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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 67
October 27, 1996

Hogan Retains The Title

Roddy Piper Appears at the PPV

Outsiders the New Tag Champs

Malenko Captures he Cruiserweight Title

Pillman Re-Injured in a Scuffle with Austin

This Morning's Doings on WWF SuperStars

It looks like its curtains for the Smoking Gunns. Billy walked away from the ring during a match against the New Rockers on WWF SuperStars this morning. Interestingly, Bart went on to win the match singlehandedly then went looking for his wayward "brother".

We also heard that the Godwins and the Tag Team Champs will have a rematch (the Godwins upset Owen Hart and the British Bulldog last week on the show). During the interview Davey Boy said thet the Godwins would get "a shot". Whether this means that the match will be for the title was not made clear. The "when" and "where" of the re-match was not revealed.

Steve Austin was clearly not happy with Brian Pillman's behaviour in response to Bret Hart's acceptance of Stone Cold's challange last week on RAW. In an interview this morning, Austin called Pillman a "crippled freak" then reiterated his statements that he had "carried" Brian to a World Title (the WCW Tag Straps). He then attacked Pillman, smacked Brian's injured ankle with his own cane then placed a steel chair on the leg and stomped on it repeatedly. Pillman was apparently in pretty intense pain as he was stretchered from the ring.

As Pillman was being taken away to the hospital, Austin brought his car around, parked it in front of the emergency vehicle and then proceeded to berate Brian as he lay on his back in the ambulance! Earl Hebner got in his face and almost got decked for his trouble. When the paramedic asked Austin for his keys so he could move the car, Stone Cold threw the keys away forcing the backstage staff to search for them while he continued to bedevil Pillman.

Halloween Havoc

From the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tony, Dusty and Bobby are the hosts.

Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio Jr. for the Cruiserweight Title - Malenko attacks before the bell. He goes for the Texas Cloverleaf as his second move but Rey spins out of it. Malenko goes right to work, laying in some heavy shots. After a flurry Rey goes for a running Moonsault but gets caught in mid-flight. Rey twists away again. After a somersault splash on the outside Misterio recaptures his stolen mask and switches it for the one he wore to the ring while Malenko is out on the floor.

Misterio is all over his opponent but Malenko has the size advantage (who doesn't?) and uses it to good advantage. Misterio gets dropped knees first onto the top rope. Dean slaps on a half crab then switches to a kind of half-surfboard. Rey is screaming. malenko takes him up to the top and drops him with a belly-to-back superplex. He goes to a head scissors - Rey is screaming again. Misterio reaches the ropes and escapes - but not for long - a vertical suplex almost rewards Malenko with the pin.

So far Malenko has succeeded in grounding his high-flying opponent. He keeps trying to pin him but Rey is tough to hold down so he takes him out to the floor and rams his back into the ringpost. Back in the ring he slaps on a sleeper-body scissors combination. For some reason he releases the hold, throws him down and then puts on a standing sleeper. Moments later they're on the mat again. Rey fights his way to his feet. Malenko whips him off the ropes then buries a knee in the solarplexes - follows up with neck breaker - still no pin. A fight for the top turnbuckle causes both wrestlers to tumble to the floor. Outside Malenko kicks his opponent a low blow - Dean is going all out to win this one. Misterio comes right back and, inside the ring, takes control. A confusing flurry of switches results in a near fall for Misterio.

Malenko gets back up and gets a vertical suplex. Rey then slings Malenko out to the floor and catapaults onto his opponent. Back inside he throws a Frankensteiner into a cradle but can't hold Malemko down. They struggle for the top turnbuckle again - Rey is thrown off but lands on his feet. Up on the top again Malenko pulls off a gut-wrench super-plex to get the pin. New Cruiserweight Champ!

Jeff Jarrett Interview with Flair - Flair is urging Jarrett and Savage on to victory.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Eddie Guerrero - for possession of the Battle Bowl Ring (which DDP claims not to have) - Nick Patrick is the referree - DDP takes it out to the floor right off the bat and slams Eddie into the guard railing. Back inside, Eddie uses his superior wrestling ability to take command. Try as he might Dallas is unable to mount a sustained offense. Guerrero keeps going back to a headlock.

Outside again Eddie gets revenge for the earlier guard rail shot. Back inside Patrick is hindering things again because of his "bad neck". DDP turns things around then takes it out to the floor again. Inside again he goes for the pin but Patrick catches him with his feet on the ropes. He picks Eddie up and drops him right on his nose (ouch!). Next he puts on a gut-buster another pin attempt fails. DDP is getting frustrated with Patrick, they get into a shoving match - Dallas gets downed and Guerrero almost pins him. Patrick is hot - DDP backs off and apologizes - they shake hands...oh yeah, the match.

