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Part 2 from the LA Times, 12/14/97

Volume 5, Issue 520 - November 1, 1999
Editor's Note: We open this evenings edition with the conclusion of an article from the Los Angeles Times concerning the originator of the modern westling character, the one and only Gorgeous George.


(Los Angeles Times, December 14, 1997)

By Cecilia Rasmussen, L.A. Then And Now

Part 2

For his part, George became immune to whistles and wisecracks, but couldn't stand someone pulling or touching his curls. Although he had millions of fans -- 35% of whom reportedly were women, according to sponsors -- he infuriated men. During one bout, a male spectator extinguished his cigar on the back of George's calf and his expensive robes sometimes were stolen and torn to shreds by the crowd.

To distinguish himself from such contemporaries as Wild Red Berry, Baron Leone and Lou Thesz, George drove an orchid-colored Cadillac and had his name and "act" copyrighted.

"I really don't think I'm gorgeous," he always said. "But what's my opinion against millions?"

Professional wrestling became a national phenomenon when it first aired on television in 1948, appearing as part of the Tuesday night lineup that included "The Milton Berle Show" and "Kukla, Fran & Ollie." Its biggest stars, Gorgeous George and the Mighty Atlas, soon were household names. The next year, George topped the card at the Olympic Auditorium, selling out the house 27 times. On each occasion he wore a different one of his 100 purple robes, each of which cost as much as $2,000.

"I got the biggest ovation of my life there," he once recalled. "They couldn't announce the match. The announcer burst out laughing, but I didn't mind. I was a sensation."

In 1951, students at Woodbury College interviewed 5,000 owners of television sets about their viewing preferences. The study found that Angelenos most enjoyed watching 200 to 400-pound berserkers sit on the heads of their rivals and tie each other's limbs into square knots. Wrestling, with its bearhugs, power slams, eye-goung and crotch-kicking, was by far the most popular TV event, with cigarette-puffing little old ladies responding 5 to 1 in its favor.

George wrestled five to six nights a week, and during the day ruffled a few feathers at his 195-acre ranch in Beaumont, where he raised 35,000 "Gorgeous George" turkeys. Gobbling up profits, George handled his own marketing and had the birds delivered in limos with orchids emblazed on the doors.

George loved to taunt as much as he was taunted. Sometimes he had live turkeys delivered to an opponent's house.

But in George's case, trouble seemed to follow fame. His beloved ranch was tied up in litigation for years after a messy divorce. Eventually, part of it was sold to actor Danny Thomas.

Over the years, wrestling's appeal faded just as George did. Shortly before he retired in 1962, George opened a bar on Sepulveda Boulevard called Gorgeous George's Ringside Bar. A year later, he suffered a heart attack and died on Christmas Day 1963. He was 48 years old and broke.

Nevertheless, the Los Angeles City Council adjourned with a resolution in his memory. At his funeral, both of his ex-wives -- seated on opposite sides of the church -- cried uncontrollably. His last girlfriend, a stripper, sobbed and collapsed next to the orchid-colored casket covered with fresh orchids.

Today, professional wrestling fans nostalgic for a glimpse of the heroic era can find a large collection of Gorgeous George memorabilia at Slammers Wrestling Gym in the San Fernando Valley when its museum reopens.

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Nitro Report

Hall and Nash are sitting backstage hen Bret Hart hobbles in on crutches and starts shouting at them, calling them slimeballs and telling them to stay out of his business. He seems upsets that they helped him win the US Title last week...

Nitro is live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. Hart heads down to the ring to make a statement. He says he watched the replay of the match last week and thinks that Goldberg got a raw (no pun intended) deal. He says that as far as he is concerned, Goldberg is still the US Champ. Sid shows up and disputes that, saying "...that belt belongs to me!" He complains that his match at Halloween Havoc was stopped by the referee - and he says he has proof that Goldberg said, "I quit" during the match. He demands the belt from Bret who tells him to stick it. Sid attacks him. Now the Outsiders are making their way to the ring. Nash picks up the belt and gives it to Sid. Sid leaves and the Outsiders stick around to taunt Bret.

Tony points out that there is a steel cage suspended over the ring but implies that he doesn;t know what it is there for. Gosh Tony, a cage match perhaps..? Tony reveals that Medusa will get another chance in the World Title Tournament against Evan Karagous. Goldberg is out but Medusa gets another chance...sure...that makes sense. Saturn drives up out back on a motorcycle with Torrie on the back. She jumps off and tries to flee but Aysha catches her and brings her back. Kevin Nash is suggesting to Hall that he should let Nash "promote" him.

