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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 54
September 29, 1996

Eric Bischoff Prodigy Chat

He Denies the Rumors About Dillon and the Horsemen

AWF Review from a Reader

One of my readers, who calls himself "Heretic" posted this message on my Guestbook the other day. Since I haven't been able to see the AWF program (its on a station not available on my cable service), I thought I would pass it along.

Name: Heretic
Website: n/a
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Little Grains of Rice
Time: 1996-09-29 15:55:00
Comments: I just saw the AWF for the first time.By the way, this is wherethe Road Warriors are, for someone who just asked.Man... I think it must stand for the AmericanWhateverhappenedto Federation.Here I thought WCW had thelock on ex-WWF wrestlers who got lost in the shuffle. Koko B. Ware, Tony Atlas, Mr. Fuji, Alfred Hayes, Ken Resnick (?!!?), Tom Zenk, Jim Brunzell, Tito Santana, Bob Orton, Greg Valentine, just to name a few.Add Shiek Adnan andGentleman Chris Adams to get that international lost- in-the-shuffle-flavor.

I echo much sentiment on the web that feels the rounds idea is ridiculous.A) Wrestlers wouldn't "realistically" wait patiently in their corners between rounds; they would rather beat people up.B) Wrestlers wouldn't "realistically"wait at the end of the match for the judge's decision, either. They'd rather beat people up.C) Can a title change hands on judge's decision?That would be a very unsatisfying ending to a match.D) An interuption every five minutes I could imagine getting really annoying for a really long match.A wrestling match has a flow, like a drama. It's not _really_ a sport, so it's not directly analogous to boxing, where it's a sport, not a drama, and where, because they really are beating each other up, they need the rounds.

But... I must say that I appreciate the no-frills, straightforward approach.Very reminiscent of the AWA (no small praise there).A very mat-oriented style and angles done the old fashioned way: one guy says he's better than the other, which makes the other guy mad, so they fued. The villains are villains because they cheat, an old-fashioned idea there, eh?As the "big two" get more implausible and surreal every week, the AWF mayturn out to be a viable alternative, if they get--- and develop--- some younger talent (Charlie Norris does not constitute "younger talent") and scrap the rounds idea.

Eric Bischoff on Prodigy

Here is yet another Prodigy chat with Eric Bischoff which took place on Tuesday. This one is quite long and detailed. Enjoy.

Question: What did you think of the Jim Ross interview from last night?

Eric Bischoff: I haven't seen it, I've only heard about it. I can onlyjudge by other people's reaction.The interview must have been interesting.I think they whole direction they aregoing is a little weak.

Question: Does WCW have any plans of doing an interactive show like WWF LivWire in the future?

Eric Bischoff: No, as a matter of fact.I found that show to be a little boring, and our experience has taught us that people watch a wrestling show because they want to see wrestling...notto see or hear people talking about wrestling.

Question: Any plans to bring in JJ Dillon anytime soon?? If so, would it be behind the scenes or back managing?

Eric Bischoff:I met with JJ last Friday and he will be working with us inthe office beginning October 1.

Question: Eric: Was the Public Enemy win of the World Tag Titles planned ahead of time, or was it in order to counteract the ECW appearance on RAW?

Eric Bischoff: That match had been planned and was part of our format fromthe beginning.Because they had a live show, we didn't know what the timing of anything would be.It's not likelast night was a taped program.

Question: What are your plans for Chris Jericho?

Eric Bischoff: Chris is a part of WCW, and he is going to have as much opportunity as anyone to rise as fast as he is able to in this industry.In my opinion he could become one of thebright stars of WCW in a short time.

Question: Are you still going though with the plan to strip the Champ of the title and have the Winner of WW3 become the champ?

Eric Bischoff: Since I discussed that plan publically on our 900 line and here on Prodigy, I have noted a lot of negative reaction.It appears that idea does not sit well with fans.What I'dlike to do is monitor reaction here on Prodigy and in otherareas.If the fans think it's a bad idea, I'll be thefirst to admit it.

