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Volume 5, Issue 521 - November 6, 1999
Editor's Note: In WCW, Terry Taylor is in while Dusty Rhodes is out. Taylor left the WWF after refusing to sign a 12 month no compete clause which Vince McMahon insisted on after the defection of his writing team. He will be back in WCW booking house shows. Meanwhile, Rhodes is said to have initiated a powerplay to get the book and failed. He also apparently refused to run a reality based program with his son Dustin.

Thunder Report

Thunder comes to us on tape tonight. We plunge immediately into the first match.

Evan Karragous vs. Juventud Guerrero - these guy have been unable to finish their last two outings due to the interference of Sid Vicious and Bret Hart. Juvey takes the immediate advantage but then runs right into a powerslam. Evan misses a suplex attempt then they criss-cross and clothesline each other. They recover and Juvey follows up with a double arm DDT. Karragous then Gorilla presses his opponent but follows with a move that misses. He roars right back and gets a superplex from the second rope...and then Norman Smiley walks out to interrupt. He steps right into the ring and starts making a speech, claiming that he is Hardcore to the bone and it was he that convinced the authorities to resurrect the Hardcore Division. The two combatents decide to gang up on him but he out maneuvers them and runs them into each other, gives a little "Big Wiggle" and splits. In the back the Revolution are discussing the possibility of recruiting a new member.

Mike Graham tells Sid that he will be tagging up with Saturn to face Chris Benoit and Rick Steiner tonight. Sid expresses astonishment...

Booker T (w/Stevie Ray) vs. Kaz Hayashi - Booker shakes the youngster's hand before the match begins. They lock up and he bulls his opponent into the corner. Hayashi seems a bit surprised when Booker starts whaling on him. Whatayuhthink? He's a mat wrestler..? Kaz regains his composure and hits a drop-kick on his opponent's knee then gets him with a somersault splash out on the floor. Booker returns to the ring and distracts the referee while his brother roughs up Kaz out on the floor. From there it is largely academic. Booker goes through his usual routine and takes the pin.

The Animals pick a backstager's pockets while Torrie charms him, then Rick Steiner says that he and Sid will win the match tonight...despite the fact that they are on opposite sides.

The Filthy Animals come down to the ring with Torrie in tow. Guerrero carries the rant, saying the Animals take what they want.

Eddie Guerrero (w/FA) vs. Coach Buzz Stearn (w/Luther Biggs) - the Coach does his own wrestling tonight. He stays away from his martial arts signature moves (as Glacier) and finds he can't match up to Eddie as a grappler. On the outside the Animals rough Biggs up then do the same to the Coach. The ref is distracted while the nearly unconscious Buzz is rolled back inside. Eddie hits the Frog Splash for the pin then they collectively punk Biggs and Stearn. Torrie smirks at ringside as this goes down.

Mean Gene talks to Curly Bill and Berlyn who have a Tag Team Title shot tonight. Berlyn suggests that Vincent should stay out of it and just let him do his thing.

Steiner passes by Chris Benoit, who is pouring himself a beverage, and says, "It's gonna be a long night for you Benoit..."

We get an extended video recap of the World Title Tournament thus far followed by a shorter one dealing with the Sid/Benoit match on Thunder last week and the aftermath of same.

The Revolution tries to convince Sid to work with them tonight rather then against them. He seems unimpressed...

Mean Gene talks to La Parka and asks him if he thinks he can beat Buff Bagwell again tonight. He prefers to talk about his costume, which is modeled on the Skelator He-Man character.

Buff Bagwell vs. La Parka - LP does his little strut number before the first lock-up. Buff calmly waits him out the downs him so he can do a little strut of his own. A second lock-up results in the same situation. And a third. Bagwell is taking this match a little too lightly. La Parka gets a couple of armdrags and a back-drop, does his strut and Bagwell applauds him...then tears into him. Now he uses the strut to sucker his opponent into rushing him. Moments later he gets the Blockbuster and the pin.

Okerlund interviews the Animals about their pending Tag Title - they aren't impressed with the competition.

