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Sid Wins the WCW World Title
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Ric Flair Appears on Thunder

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The Way I See It...

Weekly Review by Earl Oliver


by Matt Benaka

Volume 5, Issue 545 - January 29, 2000
Editor's Note: On Sunday, Solie's ran the first part of this article by our resident title historian, Matt Benaka, concerning the history of the WCW World Television Title. Matt now concludes his article with a book of lists related to this storied championship held by such great champions Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, both of the Steiner Brothers, Paul Orndorff, Steve Austin and Ricky Steamboat, to name just a few.


Does this Storied Title Belong in the Trashcan of History?

Part 2

by Matt Benaka

IV. Book of Lists

Number of Times The Title Was Declared Vacant: 2

Number of Times Champion held Other Title(s): 5 Number of Title Changes With Special Stipulations: 2 Six Time Champions: Five Time Champions: Four Time Champions: Three Time Champions: Two Time Champions: Three Time Managers of Champions: Two Time Managers of Champions: One Time Managers of Champions: Groups that Controlled the Title on Two Occasions: Stables That Controlled The Title on One Occasion: Length of Time as Champion: Length of Time by Reign: Cities in which the title changed hands: States/Provinces in which the title changed hands: Countries in Which The Title Changed Hands:

V. Postscript

I hope everyone has enjoyed this brief lesson in the history and legacy of WCW's World Television Title. I also urge concerned fans to e-mail WCW and let your voices be heard. Perhaps the internet could bring back the World Television Title.

If anyone has any questions or comments I may be reached at

Mat Benaka is one of Solie's resident historians and the originator of Solie's Title Histories. Several of his previous articles can be found in the Articles section of the Solie's web site.

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The Way I See It...

Weekly Review by Earl Oliver

Nitro opened with a merorium to Bobby Duncum, Jr. I didn't even know he was dead.

Four black limos pulled up out back and disgorged the Commissioner and his cronies...including Scott Hall!! The program came to us from the brand new Staples Center in Los Angeles. Tony reminded us immediately that Kevin Nash would face Sid for the vacant WCW World Title. But first...

Juventud Guerrera (doing his excreble Rock impression) accompanied Psychosis to the ring to face Kaz Hayashi in a preliminary Cruiserweight Title tournament match. Psychosis has changed from black to brighly colored outfits these days - I really miss his mask. Not that he's a bad looking fellow - but that mask was cool. He has a size and experience advantage over his opponent in this one and dominated the action. It didn't hurt that he also had the heel version of Juvey outside the ring to lend a hand. Hayashi took a couple of big bumps - falling to the floor in both cases. It was right after the second such that he managed to catch his opponent trying to splash him and turned the tables for the first (and only) time in the match. Back in the ring, Psychosis hit a back kick and took the pin to advance in the tournament.

Tony reminded us that Sid has to get through Jeff Jarrett to earn his title shot against Nash (who would become the champ by default if Sid lost that match). Outside, Terry Funk and Arn Anderson arrived looking seriously pissed. Meanwhile, Nash was telling Jarrett that he had got the word that the latter was still under medical restriction and wouldn't be able to compete. Jarrett expressed disappointment but Kev said he had a plan. Has it occurred to anyone else that Nash is the only nWo member who is ready and able to wrestle (and he can't wrestle his way out of a paper bag...)

The Wall got a squash match against PowerPlant newcomer Kid Romeo. While that was going on, Tony announced that the commissioner had put a $15,000 bounty on Funk's head and had booked him in a hardcore match with Bam Bam Bigalow. Romeo's been doing pretty well on weekends lately, I believe this is his first Nitro in-ring appearance, but he didn't have a prayer in this match. Backstage, AA tried tried to talk sense to Bam Bam about his match with Funk but Bigalow had dollar signs in his eyes.

The Lamestreet Boyz were back but before they could start there putrid act Norman Smiley's music blaired forth. This time Screamin' was dressed as a baseball catcher and faced one of the Boyz (I don't really even care what their names are...) after cleaning the ring. He devastated the poor boy forcing the kid's friends to try and interfere but he took them all on then beat the kid with a chicken wing submission. Afterward the idiots tried to do their musical thing again with the one that Smiley did in just lying on the mat, struggling to get up. Smiley had to clear the ring once more.

