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HHH Marries Stephanie before Test gets the Chance!

Training with my Son

by Ric "The Equalizer" Drasin

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 529 - November 29, 1999
Editor's Note: I learned yesterday of the death of legendary wrestler and promoter Hiro Matsuda. The details are not yet available but Solie's would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this great wrestling personality.

We open this edition of the newsletter with another article from Solie's newest contributor, pro-wrestler, body building and fitness expert, and trainer of celebrities and champions, Ric Drasin. In this installment, Ric talks about his own beginnings in pro-wrestling and how he has now brought his son into the sport.

Training with my Son

By Ric Drasin
"The Equalizer" AWF Champion

Growing up you take on hobbies and talents that you never knew interested you and you challenge yourself to see where you"ll go with it. Some you stay with and some you drop along the way. Such is life. I took up the guitar at the age of 14 and within a year had started a Rock Band and within 2 years was playing gigs every week end in High School and actually making money with it. I felt that if I could make that work, I could do anything. Within that time frame, I started working out with weights at the local YMCA and before I knew it , muscles started to develop all over my body. I thought this was amazing how I responded and decided to go ahead and train for some bodybuilding contests. I did and over the following few years won some local contests and had a great time with it. But one of the things that always stuck in my head was Pro Wrestling.

My Father introduced me to that on Thursday nights when I was a kid by taking me to the wrestling matches at a local arena. It was always packed and he always had free passes for the 3rd row back. Just beyond the spit & blood range! I loved going and in my mind thought, what if someday I'd like to do this. I wonder what my Father would think if I did. Would he be proud of me or disappointed that I would pick something like this to do? I think being a man, he probably would"ve enjoyed watching me.

Well, what do you know? I was training in the gym one afternoon and I was then 20 yrs old when two wrestlers (who were in town for that Thursday show) came up to me and asked if I would like to get in the business of Pro Wrestling. I jumped up "kicked my heels" and said, "Are you kidding? Of course I'd like to, when do I start?" They sent me to the Olympic Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles where I met Mr. Moto, Buddy Killer Austin, Freddie Blassie and Jules Strongbow. They in turn took me across the hall to the ladies World Champion "Johnnie Mae Young". She looked me up and down and said, you got a great body kid, now get in the ring and let's see what you can learn. Two hours later I came out banged up with mat burns and sore. But, I liked it and came back 4 to 5 days a week for the following six months and then finally had my first match.

Well now 34 years later, I have a son (Shane, 18 yrs. old). I have become my father and introduced Shane to wrestling, guitars and working out at a young age (5). Since that introduction, he became one of the finest guitarists around and now is playing with major artists and doing a lot of recording. Well, guess what else? He's been training with weights along with me at Gold's Gym for the past 5 years and has built an awesome body. In fact we do most everything together. Father and son! What a treat and what a special relationship. Those parents who don"t have that are really missing out. I'm fortunate enough to have the time as an actor and Pro Wrestler to spend these days with my son and share with him what I have done. I had a ring in my back yard for a few years and showed him the "tickles and tackles" of wrestling and it sparked an interest. Now I own the American Wrestling Federation and run shows in California at schools and clubs as fund raisers. This allows other local wrestlers to work in the business and also learn the "ropes" so to speak.

Well, Shane has built his body well enough and has trained hard enough in the ring to warrant working the shows. We had one of our first matches together last year in a Tag Team match. He did great and I was so very proud of him. His striking good looks, great body and athletic ability really dazzled the young girls in the audience.

Recently I worked "against" him in a match in Northern California and it went great! Yep, he was my opponent! We work out with the weights 6 days a week and in the afternoons, (time permitting) we work out in the ring. I'm trying to polish him up.

We have more shows coming up that he"ll be on as he's worked hard for this and I had the pleasure of helping him. I'd like to add that my Father passed away when I was 18 and never had the luxury to spend that time with me or see me in Bodybuilding or Wrestling. I feel he really missed out on the Father and Son thing. It was unfortunate but that's the way the cards fell.

I have in turn passed my time on to Shane to let him know what a loving parent feels and to be able to fill his fantasies in life and live out his dreams. I know that he will carry the torch high through life as he's a very special person and I'm glad that I had the time and opportunity to help him get there.