We revisit Randy Savage's visit to the ring last week. Who does he mean when he says he is "passing the torch" to someone..?

Vampiro vs. Berlyn (w/der Big Schmuck) - World Title Tournament 1st round match - hard to decide which of these guys has the odder hair do... Berlyn grabs a side headlock and takes his opponent down right out of the chute. Vamp escapes but then gets caught in a head scissors.Vamp escapes again but Berlyn stays ahead of him. Members of the rock group, the Misfits, show up and surround the ring. Now Vamp starts making a comeback. He holds the advantage for several exchanges then the match goes into see-saw mode. The referee gets downed and suddenly the bodyguard is headed into the ring. But Vamp gets the drop on the big guy and sends him into the ropes with a drop-kick. The band members pull down the top rope which sends the big goof tumbling to the floor where he receives a chair shot. In he ring, Vamp gets a cover and his friends hold Berlyn's legs so he is unable to kick out. Vampiro advances.

In the back, the Revolution has Torrie in a cage and is rolling her down the hallway. Tony says they are headed for the ring.

We get a recap of happenings last night in the Revolution/Filthy Animals feud. Then the Revolution comes to the ring minus the ladies. Each in turn makes their own statement. Saturn taunts Eddie Guerrero, proposing a "pole match" with the key to the cage as the prize at the top of the pole. Malenko tells Chris Benoit that he plans to cripple the Crippler. Benoit makes an appearance on the platform and points out the cage over the ring. He tells Malenko that their World Title Tournament 1st round match match will take place in that cage...In the back, somebody is being made up with a disguise. It kind of sounds like Kevin Nash but it doesn't look like him from the back of his head, which is all we get to see.

The Filthy Animals enter through the back complaining about their tires being slashed. A security guy tries to get them to ID themselves - so they mug him...

After a tape of David Flair's attack on Diamond Dallas Page last week, Mike Tenay is with Kimberly and the Nitro Grrrrls backstage. She says that Page has cracked ribs and a broken collar bone, then she quits the Nitro Grrrrls. She walks away in a daze.

Ernest "the Cat" Miller (w/3 beauties) vs. Lash LeRoux - World Title Tournament 1st round match - I must say that Miller's companions are a big improvement over Sonny Oono. Miller slaps his opponent's face to start the fight. He controls the action throughout the early going. But then suddenly LeRoux grabs a leg vice submission and the previously injured Cat is forced to tap out. Backstage Bret Hart is whining about getting his belt stolen - he promises to get even. Meanwhile the Nitro Grrrrls are giving themselves a pep talk...except that there is some discension in the ranks. Tony seems to confirm that the figure in the make up chair was Nash.

The Animals and their Kidcam eavesdrop on Lex Luger and Liz who are strategizing over his place in the World Title Tournament. Larry Zbyszco talks to Scott Steiner about his recent back surgery. He looks pale and wan and it's obvious that he hasn;t been working out lately. He isn't sure that he will be able to come back but he is hoping for the best. So are we, Scott...

Nitro Grrrrrls!!!! In the ring!!! Their routine turns into a catfight when AyCee Jazz pushes Spice down... In the back. Buff Bagwell is still touting his defiance of the "powers that be".

Nash is on the phone in his disguise, which we still don't see. I guess he is wearing a short hair wig. The Grrrrls are getting into it backstage.

Buff Bagwell vs. Stevie Ray - World Title Tournament 1st round match - Stevie brings a strap with him and announces that this is a strap match. Bagwell is pretty put out but has no choice. Tony and the Brain and it sounds like they are suggesting that Nash's disguise will make him look like Vince McMahon. In the ring, Stevie starts out in control but as soon as Buff turns the tables the Harris Twins show up and cause a DQ. We cut to the back before the ring announcer gets the chance to tell us who won. Tenay is with Jeff Jarrett who says he's going to get an apology from Lex Luger tonight for accusing him of hitting Liz with a chair.

Wolf Pac music plays and here comes Kevin "McMahon". His disguise is not really that good but he has the McMahon walk down and his rant rings true. He tells some home truths about McMahon's business practices in the act of lampooning him. The crowd starts chanting "A$$h*le!" right on cue. He introduces Hall as the "trouser snake". As Hall enters the ring, Nash loses his wig and when he puts it back on his long hair is hanging down in a pony tail so it looks like he is wearing a Davy Crockett hat. Hall asks "Vince" where he gets his clothes among other things, but that is as far as he will go because he doesn't want to "burn any bridges with up north..." They end the segment by pantomiming a DX style crotch chop.

