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The Way I See It...

Weekly Review by Earl Oliver


A Solie's Classic Reprint from the Associated Press, April 27, 1995

Volume 5, Issue 547 - February 12, 2000
Editor's Note: WEe start this edition with a Solie's Classic Reprint story from the AP wire back in 1995 concerning a certain Bob "Spark Plug" Holly's double athletic career.


(Associated Press, April 27, 1995)

The first thing you notice about Robert William Howard as he steps out of his race car is that he looks like someone on leave from the World Wrestling Federation.

The 6-foot-1, 220-pound resident of Mobile, Ala., has shoulders that appear to be three times as wide as his waist, and his pumped- up arms and thighs seem like they're straining to burst free of his driving suit.

The wavy brown hair that falls well down his back and the slightly wild look in his green eyes further convince you this guy should be in the ring applying the face rake or sleeper hold to some masked opponent.

But that's not Howard -- not during the day, at least, when he's trying to establish himself as a rookie driver on NASCAR's All Pro circuit.

By night, however, Howard brings your vision of him to reality as a member of WWF founder Vince McMahon's vast empire. He's a professional wrestler, a designated good guy on the circuit who goes by the tag of Bob (Spark Plug) Holly. "People in wrestling don't believe me when I tell them I drive a race car. People in racing don't think I'm a pro wrestler,'' he said. "I've been doing both so long, it just seems natural to me. Honestly, if you told me I had to choose one or the other, I couldn't do it.''

So far, the wrestling is going much better than the foray into All Pro racing. Howard, 32, said he makes a very comfortable living with the WWF -- "Beyond my wildest dreams'' -- and won the world tag-team championship in January with his partner, 1-2-3 Kid.

But he failed to get his Oldsmobile to go fast enough to make the field in either of the first two All Pro races this season, including last week's event at Martinsville Speedway. "It's frustrating, and you try not to get down on yourself,'' he said. "It's hard for us because we're a new team and we've never been to any of these tracks before. But everyone's been real encouraging, and we feel like if we keep working hard, good things will happen.''

Howard wrestled professionally in the Southeast and raced Pure Stocks, Pro Stocks and Late Model Stocks, winning a track championship at Mobile International Speedway, before McMahon saw one of his wrestling tapes in 1993.

McMahon hired him for the WWF, and as time went on, the two would speak about racing. Last fall, McMahon decided to start the World Wrestling Federation Racing Team, and he signed Howard to a separate contract as his driver. Howard estimated it cost $200,000 to start the team, whose cars carry the WWF logo. "Everybody thinks everything associated with pro wrestling is a gimmick,'' Howard said. "This is no gimmick. We're serious about this. Vince wants us to get the best equipment money can buy.'' Howard estimates the two pursuits will keep him on the road for well in excess of 200 days this year. "It's perfect for me right now,'' he said. "Vince and Linda McMahon are giving me an opportunity to make something of myself for after wrestling. I'll wrestle as long as they'll keep me, whether it's a year or 10 years. But I can't wrestle forever. It's hard on your knees and stuff like that.''

Howard just wishes he could produce some tangible results on the track over the remainder of the 21-race schedule. "Vince sat down with me and told me there's no pressure on me whatsoever, and that all the pressure is what I'm putting on myself,'' Howard said. "He said he just wants me to have fun, and I appreciate that. But it would be a lot more fun if we were doing better. Then maybe people would take us seriously.''

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The Way I See It...

Weekly Review by Earl Oliver

On Monday Nitro (live from Tulsa, Oklahoma)the program opened with the nWo in their office talking about what the acting Commissioner has in store for Sid. Jarrett refuses to reveal his plans immediately.

I reported this program from my hotel room in Phoenix,Arizona, where I am traveling on business and thought at first that the color on the screen was funny - but it turned out that WCW had changed the color of the ringropes from blue to red.