The action is fast and furious with Dallas mostly at the helm. Then he goes to kick Eddie in the head and misses completely - puts himself down. Now its all Eddie. DDP goes outside and Eddie splashes him with a spectacular off-the-top leap. Back inside, Guerrero makes two pin attempts - unsuccessfully. Now DDP is back in charge and unloading the big guns. He gets a Diamond Cutter (which it appeared that Eddie blocked partially) and the pin.

Nick Patrick digs the missing Battle Bowl Ring out of his pocket then pretends to scoop it up off the canvas and hands it to Page.

Randy Savage draws the winning ticket for the Monster Truck Give-Away. Joan McChallick of Romules, Michigan wins the prize. Savage seems all there and ready to go for the Gold.

NWO interview - Debiasi with the Giant. Teddy says they invited Jeff Jarrett to join the NWO but he turned them down. The Giant has the US Belt and Debiasi refers to him as "the Champ".

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The Giant strolls to the ring - Tony points out that he's not the Champion. Patrick seems to think differently - he's displaying the Championship belt as if this is a Title match (which it isn't).

Jarrett enters followed by Flair - the match gets underway. Jarrett has a good strategy - hit and run. His strutting frustrates the Giant and he's successfull at first. Then he goes for a headlock and gets tossed on his can from the stratosphere...another flurry gets him bealed "form the heavens" as Tony puts it. Another exchange and Jarrett goes for a sleeper. The Giant sloughs him off but he's right back up and gets another sleeper. The Giant is staggering a little. Jarrett is thrown off again and then gets a giant boot to the face. As the Giant is going for a pin, Ric Flair is sneaking into the ring with a chair. No soap - the referree intervenes. The Giant outs JJ in an over-the-knee backbreaker. Flair grabs a mic and exhorts Jarrett to kick the Giant's a**! Jarrett is putting up a great fight - more than justifying Flairs confidence in him - but he's being overwhelmed. The Giant slaps on a Bearhug. JJ bites his forehead to escape. Two on target drop-kicks make the Giant a little wobbly. A body check off the top puts the big guy down. JJ goes for a figure-four but gets kicked away and out of the ring. Outside the Giant tries to squash Jarrett against a ringpost but runs himself into it instead.

Jarrett puts on the figure-four but the Giant reaches across and puts a choke hold on. He goes for a chokeslam but Flair comes up behind and crotches him. Back into the ring go Jarrett and Flair and the rest of the Horsemen show up. The Giant backs away as Jarrett is DQ'd.

Debiasi interviews Syxx - Teddy says they are one for one. Syxx says he's going to "crucify" Chris Jericho.

Syxx goes to the ring - then Jericho enters - this should be a good match. Its largely a stand off at first (Dungeon of Doom members: Sullivan, Konan and Bubba are shown at ringside). Jericho takes the first advantage but gets tossed out of the ring. He tries to come back in but gets knocked into the railing. Syxx then somersaults onto him. Back inside the ring Jericho is getting stomped on (at ringside DOD is cheering Jericho on). Syxx is taking his opponent apart but then gets dumped. Now its Jericho's turn to dish it out. Syxx gets shot into the railing.

Back in the ring Jericho almost gets the pin - then a flying move runs Jericho's head into the turnbuckle. Syxx tries to fly off the top but Jericho manages to drop-kick him in mid-flight. Jericho goes for the pin but Nick Patrick is holding his neck again!!! The announcers are counting to six (Syxx?). Jericho gets spin-kicked in the Patrick is right there with the count. Nick runs away from an enraged Jericho and helps Syxx leave the ring area. NWO is two for two.

Lex Lugar foams at the mouth - promises to bust Arn up.

Arn Anderson vs. Lex Lugar - Tony and the Dream speculate on whether Sting will show up tonight.

Anderson takes the early advantage by attacking the gut of his opponent. Lex gets flung piller to post. Arn then turns his back - big mistake - Lugar comes back bigtime and press-slams Arn then dumps him outside. Lugar is working on Arn's back now - picks him up and smashes him into the ringpost (DOD is cheering Lugar on now).

Back inside the ring gets a powerslam and then drops a series of elbows on Arn's back. His strategy is clear - he's softening up Arn for "the rack". Arn is whipped to the turnbuckle but comes out with back elbow - inexplicably he starts to climb the ring ropes - naturally he doesn't make it and gets crotched in the bargain (a lot of that going around this evening!) Lugar is still in control.

Then Arn slips in one of his patented spine-busters. Both go down but Arn is first up and rushes Lugar out of the ring. Outside he runs Lugar into the railing back-first then crawls back inside. A Lugar is caught trying to re-enter the ring. Arn spins him around and knees him in the back. Lex slips under the rope and gets a series of knees to the back as he lays on the mat.

