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Thunder Report

Bret Hart is the US Champ

He won the title during his match with Goldberg Monday

Smackdown Report

British Bulldog the 2 Time Euro Champ


The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 519 - October 30, 1999

Thunder Report

Thunder coms to us live from San Diego, CA at the Cox Arena of San Diego State University.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Evan Karageous - this is a rematch brought on because Bret Hart came down and interrupted their last outing. This one moves pretty fast, as could be expected. Juvey definitely seems to have the youngster's number during the early going. Mike Tenay is saying that Bret Hart won the US title during his World Title Tournament match against Goldberg the other night. Strange, at the time they said nothing about it. In the ring, Juvey has started working on his opponnent's knee. Oh crap! Here comes Sid to spoil things. The competitors see him approaching and break off the match - Juvey leaves the ring to stand on the apron while the rookie waits to be powerbombed. Sid claims he's still undefeated...right. As if he ever was undefeated... He claims he beat Goldberg at Halloween Havoc and he has proof! He then issues a challenge to anyone in the back to come down and try to break his streak - and promises to cripple anyone who wants to try. Chris Benoit answers that call, naturally enough. The match is made. Sid turns and shakes the hands of the two competitors in the ring then hauls ff and clotheslines both of them simultaneously - then powerbombs them (separately, of course...)

Mean Gene interviews the Maestro who says he intends to be the "star of the show".

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. wanders the halls calling Goldberg's name. Vince Russo tells him that Goldberg is out in LA making a movie. That's alright with Chavo, he's just trying to get some TV time. He wanders off, still calling Goldberg's name.

The Maestro vs. Prince Iaukea - so finally the Maestro gets a chance to win one. Iaukea has shown a lot of aggression lately but I haven't noticed any discernable push... Typically, Iaukea comes on strong in the beginning. He is wearing boots tonight - something I don't recall ever seeing him do. Maestro suckers him into a corner and turns the tables but only for a moment. The a little later he hits a knee lift then grabs an STF (he calls it the Encore) and wins by submission. He releases the hold after the call, then applies the boots in preparation for grabbing the submission hold again.

Dean Malenko and Saturn head for the arena backed by Shane Douglas who is still nursing his bicep injury.

Saturn/Dean Malenko vs. El Dandy/Silver King - it's easy to figure who will win this one but the Revolution do their best to make their opponents look the opening moments... The luchadores get about 5 seconds of fame before the Revolution starts taking their heads off. At this point they could end the match at any moment, but choose to play with their food...This give the jobbers a chance to get a little offense before Douglas passes a chain to Malenko. He clocks Dandy and puts the Cloverleaf on him to take the win. In the back, Chavo is still yelling Goldberg's name, calling him "little man" and "girly boy".

The next segment is a recap of what happened during this week's Nitro broadcast.

Okerlund interviews the Harlem Heat who talk some trash as Chavo wanders by, still calling Goldberg's name. In the back the Revolution get into their car.

Stevie Ray vs. Curly Fries...uh...Bill - before the match, Vincent is interviewed by Gene Okerlund and expresses little concern for his fellow West Texas Outlaw, Curt Hennig's predicament vis-a-vis the "powers that be". Does it make any sense at all that Hennig should be shaky while this idiot has no problem? I didn't think so. Booker T joins the broadcast team. Stevie is in charge throughout the match until he accidently knocks the referee down. Vincent takes off his cowboy boot and whacks Stevie, which brings Booker in to do a number on Vincent then leave it to his brother to finish him off. In the back the Filthy Animals are getting ready to invade the arena.

Konnan/Kidman/Eddie Guerrero (w/Rey Misterio, Jr.) vs. Steven Regal/Dave Taylor/Chris Adams - the match is pretty evenly fought throughout the early going until Kidman gets droppd onto the top rope by Taylor. He is isolated for a while as the Brits work him over. Konnan interferes but is ejected by the referee before he can help his partner escape. Adams misses a top rope move and Guerrero comes in to clean house. A melee erupts on the outside while Guerrero finishes Taylor off with a frog splash. Afterward, the Animals walk off with the Brit's ring attire. Mean Gene asks Berlyn why he doesn't just leave, since he hates America so much. Berlyn deigns to speak English for the first time, hinting at his "master plan".

