Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 63
October 19, 1996

Bret Hart Talks About His Future

A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column in the Calgary Sun

In this Solie's Wrestling Newsletter Exclusive our Calgary correpondent, Rudy Van Koll, sends us a rundown on this weeks Calgary Sun column. I would like to thank Rudy for his efforts and encourage him to keep up the good work. Great job Rudy!

Today's Sun column is called "Answer could turn into split decision". (Last week's column had the interesting title of "Torn between two lovers".)

Bret says that he will reveal his decision this week about whether or not he plans to retire from the World Wrestling Federation.

He mentions today that readers who wrote in were generally split on the topic. Most said they couldn't see how he can pass up that much money-especially when he has made it known in his column that he is not happy with the WWF's political situation. Some of his readers who don't want him to switch are concerned Calgarians will never see him live again or on TV. (WCW doesn't come to Calgary. WCW TV is only available on the extra pay channels. We don't get TNT at all) Readers also mentioned his loyality to the WWF and his long history with the Titan organization. Many feel that he shouldn't give up his legacy for any amount of money.

Bret also mentions that there have been late breaking developments. He says that during the National League playoffs, he saw a story about how players are trained to ignore the crowds so they can concentrate on the game. Bret says he knows fan support can work miracles. He says " fans have earned my respect and I feel a loyalty to them more than to any wrestling organization".

Hart then goes on to discuss the money issue. Last week he said "A wrestling organization that is a competitor of the WWF has offered me an amazing amount of money to work for them.". He then mentioned what he reiterates today. "I also said that since the WWF is a family owned business, I didn't see how it could match the offer. But it happened!"

He goes on to talk about the WWF if he stays. He could get into a feud with Steve Austin and a rematch with Shawn Micheals "whether he's the champ or not".

Bret says he wouldn't mind being a four time WWF champ. Hulk Hogan won the title 5 times and "...I'd like to beat his record". He explains that "Hogan was supposed to be my opponent at SummerSlam 93, but the Hulkster chickened out, quit the WWF and went to that other company! If I went over there I'd be able to battle Hogan".

His final sentence in today's column is "I might be on RAW this Monday night. It depends if things have progressed far enough for me to make a decision".

And that's it Earl. I think he's headed back to the WWF.

Also, here are just a couple of other Bret Hart notes. He was at the WWF show here in Calgary. I sit right next to the players box (for hockey) where the wrestlers enter the ring. During the first match starring his nephews, Bret was sitting there. When the lights came back up, he left real fast. Only a few people saw him leave. My 12 year old boy didn't even see him. Later on, my son & I were able to go to the dressing room area, but there was no sight of Bret. Or Steve Austin.

In a recent column, Bret mentioned he was at a RAW taping in Hershy, Pennsylvania. He said he had been in New York on business, and he and a friend went to Hershey to watch the RAW show. He said he was in disguise. He mentioned the ECW incident and said that after that happened the WWF officials and security staff went through the arena looking for wrestlers and tossing them out. He thought it was quite funny that nobody looked at him. Apparantly, he was sitting up quite high in the stands.

Just a funny thing that I remember from recent columns.

Rudy Van Koll
Solie's Calgary Correspondent

On to other news...

Steve Austin on LiveWire

"Stone Cold" made a disappointingly short appearance on WWFLiveWire this morning. I had hoped that they would get some of the other wrestlers to call in and harrass him but they didn't. One of the highlights (perhaps the only one) of last week's program was the arguement between Ahmed Johnson and Faarooq when the latter called in. It's too bad they didn't think to have Mr. Perfect, or Mark Mero, (or even better) Bret Hart to call in and give him a hard time. Again they give us Todd Pettingill and the new, softer Sunny as co-hosts. BRING BACK "DOC" AND VIC VENOM!!!

Will Mr. Perfect wrestle this week on RAW?

There is a strong rumor going around that Kurt Hennig will not be wrestling on Monday evening's RAW program. The story has it that somehow the angle will turn around to have Perfect and Helmsley joining forces to attack Marc Mero. This sounds like the fruition of the long-awaited "Perfect Alliance" but I can't imagine that the majority of the fans aren't going to be disappointed that they didn't get to see Mr. Perfect back in the ring. I know I will be...

The sop to the fans is supposed to be Bret Hart's appearance on the show. This might go over if Hart indeed announces his return...but if he decides to retire...maybe Vince has picked the wrong week to return to his announcing duties. I hope he wears his running shoes...

NWO Menaces Miss Elizabeth

I just want to add my protest to the many I've received concerning the treatment of Miss Liz by the NWO on recent Nitro programs. It's one thing to have them beat on Savage week after week - that's getting old enough - but the suggestion that Miss Elizabeth is being virtually kidnapped by Hogan and his thugs is too much to stomach...for one thing its illegal - DON'T THE POLICE HAVE AN INTEREST IN THIS??? (But then, if Sting and Lugar can steal a cop car without it having any consequences...)

But the socialogical implications run deeper. It's about time that television (including sports entertainment) stopped treating woman as objects to be manipulated by the all powerful males in our society. This kind of thing can only set back the cause of equal rights in our country and it is very disappointing to find it rearing its ugly head in an entertainment medium which purports to be geared toward the entire family.

If the Outsider's invasion angle were being played for laughs (like the Jim Ross angle in the WWF) it might be a different story (the operative word here is "might"). But week after week this storyline has been presented very cleverly as to heighten the sense of paranoia and realism. The tension created has been palpable and to throw the helpless Miss Elizabeth into this mix certainly cheapens the entire angle in my opinion.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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