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Vince McMahon Sr.:
The Tradition Lives On

By Lou Sahadi

Volume 5, Issue 527 - November 21, 1999
Editor's Note: Here's an article from the 60's about the founder of the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

Vince McMahon Sr.: The Tradition Lives On

By Lou Sahadi

This article was originally printed in Wrestling World magazine, date unknown, circa late 1960's

It was still early and the place was empty. The main lights hadn't been turned on in the arena and the only signs of life were a number of wrestlers who began arriving one at a time. A couple of them stopped and looked around the new arena before heading for their respective dressing rooms.

Vince McMahon Sr. stood in the runway leading directly to the middle of the vast floor.His eyes were fixed at the ring and then he slowly gazed around the environs of the new Madison Square Garden. Neatly dressed as always, McMahon appeared a bit concerned. He is a master craftsman as a promoter yet he couldn't help but wonder how many people would be lured into the $36-million emporium. No one could predict. This was the first wrestling show ever held in the new 33rd St. structure that rises majestically over Penn Station.

McMahon was pondering a number of questions out loud. How good are the acoustics? Is the lighting sufficient? Can the spectators in the far-off seats see well enough? How will the fans react to a new arena? The latter question offered concern. A few years back a rival promoter tried to run a number of wrestling events in the New York Coliseum, a modern edifice just a stone's throw from the old Madison Square Garden.The promoter took a heavy financial loss and oldtimers guessed that the reason the wrestling fans did not accept the Coliseum was that it was a new building.

It's a strange paradox, but that is the nature of the wrestling fan. He associates himself with the old through habit and rebels against a vast physical change. He's used to going to the arena at a certain night in the month and sitting in his same seat show after show.It's almost as if he projects himself into the program. He'll cheer world champion Bruno Sammartino and he'll boo anyone he opposes. He wants to stand up and be counted.

McMahon himself is a throwback to the past. He was exposed to the serious business of promoting ever since he could remember. Now in his early 50s, McMahon still retains that boyhood charm that most Irish kids growing up in New York possessed in the 1920s. He runs a first-class operation that has earned him the respect of wrestler and fan alike. His association with Madison Square Garden runs deep. His father, Jess, promoted the first ring attraction in the old place on December 11, 1925, a lightheavyweight championship fight between Jack Delaney and Paul Berlenbach.

Young McMahon played in the Garden as a kid of 11. He'd explore the catacomb level underneath the arena and end up sitting at the knees of fabled celebrities. This was the Golden Age of sports,and McMahon was exposed to it all as an Irish moppet, wide-eyed by it all in the excitement of smoke-filled arenas. "My big charge came from seeing Ching Johnson of the Rangers come up the ice with the puck," reflected McMahon. "He was electric, shedding body checks like Bronko Nagurski shaking off tacklers."

"I remember the Garden being so jammed by fans waiting to see Reggie McNamara in the six-day bicycle races that my father and the Striblings had to sit on the steps in an aisle to make a bout. My father sat behind me with Pa Stribling, who managed Young Stribling, sitting next to me. Not many people know that Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney were booked to fight in New York,which turned it down because Harry Wills said that Dempsey was ducking him. That's why the fight went to Philadelphia instead. Dempsey was not ducking Wills. Jack Sharkey had no trouble with Wills before winning on a foul."

These were some of the memories that McMahon can easily recall when talking about promotions and Madison Square Garden.He's had pleasant memories and sad ones,like the time last January when McMahon staged the last ring show in the old Garden, which featured Sammartino against Taru Tanaka."I was just about the last person in the place," he remarked. "All the front doors were locked and I had to leave by way of the employee's entrance. I just sat around thinking back. It felt eerie, thinking about the things that I saw there in the 42 years since my dad opened it."

Jess McMahon wasn't one of the Damon Runyon type characters that made up the fight game then. First of all, he was a graduate of Manhattan College, and how many guys along Jacobs Beach could make that distinction? Then Jess ran a neat and proper office.His working hours were strictly from 9 to 5 and who ever heard of that among the cigar smoking, card playing characters who usually conducted their business in the back rooms of the many saloons along the way? McMahon himself didn't smoke and purposely kept proper hours in order to maintain a close family life in Far Rockaway.