The Lamestreet Boyz were already set to launch into their stupid song but first Evan announces a contest to give away a date with Three-Count. The music had technical difficulties, slowed down, sputtered and stopped, restarted - in the sound truck, Norman Smiley was fooling with the controls. This led to the opening match between Smiley and Evan Karagias. Smiley entered the ring dressed in a Tulso Oilers hockey outfit. He is two-for-two against menbers of Three Count so far. Despite their attempts to gang up on him, Norman won the match fairly easily. He ended up challenging the three of them to a handicap match at SuperBrawl.

Mark Madden was still enjoying his role as heel-announcer replacement for the ailing Bobby Heenan. Backstage, J Biggs led police officers to the locker room to search Booker T's gym bag for "contraband".

Jeff Jarrett got up for his regular weekly rant as acting Commissioner and set up a non-title match between Sid and Scott Hall among other things. Scott Steiner delivered a rant that might be interpreted as a shoot, comparing Ric Flair to the original "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers (who is dead, by the way) and saying that Stone Cold Steve Austin was fired from WCW at the behest of Flair, who Steiner contends was jealous of the younger wrestler.

Booker (w/o the "T" these days) faced the Wall (literally if not figuratively...) in a match that saw him enter to a new (and somewhat crummy sounding) musical theme. It didn't stop him from wrestling at the top of his game however. He was about ready to put his opponent away when J Biggs appeared with his New Harlem Heat to distract him. Blindsided by the Wall, Booker was pinned rather abruptly. After the pin, Biggs called in police officers to arrest Booker on trumped up assault & battery and attempted murder charges!!

Brian Knobbs was upset about the dirty deal that was done on him last week and burst into the nWo office backstage. Jarrett promised to make it up to him, give him a chance to get in the ring with Fit Finley, then dismissed him only to turn around and screw him again. Meanwhile, Terry Funk was still trying to get some kind of committment to his cause out of Arn Anderson - but not getting it.

Idol (that's Lodi spelled backwards...or maybe it's the other way around) and Lane (that's Lenny to you and me) were seen plotting to get a Tag Team Title shot.

Tank(ed) Abbott took on the Barbarian and beat him with a punch (what else is new). When are they going to figure out that this guy is going nowhere..?

Backstage, Crowbar was fooling around with the Demon's casket until Daffney (I hear that's how she spells it...) screamed at him. And Torrie was seen on the KidKam fixing her face.

The new booker (or General Mangager - if you weeel...) for the Ladies Division (that's Oklahoma to you and me) came out clipboard in hand and declared himself a misogynist (look it up...) and then brought out the Doctor he intends to have examine all the ladies in the division - he's a plastic surgeon! He claims to have done a lot of work on Madusa. So the GM uses that info to throw her out of the division! Madusa came out and cleared the ring, yatta, yatta...

Backstage, the Nature Boy was getting ready to "style amd profile" with a bevy of young ladies. Meanwhile the Championship committee had been meeting and we were told that Terry Taylor would be coming out to make a "big announcement".

David Flair met Terry Funk in a Hardcore style "I Quit" match which was a calculated knock-off of the famous Funk/Flair "I Quit" contest of 1989...and got creamed. Nuff' said... Taylor made his announcement, which turned out to be that the Sid vs. Scott Hall main event would be for the World Title. This caused some consternation on the part of acting Commissioner Jarrett, who saw his title shot at FallBrawl possibly slipping away. Meanwhile, Arn Anderson, who had been watching the job done on his godson on a backstage monitor and is thoroughly disgusted with the whole situation, declared himself neutral in the Funk/Flair (Sr.) controversey.

Then we got Stevie Ray against the Disco Inferno with each guy's muscular backup at ringside until they were all shooed away by the referee. Stevie tried to use his favorite weapon, but Disco kicked it out of his hand. Disco then picked it up but the referee saw it and took it away from him. In the process he distracted the dancin' fool so that Stevie could blindside him and take the pin.

Brian Knobbs was screwed by being given Bam Bam Bigalow in a Hardcore Title match with Finley as the referee... Two strikes against him right off the bat. The match took place in the usual plunder-filled ring and stayed there for the entire fight for a change. It ended suddenly when the referee decided to hit Knobbs with a trash can then shoved a dazed Bigalow on top of him for the pin and the title change.