Eric Bischoff: I have had a number of people say they liked the idea because it would give Wrestling their own Super Bowl.Somepeople suggested they liked it, but most fans haven't responded very well.I'd like to hear from the fans and I'll listen tothem.

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Question: What are your views on the WWF's current new angles?

Eric Bischoff:In some ways I'm flattered, but in other ways I'm reallydisappointed.I'm flattered because obviously they are trying to copy what is going on in WCW.But, the fact thatthey are not coming up with anything compelling andbringing more fans to the genre is disappointing.That'spart of their responsibility. It seems like everything they are doing is turning peopleaway from wrestling, from the transvestite wrestlers to some of the other things they have done.

Question: What are your thoughts on Shawn Michaels?

Eric Bischoff: I have never met him personally, so I don't have a personalopinion of him.Professionally, I think he has a tremendous amount of talent.

Question: Did Dusty come up with "Vincents" name?

Eric Bischoff: No

Question: Eric:How many Advil did it take after Vince slapped yaaround last night?

Eric Bischoff:I didn't have to take any Advil last night, but I willadmit to being somewhat stiff and sore this morning.

Question: Eric Bischoff,Galcier would be better if he had longer matches and wasn't such a show off.People don't like ShowOffs.

Eric Bischoff: Thanks for the input.I'm sure you'll see matches with Glacier that are longer than last night, and perhaps you'lleven see some that are shorter.I think the crowd reacted fairly positively towards Glacier last night.We all have different opinions.

Question: Eric... great Nitro last night.But, I heard on a localhotline from Blackjack Brown, that there was a backstagearguement between you and Randy Savage.Blackjack says Randy was mad 'cuz he always gets beat up.Care tocomment?Gracias...MJD.

Eric Bischoff: No, Randy and I did not get into any kind of argument last night.In fact Randy and I were discussing some future plans, and all of our conversations were very positive.

Question: Has "Mean" Gene re-signed with WCW yet?

Eric Bischoff:No he has not.I am in Los Angeles and one of the thingsI'll be doing tomorrow is meeting with Gene Okerland.

Question: What do you think of VInce McMahon?

Eric Bischoff: I've answered that so many times, and my opinion changesfrom week to week.He is certainly overrated when it comesto creative ability.That is showing with the recent problems.As a business man, I think he had a tremendousopportunity and took advantage of that.The world changed,and he didn't.Eric - This is the announcer who was too tall to work for you - Craig Johnson... I have been your biggest critic for a long time - you could do nothing right, but you have won me over. Count me among your big Nitro fans. You have takenthe art of storytelling with the NWO angle to a heightrarely seen in our sport. I just wanted to publicly tellyou I have thoroughly enjoyed what you have done with thecompany in the past year. Would I still be too tall to bethe NWO's announcer (grin)? Congrats

Eric Bischoff: Unless you had your legs amputated at the knees...I thinkyour height is still a problem.Thanks for watching NITRO and thanks for the kind words.

Question: Why is the WCW losing the war with NWO, they outnumber them easily?

Eric Bischoff:Well, the war is not over.Time will tell just exactly whois going to win the war.If you look at the tactics of theNWO, it's not exactly like they are fighting a fair fight. Add to that the fact that there are some pretty big guns onthe NWO bench.That's pretty formidable competition.Eric, anychance of seeing an Ironman competition atStarrcade? The right combo of NWO/WCW guys could make things interesting.

Eric Bischoff:That's a good idea.I certainly wouldn't rule it out.It's not in our current plans, but we'll keep an open mind to it.

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Question: Eric, did Benoit give 2 weeks notice?Eric Bischoff:No.Absolutely not.Chris Benoit is under a long term agreement, and to the best of my knowledge is extremely happy with WCW.