In a tribute to his memory, the Garden moguls gave Vince the distinction of putting on the first ring show in the new Garden. McMahon came right back with Sammartino in the main event against Bull Ramos, a 325-pound Apache Indian. It was Sammartino's 55th main event appearance in five years in the Garden, and no athlete in any sport could come close to approaching such a milestone.

"He is the strongest man in the world," exclaimed McMahon."He can do a pushup with two wrestlers on his back. Most people don't seem to know it but Bruno outdid Paul Anderson, the weightlifting champion, by 90 pounds in a tournament. Bruno began lifting weighs in a Pittsburgh YMCA to build himself up after virtually starving during World War II when the Germans occupied his little town in northern Italy."

Although his office is located in Washington, D.C., McMahon's operations extend far beyond the eastern seaboard. He recently concluded a contract with Japanese promoters for a two-week tour by Sammartino. He also set up a longer tour of Australia for Gorilla Monsoon.McMahon has also arranged for Sammartino to appear in Canada, South America and Australia.He is constantly on the telephone at his office in the Franklin Park Hotel or from his home in a fashionable section of Washington. Even when traveling, McMahon makes liberal use of the telephone. He does over 90 percent of his business that way.

A number of years ago he promoted an outdoor show in Chicago's Comiskey Park. It was a fantastic succss. A crowd of 39,995 turned out for the program which still stands today as the largest crowd ever to attend a wrestling match. McMahon maintains a humble ego in his performers. One night they could be headlining a television show, or appear on top in Madison Square Garden, before sending them off to such far off corners as Lewiston, Maine, to fulfill a contract with a local promoter.

Travel and television are some of the complexities that face McMahon that his father never confronted. He has to serve as a behind the scenes producer of the television shows, matching the right performers who will provide the finest matches. Then, he has to arrange for a weekly schedule for a large number of wrestlers who appear in one city one night and a different one the next.

The schedule does have its headaches. Like the time a few years ago when Sammartino was scheduled for a matinee match in Pittsburgh and an evening appearance in Newark, N.J.In order to insure Sammartino's arriving on time at the Newark Armory, McMahon arranged for a police escort from Newark Airport through the busy streets of Newark. Sammartino made the committment with about three minutes to spare.

Usually, promoters do not foster a close relationship with wrestlers. They establish a good rapport but maintain a business relationship. However, it is quite obvious that McMahon is fond of Sammartino. "He's the greatest champion in the game today," beamed McMahon."He's had the belt over five years which should tell you just how great a champion he is. I'd venture to say he has received more fan mail than any wrestler in history and I mean ever since the sport became popular. He's known all over the world and promoters constantly are in touch with me seeking Bruno's services. I have turned down more requests than I have agreed to. It just can't be helped. It isn't humanly possible to fulfill all the requests he has received."

Along with his vast wrestling network, McMahon somehow finds the time to dabble in other promotional ventures. He currently possesses the promotional rights to one of boxing's hottest properties, lightheavyweight champion Bob Foster. He did so by a daring maneuver by guaranteeing then lightheavyweight champion Dick Tiger $100,000 if he would meet Foster in New York's Madison Square Garden. The match was made last May and Foster easily knocked out Tiger to capture the title.

"I may move Foster up into the heavyweight ranks," disclosed McMahon. "Why, there's nobody around in the lightheavyweight division who can come close to beating him. The way I see it, he can beat most of the heavyweights around right now."

Although he may get involved in any number of promotions, wrestling is closest to McMahon's heart. By his own admission, he'd rather promote wrestling than any other event. Actually,it's more demanding and more challenging. That's what McMahon thrives on.It makes him go. It turns him on like an eight-day clock. Right now he's faced with his biggest challenge, selling out the new Garden in the same manner that he did the old one. If any one can do it it's McMahon. It'll take some masterful strokes, though. There wasn't going to be a sellout this particular night. A crowd, yes, but not one that will completely satisfy McMahon in the manner in which he has sold out Boston and Philadelphia. That's about all that's left for McMahon to do. The smart money says he will accomplish it.

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Nitro Report

Jeff Jarrett looks into the camera and tells us, "It's my time, I'm the chosen one. Tonight I take matters into my own hands". Then we cut to the opening montage. Nitro is live from the Palace of Aubern Hills, near Detroit, MI.