In the back it began to look like Nash's "plan" was going to involve substituting one of the Harris Twins for Jarrett and then having them pull switches in order to defeat Sid. Of course we know those goofs could never pull it off...

Al Greene was sent out to be Tank Abbott's latest victim (I hear that's the way Abbott has been referring to his opponents in real life...) Interestingly, Greene (under a mask) is currently the top heel over at the new WXO promotion. In this one, Abbott made short work of him. Good, the less I see of this guy, the better I like it.

A stranger at ringside told Bobby Heenan that he's known Abbott for years and considers him a sell-out. Tenay says the guy used to be Abbott's bodyguard and calls him "Big Al". Meanwhile, The Cat (Ernest Miller - as opposed to the Kat - Miss Kitty...) showed up and went in to the ring to run down one of his rants. You know, I'd rather see this guy then Abbott, and you all know how I feel about the Cat.

In the Funk/Bigalow encounter took place mostly in the backstage area and around the arena and was dominated by the Beast from the East, as was expected. After an extended beating, Funk was dragged back into the ring and pummled some more before Bigalow missed a flying headbutt. In moments Funk had Bam Bam on the floor and hit him with a moonsault off the apron! Back inside, Funk leveled his opponent with several chair shots then headbutted him until he himelf was on rubber legs. This proved to be his undoing as Bigalow took advantage of his momentary weakness to make a comeback. But then Fit Finley and Brian Knobbs ran out and interfered to give Funk the win. Afterwards, Funk promised Nash that he would be bringing reinforcements to Thunder and that he has plans for the Commissioner.

Sid's "Roadblock" match was against one of the Harris Boyz, as I suspected. Sid attacked one of them before the bell on the floor and the fight was on with a vengence. Sid did not distiquish between the active and the inactive twin and that was wise because, also as I suspected, they didn't either. During the opening moments, Don (I think) looked into the camera and yelled, "I'm gonna be your new champion..." Eh what? At ringside, Ron had stripped off his suit coat in order to look exactly like his brother. The first switch took place right after Don was chokeslammed. Sid hit a powerbomb almost immediately and pinned the wrong guy...but who could tell? Certanly not the referee, who gave Sid the win. I made a prediction when I wrote the headline above even before this program began...

Kidman was escorted to the ring by his girl Torrie in a zebra striped bikini. I can't think of any of those WWF ladies who has anything on this babe. His opponent was Vampiro and for my money this was the sleeper match of the evening. The match was a real barn burner between two of the fastet rising stars in the WCW firmament. Vampiro missed what would have been a spectacular guillotine leg drop then Kidman hit a sensational suicide dive right over the top of a cameraman and seemed to take control for quite a while. But back in the ring, Vamp turned the tables with a powerslam only to walk right into a short powerbomb from his opponent. There was several moments of see-saw action with both guys pulling out all the stops before Kidman turned a powerbomb attempt off the second rope into a Frankensteiner and won the match. Great match!

In the back we saw AA and Funk gathering oldtimers by phone to confront the nWo on Wednesday. Tony hints that he thinks one of them will be Hulk Hogan without actually sayong it.

Lex Luger (the Total Package...whatever) faced Booker T and basically had his head handed to him for most of the battle. But then as Booker was about to win the match, Liz distracted the referee, then Midnight showed up to complicate matters, then Stevie Ray ran in and clocked Booker so that Luger could get the Torture Rack and take the win. Afterward we had another "mysterious Sting sighting" - this time we actually saw a sillouette of the Stinger before the doppleganger vanished in a cloud of smoke. Oooooh...scary kids...

Mean Gene accused the WWF of sabotaging his mic earlier then interviews Vampiro who almost humbly requested a rematch at Thunder against Kidman.