We have a show coming up soon and again I will work against him. (Good vs. Evil). But he's safe with me, cause I'm his Dad!

(Afterthought!) Hmmm, I do have an 8 year old daughter, "Hey Sami, want to go see a Wresting Match?"

Ric Drasin started training clients in the mid-60's when he ran a chain of health clubs. He also taught classes in fitness, bodybuilding and diet at the YMCA. Ric has trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger, becoming Arnold's training partner from 1970 - 1974. Ric later trained with Lou Ferrigno and acted in "The Incredible Hulk" TV series as the "Demi Hulk" -- the middle transformation on the show.

Drasin, currently an actor and personal trainer, created the bald bodybuilder logo for Gold's Gyms. His web site, Ric Drasin's BIG BOY Page features articles on wresting, training and fitness, and his own line of BIG BOYS clothing and other merchandise.

Mankind's Autobiagraphy is available at Solie's Storefront. Check it out for great deals on wrestling books, records and videos and to help support Solie's Vintage Wrestling. All proceeds from the Storefront go into paying for upkeep on this web site and keeping our features as a free service to the Internet Wrestling Community. In association with

Nitro Report

The program starts with three bells in memory of Hiro Matsuda.

Nitro is live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. And we get right to it with an appearance by Bill Goldberg. He makes his usual long walk in street clothes, eschewing the customary pyrotechnics, and goes straight to the ring. He ellicits a big "boo" just by mentioning the Outsiders' names. He refers to their "high school butts" and says there will be none of their comedy tonight. He challenges Kevin Nash to meet him in the ring. The Outsiders appear on the platform and Hall says a few words then hands the mic to Nash who is also short and sweet. They advance on the ring. As they arrive, Sid appears on the platform and runs to the ring himself to even the odds. A short battle erupts before security forces swarm in to break it up. The Outdsiders disengage and split. Tony announces three main events - all no DQ - Nash vs. Goldberg - Hall vs. Sid for the US Title - Meng vs. Bret Hart for the World Title. And...God help us...a mud wrestling match...

Tony Marinero's "Boys" get their marching orders via telephone.

Booker T/Buff Bagwell vs. Creative Control (w/Curt Hennig) World Tag Team Title match - Bagwell takes the first tour and bests his larger opponent, then both sides tag their partners. Booker also starts strong but then is sucker punched from the apron and taken down. He is isolated for a bit but then gets those wonderful feet into play and turns the tables. Bagwell tags in and cleans house. He goes for a pinfall but the other opponent breaks that up. Booker comes in and takes care of the second man then Bagwell gets the blockbuster - but Hennig is on the apron and distracting the referee. A judiciously placed chair shot spells the end of the challengers' hopes. The Champs fall on their opponents...and then the lights go out. Midnight shows up and clears the ring.

Vince Russo (off camera as usual) meets with Juventud Guerrera backstage and offers him a shot at "some guy" named Jushin Thunder Liger and his "ridiculous IWGP Light Heavyweight Championship". He says he has a plan... In another part of the building, Lex Luger serves Liz with papers indicating that she is in breach of contract. Meanwhile, a large woman who looks a lot like Bertha Fay talks over costuming with another large lady.

Symphony (formerly known as Ryan Shamrock) receives flowers from the Maestro. Elsewhere, Jeff Jarrett talks to Mike Tenay about his match with Dustin Rhodes later. It will put him in line for a title shot. Tenay smart mouths him and gets a guitar shot for his trouble.

Brian Knobbs comes to the ring and makes a statement condemning the whole idea of Norman Smiley as the Hardcore Champ. He calls Smiley out right now. The latter is watching on a monitor in the back and saying he won't go out. Fit Finley walks by carrying a bag of plunder and sends Smiley hiding under the table. He goes right to and into the ring, throws a kendo stick to Knobbs, then throws his own away and faces the Nasty Boy bare handed! Knobbs attacks but Finley disarms him and succeeds in knocking him out - then pulls scissors out of his bag and cuts his hair! He then whacks him with the kendo stick before turning to the camera and indicating that he has made Knobbs, "look like a soldier."

Marinero's Boys accost Mean Gene - they want him to come out with them to their club. He accepts their invitation. Elsewhere, Russo dresses down his troups for allowing themselves to be humiliated by a woman. Hennig agrees - and puts his foot in his mouth. He ends up booked to wrestle Midnight. One has to wonder if she even has a contract...

