Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 63
October 20, 1996

Undertaker Wins Match But Gets Buried Alive!!

Marc Mero Retains Title over Goldust

Faarooq Injured by Ahmed before the Event

Tag Champs Retain Title over Gunns

WWF In Your House from Indianappolis, Indiana

This was one of the better PPV I've seen (yes, I bought this one...). I missed the Free For All (my wife and I went to see a Gilbert & Sullivan production and got back just in time to see the PPV replay).

We learn that Faarooq has been injured by Ahmed Johnson during the pre-game show and will be replaced on the card by Goldust in the IC Title match. Jim Ross is having audio problems and blames McMahon for them. We learn that Bret Hart has been confirmed for an appearance on RAW tomorrow night.

First up "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Savio Vega has also been injured and is unable to compete this evening. This is a surprisingly competitive match. Unlike many Internet pundits, I've never been too impressed by Jean-Paul Leveque. In this match however, he shows me something. Neither competitor really has a clear advantage at any time during this match.

Inevitably, Perfect shows up ringside to take Hunter's girl (I don't know why he keeps bringing them down with him). Hunter runs out to confront Hennig then Austin gets in his two cents. They jaw at each other before Austin gets back on the apron. Perfect pulls him back to the floor and they jaw some more - then Austin throws a drink in Hennig's face. Back in the ring, Hunter abandons a Pedigree set-up to chase after Perfect and his purloined woman. He gets clobbered by Perfect then Austin blindsides him with a clotheline then a suplex on the concrete. Poor Hunter! Amazingly, Helmsley is the first to his feet and goes for a Pedigree only to get upended and then catapulted into the ringpost. Back in the ring a Stone Cold Stunner puts him away for the count.

Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart/British Bulldog - (Ross' mic problems are getting annoying). Owen has gotten a haircut since the last time I saw him. The tag champs dominate the early action mostly because Billy doesn't seem to want to tag out. (Sunny is looking on from the backstage area)

Bart finally gets in. The bigger Gunns fares a little better at first but then launches himself off the top rope and eats canvas. The Champs are tagging well tonight - very crisp teamwork. Meanwhile Bart knocks Billy off the ring apron. Billy then takes a cheapshot to turn the tables. Now Billy's back in and in control of Owen. The Gunns are starting to jell now. Bart comes in and almost gets a pin. The Gunns trade off twice then go for the Sidewinder - but the Bulldog foils the move. Owen delivers a back round kick to get the pin on Billy.

Ross puts down his headset and goes into the ring. He starts to rant about being the one who arranged for Brets appearance on RAW tomorrow night. He calls McMahon an egotistical maniac (its amazing how many of his speeches for this angle involve telling simple truths) - he then throws the mic to McMahon and leaves the ring area.

Replay of a Faarooq interview with Kevin Kelly on the Free-For-All, then Ahmed's interview. Cut to a clip of Ahmed standing over a downed Faarooq with a 2 X 4. Faarooq is declared out of the IC Title match.

Mr. Perfect's music is played - we see him conferring with Ross in the back of the arena. He approaches the ringside area and assumes Jim Ross' position at the broadcast table. He's there to help call the Intercontinental Title match.

Goldust makes his entrance - as usual on film and in letterbox format. Perfect seems to be siding with Ross against McMahon. Marc Mero and Sable are backstage - the Burger King tries to taunt them to little effect.

Mero makes his entrance to fireworks. Sable is looking hot as usual.

Mero is in control early on. This guy has made amazing progress as a wrestler during his short career. A few years ago it seemed like all he could do is punch his opponents. Dustin turns the tables briefly but makes the mistake of spitting on the "Wild Man". He gets clobbered from piller to post for his trouble. They go out and then back in with Mero still in control. Then Goldust pulls him off the top turnbuckle and takes over. Now its all Goldust. (They're certainly making a big deal over the Perfect/Helmsley match that's reportedly not going to happen tomorrow night).

Goldust demands a house mic and tells the crowd to shut up - he threatens to go out and stick his tongue down their collective throats (now that I'd like to see!!)

Mero pulls off a spectacular Moonsault - he first faces into the ring and then turns in midair to bounce off the ropes into the move. Shortly thereafter he gets dumped outside. Perfect leaves the broadcast position to aid Mero. Helmsley shows up and he and Perfect face off. Goldust tries to attack Hennig from behind (why?) and gets dropped. Back in the ring he gets dropped again by Mero. Then the Wild Man does his Shooting Star press (The Wild Thing) to get the pin. Mero retains the title. Perfect is there to congratulate him.