The Young and the Crazy (David Flair and Company) took over the broadcast postition for Fit Finley and Brian Knobb's Tag Team Title match against the Mob Boyz. Actually they were surprisingly entertaining (Daphne kept referring to Marinero's Boyz as the "Marmadukes" and once as the "Marmalades"). Meanwhile, Standards and Practices' blonde assistant made notes from the aisle. In the ring, the veterans pretty much made mincemeat out of the Champs. Johnny the Bull was especially at sea as Crowbar kept up a running commentary ala Gorilla Monsoon. Disco Inferno had to provide distraction for the Champs to turn things around and even that didn't last long until Knobbs accidently threw a chair at his partner's back and in the process also threw the match.

Nash was clearly chagrined to have to actually be facing Sid for the World Title at the end of the program. He was met by a rather limp "Goldberg!" chant as he started his rant before the match in which he made a stipulation (as Commissioner, of course) that outlawed the powerbomb for this one match. We cut to commercial before Sid made his entrance.

I have a problem with Sid as a hero babyface, just on principle, He's has been about as reliable to his "friends" throughout his career as Curt Hennig or Lex Luger with nowhere near the charm (and considering Luger's charisma bypass and abominable mic skills - that is saying something). Never-the-less, that is the way he is being portrayed for the time being. The match itself was rather anticlimactic as these two beheamoths lumbered around the ring and out into the crowd then back again. I just thought of something. Of course little Charles Robinson was the perfect get squashed in a corner at an opportune time. This gave Jarrett a chance to run in and hand his guitar to Sid to hit him with. Sid then played possum so that as the referee regained consciousness it looked to him as if Sid had taken the guitar shot. Sid pretended to drag himself over for the cover and took the Championship.

Monday night RAW came to us from Philly, PA - the home of ECW, a fitting place for Tazz's RAW debut.

Of course HHH came out for a rant at the top of the program. He looked battered and bruised with bandages on his forehead and his ear! No doubt he had them on other parts that we couldn't see as well. Steph started the rant to a chorus of "Sl*T! Sl*t!", showing a little cleavage for a change (very little actually). HHH started his speech by giving Mick Foley props for a great match last night but told us that he didn't expect to see Cactus Jack tonight. He shifted his attention to his WrestleMania opponent, the Rock, and couldn't seem to decide whether he (HHH) is "at the top of his game" or was "the game". Maybe he figures he's both. The Big Show then came out and claimed that he'd been robbed last night at the Rumble. He asked a favor of HHH. He wanted to show film proving that the Rock's feet touched the ground last night and use it as leverage for a one-on-one against the Rock to determine who would face HHH at WrestleMania. That brought Maivia out to layeth the smacketh down telling HHH his days are numbered and accusing the Show of whining and bitching. This was puncuated by "Rocky! Rocky!" chant. HHH turned to the giant and suggested a tag team match between HHH/TBS vs. Rock/a partner of his choosing, which he asserts, the Rock won't be able to find - thus making it a handicap match.

Bob Holly attacked Chyna backstage which inexplicibly brought Chris Jericho to her rescue. Bob then took his peak out on Crash. This led to an IC title match for Holly.

Al Snow made some ridiculous suggestions about names for himself and Steve Blackman as a tag team. Headcheese..??

They took on Edge and Christian shortly thereafter and didn't fare that well through much of the match until Edge got clocked and was knocked out cold. The referee stopped the match and called for the EMT's. Val Venis came out to help his prospective brother-in-law as BB administered mouth-to-mouth to bring him around.

In his IC challenge, Bob Holly disdained to have his cousin accompany him to ringside. Jericho ran in and something akin to a street fight ensued. Chyna came down after a moment to watch the preceedings impassively until Holly attacked her again on the floor. He tried to go after her with a chair but Jericho came to the rescue once more. Jericho got tied up in the ropes and while the referee worked to free him, Chyna snuck in a Pedegree onto the chair on Holly to give Jericho the easy win, then she raised his hand! Here we go again.

Too Cool faced "Too Stupid" (Crash and Viscera - talk about your super-heavyweight teams...) Crash is just "Too Stupid" to be any good in a tag match without Steroid Bob to guide him so Vis did all the work in this one and eventually won the match single-handidly.

