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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 56
October 5, 1996

Is Liz the "12th Man"?

McMahon Fields Tough Questions on LiveWire

Elizabeth Muddies the Waters Again

First Hall and Nash, then Hogan, DeBiasi, the Giant, Bogus "Sting", Six, Vince, the Nasty Boys, Kyle Petty and then..? So what else is new..? The big story on Nitro this week was the apparent defection of Miss Liz to the NWO...or is it?

It seems clear (?) that the storyline is that she has joined the NWO but is having second thoughts. It appears that Liz accepted an invitation to join the group, and her assignment with them was to sew confusion with the Macho Man and WCW by pretending to have residual feelings for Savage...but the problem is that she really does want him back...uh huh.

What I find interesting is that this newest plot twist was probably not the result of one of Bischoff's "book-from-the-hip" storyline enhancements. This angle appears to have been planned somewhat in advance.

I have to say that Bischoff has disappointed me with this one - not with his use of Liz in itself, but with the dynamic between her and Savage. His attack on her in the hallway had all the elements of a spousal abuse scenerio. I have to deplore the introduction of this element unless WCW plans to condemn Savage's actions...which clearly they don't. I have only seen the censored version of the confrontation which ran on the weekend shows so I won't comment on the "b-word" controversey (whether Savage was referring to Liz as claimed by several of my correspondents or actually was talking about Hulk Hogan as a son-of-a-"b" as was mentioned in the Bagpipe Report and elsewhere) except to say that the use of the term in either case on a Prime Time TV show is inappropriate.

Of course it was perfectly in character for Savage (the "new loose cannon" of WCW) but I have to agree with JL Sigman in my Readers' Forum, who suggested that it might have been handled just as effectively by having Eric be the one to confront her and have Savage watch the confrontation on a backstage monitor. Eric had left the arena (apparently) after an emotional speech in which he declared that "...this (NWO harrassment) has to stop." It would be very logical (if somewhat foolhardy) to suppose that he went to confront Hogan in his den.

McMahon on WWFLiveWire

I have to hand it to Vince McMahon. He might just make this LiveWire thing work...

His appearance on the program this morning was a masterstroke in this reporters opinion. He answered some tough questions and showed himself willing to listen to the fans' complaints. I have no doubt that the calls from Jim Ross and Paul Heyman (of ECW) were scripted in advance, and his comments about why the WWF/Georgia Championship Wrestling merger (back in the late 80's) failed were certainly disengenuous (he claimed that it had to do with Turner's ego and "lack of business principles" - anyone who watched that fiasco knows that it failed because the WWF was incapable of putting on a interesting live program in a small studio arena as GCW had done successfully for years - with my hero Gordon Solie at the helm I might add) but there were several exchanges that seemed "real" enough to satisfy me. After the AOL chat (published in yesterday's edition), which was somewhat less enlightening - I had much lower expectations and am happy to say I was wrong.

Vic Venom (who pretends to be a WWF critic on the AOL WWF site and in WWF Magazine) was a great addition and I have to say that "Dok" (Michael Hayes) Hendrix makes a much better moderator then Todd Pettingill (I hope to see Pettingill back on the show from time to time however - I still think he and Hayes have great chemistry). Sunny and James E. Cornette more or less faded into the background on this show (thank God for small favors). All in all it was a vast improvement over that sorry first effort two weeks ago. My congratulations to Vince McMahon and the WWF.

And for those of you who accuse me of not being able to give a balanced report...take that!

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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