Bret Hart comes down to open the show. The new WCW World Heavyweight Champ looks very pleased with the title belt slung over his shoulder. The reaction from the crowd is a bit mixed to my ears... Bret pledges to be the " World Champion that WCW has ever had." The crowd loves that line, then he dedicates his victory to his dad. He then calls on Goldberg to come and take a shot at the title at Starrcade. This brings the Outsiders out to say, "...what about me? What about Hall and Nash?" in effect... Hall starts off, taunting the Hitman with his own words about dignity and honesty. Nash takes the mic and adds his 2 cents - and that's about what its worth... He proposes a tag team match - the Outsiders vs. Bret/Goldberg. Hart accepts the match without consulting Goldberg. At this point Jeff Jarrett runs in and knocks Bret out with his guitar. He again refers to himself as the "Chosen One" and says the title belt belongs to him. He walks off with it.

Mike Tenay talks to Curt Hennig. Hennig says he will honor his agreement to leave WCW after losing last night but he has one more thing he wants to do before leaving - he wants to see his friends and say goodbye. He is distracted by the Maestro practicing his piano behind them. Cut to Kidman and Konnan, the former is complaining about his camera being missing, Konnan says, "Forget it, we'll steal another one." Then he says "this thing with Eddie is getting out of hand..." Oklahoma and Steve Williams walk the halls as well.

Paul Marenero is consulting with "his boys" about doing a number on Disco tonight. The "boys" are basically numbskulls. Lex Luger is telling Vince Russo that he can book Liz to wrestle against Meng tonight. Liz is watching this on the monitor and is struck speechless, almost.

Creative Control vs. Kidman/Konnan - World Tag Team Title match - one of the Harris Twins starts with Kidman and has his way with him right out of the chute. He tags in his brother who also puts Kidman down. Creative Control continues to tag in and out, isolating Kidman for a moment and then Kidman gets a springboard bulldog and gets the tag. Konnan cleans house and almost gets a pin - in the back Torrie is making goo-goo eyes at Eddie G, which causes Kidman to abandon the match and head to the locker room, leaving his partner in a lurch. The Twins make short work of him. In the back, Kidman arrives backstage and attacks Eddie G. In another part of the building Bret Hart is telling Tenay that he and Goldberg will take care of the Outsiders and then he will take care of Jarrett. Goldberg proposes that Bret take care of Jarrett and let him take care of the Outsiders in a handicap match. He stalks away before Hart can answer.

Curt Hennig shakes hands with Buff Bagwell and tells him he has no hard feelings. The Maestro continues to tinkle in the background.

"Screamin" Norman Smiley comes down to gloat about his Hardcore Title win last night. He is decked out in a Detroit Lions football uniform. He throws out a challenge to any "loser" in the back to face him for the title. Fit Finley comes running out and lays into him with pieces of his own uniform! He puts the title belt on Norman's face and drops a knee on it!! He then throws the belt at Smiley and starts to leave - but then comes back and whales on him again. Tony announces that Jarrett will challenge Hart for the World Title later tonight. Tony is suggesting that maybe Goldberg means to get a partner against the Outsiders. In the back, Luger is telling Liz she has to face Meng to see what he felt like last night. Mike Tenay talks to the Outsiders who think Goldberg must be crazy to think he can face them alone.

Chavo is selling 24 carat "italian gold" to Marinero's boys, the piano still plays inthe background. Tenay talks to Jeff Jarrett, he says he will walk out as the World Champ tonight.

Evan Karagias (w/Madusa) vs. Saturn (w/Asya) - Evan is too busy smooching with his squeeze to notice Saturn sneaking up behind him. He is immediately on the defensive. Brad Armstrong comes out in tie dye calling himself "Buzzkill" - his take off on the Road Dog possibly? In the ring Saturn puts the rings of Saturn on the Champ and wins the match. Meanwhile the two girls are getting into a fight out on the floor. The two guys try to hold them apart and we cut to Kidman with Mike Tenay calling Eddie G out for a match. Oklahoma and Steve Williams are still wandeing the halls somewhere.

Tenay talks to Eddie G accepts Kidman's challenge. The piano plays on...

