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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 57
October 7, 1996

Jeff Jarrett Arrives in WCW
Declares "NWO Can Stick It!"

Nitro Report

We open with a review of the Savage/Miss Liz incident from last week. Then go to a review of the Public Enemy's loss of the Tag Belts. Ric Flair will face Randy Savage for the U.S. Title in the second hour (injured shoulder and all apparently - look for Flair to be out of action for the next month or so after this).

Harlem Heat vs. Public Enemy - non-title match (How come? Doesn't the Championship committee look at replays?)

The Heat dominate the early going - Rocco slips out and grabs Sherri (exactly as she hoped he would). Booker T blindsides him just before the first commercial.

We're back and Elizabeth is trying to get a word with the Macho Man in his dressing room. He's not there.

Back in the ring - Stevie Ray is pounding on Rocco Rock. He tags in Booker T who gets in a spin kick. They're back outside again and Sherri gets to smack Rock while Stevie Ray holds him. What a right hand that "lady" has! Back in and Stevie goes for the pin, Grunge makes the save with a boot to the back. Public Enemy makes the tag but Patrick misses it. While the Heat punishes Rock, the NWO shows up in the stand and starts ranting with a wireless mic (Wow! Lets all bring our sound equipment to the too can be a wrestling commentator!)

Back in the ring Rock goes for a high risk move but gets shaken (not stirred...) off the turnbuckle by Col. Parker. The Heat take a chair to Grunges already injured leg to get the win.

Outside a limo has pulled up - out walks Jeff Jarrett - I wonder if he's going to sing for us?

Review of Nick Patricks interview over the weekend. He wants to fine Savage $1,000,000 dollars. He seems to be taking credit for pushing Mean Gene out of WCW.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jim (the perpetual jobber) Powers (with Teddy Long) - Powers looks good. Seems to be overpowering his opponent at the beginning...but it doesn't last. After a couple of exchanges Page gets the Diamond Cutter on him for the win. After the match DDP attacks Long but lets Patrick back him off.

Savage interview - he has Jason Keller (who drives the "Slim Jim Halloween Havoc" race car - pretty soon all these WCW cars are going to be just racing against themselves!). Keller says that the NWO car hit the wall at the race over the weekend. Keller's car ran 10th. They show scenes from the race.

Elizabeth interrupts the interview and Savage walks off.

High Voltage vs. Faces of Fear - Tony says HV is moving up the ladder (I guess you can do that in WCW without winning any matches...). The faces get the jump on their opponents before the bell.

Tony announces that Jarrett will wrestle this evening while Benoit and Mr. & Mrs. Mongo scout the Faces. Meanwhile Meng and the Barbarian are taking "Rage" apart in the ring. During a pin attempt "Chaos" makes a save but moments later a boot to the face from the Barbarian puts "Rage" down and out. Cut to commercial.

Mike Wenner vs. Glacier - Wenner's been absent for a while...not that he's been missed. Under that ubiquitous blue light this one is a squash. After the first high-risk move I've ever seen him do (an inside to outside flying body press) Glacier throws his opponent back in the ring and downs him with the spinning super-kick. Am I the only one who thinks this guy is boring?

Commercials for Buried Alive and Monday Night RAW.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Hugh Morris - the announcers are assuming that Jarrett is coming in as NWO - I don't think that's clear yet. He's still doing the "Double J" character - weird outfit and all (minus the cowboy hat and electric glasses). Morris gives him a good match. The announcers are predicting that Jarrett will lose (seems like wishfull thinking). Jeff isn't having any of it however. After another flurry he makes Morris submit to a figure four leglock.

Jeff Jarrett interview - he declares himself not to be NWO. Says the NWO can "stick it". Talks about his father and Verne Gagne who he describes as two indie promoters.

Renegade vs. Double A - (the announcers are begging Sting to return - they mention that the WCW race car has been dedicated to him). Renegade comes down first then Arn enters with Woman. This match never gets off the ground. Anderson totally dominates the action. He sells the Renegades few aggresive moves but there is nothing there. Arn wins with a DDT then hangs his opponent out to dry. Lugar charges the ring and drives him off. Cut to commercial.

Dave Taylor knocks down his valet on the entry ramp. Lugar enters and goes right to work. Taylor is a big guy and a formidable opponent but Lugar evidently means business. Taylor misses a couple of moves and then Lugar racks him for the win by submission. Arn attacks him with chair as he leaves the ring area.

Scott Steiner accompanies his brother to the ring to face Chris Benoit. Mongo brings his wife to help him back Benoit. The announcers are saying that Scott shouldn't be out of bed yet (Editor's Note: he's in therapy for a back injury - said to be steroid related). Both men are excellent wrestlers but this match is a brawl.

After another commercial we see Hogan get out of a limo with the Giant in tow. He says he has "business" to attend to and tells the Giant to watch his back. He disappears into the building. Heenan wants to know where Sting is.

Benoit has taken over in the ring. Bischoff says that security has been beefed up and vows that the NWO won't take over the broadcast booth tonight.

Back in the ring Steiner catches Benoit in a bearhug and suplexes him. Can't get the pin. Moments later he gets his off-the-top bulldog but still can't get the pin. Now Debra is distracting the ref while Mongo tries to get in a shot with his briefcase. Rick gets a hold of the case and brains both Horsemen and gets the pin. Commercials for Buried Alive and RAW.

Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair for the U.S. Title - Savage enters.

Back stage Hogan is sending the Nasties to talk busiess with Debiasi. Meanwhile Flairs being mauled by the NWO before he can make his entrance. Liz is there as well. We don't see it but it is implied that Flair has been hit with a piece of pipe (undoubtably this will cover his time off for shoulder surgery - I suppose the U.S. belt will be held up...for now the NWO has possesion of it).