Question: what moved you to get Hulk Hogan

Eric Bischoff: I felt at the time, strategically, it was important tobring Hulk Hogan into WCW to let the world know(advertisers, television stations, etc) that we were veryserious about competing and making WCW a prominent organization in professional wrestling.His namerecognition gave us that ability.

Question: Eric,thank you for putting Nitro on mondays,Last night wasprobably one of the greates nights in the history ofwrestling and you deserve all of the credit for it.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you for the compliment, but I beg to differ.Lastnights effort was a result of the work of a lot of people. We have one really really great team of individuals.If I take any pride in any accomplishment, it's that I put together a great team of individuals.I mean that sincerely.

Question: What is your reaction to the WWF/ECW trade agreement?

Eric Bischoff:I don't know the details of any agreement.From what I have heard, any relationship could be very beneficial toECW in that they would gain exposure they would nototherwise get.In terms of the WWF, I have my doubts as toany significant impact.

Question: What is the latest with Sting?

Eric Bischoff: Sting is in Japan.I hope to meet with him here in Los Angeles tomorrow evening, and I'll know more about what'sgoing through his mind then.He will be here in LosAngeles filming a new movie with Jim Carey called Liar Liar.

Question: Eric:With many of the angles going on recently, the onlybelt that's been defended has been the Cruiserweight.Infact, Rey Jr's has probably defended the belt more timesthan the other three champions combined.Won't strippingthe champ of the title each November just add to thelackluster attitude of holding a title?

Eric Bischoff: That's a possibilty, and that is some of the feedback that has concerned me. That is a reason I want to open up a dialogue and to invite Prodigy members, and any others toshare their opinions.We will reevaluate that concept ifnecessary.

Question: Why was Vincent, or Virgil, brought in to the NWO?

Eric Bischoff: You would have to ask Ted Dibiase that question.

Question: Where is Disco Inferno?

Eric Bischoff: I haven't seen Disco in a couple of weeks.We have someplans for him in the very near future, so you'll be seeing more of him.

Question: Who won the Titan Vs Turner lawsuit?

Eric Bischoff: That litigation is still pending.

Question: Eric, do all the NWO workers enjoy the role?

Eric Bischoff: You would have to ask them.It appears to me they arehaving a ball.

Question: Have you been surprised how many of us naysayers you have converted with the NWO angle?

Eric Bischoff:I'm surprised at the overwhelming response to both NITROand to what is going on with the NWO.Quite frankly, therehave been times where people who have been critical of WCW had every right to be critical.It's taken me quite awhileto really get my arms around WCW and take it in the direction I had hoped.I don't mind criticism and in fact encourage it as long as it's productive.I'm just pleased we are putting out a product people seem to be enjoying.

Question: Eric, do you ever get tired of kicking RAW's butt?

Eric Bischoff:Nope

Eric:Recently, Jerry Lawler asked the USWA crowd not topay to buy NITRO tickets.Rather, he told them to stay home and watch it on TV or get free tickets from theirlocal radio stations.Any thoughts on the 'war' even atsuch a local level?

Eric Bischoff: I think Jerry Lawler exposed himself quite a bit with that little stunt.Jerry Lawler in my opinion is a small time, going nowhere individual who is probably at the end of any kind of professional career he may have had.Perhaps hisbitterness is showing through.Then again, Jerry Lawler owns 1/2 of a promotion that islucky to draw 150 people to an event at a flea market, so Ican understand why he'd be bitter.

Question: What do you think about Jim Ross saying all those thingstowards Vince Mcmahon? Are you looking to sign Ross to WCW

Eric Bischoff:No I am not looking to sign Jim Ross to WCW, and quiteobviously both Jim Ross and Vince McMahon are trying to copy what's going on in WCW.Most fans are smart enough tosee through it.I think it's unfortunate for Jim Ross asan individual and for Titan as a corporation.

Question: Eric is there any former wwf star coming to WCW were the big boys play?

Eric Bischoff: I prefer not to comment at this time.