Vampiro (w/the Misfits) vs. The Wall (w/Berlyn) - this is der bodyguard's wrestling debut on Nitro. As he and his boss arrive at the ring the Sooner's fight song plays and here comes Dr. Death and his good old sidekick. The Wall rushes in and gets his head handed to him at the top of the match. He leaves the ring followed by Vampiro, which is a mistake. Wall grabs Vamp and rams him into the post. The Misfits try to interfere and get scattered to the winds (in a matter of speaking). Back in the ring, Vampiro has gotten his second wind and is all over his opponent until Berlyn whacks him with a chair and causes the DQ. The Wall is unhappy with his boss over his interference and gets slapped in the face. He calmly rolls up his sleeves and Berlyn turns tail and runs away. Jerry Only decides to talk some trash at Williams, who pulls off his shirt and decimates the bunch of them. Vamp delivers a back kick that sends Dr. Death tumbling out of the ring. In the back, Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett are headed to the ring while Liz locks herself in a shark cage to keep Meng away from her.

Out back a limo pulls up but we don't see who is in it.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Creative Control) vs. Bret Hart - World Title match - Jarrett wears the title belt to the ring. He gets a big pyro blast in the ring as he arrives. Jarrett attacks Hart as he enters the ring but is immediately on the defensive. Hart hauls him up after stomping on him in the corner and tosses him to the floor. On the outside he continues his assault. Jarrett has had no offense since his opening salvo. Back in the ring, Hart chops his opponent's throat then drops aheadbutt to the chest. Moments later Jarrett ducks a rush and Hart tumbles to the floor. Now Jarrett is in charge on the floor and makes the most of it. Members of the Detroit Pistons are ringside including Brent Hill. The fight goes right onto the announce table, which appears to be somewhat sturdier than the WWF variety. Back in the ring, jarrett maintains his advantage but can;t put the Champ away. He slaps on a sleeper and Hart sinks to his knees. Hart throws him off and gets a lariet on the rebound. Both go down and are slow to get up. Hart blocks a series of punches and then sinks one in the abdomen. He gets a two count then drops Jarrett on his knee in a backbreaker and gets another two. Jarrett makes a comeback and the match is in see-saw mode for a bit. Jarrett goes for a dropkick but Hart puts on the breaks and avoids it. Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but Jarrett levers him out of the ring. Creative Control close on Hart which distracts the referee while Dustin Rhodes runs in and clocks Jarrett with the title belt. The Twins take off after Dustin and Hart returns to the ring looking puzzled, then takes the pin. In the back, Marinero's "boys" are harrassing the Maestro into playing "New York, New York" so they can sing. Marinero shows up and puts them back to work. Meanwhile, Luger is talking things over with Liz, he says he was wrong and she gives him the key, but then suddenly changes his tune and tells her that she will wrestle Meng tonight. If she won't leave the cage he will carry it to the ring with her in it (yeah...I'd like to see that...)

Liz tries to get Sting to help her but he won't.

Kidman (w/Torrie) vs. Eddie Guerrero (w/Konnan) - now Konnan is on Eddie's side! It appears that Kidman is the only one who wants this match. Tony says that Arn Anderson has been fired by TPTB - they didn't even know he still worked for WCW. In the ring, Kidman is a mad man and Eddie has to fight back - so he does, like a mad man... He takes Kidman to the floor and drops him on the railing then rolls him back inside. Guerrero continues to dominate for a moment then Kidman gets his springboard lariet and turns the tables. Then he goes for a leapfrog and gets headbutted in the abdomen in mid air. The referee wants to stop the match but Eddie has his dander up now. On the outside the Revolution is attacking Konnan and injuring his arm. Torrie goes out to help him then tries to get the combatents to pay attention to the problems ringside. They struggle at the top and Kidman gets dumped and frog splashed.

The Twins are getting marching orders from Russo when Jeff Jarrett interrupts to dress them down himself. In the back, Luger is directing a forklift driver to move Liz's cage to the ring.

The Twins send Hacksaw Duggan to see Russo. Mike Tenay is with Spice who will face Tigress in a match tonight. The newest Nitro Grrrrl, Skye, wishes it wouldn't happen.