Ernest Miller claimed that he's been traveling with James Brown...right...James Brown the mailman maybe...

Kidman walked his girlfriend to the ring to all the guys' delight and the to detriment of the announcers' composure. His opponent was the Demon. I expected another job for the Kiss guy and wasn't disabused of that notion. Despite his massive size advantage, Kidman got right up in his face with those drop-kicks of his and generally out wrestled and out maneuvered the big rookie. Every time the Demon went to the top, you just knew it was a mistake. A Frankensteiner after one such foray spelled his doom. Crowbar ran in and attacked Kidman afterward, then bowed to his idol, the Demon. A Kiss fan, apparently.

We got a preview of the WCW movie "Ready to Rumble" which appears to star the 1-800-ATT...whatever... guy.

Lex Luger made his overblown entrance carring a chair with Hulk Hogan's name on it (yawn...) then proceeded to bore us all some more with a rant directed at his SuperBrawl opponent. I can't help feeling that this whole angle is a calculated mistake. Luger concluded his speech by calling on Jimmy Hart to come to the ring. Jimmy is out of character and out of uniform tonight. He declares himself as Hogan's best friend and labels Luger as a "Hulk Hogan wannabee". He really hits paydirt when he mentions that Hogan has more people watching him pick up his mail everyday then Luger gets during house shows around the country. Luger took that all in then said that what Hogan lacks is a vicious streak like himself - then he attacked the diminuitive manager, clamping his wrist into a chair and trying to break it.

The main event was the aforementioned Sid/Hall battle for the WCW World Title. At his first opportunity, Hall knocked out the referee then called Jarrett down to lend a hand against the humongous one (a little wrestling history humor there...) Hall then got the Outsider's Edge on the Champion but the referee was still out. Jarrett had walked away but then came back and clocked Hall with his guitar, then rolled Sid on top in time for the referee to recover and count to three. He made a statement about Hall's loyalties before the program faded.

Monday night RAW opened with some footage from SmackDown last Thursday, the radicals failed the test apparently. The program came to us live from the Dallas Reunion Arena. First up, X-Pac came down with Tori then the Radicals appeared and walked right into the ring, causing the DX'rs to vacate.

I would just like to take a moment to point out to all these folks that are emailing me now to say that the WWF is poised to make stars out of these guys, that the WWF wasn't even interested in these guys until WCW built their reputations. The same can be said of Chris Jericho and even Steve Austin. And I have my doubts about whether or not the WWF would be interested in some of these guys even now if it didn't represent an opportunity to to tweak the noses of the competition down South.

The four ex-WCW'rs called Cactus Jack to the ring to thank him for his patronage, and he did, which brought Mr. and Mrs. Helmsley out to add their two cents worth. HHH proposed that Jack and himself have a match at the next PPV and that it be Foley's last chance at winning the title. He named barbed wire covered 2x4's and sharp objects as things that can't be used -- but Foley can have any kind of match he wants... Foley wanted a Hell in the Cell match. HHH agreed but said he would also insists that Foley put his career up in exchange if he loses. Foley agreed saying that his dream is to be in the main event at WrestleMania, his stip is that he goes to Wrestlemania as the champ if he wins this match. Look for Foley to go to WrestleMania...

HHH then advanced to ringside and told Foley that he wanted a piece of him right then and there. He warned the four Radicals to leave or else show their appreciation "to the man who gave you your contracts..." Foley was punked and the Radicals revealed their true colors. Backstage, HHH set up a ten man tag match with the three healthy Radicals, X-Pac and HHH to face Foley and partners of his choice.

The New Age Outlaws were next up, defending their titles against the Hardey Boyz. Before the match could get underway, the "Damn Dudleys" showed up and joined the broadcast team. In the ring, the Hardeys started out strong, basically having their way with the champs thoughout the early going while Bubba stood over JR doing his level best to intimidate the veteran announcer. Eventually he interfered in the match to give the win to the champions. In the back, Mark Henry begged his amour to stay away from ringside because of her delicate condidition.