Question: Eric, when will NWO get their own show.Will it featurewrestling, or will it just be an informercial?

Eric Bischoff:We agreed to give the NWO their own show if they wonWargames, which they obviously did.It will probably beNovember or December before they get their own show.Atthis point, we think it will be the Saturday night show twice a month.Only the NWO knows what the show will look like.

Question: What do you think about the wwf bringing fake razor anddiesel in

Eric Bischoff:Razor and Diesel are trademarked characters that the WWFhas every right to utilize however they want to.Beyondthat, I really don't have much of an opinion.The fans arethe ones that will ultimately decide if Vince's creativeability will have a positive impact or not.

Question: Any chance you will bring in Randy Rhodes from the old Global, dress him in a grey spandex suit and call him Olddust in the NWO?

Eric Bischoff: That thought hasn't crossed my mind, or anybody else's. But thanks for the idea.

Question: Eric, will Mark Madden fit anywhere in the NWO picture?

Eric Bischoff: I kinda doubt that.I don't think Madden and Hogan are agreat combination.The chemistry is just not there.

Question: Eric, do you use online criticizms to make WCW better?

Eric Bischoff: Yes.Quite frequently.

Question: WCW Monday Nitro from Cleveland on September 30th - whatare the scheduled matches? - If any.

Eric Bischoff: We're working that out as we speak.

Question: Mr. Bischoff, why did you take the time and effort to bring Sean Waltman to WCW and then essentially job him to HacksawJim Duggan on his very first appearance? His fans havereacted overwhelmingly negatively to his debut match, mostof whom expected better of his first appearance in WCW withthe NWO . Don't you think it should have beenmoreimportant to make sure he was given a chance to show hisabilities in the best light rather than making him look unable to achieve a win on his own merit?

Eric Bischoff:I'm not so certain that the fans really have reactednegatively.As I recall, Six got a pinfall over JimDuggan...with an assist from the Giant.As far back as Iremember, that's the same way any member of the NWO has beaten anybody from WCW.I don't think his MO is any different from any other NWO'er.

Question: Eric, IMO showing that the NWO has fan support is you think that when the timecomes, if youkeep showing that the NWO is winning fans over, that peoplewill actually want WCW to be saved?

Eric Bischoff: I think there will always be fans who are going to be attracted by personalities like those currently in the NWO.I think there are also always going to be fans who are fans of WCW for what WCW represents in terms of history,dating back to when it was the NWA.A lot of important names have been a part of WCW.I think that history is something certain fans will always have respect for.

Question: Do we plan on seeing anymorenew NWO members on next weeksNitro?

Eric Bischoff:I have no idea.

Question: Seeing as Terry Taylor has sub at house shows, will we be seeing Terry Taylor wrestle on tv once again?

Eric Bischoff: We've discussed that previously on Prodigy.Terry has saidhe'd like to get back in the ring.I have no problem with that.I think they key is whether wrestling would have anegative impact on some of his other duties with WCW, which are significant.

Question: Will the TV and US titles go to younger WCW stars in recent months, or if they stay with Flair and Luger will we seethem thrown into the NWO mix?

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Eric Bischoff: Luger lost the TV title to Steve Regal, and Regal isdefending it around the world.I know he is defending inGermany, South Africa and Mexico in the coming months.RicFlair is going to have to defend the US Title soon, and Ihave no idea where that is going to end up.I know the NWO has shown interest in collecting all of the WCW belts, so perhaps we will see Flair defend his belt against someone in the NWO. (Editors Note: Flair will defend against the Giant at Halloween Havoc)

Question: Will Lord Steven Regal return to the United States soon for a World TV title defense?

Eric Bischoff: Steve is scheduled to return sometime in January, although we haven't firmed up any commitments at this time.We may show footage of his title defenses overseas to keep you interested.