Meng vs. Liz (w/cage) - Luger directs the forklift to the ring as his music blairs. Meng shakes the cage to test it. he kicks at it but has no affect. He shakes it and rattles it, then Luger offrs him the key... Meng turns and grabs the Death Grip on him then turns back and and starts ripping the bars off the cage. He is about to get his hands on her when Sting runs in with his bat and dispatches Meng. He unlocks the cage then stalks away. Liz escapes, Luger and Meng are left laying in the ring. In the back, Goldberg is discussing strategy with someone off camera.

Hall and Nash are in the back. Nash is stretching on the floor. Hacksaw pauses on his way to see the boss to play some piano with the maestro.

Lash LeRoux vs. Disco Inferno - I guess Marinero and the "boys" are about to catch up with Disco. Disco is all business for his part, no dancing no posing no nothing. Here coems the Mafia and Disco is terrified but goes on with the match as his hunters circle the ring. He dominates his opponent despite his preoccupation but eventually it get the best of him as Lash hits a short powerbomb and takes the pin. The ehugs clear LeRoux and the referee from the ring then go to work on Disco. Lash comes back with a chair and takes both thugs out. Disco decides to get in some kicks until Marinero jumps him from behind. LeRoux pulls Marinero off and together he and Disco stuff him into his own bodybag. The thugs recover and LeRoux/Disco split. In the parking lot, the Harris twins are inspecting the limo which has still not disgorged its passenger(s).

Security is hassling the Twins because the car alarm is going off on the limo. Meanwhile, Russo is giving Hacksaw the business - he orders him to go scrub his personal toilet with a toothbrush. He's been eating prunes all week by the way...

Tigress vs. Spice - the Battle of the Nitro Grrrrls - Tigress wears faux leopard skin to the ring while Spice wears a schoolgirl's uniform. Spice tries to beg off but Tigress is having none of it - so Spice goes afetr her with a vengence until Tigress rakes her eyes. The referee stops the match as Skye enters the ring to help Spice. She warns Tigress off by shoving a makeup case in her face then goes over and clocks Spice with it! She and Tigress paint Spice's face. In the back, Meng, in a rare interview, challenges Sting to a no DQ match.

Curt Hennig comes down to say his goodbyes to the fans. Somehow, this is all too fishy... He starts to speak but has trouble getting the words out. Many in the crowd are standing in his honor. He turns and leaves the ring without saying anything. In the back the limo door opens...and we cut to commercial.

In the commode, Duggan is using the boss's toothbrush to clean the toilet!! Back in the arena, the limo passenger is revealed to be...Roddy Piper! Piper takes off on a rant, first to compliment the the crowd's hometown. He then turns his ire on TPTB. His mic is cut off in the middle of his rant. He gets another one and it is turned off. He goes to the announce table and those are denied him as well. He heads for the bosses office with a producer trying to stop him. He finds the office and breaks down the door to be faced with the Twins - he warns them off and Russo tells them to let him talk. Roddy goes off on Russo who sits silent as he rants. Then he tells Piper to retire. Piper comes back with his two year contract and threatens a lawsuit. So Russo makes him a referee and tells him he will sue Piper if he doesn't agree. A subdued Piper slinks away. Outside the door you can see the wheels turning as he decides on his next move...

Piper is out at his limo saying, "Yessir! I'll referee..."

Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T - hmmmm...TPTB don't like either of these guys. Buff starts out mocking Booker - not a smart move by any means. This is a very fast paced, rough and tumble match as the Twins look on from the aisle. Each man has his moments but the match goes back and forth throughout the battle. As Booker starts to assert himself, the Twins start getting involved, beating on both guys. Curt Hennig runs out and gets between them and Buff - then turns and suplexes Buff!! The Twins raise his hand! Hennig has turned on his friends once again. Oops...there go the lights. Midnight is in the house! As the lights come back up, she and Booker clear the ring.

Is it me or are those LUGZ the ugliest shoes ever..?

Russo welcomes Hennig back into the family telling him that he will be the head honcho - then orders the Twins to go bring him Juventud Guerrera. Mike Tenay talks to Sting. Liz walks up and offers any help she can give - he turns her down.

