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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 60
October 14, 1996

Bret Hart Asks the Fans for Advice

Elizabeth Appeals to Savage via Videotape

Nasties Get the Shaft from the NWO

Vince McMahon to Host RAW Next Week

Bret Hart Writing in the Calgery Sun

This information was posted on my guestbook by a reader in Calgery, Alberta, Canada this afternoon. My thanks to Rudy Van Koll for passing this along.

For the first time in his weekly Calgary Sun column, Bret Hart has acknowledged that he has indeed been contacted by WCW. The issue takes up his whole column, and is mostly a recap of WWF stuff. He also says he has a sense of loyalty to Vince McMahon, but goes on to say he doesn't like the direction & priorities of the WWF. He even quotes the Million Dollar Man's Everybody has a price saying. And once again he rips into Shawn Micheals. This is absolutely nothing new, as he has done this for six months now. He says the WWF is Clowns instead of Pipers &Perfects. He also wants input from readers of his Sun column as to what he should do. Write to him c\o The Calgary Sun, 2615 12th St. NE Calgary, AB T2E 7W9.

Nitro Report

Coming to us from the Midsouth Coloseum in Memphis, Tennessee this week

Review of NWO beating up Savage as Liz watched last week. They show the NWO fans in the stands.

Dean Malenko vs. Brad Armstrong - Brad puts up a good fight but Malenko dominates for the most part throughout the match. Armstrong comes close after a Russian leg-sweep but fails to get the pin by hesitating to showboat. Malenko gets Armstrong up into a standing vertical suplex, which Brad wiggles out of - Malenko gets behind his man and shoots a quarter-nelson and rolls up Armstrong for the pin. Cut to commercial.

Two limos pull up outside and disgorge the entire (known) NWO membership minus the Nasty Boys. They stroll into the building.

Review of Wallstreet vs. Duggen from Saturday -Hacksaw wins but Nick Patrick reverses the decision after seeing the tape on Duggen's hand.

Mr. Wallstreet vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggen - re-match from Saturday (and numerous other matches). Tony is suggesting that the masked referree who officiated the NWO Tag Team match on Saturday was Patrick. There is a different ref for this one.

Wallstreet takes over early but Duggen powers out. Match is a see-saw battle with Wallstreet taking advantage of Hacksaw's errors only to have Duggen come back through sheer strength. As Duggen is taping up, Wallstreet blindsides him and grabs the roll. He starts taping up but Duggen is waiting for him in a three-point stance. Wallstreet gets run down and pinned. Cut to commercial.

Hugh Morris vs. Jim Powers (w/Teddy Long) - Morris is wearing a new ring jacket and looks ready to squash Powers. As usual Powers looks good. He gets some good moves on the big man but keeps failing to follow up (again as usual).

Tony mentions that Ric Flair is recuperating at home this evening. Says he may need surgery (of course we know he does).

Powers has taken the advantage now but Patrick is moving too slow because of his neck injury so he keeps failing to pin Morris. Every time Powers tries the pin Patrick just can't make it. Powers gets careless in his frustration and gets laid out by a huge (Hugh?) clothesline. Morris wins after his moonsault. Teddy and Nick get nose to nose after the match.

Greg Valentine vs. Lex Luger - Valentine enters, then Lugar - Arn's attack from last week is reviewed. Cut to commercial

Valentine is a slow starter - always was. It used to give him an advantage as the eager beavers he faced would start making mistakes. Now he has trouble competing with the younger, faster guys. Lugar is in bad shape from the attack last week - his ribs are taped and Valentine goes right to work on them. (Arn is watching on the backstage monitor). The Hammer is a heavy hitter and having plenty of effect on the injured "Package".

He is pounding on Lugar as Debiasi and Vincent appear in the stands. Tony tells us that Hogan is demanding time later on to make a statement.

Valentine continues to dominate the action in the ring until he walks into a boot in the corner. Now Lugar is in charge but he's hurting bad. Valentine almost gets a pin but the ref sees his feet on the rope. Valentine thinks he's won but Lugar surprises and racks him for the submission.

