bulls" him to the corner and "pounds on him" from above then goes back and tags her partner in. Heenan is thinking about returning to managing. Hall pretends to struggle over to get a tag and Kevin comes in. Big Sexy faces the second blonde but then she turns and tags in Miss Bosem who tells Nash to lie down so they can pin him. He does and the two blondes do the honors, pinning him in tandem. This is clearly a parody of the WWF's use of the fairer sex, as was the Medusa/Meng match earlier. As they are having their fun, Goldberg runs in and spears each of them in turn.

Bret Hart vs. Goldberg - what you want to bet the Outsiders won't help Hart win this one..? Hart limps down the aisle and has a real hard time getting into the ring. Goldberg wears his US Title to the ring. As he approaches the ring, a sign at aisle-side reads "I Pimp Pimps". Goldberg appears hesitant to lockup with his limping opponent. But Hart advances on him and the match is on. There is no real contest here. Hart tries to slug it out but Goldberg just delivers big moves in a methodical way. He grabs a leg submission hold and Hart falls out to the floor then again struggles to get back inside. Goldberg lets him take some shots but it is hopeless. Goldberg puncuates his attack with shots to the injured leg. Hart is still standing but limping worse then ever. Goldberg grabs the submission hold again. Mickey Jay begs Hart to submit but Hart will not. Even Goldberg wants to stop the match. He stops focusing on the leg and just pounds on Bret's body as the match continues. Hart comes back with a series of punches then slaps on a sleeper but Goldberg shrugs him off, so Bret grabs the sleeper again. The referee is knocked down. Suddenly the Outsiders and Sid run in and attack. Goldberg fends off the Outsiders but Sid gets a boot to the face. Hall and Nash help him knock Goldberg down again then Sid powerbombs the US Champ. Hart and the referee are still out of it. Both recover and Hart slides into the ring to take the pin.

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RAW Report

The New Age Outlaws demand a Title match with the Hollys but Vince nixes that idea because Edge and Christian get the shot tonight. They want Rock n' Sock - but no, Mankind is going after the World Title. HHH barges in and is all upset about facing Foley. He wants NAO to face Rock n' Sock but no. Mankind gets the WHT shot. HHH then suggests Austin/Maivia vs NAO and Vince agrees. The Godfather finds Mark Henry making whoopie with the Garden Tools and drags him away.

RAW is live from the Civic Center in Providence, RI.

The Godfather (w/Mark Henry and about a dozen Garden Tools) vs. Viscera (w/Mideon) - the worlds biggest jobber is way outnumbered in this one. Viscera proposes a "winner take all match" for the girls. Godfather agrees but then Viscera makes a proposal to Henry that if he (Viscera) wins the match, Mark gets the girls. This could change the odds considerably. The referee sends Mideon away after he jumps onto the apron. In the ring, Viscera is holding his own but GF starts coming back. He is going for the train move when Henry grabs him from behind and knocks him down. Viscera gets an easy pin then Henry lays a big splash on his "therapist". He leaves with Viscera and the girls. Two of the girls stay behind to help the Godfather but Viscera goes back and splashes one of them then powerslams the other one. The WWF continues it's tasteless practice of beating up on women.

This just makes WCW's parody all the more effective...

The Rock uses Mike Cole as his vehicle to rant at Steve Austin. He says he has no problem with teaming up with him but he still means to take the WWF Title as Survivor Series regardless.

The Garden Tools are driven away in an ambulance while the Dudleys yuck it up.

The Hollys vs. Edge/Christian - World Tag Team Title match - the challengers pose for the crowd and get blindsided but come right back. The Hardeys and Terri are watching from the back. In the ring Christian and Hardcore collide in a duel drop-kick. All four are in the ring for a bit. As Edge is about to take the pin, Too Much run in and ruin the match. Lawler pretends not to recognise his son. The Hardeys show up to help their new friends and together they clear the ring of the riff raff. Moolah and Mae Young patch up their differences backstage and we are told that Moolah has a major announcement to make.

Moolah starts to make her announcement but is interrupted by Young who compliments her. Moolah goes on to surrender the Title and retire. This brings Ivory out with a broom. She says she found Moolah's "ride" in the handicap spot. She says she has a contract for a rematch - she attacks Mae Young with thebroom and then we have a match...albeit a short one. Ivory takes the Champ out in moments and is declared the new Champ.

Prince Albert confronts the Big Show backstage and says he just wants to have a good match tonight. He reminds Wight that he's not the Boss Man...

Big Show vs. Prince Albert - I wonder how much sympathy mail Paul Wight is receiving over this horrible storyline. I wonder how he answers it... Wight crushes PA then is faced with the Boss Man supposedly holding his father's "heirloom watch" up on the platform. Prince Albert blindsides the Show then Boss Man hits him in the face with a hammer. Bossman then brings out an anvil and destroys the watch with PA at his side. Sickening...

Y2J wants Chyna and D'Lo in a tag team match - he will pick "an ordinary fan" as his partner. Sure...

Wight is busted open but recovers enough to go looking for the Boss Man.

Chyna (w/Miss Kitty)/D'Lo Brown vs. Chris Jericho/"a fan from ringside" - Jericho picks a cross-dressed "fan" in a red wig (its supposed to be female but come on...) D'Lo faces Jericho to start and almost pins him. Jericho comes back with a bulldog and starts punching away but then is caught in a tilt-a-whirl slam. Chyna tags in and is dropped with a toe hold then pummeled in his corner. The "fan" tags in and has a moment of success then is downed and stripped. It's Stevie Richards. Chyna finishes him with a Pedegree and Jericho is foiled again. Predictably he attacks Richards after the match.