Kane finally got a shot at X-Pac in a one-on-one matchup toward the middle of the program. Tori seemed to have changed her attitude about X-Pac as she glared at him before the match started and throughout the contest which degenerated into a ringside brawl. Kane got run into the ring steps then X-Pac returned to the ring and molested Tori. Kane chased him out then turned to comfort his hysterical girlfriend. Waltman returned and delivered a chairshot thus ending the match in a DQ.

The NAO made their usual entrance - still getting those face pops no matter what they do. They put their titles on the line against the Hardeys and started out very aggressively against the already beaten down challengers (from their match against the Dudleys last night). The Dudleys showed up ringside and set up a table then sat down on it to watch. Matt was especially vulnerable in the rib area which was heavily taped. Meanwhile the Dudleys continued to give the Hardeys props as the latter team came to life in the ring. Just as Jeff was about to get the pin on the Dogg, the Dudleys dragged the ref out to the floor and showed their true colors. They punked the H Boyz out then set up a table. At this point Terri entered the ring so they decided to put her through the table! Bubba took her to the top rope in a powerbomb position then did a very clever thing. He basically sat out on the table, breaking it with his own butt while protecting her from harm, yet making it look like she had been powerbombed. I was impressed...

Terri was hauled away on a stretcher after the break just in time for Kurt Angle to make his entrance whining about getting beat last night by Tazz. Claiming that he was not defeated legally last night so his win streak is still intact. That brings Tazz out to finish the job. This time he really does choke Angle as the crowd breaks into an "E-C-Dub!" chant. Afterward he just stalks away.

I just love that commercial the Rock does for the WWF video game with the "little Rock"... "You like pancakes...?" Great stuff!

The Rock seemed determined to be his own tag team partner against HHH and the Big Show in an interview backstage. Where is Mick Foley when we need him..?

The Godfather and the Godfather II (D'Lo) had to take on the Acolytes on the downside of their losing Tag Team Title match last night. I didn't envy them the task although they handled it pretty well actually. The King got the quip of the evening in when he suggested that JR might want to dally with a Garden Tool. Ross said, "you know I'm a married man..." to which Lawler shot back, "Yeah but your wife isn't..." Oh, the Acolytes won the match.

The Kat is using Sable's panther cry these days I notice. In the crowning of the Miss Rumble Swimsuit Contest winner we got the expected battle royal style cat fight (without the participation of Terri Runnels, of course) after the winner (Mae Young) made a crack about her "puppies" being "real". Afterward Mae tried to expose herself again but was quickly covered by Mark Henry (who seems to have no ring role these days at all...other than covering up his lady...)

Between matches we got a clip of an emaciated looking Droz in a wheelchair talking with some of his WWF friends earlier in the day. He claims he is coming back and I wish him only the best, but that is yet to be seen.

Test took on the former Hardcore Champ in a non-title, non-hardcore grudge match. The match barely got started when Stevie Richards, who we haven't seen in months, ran in dressed like Test and attacked the Boss Man with his own night stick, thus getting Test DQ'd. Afterward the Champ showed his displeasure by destroying Richards.

Michael Cole delivered a report from the medical center which told us nothing about Terri's condition.

The Rock did indeed come to the ring alone for his match against HHH/Big Show. Lawler mentioned Cactus Jack not being here tonight which made me think that he probably would show after all. But instead, the Rock's partner turned out to be Rakishi! Even Maivia looked surprised at that. HHH looked in no shape to compete with bandages all over his body, but he seemed unslowed in this match. Rakishi came in right on cue with a thunderous assult but then was stopped by the Show. HHH then came in and was promptly flattened by a Samoan drop. Moments later, at a critical point in the match, the NAO ran out and punked Rakishi. The Rock was getting creamed in the ring when Cactus Jack ran out with a 2x4 and changed the odds. The bad giys were vanquished, and DQ'd for outside interference.