Madusa(w/Evan Karagias) vs. Asya (w/Saturn) - this catfight falls right out to the floor immediately where Madusa is rammed to the rail but comes back with a kick that puts aysa on her butt. Back in the ring, Aysa regains the advantage and grabs a head vice. Madusa shows some real power by elevating her opponent then dropping her on her back. She gets to the top and hits a drop-kick then goes up again and is caught and slammed. Aysa grabs a head scissors as Saturn flattens Karagias on the floor. Aysa gets the submission victory. In the back, Dean Malenko is threatening to burn Chris Benoit's Canadian flag. They have a flag match scheduled for later.

Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit - International Flag match - Tony takes a moment to acknowledge Gordon Solie and tell him to get well soon. Malenko brings a torch and a gas can to the ring and is wearing a Toronto Mapleleafs jersey and that enrages Benoit who uses the shirt to choke his opponent. Benoit tears into him and then goes after the can at ringside and brings it inside. Malenko gets a blow in and they are at it again with the can still sitting on the apron. Malenko gets free for a moment and goes after the Canadian flag to burn it, but Benoit stops him. He delivers a drop-kick to his face but Malenko drop-toes Benoit onto the bottom rope, gets the Canadian flag and uses it on him. The Revolution appears and bring an oil can with them. Malenko puts the Canadian flag in the oil can then grabs the American flag and puts it in there too. They douse it with gas and he is about to torch it when Bret Hart runs in and clears the ring. He revives Benoit and hands him the Canadian flag then holds old glory high as the crowd applauds.

Russo is telling Juvey that he's heard a rumor that his work visa has expired. Juvey denies it and offers the boss some tequilla. Russo tries it ad then spits it in Juvey;s face. He orders the Twins to go get his toothbrush...

Meng vs. Sting - No Disqualification match - Sting brings his bat, as Meng said he could. Meng attacks him as soon as Sting hits the ring. Sting loses his bat right off Meng is all over him and soon is pummeling Sting as he lays on the mat. Liz stands ringside with a worried look on her face. Meng is levered out of the ring where Liz starts to spray him but Sting leaves the ring the blocks that move. Back inside, Sting finally turns the tables and gets a Stinger splash. But Luger shows up and distracts him, which allows Meng to get the goozle and pin him. Liz comes in to help Sting afterward but he isn't interested. In the back, the Outsiders and Goldberg are headed for the ring. Goldberg pauses to gesture someone to come with him - did he refer to the person as "killer"?

The Maestro is still playing the piano...badly. David Flair appears and yells "Make it stop!" then starts tearing the piano up with his crowbar.

The Ousiders vs. Goldberg/? - both the Outsiders wear belts to the ring. One is the US belt, the other is the TV belt - both held by Hall as of yesterday. Goldberg starts his long walk without a partner. Then Sid appears on the platform behind him...and joins him! Sid is Goldberg's partner!! We've got four monsters in the ring for this one. There is a little byplay and then Sid faces Hall to start. I have never knownSiid to last as anyone's partner. He's as bad as Curt hennig that way. Hall suckers Sid into the enemy corner then fingers him in the eye. Nash and Hall work smoothly as a team but Sid is pretty near unstoppable. He comes back and gets the tag after Nash enters the ring. Goldberg puts Big Sexy down with a standing side kick then pulls him up and knocks him down again. He is suckered into the Outsiders' corner but fights his way free with ease. They double team him to turn the tables. Nash measres him in the corner and hits his back elbow several tmes. Goldberg is down but Hall paintbrushes his head then has to grab a quick front chancillry to hold him down. Goldberg forces his way to get a tag but the referee is distracted by Nash and disallows the tag. Goldberg is knocked to the floor so Sid comes in anyway and devestates the comptition. Goldberg recovers and re-enters. He spears Hall but Nash blindsides Sid and gets the pin.

That's the show folks...

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RAW Report

RAW Report

Scenes from SmackDown open the show - the McMahon kids have apparently fallen down a stairwell. Back in the present, Shane is ordering thr Stooges to find Vince before he "does something stupid" in his rage at DX.

RAW is live from the Marine Midlands Arena in Buffalo, NY.