Sycho Sid vs. Vader - Sid and then Vader enter. Then HBK is introduced and comes down in a suit. He shakes Sid's hand and then confronts Vader. Cornette gets in his face but Michaels takes his breast-pocket hankie and blows his nose on it. Vader tries to attack which gives Sid the distraction he needs to gain the advantage. It doesn't last long and Vader splashes Sid in the corner then dumps him outside where Cornette gets to whack him with his raquette.

Sid finally makes it back to the apron and the two monsters trade blows. Sid tries an over-the-rope sunset flip but gets squashed. Vader can't keep him down though. Sid is up and dumps Vader. Then he goes for an uncharacteristic high risk move and gets caught and slammed. Vader splashes his opponent, begins a pinfall but pulls Sid up - always a big mistake but catastrophic against a monster like Sid. Vader goes for a Vader bomb and gets knees to the gut. Sid straightarms him then slams him. He sets up a Powerbomb but gets distracted by Cornette. He takes care of the rat then goes back for the Powerbomb but gets crotched. Another exchange puts Vader in the driver's seat. He sets for a Powerbomb of his own but can't get Sid up. So he pummels him instead. He whips Sid to the corner but misses a clothesline. Sid grabs him and chokeslams him for the win.

HBK goes to the ring. He and Sid have words but part friends. They will face each other at Survivor Series.

Buried Alive promo - who are they trying to sell this too? Haven't we already bought this show?

Ross shows up backstage and usurps "Doc" Hendrix's interview with Sid.

Mankind enters with Paul Bearer. Then the lights come on so they can be extinguished again for the Undertaker's entrance. I notice that UT doesn't wear his overcoat and hat since he lost Paul Bearer.

The two combatents go right at it before the bell. This one stays in the ring for about 8 seconds. The Undertaker makes a spectacular leap from the top rope to nail Mankind on the floor. In no time they are headed for the grave site.

Its like a bizarre game of King of the Hill for a few moments - then they head back to the ring where Mankind takes a shoulder shot to the ring steps. UT is dominating this so far. Mankind gets strangled with a mic cord and then dumped over the railing into the crowd. Then he gets tossed back over the railing to the ringside area. UT leaps the barrier to clothesline his opponent.

Back in the ring Mankind is still taking it. The Undertaker tries his rope walking bit but gets shaken off and crotched by Paul Bearer. Now Mankind is in control for the first time in the match.

Undertaker comes back briefly but then Paul Bearer hands Mankind a weapon which he uses skillfully until UT gets him with a back elbow. Now the Undertaker has the weapon. He uses it on his opponent and then goes out after Uncle Paul. Mankind tries a sneak attack with a chair but gets foiled. Paul Bearer distracts the big guy so Mankind can get in his chair shot.

Now they're headed back to the gravesite with Mankind in control. Undertaker gets dumped into the grave (which only looks to be about three feet deep) but when Mankind goes for the shovel he gets stopped and pulled in. They exchange blows standing in the grave for a while and then head back down to the ring.

Mankind downs the Undertaker and tries to pin him - but that isn't what this match is about... UT comes back with a flurry of punches - but then gets DDT'd on a chair.

Of course the Undertaker pops up (I love it when he does that!) and whacks Mankind with the chair - a really heavy shot. He then puts the chair on Mankind's head and drops a leg on it (ouch!)

Undertaker gets dropped on the apron - they're back outside the ring again. Mankind tries to piledrive UT but gets upended. He clings to his opponent's back until the Undertaker backs him into the steps. The steps get tossed into the ring and UT uses them onMankind several times.

Undertaker hoists Mankind into a firemans' carry and totes him back to the gravesite. Mankind gets his claw hold on momentarily but then UT chokeslams him into the grave. The Undertaker starts shoveling dirt into the hole and is declared the winner of the match. But he won't stop shoveling - he shoves the ref aside twice.

Suddenly a stranger in an executioner's hood shows up with his own shovel and attacks UT. While the big man is down the stranger gets Mankind out of the grave. UT is rolled into the hole and they start to bury him! Goldust, Crush and Hunter show up to help. Together they finish filling the hole with dirt. The announcers are freaking out.

After the bad guys leave there is a crack of thunder, a puff of smoke and we see the Undertaker's hand burst from the grave as we fade to black...

I guess we can now expect to see the long anticipated rebirth of the Undertaker as the Angel (or whatever). Yes folks - the WWF is back!

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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