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The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 522 - November 8, 1999

Nitro Report

Sid is intimidating a techie in the Television truck to play a certain videotape when he says too, "Or else deal with me..!" Nitro is live from Indianappolis, Indiana (my home town!)

Sid stalks to the ring and rants off on the Outsiders then turns his attention to Goldberg, saying again that Goldberg quit during their match at the PPV. He then signals for the aforementioned tape which shows Sid and Goldberg in Black & White and a voice (not Goldberg's) saying "I quit." The voice actually sounded like Sid's to me. Heenan, of course, insists that it was Goldberg. The Outsiders show up and come to the ring. Hall commandeers the mic and asks Sid, "If you're the US Champ then how come the belts down here?" He points to the belt around his waist. He then adds that, "...Scott Hall don't lay down for nobody...that ain't the way the Clik works..." Sid is about to start a fight but Kevin Nash cuts him off and suggests he should talk to Bret Hart. This brings Hart to the platform. He disagrees, insisting Goldberg is still the Champ - and he intends to get the belt and hand it to Goldberg before the night is over. Hall spits out a challenge in his inimitable fashion and Bret limps toward the ring. But before he can get there, Goldberg explodes onto the scene and scatters the Outsiders before spearing Sid. He challenges the retreating Sid to an "I Quit" match then tells the Outsiders he's going to be on a "seek and destroy" mission so they better hide.

Mike Tenay talks to Sting who is questioning Lex Luger's integrity while in another part of the building, Liz is sneaking Luger around under a hood.

A video recap shows Kimberley running David Flair down. Cut to the present - Kimberly is telling Doug Dellenger to give her some extra security to protect her from David. In the back, Hall and Nash are also discussing security for themselves - Nash shows Hall is new Manager's License.

The Filthy Animals have a verbal set-to with Dean Malenko and Aysha which results in a match booking - mixed tag team match with Malenko/Aysha vs. Rey-Rey/Torrie.

Norman Smiley vs. Kidman - Smiley shows up in a hocky goalie outfit! Brian Knobbs joins the broadcast team for this one and spends te match putting down the new, hardcore Smiley. Smiley dominates the match until Knobbs gets up and starts pounding on him with his own hockey stick! He rolls Smiley back in so Kidman can pin him.

In the back. Sting is searching for Luger. Meanwhile, Luger and Liz are hiding out in the laundry room and David Flair is stalking the parking lot with his crowbar.

Nash is being fitted for a turban while Hall complains that he (Nash) is becoming a cartoon character.

Sting heads for the ring and then demands that Luger come out and talk to him. Liz shows up instead. She apologizes for her man and Sting says "...that's all right..." then tells her to call him out now. Luger's music starts up again and this time Luger comes down. Luger has his own mic and says they can " this thing out..." He then offers his own apology - for what exactly is not clear... He insists that they need to patch up their differences and tells him "I love you like a brother" - he wants a hug. Sting pretends to hug him but bulls him into the corner and tells him, "If you ever swerve me again I'm gonna getcha..."

Kimberly is trapped in a room with the voice of David Flair who tells her, "...this won't hurt a bit" as the lights dim. Somehow I doubt that...

Medusa vs. Chris Benoit - World Title Tournament 2nd Round match - hard to imagine who will win this one... But then, Medusa was supposedly put out of the tournament during her first match... Benoit outmuscles her a couple of times and shoves her away then turns his back and gets kicked. He whips her to the ropes and she comes back with a sunset flip. He knocks her down into the corner. Evan Karragous runs in and drags the referee to the floor. They get into a fist fight! Then Jeff Jarrett runs in and attacks Benoit. The referee DQ's Medusa because of outside interference. Afterward Medusa attacks Jarrett after he taunts her.

In the back Chavo Guerrero, Jr. is presented with the "opportunity" he won on Thunder - he is given a valise full of AMWAY producta and told to hit the bricks!

Disco Inferno vs. Rick Steiner - Disco's friend from last week shows up at the beginning of the match, announces that he is "Tony Marinara" and he wants his money. In the ring, Steiner is creaming Disco who bails to the floor to be confronted by Marinara who whacks him with a bucket full of unset cement then tosses him back so Steiner can pin him. Marinara then threatens the loser with a cement bath as we cut to the back to see Sting and Goldberg warming up for their pending match.

Hall is with his security guys who are in riot gear. Nash walks in disguised as the Grand Wizard. He leads the security guys away.