The large ladies are almost ready to compete while Roddy Piper waits impatiently for his summons.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Jushin Thunder Liger - "IWGP Light Heavyweight Title" match - "Buzzkill" (aka Brad Armstrong) joins the broadcast team for this one. In the ring, Liger is knocked to the floor then splashed. Both end up laying in the ringside area. Juvey recovers first but he has hurt his arm. Liger returns to the ring via the top rope and gets a splash and a two count. Liger is much slowed these days compared to a few years ago when we saw him last in WCW. But he is still formidable. Juvey seems to be in control when Buzkill gets up and moves to ringside with his "protest sign". Liger is distracted which gives Juvey a chance to grab a bottle of tequila and brain his opponent. Juventud wins the IWGP title.

The only problem with the above scenerio is...there is no IWGP Light Heavyweight Title - never has been - it's a made up championship! Perhaps they meant to say the Junior Heavyweight Title...

In the back, Chavo Guerrero takes over for the ailing Mike Tenay and interviews Dr. Death and Oklahoma. He continues to hawk his merchandise. I hadn't noticed this before, but Oklahoma has an "OK" on his breast pocket that is made to resemble the WWF Attitude logo. Elswhere - Symphony gets more flowers.

Okerlund yucks it up with at the club his new friends. Meanwhile, back at the arena, Kevin Nash decides to trash Halls TV Title belt. Is this then the end of this once prestigious title?

The Revolution come to the ring with an American flag and treat it disrespectfully. I can't believe that former Ranger Perry Saturn allows himself to be associated with this. Shane Douglas rants against their enemies and the fans. Malenko gets on the mic and declares their group to be a sovereign nation. He gives them all snake names. Douglas is the Rattler, Malenko the Python and Asya is called the Boa. Saturn wants to be called "Trouser' figure it out. This brings Hacksaw Duggan out looking for all the world like Duke Droese in his janitor's jumpsuit. His "2X4" appears to be made out of foam rubber or something - it is so fake looking it is laughable. He lays into the "Snakes" and they obligingly go down at first then overwhelm him. Chris Benoit runs in to lend a hand and we cut away very quickly.

Chavo interviews Jerry Flynn - he is challenging all comers to a fight in the "block" (whatever that is...) Piper is summoned but says he has to stop off at the restroom.

Scott Hall (w/Kevin Nash) vs. Sid - US Title match - the challenger is outnumbered in this one, although Nash makes a show of joining the broadcast team. In the ring, Sid is devestating the Champ until he puts a finger in the challenger's eye. Hall goes for the Outsider's Edge but Sid wriggles away. The referee is knocked down and out as Sid gets the powerbomb on Hall. Nash runs in but is caught coming in and downed as well. Sid is going for the powerbomb on Nash when Jeff Jarrett runs in and whacks him with his guitar. He rolls Hall onto Sid so that the referee can recover and make the count.

In the back, Piper is on his way to his meeting, taunting his escorts all the way. Dr. Death and Oklahoma are reliving Sooner glory.

Now Okerlund and the "Boys" are dancin' fools...

Piper appears before the "Power that Is". He is assigned to referee the mud wrestling match. It will be between the two large ladies we have been watching dress. Meanwhile, in the canteen, a couple of Nitro Grrrrls are insulting each other. They initiate a food fight. Security personnel find it impossible to hold in their laughter as they break it up. One of the bystanders is the smaller of the large ladies - she chokes on something and Juvey is there to administer the Heimlich Maneuver. This is strangely familiar... (Steele - I suppose you're going to tell me that wasn't parody...)

Dr. Death (w/Oklahoma) vs. Jerry Only - Cage match - this is over before Oklahoma can say "powerslam" three times. JO isn't even an athlete - let alone a wrestler. Outside the cage, OKlahoma is attacked by Vampiro and the rest of the Misfits. He is covered in his own Bar-B-Q sauce. Williams can't escape the cage in time to save him. In fact, he throws Only through the door, giving Only the win. Juvey reports on the incident in the canteen to Russo and the twins. His actions are not appreciated. Elsewhere, the Total Package is having a private chuckle over something.

Chavo interviews Bret Hart who takes Meng's challenge seriously, but expects to beat him.