Mankind/Al Snow vs. The Hollys - Hardcore appears on the platform and claims thathis action figures have been pulled off the shelves because of Al Snow's doll's problems. Mankind attacks Crash on the ramp while Snow takes on Bob in the ring. Their fight then goes to the floor where Snow and Foley trade places. Foley downs Bob then returns to the ring to help Snow squash Crash. Foley returns to the floor where Bob runs him onto a chair but it doesn't seem to faze him. Bob returns to the ring and hits a drio-kick on Snow as he is elevating Crash. Mankind hits Bob with the chair but meanwhile Crash is pinning Snow.

In the back the Stooges and others are searching for Vince. We see DX in a limo on their way to the arena. HHH takes a phone call and says that Vince is freaking out at the arena. They speculate on what he is upset about, reciting all the awful things they have perpetrated lately. Apparently they aren't done with him yet.

Shane is searching the parking lt now and finds Vince in a car with a baseball bat in his hands. He says he is just trying to get some fresh air and orders them to leave him alone.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry - Angle glad hands the audience all the way to the ring. here's a match between two 1996 Olympic team members. Angle rants off on the "Olympic Creed" before the match. He implies that Henry didn't pull his weight during the games. He wants the crowd to cheer for the "man who brought home the Gold medal" and accuses Henry of staying out all night at a topless bar the night before he competed and says he placed #18 when he could have placed 1st. Henry takes offense at his remarks and whales on him. They end up running around the ring then Angle slips back inside and cuts his opponen off coming in. He shows that he can brawl quite effectively then grabs an arm extension hold. But Henry elevates him and powerbombs him. Henry goes for another one but Angle turns it into an over the head suplex and takes the pin.

In the back the DX limo arrives and Vince rams them with his car. he hits them three times then leaves the car and starts breaking the windows with his bat. He is stalking off with more mischief in mind when we cut to commercial.

McMahon is at the door of DX's locker room beating on it with his bat as Shane and the Stooges try to calm him down.

The Godfather (w/6 Garden Tools) vs. Chris Jericho - the Millenium Bug does his usual rant, calling GF a piece of crap and then turns his back so the latter can attack him. JR tells us that the police are on their way to the arena. In the ring GF runs Jericho down with his train. Jericho falls out of the ring then uses one of the girls as a shield. He gets the drop on GF but then the girls attack him! GF rolls him back inside but is caught on his way into the ring. Jericho gets the moonsault and pins him. In the back, McMahon is being arrested! He is cuffed and hauled away. DX erupts from the room and distracts the cops so that HHH can sneak in behind them and punch Vince. The police sort it out and continue to take Vince away.

Vince is hustled into a patrol car and driven away as we return from the break.

Edge/Christian vs. the Dudley Boyz - it starts out with all four in the ring then sorts out to Edge vs. Bubba ray. Bubba takes the early advantage then taunts Christian to distract the referee so they can double team Edge. Edge is isolated and can't seem to get anything going. Devon takes over and. as usual the Dudleys are showing good teamwork until Edge ducks a clothesline by Bubba which connects with his brother. Moments later Bubba does it again and the tables turn but only for a moment. Devon regains - but then he is isolated in the ring with both opponents. Christian hits a suplex off the top while perched on Edge's shoulders to get the pin.

In the back Mike Cole is trying to interview the Rock. They encounter Mankind and Snow and during the ensuing rant, Maivia reveals that he actually did read Foley's book.

The police arrive at the station with Vince and take him into the booking room. Vince has calmed down considerably but there is a manic edge under his calm exterior.

Steph is seen at her wedding shower with Mae Young and Moolah. They give her a leather skirt, a whip and black lingerie. Young whispers an obscene suggestion in Stephanie's ear.

Jeff hardey (w/Matt/Teri) vs. X-Pac - Waltman comes out alone but we know that won't last. He takes the early advanatage but that doesn't last long either. Jeff is much more acrobatic then his opponent and uses that agility well. X-Pac actually has superior size in this one (or at least he's taller). The match goes into see-saw mode. X-Pac has an extended flurry as Teri distracts the referee. Matt slips in and gets a neckbreaker. Jeff is about to get the pin when Billy and the Dogg invade the ring and turn the tables. X-Pac gets the X-Factor with an assist and takes the pin. Has anyone else noticed that Billy has started using a Goldberg style "jackhammer" lately - and they are calling it that.

Vince is fingerprinted at the station.