In the ring, Mean Gene is with the Nitro Grrrrls finalists - the winner will be picked tonight by voters on WCW.COM. They go into a routine then AC Jazz shows up and shoos them away. She rants at them calling them "wannabees" and "skanks" (that last word was bleeped. Spice shows up and wants to know what AC's problem is. AC insults her and they get into a fight. The rest of the Nitro Grrrrls show up and separate them. In the back, Kimberly is hiding out from Flair. She has a weapon and drops it, alerting him to where she is, then runs away with him in pursuit. The announcers watch all this with seemingly little concern...

Tony makes some announcements, obviously killing time, and then Dustin Rhodes makes his Nitro debut by appearing on the platform then floating to the ring! He is wearing white makeup completely covering his head and a black leather duster. This is weird. He has a mic and says, "Look at the crap they have me wearing..." and complains that he has been forced to do another Goldust-like gimmick - called "Seven". He refuses to do it and tells the "powers that be" to shove it. He tells us that his father has been fired and Dustin finds that unacceptable. He says he intends to make their lives a living hell and then finishes his rant with a variation on his old Goldust tag line, "You will never, ever, forget the name...Dustin Rhodes." In the back, David is still looking for Kimberly...who apparently didn't get the security she wanted from Dellenger.

Hall, Nash and the swat team are knocking on Sid's locker room door. Meanwhile Luger and Liz are plotting against Sting (although Lex says he wants to "make it up to the Stinger").

Sting vs. Goldberg - this is the first of two matches for Goldberg tonight. Later he will paticipate in a four-way Texas Tornado Ladder match to determine the US Champ. Goldberg, Scott Hall, Sid Vacuous and Bret Hart will participate. The two bulls lock up and Goldberg takes the immediate advantage but Sting absorbs his blows then grabs a sleeper. Goldberg starts to go down! Luger and Liz come down and distract the referee who gets clipped from behind. Liz tries to spray mace in Sting's face. Luger pretends to be trying to stop her but succeeds in spraying him anyway (fancy that...) Goldberg spears him and know...

In the back, Nash and Hall are offering Sid their security guys as a "peace offering" while Luger and Liz share a giggle somewhere else in the building and Hacksaw Duggan cleans toilets.

Kimberly thinks she's found her security - but it's David. She runs off again.

Tenay interviews Vampiro who is with the Misfits rock band.

Buff Bagwell vs. Vampiro (w/the Misfits)- World Title Tournament 2nd Round match - the Misfits and Vampiro attack Bagwell on the ramp then drag him to the ring. That gives Vamp the immediate advantage, of course. But then he misses a twiting mpoonsault. Bagwell starts to come back but the Misfits distract him and the referee so Vamp can turn the tables back. Berlyn and der bodyguard appear ringside. Berlyn coldcocks Vamp with a chain giving Bagwell the win. "Creative Control" (i.e. the Harris Twins) run out and punk Berlyn for his interference (his valet is busy creaming Vamp in the ring). Backstage, Luger is faking a knee injury.

Luger is trying to convice some EMT's that he is injured. Naturally, they can't find anything wrong.

Bret Hart vs. Saturn - World Title Tournament 2nd Round match - Shane Douglas joins the broadcast team. Douglas runs Hart down while Bret outwrestles Saturn in the ring. Saturn eventually comes back with a short clothesline and gets a two-count - then starts attacking the Hitman's injured leg. Bret is writhing on the mat in no time. Saturn gives Hart a suplex lesson but misses an Asahi moonsault. Hart comes back with his classic attack as Aysha sneaks around ringside. She distracts the referee when Hart is about to get the pin. Douglas runs in and brains Hart with his cast. Saturn gets the DVD but Hart kicks out then comes back with a high cross body. Now Dean malenko runs in to attack Bret but Chris Benoit runs out to counter him. Saturn splashes them both then goes back inside where Bret gets the Sharpshooter and wins.

Kimberly is trying to get in to see "the powers that be" but Creative Control bars the door.

In another part of the building, Nash is switching to a "Great Carsoni" character still in a turban. He reads the contents of a sealed envelope and makes a joke. The answer is "3:16", and the question is, "How many PPV main events has the Undertaker done with Austin?" Not bad...

Luger is nursing his "injured knee" in ta wheelchair. Puleeeeze...