Meng vs. Bret Hart - World Title match - Meng bulls his opponent into the corner but can't lay hands on him. Bret spins him around and pounds on him. Meng weathers the storm then knocks Bret down. I expect this to be a repeating pattern throughout the match. In fact is all Meng for the most part. Meng misses a somersault splash giving Hart his chance to recover. Hart is about to have his way when Scott Hall runs in on one side while Nash comes in from the other. Nash knocks out the referee then Hall enters the ring and walks right into the goozle. Hart vanishes over the side. Nash beats Meng down with a kendo stick then Jack Knifes him. Hall is going after Hart on the floor when Chris Benoit shows up and lays into both Outsiders with the kendo stick. Back in the ring, Hart gets the Sharpshooter on the unconsious Meng and takes the win.

Symphony receives a teddy bear and a note from the Maestro, telling her to meet him in their "special place". On the piano bench, no doubt. Lex Luger tries to gain an audience with Russo to explain his brilliant plan.

Chavo is selling makeup kits before he interviews Starr. Spice shows her her torn costume then attacks her and shoves her into a shower. In the back, somewhere in the dark, Madusa is suckering Evan Karagias into a Cruiserweight Title match at Starrcade (down boy...) Luger tells Russo he can force Liz to be the substitute wrestler in the mud match. Liz appeals to Sting, who asks Chavo if he needs a manager. Sorry Liz...

Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit vs. Sting - Three Way Dance for #1 Contender status - the fight is on as we return from a break. Sting is knocked to the outside but is back in a flash. I've never cared for this type of match. This one goes as these things usually do. Every time someone goes for a pin, the third guy breaks it up. Occasionally two guys gang up on one but those alliances never last for any length of time. As Jarrett rolls out of the ring, Liz runs down the aisle and distracts Sting. Luger comes in from the other direction and waffles Sting with a chair. Jarrett then brains Benoit with the guitar but then Dustin Rhodes runs in and hits Jarrett with the ring bell. Benoit is rolled onto Jarrett and gets the pin.

The Boys and Mean Gene are living it up with the ladies on the dance floor...

Symphony comes up behind who she thinks is the Maestro - it is David Flair! He makes her open the piano and inside is the Maestro, tied up and gagged.

Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg - Challenge No DQ match - Hall tries to pre-empt Goldberg as he comes out of his dressing room but his suprise is spoiled when the monster appears behind him. He does succeed in locking Sid in his dressing room. Nash runs backstage to help but Sid breaks down his door so we have a four way brawl on it's way to the ring. Hall and Sid actually arrive at the ringside area first and brawl arpound on the floor. Goldberg drags Nash down and tosses him inside. The bell rings and the match is on. Goldberg is choking Nash in the corner when Hall enters behind him and whacks first the referee, then Goldberg with a chair. Sid enters followed by Bret Hart who dispatches Hall. He and Sid keep the ring clear while Goldberg takes care of Nash with a Spear and a Jackhammer (2 bits...)

In the back, Piper is headed to the ring for the mud match...

Chavo holds the mic so Hall and Nash can rant. The Outsiders challenge Goldberg/Sid and Benoit/Hart to a three way cage tag match - I think...

Rhonda Singh vs. Liz - Mud Match - Roddy Piper is the referee - Rhonda wades in and waits for her opponent. Backstage, Liz is refusing to play. Meanwhile Piper has joined Rhonda in the mud and they are getting it on! The Twins come over to get a closer look and they get dragged in as well. Piper counts somebody out and gives himself the win. More parody...nothing sexy or titillating about it.

Arn Anderson confronts Russo and gets nowhere...

Chavo's interview with Sky is cut short when Tigress runs in and attacks her.

Jerry Flynn meets his challenger in "the Block" (that's the boiler room to you and me. The Wall accepts the challenge and is up to it - although Flynn really gives him a run for his money. In fact Flynn is about to do the big guy in when Berlyn runs in and hits him with a pipe. The Wall is outraged that Berlyn's interference and chases him away, pipe in hand.

Chavo tries to get a word in with Piper - and succeeds. Piper urges him to not allow Russo to ruin his wrestling career. Chavo starts to explain that he's making money when the Outsiders wander by. Piper attacks them immediately and they brawl unto security shows up. Curt Hennig assures "Curly Bill" that they are still friends - watch out Vincent...

