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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 53
September 28, 1996

Is J.J. Dillon Coming Back to Orchestrate
the Four Horsemen's Response to the NWO?

Brett Hart Chat Session from AOL

Ric Flair and Scott Norton Injured in Japan

Sting May be Reconsidering his "Free Agency"

Please Note: I want to mention again that I will be going on vacation this weekend and will not be available to report on the Monday night programs. I will be back mid-week and plan to publish an opinion piece on that evening's events as soon as I have had time to review the videotape. In the meantime I have provided a link on my main page to The Bagpipe Report so that you can get the results of the matches (I know my International readers will appreciate that since many of them do not get the programs that evening). Charles Maclauren's excellent reports should fill the gap admirably until I return (thanks Charles!)

Vince MacMahon on America On Line

Vince MacMahon will appear in the AOL Centerstage Chat area on Sunday evening. Vince will be taking questions from all the WWF Online fans starting at 8 PM ET according to the WWF Bodyslam Newsletter which is available to AOL members by e-mail. That should be interesting - I will try to catch it and report on it.

J.J. Dillon Rumors

Mike Tenay is reporting on today's WCW Hotline that his "sources within WCW" believe that J.J. Dillon's return to the organization may involve more than just a front office job. Although it is certain that Dillon would be a great asset in any such a position (given his inside knowledge of the WWF organization and his personal involvement in the contract negotiations of many of the biggest wrestling stars in North America) he is rumored to be returning specifically to lend a hand to the Four Horsemen in their ongoing (and thus far, losing) battle against the New World Order.

It was reported by Mark Madden yesterday that Dillon was originally slated to be the one who underwent a "heel turn" on last Monday's RAW program but he balked and resigned instead. Jim Ross was his replacement in the role. It is being reported by various sources that Ross' turn will not be complete to heel status for the time being. He may fulfill a "tweener" role for a while until the front office has time to assess the heat being generated by the bogus Razor and Diesel characters. It sounds like Vince and company may be adopting the "book-from-the-hip" stategy that has characterized the WCW bookers of late.

Ric Flair's Injury

There is also other news swirling about the Four Horsemen this weekend. The most important story concerns the fact that Ric Flair has suffered a shoulder injury in a match against New Japan's Kensuki Sasaki and may have to undergo surgery which could put him on the shelf for several months. It is reported that he is scheduled to appear at several North American venues in the coming week (including Monday's Nitro broadcast) and will probably wait until next week to go under the knife of famed Alabama Sports Injury Surgeon, James Andrews.

Scott Norton received a similar injury but details about that are sketchy so far.

In a related story - Steve "Mongo" McMichael is said to be at the end of his WCW contract and there is a definate question as to whether or not he will be re-signed by the organization. This doesn't mean he won't continue with WCW, but at the moment the negotiations have broken down due to Mongo's salary demands. Apparently McMichaels has been receiving "Announcer Money" (and lucky to get that in my opinion) and expected a raise which may have not been forthcoming from WCW management.

More News About Sting

It was reported by ringiders at the New Japan vs. WCW tournament (which just concluded in Japan) that there is reason to believe that the Sting as "Free Agent" angle could be short lived. In a match against Arn Anderson and Lord Steven Regal (substituting for the injured Ric Flair), Sting and Lex Lugar made an elaborate show of shaking hands both before and after the contest (which they won). It has not been made clear whether or not the American Wresters in the tournament all wrestled as "heels", which is the usual case in matches involving Japanese wrestlers vs. Foreigners in Japan. Of course the handshake could have just been a show of solidarity by the Westerners but it does seem significant that the gesture took place in a match that pitted WCW vs. WCW athletes.

Last Thursday evening here in the States, St. Louis, Missouri to be precise, former professional baseball player turned wrestler, Randy "Macho Man" Savage attended a blacktie gala dinner hosted by Bob Costas to honor retiring Cardinal's shortdtop Ozzie Smith. Savage was invited to the event by baseball legend Lou Brock.