Booker T comes out for an "unscheduled" interview. Stevie Ray has been suspended by "TPTB" and he is pissed. He challenge Creative Control and Jeff Jarrett to come on down, or else he will go looking for them. He threatens "TPTB" with bodily harm. He wants a Harlem Street Fight with his nemesi right now! Jarrett comes down trailed by CC - he joins the broadcasters while the Twins take the match. They dominate Booker for about 5 seconds then he cleans house until Jarrett enters the ring and distracts him. He is being punked when a large black woman dressed like Chyna runs in and attacks Jarrett - but he gets his guitar between them and brains her. Then the bad guys split. Booker helps the "lady" up amd they limp away.

In the back, the Revolution and Filthy Animal contingents for the mixed tag match are headed for the ring.

Hall and Nash are with their riot squad making some kind of plans.

Luger tells Tenay that he won't be able to meet Sid in the ring. Tenay informs him that if he doesn't appear for the match he will be out of the title tournament.

Rey Misterio, Jr./Torrie vs. Dean Malenko/Aysha - Mixed Tag Team match - Torrie is falling right out of her top, as usual. Here's hoping... She is the hottest woman in wrestling bar none for my money. Rey is distracted by her and suffers a blindside attack by Malenko. Aysha handcuffs Torrie to the corner before joining the attack on Rey-Rey. Not that she would have been much help to him in any case. He manages to hold his own for a bit but then misses a bronco buster on Aysha. Where are the rest of the Animals at this point? Malenko slaps on the Cloverleaf and takes the win. Konnan and Kidman run in with bolt cutters but all they can do is release Torrie. Rey is in bad shape.

Kimberly is still hiding out - in a shower room this time. David shows up with a manic look in his eyes and sends her running again.

Sid Vacuous vs. The Total Putz (w/Liz) - this is NOT a tournament match - Liz wheels Luger out to the ramp where he tells Sid he is injured and needs to go to the hospital. Stings walks out behind him and sends Liz away then rolls him down to the ring and dumps him inside. Sid hesitates for about 3 seconds, then goes on the attack. Liz runs in and truies to shield him. Luger holds her in front of him - but side gently moves her aside and goes to work again. He starts working on the "bad" knee. As the Brain says, "If it wasn't hurt before, it is now..." Goldberg runs down and goes right past the riot police and spears Sid in the ring. Obviously Sid has been set-up again by the Outsiders.

Brian Knobbs (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Bam bam Bigalow - somehow "Screamin" Norman Smiley has been crowned the Hardcore Champ of WCW - this match is to determine a challenger for that title. Knobbs gets in the firast blow with a Surge painted trashcan but he follows Bigalow out and gets thrown to over the railing. Smilsy follows along with a mic as the fight heads into the backstage area. Knobbs sets up a table and breaks it by flinging Bigalow onto it. Bigalow comes back with a full trashcan. Suddenly Kimberly is begging Bigalow to help her - he leaves with her! Smiley dumps Knobbs into a cart and rolls him away. Hall and Nash are headed for the ring.

Scott Hall (w/"the Grand Wizard") vs. Lash Leroux - World Title Tournament 2nd Round match - Leroux is really only still in this because he took advantage of an injured Ernest Miller. Hall is all over him with a standard armbar attack. Leroux comes back with a flying lariet then follows with a drop-kick. Hall bails to consult with "the Wizard" who shows him a blastic bottle of powder he has in his pocket.Back in the ring, Hall gets a chokeslam then starts show boating, paintbrushing the back of his ooponent's head and so on. He grabs his signature abdominal stretch then releases it. He positions him draped over the second rope then distracts the referee so that Nash can whollop him. Leroux catches Hall in a corner rush then gets two top rope moves in rapid succession. Hall obsorbs the blows then gets a clotheline. He catches Leroux on the rebound and gets a fallaway slam. He follows with the Outsiders' Edge and takes the pin. Nash and the riot squad surround Hall in the ring. The guards all leave, except one...Nash walks over with his powder in hand and gets it slapped into his own face. Goldberg removes his riot helmet and spears both of them. How obvious was that??

Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett - I think this is a tournament match - Hennig meets Jarrett at ringside and starts laying them in. Back in the ring, Jarrett gets a roll up but fails to get the pin. Hennig bails and complains to Heenan that he is being set up. Jarrett comes out after him but finds it is a mistake as Hennig pounds on him. Jarrett recovers and goes back on the offensive. Back in the ring, Jarrett goes after the legs of his opponent. He runs Hennig's leg into the ringpost as Creative Control watches from the entryway. In the ring again, he goes for the figure fiur but is kicked off. Hennig gets a knee lift and two-count. Jarrett is going for his reverse Russian leg sweep but Hennig runs him into the referee then gets the Hennig plex. Creative Control runs in and takes him apart destroying the announce table in the process. They leave him laying on the floor but he is being counted out. CC wants him pinned! They try to pry him away from the floor mats but fail. He loses the match but not by a pinfall so I guess that means he's still in the company.

As we return from the break, the broken announce table has disappeared. Kimberly comes down and enters the ring for a statement. She calls Flair's name and says she's finished running from him. She says, "If you want me I'm right here" and tells him whatever he plans to do he'll have to do it in front of the crowd. Flar appaears and heads down the ramp. Bigalow blindsides him but Flair manages to get a low blow in from behind then hits him with the crowbar. Kimberly runs screaming through the crowd with Flair in dogged pursuit.

Out in the parking lot, David is stalking Kimberly who tries desparately to unlock and enter her car. He catches up to her before she can get it started and breaks out the windows with his crowbar. Creative Control rescue her and escort her to see "TPTB".

Goldberg vs. Sid. vs. Bret Hart vs. Scott Hall - Four Way Ladder Match for the US Title - Sid and Hall get started before the other two show up. hart is limping even more now as he runs in and joins the frey. Goldberg runs in and we're waiting for a special referee who is so far un-named. Kevin Nash shows up with his guards and wearing a striped shirt, carrying the ladder. Hall meets him in the aisle followed immediately by Goldberg who grabs the referee and starts whaling on Hall with it. We are told that Kimberly has been booked to meet David Flair in a match at the next PPV! Back in the ring Sid is beating on everybody. The ladder is in the ring. He tries to set it up but Goldberg attacks him from behind. Here comes Rick Steiner. He climbs right to the top and delivers a bulldog on Sid. Meanwhile the fight goes on between Goldberg and Sid as Bret climbs the ladder and retreives the belt. But Nash whacks his leg with a crowbar (a lot of that going around these days) then helps Hall climbs the ladder and hands him the belt. Hall is the US Champ.

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RAW Report

RAW is live from Penn State University. Steve Austin comes out for his weekly rant to start the program. He demands that Vince Mcmahon come out and exp[lain his actions last week. The microphone keeps cutting out so Austin gets another one for Vince, then grabs it and throws it out of the ring. McMahon yells, "That was a $10,000 microphone!" (Just for the record, the most expensive mic money can buy is studio condenser called a Neuman U-47 - about $5,000 tops. This mic was no U-47...) McMahon tells Austin he will appoint himself as special referee for the upcoming triple threat match on Sunday. This brings the Rock to the ring to offer his two cents. He objects to the appointment. Every time Vince takes a mic, it stops working on him. Finally he gets to talk and tries to reason with the two of them saying "accidents happen" including HHH being the WWF Champ. HHH shows up but stays on the platform with his own mic and calls them "a bunch of screwups". He says he is the only one who doesn't make mistakes. He doesn;t care if Vince is the referee - he still plans to walk out the Champion. He threatens Vince with bodily harm if the latter gets in his (HHH's) face. Austin comes back with, "Your gonna get your a$$ whipped 'cause yatta, yatta, yatta..." Pretty lame opening actually.

In the back, Mankind and Al Snow are arguing with the New Age Outlaws while officials try to keep them calm.

New Age Outlaws vs. Mankind/Al Snow - WWF tag Team Title match - The Road Dogg does his classic intro for the first time since DX reformed. The Tag Champs run in and Billy immediately goes to work on Snow. The Dogg tags in and tosses away the advantage - as usual. Mankind tags in and continues the assault. The Dog comes back strong and now the Outlaws are functioning smoothly. Snow is isolated and double-teamed. But then he gets a double DDT and tags his partner. Mankind cleans house then faces Billy and bests him. He pulls out the sock then turns around and shoves it down the Dogg's throat. Snow tags in and gets the Snow Plow but Valk Venis has appeared ringside and pulled Mankind to the floor. The referee is distracted and Billy hits Snow with a chair to give his partner the pin. The Outlaws are the 5 time Tag Champs.

HHH moons the camera in response to Vince's threats.

In the back, Al Snow sis despondnt over their loss, and the troubles with his action figures.