Luger assures Russo he will get Liz covered in mud if he has to wrestle her himself. Don't count on it muscle boy...

Midnight vs. Curt Hennig - the first lock-up goes to Hennig who gets a snap mare. They get up and criss-cross then crash head-on. Hennig is knocked down. They lock up again and Midnight gets a snap suplex. Hennig comes roaring back and slaps her around in the corner. He mares her out to the center then scoop slams her. He applies an abdominal stretch...then the lights go out. When they comes back up - Stevie Ray is standing behind Hennig! He lays into him then the lights go out again. They come up and "Curly Bill" is in the ring. Hennig and Vincent light into Stevie and then the lights go out again. They come back on and Arn Anderson attacks Vincent! Stevie Ray helps him clear the ring then they play the Enforcer's music.

Luger has Liz over his shoulder and is headed for the mud...this should be good.

The Boys have brought the "girls" home. They are in their underwear for some reason. The Girls aren't interested in dinner - they want to go right to the bedroom. The Boys allow themselves to be tied to the which point Disco and Lash LeRoux arrive and coat them in spaghetti and "marinero sauce"!

Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies is seen ringside.

Lex Luger vs. Liz - Mud Match? - Luger tries to toss her in but she won't let go of him. He eventually succeeds in getting her into the ring then douses her with a bucket of mud. He removes his jacket, takes off his shoes, rolls up his socks...and Sting shoves him in! Sting then throws in the expensive shoes and suit coat that Luger so carefully removed.

Bret Hart/Chris Benoit vs. The Outsiders vs. Sid/Goldberg - Three Way Tag Team Cage match - "Muddy" Roddy Piper is the referee - Hall and Nash still have mud in their hair and faces as they come to the ring for the third or fourth time tonight. As could be expected, it is pretty much the Outsiders against everyone from the opening bell until Benoit gets into it for a bit with Sid. But it's still pretty much as stated before throughout the match. Piper just stands aside and watches. Sid keeps trying to climb out and is stopped alternately by Benoit and Hart. At one point Hart and Goldberg take turns choking Nash in the corner. Then Benoit and Goldberg put the boots to him simultaneously. Jeff Jarrett shows up ringside with a cart full of guitars. He enters the rig and starts making music... He takes out the good guys than helps Hall shackle Hart to the cage wall. Benoit forces Jarrett out of the cage then climbs to the top - only to dive onto Hall with a headbutt and get the pinfall. Jarrett re-enters the ring and is attacked by Goldberg who starts using Jarretts body to break up the cage! Hall uses Goldberg's distraction to slap the Outsider's Edge on him. Then Nash powerbombs Sid. Jarrett slams Benoit face first on the mat. The Outsiders and Jarrett seem to be in charge and decide to leave before anything can change.

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RAW Report

RAW is live from the Staples Arena in Los Angeles, CA.

After a wedding announcement we jump right into introductions of a super heavyweight tag team match - and I don't mean the Hollys...

The Big Show/Kane (w/Tori) vs. The Big Boss Man/Viscera - TBS faces the Boss man to start then the latter gets a blind tag. Viscera gets the bigger guy from behind then the Boss Man drags the Champ out to the floor where Prince Albert joins him in a punk job. Meanwhile, X-Pac runs in and hits Kane with the X-Factor giving Viscera the win over Kane. Tori comes in only to be spat upon then round kicked to the forehead by X-Pac.

DX music plays and the thugs makes their entrance. HHH goes into his "you made it personal..." rant complete with video footage. He declares that there will be no wedding here tonight. Vince appears on the platform - not dressed for a wedding, incidently... He promises to have some of HHH's blood on his hands at the PPV. He books Test a match against HHH - at the groom's request. He assigns X-Pac and the Outlaws to a six-man match against Mankind and the Rock (wait...isn't that five men..?) He then tells them all that they are not invited to the wedding. If they interfere in any way they will be immediately fired.

Al Snow tells Head he will be Mankind's "mystery partner" tonight inthe six-man.

Edge (w/Christian) vs. Matt Hardey (w/Jeff/Terri) - the two are are pretty evenly matched and of course the action is not limited to just the two of them. After some pretty hairy fighting in and out of the ring, Edge spears his opponent and pins him.

