Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 65
October 21, 1996

Perfect Alliance is Born as HHH Wins the IC Title

Bret Hart to Stay with the WWF!!

Sting Faces the NWO but Doesn't Tip his Hand

Savage Threatens Hogan's Life (I think)

Mr. Perfect "Injured" Before His Comeback Match

Nitro Report

Review of the macho Man watching the Liz video.

Bobby Eaton vs. Chris Jericho - (Tony announces that Savage will face Chris Benoit in the second hour and that Sting will appear this evening) Six and the bogus Sting are in the stands with a video camera.

(I chatted with Jericho on the WCW chat line a few days ago. Interestingly, he was having a lot of trouble with some of the dorks that usually inhabit such places. They didn't believe it was really him and were harrassing him mercilessly. I contacted him using the "whisper" feature and was convinced that it really was Jericho. He confessed to being computer illiterate and was clearly taken aback by the chilly reception he received. We had quite an enjoyable chat of little consequence. I suggested he talk to the Webmaster about providing a moderator for the celebraties to keep things under control. He said he would bring it up with management.)

This is a classic match-up. Youth and enthusiasm vs. the crafty veteran. Surprisingly, Jericho seemed to control the bulk of the action. Nick Patrick seems to still be hurting - if he can't carry the freight he shouldn't be in the ring.

Eaton finally turns the tables by snapping Jericho's neck off the rope from the outside. Another flurry finds them exchanging shots to the jaw. The fight goes outside where Eaton gets posted then Jericho throws an elbow into the same post. Back inside Bobby slips in one of his patented swinging neckbreakers then drops a knee on him off the top rope. Jericho gets right up however and tags Eaton. A flying drop-kick off the top gets him the win.

Tony interviews Jericho who vows to beat Six at the PPV.

Rey Misterio Jr. video.

Dean Malenko vs. Jimmy Graffitti - the newcomer enters WCW with a good reputation and shows off his wares by matching the "Iceman" hold for hold (but where did he get that silly outfit?). He has a decided weight advantage and uses it very effectively throughout the match. Malenko has clearly underestimated his opponent. Eventually he wises up, gets more cautious and starts to gain ground. A standing suplex is the set-up for Texas Cloverleaf but Graffitti has done his homework and escapes. The fight goes outside where Malenko gets posted. Back inside Malenko catches his opponent on his way to the top turnbuckle and attempts a super-plex but gets shoved to the mat. Graffitti finishes going up and attempts a flying Frankensteiner but gets caught in a Powerbomb to give Malenko the win via the Cloverleaf.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Craig Pittman - This should be good but probably will end in a screw job because (as usual) Nick Patrick is the referree. Patrick clearly has it in for Teddy Long's wrestlers and it is evident here. DDP attacks before the bell while Pittman is talking to Long. (Teddy spends way to much time on the apron - it frequently costs his men the match). Dallas is great at holding the advantage once he attains it. Pittman gets tossed outside. Here DDP trips himself by taking his eyes off of the PitBull. He gets his arm slammed into the pole. Moments later, back in the ring, the "Code Red" is slapped on and Diamond Dallas is giving up!! But Patrick doesn't see it because Teddy-in-the-box is back up on the apron again (is this guy an idiot or what?) By the time the ref turns around DDP has made it to the ropes and escapes. While the Pittbull is jawing at Patrick, DDP slaps on the Diamond Cutter to win.

Nick Patrick interview - he threatens Tony with Mean Gene's fate (what? a layoff while he gets his salary negotiated up?) and again denies that he is the masked referree from the NWO "matches".

Review of the NWO attack on Flair and Jeff Jarrett's interview when he learned he would replace Flair against the Giant at Halloween Havoc.

Ronn Dudd vs. Jeff Jarrett - Ric Flair follows Jarrett to the ring. He invites Jarrett to strut his stuff. Flair does his strut - is this a contest? They are nose-to-nose for a moment then they shake hands.

Studd re-enters the ring and the match is on. After a quick trip to the corner Studd gets Jarrett in a chokehold over his head then slams him down. He goes for a standing suplex but Jarrett blocks it twice by grabbing the top rope. Now its Jarrett's turn and he completes the suplex. That's all he needs to allow him to slap on the Figure-Four Leglock to get the win by submission. Can he do that to the Giant? - don't bet on it.

Jarrett is joined by Flair for his interview. Flair says that he will be in Jarrett's corner for the match on Sunday.