More wedding shower. Linda's present is a trip to Las Vegas for a bachalorette party. Mae Young falls onto the cake then falls on Steph. Back at the station they are finishing up the booking process. Vince asks for his phone call.

The Big Show vs. Kane (w/Tori) - WWF Title match - well this probably won't be a squash for a change. This is a real slobberknocker (as Oklahoma would say) with both guys getting in some heavy duty shots. Kane hits an insiguri but fails to take the giant off his feet. He is knocked to the floor but lands on his feet then returns with a lariet from the top corner. Viscera walks out and graabs Tori. She flees toward the ring and Kane bails to attack Viscera. He is counted out. Viscera then enters the ring and gets scoop slammed.

Shane is in the back taking a call from his father. He listens to Vince's instructions then promises to deliver a message.

Dominik Haseck of the Buffalo Sabers hockey team is ringside.

HHH comes down to talk some trash. He is accusing Vince of being responsible for Austin's auto crash and shows the footage from earlier tonight. He rants on and on until Shane appears on the platform to deliver "the message". First, Vince is eager to take HHH on at the next PPV...and he has ordered a handicap match pitting the Acolytes against HHH. Helmsley challenges Shane to comes to the ring. Shane starts toward the ring only to be followed by the rest of DX. He runs in and attacks HHH closely trailed by DX but wait! Here comes Test and the Stooges, and the Hardeys, and the Acolytes. DX is overmatched and heads for the hills, but not before Billy is injured.

Val Venis/The British Bulldog vs. Too Cool - Venis overwhelms Taylor to start the match. Bulldog and Venis are operating surprisingly smoothly until Val gets knocked off the apron by Davey. He deserts his partner and the Posse have to come into save the European champ. Now Rachishi (Fatu) runs in and attacks the lot of them. He scatters them then devestates the Posse. He then joins Too Cool for a dance. In the back, Shane is scheming against DX but refuses to tip his hand to his future brother-in-law.

At the station, Vince is stripped of his coat and belt then locked up.

The Road Dogg comes to the ring alone and goes into his schtick. He will face Test in this match and Shane appears as the referee. Test starts strong but then hangs himself up straddling the top rope. He falls outside and is rolled back in by the Dogg. Back inside, Test gets a powerbomb but the Dogg tries to come back with a punch to the nose. Shane blocks his punch, then takes one from the Dogg. Test gets the pump handle slam and the pin. Vince is still in the cell.

The Big Boss Man/Prince Albert vs. The Rock/the people - Traylor starts to make a speech but is cut off by the Rock's music. Maivia comes out and says "the people" are his partner. Maivia bests the Boss Man then almost pins PA. He is fighting both guys off until he is tossed to the floor by PA then hit with a chair by the Boss Man. Bck inside he is on the receiving end for a bit. The Boss Man gets a piledriver, but Maivia kicks out. Here comes Mick Foley. He climbs onto the apron in the Rock's corner. In the ring, the Rock and PA collide and both go down. Maivia recovers and tags in Foley. He cleans house then goes for Socko. He gets the claw on PA but Boss Man blindsides him. Maivia comes in and takes on PA while Foley claws the Boss Man. The Rock hits the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow then pins PA.

Back at the jail, Vince has been bailed out. He is warned not to return to the arena. Right...

HHH vs. The Acolytes - handicap no DQ match - HHH avoids contact for a bit but they catch up with him soon enough. The fight goes to the floor where both guys overwhelm him and run him into the announce table. They fight into the crowd then back to the ring. DX can't interfere in this one by the way, or they face a 30 day suspension. The Acolytes toss the stairs into the ring. HHH escapes and tries to run away but he is caught by Bradshaw on the platform. HHH leaves the platform and is pursued into the crowd again. sThey drag him back to the ringside area, run him into the stairs again, and again. Then Bradshaw rolls him inside. Faarooq is waiting for him. Referee's are flying. Two of them go down. Faarooq hods up the stairs so that Bradshaw can ram HHH into them. They hit a double powerbomb. HHH gets a chance to hit them both with a chair and flees. He runs right into Vince on the ramp and gets chaired then thrown off the platform. Vince is contemplating his next move as we fade to black

That's it for tonight. I'll be back on Saturday morning. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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