Konnan/Kidman (w/FA) vs. Curly Bill/Berlyn (w/der biggen dumcoff) - Kidman is the company spokesman to start while Rey-Rey runs the Kid-Cam. Konnan talks his trash and then the challengers are introduced. Berlyn enters on film, posterized. His partner gets ordinary videotape. Does it strike anyone else passing strange that the only remaining member of the West Texas Rednecks is New Jersey born Vincent..? Berlyn starts the match against Kidman and makes mincemeat out of him in the early going. He goes for an early pinfall but fails. He goes for another with the same result. Kidman comes back with a cross-body block then hits a drop-kick to the chin. Berlyn is reeling and begging off. Berlyn goes for a tag but Vincent ignores him so he comes back on Kidman with a powerslam. Konnan tags in and turns the tables with a forward roll clothesline followed by a face-jam. Berlyn escapes and finally tags Vincent in. Vincent cleans house then tries to tag Berlyn but the German backs away and has his bodyguard "tag" his partner instead. Konnan gets the Tequila Sunrise to take the submission victory.

Mean Gene talks to the "Ragin' Cajun" (mistakenly calling him the "Cajun Sensation") about his relationship with Disco Inferno. Leroux says he still wants to take the Cruiserweight Title at the earliest opportunity then refers to himself as the "Cajun Sensation" - hmmmm...maybe he's decided to alter his moniker...

Okerlund talks to Van Hammer, telling him that he (Hammer) is the one the Revolution plans to recruit. Hammer confirms that supposition and indicates that he will accept the position.

Lash Leroux vs. Silver King - Does anyone know why Silver KIng wears a cap under his cowboy hat? Maybe because he's going bald..? He comes on strong in the early going and controls the action then misses a spinning heel kick. He tumbles to the floor followed by his opponent who walks right into sock in the mouth. Back inside, SK goes for a top rope Franknsteiner but is blocked and dropped. Leroux misses his chance to pin SK through hubris and the match goes into see-saw mode with LeRoux gaining ground. SK goes to the floor and stalls for a bit, then catches a neck snap as he returns. He gets a big body drop but then stops to pose and tosses away the advantage. He regains the initiative and badly miscalculates a moonsault. Lash gets the Whiplash and takes the pin. Okerlund talks to Chris Benoit - he evinces no misgivings about being in a tag match with both Sid and Steiner.

Dean Malenko (w/Revolution) vs. Van Hammer - this is apparently an audition for Hammer who makes a self serving speech before the contest begins saying he can be admitted immediately or he can fight his way in. Malenko takes exception to being referred to as "vertically challenged" and drop-kicks the knee... Hammer takes some heavy shots then turns the tables for a moment, but only a moment. Malenko distracts the referee while Saturn works on the other knee. Hammer is crippled and helpless as Malenko goes back to working on his legs. Hammer finally gets a boot between him and his opponent but Saturn and Aysha get involved again and flatten him. Malenko gets the Cloverleaf and Hammer taps out. Audition over...Revolution punks him.

Golden Opportunity 8 Man Battle Royal - these are basically jobbers, one of whom will get a "Golden Opportunity" on Monday Night. Chris Adams, Steve Regal, El Dandy, Dave Taylor, Prince Iaukea, Scott Riggs, Chavo Guerrero and Jerry Flynn compete to see who gets to stay with the company. El Dandy is the first one eliminated. Adams goes next. Taylor and Regal start teaming up. Riggs goes to the floor, then Jerry Flynn. Iaukea is doubleteamed and eliminated by the two Brits. Now it's Taylor and Regal left with Chavo. Taylor is eliminated then Chavo eliminates Regal to win the match. I missed what the "Golden Opportunity" is...or maybe they didn't say... In the back Stener and Sid seem confused about which of them will "take the fall" in their tag match main event against each other.