Kurt Angle faced fellow Olympian Mark Henry who didn't take kindly to Angles aspersions cast on him and his elderly girlfriend. In the early going, Henry just shrugged off Angle's attempts to manhandle him then almost pinned him thrice! Shortly thereafter, Mae Young ran in and right into a fireman's carry slam by Angle. That ended the match in a DQ against Henry, then the EMT's came to haul Young's carcass away. Later in the back, Young appeared to be physically OK if a bit addled from her experience.

The Hollys decided that the way to salvage their reputations was to beat the Acolytes in a Hardcore tag team match. Dream on scale boys... The fight went immediately to the floor and then right into the crowd, then out to the concession area where the Acolytes cadged some beers befoe continuing the mayhem. Into the middle of it all came Viscera with a 2x4 to smack Bradshaw so that Steroid Bob could pin him.

Chris Jericho defended his IC title against Viscera in the next match. Chyna was nowhere in evidence for a change. The match pretty much went Viscera's way until the Holly's ran out to help him which brought the Acolytes hard on their tails. The match was thrown out.

In a backstage interview the Radicals disavowed any resposibility for what happened or might happen to Mick Foley. In another part of the building, Kevin Kelly promised an interview with the Rock on the subject.

Luna challenged Jacqueline for her Womens' Title and tackled the champ before she could get set to wrestle. They tumbled out to the floor where they kind of fell all over the poor referee who had the temerity to get between them. Back in the ring, the muscular Jacqueline made short work of the challenger with a bridge suplex. Gangrel put the impaler on her afterward.

Tazz had a video tribute just before Kelly got his interview with the Rock, who disdained to answer the questions but asked a question of his own. "Have you ever had any pie?" (meaning a certain type of pie) then accused Kelly of lying when he answered in the affirmative. He then covered Kelly's face with a t-shirt and went into one of his classic rants. He used the occasion to state that he would join Mick Foley in his match against the bad guys. He tells the Radicals what they can do with their contracts...

Godfather and Godfather II advanced to the ring with their garden tools all in a row to face the Dudleys who ran out ansd attacked before GF could finish his intro rant. Early on, GF (I) was chopblocked and knocked to the floor leaving his protege to face the competiton on his own. As the EMT are seeing to the injured Godfather (after the match ended in defeat for the good guys), the Dudleys grabbed BB and tried to do the number on her as they did on Terri. Edge and Christian saved her cookies at the last moment.

In the main event, Mick Foley and the Rock faced off against the DX troups...well not quite. Actually, Rakishi and Too Cool showed up to even the odds. After a long, furious match that was certainly the best of the night, DX managed a win by the skin of their teeth before a general melee broke out, which the NAO halted by hitting the ring (and the good guys) with batons then the lights went out... Kane appeared with Paul Bearer and in the end, DX was thwarted.

On Thunder came to us from Oklahoma City on tape. Unfortunately we got the Lamestreet Boyz right off the bat because one of their ranks (they all look alike to me) was competing in the Cruiserweight Title tournament. Actually it was Shannon Moore against Lash LeRoux for this tourney match. As usual, the other two Lamesters couldn't stay out of the fight. From the very start they were interfering for all they were worth (not much, in my opinion). But still LeRoux dominated the action and easily advanced to the finals. They then tried to trash the victor but were chased from the ring by Screamin' Norman. I find it hard to believe, but Smiley is actually getting over with the crowd.

Mike Tenay welcomed Bobby Heenan as his new broadcast partner in what might seem like a demotion for the Brain - but maybe not. Thunder has been improving dramatically lately and in fact I though it was better than Nitro last week.