Cut to the bachelorette party in Vegas last night (apparently). They are toasting her with beer.

Chyna vs. Chris Jericho - Intercontinental Title match - her hand is still bandaged up so one has to wonder how effective she can be. She grabs the mic and promises to make the Millenium Bug cry like a baby, with one hand if necessary... Jericho makes his entrance and his usual rant - which ends with him refusing the match, claiming that he has a concussion from her hammer shot on Thursday. He wants to have the match at the PPV. Chyna tells him to "chill out", then has Miss Kitty shoot him with a fire extinguisher.

Back in Vegas, a waiter shows up with champagne.

The Godfather (w/6 Gardern Tools ) vs. Steve Blackman - GF tries to make his offer to Blackman but the latter cuts him off with a martial arts attack. In this case, Blackman's opponent is a noted martial arts expert himself but he still manages a kick to the solar plexes that earns him the victory.

The Acolytes vs. The Dudley Boyz - poker game. Then cut back to Vegas. The girls is dancin' now...

Mankind and Al Snow are in conference in the back. Snow wants to throw the Rock off the team.

Too Cool (w/Rakishi) vs. the Hollys - there's only one super heavyweight in this one - and it ain't either of the Hollys. Rakishi has found some middle ground tonight - his tights are somewhere between the thong he wore the first time we saw him and the more modest attire of his last appearance. Too Cool are clearly the superior team here and prove it by dispatching Crash without even letting his cousin into the match. Hardcore tries to attack Too Cool after the match but Rakishi squashes him.

Back to the party in Vegas. A male stripper arrives and goes into his act. Mae Young decides to take him off for herself - joined by Moolah.

HHH vs. Test - this is Test's wedding present from Vince - you'd think a multi-billionaire could do better... The referee shows up in a Vince McMahon mask and wearing gloves. Test lights right into his nemesis and has him reeling in no time. In the back, the Stooges are urging Vince to come watch the match on the monitor. Back in the ring, HHH has turned the tables. He pounds on Test's nose. In the back, Brisco and Patterson are still trying to get Vince to the TV set. Back to the ring and HHH slaps on a sleeper. The referee checks his arm then paintbrushes him to snap him out of it. HHH maintains control. Test comes back with a gut-wrench powerbomb then follows up with a sidewalk slam. He goes for the pump handle but HHH slips away. Test gets a gut-wrench suplex. The fight goes to the floor where Test is slammed into the announce table then tossed back inside. HHH follows with a chair but the referee prevents that from happening. HHH tries to remove the mask but Shane runs in and uses the chair on him. Test gets the pin and the mysterious ref splits.

Back to the party. Mae and Moolah are back without the stripper. The waiter brings Steph a shot of something. She reluctantly downs it.

HHH is sending the cops after Vince - convinced that the referee was really the boss.

Mike Cole brings in the EMT from the other night - Barbara Bush (?) - BB (as her friends call her) says she was humiliated - she challenges Ivory to an evening gown match - I smell a ringer here... Ivory comes out to hurl insults and accept the challenge. - for right now. She strips off her own top thn rips BB's off before splitting.

Backstage, Vince is asserting to the cops that he wasn't in the ring earlier. Patterson and Brisco back him up. Elsewhere the bridesmaids are assembling. Linda is decked out in a black evening gown - a bit of a strange choice for a wedding party...

Is it just me or does this show suck so far..?

Val Venis vs. Kurt Angle - Angle insults the hometown crowd and gets attacked from behind. He takes it for a couple of exchanges then comes roaring back. The fight goes to the floor where Val is in charge at first then Angle runs him into the steps. Back inside the match goes into see-saw mode with Venis gaining ground until the British Bulldog runs out and knocks him off the corner buckle. Angle still fails to get the pin. Val slides out to the floor and attacks Davy Boy which gives Angle his opening. They return to the ring and the BUlldog gets in one last shot with a chair to hand Angle the win.

Various wrestlers are getting ready to be groomsmen.

Snow and Mankind are still disagreeing over the Rock - who walks up behind Snow and hears him bad-mouthing himself. He pretends not to know who Snow is - and refuses to team up with him.