Question: Mr. Bischoff, many fans i've talked to have complained that the character of Glacier seems too choreographed at times, coming across as a bit stilted.How does WCW plan to evolve the character, given the endless promotion they haverun involving Glacier?Does the wrestler portraying thecharacter have any martial arts background in real life, oris it all part of the character?

Eric Bischoff: One of the things people have to realize is that martialarts, particularly Glacier's style of martial arts is a very rigid and controlled style.I think as Glacier gainsexperience in the ring with a variety of wrestlers he hasn't competed with before you will see more moves and tactics and strategies.Mr. Bischoff, how do you feel about WCW and NWO wrestlershaving contact with the fans? Do you think they should beallowed to have contact outside of WCW confines as long as they do not give away upcoming storylines, or do you think,like the WWF apparently does, that "only monitored contact is good contact"?

Eric Bischoff:In fact, I encourage WCW wrestlers to open dialogue withfans. This is not indentured servitude at WCW.They have aright and should exercize their right to communicate withfans, and we will encourage them to do that.

Question: Is the NWO stuff outselling the WCW merchandise in the mailorder category.

Eric Bischoff: Not yet.

Question: Hello Eric and thank you for joining us once again tonight. In your first chat you answered "Absolutly Not" to a question about joining the NWO, but last chat you answered the same question with "I haveNo Comment At This Time."Is the NWO Negotiating with you and if so are youinterested in becoming part of the New World Order?

Eric Bischoff:I'm not interested in becoming a part of the NWO.I'm not in negotiations with the NWO.The reason I answered 'no comment' is I felt I have answered the question numeroustimes in the past.I spent a lot of time and effort tryingto build WCW into being the leader in our industry.Iwon't turn my back.

Question: The NWO Take-Over last night was fantastic.Will The Giant now be the new Ring announcer for the WCW? {G}Seriously, Due to the demands the NWO has requested, will they get an hour on Nitro each week?

Eric Bischoff:No, as I stated in the past....they asked for their own TV show, and they have agreed to accept two Saturday night shows a month starting, I believe, in November.

Question: Eric where will Glacier fit in, a side show type thing, ora title contender??

Eric Bischoff: I think it's way too early to speculate.He's only had afew matches.The reaction has been very positive so far.We need to let him compete for awhile before we speculateon how far he will be able to go.Do you regret firing Dustin Rhodes?

Eric Bischoff: No.It was a decision that I had to make, and although Dustin and I were friends...and as much as it was a harddecision to make, I had no choice but to take the actionthat I had to take.

Question: Will WCW ever come to Chicago?

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Eric Bischoff: We have been discussing that.I used to live in Chicago,and have a lot of friends there.There are a lot ofwrestling fans there, and would like to come back as soonas possible.We hope to do so soon.

Question: Eric - My daughter would like to was your headache after last night's show?

Eric Bischoff:I don't have a headache, but I've got a really really stiffneck.Hey, it could be worse.

Question: I was wondering if you're fine after what the NWO did toyou?

Eric Bischoff: My pride is more bruised than my body at this point.

Question: Eric,in the past people"WWF Fans" have said WCW is justfull of nothing but old people.I think when the Cruiser Weight Division was formed,it shut those people up. GoodJob.

Eric Bischoff: Thanks for the comment.The Cruiseweight division wassomething I really believed in, and while I had a hard timeputting the talent has paid off, and is one of the key reasons WCW has enjoyed the success it has enjoyed over the last few months.

Question: Eric- After being here for all of your chat's I have to say that I cam glad Wrestling has a man like you who can listento the fans and take contructive critisism and work toimprove ideas.Coming on Prodigy to chat is wonderful and I just wanted to take this opportunity to really thank for not only coming on Prodigy but making WCW and Wrestling in general what it is today.Thank You.

Eric Bischoff:Again, thank you very much for the comment.I think one ofthe biggest mistakes anyone can make is to not listen tothe consumers.One of the things I kept hearing on the online services is they really wanted Cruiserweights andathletes from other organizations.Thanks for speaking out! Whether you are an executive at Burger King or Coca Cola orWCW...if you don't listen to your consumers, you aredestined to failure.By the way...that means listening to all criticism.