Another rumor I read has the WCW re-entered into negotiations to bring back Gene Okerlund to the WCW broadcast team. I am still not convinced that we won't see him re-emerge somehow connected to the NWO, especially now that Jim Ross has begun a possible heel turn in the WWF and knowing Eric Bischoff's tendancy to "enhance" storylines on the fly.

I continue to hear rumors that Kevin Nash really is in negotiations with Titan Sports, that he is unhappy with the way the NWO angle is playing out and that he really dislikes Hulk Hogan and wants out of his WCW contract. I have even heard that the reason we haven't seen the bogus Diesel yet on the WWF broadcast programing (from what I hear he could not be postively identified during his appearance on IYH) is that Titan is furiously negotiating to get Nash on board in time to reveal the "real" Diesel instead. I have been unable to determine how much (if any) truth there is to these rumors - they sound like wishful thinking on the part of some of our more virulent WWF boosters so I have a tendancy to disbelieve them.

The rumor about J.J. Dillon is intriguing but I am also taking it with grain of salt. I mean the story is from the WCW Hotline - not exactly a bastion of all things true (especially when Mene Gene Okerlund was in charge of it)...I would carefully consider the source before deciding to believe anything I heard there.

Brett Hart Chat on AOL

Here's a treat - Brett Hart was on an AOL Chat session recently - here's the transcript.

OnlineHost: Today's WWF Superstar Bret Hit Man Hart will be here live in a few minutes!

OnlineHost: Ok...WWF Fans...Bret "Hit Man" Hart has arrived!!!! Welcome Bret!

Bret in UK: Hi

WWFLive2: Ok...Bret here is the first question...

Question: Will you be at IN YOUR HOUSE on Sunday?

Bret in UK: Not that I know of....

WWFLive2: Here is one from Matjam12...

Question: when will you be back

Bret in UK: Still thinking about the best date to come back.

WWFLive2: Matemerso wants to know..

Question: Bret, what do you think of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

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Bret in UK: I think that he's undoubtedly the best wrestler in the WWF today

OnlineHost: Bret "Hit Man" hart is here...Send your questions in!

Question: What made you get into Wrestling in the first place ?

Bret in UK: It's a long a story It's a family tradition possibly a cross with a family curse! But I love it anyway.

WWFLive2: ok..LOL...Owenmania wants to know....

Question: Is it true you were offered a contract by WCW?

Bret in UK: I have not seen one

WWFLive2: Bret how about this one...

Question: Would you ever reform Hart Foundation?

Bret in UK: It doesn't appear too hopeful but I do have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for Jim Anvil Neidhart's contribution to my career with the Hart Foundation and to a time that we were the greatest tag team in the WWF when teams were teams!

WWFLive2: Bret..lets talk about Owen...Errulez wants to know...

Question: Did you and Owen reconcile?

Bret in UK: No - nothing has really changed with Owen and I. Every once in a while as a brother we come across each other either at my parent's house or on airplanes and we rarely speak but the tension is not as bad as it used to be. Owen will always be Owen.

Question: Have you signed a NEW contract with WWF?

Bret in UK: No. I'm a free agent

WWFLive2: Ok..Crush479 wants to know..


Bret in UK: I don't know what to say about Brian Pillman other than I hear that he is talking about me saying he knows me real well, and has somehow concluded that he is my voice to my fans when in fact I barely know him. I don't know what he's talking about. I will talk to my wrestling fans myself. Thanks.

Question: how is your hockey team doing?

Bret in UK: They are playing their first game tonight against Edmonton. This will be a huge rivalry through the course of hockey history in the WCHL, but I have no doubts when I say The Hitmen will trounce Edmonton and kick their lousy stinking lazy butts.

WWFLive2: Hey, Bret will your team have a New logo or uniform?

Bret in UK: We're back to our original. The cool one!

WWFLive2: Ok..great!

WWFLive2: Dworm109 wants to know..

Question: Bret, how is your relationship with Vince Mcmahon?

Bret in UK: It's excellent. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Vince McMahon and the WWF in general and it's been a great relationship and I expect it always will be.

WWFLive2: Jfake sent this in..