Thunder (recorded in Las Vegas) opened with an appearance by the new World Champ, Sid Vicious which turned into a tragedy as Commissioner Nash stripped him of the title for pinning the wrong Harris Twin during his "Roadblock" match. Nash showed tape of what happened after the false pinfall, the referee determined that the wrong man had been pinned and Sid was counted out and thus himself became the Champion by default. Nash then booked a Three-Way-Dance Caged Heat match among himself, Sid and one of the Harris Twins. Not a normal 3-Way of course, in this one Nash must be pinned and, again, the powerbomb is outlawed.

Backstage, the nWo was shown setting up a couple of slot machines in their dressing room.

Screamin' Norman came down in a white tux and with an entire phalanx of chorus girls for his hardcore match against the Maestro. Maestro didn't take to well to that affrontery and he attacked viciously. The match went to the backstage area where Norman fainted after opening a strange looking coffin to reveal the "Demon" Kiss character. Maestro took the pin. Backstage, we saw that the nWo had assembled a mini-casino in their room. This became a running gag throughout the program.

TAFKA Prince Iukea took on newcomer Kid Romero who tried on Chris Jericho's old "lean into the crowd" move with scant success on his way to the ring. This was a Cruiserweight Title tournament match. Standards and Practices came out to onserve this match for some reason. They were out of their suits this week and wearing ring attire, making them look much more like the Lenny and Lodi we remember. In the match, the Kid did pretty well for himself but eventually succombed to the Prince's superior experience and ability.

Backstage, a Wayne Newton impressionist was shot down before he could get out a note. "We wanted Elvis! Get out of here!" they told him.

The Demon made his re-debut in WCW, and his first wrestling appearance. I don't think it was the original Demon (Brian Adams). This guy looked shorter then Adams. His opponent? Former commissioner Terry Funk. In fact, Funk pretty much dominated this match until his opponent delivered a low blow to turn it around. His ascendency was shortlived as Funk used a Kiwi legroll to first confuse, then pin the Demon.

Vampiro got his rematch against Kidman on Thunder and it was another barn burner. The fight went out to the floor early on and swirled around the broadcast position for a bit before returning to the ring. Vamp would seem to have somewhat of an advantage in this match because he is definitely the larger of the two and not that much, if at all, slower then his smaller opponent. He proved his superiority by winning with his "Nail in the Coffin" move.

Lex Luger faced Buff Bagwell after telling Liz earlier in the evening that he intends to make examples out of his opponents until Sting returns. These are two of the worst showboats in all of wrestling and each made that mistake during this match. Luger dominated throughout with a very aggressive display. When Buff finally made his comeback and got the Blockbuster, Liz ran in and whacked him with a baseball bat! Luger was DQ'd while Buff was punked royally. Luger was clearly trying to break his arm.

We got footage of Three Count giving out autographs to their fan (that's singular folks...and she thought they were the Backstreet Boys!) Marinero's Boys and Disco showed up and a melee ensued. We then returned to the arena to see the Lamers starting to go into their act, but they were mercifully interrupted by the Tag Team Champs and their companion. For all of their excrebility as singers, Three Count aren't all that bad in the ring. Kind of "Hardey Boyz lite"... Their tag team coordination is definitely a cut above that of the Eyetalian guys but in the end the bigger team took the win. Afterward, Big Vito went into his own song and dance act - even worse then Three Count if you can believe it. The Young and Crazy snuck in from behind and clocked them then did their own little dance. Funny stuff, actually.

Jerry Flynn ran in from behind and attacked his opponent Booker T before he could even get to the ring. It didn't help him any, of course.

Ernest Miller is back (damn it!) As we saw on Monday, he's bleached his hair blonde. All in all I'd rather see him then...Tank Abbott...

In a backstage interview Kimberley tried to set the record straight regarding her relationships with her husband and Buff Bagwell. I'm not sure she did...

Fit Finley encountered his protege "Private" Brian Knobbs on his way to the ring to face Bam Bam Bigalow. The latter picked his pocket during a "good luck hug" and came up with Finley's hidden weapon (a wrench). Of course, when the time came to use the weapon, it was nowhere to be found and Finley lost the match Knobbs had a good laugh at his expense and a new feud was born.