Hour #2 begins.

Road Block vs. Lex Luger - this newcomer was supposed to face Savage on Saturday but the Macho Man was a no show. He's big - 6' 5" and over 400 lbs. Kind of reminds me of Tugboat (aka Typhoon). He doesn't have Tugboat's talent however. Lugar handles him fairly easily in the beginning. The big man makes a comeback about halfway through the match using sheer size to overwhelm his opponent. But it can't last. Lugar Powerslams him and then goes for the rack but misses it. A second attempt turns into an offhand slam of sorts. Third time's the charm - Lugar makes the big guy submit.

American Males vs Harlem Heat - here's a match we haven't seen in a while. Riggs and Stevie Ray in to start. The two weak links. Weak is probably the wrong word for Stevie Ray - there's really no contest here. Riggs can't stand up to Stevie's power. Stevie misses an elbow drop allowing Bagwell to tag in. The "Bag Guy" fares better - even after Booker T tags in he maintains control as we go to commercial.

Were back and Bagwell is still in charge (Hall and Nash are in the stands now) - as we turn our attention back to the match the Heat have taken over. Booker T is devastating - he may be one of the most talented wrestlers I've ever seen. Riggs gets in and cleans house. Then Parker and Sherri get involved and provide the distraction the Heat need to sew it up. Cut to commercial.

Faces of Fear vs. The Fantastics (...yes, I said the Fantastics!) In this match it's only their great teamwork that keeps them afloat - and not for long. (By the way - that's Tommy Rogers but although they call the other guy Bobby Fulton I think it's actually his younger brother...whose name escapes me at the moment.) Eventually Rogers goes for a flying move off the top and gets caught and squashed.

Eric is promising a surprise for the NWO. They review the Liz video and Savages reaction from last week.

NWO Sting vs. JL - the rest of the NWO (minus Hogan) is shown trooping down to ringside. Bobby threatens to leave as they climb the security railing. The match is a squash from the begining - surprising really...considering its Jerry Lynn vs Cobra.

But comes the "real" Sting in a trench coat and all black ring apparell. His face is painted like a mime. He creams his doppleganger then stands his ground as the NWO members enter the ring.

Debiasi thinks he should join the NWO. Nash quotes Jim Morrison and invites Sting to "...break on through to the other side." Hall asks Sting what he has to show for carrying the WCW for nine years.

Sting replies, "There's your fake Sting (indicating the slumping Cobra)...I guess you get what you pay for...the "real" Sting may or may not be in your price range - but the only thing you know for sure about Sting is you never know for sure about Sting..." He hands back the mic and leaves the ring.

Eric announces that Randy Savage is in the building as we go to commercial.

Benoit makes his entrance as we return. They play Savage's music but he fails to appear at first. Bischoff has left the broadcast position. Finally Savage appears but he is in black leather street gear - a very somber looking get-up with a plain black hat.

Bischoff intercepts him on the ramp to show him some new NWO footage. We see Hogan with his movie company filming in an amusement park. Hogan is wearing a wig and looks really old...he's firing his director and replacing him with the Giant. They're filming Liz who isn't cooperating. They take her to Hogan's trailer and try to intimidate her...but she's still not buying it. Back on the set he rants for a while about making movies the "Hollywood Hulk Hogan way" - what a crock. I notice they have toned down the menacing quality of this exchange - maybe some of the criticism that's all over the net has gotten back to them. The footage ends.

Eric wants Savage to comment. Randy starts to walk away but comes back and says, "It just occured to me how fragile friendships and relationships can be...You, Eric Bischoff know how fragile business can be. (after a pause) Even marraige is fragile...but Hulk is fragile." and he walks away. Fade to black.

Sounds like he's threatening the Hulkster's life...

RAW Report

Program is live from Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Fireworks explode and Sid makes his entrance (Is this guy the next Hulk Hogan?). He will face Owen Hart in this opener. Should be a good, match. Owen carries his Slammy to the ring (maybe if he hits Sid with it he might win this contest).

Of course Sid dominates the early going. He shoves Hart down twice - the second time Owen kips up right into a choke hold - Sid throws him over the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Owen loses the first exchange but comes back strong. He puts Sid down with a drop-kick off the top then clotheslines him over the ropes to the floor. The British Bulldog comes down to interfere but gets knocked on his can. While Sid is distracted Owen clips him behind the knee and puts him down again. Cut to commercial.