Tony interviews Nick Patrick - informs him that his $1,000,000 fine on Savage has been reduced to $500. Patrick threatens legal action. They review clips of the "NWO Tag Team Tourney" match from Saturday. Tony says the masked referree was Patrick. Nick says it was Randy Anderson.

Second hour begins - As Randy Savage makes his way to the ring to face Mike Enos, he is intercepted by Eric Bischoff ho wants to talk to him about Elizabeth. Savage says "...don't go there..." Bischoff cajoles him into watching a video featuring Liz apologizing to him. She says she did things out of anger and begs his forgiveness, she's lost and alone and wants him back...

Savage is visibly shaken and stands stonefaced, refusing to answer Eric's questions. He's fighting tears and waving Bischoff away as he first approaches the ring then reverses course and is racked by sobs as he climbs into a (white) limo and is driven away. Cut to NWO t-shirt commercial.

We're back and Eric is in the broadcast booth being upbraided by Heenan for pushing Savage too far. Tenay is agreeing with Bobby - Eric is defending his actions. The Savage/Enos match has been scratched in favor of...

Eddie Guerrero vs. Cheetah Kid - the Kid takes over at first and keeps the advantage for several moments. The Kid is deceptively strong for such a skinny little guy- he manhandles Eddie pretty effectively. But Guerrero is the superior wrestler. After hitting a Frankinsteiner off the top he wins with a frog splash.

Big Bubba (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jeff Jarrett - Eric makes reference to Jarrett not being able to "...sing a lick." Bubba has the size advantage and uses it very well in the early going. Jarrett finally turns the tables by sticking his fingers in the big guy's eyes. He jumps out to chase Hart around the ring and gets nailed by Bubba who is hiding behind the ring steps. Randy Anderson prevents him from doing any serious further damage - he settles for a side-breaker. Back in the ring Jarrett has a flurry but misses a drop-kick and gets nailed again. Then Bubba launches himself into the turnbuckle and loses the advantage. Hart tries to interfere and gets smashed up side the head. Bubba's got the megaphone but Jarrett slips in a drop-kick that drives the horn right into the big guy's face. Count to 100...

Tony interviews Jarrett and informs him that he has been picked to replace Flair against the Giant at Halloween Havoc (surprise, surprise). He promises to make the NWO respect WCW and himself.

Faces of Fear enters as Bischoff says they're trying to reach Savage's limo by phone.

Harlem Heat enters for a non-title match against the Faces. Cut to commercial.

The match begins as we return - Benoit and the McMichaels' are scouting the Faces again. This is a great match between two powerhouse teams. Hard to say who has the advantage here. Meng and the Barbarian have tagged together for years in this and other organizations. The Heat are younger but probably not stronger - or more agile.

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The faces gradually assume control. Stevie Ray is reduced to making saves as the Barbarian tries to pin Booker T. Booker T is screaming in pain - highly unusual for him. Now Hall and Nash are making their way to the railing - all four combatants abandon the ring to confront the Outsiders - Hall and Nash back away. Double count out I assume.

After the break Bischoff makes a statement. He says he has never seen Savage so shaken and that if the Macho Man can bring himself to face Hogan at the PPV it will be the end of the Hulkster's title reign.

Here comes Hogan with the rest of his thugs - Liz in tow. Six is carrying the title belt. Hogan says he is dissappointed that the Macho Man didn't stick around. He calls Liz the "...greatest actress in the world" who made Savage "break down and cry..."

Here comes the Nasties in NWO T-shirts carrying contracts. They join the rest of the gang in the ring. Hogan offers them the moon. They want more money... Hogan looks at the contracts and notes that he hasn't signed them yet so they shouldn't be wearing the NWO colors...he sics the gang on them!!! Its the Bootyman incident all over again!!

Now he proceeds to humiliate Elizabeth further. He claims she's in love with him. Says he's taking her back to Hollywood with him. He's going to give her "...a new hairdo" and is going to have her with him "night and day".

The Outsiders chase Eric and company away from the broadcast booth. We focus on Savages face as they replay the tape of him watching Liz on the video. We see him climbing into the limo as we fade to black...