Luger and Liz talk to Meng back stage - poisoning his mind against Jeff Jarrett. Mike Tenay talks to Curt Hennig who asks him if he is contemplating retirement. Hennig says, "No" and in fact, he plans to win the title tournament.

Disco Inferno vs. Curt Hennig - World Title Tournament 1st round match - Hennig is wrestling in his home State tonight and his father is ringside for this match. Hennig embraces his father before entering the ring. Disco comes over to shake "the Axe's" hand but gets blindsided for his trouble. Hennig leaves Disco crawling around ringside and rolls back in to break the count before returning to the frey. He roughs Disco up some more then they roll back inside. Back in the ring, Disco turns the tables for a bit but Hennig then recovers as a young stranger approaches the ring. Disco abandons the match and walks out with the stranger. Hennig advances. Mike Tenay interviews the Filthy Animals in the back - Guerrero says he's going to win Torrie's freedom while Konnan says they will put the Tag Team Titles up tonight. Norman Smiley gets ready for his match wearing a baseball catchers match and chest protector.

Nash is in the restroom "getting into character".

Norman Smiley/Meng/The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) - Hardcore Three-Way dance - Smiley is more or less incidental in this match, stumbling around in his catcher's gear as the two monsters have at it. He gets his share of shots though, with accompanying screams. He tries to deliver a few shots of his own but he does stupid things - like hitting Meng in the forehead with a trashcan lid. Meng finally gets the catcher's mask off him and sends him to the floor where Hart gets in some kicks. Back in the ring he loses the chest protector and now has both guys beating on him. The referee has a stretcher brought to the ring to carry Norman away. Then the match continues as a one-on-one. Halfway to the platform, Smiley leaves the stretcher and hobbles back to the ring where his opponents have knocked each other out. He takes the pin.

Hacksaw Duggan (in a suit) states his case to "the powers that be" as the Harris Twins chuckle behind his back. Russo tells him to shove it. Nash is still doing his McMahon schtick. Luger tries again with Meng.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring, guitar in hand and demands an apology from Luger. Luger makes his entrance but pauses on the platform and actually does apologize. Jarrett claims he doesn't get physical with women anymore... Luger suggests that it might have been Meng that hit Liz. Jarrett starts running Meng down which brings the monster running to the ring. Jarrett hightails it. Luger goes to the ring with Liz, who says something to Meng about his coming to the aid of a lady, then sprays something in his eyes. Luger whips out a rubber tire iron (okay, Hokie? :-) and beats him down.

Luger is trying to convince Sting to join him in a World Tag Team Title challenge tonight. Sting is against the idea at first but then allows himself to be convinced.

Eddie Guerrero (w/Filthy Animals) vs. Saturn (w/Revolution) - World Title Tournament 1st round Pole match - Saturn drives a forklift out with Torrie in her cage and deposits her at ringside. The object is to get the key off the pole and release Torrie from her cage. Guerrero attacks Saturn as he enters the ring then tosses him back to the floor. He roughs him up then goes for the pole, but Saturn recovers and stops him. Saturn gets a big belly-to-back suplex but declines to go for the key. Eddie comes back with a springboard move but Shane Douglas interferes and Eddie tumbles to the floor. Saturn heads for the pole but is waylaid by his opponent. They struggle for position on the top, Saturn gets a superplex but hurts himself as well. Both guys are down. Saturn eventually recovers first and gets a piledriver. Again he hesitates about going for the key, then goes back to work on Guerrero. The fight goes to the floor and Eddie gets rammed into the cage wall. Saturn pretends to be heading for the pole but then turns back to go after Eddie again. He gets reversed and run into the cage where Torrie loops something around his neck and traps him Guerrero is trying to climb the pole but it has beeh greased. He finally leaps off the top and gets the key. Torrie is freed as the Revolution mutters to themselves.

"Vince" is sitting down with Hall and Sid who actually thinks he's talking to McMahon! He erupts when told that he needs to trust "Vince" until Nash lifts his wig to remind Sid who he really is...

Tenay talks to Luger again, reminding him that he is slated to face either Meng or Sting in the next round of the Tournament and asks him how he feels about that. Luger stonewalls the question.

