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Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

Special 21st Century Edition

The Century's Greatest Wrestler
and Tag Team
As Chosen by Solie's Readers

The results of our End of the Century Poll

Volume 5, Issue 540 - January 12, 2000
Editor's Note: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the literally thousands of readers who responded to our End of the Century poll. Altogether we received over 2500 votes split among about 10 to 12 nominees in each of the two catagories. I have compiled the data and in this Special Edition we will not only find out who the Greatest Singles Wrestler and Greatest Tag Team are but will explore the reasons behind your choices..

Solie's End of the Century Poll Results

From the beginning of the voting until the very end, there never was any real question concerning the winners of this poll. The Singles wrestler and the Tag Team who won left all of their competiton in the dust.

But before we get to them, lets talk about the runners-up and the also-rans.

In the Singles Wrestler catagory, the first runner-up was decisive in his hold on second place, but not overwhelming. With 11% of the votes, the man who, with Vince McMahon, Jr. changed the face of wrestling in the early 80's won the honor by a mere two percentage points over his nearest rival.

First Runner Up - Singles Wrestler
Hulk Hogan

In the Tag Team catagory, things were quite a bit muddy for the second place, and in fact there was a tie for that position with only a few votes difference putting both teams in the same perentage. On the other hand, the gulf between the first runners-up and the overall winner was vast. With only 5% of the vote each, an old-school team from the past and another old-school team from the more recent past took the honors.

First Runners Up - Tag Teams
(in order of voting)
Dick the Bruiser/Crusher
Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard

The second runner-up in the Singles catagory was far ahead of his nearest competition. He held the WWWF Heavyweight Title for more then 7 years straight in the 60's, then came back in the 70's and held it again for 3 and a half years. The man who singlehandedly made the World Wide Wrestling Federation the largest single North American promotion in the 60's and sold out the mecca of pro-wrestling, Madison Square Garden, time and time again was solidly in third place with 9% of the votes.

Second Runner Up - Singles Wrestler
Bruno Sammartino

The second runners-up in the Tag Team catagory, was again a tie and both were barely edged out by the runners-up named above. In this case both teams received exactly the same number of votes. With 4% each, these two teams represented some of the best of the mid-eighties and the best of the late-eighties/early ninties.

Second Runners Up - Tag Teams
The Rock & Roll Express
The Steiner Brothers

Honorable Mention in the Singles catagory, which includes wrestlers who received 2% or more of the vote included:

Honorable Mention - Singles
(in order of voting)
Lou Thesz (5%)
Bret Hart (5%)
Andre the Giant (3%)
Shawn Michaels (3%)
Verne Gagne (2%)
Gorgeous George (my own personal choice - 2%)
Buddy Rogers (2%)
Sting (the old, blonde one - 2%)

In the Tag Team catagory, the following are awarded Honorable Mention - all received approximately 3% of the vote:

Honorable Mention - Tag Teams
(in order of voting)
The Hart Foundation
The British Bulldogs
The Assassins
Gene & Ole Anderson
The Midnight Express (Condrey/Eaton)
The Midnight Express (Lane/Eaton)

And now for the winners.

With 36% of the all the votes tallied in the competition for the Greatest Wrestler of the 20th Century, there was simply no contest. The kiss stealin', limosine ridin', party 'till he drops, 21 time (by some counts) Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of the World. The one and only...

The Greatest Singles Wrestler of the 20th Century

"The Nature Boy", Ric Flair

Surprisingly outpolling the Nature Boy with 54% of the votes in the Tag Team catagory was undoubtedly the most dominant tag team of the 80's and going into the early 90's. The only team who won the World Tag Team Titles in the WWF, NWA and AWA (and my personal choice as well):

The Greatest Tag Team of the 20th Century

The Road Warriors

Readers comments on the winners...

The sheer volume of the responses to my request for readers to express their feelings as well as voting was overwhelming. Here are just a few of the more eloquent responses regarding Ric Flair and the Road Warriors:

From Jim Tacaks (who suggested this poll, thanks Jim!):

From Charlie Harvell: From Freeze89: From Pork Chop Cash: From Jeffry: From Russel: From LF: From Curt: From Matt Benaka: From Charles: From Chris: From john b:

And what readers had to say about some of the other nominees...

Many of the people who didn't vote for the winners also expressed heartfelt praise for their favorites. Here are some samples:

From Nick Dowd:

From Swonkdiggy: From BBell: From dlbdeb: From RotSman: From Pork Chop Cash: From Blassie: From Matt Benaka: From Derick: From Ariel A. Cardona: From RFiel: From Travis Beck: From David King: From john b: From Christian Fann: From Josh Cuthbert: From Ben: From David Bitet: From Don(not quick;sudden)Trubey

And there you have it.

At least that's the way you see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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