The Giant stalks Liz out to the broadcast area...where they are met by Savage with a chair. While the Giant distracts him, Hogan Pearl Harbors Savage then roughs him up with his own chair. The giant carries him back to the ring and stumbles as he is climbing the steps. He drops Savages back on the steps (this looked like it was a legitimate stumble - the Giant has shown himself to be clumsy on several occasions). Savage is tossed into the ring. Hogan has Liz by the wrist. He prevents the Giant from choke-slamming Macho then has him hold the nearly unconscience Savage while he pummels him. As the Giant forces Liz to watch, Hogan drops the leg on the back of Savage's neck twice. He then paints HH on his back and paints his outline on the mat. After some more grafitti, Hall and Nash come to the ring. Hogan tells Liz that he "owns" her body and soul. He calls Savage the "Macho Puke" - then they bring out a monster truck and prepare to destroy the braodcast booth. So much for Eric's vow...fade to black.

These NWO attacks are getting pretty predictable. Tonight they ignored one of the better matches on the card (Steiner vs. Benoit) to advance the Invasion angle - bad form in my opinion. I could have stood to miss more of the Glacier snore fest...

In fact Jarrett's match was a breath of fresh air and I don't even like that guy. It was good to see that someone could come into WCW without joining the NWO but I would give this show a C-.

RAW Report

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Goldust vs. Sid is announced for later in the program. That should be a great match.

Jim Ross has failed to appear as the program opens. Marc Mero makes his entrance. Here comes "Big Daddy Cool" with Ross strolling at his side. At the broadcast position Ross claims he had "business" to conduct with the Bogus Diesel. He describes the wrestler as "7 feet tall - over 300 lbs." (give me a break...). Of course, Glenn Jacobs was always an impressive athlete and he shows it here...but his efforts are wasted when "the Bad Guy" does a run-in and gets him DQ'd. What a waste.

The New Rockers make their entrance.

Cut to a Buried Alive promo - then a clip of "Double J" (I'm going to use up my allotment of quotation marks if this keeps up) singing "My Baby Tonight" acapella.

After the commercial break we get treated to a "Perfect" video montage. He'll face Hunter Hearst Helmsley in two weeks on RAW. I'm looking forward to that one.

The Smoking Gunns make their entrance. In an inset they promise to beat the Champs at Buried Alive. They disagree about whether they want Sunny back (Billy does, Bart doesn't).

As Sunny rants over the phone the match gets under way and is pretty competitive. We find out that Ahmed Johnson will appear on WWFLiveWire this Saturday (oh yeah, that'll be an intellectual excercise...).

Of the two Rockers, Cassidy seems to be faring better against the Gunns. Marty keeps making mistakes. Leif is clearly the more aggresive one of the team. The Gunns are not doing well at all.

They do manage to take over for a little while but then lose the advantage. Leif comes in and cleans house. In the middle of his flurry Billy gets a hold of his leg and distracts him so Bart can blindside him. They put their "Sidewinder" double-team move on to get the win.

Jesse ("Double J") James interview - he runs down his "friend" as a fraud. He says he doesn't hate Jarrett but later chuckles as he offers to let him come back and " my Lincoln Town Car and carry my bags." This is all very fascinating but they are dragging it out a bit and I'm not sure how this discredits Jarrett as a wrestler. The 2nd oldest Armstrong boy (James) has always been a jobber while Jarrett was a star in several promotions.

After the commercial Jim Ross is in the ring ready to interview Vader and Cornette. There seems to be some kind of "deal" brewing between Cornette and Ross. We (and Cornette, apparently) learn that the winner of the Vader/Sid match at Buried Alive will get a Title shot against Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series.

Mr. Bob Backlund leads The Sultan and his trainer, the Iron Sheik, to the ring. This Sultan seems like the perfect opponent for Mankind - the mandible claw would be neutralized...

He faces Aldo Montoya - no contest here. Montoya is outweighed by about 80 lbs. plus he's a jobber. A lethal combination no doubt. At ringside Backlund plays games with his flip-up sunglasses (he says he can't hear without them) and screams incoherently throughout the match...the usual. Yeah...lets vote for this guy for President...

The Sultan wins easily with a Camel Clutch.

Cut to the Mankind version of the Buried Alive promo.

Goldust vs. Sid is next. Goldy makes his entrance...on letterbox format. "Razor" is looking on in the back. Cut to commercial.

Sid makes his entrance to a huge pop. Goldust's costume has changed lately. The top part is white these days.

Sid dominates the early going. He tries to get a powerbomb but Goldy slips away from it. HBK is interviewed by phone while Sid continues to pound away. They talk about the fact that he will face either Vader or Sid at Survivor Series and he says he's "always been in trouble". Goldust turns things around just as we go to commercial.

As we return, the two combatents are exchanging blows. Sid is overwhelming and gets the advantage after a moment. He powerbombs his opponent to get the win then is immediately attacked by Vader who powerslams him. Sid gets Vaderbombed but pops right up. He grabs Vader, punches him three times and then gives him a rather weak looking choke-slam. Vader beats a hasty retreat.

Not bad - the Gunns match was pretty good and the Main Event had its moments. No matter how hard I try I can't see this "Diesel" and "Razor" stuff as anything but silly. The Jim Ross angle is still intriguing although I feel he needs to make a definite turn one way or the other soon...this "tweener" stuff is getting old in a hurry.

I can't say that either program really rang my bell tonight.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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