Not a bad show for a change...almost got away without a screw-job (if you don't count Jarrett/Bubba and Morris/Powers).

RAW Report

Vader vs. Sid from last week is reviewed. It is announced that Vince will be back next week to host the program (Ross isn't happy - says he'll be there too)

Vader vs. Phineous Godwin - Vader jumps the bell and goes right to work on PIG. Beats him in the ring then takes him outside and beats him some more. Back inside he's relentless - whips PIG into the corner and splashes him. Pummels him some more and then splashes him again.

Oops! Here comes Sid. He gets Vader's attenetion immediately. While they're jawing Phineous clothelines his opponent and takes over. He suplexes the big man, pounds him into the corner and then tosses him out over the top. PIG brings Vader back into the ring and slams him. He goes for a slop-drop but Vader grabs the top rope and blocks it. Now Vader is back in charge. He puts the pig farmer down and then Vader bombs him for the win.

Ross interviews Mr. Perfect - he sounds like he's ready to come back - lets hope so.

Lawler is in the ring ranting about Jake the Snake - Jim Ross talks right over him announcing tonight's main event (Michael's vs. Austin) and the upcoming Hennig vs Helmsley match.

Oh...I see, its a match. The Burger King is introducing his opponent. They play Jake's music but no Jake...finally he appears and looks like he's drunk!

I smell a Yep, Jake is overacting his drunkiness. He confers with Monsoon on the ring apron and we get the inkling...Ross tips it just before the break...Lawler's in for a surprise.

We're back and Lawler runs right into a boot to the face then gets DDT'd. Aw shoot! I hoped to see him really get beaten up by Jake...Jake dumps some whiskey on him after taking the pin then puts the snake around Lawler's neck.

Jake the Snake celebrates in the ring while the Burger King gets sick at ringside.

More "Double J" expose...who cares really?

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Freddie Joe Floyd - HHH brings his latest twinkie down to ringside and handcuffs her to the ring rope! Helmsley is aggressive but Freddie is clearly the superior wrestler. After some byplay HHH finally gets the upper hand and starts punching his opponent. Oops! Here comes Perfect and he has his eye on Helmsley's girl. He seems to notice that the young lady is handcuffed for the first time...but wait - he has a key! He starts escorting her away.

In the ring HHH is about to get the pin when he notice the pair leaving. He abondons the match and chases them up the aisle only to be met by a well placed (might I say...Perfect?) forearm shot. He gets counted out.

Steve Austin appears on camera saying he's going to whip the ass of the guy who whipped Bret Hart's ass. Cut to commercial.

Sunny comes to the ring and brags on herself, unfurls a cheesecake banner (as usual). Cut to Buried Alive promo.

Faarooq vs Alex Porteau - this is a squash - 'nuff said.

Clips from the Faarooq/Ahmed joint interview on Saturday's LiveWire (the only good thing on that program this week).

Steve Austin enters to boos. Cut to commercial.

Shawn dances to the ring looking a little beefier than usual this week. Austin jumps him immediately and tries to ground his faster opponent but gets grounded instead. The Kid grabs a side-headlock and hangs on for dear life. Austin escapes but gets caught again. There is a running exchange of pin attempts (no counts) then Michaels goes for a super-kick but Austin ducks away from it. Another flurry results in a stun gun on HBK but the Kid comes right back. Cut to commercial.

Austin is pummeling the Kid as we return. Michaels turns the tables just as Vader invades the ring. Shawn reverses the field and clothelines Vader to the mat. Now they're both on him. Here comes Savio Vega to the, he gets downed by Austin. Vader and Shaen are into it. Austin returns to the frey. Shawn is holding his own but now Sid comes down to help. They beat Vader off. Sid is menacing Vader as HBK and Austin get back into it. Shawn gets flung into Sid, who takes umbrage..then they're nose to nose. Austin slithers out of the ring...Shawn and Sid are having words when Austin and Vader coordinate another attack. The good guys fight off the bad guys and...voila! they're friends again. Fade to black.

Another fairly good show - I 'd give them both "E"s for effort tonight.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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