New Age Outlaws/X-Pac vs. Rock n' Sock/? - Kane comes out to the ring - is he the partner? Mankind and the Rock enter separately as Kane stands there ringside. By the time Maivia arrives at the ring, Kane is in the ring so I guess this is the lineup. Kane starts with Billy Gunn and downs him with a boot to the face. He gives the same treatment to Road Dogg. Foley then comes in against the Dogg. The fight goes to the floor where Mankind gets his clock cleaned by a swift kick from X-Pac. Back inside he faces Billy. In the back, Snow decides it's time to get involved. Meanwhile, Mankind is being isolated. This goes on for a while until Foley comes out of the corner on X-Pac with the claw then gets the pin. Maivia comes in and has the match won when Snow runs in a starts swinging Head. They are DQ'd. Maivia Rock Bottom's Snow then hits the Elbow on him after the match.

More poker game - and the bridesmaids are about ready to go. Stephanie shows herself to the girls but not to us.

Test and the Stooges are with the McMahon men in the back - meanwhile the poker game is getting interesting - Bubba is emptying his pockets for one final bet. He has the winning hand - six aces! That causes a free-for-all.

In the back, DX are up to usual.

The wedding begins with the various groomsmen escorting Stephanie's bridesmaids - including Young and Moolah escorted by Patterson and Brisco respectively. Shane brings his mother to the ring.

Test enters to his own music for some reason - then the organ swells and here comes the bride on her father's arm. She looks lovely in a Vera Wang wedding gown.

The preacher starts the unidentified duo harmonizes slightly off key...get those kids some stage monitors... the preacher continues the ceremony...Test sweats bullets...the preacher asks if anyone has cause...

HHH's music starts up. The miscreant appears on the platform and flubs his lines, then directs us to watch some video footage. We see HHH turn his car into the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. A drive up wedding chapel...

He has Steph asleep next to him in the car! This was last night - Steph's drink was spiked! The female minister marries them despite the fact that Stephanie is unconscious (as if...) and also flubs her lines. The bar tender from the party is there in the car with them.

We come back to the present where HHH is implying that the marraige was consumated. HHH claims that he is a member of the family now. Stephanie yells "I hate you!" at him. He splits and Test gives chase.

That's it folks.

The Way I See It...

Earlier this evening I almost thought I was going to have to re-write this editorial, but then WCW decided to have a little fun at the WWF's expense. So...

Open letter to the Vince McMahon:

Dear Vince,

I'm sure you are tired of hearing these things but I must raise my voice in protest concerning the "Gravy Bowl Match" that was presented on SmackDown last Thursday night.

Okay, it was Thanksgiving and the tie-in was there...but what are you people thinking about to put on what is essentially a "mud wrestling" exhibition? The consistency of the gravy, in fact, made it not even a good match. I notice that you ended it as soon as possible, no doubt wisely to prevent one of the girls from injuring herself severely on that greasy, slippery surface.

I realize that you have done this before and it was just as deplorable that time. Its bad enough that the general public considers pro-wrestling to be a joke. That's a result of years of "legitimate" sports reporters treating it that way. I just think it is beyond the pale when "one of our own" see fit to add fuel to this perception by presenting such degrading spectacles for no other reason but to titillate the audience. I was so happy and proud when WCW decided against presenting a mud-wrestling match a few weeks ago. If only you could have stuck to your guns... but at least tonight's spectacle was played for laughs and not titillation.

Vince, you should be ashamed of yourself - as I am sure your father would be, were he alive today. Of course, we have learned in recent years that you are essentially incapable of feeling such emotion.

Your actions continue to bring down the entire wrestling industry in the eyes of the public.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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This is the official web site of my friend Jeremy Hartley and the home of the "Up Close and Personal" RealAudio show. Jeremy has assembled all of his UCP interviews here and also features my "Time Machine" series which used to run on the TBR Wrestling Hotline. Jeremy has interviews with such wrestling personalities and Lou Thesz, Les Thatcher, Bob Blackburn, Buddy Landel, Rick Seamboat and people associated with the Internet Wrestling Community such as Al Isaacs, Bob Ryder, Scot Teal, J. Michael Kenyon and even yours truely!

Bret Hart's Weekly Column in the Calgary Sun

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This page is a personal tribute and is in no way connected to any of the wrestling promotions mentioned on it. It is dedicated to the Dean of Wrestling announcers, Gordon Solie.

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