Question: Who is your favorite wrestler besides yourself???

Bret in UK: That's a great question. Right now I truly believe that Stonecold Steve Austin is doing the best job of carrying what is true and honorable about this profession ahead into the future. Steve Austin is the most credible, professional of any American organisation and puts the real back into wrestling where it seems to be lacking everywhere. I was always brought up believing, had to be solid, realistic, and very very real. Steve Austin does it the best. For now.

Question: Do you hold a grudge against Shawn Michaels?

Bret in UK: Not at all. I think Shawn is a great athlete and I love so much of what he does, but there are little things about him that simply annoy the hell out of me. I think he's really good but I most certainly feel that I have a very serious score to settle with him and his fans. I think they are both in for a shock if and when I come back to the WWF

WWFLive2: Yes..all the fans would LOVE a rematch!

Question: What do you think of the ' NWO '

Bret in UK: I've only heard about it. It would be unfair for me to judge . I will say that I do wonder what it's like living under Hulk Hogan's umbrella. Cheers boys!

WWFLive2: Shawnette sent in...

Question: Are you planing to be in any movies?

Bret in UK: Always

WWFLive2: ok..Bret here is the Hottest Rumor in town..

Question: Bret--What do you think of the possibility of Diesel and Razor coming back?

Bret in UK: I would say it's highly unlikely . I think they were happy to leave and many of us were glad they left .

WWFLive2: Ok...Bret..

Question: If WCW offered you a large amount of money..would you go?

Bret in UK: You can never rule out on anything. I believe anything is possible but at the same time my relationship with the WWF is eternally solid and I have no desire to go to the WCW and play second fiddle to Hulk Hogan and likewise to him end my legacy of which I am very very proud of and solely indebted to the WWF for. I'm not money oriented but I'm not stupid either.

Question: Bret, what are the chances of your return as a heel or "bad guy?"

Bret in UK: I have always had a strange interpretation of myself as either a good guy or a bad guy I like to think that I'm sort of the gray guy the guy that's not too good yet can be as downright nasty as the next guy.

WWFLive2: Here is one about the South Africa Tour!

Question: Bret..tell us about your recent tour in Africa? How was it teaming with Wildman and how were the fans?

Bret in UK: What a great country! I had an excellent time. Mark Mero was an excellent partner and a total gentleman. Sable a very nice lady. No egos! The fans were phenomenal and I look forward to going back to Cape Town and all of South Africa as soon as possible.

OnlineHost: The Hit Man is here LIVE from UK..send your questions in!

Question: Before the tour..What have you been doing?

Bret in UK: Sitting around my house ,fixing the roof on my pool, reading a lot of scripts, checking into my hockey team, drinking beer with my High School buddies, playing with my kids, and eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches late at night.

WWFLive2: AFisher63 sent this in...

Question: Bret who has been your greatest opponent you have faced?

Bret in UK: The Dynamite Kid in my early days. In my WWF years - it had to be the British Bulldog in Wembley Stadium, in tag team competition. My favorite match was with The Bulldogs back in '86

WWFLive2: Ok..Excellence of Execution....How about this one...

Question: Would you ever want to be a trainer?

Bret in UK: If I thought I could pass my knowledge on in any kind of way to benefit professional wrestling anywhere I would but also only if it didn't effect my family life or other commitments that never seem to stop coming down the pipe for me.

WWFLive2: Ok....Bret, here is a good question!:)

Question: How would you explain to YOUR fans that YOU are going to retire? If you do retire. Would you feel like You let them down?

Bret in UK: No not at all. I believe that my fans understand me and there is a bond between us that is not pretend or dishonest. Plain and simply my fans are next to my family and personal friends . The fans are the most important thing in my life right now. I owe everything to them and I would no way ever betray their trust or do anything to tarnish their images of me. I consider them in everything I do in regard to where I am going right now.

Question: As of this moment what would you rather be doing, getting back into the ring? Or acting?