The Godfather (w/4 Garden Tools) vs. Val Venis - tonight GF brings out a statuesque black lady that is super fiiiiine... Venis looks paranoid coming to the ring -and well he should. He offers the girls to Val using his most colorfull entreaties. Val considers it seriously...and accepts the proposition...then turns back and attacks...fool! The Godfather absorbs his attack then turns the tables. The match goes into see-saw mode. Val gets the advantage and goes for the money shot - but Mankind runs in and knocks him off the corner then drags him out and takes him into the crowd for a beating. GF wins on a count out.

Michael Hayes is with Stephanie, Test, Linda and Shane. Mom is all for the marraige. Shane adds his approval and shakes Test's hand. In the ring Lillian Garcia calls for a ten bell salute to Paul Wight's father....who died back in 1996...and flubs her lines. Probably because she has a conscience... The Big Boss Man interrupts at around the 5 bell count - good thing to. He wants to read his sympathy card - a tasteless poem if ever there was one. I hope this stupid angle is over now...but fear it is not.

Edge/Christian/The Headbangers vs. The British Bulldog/Mean Street Posse - Davy and the boys clear the ring right away then the Bulldog faces Edge. Almost immediately a melee starts on the outside. Pete Gass gets isolated in the ring and pinned. The brawl continues until officials come out and get between the combatents. In the back, Vince is backed up by Shane, the Stooges and Test as he argues with DX.

Chris Jericho rants at Chyna in a pre-taped interview, standing in the Penn State football stadium.

X-Pac vs. The Rock - Maivia stands on the second rope to deliver his usual cliche ridden rant with an extra long pause before " cookin". X-Pac attacks him as he enters the ring and gets the early advantage. He knocks Maivia over the top to the floor then follows him out and runs him into the stairs. He appears to have hurt his knee. X-Pc goes for a baseball slide but misses. The Rock turns the tables and re-enters the ring only to fall victim to a reverse kick. Maivia comes rig back for a moment then X-Pac gets a sleeper. Rocky slips to his knees. But then gets a suplex and both are down. The recover and now the Rock is making a comeback. He knocks Waltman to the ground then follows him out. The referee is knocked down then X-Pac delivers a low blow. Back in the ring he uses a chair but the referee is still out of it. By the time he returns to the ring, Maivia is able to kick out. X-Pac gets the bronco buster then goes for the X-factor - but gets Rock-Bottomed instead and pinned. DX runs in after the decision and punks Maivia. Vince comes down to the ringside area and tells HHH to send his thugs away. They comply. Vince enters the ring and tells HHH that he will defend his title against Test tonight and will have Shane as the referee and himself as the Timekeeper. He also states that if the rest of DX comes within 50 feet of the ring he'll stop the match and award the title to Test. HHH is about to attack but Maivia is still ringside and gets the drop on him. He delivers the People's Elbow and Vince strolls away chuckling.

Chyna and Miss Kitty come to the ring. She starts a rant on Jericho but is interrupted by the "King of Rock & Roll" Stevie Richards in an Elvis outfit. He sings a chorus of "W-O-M-A-N" terribly out of key. Chyna loves it until Jericho runs in and attacks him. She and Jericho get into fisticuffs and Jericho's getting the better of her as referees run in and separate them. I just realized that Jericho is the "New Jeff Jarrett"...

The Acolytes are in a bar again watching the show on TV. They complain about Jericho beating up on women and then a pretty young thing starts flirting with them.

In the back, Mankind gives Al Snow know...

The Big Boss Man vs. Kane - Boss Man gets the drop on Kane as he enters the ring but Kane isn't that easily subdued. The latter comes back strong and drop-kicks his opponent to the floor. Boss Man returns to the ring and regains the advantage for a while. But then he turns his back to pose for the crowd. Kane is all over him and dominates the next several exchanges until Prince Albert runs in. PA gets chokeslammed but that gives the Boss Man a chanceto get his night stick and use i. He leaves Kane laying in the ring. Back at the bar, the bimbos boyfriend shows up, and hauls her away. Surprisingly, the Acolytes take this pretty calmly.

DX discusses strategy in the back.

Too Cool vs. The Hollys - Taylor and Christopher dominate the action in the early going but then Bob Holly gets into the ring and turns it around. Crash ties to bring the scales into play but gets knocked off the apron. The distraction is enough to give Bob the chance to surprise Taylor and pin him.

Back at the bar the Acolytes are about to get into it with the boyfriend and his two buddies.