Sid/Saturn (w/Aysha) vs. Rick Steiner/Chris Benoit - this weird tag team contest is a concoction of the new booking team (as if anything isn't...) The recap of Monday's Benoit/Malenko match reminds us about Benoit's spectacular dive off the top of the cage. Sid and Steiner face each other to start. Steiner pretends to lay down but then grabs a roll-up. An infuriated Sid powerbombs Steiner then splits. Saturn and Benoit face off and get into fisticuffs immediately. Benoit chops Saturn's chest off in the corner, whips to a back elbow then empties his nostrils on his former partner (eewwww!!) Saturn regains the advantage for a moment but then is shot down again. Steiner recovers, enters the ring and suplexes both guys then splits. Benoit gets the Crossface but Saturn is in the ropes. Benoit gets a series of three Grman suplexes then signals for his coup de gras. He hits the move but Malenko runs in and interferes, followed by the Filthy Animals and a melee ensues.

That's it folks...

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SmackDown Report

DX watch themselves on videotape backstage as this recorded program opens from Philadelphia at the First Union Center. The scenes are selected to make them look good. The tape suddenly changes to two lions doing the big nasty then back again to scenes from Monday night. This segment goes on and on to no apparent purpose...

Mankind makes an entrance with Al Snow. They will face the Tag Team Champs for the titles. The announcers have some not to kind things to say about the store (Walmart) that recently pulled the Al Snow action figure off their shelves because they mistook the maniquin's head for the severed head of a woman.

Al Snow/Mankind vs. The Hollys - Tag Team Title match - we see Val Venis watching the match on the monitor in the back. The Hollys are actually a pretty good team and rather easily outmaneuver the challengers during the early going. Bob faces Al and ties him up effectively. The Hollys use double team tactics to hold onto their advantage. Eventually Snow gets a superplex and comes close to getting a pin but can't follow up. Mankind tags in and cleans house. Snow takes Bob to the floor while Mankind takes care of Crash in the ring. He gets Socko in place but Bob saves his partner. All four are in for a moment then Foley pulls off a double arm DDT on Crash and takes the pin. The Hollys get into a fight on the floor while the new Champs celebrate in the ring.

Jim Ross is in conference with Steve Austin in the back. He is defending his words on Monday which implied that Vince McMahon might have sabotaged his son's title shot. He says he made a mistake and Austin takes him at his word. Hmmm...we haven't heard the last of this...

The Tag Champs celebrate with their friends in the back. Snow pours milk on him self.

Test vs. D'Lo Brown - this match barely gets underway when the Mean Street Posse shows up on the platform and start commenting on Test's appearance. The two combatents ignore them as they continue to make cutting remarks on the microphone. D'Lo turns the tables as Test's concentration begins to wander. Syddenly D'Lo lands wrong and appears to injure his knee. Test is concerned and allows himself to be suckered into a rollup...then D'Lo just lays there - he really is hurt. Test and the referee help him to his feet then Test splits. In the back, Mankind talks to the Acolytes in his search for Val Venis then walks away holding his fingers in his ears. Now JR is explaining himself to the Rock - why do these guys even care about this..?

Too Cool vs. The Hardey Boyz (w/Terri) - these are both excellent teams with plenty of speed and fire. The Hardey's dominates the early going but it is a near thing. Taylor attacks the eyes to turn the tables but then "Grand Master Sexay" (Brian Christopher) throws away the initiative. Taylor is undone then splashed on the floor but then turns and holds Matt's leg to allow Christopher to turn the tables once more. Back in the ring, Brian misses a rush to the corner but soon comes back with his partner to doubleteam Matt. Terri Runnels changes the odds by distracting Taylor with a slap to the face to give her team the win.

Mankind is still wandering around backstage. She encounters some bimbos who tell him where to look for Val. Tori is questioning JR who is apologizing all over again. Kane listens and seems to accept JR's story.

After Kurt Angles rather tacky tribute video Vince McMahon pulls up in a limo.

Edge vs. The British Bulldog (w/The Posse) - European Title match - Bulldog backs his opponent into the ropes then takes a cheap shot. Edge fires right back and the match goes into see-saw mode. Christian arrives ringside then the Headbangers appear, thus evening the numbers. Davy Boy lifts Edge into a vertical suplex and holds him there for about ten seconds before dropping him to the mat. Edge roars right back and gets a missle drop-kick which sends the Bulldog to the floor where Christian roughs him up. Back inside, Edge spears him and would have the pin if the Posse hadn't interefered. A brawl ensues. Edge wins by DQ.