Both men are kind of groggy now. They're trading blows. Arn goes for a DDT but Lugar blocks it. Lex gets slung into the corner and stops short of squashing the referree (Mark Curtis). Arns runs Lugar into Curtis then throws his opponent outside. He tries to use a chair but hits the ringpost instead. Lugar suplexes him on the floor then hits him repeatedly with the chair.

Back in the ring Lugar puts Arn into the Rack and won't let him go. Lex gets his revenge and the win.

Flair and Jarrett come to the ring to see to Arn who is out on the mat. They call for a gurney for their fallen comrade. Arn is stretchered out.

Harlem Heat interview with Sherri and the Colonel - they're not afraid of the Outsiders.

Faces of Fear vs. Mongo McMichaels/Chris Benoit - Chris will have to carry this one because I doubt that Mongo is up to it. With the DOD members at ringside the deck seems definitely stacked against the Horsemen.

Mongo almost runs into Meng's boot right off the bat. They throw shoulder-blocks at each other. The third time gives Mongo the the advantage. Benoit is tagged in. Barbarian comes in and pounds on him but Benoit turns it around with a suplex. This is very high impact stuff. Another double exchange puts Meng and Mongo back in again. They face off Sumo style Mongo is overwhelmed at first but comes back and tackles low to put Meng down. Barbarian comes in and gets the same treatment. As usual, Mongo is doing better than I expected him too.

Another flurry sees McMichael getting in a credible drop-kick. Benoit comes in and gets caught in a Powerbomb. Pin attempted but Mongo makes the save. Now the faces are working over Benoit. In the corner up top, Barbarian gets tossed off on his back. He's right back up again and he tosses Benoit high into the air in a belly-to-back suplex. Faces put their flying double head-butt on Benoit. Mongo drags his partner out of the ring then brains Meng with the Halliburton case. Benoit gets his own flying head-butt and gets the pin.

Now the rest of the DOD hit the ring and mayham ensues. Mongo gets piledriven on the briefcase while Benoit is being creamed royally. Sullivan confronts his wife in the ring and tells her " I'm going to show you why I'm still the man." He stomps Benoit into the mat. Flair and Jarrett have gone to the hospital with Arn.

Debiasi announces the Tag Team Champioship match. The Outsiders approach the ring. Here comes the Heat - this should be a barn burner! Hall and Nash grab the belts and pose with them.

Hall and Stevie Ray are set to start but then Booker T comes in at the last moment. Harlem Heat are clearly the more experienced and more talented team. Neither Hall nor Nash are great wrestlers (especially Nash) - Booker T is one of the best and Stevie Ray is no slouch. Naturally Hall starts right off throwing fists. A quick flurry sees him tossed outside and then clotheslined. Back inside he spits on Stevie Ray. The look on the Heat's face could curdle milk...Nash tags in. Nash takes over at first with his usual knee-to-the-gut opening move and beats Stevie into the corner. But the Heat comes back and puts Nash down hard. Sherri gets a lick in as well. A scissor kick almost ends the match.

Back on his feet, Nash suckers Stevie into the corner and puts a sidewalk slam on him. Hall comes in but loses the advantage right away. Now Booker T is in and looking good against Hall. This guy is fantastic! But he gets sucker punched from the outside by Nash who comes into the ring, whips Booker T to the rope and plants a boot in his face. Hall comes him and clothelines the Heat.

Now Sherri is on the apron - Hall graps her and kisses her hard. She's upset but she's done her job...Hall turns around and gets spin-kicked. Another flurry and Hall slaps a sleeper on Stevie Ray. Stevie throws him off and reverses the hold. Hall picks Stevie up and drops him across the top rope - but can't get the pin. Both men get up, bound off the rope and collide head-to-head - both are down. Booker T gets up first - tags in Stevie who cleans house. He gorilla slams Hall into Nash...the Outsiders are down. Nash goes out and Hall gets clobbered with a Harlem Hangover. Nash comes back in to make the save.

Parker comes in with his cane - but face to face with Nash hands it over a runs away. Nash uses the cane on Stevie Ray. A barely conscience Scott Hall gets the pin. Outsiders are the new Tag Champs and the NWO is three for three.

World War III promo

Hogan has a mic in the stands and is ranting. He looks like he did on the movie set - his hair is spiked and he has no bald spot (maybe he's had implants?) Hall and Nash have been escorted out of the building.

Randy Anderson will referree this one (thank God for small favors). Michael Buffer makes the introductions (Let's get ready to ruuummmbbbllleee!) Hogan weighs in at a sveldt 269 lbs tonight. Where did he get all that hair?