Kidman/Konnan (w/Torrie) vs. Sting/The Total Package (w/Liz) - World Tag Team Title match - Luger doesn't get a chance to do his posing schtick because Sting goes right to work on the Animals and ejects them from the ring. As it sorts out Luger faces Kidman who taunts his opponent by aping his lion pose. He then throws a great drop kick then appears to injure Luger's knee. Sting tags in and cleans house. Luger is lying on the floor. The rest of the Animals swarm in and cause the DQ. They punk Sting with his own bat while Luger sits it out with Liz on the floor. He finally limps back into the ring to aid his downed partner. Sting is angry and knocks Luger down. In the back Hall is telling Sid he'll lay down for him in their tournament match tonight. Nash is still doing McMahon...

Sting is pissed and looking for some Animals to beat on.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T - World Title Tournament 1st round match - this is a real knock-down drag out affair is just starting to heat up when my cable went out temporarily! When it comes back the match is over and we are in commercial. Sorry.

Mike Tenay interviews Goldberg on the set of the WCW movie. He promises to make mince meat out of Sid the next time they meet. He says that the mistake Sid and the Outsiders made was that they left him breathing. He vows to take all three of them out of the business. Outside the arena, "Vince" accosts the Nitro Grrrls. Meanwhile, Evan Karagous is hoping they can still be friends after his match with Medusa tonight.

Tenay interviews Medusa who says that she intends to take full advantage of the situation she has been thrust into.

Medusa vs. Evan Karagous - World Title Tournament 1st round match - Evan is smitten with his opponent so that adds a little spice to this one. She flirts with him outrageously then grabs a side headlock. He is completely flummoxed as she lies down on the mat and invites him to cover her. He helps her to her feet then whips her to the ropes. She comes back in a Thesz Press position but wraps her legs around him. He falls slowly to the mat and she kisses him and pins him at the same time. Medusa advances. David Flair arrives in the back carrying his crowbar and looking crazed. Watch out Animals...

Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko - World Title Tournament 1st round cage match - Malenko attacks as soon as Benoit enters the cage and takes the advantage. Benoit comes back after a few exchanges and almots gets a pinfall. Malenko comes back with a finger to the eye but Benoit turns it rigfht back around and hangs Malenko up on the top rope. He whales on Malenko for several moments then misses a drop-kick. Malenko catapults him into the cage wall. He then whips him, catches him on his shoulder, spears him twice into the wall then piledrives him. But Benoit recovers immediately, knocks Malenko down and tries to climb out of the cage. Malenko stops him and here comes Saturn who scales the cage wall and tosses a chain into the ring. Benoit intercepts the chain and knocks Malenko out with it. Then he climbs to the top of the cage and throws his diving headbutt to get the pin. Benoit advances. Revolution swarms in and punks Benoit then chains him to the cage wall. The Filthy Animals run in and a melee ensues. Just as the Animals turn the tables, David Flair runs in and starts tearing into them with his crowbar. He looks at Benoit as the Animals flee then starts releasing him from his shackles. Meanwhile Sting is attacking the Animals up on the platform.

Flair comes out of the arena into the parking lot where a car hits him! Kimberly climbs out, grabs the crowbar, then drops it and gets back in the car and drives away. In the dressing room, Hall is bending over Nash who looks to have been attacked.

Scott Hall vs. Sid - World Title Tournament 1st round match - we assume that Sid is the one who attacked Nash. He wears the US Title belt to the ring. But no, Tony is saying it was Bret Hart that attacked Nash. Hall comes down all business, which we weren't expecting until now. Hall pretends to let Sid take him but then tries for a roll-up and gets a two count. The match is on for real, apparently. Sid is all over his opponent from the get go. Hall hasn't wrestled in months, of course. The crowd goes into a Goldberg chant. Sid dominates the action, Hall gets zero offense as Sid delivers running kicks to his forehead. Hall finally gets a couple of shots in but Sid shrugs it off and chokeslams him - but also knocks down the referee. Here comes Bret Hat on his crutches. Sid is going for the powerbomb when Bret whacks him with his crutches. He tries to hit Hall weho scuttles away. Bret falls out to the floor as Hall rolls back in the other side and gets the pin on Sid. He then grabs the US belt and splits. Hall advances.

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RAW Report

Video footage documents DX's adventures last week. RAW is coming to us live from the MCI Center in Washington, D.C.