In the main event, Sid faced Kevin Nash and one of the Harris Boyz (Don, I think) in what was billed as a Three-Way-Dance, but was really a handicap match in a cage. Again they were using a Hell-in-the-Cell size cage with a roof on it for this contest. This was a brutal battle with Sid taking the brunt of the action but coming back again and again. He had been told by AA and Funk earlier on that they had a "plan" for this match - but there was no evidence of it when the time came to go into the cage. I have never liked Sid that much but I have to admit that he has played his part of the underdog overcoming all obstacles to perfection over the last two weeks. This match also told a great story as Sid managed to separate his two antagonists on either side of the ring then made his comeback, actually winning the match by using a Crippler Crossface to force Nash to submit!

And then to top it off, Ric Flair appeared in the entryway and applauded the new Champion before retreating to allow Sid his moment in the sun.

I have gotten a few email lately from fans saying that they think WCW has been going down hill with the departure of Vince Russo. I simply can't agree. This program was better then Nitro, and it seems to me that the WCW programs have been getting stronger over the last two weeks.

On SmackDown, (live on tape from the Baltimore Arena) we got more of the same as the last few weeks. The McMahon/Helmsley Error is still in full swing and continues to make trouble for everyone else. Billy Gunn appeared at the top of the program all on his own for a change and faced Al Snow in the opening contest. Snow was fighting for a chance to get a Tag Title shot against the Outlaws on Monday night. During the first exchange it appeared that Billy hurt his nose. He held his head down and seemed a bit bleery for a moment or two there. Snow obligingly allowed himself to be whipped to the corner and then waited patiently for Billy to rush him. Both of these guys are excellent mid-card performers and so the match was quite competitive until Steve Blackman ran in with a kendo stick only to have it taken away and used by Billy...who was promptly disqualified. Backstage, HHH and Stephanie were plotting to nip the growing alliance between the Rock and Rakishi in the bud. In the midst of their planning Paul White broke in and insisted that they look at some rather fuzzy photos he claims prove that he really won the Royal Rumble. HHH in turn insisted that Wight find at least one eye witness to back him up in his claim. He later came back to retrieve his pictures.

Cactus Jack showed up after the first break to run down a rant on HHH.After having a good long time to say his piece he challenged the World Champ to come down and face him, but got Mrs. Helmsley instead. She attempted to browbeat the Hardcore Legend but he was having none of it. She even slapped him but he then intimidated her into leaving with her tail between her legs. Jack then told her he was leaving this time, rather then hunt HHH down and throttle him.

Bob Holly asked his cousin Crash nicely to rejoin the team with him but Crash declined saying he was happy with his current partner Viscera. So Bob pledged to take Viscera out in a singles match. (Dream on steroid boy...)

Edge and Christian nmade their own pledge to beat the Dudleys in retaliation for what they did to Terri on Nitro, and that's exactly what they did although to watch the melee afterward it was hard to refer to them as winners. The Dudleys set Edge up on a ringside table then powerbombed his brother on top of him.

Kane barged into the Helmsley's dressing room and demanded a match with X-Pac but was told that Waltman wasn't in the arena. Stephanie promised him a match against his former little buddy, but only if he could defeat the Big Show on SmackDown. The match took place a few minutes later in the program and turned out to be more then Kane expected when, after a brutal fight, X-Pac showed up and molested Tori. Kane left the ring to assist her and suddenly the present members of DX all appeared (the Road Dogg was unaccountedly absent) and joined the giant in punking him out while Tori looked on. After the Big Red Machine was tied to the ringpost X-Pac proceeded to reveal the "truth" about his relationship with Psycho-Bitch Tori, claiming that she seduced him as she stood by seeming to deny it all. At this point parts of Waltman's rant was silenced by the censors. He shoved Tori away but she hesitated then turned back and engaged in a lip lock with the little turd. Yet another fickle woman betrays loved one. Yatta, yatta.

