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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 66
October 26, 1996

Are Both Hogan and Savage WWF Bound?

Hennig Loses His Wrestling License

WWFLiveWire Raises Suspicions

Bret Hart Finally Makes His Long-Awaited Comeback

Bret gave a great interview last week on RAW. His tribute to his poor little nephew was inspired and inspiring in this reporter's opinion. His challange to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin sets up a potential feud to rival the best that WCW has to offer. (Did anyone else notice the dirty look Austin gave the celebrating Brian Pillman backstage as Bret was making his announcement? What was that all about?) Even Vince's act at ringside was pretty convincing (like he didn't know what Hart was going to say...)

Speaking of the Hitman, I am informed by our Calgary correspondent Rudy Van Koll that there was no Bret Hart column in the Calgary Sun this week. Apparently the Hitman generally skips his column during the week following a Pay-Per-View. Hopefully Rudy will be back next week with a new summary - thanks Rudy!

My Readers' Forum has been alive with speculation about possible storylines revolving around the Hitman. Clearly, Hart's return to action is the most exciting news in the wrestling world at this moment. Kind of takes some of the wind out of the sails of the upcoming Hogan vs. Savage match at Halloween Havoc tomorrow.

Are the "Savage/Hogan/Liz/Giant headed to the WWF" rumors a work?

Another big rumor making the rounds this week is that Randy Savage will leave WCW after the match this Sunday. Hulk Hogan is also said to be a possible "jumper" along with Miss Elizabeth and the Giant. As far as Savage goes, I wouldn't blame him - he's been getting the short end of the stick lately (although that could all change according to how the Main Event goes down at the PPV tomorrow). Savage has been reported to have run into Vince McMahon at an airport and the two had an amiable conversation at that time. As I recall, the Macho Man's departure from the WWF was on good terms. Whether the "Nacho Man" skits have had an effect on this is hard to tell. There is alternative speculation that these rumors are all a WCW work to build anticipation for the match tomorrow.

Mike Tenay is reporting on todays WCW Hotline that Savage and Eric Bischoff are furiously negotiating a contract extension at this moment in Las Vegas. He also states catagorically that the Giant has a year left on his WCW contract.

About Hulk Hogan...don't bet on it. My sources still insist that, despite the statements on the WCW hotline that Hogan will have fulfilled his last PPV obligation after tomorrow...Hogan is right at the beginning of a three-year contract with WCW (it was renewed when he agreed to become the "third man" of the Outsiders invasion squad) which keeps him in the NWO and is therefore going nowhere in the immediate future. Factoring in the knowledge that throughout their long history Hogan has never jobbed to Savage, and knowing the NWO's penchant for interfering, I would have to guess that Hogan will retain the WCW/NWO Title tomorrow and that Savage may make the jump...but I'm only speculating.

On the other hand, Eric Bischoff has been hinting in recent interviews and chats that the NWO is due to take some lumps soon...and then there is the "Sting Factor" to consider (a Sting run-in toward the end of the match could tip the balance in the Macho Man's favor) paraphrase Mr. Bordon "...the only thing you that you never know."

By the way, a little bird tells me that we can expect to see Gene Okerlund show up at Halloween Havoc tomorrow night and tear into Eric Bischoff ala Jim Ross' verbal sparring with Vince McMahon ( do you think he'll say "...its CRAP!" ?)

Tenay also reported that NWO members defeated their WCW opponents in house shows in Northern California this week. The Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, beat Horsemen Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit while Syxx defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. in matches at the San Jose Arena.

Is WWFLiveWire a Work?

LiveWire took a step in the right direction this weekend by having "Doc" Hendrix back on as host (unfortunately paired with the obsequeise Sunny). I still think they need to bring back "Vic Venom" (WWF Magazine editor Vince Russo).

One of my correspondents (Todd Akers) commented a few weeks ago about his take on the show:

"If you have your doubts as to how "spontaneous" LiveWire is, look no further than the goofball who called in about Vader and Sid. This guy called in to ask 'Who has the better powerbomb? Sid or Vader?' Wow, heavy stuff. And then, right on cue, we go to a pretty heavily taped segment discussing this topic, which even included an interview with Shawn Michaels. *This* is spontaneous? Obviously, the WWF is using "plants" to ask softball questions, why else would they have prepared a video sequence which so perfectly addressed this callers question? The callers into LiveWire have turned out to be just as phony as the canned applause during the other WWF shows. Pathetic."

I noticed something this week which further enhances my own suspicions about the pre-planned nature of this program. The first caller was a guy named "Craig". I would swear this was the same fellow who called in early in the program the week before. His points were pretty much the same, the voice seemed the same and the the way he phrased his comments were exactly similar to last week's caller. A little later there was a Southern caller who also sounded suspiciously familiar. Still later they had a supposed caller who reported an "Undertaker Sighting". I am saving this videotape and will make some comparisons next week - stay tuned.

Curt Hennig Loses His Wrestling License

To give it some due, LiveWire did break some news this morning when Gorilla Monsoon came on the line to announce that Mr. Perfect's Wrestling License has been revoked as a result of his actions on RAW last week. This, of course, answers the question of how the WWF was going to deal with the fact that Perfect is still collecting insurance money on his injury and sets up Hennig to take out a Manager's License so he can be ringside for the new IC Champ's matches. Sunny actually asked Monsoon if that would be permitted by the WWF and Gorilla answered in the affirmative although he expressed doubt that Mr. Perfect would find that arrangement "acceptable". Yeah, right...

I apologise that this edition is shorter than usual but I will be back tomorrow night with a report on Halloween Havoc. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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