The Rock makes an entrance to start the program. He paces the ring for a bit before launching into his rant. He talks about the coming Triple Threat World Title match involving HHH. Austin and himself in his own inimitable way then sings a chorus of "SmackDown Hotel". He tells HHH whats he's going to do with his "little game" and Austin's "rattlesnake". He then turns his attention on the Road Dogg calling him a "blemish on the Rock's buttocks" and inviting him to the ring. The Dogg answers the challenge and they meet on the ramp then fight back to the ring. James gets a moment of offense and wastes it by doing his "Doggy Style" maneuver. He gets low blowed. They brawl up to the platform where the rest of DX awarms onto the Rock until Vince McMahon wades in and breaks it up with the help of some handy officials.

In the back, Vince gives X-Pac a match with Kane and Billy a match with Austin saying this is not going to be a "DX night". HHH disagrees. Cut to rep[lay of the Big Show doing a number on the Boss Man and Prince Alberts on SmackDown then to an interview with the big guy who is having his leg taped up. Boss Man and PA burst into the room and toss in a tear gas bomb then lock the door a moment before donning gas masks and going in to punk the Show.

EMT personnel are working on the Big Show as we return from commercial. He is taken to the hospital.

Edge/Christian/The Hardey Boyz (w/Terri) vs. Too Cool (Much?)/The Hollys - Taylor and Jeff start the match. Taylor is suckered out of the ring then caught coming back in and doubleteamed by Jeff and Christian. Matt tags in and is dragged out and quadruple teamed on the floor. Back in the ring he is isolated and worked over. Crash is in for a bit then tags in his cousin. Taylor comes back in to continue the assault then Christopher, who gets a two count. Crash comes back in and launches himself onto an upraised boot. Edge is tagged in then all eaight spill into the ring. Too Cool is taken out on the outside by the Hardeys while Edge and Christian mop up the Hollys in the ring. Edge gets the pin - on Crash I think. In the back X-Pac is being interviewed when Tori interrupts to call him a bastard for what he did to Kane. X-Pac taunts her, saying that she has the hots for Kane and suggests that Kane hasn;t been a "whole man" since the fire that burned his face...and other parts...

Mankind is autographing copies of his book for wrestlers on the roster with Al Snow to help him.

The Big Boss Man and Prince Albert come to the ring toting a cart full of plunder. He challenges Al Snow to come down and face him in a Hardcore Title match. Snow appears on the ramp and starts singing "Some Enchanted Evening". He declines to enter the ring with PS in the vicinity. He brings Mankind out to join him and the match becomes a Hardcore tag team contest. Mankind takes on PA while Snow goes after Boss Man. Then all four are in the ring where Mankind and Snow take turns hitting their respective opponents with a Cookie sheet. In the back, Val Venis has found Mankind's stack of books and is throwing them into the trash. Back in the arena, Snow has been downsed and Boss Man gets the drop on Foley. He whips PA with a chair into Mankind in the corner. Boss Man brings in a table but Foley gets powder in his eyes and he ends up sidewalk slamming his partner. Snow then bowls a bowling ball into his crotch as the Boss Man sits in the corner. He pins him. In the back, Venis is about to burn Mick's books. He lights it as Foley runs back with a fire extinguisher but the blaze is high as we cut to commercial.

Mankind arrives with the fire extinguisher but he is too late to save the books.

Chyna makes her entrance with Miss Kitty. Chyna wears a shirt that reads "Master" while Kitty wears one that reads "Slave". She demands that Stevie Richards come out and pay physically for destroying one of her leather outfits. She taunts Chris Jericho, saying she is bigger and stronger than he is. She threatens to "b*tch-slap" him around the ring at Survivor Series. This brings Richards out dressed as Jericho. He runs to the ring and gets his butt kicked. He comes back with a back elbow but that is his only offense. Chyna low blows him then Pedegrees him for the pin. Jericho runs in and blindsides her then puts on his finishing move for a bit before turning her loose. DX is strategizing in the back as Stone Cold arrives.

Austin makes his entrance to face Billy Gunn. He is braced up for action and rants off on the Rock, Billy, Survivor Series and other subjects. He is bleeped out on a couple of occasions.