Now Vince is harrasing JR backstage. What is the point, Vince - like you never did anything wrong in your life? JR apologizes and Vince accepts it.

Mankind looks for Val Venis in a bar (Dalilah's) . He turns down a dance with a stripper.

DX makes an entrance (yawn...) These guys never did it for me and they still don't. HHH rants claiming that the world is in love with DX (dream on, nose boy...) For some reaon they no longer use their standard entry lines anymore. He toots all their horns then presents some footage from his Title defense against Shane. Again the footage is all selected to make DX look good. He mentions JR's unfortunate statements. He then invites the "newest member of DX" to come out - Vince McMahon! Vince strolls out with an incredulous look on his face and denies the charge. HHH complains about his mic cutting out and cites that as a reason for Vince to join DX. He says he'd rather join WCW! (Why not? Everyone else is...Terry Taylor being the latest). He then books a Survivor Series style 8 man elimination match - DX vs. Shane, Kane, the Rock and Austin. He crotch shots them and splits. Mike Cole says that Arnold Shwartznegger will be on the program next week.

Mankind walks into the "Fantasy Room" porn shop. He surprises topless woman who hastens to cover up - oh right - that's what strippers do... he harrases a customer thinking it is Val...but it isn't.

The Godfather (w/Bimborama) vs. Y2J - GF has his girls all wearing his T-shirt. Silly idea, really. He goes into his usual rant then invites the girls to take off the shirts. Jericho enters in time to halt that action (damn!!) His rant is mainly concerned with Chyna, who he promises to make into his personal garden tool. He accuses her of sleeping her way to the top. He rants all the way into the ring then attacks GF from the blindside. Chyna and Miss Kitty watch the match from the back as it gets underway. In the ring, Jericho is outmaneuvering his opponent. One of the "Girls" is Stevie Richards who urges the girls to enter the ring as things look bad for GF. He lays a Stevie Kick on Jericho, giving GF the win after his trainwreck move.

Lillian Garcia talks to Stevie Richards, still in drag, about his obsession with Chyna. He picks Chyna to win the match with Jericho at Survivor Series. Vince sends his son to find Austin.

Mankind is leaving "Charlie's Dream" as we return from the break. His car is being towed...

Austin is talking to a female fan in the back as Vince approaches. He turns and leaves the scene before Vince can get a word with him. Al Snow is going on and on about his victory earlier when Val Venis attacks him. He tells Snow to tell Mankind that he better find Val first. He then passes the bimbos in the hall and thanks them for delivering his bogus message to Foley.

We get video of the Big Show getting gassed.

Vince knocks on Kane's dressing room door and ends up giving a message to Tori for him.

The Big Show vs. The Big Boss Man - this match is just...well...big... the Boss Man tries to use his nightstick immeditely but the Show beats him to the punch. He forces his nemesis from the ring then follows him up the ramp. He drags him back and rolls him inside. In the ring, he is all over his opponent and gets the chokeslam on him. Prince Albert runs in and gets chokeslammed as well. Officials try to calm him down - Dave Hebner, Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Garea get chokeslammed in short order.

Shane McMahon/The Rock/Kane/Steve Austin vs. DX - Survivor Series Style 8 Man Elimination match - Austin is fully braced so this will probably be a real knock-down drag-out affair. Shane spears the Road Dogg as soon as he enters the ring. He maintains his advantage for a moment then is isolated in enemy territory. HHH taunts Austin and Maivia which causes them to distract the referee much to their partner's chagrin. Kane tags in then all 8 are in the ring for a moment. Kane and X-Pac battle it out while a brawl takes place around the ring. Kane is eliminated after an X-Factor. Kane gets another shot in before leaving. Vince McMahon heads for the ring as we cut to commercial.