In his match with Viscera, Hardcore, Big Shot, Big Shoot, Steroid Bob Holly put on a credible fight but couldn't get it done by a long shot. Crash showed up towards the end and attacked Viscera after the pinfall. Bob joined in and the Hollys were reunited as a team. Later, Crash had an Intercontinental Title match against Chris Jericho for which Chyna showed up for no apparent reason carying a pyro bazooka. She stayed ringside, seemingly cheering Jericho on throughout the match until Bob Holly interefered in the match - then she went after him. He fended her off temporarily but before he could interfere further, she caught him again and Pedegreed him on the floor.

After the break we saw Kane wandering out of the building into the snow.

The Godfather/Godfather, Jr. faced Too Cool in an unusual good guys vs. good guys matchup. Scotty avoided the Train move (GF telegraphs this one so severely that I can't figure out how anybody falls for it). In the midst of the match the Godfather suddenly decided to end it and party down in the ring! He invited the girls in to dance but then Mae Young's music blaired forth and the lady herself appeared with her swain to announce that she is pregnant!

Backstage, Tazz was insulted by the Posse (they called him short...I better watch my mouth ;-) and received a challenge from the former ECW Champ to take all three of them on. The match took place later in the evening and was a tour-de-force for the human suplex machine who devestated all three of them then took Pete Gas out with the Tazmission. Kurt Angle attacked him from behind after the match and put a combination body scissors/chokehold on the diminuitive superstar (Oops! There I go again....

Test defended his Hardcore Title against the evil Gangrel in a fight that ended up outside in the loading dock area. I have really found myself warming up to this young former roadie who seems to improve everytime we see him. In this match he had to contend with Luna's constant intereference, which was not illegal under the relaxed Hardcore rules. At one point Test paused to talk to someone on a pay phone which was hastily abandoned whrn the fight rolled through the area.

The main event featured the match that was set up during the opening segment - the Rock vs. Rakishi Phatu. Interestingly, these two are not so distantly related through their respective families, as are Jimmy Snuka, Yokozuna and a host of other Polynesian wrestlers. Toward the end of the match there was a missed spot when the Rock failed to lift his opponent of the ground for a Rock Bottom. Both wrestlers were hurt for a moment (it looked like Rakishi hyper extended his knees as his weight buckled them during the move) then Maivia got up and did it again successfully. Rakishi jumped up immediately and got his corner bomb but then the Big Show interefered. HHH joined him along with Stephanie. Too Cool ran in to help their partner but they were put down. The scene ended with massive carnage in the ring and the happy couple reigning supreme along with their big doofas henchman.

ECW on TNN opened with Francine finding Raven hanging out in a darkened locker room when he is supposed to be on his way to the ring. Scotty is whining again about how hard it all is for him (what else is new..?)

Cyrun interrupts Gertner's usual opening rant from the control room to address the TV audience. He has the director switch the scene to a replay of the confrontation between Mike Awesome and Rob Van Dam last week.

Little Guido and Tajiri had a very mat wrestling centric contest which was unfortunately interrupted by a commercial. In the ECW tradition it was a brutal affaire but also very well worked. Tajiri has that buzzsaw quality that is almost impossible to subdue but Guido, with his excellent mat technique was just the man to give Tajiri a run for his money...even is he did lose it eventually.

Tommy Dreamer had football player Josh Wilcox as his substitute tag team partner against Steve Corino and Rhino and things didn't go well for him. It went even worse when Wilcox showed his true colors and turned on his partner. Corino then called out Dusty Rhodes but he was lookijng the wrong way as Rhodes came into the ring behind him then cleared the ring before saving some special beating for the turncoat football player.

The match of the evening was definitely Little Spike Dudley trying to wrest the World Title from the awesome Mike Awesome. The match went on for about ten minutes and was non-stop action from bell to bell with the Little guy giving the massive Champion a real run for his money. Eventually he failed to win the title but he certainly showed us all something. Awesome then challenged Rob Van Dam to come to the ring, which he did. But Sabu ran in from behind anf clobbered RVD in the aisle. It looked like it was curtains for Van Dam until Awesome left the ring to lend a hand and ran Sabu down instead. Van Dam was in the ring and standing tall as the scene faded.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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