Bret in UK: I miss the ring, I miss my fans the time off is beneficial right now as for acting I don't like to think that I'm in any rush to just do any project I would like to do any roles that my fans would be proud to see and for me from a professional standpoint would allow me to show that I have some ability in this most difficult profession . Acting is very hard but I think I do have the ability to make it further than my predecessors. It's a tough nut to crack, but if any wrestler can crack it it'll be moi!

OnlineHost: Bret" Hit Man" Hart is here Live from the UK!! Send your question in!

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Question: When and if you return would you settle for the ic belt or tag belt,or will you only want the heavywieght title?

Bret in UK: You know, I just want to make something perfectly clear, that is as much as I would like to come back to the WWF tomorrow I have this real crabby wife at home who is not impressed with the idea, and I have four kids at home that are dealing with it, I have a film manager and a couple of agents that are extremely upset, and I just started feeling better so this wrestling needs to be carefully thought out and put in perspective. From a family standpoint a financial standpoint, and plain and simply what I want to do with my next couple of years. I will only go back if it's ok with my family, it doesn't effect any big film projects that might be in the works for me and I feel that I can be the Excellence of Execution and have each and every one of my fans and the ones that aren't my fans say 'The King is BACK'

WWFLive2: Ok..Hitman...Here is another one...

Question: What is your opinion of the "violent" nature the sport of wrestling is starting to become? How has Professsional wrestling changed over the years?

Bret in UK: I really haven't watched it over the past five months. I have watched a couple of WCW and WWF events I think that wrestling in general is screaming out for some kind of hero who has some kind of integrity.: is tough, yet honest, kind yet strong and has a true sense of what professional wrestling is.. How to tell a story. Look the part. Honestly be the part and respect the priveledge that many young people all around the would really look up to. It's a big pair of shoes to fill and I don't see anyone that I really look up to that much. Maybe that's why I should come back. No sell out here! I love my fans

Question: You had some wars with Mr. Perfect. . .what do you think of the rumor that he might climb back in to the ring?

Bret in UK: That would be really great. He was for real one of the best

Question: At Wrestlemania you lost to Shawn Michaels, what would be the difference this time?

Bret in UK: I would just make it a regular match. When I was champion I was far too giving and was foolish to accept the concept of a marathon match. If it had just been a regular match I would have paced myself differently. A marathon match most definitely catered to Shawn Michaels and I knew he was going to be tough to beat and I should just have been smarter than that. He beat me fair and square.

WWFLive2: Here is another one..

Question: When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

Bret in UK: As someone who was grateful for all the good things that have come down the road that many people felt would lead to nowhere. To being a great family man, a honest hero and someone who had a much deeper sense of humour about all this stuff than they think.

Question: If you do retire..being the competitor that you are, Could YOU live with the fact that you lost to Shawn Michaels?

Bret in UK: Winning and losing, both are confusing. I never look at it from those angles. I judge simply how well I did and I believe that despite losing I was excellent that day and I represented all my fans with everything I had. There could never be any shame or disappointment with that.

Question: Ok Bret last question...Now that all is said and done today, in your heart do you think Wrestlemania XII will be the last time the fans will see Bret in a WWF ring?

Bret in UK: No! I have a strong desire to do international tours any time I'm up to it. Seeing the world is something I would miss as much as my relationship with all my fans If you could have seen some of the things I have around the world right now it would blow your mind. Life has more imagination than anyone could ever dream about. As for my last match I don't think that my career is over by any means and if I decide to come back which I'm probably leaning towards more wrestlingwhich would mean that if I come back I will destroy every single rotten wrestler who stands in my path and dares to try to lick the salt off my name.

OnlineHost: Bret, thanks for taking the time to join us LIVE from the UK! We wish you luck!

Bret in UK: Thanks I have a feeling I'm gonna need it.

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining us today!

Bret in UK: Thanks for having me and I look forward to spilling my guts out to all those weirdos in computerlands

OnlineHost: Well WWF Fans that will do it! Thanks for joining us on AOL!!! Have a NICE Day!:)

End of session

I found the comments about Steve Austin to be very interesting considering some of the things Austin has been saying about Brett lately.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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