Hart is in control in the ring as we return. He's still working on the big guy's pins. The Bulldog is getting his shots in while Owen distracts the referree. Sid makes a momentary comeback but Owen is immediately back on the leg. Sid still manages to get a chokeslam on Hart. When he goes for the Powerbomb, Bulldog comes in and causes a DQ...I'm telling you, Owen should have used the trophy.

Predictably, Shawn Michaels runs in to make the save. They have words but part friends (didn't we just see this scene last night?).

Stills from the Buried Alive match

The Smoking Gunns enter - Jim Ross is on hand for this one and needling McMahon as usual.

The Godwins make their entrance (pigs in hand) with Hillbilly Jim (who carries the slop). Ross announces that the match will determine the contenders for the Tag straps. (They are still hyping the Perfect/Helmsley match that we expect won't happen). The Godwins are in control as we go to commercial.

As we return the Gunns are taking over. They knock Phinious out of the ring then toss him back in. The Gunns go for their running "Stinger Splash" team move but PIG gets out of the way. Now the Godwins are double-teaming. Bart gets whipped into Billy (whose on - then off of the apron) then Henry slop-drops Bart to get the win.

Preview of the coming Hall Of Fame Induction of Pat Patterson, Jimmy Snuka and Vince Sr. Just before the commercial we see Hunter ramming Hennig's leg with a rolling case. Perfect is injured - Oh No!...You mean there won't be a match? (what a surprise)...but hey! We get Bret Hart as a sop (this is called "bait and switch" folks!)

We come back to Jim Ross in the ring and Bret Hart's music is playing. Here comes Bret in street clothes (rather casual, actually).

Bret says he missed everybody. He's been dealing with an offer from a rival wrestling federation. He goes out of his way to say that the "other organization" dealt square with him and that he has nothing bad to say about them. (He's clearly a bigger man then his boss...whose apparently sweating bullets at ringside - I almost believe he doesn't know what's going to happen). Bret says he's done a lot of soul searching. Finally he says that he owes all of his success to his WWF family and fans and he's not going anywhere. He'll be with the WWF "forever".

He then admits that Shawn Michaels beat him fair and square for the Championship. He also admits that HBK "bugs" him. He quotes Richard Nixon on coming back from defeat and says he'll accept the challange of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for Survivor Series and adds that "...we'll see who kicks whose ass".

He pays tribute to his young nephew who died recently and dedicates his return to the boy. He says he can't dance and he's not to good at posing for "girlie mags" but he's "the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be." Cut to commercial.

Perfect is limping as he approaches the ring with the Mero's and Gorilla Monsoon in tow. Monsoon is not allowing the match (another big surprise). Mero has offered to take Perfect's place. Hunter wants Perfect but he'll accept the match with Mero if the IC Title is on the line...hmmm...I smell a rat...a "Perfect" rat.

Mero has probably made a fools bargain here. Helmsley has less then ten minutes left in the program to win the lets go sell something.

The match is underway as we return. Hunter is on top but the advantage shifts almost immediately. HHH gets thrown out and Mero stops short of jumping him when he pulls Sable in front of himself as a shield.

Back in the ring, Hunter takes the advantage. Mero is game but Hunter effectively grounds him. This situation continues until the next commercial. Less than 5 minutes left in the program - I wonder if they'll leave us with a cliffhanger? Nah!!

We're back and Mero has the momentum again. He puts Hunter down with a Samoan Drop and goes for the Wild Thing. But gets knocked over when Hunter pushes the ref into the ropes. Helmsley goes up for a Super-plex but Mero shoves him off. Mero throws his reversing-field moonsault move and almost gets a pin. He tries to whip Hunter to the corner but gets reversed and crashes into the referree. Hunter goes out for a chair and would use it except that Sable jumps up on the apron and blocks him. Now Perfect is in the ring and jerking the chair away. He's threatening HHH with the chair when Mero gets to his feet. Perfect whirls around and brains Mero with the chair.

As Sable protests in vain, Hunter puts an unnecssary "Pedigree" on Mero for the referree's benefit and gets the pin. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is declared the new Intercontinental Champion. The whole thing has been a set-up - the Perfect Alliance is born (and I have egg on my face)...fade to black.

Well, both programs were strong tonight but I have to give it to RAW...I think Vinnie Mac is on a roll, good matches, lots of drama and loads of surprises.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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