Vince is ringside and Shane is isolated again. He is eliminated almost immediately. Now it's 4 on 2. The Rock comes in and he is caught in the wrong corner. Maivia battles back against the Road Dogg and knocks him down for a two count. He fights his way out of the corner then gets the Rock Bottom on the Dogg and pins him. X-Pac enters the ring and hits a spinning heel kick. HHH hits Austin in the corner to draw him in to distract the referee yet again. Maivia is getting creamed but then gets a DDT and both are down. M aivia crawls to the corner and tags in Austin who cleans house until X-Pac hits another heel kick. He comes back with a shot to the gut and Stuns X-Pac for the pin. Now he takes on Billy Gunn. He and Maivia succeed in isolating him. The Rock goes for his elbow drop but HHH hits him from the outside. Billy is eliminated but stays in the ring. HHH gets the Pedegree and pins the Rock. Austin faces HHH and beats him into the corner. Vince tries to bring in a chair but HHH gets it away from him. He then tris to hit HHH with the belt but hits Austin by mistake (or is it...Hey! I was just asking...) Austin stands on the ramp and looks back at McMahon in disbelief...

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The program opens with a catfight, Francine vs. Dawn Marie - Tommy Dreamer is about to piledrive Dawn when Rhino runs in to attack and then the Impact Players create mayhem. The Sandman makes his triumphant return to ECW facing down the Impact Players and Rhino as Raven slumps in the corner watching with blood on his face. The crowd chants "Welcome Back!" Dreamer looks happy as does Francine. Raven gets up and goes nose to nose with the prodigal, then shrugs and splits. Dreamer and Sandman share a beer with Francine...and then embrace.

Gaertner and Styles do their usual antagonisic intro schtick, plug the PPV on Sunday, then cut to commercial.

The Baldies are ranting in the ring as we return. They challenge Balls Mahoney and Axel Rotten to a street fight. They stand ready with chairs in the ring but the unarmed Mahoney and Rotten easily punch past the weapons. Mahoney then invites one of them to take a swing at him - only the Bald one is unaware that Rotten is behind him with a chair of his own. Baldy gets flattened but then PN News runs in - newly shorn of his locks and joins the frey. Rotten and Mahoney are on the receiving end until New Jack makes the scene and cleans house. He seems to have the the situation in hand and turns to acknowledge the crowd. He turns around to find one of his antagonists (Angel) going at him with his own staple gun! The miscreant staples him in the eye!!

We come back to more PPV hype, I swear this show is more commercial then program...

Little Guido (w/Sal Grazianno) vs. Super Crazy vs. Spike Dudley - Spike gives his glasses to a dress-alike fan at ringide but Guido grabs them away and then smashes them in the ring with his boot. The match then gets underway and we cut to commercial. We are thirty-two minutes into this show and have seen, maybe, 8 minutes of action (if that).

Dudley and Guida are going at it as we return. Crazy is nowhere in evidence at first then suddenly appears attacking Dudley as Guido disappears. Dudley's flying head scissors are phenomenal. He and Guido tumble to the floorand then Crazy hits them both with an Asahi moonsault. The battle among the seats then Guido gets hold of a cheir and whacks everyone. Spike recovers, whips Guido into the seats then uses a chair and a forearm to mess up his head. He returns to the ring then launches himself with a chair and gets Super Crazy a good one as well. He drags Crazy around the ring then tosses him into the crowd. He hits one of his head scissors from the safety rail. Guido holds Crazy up so Big Sal can splash him against the rail. Back in the ring, Spike goes fpr a splash but Guido sidesteps and slaps on an arm submission hold. Spike gets to the ropes to escape. On the outside, Sal is still beating up on Crazy - in the ring, Guido gets a face jam and pins Dudley. That is the longest match I've ever seen Dudley compete in and the first time I have seen him pinned. Crazy and Guido continue this elimination match as a one-on-one. Guido is dominating the action but it is firmly in see-saw mode. Crazy gains the upper hand with a series of moonsaults then takes Sal out with a drop-kick to the chair he holds in front of his face. Thus distracted he is nearly pinned but escapes . Finally he gets a surprise roll-up and pins Guido.

The rest of the program consists of a series of promo spots hyping the PPV and run to the sound of Dick Dale's "Miserlu".

That's it for now. I will be back on Monday night. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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