Jeff Jarrett came down with the Harris Boys for his bi-weekly rant. His subject this week, the problems brewing between himself and Scott Hall. He defended his actions by contending that Hall was trying to go "into business for himself". He used the occasion to set up a tag team match for Sid against the harris twins and with Terry Funk as his partner. Before he could leave the ring, Hall showed up to the applause of the crowd and challenged the acting Commissioner's actions of late, then brought Kevin Nash back, on the big screen. Nash told Jarrett that he'd made some mistakes lately and then took away his powers as Commissioner. He ruminated about what to do with Jarrett and decided to set up a match pitting the two against each other for the title shot at the PPV. Hall then asked permission to speak and, having it granted, took a survey. "How many came to see the Outsiders...and how many came to see Jeff Jarrett?" No need to say which side won...

Bam bam Bigalow destroyed the Demon in a Hardcore Title defence just as he emerged from his coffin. Then he turned and nailed the attacking Brian Knobbs. Short and sweet.

Sid and Funk were interviewed backstage and apparently what just happened didn't affect their situation. Funk warned Ric Flair to watch his back and suggested a mystery person would be after him. In another part of the building, J Biggs was plotting again.

T-less Booker came out in a split dress shirt and sent Midnight back to the entryway before entering the ring to confront his brother then turned his back to threaten Biggs. Stevie attacked but was put down then Booker went after the manager. Stevie recovered and tried to intervene but got shot down with a chair.

Hall and Nash are on the phone - Jarrett appears to have written off $58,000 in broken guitars last week. After the break, Ric Flair showed up to talk with Mean Gene and vowed to kick Funk's butt at SuperBrawl.

Kidman and his main sqeeze came to face the Young and the Feckless (Crowbar w/Daffney)and the "hottest wrestler in WCW" didn't fare that well during the opening moments. In fact Crowbar dominated the action for several minutes until Kidman got some feet in his face as he came off the top rope. The match then went into see-saw mode with Crowbar gaining ground again and Daffney screaming in delight. As Tori distracted the referee, Crowbar tried to use his lead pipe but Kidan wrenched it away and hit him in the ankle then frankensteinered him off the top to get the pin.

In the Sid/Funk vs. Haris Twins match, Jarrett accompanied his charges to the ring then stuck around to interfere. For their part, the Harris Boyz used a simple strategy of isolating Funk. That only lasted so long, then Sid got the tag and everything changed. Sid took care of one twin while Funk piledrove the other one on the bare floor. Funk then set his man up on a table but Jarrett ran in and clocked him with his guitar. Sid left the ring to chase Jarrett while Funk was pinned. Backstage, a manic Nature Boy made a deal with Lex Luger to take care of Hulk Hogan and Terry Funk next week at Nitro.

In another match made up by Nash earlier, the Total Package took on Fit Finley. The problem for Luger was that Finley is a much better wrestler then he is and pretty much stayed ahead of him until Liz swung a bat from ringside. Luger clamped his arm in a chair and stomped on it. Yatta, yatta... Knobbs then came out and met him ringside to punsh the arm some more.

Idol and Lane (aka 2 Excess) got a shot at the Tag Team Titles and got the drop on the champions by blindsiding them in the aisle. Then they showed some pretty impressive team work in the ring. Miss Handcock showed up to watch, let her hair down (literally) then delivered a piece of paper to Bobby Heenan. Meanwhile Disco jumped on the ring apron, collided head-to-head with Idol and caused the champions to take the win. Crowbar then attacked Disco with his pipe in the aisle so that Daffney could steel the tag belts.

Mean Gene interviewed Flair in the ring. He was insensed that WCW magazine picked Hulk Hogan over himself as the number one wrestler of the century. Dustin Rhodes showed up, apparently he was the one that Funk was talking about. He expressed his disgust at what Flair allowed to happen to his son and then challenged him to a good old fashion butt kicking. An impromptu match ensued with both men in street clothes. It ended when Dustin pinned Flair and counted his own one-two-three. But Flair wasn't done. He grabbed the triumphant Rhodes and slapped a figure four on him - then Funk hit the ring and turned the tables only to have Lex Luger run out and attack him woth a baseball bat then rack him as Flair looked on.