Lash LeRoux comes to the ring to make a statement about his pending World Title Tournament match against the Cat.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Lash LeRoux - Chavo takes the mic to say that he is looking for Goldberg then gets blindsided by his opponent. Moments later LeRoux does his fancy footwork windup but misses the the denoument. Chavo clobbers him then grabs a reverse chinlock. LeRoux uses a jaw breaker to escape and turn it around. The match goes into see-saw mode with Chavo on the ascendancy. Then he misses a rush to the corner and gives te Ragin' Cajun his opening to make a come back. He rakes the face of his opponent in a rather uncharacteristic move. Chavo hits a drop-kick and follows with a back elbow. Moments later LeRoux hits a backdrop and then his spinning powerbomb to take the pin.

A white limo pulls up and disgorges the Cat with three beautiful ladies. His head is starting to show a bit of peach fuzz - apparently he's decided to grow some hair.

Berlyn (w/the bodyguard) vs. Jerry Flynn (w/Jimmy Hart) - I think the First Family contingent is outweighed in this one. Flynn bends over to talk to Hart on the bell and gets blindsided for his mistake. We all know that Alex Wright can beat this guy without any help - but don't count on it going down that way. Flynn is on the receiving end throughout the match until Berlyn leaps and hangs himself up on the top rope. He regains the advantage for a moment after Flynn's flurry then Jimmy Hart jumps up on the apron to interfere. The bodyguard takes Hart out then punches Flynn behind the ear to give his boss the win. Chavo is up to it again, wandering around calling Goldberg's name. He rounds a corner and runs right into Sid, who grabs him by the throat and tosses him across the hallway.

Ernest Miller makes his entrance to the arena with his female entourage. These are three hot blondes. He says he plans to win the World Title Tournament in one night. In the back, Buff Bagwell strides purposefully toward...something...

Mean Gene confronts Chris Benoit who calls Sid "disillusional" - whatever the hell that means...

Buff Bagwell vs. Scotty Riggs - this is interesting if for no other reason that these two used to be Tag Team Champs together. Bagwell is lackadaisical again - doing a parody on himself a various points. He still manages to dominate the action until Riggs slips in one of his patented drop-kicks to turn the tables. Riggs starts working on the left leg of his opponent. Buff escapes and gets a couple of clotheslines, then is stopped by a jaw breaker. He pauses to argue with the referee for a moment but doesn't allow Riggs to slip in on him. He takes a rather sudden pin leaving us with the impression that he was supposed to job to Riggs but decided not to - per his rant on Nitro.

Sid vs. Chris Benoit - we've seen this match up previously, of course. Unless I am remembering wrong, Sid won the US title from Benoit at Fall Brawl. Benoit evades his monster opponent for about 10 seconds then Sid starts pounding on him. Sid sits Benoit on the top corner which gives Benoit a chance to hit a drop-kick. Sid comes back but gets dumped to the floor then gets caught with a drop-kick to the knee as he returns. The fight goes to the floor again and Sid grabs he initiative, smashing Beniot into the broadcast table then the stairs. Back in the ring, Sid grabs a cobra clutch then uses it to slam his opponent. He holds Benoit against the ropes and rakes at his eyes then runs across the ring to plant a boot. Benoit comes back with 5 boots to the mid-section but then runs right into a boot to the face and goes down. Sid pounds Benpit down again and grabs a camel clutch for a moment before squashing Benoit. He goes for a cover but Benoit kicks out. Sid hits a pancake slam but Benoit kicks out. Sid misses a clothesline and Benoit gets a German suplex then goes for the diving headbutt...but misses. Benoit immediately executes the Crippler Crossface but the Revolution runs in and attacks him. Sid starts powerbombing everyone in sight. He is doing Benoit as the Revolution limps away...and right into the arms of the Filthy Animals...