Question: Eric - Can the investment in the NWO car be seen as a hintthe NWO will become a permanent fixture within Turner Sports?

Eric Bischoff: It appears to me that the NWO is going to be along for along time.The NWO car driven by Kyle Petty is more thanan indication that the NWO is not a short termorganization.It may be around for a long long long time.

Question: Who do you think is the most valuable asset to WCW?Whocould you least afford to lose?Who, if you lost thatperson, would just cause WCW to crumble?

Eric Bischoff: That's a good question.There really is not one person that is responsible for WCW's success, nor is there one person that would cause WCW to crumble.The success of WCWcan be attributed to a very talented team of individuals.I can't honestly say losing any one person would cause itto fall apart.

Question: Just a matter of opinion, Who do you see as world champ a year from now?

Eric Bischoff: It is absolutely impossible to begin to try to speculate.If you look at the roster in WCW, it is the largest groupof highly rated professionals in our sport ever assembledunder one banner.Given that group, it would be impossibleto speculate.

Question: I'm surprised that since your organization is in Atlanta, yet there is little to no live action .. Wil this continue to be the case ?

Eric Bischoff: Another good question.As many of you know, up until a year ago, or maybe less....WCW produced it's weekly show inAtlanta every week.Because of that, we thought theAtlanta market had seen as much wrestling as they cared to see.Since the Saturday night show is on the road,though...that could change.We are looking to see a NITRO or a PPV back in the Atlanta market in the next 6 months.The market just needed a rest.

Question: I was wondering what your opinion is on Marc Mero becomingIntercontinental champ last night? Do you regret giving up this talent?

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact, I'm glad Marc Mero is in the WWF.Ithink the fact that during the period of time he waswrestling for the championship WWF only achieved a 2.0ratings pretty much speaks volumes about what the generalaudience feels about Marc Mero as a professional.As an individual, I wish Marc Mero all the best.As aprofessional, I think he is very limited.

Question: What will JJ Dillons role be in the WCW office come Oct.1?

Eric Bischoff:He's going to be working to help organize some of our efforts relative to television production.He'll beworking with talent and performing a variety of other duties.Currently, his role has not been totally defined.

Question: Eric,isJimross coming to WCW ,is Mean Geneback yet

Question: Eric Bischoff: Jim Ross will not be coming back to WCW.As I mentionedearlier on Prodigy, I will be meeting tomorrow in Los Angeles with Gene Okerland, so that possibility does exist.

Question: Will Sting be taking any time off to film that movie

Eric Bischoff: No.WCW is going to attempt to work around his filming schedule, as we have done with a number of other wrestlers like Marcus Bagwell, the Giant, and others.

Question: Eric, great show last night.My congradulations to you and your team!Quick question, any chance of the PubicEnemy/Hall & Nash match becoming a no rules match and letting PE get Extreme?After all, this is war .

Eric Bischoff: I like that idea a lot.That is a possibility.

Question: Couldnt the winner of the Battle Royale get a shot at the title that night as a reward instead of the title itself...And to make it even , have the champion fight twice thatnight!

Eric Bischoff:Thanks for the comments.....that is an idea we will takeinto consideration.


Eric Bischoff:I don't think so.The way we saw it last night, there may be some discussions going on...but I think they are still in WCW to stay.I could be wrong.

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Question: What are your thoughts about Jim Ross... bringing out thata FAKE Scott Hall?

Eric Bischoff:Again, I think I addressed my feelings about the whole WWF approach to their booking.I think in general it's lackluster, non-original.They actually lost a tenth of a point from the previous weeks rating coming off a PPV with all the buildup.That tells me the WWF approach is flawed.

Eric Bischoff: The viewing audience flat out rejected it. I can't recall a time in history when either organization came off a PPVand actually lost ground in the ratings.