Steve Austin vs. Billy Gunn - Billy runs in and is attacked as he hits the ring. It is a see-saw battle from the get-go with Austin mainly in control. They go to the floor where Billy takes the initiative for a moment then gets back dropped on the floor then slammed onto the broadcast table. Billy comes roaring back. In the back, the Rock is icing his elbow and watching the match on a monitor. Billy gets a stiff stair shot on Austin then rolls him back inside where he gets a two count. He slaps on a side headlock and uses the ropes for leverage until the referee catches him at it. Austin escapes and hits a Thesz press. Moments later he goes for the Stunner but Billy slips away from it. They struggle for position then Austin gets the Stunner. DX runs in but Austin gets his hands on a chair and drives them from the ring.

Test comes to the ring arm in arm with Stephanie.

Test (w/Stephanie) vs. Val Venis - Steph joins the broadcast team for this one. Val makes a lewd suggestion to Stephanie which gets Test hot and the fight in on. They tumble out to the floor then Val catches his opponent coming back over the top rope and crotches him. He roughs him up then tosses him over the top to the floor. He goes for a baseball slide but misses. They resort to fisticuffs then Test is slammed into the stairs. Back inside the match goes into see-saw mode with Val dominating. Val is the far superior wrestler without a doubt. He grabs a sleeper but Test uses elbow smashes to escape. Val attacks the eyes. Moments later Test gets a gutwrench powerbomb and both are down. Now Test is on his way back until Val gets a bulldog. Mankind runs in and attacks Val who splits with Foley in pursuit. Stephanie enters the ring and proposes to her man.

The McMahon clan is celebrating backstage when DX arrives to spoil the party. They threaten Kane with bodily harm.

Kane vs. X-Pac (w/DX lurking nearby, I'm sure) - Waltman halts on the ramp to taunt his former partner. Kane leaves the ring and the fight starts at ringside then they roll inside where Kane gets an immediate chokeslam. DX runs in and punks the Big Red Machine. X-Pac runs his bronco buster number on him. They leave him slumped in the corner and split.

Kurt Angle is interviewed in a tribute video. He brags on his accomplishment as an amateur athlete then suggests that the WWF is the "next step".

Kane has to be restrained from attacking DX backstage. Vince is pissed off and orders HHH to defend his title tonight. He shoves Vince which spurs Shane to attack him. Shane is named as the challenger for the title.

The Dudley Boyz vs. the Headbangers - this is an all out brawl bearing little resemblance to a tag team match for the first few seconds. Then it sorts out and the Dudleys isolate Mosh. These are both excellent teams - possibly the best continuity of any in the promotion. Mosh suffers for quite a while then finally gets the tag to his partner who is almost immediately overwhelmed. But then Devon is dragged out by Mosh while Thrasher gets a DDT and the pin on Bubba Ray. The Mean Street Posse run in and its five-on-two. Headbangers get thrashed.

Vince McMahon strides to the ring as we return from the break and assumes the duties of ring announcer.

HHH (w/DX) vs. Shane McMahon - WWF Title match - HHH doesn't like being introduced first. He and his thugs try to intimidate Vince but the latter stands his ground. He introduces Steve Austin as the Special Guest Commentator, trying to even the odds a little. The King is outraged and says he won't stand for this...until Austin sits down next to him. Kane is then brought out as the Special Enforcer! Then the Rock comes out to be the Special Time Keeper!! Suddenly HHH isn't looking so assured of a victory in this one. Vince introduces Shane as the next WWF Champ. Shane runs in and spears HHH and the fight is on. Vince stands ringside for the match as well. In the ring, Shane is pissed off and quite effective for the first few exchanges. Helmley turns the tables soon enough and then he is relentless until he mounts the second rope and puts himself in position for a low blow. Shane goes for the Bronco Buster but is foiled by X-Pac. Kane attacks X-Pac and they brawl into the crowd. HHH and Shane end up on the floor and Shane is thrown into the crowd - but then comes flying back. In the ring he gets the Pedegree on HHH and almost takes the pinfall. Moments later he is dumped over the top to the floor and the Road Digg attacks him. This gets the Timekeeper involved. Maivia and the Dogg brawl off into the crowd and vanish. Shane thwarts a suplex back into the ring with a head snap off the rope but the referee is downed. Billy gets involved and that brings Austin in to drive him off. They brawlup the ramp while HHH gets the Pedegree on Shane. Austin rushes back and Stuns HHH. He then turns and brawls with Billy into the crowd. It looks bad for Shane but Vince enters the ring with the title belt, swings at HHH but takes out Shane who is easily pinned. HHH retains his title.

I'll be back on Saturday. Until then...

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