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SmackDown Report

SmackDown is on tape tonight from Springfield, MA. First up - what else..? DX makes an entrance minus Chyna. I guess she's too busy to play with the boys these days - too bad - she's by far the most intersting thing they have going for them. Thank God! HHH chooses not to re-air his lame Michael Buffer impression. X-Pac takes the mic and hints that there will be a new member of DX tonight. Billy Gunn then challenges Steve Austin to a match tonight. The Road Dogg does the same concerning the Rock. HHH then orders Vince McMahon to the ring. Vince appears on the platform and stops to wait for whatever it is HHH wants to say. HHH tells Vince that his services are no longer needed - DX is taking over the promotion - so he says... Vince tells HHH to "S*ck it!" HHH repeats that DX is taking over. Cut to the parking garage then to the backstage area where Edge and Christian are walking...somewhere...

Test and Stephanie walk hand in hand - they meet the Stooges in the hallway.

The Hollys come out to the ring and join the broadcast team for the next match.

Edge/Christian vs. Too Cool - that's "Too Much" with a new name, folks. Cool or not, they are creamed from the get go and yet continue to showboat to their peril. Eventually they do pull it off, however. Their teamwork really is superior. Edge and Christian are on the receiving end for several minutes until Christian turns things around. Edge gets his wimpy spear and would have the pin on Taylor but Christopher sves him. Crash give Edge a "scale shot" to hand Too Cool the win then the four of them punk their enemies.

Jim Ross interviews the Big Show concerning his feud with the Boss Man. He chooses to leave rather then do something he will regret. I'd still like to know how he is handling all of the sympathy mail he's got to be generating with this horrible storyline...

Mark Henry dismisses a couple of rather hefty women then replaces them with some only slightly more svelt models.

Y2J makes his usual entrance and challenges Stevie Richards to a match. As soon as he closes his mouth, Chyna's music plays and Richards appears dressed as Chyna. The announcers try desparately to pretend that they don't recognise Richards at first, then change their tune as he strides in a very unladylike manner to the ring. Jericho sees through the ruse immediately and starts beating Richards within an inch of his life. The real Chyna appears with Miss Kitty and stalks to the ringside area to whack Jericho with her IC Title belt. Richards gets the pin, then Chyna enters the ring and creams him before turning on her heel and splitting. Jericho then adds his own insult to injury. Poor Stevie. In the parking lot, DX punks the Rock then stuffs him in the trunk of his own car and the Road Dogg drives away in it!

The British Bulldog (w/the Greenwich Posse) vs. D'Lo Brown - European Title match - Davey Boy attacks the Champ before the bell rings but D'Lo makes an inmmediate comeback. He dumps the Bulldog to the floor then follow him out. But then he fails to get a verticle suplex and has the Bulldog reverse it on him. Back in the ring, D'Lo backdrops the Bulldog over the top to the floor, but Rodney runs in from behind and chopblocks his legs from under him. Davey returns and is in control again. Rodney jumps up on the apron while first D'Lo, then the Bulldog attempt to use the title belt as a weapon. Davey Boy succeeds but can't get the pin. D'Lo recovers and has the Bulldog on the run. The Posses tries to distract him but he ignores them and gets a running powerbomb. He climbs up for the Low Down but Pete knocks his legs out from under him. He falls to the mat where the Bulldog takes the pin and the Title.

X-Pac takes pains to assure Kane that his DX dalliance is just a "side thing". He insists that his partnership with the big red machine is still his main interest.

A older staff member says he hasn't seen Austin and then asks the Road Dogg what he did with the Rock. The Dogg says he left him "on the other side of the tracks where he belongs." Was that a slightlty racist remark..?

X-Pac/Kane vs. the Dudley Boyz - in the middle of this match X-Pac abruptly turns on his partner. Before Kane can react the rest of DX arrives and punks him. Afterward, X-Pac reveals that the "new member" he alluded to earlier was Kane but that the big guy failed the audition.

The Hardey Boyz (w/Terri) vs. Viscera/Mark Henry - Henry brings his "ladies" to the ring. The Hardeys run into a brick wall in this one. They have to double up to have any affect and then their success lasts only a moment at best. But then Terri jumps onto the apron to tempt Henry giving the Hardeys the chance to put Henry down and pin him. Afterward, Henry and Viscera get into an argument and Henry gets splashed and squashed.