In the main event, Scott Hall went after Jeff Jarrett's World Title shot at SuperBrawl. Hall stayed one step a head of his opponent through much of the match but the Harris Twins at ringsdie tended to equalize things somewhat. Hall was definitely working harder then we've seen him at any time in recent months using all of his classic moves including the Outsiders' Edge, which did him no good because the referee was out of it. Jarrett's pet referee Mark Johnson came out and counted Hall out but then the original ref restarted the match. Jarrett's every dirty move was countered by Hall but the bribed referee was still ringside and prevented the pin. Sid ran out to help and the whole match went up in smoke. There was no decision about who would get the Title shot as we went off the air.

Thunder did it again. A better show then Nitro. Makes me wonder if this isn't a new strategy to try and take the emphasis ofrf Monday and shift it to Wednesday...

On SmackDown, (on tape from the University of Texas at Austin) we got a replay of the the Radicals' betrayal of Cactus Jack and subsequent events to open the show.

Kurt Angle took on and defeated Val Venis for the European Title in handy fashion. So they traded him his win streak for his first Championship. Unless I am mistaken, I don't remember seeing Venis ever defend his title before on TV. In fact, I don't think we've seen him wrestle in quite a little while.

Backstage the DX guys (all 7 or 8 of them) watched the match with interest and then started plotting their revenge on Cactus Jack and his collegues. I love the simplemindedness of this philosophy that says, "If you mess with us, we get revenge by making you of us..."

In the first revenge match, Grand Master Sexay wrestled Perry Saturn in what was expected to be a pretty one sided-contest. Actually it was one-sided in Brian Christopher's favor for much of it. In the end, Saturn asserted his size advantage to get the win by submission with the Rings of Saturn, although Christopher's foot was on the bottom rope.

There waws a splashy promo for the XFL at this point. I don't know - I have to keep remembering something called the World Bodybuilding Federation...

The "Damn" Dudleys faced Edge and Christian in this continuing three-way dance tag team feud. Toward the end of this fuious match, Bubba Ray appeared to hyper-extend his knee and was forced to tumble out to the floor, leaving Devon to the tender mercies of his opponents. Afterward, Bubba was put on a stretcher but then revealed that he was shamming as he grabbed BB the medic and dragged her into the ring for a table shot ala Terri Runnels. So they got to her after all. One measure of whether BB was actually hurt is the fact that the EMT's didn't bother to immobilize her neck before transferring her to the stretcher.

In the second of the revenge matches, Scotty Too Hotty got in a fight with Dean Malenko (who had orders to squash the worm...) As with the first match in this series, the Too Much member dominated the opening moments until Eddie Guerrero turned up at ringside with his arm in a sling. Malenko gave Scotty a wrestling clinic but the latter managed to make a comeback...which Guerrero deralied to give Malenko the win. Afterward the two Radicals tried to punk out Scotty but the Grand Master ran out and broke that up.

Rock & Sock Connection met the New Age Outlaws in a real barn burner. This is situation where my feeling would have been that the DX'rs were the underdogs, so I don't quite understand how they figured this one as a "revenge" match. In fact, DX sufferred their first defeat of the evening when Cactus Jack pinned the Road Dogg after clocking him with a lead pipe then delivering a piledriver for the coup de gras.

In the latest "Intergender" division tag match, Gangrel and his wife took on the odd combination of Jacqueline and Prince Albert. Luna pinned Jacquie in short order.

Rakishi got Chris Benoit in the fourth of the "revenge" matches. This one was another sleeper because of Rakishi's massive size advantage. At one point Benoit had to sucker his opponent into feeding him his arm for the Crippler Crossface but couldn't quite get it sunk in. He exhibited a lot of power as he repeatedly suplexed his 400+lbs opponent. Rakishi made a comeback and as he was about to squash the Canadian, the Radicals ran out to interfere, which brought Too Cool down to counter them and win the battle. Benoit was disqualified and the good guys went into their dance.