Mankind approaches Vince who questions him about his some things he wrote about Vince's "bobbing adam's apple". Cut to commercial for Mankind's book which the WWF is selling with a T-Shirt for $44.95! If you just want the book, you can get it for $17.50 by going to the Solie's Storefront.

Mankind vs. HHH - World Title match - HHH spits his water then walks through the mist (yech!!) as usual. This starts out as a mat wrestling match - which both of these guys can do. Then HHH starts punching. Foley answers with a sleeper but is dumped outside. Austin and Maivia watch on separate monitors in the back. The fight continues on the floor. No sign of a wrestling hold now. HHH uses the stairs to whack Foley's shoulder, leaving Mankind's arm dangling throughout the rest of the match. He continues to work on the arm relentlessly, going back to wrestling holds at this point until he runs Foley's shoulder into the post. Foley comes back with a DDT and both are down for a moment. Foley recovers and goes for the sock but HHH sidesteps and hangs him up in the ropes. Foley's head is caught for a moment then he falls to the floor. The fight goes into the crowd then back to ringside. HHH rolls his opponent back inside the brings a chair in with him. He rushes the corner but Foley kicks it back at him. HHH struggles with the referee for possession of the chair while Foley grabs the Title belt and whacks HHH with it. Now he gets the claw in place and is about to put HHH out when Val Venis runs in and attacks him. The match is thrown out. Then Al Snow runs in to help Foley. They doubleteam Venis and send him flying over the top. HHH slips away with the belt.

Austin says he isn't afraid of the Rock, no matter what Maivia says. He'll partner with him - no problem. Stephanie says she is feeling a lot better and starting to remember "wonderful things". Test will face the Bulldog in a cage tonight. Kelly talks to Kane and X-Pac. Kane tells his friend to stay out of his match with Bubba Ray Dudley tonight. The Dudleys attack as X-Pac is agreeing. Bubba takes Kane's voice box.

Bubba Ray Dudley (w/Devon) vs. Kane - Kane comes to the ring and creams Dudley from the get-go. X-Pac is watching from the back. Devon jumps on the apron at one point and gets dragged into the ring as well. Kane cleans house with both of them. Devon finally re-enters the ring and spoils the match. They work together to take the big guy down as X-Pac continues to watch from the back. Tori tries to convince him to go out and help and says she will go if he doesn't. In the ring Kane is getting punked until X-Pac runs down and chases them off.

Keven Kelly is with Davey Boy who says he's going to erase Test's memory. P>The British Bulldog vs. Test - Cage match - Test goes right to work on his nemesis and has him reeling in moments. But Bulldog absorbs the blows then comes back strong. There are huge gaps in the corners of the cage. Test drops an elbow on the Bulldog from the top of the cage and then the Posse runs in and cuts the lock off the cage door. They start to punk Test. But Shane Mcmahon runs in, climbs the cage and performs a spectacular leap off the top of the wall. He is soon overwhelmed as the Bulldog slips away. Shane is punked and then the Posse starts to leave but Test catches Abbs and get some measure of revenge before the door is slammed in his face. The Posse limps away then Stephanie runs down to help her brother and Test to there feet. The Outlaws are discussing strategy in the back.

The Acolytes are outside a bar where hey plan to have a beer and then kick somebody's butt. Two townees offer to buy them beers, then get insulted when the wrestlers turn them down. One says he's an arm wrestling champ and challenges Bradshaw. Bradshaw cheats to win. The local guys refer to Faarooq as a "darkie" and the fight is on. The Acolytes wipe the floor with the two local heroes, take their beers and split. Someone threatens to call the cops.

New Age Outlaws vs. Rock/Steve Austin - Maivia eschews his usual pre-match patter, in fact he has had remarkably little to say tonight. Austin enters and starts the match with Billy Gunn who is bulled into the corner then spins his opponent around. Austin reverses then misses a clothesline on the whip but hits the Thesz press. Maivia tags in and continues the assault on Billy. Road Dogg comes in and is creamed early on. He rebounds and makes the exchange. Billy gets a couple of shots but Maivia returns with a swinging neckbreaker. Dogg returns but he is on the receiving end immediately. The Rock goes for his elbow but Billy drags the Dogg out of the ring. Austin attacks thm on the floor and is joined by Maivia. Back in the ring it's the Dogg vs. Maivia, then Austin tags in and loses the advantage momentarily but then levels Jesse with a punch. He goes for the Stunner but Billy pulls down the ropes and Austin tumbles to the floor. back inside he is being punished by a doubleteam while Maivia obligingly distracts the referee. Dogg is working on the braced left leg but Austin escapes. The Outlaws doubleteam him again and turn it back around. Austin elevates Billy onto the top rope but Billy comes back with a low blow. Austin is still being isolated. James pisses Austin off when he mimes a "doggy style" move on him and that turns things around. Maivia is tagged in and has things in hand when HHH runs in to interfere. Austin cuts him off and they battle up the ramp. In the ring, Rocky is on his own but doing fine. He gets the Rock Bottom on Billy but then X-Pac runs in and hits him with a spinning back kick. He and the Outlaws start pounding on Maivia. Austin returns only to have HHH follow him...and join the other three in their attack on Maivia and Austin. DX are back (oh goody...) Did anybody else see this coming..?

That's it for tonight. I'll be back on Saturday morning. Until then...

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