The old staff guy informs DX that Steve Austin has arrived.

DX plans their strategy to get Austin before he has a chance to start anything.

The Boss Man (w/Prince Albert) vs. Al Snow - Boss Man takes advantage of Snows discomfort over the presense of Prince Albert to launch a surprise attack. But Snow is too observant and foils the assault. It takes the Boss Man a couple of exchanges to use his superior bulk to take the advantage. Once he is in charge, however, he is relentless. As Snow starts to make a comeback, PA starts rapping on the steps with BM's night stick. This distracts the referee which gives BM a chance to use his title belt to clock Snow and get the pin. Snow makes a speech after the match inviting Boss Man and Prince Albert to meet him in the parking lot for a handicap Hardcore Title match. Backstage, the Road Dogg has his leg caught in a bear trap!! Austin taunts him and moves on.

EMT's are trying to pry the trap off the Road Dogg as we return. In the parking lot, Boss Man and Prince Albert are looking for Snow. They decide to hide out in a car. Here comes the Big Show with a forklift! He rams the car into a ledge thus sealing the doors then proceeds to trash it by climbing on it and jumping up and down - then he pushes a dumpster off the top of the ledge and onto the car.

After a recap of what just happened we see Mankind singing to himself then cut to another part of the building where Billy Gunn is hung upside down, caught in a snare. More of Austin's work.

Mankind vs. Val Venis - this match has been a long time coming but was precipitated by Val's interference in Foley's World Title match Monday night. Val pauses to make a speech on the platform. He acknowledges that Foley is indeed a best selling author but thinks he (Val) is better. Foley takes control as soon as Venis hits the ring but it is shortlived as Val is dumped out to the floor then pulls Foley out with him. He wrenches Foley's arm against the ringpost then takes him back inside to work on his injured shoulder. Mankind keeps coming back but his arm is dangling again. Still he manages to turn the tables and get a double arm DDT. He goes for the sock but can't find it. Venis blindsides him then misses the money shot. Al Snow arrives with the sock and Mankind gets the claw to take the pin.

Billy and the Dog are nursing their wounds as the other two members plot away. X-Pac gets a cell phone call. It's Austin telling him to "keep reaching for the stars". X-Pac glances up and the ceiling falls in on him. Austin has struck again.

DX limps to the ring (figuratively and literally). HHH makes a bravado speech that rings hollow considering the evening's events so far. HHH suggests that Austin could be hiding under the ring which prompts his companions to look there. He challenges Austin to come down and face them or else they will go looking for him. He gives him a ten count - Austin then shows up on the platform. He rants at them, telling HHH his idea of taking over the WWF is a non-starter and taunts them individually. Austin's not wearing his braces so we know there won't be any extended action on his part. Sure enough, a cargo net falls on DX and Austin gets in some licks before first Kane and then the Rock show up to do the real dealing out. The various members of DX are stunned, chokeslammed, rock bottomed, etc.

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A video review runs down the humiliation of Tammy Lynn Sytch last week on the program before we cut to the opening montage.

Joel Gertner and Joey Styles are in the ring as we rejoin the broadcast. This weeks program is coming to us on tape from Poughkypsee, NY. Gertner commandeers the mic and introduces the first match.

Taz vs. Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) - we get a real barn burner right out of the chute. For those not familiar with their history, Stykes reminds us that these two have been Tag Team Champs on the same team and both have also held the ECW World TV and World Heavyweight titles. Amazingly, they actually shake hands before starting to punch each other. Taz wins the first exchange and tosses Sabu to the floor. They brawl up and down the aisle then Taz smashes his opponent into the time keeper's table. Sabu escapes and starts setting up a table ringside as we cut to commercial.