Al Snow and Steve Blackman had a match with the Hardeys in which the Hardeys' consumate teamwork was definitely too much for the thrown together pairing of their opponents for the most part. It took the Dudleys running in to turn the tables for the underdog team.

In what at first appeared to be the ultimate act of hubris, Chris Jericho faced the Hollys in a no-DQ, handicap match with the added stip of having to wrestle with one arm tied behind his back. This quickly turned into a rout for the Hollys however, when the Acolytes were revealed to be on Jericho's payroll. The Hollys were creamed.

In the main event, Kane (w/the slimmed down Paul Bearer in his corner) had to take on both HHH and X-Pac. Considering the odds, he held up well, managing to chokeslam both his opponents. Stephanie then handed her husband a chair which he no affect! Kanr used the chair himself then swung around to face Tori, who had entered the ring with a chair of her own. He threatened a chokeslam on her and had to fight off a swarm of referees. Then he let her go only to have her mock him to his face. She got tombstoned for her foolishness.

ECW on TNN came to us from Tallahassee, Florida. Joel Gertner immediately talked himself into trouble again and was cut off in mid-sentence by Cyrus once more. Cyrus entered the ring and mentioned Rob Van Dam's broken leg but said that the network didn't care about that. He vowed that the World TV title would be defended tonight in order to provide a good lead-in for Roller Jam. He drafted Little Spike Dudley as the defender. Spike then took on two opponents who I didn't recognize and whose names I didn't catch and beat them both simultaneously with a double acid drop.

Raven blathered at Mikey Whipwreak backstage about trying to convince Tommy Dreamer that they are still best friends despite "the Francine thing".

Whipwreak faced Dreamer in the second match of the card. "That guy" as he is referred to (James Vandenberg to you and me) showed up at ringside to support Whipwreak, who paused at ringside to make a speech while alternately bonking Dreamer on the head with the microphone. Dreamer then came back with some of the same treatment to a much more devastating affect then dragged him up into the bleachers to beat on him some more. Back to the ring for some more furious action then, with Dreamer down, Francine entered the ring and was accosted by "that guy". Suddenly Raven ran in immediately had powder thrown into his eyes. He ended up putting a DDT on Francine! Things really got chaotic at that point and we cut to commercial.

Raven faced Justin Creedible in what was the main event even if it didn't take place at the end of the program. The fight went right to the floor where Raven grabbed the upper hand and planted his opponent on a table then broke both of them then he continued to use parts of the demolished table as weapons. For the first several minutes, Credible never laid a hand on his deranged opponent. Raven brought a table inside the ring, pounded on his opponent a little to soften him uop some more, then set the table up in a corner only to be thrown through it himself on a reversal - and Credible took control for the first time in the match. This lasted for about a minute or two and then the fight went into see-saw mode. By this time, Raven's forehead was busted open. Now it was Justin who brought a table into the ring and leaned it in the corner. He launched himself, but Raven moved aside causing Cridble to smash through the table himself. He recovered quickly and applied a sleeper but Raven broke it with a jaw-breaker and came back with a sleeper of his own. Justin turned the tables with a suplex to escape and took control again. A low blow turned them back... Raven was putting the snot rag on his opponent when Lance Storm attacked from the apron and then the Impact Players swarmed in to punk the big whiner. They ended the job with a spiked tombstone onto a chair. Danny Doring and Roadkill ran in to take on their rivals as we cut to commercial.

Paul E and "that guy" were scuffling in the ring as we returned. Dusty Rhodes was tending to Raven when Cyrus ran in and insisted they get the wrestler out of the ring so the show could continue. He was worried about the ratings but Dusty wasn't and told him so. He made an impassioned speech about "da boys" who put the butts in the seats and pay the bills. "It's not about the network..." he declared. He ended his rant by threatening to kick Cyrus's "candy a$$". Steve Corino came into the ring to razz the Dream. Rhodes responded with a variation of John Wayne's pre-fight speech from "McClintoc" then followed up in kind. Rhino and Jack Victory ran in and we realized that Dusty had been set up. But wait! There's the Sandman in the bad...shows over...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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