Question: Do you give any respect to either of the McMahon's (Jr. orSr.) for where you and WCW are today? They have played asignificant part in wrestling history.

Eric Bischoff: The WWF has played a significant role in wrestling history.No question about that.There is no question that theytook advantage of a tremendous opportunity in the late 80'sand early 90' break out of a regional strategy andgo national.That being said, things change, times change,markets change.

Question: In regards to your comments on Jerry Lawler...he could probably also work circles around most of the guys you havein WCW.And when I say "work", I don't mean matches with150,000 highspots.I mean, actually "work".

Eric Bischoff: Well, you're welcome to your opinion.I'm sure a lot ofpeople agree with you....but, in my opinion Jerry Lawler isjust an over-rated overachiever who is bitter at the factthat he never made it to the big time.Even in his currentrole in the WWF he is a non-impact player.

Question: Eric, why were you not at Bash at the Beach??

Eric Bischoff:I was at Bash and the Beach.

Question: Eric, do you think that the WWF has enough talent to compete with you?

Eric Bischoff: WWF currently has a roster of talent in large partcomprised of former WCW wrestlers who were low impact players here two years ago.WCW couldn't and didn't drawnumbers during ratings or house shows with that talent and it doesn't appear to me that the WWF will either.

Question: What did you think of Michael Wallstreet's reaction lastnight, and given his past relationship with DiBiase, do youexpect in the NWO (as financial analyst???)

Eric Bischoff: I don't expect Wallstreet to become a part of the NWO but Iwasn't surprised at his reaction to Dibiase either.

Question: I was wondering if the WCW is coming back to BALTIMORE anytime soon?

Eric Bischoff: Yes, and unfortunately I don't have the schedule with me. Baltimore is one of WCW's most successful markets in terms of arena events, and we do intend to return.

Question: What are the chances JJ Dillion will return & manage thehorseman?

Eric Bischoff: I don't think so.I think JJ Dillon will be more involved in policy, procedures, and organization within the office. That is a full time job by itself.

Question: Has the WCW sign policy changed? Before no signs wereallowed and now there is many.

Eric Bischoff:One thing that people have to realize is that signs canfrom time to time be an obstruction for some of the fanssitting behind the people holding them.We have in the past received a lot of complaints from people with ringsidetickets whose view is obstructed by people holding largesigns.Because of that, we felt it was important rather than restricting the size of the sign was to just not allowsigns.Lately, however, we are seeing more and more signs,and haven't had to deal with very many complaints from ticket holders...due inlarge part to the fact that people started sneaking themin.Because of that they were much smaller and lessintrusive.Until we get a lot of complaints, I don't intend to modify our current stance on signs at television or arena events.

Question: Will Jeff Jarrett be part of the NWO? Or in a role like the French Canadians.

Eric Bischoff: I've only spoken briefly with Jeff, and intend to meet withhim next week to discuss his plans and future with WCW.

Question: Did you have HALL and NASH on most of NITRO because of RAW doing RAZOR/DIESEL thing?

Eric Bischoff: Hall and Nash pretty much took control of the show and did what they wanted to do.I was not aware exactly how muchwe were going to see them on camera.

Question: Will WCW be comming back to the Detroit area?If so when?

Eric Bischoff: We will work on that soon.

Question: What's the deal with The Booty Man Ed Leslie story?That interview really touched me for some reason!Will he return with a different name?

Eric Bischoff: We're not sure what Ed is going to do.One thing I can say honestly....I did that interview with Ed and had no ideasome of the things he has had to go through.I think Eddeserves much more credit as a human being than he gets.After getting to know Ed a little more if he chooses to stay we will try to give itto him.

End of Interview.

As usual Mr. Bischoff has been very candid in many of his answers - not so candid in others. I must comment again that I couldn't imagine Vince Mac Mahon being so up front in an interview situation.It speaks volumes about Bischoff's attitude toward the fans.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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