Here comes Savage - he seems to be motioning for reinforcements (and he better because the Giant and Debiasi are still in the ring) - out comes a Macho man Monster Truck (like that's going to do any good).

Anderson orders the Giant to leave the ring area or he'll award the title to Savage. The Giant leaves - the bell rings. Hogan still has his sunglasses on. He leaves the ring. Savage is chomping at the bit. Debiasi is trying to distract Savage, Hogan is playing coy. Hogan still has his glasses on - I guess he means to wrestle that way.

Hogan grabs a headlock but when Savage escapes he runs out of the ring again. He keeps avoiding the confrontation. The macho Man is keeping his composure much to his credit. When they finally start to lock up Hogan feigns and then takes the advantage using a double ax-handle blow. Its all Hogan as he pounds on the Macho Man.

This is a different Hogan then we've ever seen before. Cautious, devious, taking his time. He still loves to rake his opponent's back. Savage comes back with a flurry and gets in a double ax-handle for the top rope. He grabs the glasses and puts them on. Now he's pounding on Hogan with his fists. He pulls the Hulksters wig off and puts it on his own head!!

Outside he gets Hogan with a chair, then makes Hogan eat his own wig!! - but Hogan is tough - he comes back and gets in his own chair shot.

Now here comes Miss Liz in an orange spangled cocktail dress. Hogan throws Savage back into the ring and starts choking him. Liz distracts Hogan and Savage almost gets a pin. Hogan kicks out then tries to leave the ring but Savage grabs his tights and almost shows us the "championship moon". Hogan gets loose and goes outside. Savage is right behind him. Hogan fends him off by using Liz as a shield then releases her and flees back into the ring. They're both're out again and Hogan is hiding behind Liz again. This time he throws her into the Macho Man and uses the distraction to put him down.

Back in the ring Savage takes a boot in the face. Before Hogan can deliver his finisher, Liz is in and covering her man. Hogan jerks her into the corner and is arguing with her. By the time he goes back to drop the leg Savage is able to move out of the way.

Now Hogan digs a weapon out of his tights but Liz grabs it out of his hand before he can use it. He tries to retrieve it but she fends him off. Hogan turns around and tries to clothesline Savage but gets the referree instead. Coming back out of the corner he connects and lays Savage out. On the outside Debiasi is taking the weapon away from Liz.

Here comes Nick Patrick, mark Curtis and the trainer to check out Randy Anderson as Hogan punches Savage in the ring. Savage is whipped into the ropes and comes back with a kick to the shoulder. Hogan is down. Savage climbs the ropes. Debiasi tries to to interfere but fails - Savage drops the elbow on Hogan.

Nick Patrick goes down for the count...1...2...but on three he's holding his neck again!! Savage goes ballistic on Patrick - riping off his neck brace and shirt. Hogan has the weapon again but Savage blocks the blow and drops him with a fist between the eyes. Randy retrieves the weapon and nails Hogan with it. Hogan is out cold.

Savage climbs the ropes once more but this time Teddy is successfull in stopping him. The Macho Man hops down to confront Debiasi on the floor. The Giant shows up and throws Savage into the railing then chokeslams him on the floor. He rolls Savage back into the ring and then rolls Hogan onto him for the pin. This time Patrick makes it to three.

The Giant comes back to the ring with a bowl of ice water. He spills most of it getting back into the ring but has enough left to revive Hogan. Curtis and the trainer help Savage away from the ring area. Elizabeth has disappeared. Hogan starts ranting about being the "king of Hollywood..." - when suddenly we hear...bagpipes!

Rowdy Roddy Piper's music is playing!! Here comes Piper but whose side is he on? Roddy has a mic - he and Hogan verbally spar in the ring - Piper keeps referring to the Giant as "sprout".

Piper says that he's just as big an icon in wrestling as Hogan and he's just as big in Hollywood. Hogan tries to get a word in edgewise but he's no match for Piper when it comes to chewing the fat - Piper is the undisputed World Champion in this arena! Piper claims that Hogan's popularity of old was due to his own talent as a heel.

Hogan, when he finally gets a chance to talk, admits that Piper is his equal as a superstar. Piper starts to leave but then Hogan tosses out in insult - suggesting that when Piper goes to the bathroom he's forced to squat...

This brings Piper back into the ring and they continue to jaw as we fade to black.

Well the WWF has been coming back lately but this was a pretty good show. It will be interesting to see what Savage does next, and Piper was a great surprise (actually MiCasa predicted it yesterday although they stated that he would come in as NWO). I hope they're going to suspend Nick Patrick now...the ending of the Main Event was a travesty.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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