Sabu hits a DDT on the ramp as we return. Both rise and thy start punching each other again.Back in the ring, Taz hits a drop-kick on his opponent's knee then slaps on a camel clutch. H releases the hold and goes for a springboard bulldog but is caught and sent flying by a German Taz-plex. They struggle to the top corner and Sabu gets a Frankensteiner off the top. Alfonso obliges the crowd calling for a table by throwing one into the ring. Sabu uses a chair to drop Taz's head on then drop a leg on him while he lies on it. Taz recovers quickly and gets a powerbomb onto the table, breaking it. He goes to the top and throws a somersault splash but misses. Another table is slid into the ring and set up in the corner. Sabu positions Taz then hurls himself - but it looks like he misses and runs face first into the table, and breaks it. Yet another table is slid in and Sabu, amazingly recovered from that last move, sets it up. He lays Taz on it, climbs the corner and drops a guillotine legdrop on Taz to break the table and gets the pin. Impact Players Justin Credible and Lance Storm run in and attack Sabu until Rob Van Dam runs in and chases them off. Sabu doesn't take kindly to the interference and attacks RVD. Taz then grabs RVD and slaps on the Tazmission. He releases the hold so that Sabu can pound on Van Dam some more.

Tommy Dreamer (w/Francine) vs. Lance Storm (w/Dawn Marie) - it is pointed out that Storm is he one who broke Dreamer's back a while ago. Of course there's sure to be a cat fight associated wih this match. Storm hits a drop-kick as Dreamer enters the ring and the fight is on with Storm in control. Then the fight goes to the floor and Dreamer turns the tables immediately. Storm is tossed (cute, huh?) into the crowd then tossed back to ringside. He is back bodydropped over the rail then dragged over and dumped on the ramp. Dreamer retreats to the back for a moment then returns with a ladder. He lays Storm on the ladder then walks the second rope and throws an elbow...which misses Storm and strikes the ladder. Now Storm is back in charge. Hedrops Dreamer on a chair then sets up the ladder in the corner. He tries to whip Dreamer into it but is reversed. Dreamer gets the Spicolli Driver but Dawn Marie breaks up the pinfall attempt which brings Francine in and the inevitable catfight ensues. Meanwhile Raven runs in and DDT's Dreamer, giving Storm the pin. Justin Credible meets him on the ramp and Raven is punked. Dreamer recovers and runs in with a chair to chase the Impact Players off. We go to a recap off last week's acton among some of these same players.

Raven makes a silly speech about Dreamer just wanting to leach off his stardom then attacks Dreamer with the mic. Dreamer turns the tables and puts on a DDT. He cradles Raven's head in his lap and tells him, "I'm stuck with you and you're stuck with me..."

Nova speaks to us from the dressing room. He talks about his partner Chris Chetti (sp?) being injured and how he intends to dedicate every match to him.

The Baldies vs. Nova/David Cash - this is the ECW debut of the former team.

As we return Danny Doring and Road Kill are punking Nova in the ring while Cash gets the same treatment from the Baldies on the floor. This goes on until Balls Mahoney and Axel Rotten show up to even the odds - wielding chairs, of course. Miss Congeniality slaps Mahoney so he and Rotten argue over who is going to retaliate on her with their chair until Jazz runs in and whacks her from behind with a chair. They sing "I've got Big Balls" along with the crowd and we cut to the announcers who fill us in on next week's show - a preview of the November to Remember PPV. Styles promises that a WCW star will jump to ECW next week...and WCW doesn't even know about it yet.

The program ends on a monologue by Raven - whining as usual...

The Way I See It...

Xavier Doom wrote an editorial for DDT Digest last week about the changes being made in the WCW product and how a number of Internet wrestling commentators are unwilling, or unable, to admit that maybe, just maybe, WCW is doing something right. He made a point that I have been harping on for quite some time now. I was glad to see that I am not the only one who feels this way:

I agree. Basically, nothing that WCW does could ever please these pundits.

The fact is that WCW has managed to tighten up their product, present more cogent storylines, and still delivers more pure wrestling on each program then the WWF can hope to match. The incremental upswing in their ratings over the last two weeks shows they are doing the right thing and I expect that trend to continue if they keep up the good work. Even such unabashed WWF boosters as Online Onslaught's Rick Scaia has admitted to having a harder time switching to RAW and then not dialing back to find out what's going on at Nitro.

For my own part, I think I am actually enjoying the discomfort of these Internet "experts" more then any actual changes in the WCW product...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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