The brawl erupts as we return from the break. The local yokals are destroyed in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile Test is with Stephanie getting ready to head for the ring.

Test vs. HHH - World Title match - Vince is the Timekeeper - Shane is the referee - it's funny how all of HHH's matches are a strange parody of Austin's matches last year when McMahon was throwing al kinds of obstacles in his way. The fight starts on the floor before HHH can enter the ring. In the ring, Test gets a roll-up and almost a pin. HHH takes a swipe at Shane and gets punched in return. Vince also gets involved a moment later. Austin watches he action on a monitor in the back. The fight goes back to the floor where HHH turns the tables decisively. Back in the ring he maintins his advantage. Maivia is watching in the back as well. HHH gets an abdominal stretch which Test powers out of. HHH tosses him to the floor and runs him into the announce table then gets in Vince's face. Back in the ring HHH gets the Pedegree but Shane doesn't count because he's checking the time remaining with his dad. HHH clobbers Vince - he comes back with the Title belt and whacks Hunter. Test tries for a pin but fails. He gets the pump handle slam then climbs the that moment the TitanTrin shows DX is kidnapping Stephanie! The McMahons and Test rush out and Test is counted out by somebody. HHH wins he match and Stephanies loved ones start a frantic search as the screen goes to black.

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The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

This Saturday morning on LiveWire, the WWF announced that Paul Wight's father had "taken a turn for the worst..." then, on Sunday morning reported the "sad news that he had died" on SuperStars and also on their web site. Now before you flood the WWF web site with condolence emails, please keep in mind that Wight Sr. did indeed die of cancer...several years ago. On Sunday evening the World Wrestling Federation actually mentioned that "services are pending and we will keep you informed about deveolpments." then tonight on RAW they hold a ten bell salute and announced that there will be a "private memorial" later this week. Really..? Is it possible that these slimeballs actually intend to stage a funeral service?? What do the rest of his family members think about all this?

Another supposed death caused a stir late this week when WWF wrestler Nelson Frazier (aka Viscera) was reported to have been killed in an auto accident by someone on the Internet. Frazier was supposed to have swerved to avoid hitting a cat in the street and slammed into either a telephone pole or a light standard, according to which account you heard. The item was posted to one of the wrestling news boards, then picked up and spread around like wildfire. I received several emails from regular correspondents reporting that they had read the report in various locations around the web.

Some were simple reports of the alledged "facts" while others went into sometimes elaborate recaps of Frazier's career. None offered any kind of corroboration. I ran the item in the Friday night edition but labeled it as what it was - an unconfirmed rumor.

I then spent the rest of the evening trying to track down a reliable source for the true facts but failed - because there were no true facts to report.

Later that evening I found a report from Dave Scherer at the Lariet to the effect that he had spoken to WWF contacts who said they had no knowledge of any accident. Of course, just because they didn't know about it didn't necessarily prove that the accident hadn't happened. It wasn't until Saturday that Bob Ryder's column contained a positive denial of the story. This isn't the first time this has happened, of course, many of us remember the incident a few years ago when Craig Pittman was said to have died in an accident, but it turned out to be a false rumor.

This is one of the problems with the Internet as a news medium. With the world wide publishing power of the web, now anyone, whether or not they possess the understanding or even the knowledge of journalistic ethics, has the ability to break a story. As former Journalism teacher, I am aware that bonified jounalists frequently skate on the edge of morality by having to balance the desire to get the facts out to the public against the necessity of being sure that you have the facts straight before you report them.

It's one thing to falsely report that Hall and Nash are about to jump back to the WWF, for example (as Scoops did a couple years ago only to end up with egg on their faces). That didn't have the potential to really hurt anyone except the poor saps who bought the rumor and put it out as a "hard news" story. It is something else altogether to float a rumor that someone has died and then try to sell it as a fact without attempting to verify the accuracy of the story.

Imagine Nelson Frazier's mother seeing that Internet report on Friday night...get the point?

That's also the reason why this whole "Paul Wight's father's dying..." angle has struck me as being immoral from the get-go. Bobby Heenan started the trend a few years ago of thinking of the promotions themselves as news sources when he started calling himself a "broadcast journalist". The WWF is not only putting out this falsehood as part of a storyline on TV, but now they are announcing it on their web site, expressing their condolences toward the Wight family, offering tributes and even talking about a fictitious memorial service!

As the condolence messages come rolling in, how do these people sleep at night? Just when you think they can't stoop any know the rest.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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